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Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide Elder Prophecies part 2 Guide

Thanks to Julio for the quest info

You need to reach part 11 on Elemental Prophecies (Elder earth) Quest to unlock this series of quest

NOTE: All quests for hatch an egg can be finished by hatching fire egg (only 5 sec); as along as you have an adult version (no need for re-hatch). Thanks to Ehlana for this info.


Prophecies part 2 (Elder Plant)

Tiny Monsters Elemental Propechies Quest

[1] Hatch Fire hybrids, Plant hybrids, and Earth hybrids
Rewards: ??

[2] Harvest one crops from the book page 3 times (watermelon or lettuce/dust food on the dust period)
Rewards: 600 XP 1000 Coins

[3] Have the monster (Ice monster) at level 10 and then breed it to hatch an egg
Rewards: 800 XP and 7000 Coins

[4] Place one ancient decorations (Shimmering Arches or Everburning Schism or Seed of Life ). Each one costs 570,000 and can be found at the very end of the decoration section in the market. I picked Seed of Life. ) from the book
Rewards: 500 XP and 200 Food

[5] Hatch one of the monsters from the book (Frozenflame, Boreal or Frostember)
Rewards: 200 XP and 200 Food

[6] Have the monster (electric) at level 10 and then breed it to hatch an egg
Rewards: 150 XP and 5000 Coins

[7] Have the monster (Burst or Spitfire) at level 10 and then breed it to hatch an egg
Rewards: 500 XP and 200 Food

[8] Harvest one of the crops (toadshrooms and bluff broccoli) from the page, and place the Captain’s statue (24.000 Coins at decorations)
Rewards: 800 XP and 7000 Coins (Elder plant appear on monster market)

[9] Help Becky claim her destiny. Build Sacred space (buy-able on the habitats).
If you can’t buy it, then it’s probably because your maximum habitat quota has already reached the maximum number. You need to sell one of your habitats, so you able to build it. If this doesn’t solve your problem then follow fix error section on the main page.
Rewards: 5 diamonds and 250 XP

Tiny Monsters Sacred Space

Sacred space is habitat for special monsters (takes 10 hours to build), at the beginning it can’t hold any monster (0 capacity). You need to upgrade the habitat first (takes 18 hours and 125.000 Coins), after upgrade the habitat will able to hold up to 2 monsters.

[10] Hatch an elder plant monster
Rewards: 550 XP and 250 food

[11] Level up your elder plant to adult form
Rewards: 600 XP and 1000 Coins

[12] Collect from 5 habitats to earn money for your sacred space
Rewards: 200 XP and 200 Food

[13] Upgrade your sacred space to second stages (if you can’t finish it, then try to upgrade it to 3rd stage.It was available when they released elder fire. If the quest is still not finished then follow fix error section on the main page).
Rewards: 10/50 diamonds

Bonus Quest: Plant Rune Pillar

Tiny Monsters Plant Rune Pillar

Buy scoop of food to unlock plant rune pillar (if you get the plant rune pillar then please send it to me so I can put it on this page :D). The pillar probably boost your chance to get elder plant (like earth rune pillar does).

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

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187 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide Elder Prophecies part 2 Guide”

  1. TM again says:

    Hi Noob I’m upset. About a week ago I finally got mythic plant. I was also letting my sacred space grow. I accidently hit my diamonds and hatched my plant before the sacred space was done. Once my sacred space was complete it didn’t give me credit for hatching my plant. I am so so so mad.
    Now I’ve bred everything plus went threw over a 1000 diamonds and can not get another plant. Was this a glitch that the quest didn’t clear? Most quest clear as long as the monsters are out of hoc. Why didn’t this quest clear?

  2. Li2Li says:

    Does anybody knows, if there are other questions except of Prophecies Part 2/8 that can’t be solved with a premium farm. I had to sell one of my eleven premium farms and buy a large farm to solve that quest – for 550 coins :( and now I don’t know if I should upgrade it again.

