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Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide Elder Prophecies part 2 Guide

Thanks to Julio for the quest info

You need to reach part 11 on Elemental Prophecies (Elder earth) Quest to unlock this series of quest

NOTE: All quests for hatch an egg can be finished by hatching fire egg (only 5 sec); as along as you have an adult version (no need for re-hatch). Thanks to Ehlana for this info.


Prophecies part 2 (Elder Plant)

Tiny Monsters Elemental Propechies Quest

[1] Hatch Fire hybrids, Plant hybrids, and Earth hybrids
Rewards: ??

[2] Harvest one crops from the book page 3 times (watermelon or lettuce/dust food on the dust period)
Rewards: 600 XP 1000 Coins

[3] Have the monster (Ice monster) at level 10 and then breed it to hatch an egg
Rewards: 800 XP and 7000 Coins

[4] Place one ancient decorations (Shimmering Arches or Everburning Schism or Seed of Life ). Each one costs 570,000 and can be found at the very end of the decoration section in the market. I picked Seed of Life. ) from the book
Rewards: 500 XP and 200 Food

[5] Hatch one of the monsters from the book (Frozenflame, Boreal or Frostember)
Rewards: 200 XP and 200 Food

[6] Have the monster (electric) at level 10 and then breed it to hatch an egg
Rewards: 150 XP and 5000 Coins

[7] Have the monster (Burst or Spitfire) at level 10 and then breed it to hatch an egg
Rewards: 500 XP and 200 Food

[8] Harvest one of the crops (toadshrooms and bluff broccoli) from the page, and place the Captain’s statue (24.000 Coins at decorations)
Rewards: 800 XP and 7000 Coins (Elder plant appear on monster market)

[9] Help Becky claim her destiny. Build Sacred space (buy-able on the habitats).
If you can’t buy it, then it’s probably because your maximum habitat quota has already reached the maximum number. You need to sell one of your habitats, so you able to build it. If this doesn’t solve your problem then follow fix error section on the main page.
Rewards: 5 diamonds and 250 XP

Tiny Monsters Sacred Space

Sacred space is habitat for special monsters (takes 10 hours to build), at the beginning it can’t hold any monster (0 capacity). You need to upgrade the habitat first (takes 18 hours and 125.000 Coins), after upgrade the habitat will able to hold up to 2 monsters.

[10] Hatch an elder plant monster
Rewards: 550 XP and 250 food

[11] Level up your elder plant to adult form
Rewards: 600 XP and 1000 Coins

[12] Collect from 5 habitats to earn money for your sacred space
Rewards: 200 XP and 200 Food

[13] Upgrade your sacred space to second stages (if you can’t finish it, then try to upgrade it to 3rd stage.It was available when they released elder fire. If the quest is still not finished then follow fix error section on the main page).
Rewards: 10/50 diamonds

Bonus Quest: Plant Rune Pillar

Tiny Monsters Plant Rune Pillar

Buy scoop of food to unlock plant rune pillar (if you get the plant rune pillar then please send it to me so I can put it on this page :D). The pillar probably boost your chance to get elder plant (like earth rune pillar does).

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

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  1. Wardides says:

    Hey Noob, I was wondering for quest 4 would ice geyser work? Because I have 700k coins right now and really don’t want to have to buy One of the 3 you listed and then frost geyser for dawn quest (As you can probably guess I haven’t played for a long time) Any help would be appreciated 🙂

  2. TM again says:

    Hi Noob I’m upset. About a week ago I finally got mythic plant. I was also letting my sacred space grow. I accidently hit my diamonds and hatched my plant before the sacred space was done. Once my sacred space was complete it didn’t give me credit for hatching my plant. I am so so so mad.
    Now I’ve bred everything plus went threw over a 1000 diamonds and can not get another plant. Was this a glitch that the quest didn’t clear? Most quest clear as long as the monsters are out of hoc. Why didn’t this quest clear?

  3. Li2Li says:

    Does anybody knows, if there are other questions except of Prophecies Part 2/8 that can’t be solved with a premium farm. I had to sell one of my eleven premium farms and buy a large farm to solve that quest – for 550 coins 🙁 and now I don’t know if I should upgrade it again.

  4. Elia says:

    Pls pls help me
    need help with Elder Prophecise Part 4 (7/13)
    have fully uppgtaded Sacred Space

    but i can not find the Sacred Space. where i can buy it 🙁
    pls help me

  5. cheetara says:

    Hi there, i was wondering do u have to b4e at a certain level before u can get the sacred place? Its telling me to upgrade it but it isnt even in my market. Im not maxed out on habitats so i dont kbow whats going on. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!

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