  3. Elia says:

    Pls pls help me
    need help with Elder Prophecise Part 4 (7/13)
    have fully uppgtaded Sacred Space

    but i can not find the Sacred Space. where i can buy it :(
    pls help me

  4. cheetara says:

    Hi there, i was wondering do u have to b4e at a certain level before u can get the sacred place? Its telling me to upgrade it but it isnt even in my market. Im not maxed out on habitats so i dont kbow whats going on. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!

  5. Carnie says:

    Hey noob slight prob on part 2 step 2/13 where u plant one of crops from page I don’t have watermelon or lettuce where’d it go

  6. TinyMonster Lover says:

    Why did my game skip this one and go to part 3? Is it supposed to do that?

  7. zimonster says:

    Is there a quest guide for Elder Prophecies, Part 4 (2/13)?

    thank you so much for this site!

  8. Gilbert says:

    After breeding my unity plant with someone water friendship looking for bayou, I get the message that it was a mythic monster. When I looked for the breeding time I saw 22 hours and I was like “what the heck, I never got a mythic pond” but to my wonderful surprise it was a mythic elder plant. Woo hoo finally I can finish all the prophecy quests that were stock because of this monster. I’m very happy!!!

  9. Debra (ID=NewEngWolf) says:

    Noob, I want to thank you for putting together and maintaining such a wonderfully comprehensive site. I understand you have help/input from many “tiny” players, but if it wasn’t for you, there would have been a whole boat load of us throw up our fingers and quite.
    All your guidance is very much appreciated.
    Please continue the grand work!
    Cheers, Debra

  10. NewGirl says:

    Noob, above you say fire monster egg takes 30 sec to hatch – it’s only 5 sec. 😉

  11. Ny Ando says:

    noob. After i finished #9, I didnt get 12. What should i do?

  12. Ehlana (tinyid=Flutee) says:

    Noob dear I believe the quest is called Elder Prophecies Part 2 and not Elemental

  13. Nic says:

    I do not have the elder prophecies 2 on my quest list.what happened?

  14. Bear nerd says:

    How do u get a sacred space 😕

  15. AkumaC4 says:

    I found the best way to deal with quests that aren’t completing because you did it before unlocking the quest is just to finish a different quest, it will then reward you for the one you have just done, and all others that were stuck.

    Works every time, no need for fix error reporting on each one that way.

  16. froggychaos says:

    I’m having issues with this quest. It says to buy a scoop of food (USD 1.99$) but I can only buy a pouch of food (USD 4.99$)…. Can anyone help me solve this?

  17. Roy says:

    I am not understanding the pillars. When you are finished with the Prophecies Quest, do you get it as a decoration or do you still have to buy a scoop of food.

  18. Manaal says:

    Nood i have completed the prophecies quest ( this one ) it said to get an elder space
    Habitat but i cannot get it. How do i get it

  19. confused says:

    yes I upgraded but I went to the fix error page and the only thing I can think of is that I had it done before the quest appeared. I cant buy another one and I cant sell the one I have to start over. I think im just screwed, should I contact tiny co?

      • confused says:

        Alright thanks man :)

        • Helen (HelenS777) says:

          I can confirm now – you have to write to support (following the steps in fix errors) and they will help you. No need to rebuild the Sacred Space.
          By the way, support replies really quickly. So thanks for the job the are doing and a huge thank you noob for this site!!!

    • Helen (HelenS777) says:

      I had the same problem – I upgraded the Sacred Space to the third stage before part 13 of this quest appeared and It does not clear.
      I contacted Support, but I had a reply that I need all required monsters, all previous quests to be cleared and etc. but I am sure I’ve followed all necessary steps.
      So I wrote again and asked them if I have to sell and rebuild and reupgrade the Sacred Space – hope to get a reply soon.
      Most of all I’m afraid that the Sacred space will not appear in the Market at all after I sell it :0

      • Jenger says:

        I wonder if you just store it instead could you start over? That way if it doesn’t come back you haven’t sold it. I am just guessing, no experience at all. Hope it helps.

  20. Misty says:

    On 13, it says upgrade the Sacred Space to its second stage. My sacred space was already upgraded to the second stage, but the quest will not complete. Am I missing something? Is there something else I have to do too? Thanks!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Try to upgrade it to 3rd stage, if it’s still not completed then follow fix error section on the main page.

      • Misty says:

        It doesn’t have anymore upgrade options. I’ll do the fix error. Thank you so much! :)

      • chris says:

        Iam having the same issue. I was going to upgrade to the 3rd part. But…. if I do this. Then I might have an issue on the last elder fire quest where I need to upgrade to full. So iam stuck. I cant complete elder fire till I complete elder plant.

  21. confused says:

    Noob I finished the quest for prophecies (13/13). I upgraded the habitat to the max and placed a level 10 elder plant in it. It still says I need to upgrade the sacred space a second time when I have one that is fully upgraded. I dont understand why I havent gotten my reward its been an hour

  22. BenandAJ says:

    How can I build a sacred space if it says max number of habitats reached?

  23. Sheila says:

    I already have a level 10 elder plant, do I have to hatch it again ti clear quest 10 & 11? Thanks!

  24. enelyaisil says:

    I seem to be stuck at 8. I’ve farmed a bunch of the mushroom things but it doesn’t pop the quest. I’ve tried touching th statue after and it doesn’t do anything. am I missing something ?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      If you have followed all things and it still didn’t clear, then follow fix error section. But make sure you read the quest objectives one more time to be sure.

      • enelyaisil says:

        thanks, I actually already had the statue and I hadn’t placed it as part of the quest. as soon as I placed it again the quest cleared

        • noobbgodlike says:

          ah ok :D. Good luck on the next quest and make sure you read the descriptions carefully :D.

        • canaryone says:

          Does this mean that you now have two statues?

          I already had the statue from an earlier quest – it was in storage. I farmed both crops and placed the statue out of storage (that was the only choice I had when I looked for the statue in Decorations) and the quest didn’t clear.

          I appreciate your help.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I believe you need to re-buy the statue again since that was exactly what I have done before (already got one before the quest began).

  25. Chelsea says:

    Does anyone know if you place more than one plant rune pillar does it further increase your chance of getting elder plant? I cannot get it for the life of me and just keep getting the air monster!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      no, build 100 won’t increase the chance. Just keep trying, but I don’t recommend since it’s the same level with legendary. Try to breed other monsters first maybe you will get one accidentally.

  26. KittenHawke says:

    Prophecies, Part 1(3/13) Hatch one of the monsters from the book image. The pic shows a frost monster and tundra. I have both but my quest is not complete ????

    The path to Frozenflame (5/5) Hatch the ultra rare Frozenflame Monster
    I have two frozenblaze monsters which are my evolved frozenflames. and the quest is not complete ???

    people what am i doing wrong

  27. krol77 says:

    I’m stuck with part 2 : I play with the french version of the game (bad idea, I know, but i’m french …) and it says : “harvest one of the items in the book (that i can’t open, makes it even more easy to play o_O) then put a decoration.
    OK, I did the harvesting but have NO clue about which decoration tu buy !
    And nobody here seams to have had this said in the quest, only the harvesting part.
    Help !

  28. Tortoiseland says:

    Elder Plant Quest rewards for :
    12/13 (collect from 5 habitats) XP+200 & Food +200
    13/13 ( upgrade sacred space) + 50 diamonds on my version (nice surprise!)

  29. Torres says:

    Some help here, after sacred space completed, do you upgrade it immediately or wait till you get the elder plant?

  30. Nick says:

    Ok i have all forums of the legendary monsters. I have all of the regular monsters. The only ones i dont have are like 11 seasonal monsters…but i have yet to get any of the legendary plant frost fire ex. Has anyone breed a plant legendary monster??? I need to know what to breed yo get it. I have completed the heroes quest before the plant legendary one….help please

  31. lara says:

    Ok I have hatched a boreal and a frostember but it still won’t complete quest 5 for me. Any ideas on what to do?

  32. Stephen says:

    Step 5 for me says HAVE (not hatch) one of the monsters from the book. (Details of the quest talks about showing the ability to hatch rare monsters…) I already had three frostembers, so bred two to get a new one. Hatched my new frostembers, and this goal has not cleared. Looking for advice…

  33. Tati says:

    Buy scoop of food? what is it?

  34. Barb says:

    Just to confirm…after #8 , Elder Plant monster does appear in the market.
    Android large version : cost 179 diamonds / 8 per min.

  35. Barb says:

    I did step 8 harvested toadshrooms (15mins) and my quest is not clearing?

    • Barb says:

      Sorry Noob my bad. I hadn’t purchased the statue yet and it cleared when I did. I purchased the sacred place and it cost 100, 000 on large version on Android.

    • zi monster says:

      I have harvested toadshrooms for step 8. My question is:if I had previously already purchased the captain’s statue but it won’t clear. The description says to”place” the statue. I have tried moving it and putting it into inventory before harvesting crop and then taking the statue out of inventory but that did not work.

  36. Pixie (tiny ID: Lyxnaria) says:

    I’m on part 10 trying to breed an elder plant monster. Does anyone know if upgrading the Sacred Space before reaching part 13 is wise? In other words, if you’ve already upgraded, will the quest auto-complete or will it be broken?

  37. basaro says:

    The upgrade for the sacred space increases the monster capacity from 0 to 2 and increases the max coins from 1000 to 2000. You gain 31978xp for the upgrade. It appears (for now anyway) that this is the max as there are no more upgrades available. mayb more will be available later, if not then this is a lame habitat and I will surely sell it after the quest is finished.

    • basaro says:

      This habitat will indeed be further upgradable beyond 2 spaces!
      I just noticed that the image and the Information (description) of the Sacred Space changes as you upgrade it. Here is the text for the first two stages.
      Stage 1:
      According to the book of Elder Prophecies, the star chart serves as a foundation for the very special Sacred Space Habitat. Only the Chosen One can build it from foundation to its true form.
      Stage 2:
      This upgraded habitat can only contain two inhabitants, because further elder magic is needed to fully upgrade it. According to legend, only the Chosen One can advance the Sacred Space to its true form.

  38. blastzone0 says:

    I need a little bit of help. In tiny monsters im level 31 almost level 32, but i feel as if im behind because i cannot feed my monsters. Some of my monsters take a total of 70,000 food to reach level 10 but i dont see any way of me ever reaching that amount of food :( any tips or help on telling me how i can effectively grow food to feed my monsters would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  39. fishlike says:

    [10] Hatch an elder plant monster
    Rewards: +550xp & +250 food

    [11] Level up your Elder Plant to an adult form!
    Rewards: +600xp & +1000 coins

  40. Jay Tee says:

    It has appeared in monster market, cost: 179 diamonds.

  41. TinyHoni says:

    I have the pillar I just don’t know how to send a picture.

  42. franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

    anyone know what the sacred space does? seems like a waste of a habitat which i cant even afford right now.

  43. basaro says:

    Step 9: you get 6585xp for placing the sacred space.
    When it’s created, you have 0 spaces for monsters. The first(?) upgrade costs 125,000 coins and takes 18 hours to build. It does not give any indication how many spaces the upgrade gains, but i presume only 1 at a time. Will know in 18hrs :)

    Step 10: Rewards 550xp 250food

  44. Manish (I'd : maka2 ) says:

    Scared space is a habitat and buy able only in habitat menu and not in decoration menu
    So noob please correct it

  45. basaro says:

    part 8: crops are toadshrooms and bluff broccoli.
    after you complete part 8 the bonus quest appears.

    Bonus quest: Rewards: 800xp 7000coins.

    part 9: sacred space is a new special habitat. cost is $100,000 coins. in the description it says the capacity is 0 (zero)! and the max coins it can hold is 1,000. takes 10 hours to build. It’s a small little thing, same size as the fountain decoration.

  46. arika(id : arikahana07) says:

    part 7/13 : xp +500 and food +200

  47. Ehlana (tinyid=Flutee) says:

    Captain’s statue is 24,000 and not 28,000

    All quests for hatch an egg work with hatching a fire in 30sec as long as you have the adult out of HoC

    Thanks all for the inputs as it’s been a lifesaver for me – on holiday with hardly an Internet access! Bad TM withdrawal!!!!!!

  48. arikahana says:

    part6/13:xp +150 and +5000 cions

  49. Jay Tee says:

    part 8/13: rewards +800xp and +7000 coins

  50. basaro says:

    Part 3: Any egg will do, I hatched a shadow. (After I pulled my Ice out of HoC)

    Part 4: The 3 decorations are: Everburning Schism, Shimmering Arches, and Seed Of Life. All cost $570,000 coins.
    Reward: 500xp 200food

    Part 5: Monsters are Frozenflame, Boreal, Frostember.
    Reward: 200xp 200food

  51. Wstangle says:

    When I click on the quest it shows the page from the book
    2 – it was the 12 hour crop in large farm
    3 – it is ice
    Working on 4 came here to see if you had any tips

    Thanks for all that you do for everyone who play these games

    • Wstangle says:

      4 – ever burning schism, shimmering arches or seed of life – all cost 570,000 each
      500 Xp
      200 food

      5 – hatch wild freeze, boreal or frost member
      200 xp
      200 food

  52. jason says:

    I did step 6, and hatched even the same monster on the page and still didnt give me the OK. anyone else have this problem?

  53. Spook says:

    Step 4: Decorations are Everburning Schism, Seed of Life or Shimmering Arches
    Step 5: Monsters are Frozenflame, Boreal or Frostember

  54. Tish says:

    2. Harvest either watermelon or lettuce
    3. Have Ice monster lvl10 (make sure out of Hall)
    4. Buy everburning schism or seed of life or shimmering arches all cost 570000 coin (large edition)
    5. Hatch either Boreal or frozenflame or frostember. Reward 200xp and 200 food

    Cant see book but when open quest pictures on left. Thats all info I have for now.

  55. shaneadair says:

    On Kindle –
    3/13 Have level 10 Ice monster, breed with any, hatch resulting egg for 800xp and 7000 coin

    4/13 Place ancient decoration (there are 3 shown) either Shimmering Arches, Everburning Schism or Seed of Life. Each one costs 570,000 and can be found at the very end of the decoration section in the market. I picked Seed of Life. This gets you 500xp and 200 food.

    5/13 Hatch one of three pictured monsters : Frozenflame, Boreal or Frostember for 200xp and 200 food.

    That is as far as I am and I will send more info as I get it.

    Thanks for all your help! :)

  56. Ele says:

    Yes, The book is available when you tap the quest objective. I am on part 5/13, we need to hatch Boreal, Frozenflame or Frostember ; Reward 200 XP and 200 food.

    Part 3/13 the monster is Ice, it is enough to take him from the hall of fame, regretfully I do not remember the reward

    Part 4/13 decorations are: Shimmering Arches and ever burning schism

  57. Nunya says:

    Step 9 – The Sacred Place is a plant legacy habitat. If your habitats are maxed out, don’t worry—this step increases your max habitats by one to make room for it. The cost is 100,000 coins. Reward is 5 diamonds and 250 XP.

    On step 8, the cost of the captain’s statue is 28,000.

    • TinyHoni says:

      I am on this step, but it says I can’t get another habitat til level 61. It doesn’t open one up for me. Is something wrong with my game?

      • TinyHoni says:

        I clicked on it to see how much to open it, and it open for two habitats, not sure what it cost me because I wasn’t paying attention to what I had before.

      • noobbgodlike says:

        No, it’s not because this quest that you got increased habitat. I haven’t got a quest but my habitat is at 32. See if your habitat have reached maximum number (on habitat screen), if yes then you need to sell one habitat to be able to build sacred spaces.

  58. TinyStarrable says:

    #3 reward is 800 XP and 7000 coins

  59. Nunya says:

    On step 7, you don’t have to use the specific monster listed (that needs to be at level 10) to breed. You can hatch ANY egg. I just hatched a fire monster (11 seconds) to get that one finished quickly.

    Step 6, it’s a boreal, iceflare (or any of the other monsters that spree on this one), or a frostember. Any one will do.

    Step 2 is the lettuce for the large farm or the eqivelant from the small farm. Watermelons, I believe.

    On step 3, it’s an ice monster that needs to be level ten. Even though it SAYS to use the ice monster to hatch an egg, this one autocompleted for me when I hatched an egg that was just sitting the nursery waiting to be hatched. I didn’t use the ice monster at all; just pulled him from the HOC, then hatched the egg that was already in the nursery.

    All rewards so far (I’m on level 8) have been XP, coins and/or food. Haven’t been writing any of them don, though. Sorry.

  60. eric (erick469) says:

    #4 buy either the shimmering arches,everburning schism or the seed of life pond. All 3 cost 570,000 coins. Reward 500xp and 200 food. Not sure if anyone else is having a problem but my game force closes everytime I try to buy any decoration.

  61. Sara says:

    For the second quest you have to harvest either the watermelon or the cabbage.

    For the third quest it is the Ice Monster
    Rewards: 800xp and 7000 coins

    Sorry didn’t catch the rewards for the first two.

  62. Michelle says:

    looks like the crops are the lettuce and the watermelon with 600xp and 1000 coins

  63. Spook says:

    Step 2: 12hr crop completed this for me
    Step 3: Ice monster

  64. ZombieFreak911 says:

    The 2nd is harvest watermelons or lettuce

  65. basaro says:

    Part 1 autocompleted for me I didnt even hatch a single monster yesterday when the quest appeared.
    Part 2 crops are mountmelons and lucky lettuce. I only harvested 1 lettuce and the quest completed.
    Part 3 monster is Ice. Reward is 800xp and 7000 coins.

  66. TheYoohoo says:

    The decorations for #4 are Seed of Life, Shimmering Arches, and Everburning Schism.
    The monsters for #5 are Frostmember, Frozenflame, and Boreal.

    *I tried Redstone Falls and Hot Springs first before noticing Seed of Life. They do not work, no getting around the 570,000 coin price tag.

  67. bdubc2002 says:

    Part 3 I hatched an ice monster. Reward: 800 xp 7000 coins

  68. Josie says:

    2. Watermelon or Lucky Lettuce
    3. Ice
    4. Everburning Schism/Shimmering Arches/Seed of Life
    6. Electric
    7. Burst/Spitfire

  69. bdubc2002 says:

    Part 2 cleared when I harvested lucky lettuce.

  70. McGee333 says:

    #2 was satisfied when I harvested a mountmelon.

    Reward was 600xp and 1000 coins.

  71. Riah99 says:

    Hey I got this quest yesterday and I don’t know about the first one because it auto completed. The second for me was haverst the wountmelons or lucky lettuce once. The third was to have a level 10 ice monster and then breed it to get another ice monster( not hybrid ). The fourth was to place the deco and the ones from mine cost at the least 570,000 coins. And the next I am still on so I can tell you my rewards, I have to hatch either of the three ice/fire hybrids ( frozen flame, boreal, frostember). The reward for mine on 5 were: +200 xp and +200 food. Hope I helped some people.

  72. PegAlex says:

    Hoping I can help here. Just got these quests and the 1st was autocompleted. To see the book pages, just click on the “view quest.”

    2) lettuce completed this.
    3) Ice Monster

  73. cutler121 says:

    The crops for the second step of this quest are lettuce and watermelon.

  74. TheYoohoo says:

    The crops for #2 are lettuce and watermelon.
    The monster for #3 is ice.

  75. eric (erick469) says:

    #2 is lettuce or watermelon. Reward 600xp and 1000coins.
    #3 have a level 10 ice monster. Reward 800xp and 7000coins.

    • eric (erick469) says:

      On quest 3 I had a level 10 ice and just bought and hatched an ice monster and it cleared the quest. So no need to breed it with anything.

  76. JasmineChin says:

    1/13 auto complete for me ,2/13 cleared after I harvest 12hours lucky lettuce,3/13 have a lvl10 ice monster and hatch any egg to clear (5 sec fire egg ), 4/13 buy and place a decoration name seed of life to clear, 5/13 anyone know what monster to hatch?

    • JasmineChin says:

      5/13 hatch a frozenflame , boreal or frostember anyone will do, 6/13 have a lvl 10 electric monster and hatch any egg (fire egg 5 secs) , 7/13 have a lvl 10 spitfire or burst ,and hatch an egg (fire egg) , 8/13 harvest foods toadshrooms once (15 mins) , 9/13 build the new habitat sacred space ( elder plant monster available in market once u reach this step, that’s mean u can start trying to breed it ! Best of luck ! )

  77. lmhajh says:

    For part two, there is no book. The page is actually part of the quest page. If you look closely you will see that you have to harvest either mount melons or lettuce (the time). Took me awhile to figure it out since you didn’t have this page yet, lol.
    I cannot see the image on part 3, does anyone know which hybrid needs to be at level 10? I’m assuming it is an ice because part of the clue references ice. Thanks in advance for your help

  78. Grace (sugargerbil) says:

    Idont have the quest yet! What do. I do

  79. my3sonsnj (android) says:

    quest 2 was watermelon or cabbage for me
    quest 3 was an ice monster
    quest 4 was a everburning schism, shimmering arches or seed of life decoration
    quest 5 was frozenflame, boreal or frostember

  80. Yogi says:

    In step 2 it’s lucky lettuce and another one from the small farms that I dont remember :p
    Step 3 is an Ice monster
    Step 4 one of the decorations is called Shimmering Arches
    Step 5 Boreal, Frozenflame and Frozenblaze

    sorry bout steps 2 and 4 but I can’t remember what the other pictures were.
    I’ll add the next steps when I’m done breeding and hatching my Frozenflame. (tomorrow that is)

  81. kamilovich says:

    For the second part, the crops are lucky lettuce and mountermellon, or however that’s spelled. And for me then reward is 600xp and 1000 coins. Also, the first part auto completed for me, so I don’t know if you actually need to hatch anything specific.

  82. igosaorang says:

    1/13 auto..don’t remember (I even didn’t hatch any monster)
    2/13 watermelon, cabbage xp 600 coin 1000

  83. Bre (Tiny ID:BrelovesMatt says:

    Part 2 of the prophecy is harvest either mount melons or lucky lettuce
    Part 3 is have the ice monster level 10
    Part 4 is either shimmering arches,seed of life,or ever burning schism they all cost 570,000
    Part 5 is hatch either a frozen flame,boreal,or frostember
    Sorry I don’t have exp and stuff and sorry I commented this on here lol I didn’t know where to put it but you can feel it in and delete this comment!

  84. Bre (Tiny ID:BrelovesMatt says:

    I have not finished the elder prophecies quest and on mine this is called the hero prophecies :)

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