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Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide How to Get Enigma Monsters

This monster is not limited


Enigma monster

Tiny Monsters Enigma egg

The color of the egg is darker than yellow joy. This color is for normal version,there is no difference between normal and mythic version in terms of color.

This monster can only grow to level 4, and after that you can hibernate it and become any limited monsters. The monster is random though but you can change it by spent 75/375 diamonds (the cost may vary between devices, the main point is you need diamonds to change it).

Tiny Monsters Enigma Monster Live special

The monster can only lives on special habitat so make sure you have one :D.

Summoning time: 21 hours

Habitat: Special Habitat and all legacy habitats

Total Food needed to level 4 : about 20.000 (thanks to Michelle for this info)

Tuck in Time: 13 hours







Earn Rate (Min)

7 16 22/23(M) 26/27(M)

Food (x4)

450 905 1355 1905

Total Food needed

0 1800 5420 10840

Total Food needed (max level 4): 18460

Food cost will be same as “normal limited” once it evolves to limited teen form, so go to each limited forms page to know more about food cost.

Buy price: You can’t buy this monsters

Sell price: 4875 Coins

XP: 2400

Teen Habitat Info

After it becomes a teen you can move it from special habitat to its “normal” habitat but once you do that you can’t move it back to special habitat :D.

Breeding formula (it seems you need to use 2 limited monsters to get this one):
[0] Love +Luck
[0] Independence + Luck
[0] Holly + Love
[0] Sun + Embershade
[0] Sunstone + Brimstone
[0] Graveleaf + Bug
[0] Silk + Bug
[0] Flashfreeze + Tundra
[0] Merry + Silk
[0] Bug + Luck
[o] Leave comments for the formula

Useful info from Raktavan

Date of the comment: 27 June 2014

[0] Enigma doesn’t evolve into monsters introduced in 2014 (Clover, Devotion, Lantern, Primavera, Special Luck, Valor, Wonder)
[0] No monsters introduced later than September 2013 expect for Autumn & Harvest (= not available: Eclipse, Ethereal Boreal, Spectral Brimstone, Wraith Windstone, Snowstorm, Tinsel, Evergreen, Origin)
[0] I never got any Purple or Yellow Joys (the blue ones worked)

I did over 121 runs but only began to protocol somewhen this morning. Most common were Autumn (12) and Wingwitch (11), rarest was Holly (2). Testing was done on an ANDROID device. If you have made a different experience, please leave a comment!

List of creatures definitely possible:

Autumn, Blossom, Blushbug, Buzzy, Firework, Gift, Gratitude, Grimbolt, Hallow, Harvest, Holly, Independence, Blue Joy, Love, Luck, Marine, Memorial, Merry, Renewal, Steadfast, Wingwitch

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

Elder Enigma Page

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1,113 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide How to Get Enigma Monsters”

  1. Benjamin Kohn says:

    I got it with a frozenblaze and frostember 25th try i think

  2. LfsAlot says:

    Got it with Blackice level 5 and Dimspike level 6

  3. benjamin says:

    Hay noob if you breed what is on the page do you think you might have a better chance of hatching the right monster?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I believe yes, but it seems that everyone have different “best” combos. THat’s why switch the formula after 3 failed attempts.

      • TM again says:

        Ty Noob for the 3 tries advice. I always try once and move on. Unless someone says 2nd or 3rd try. By any chance do you have a page on here where u give out helpful little hints like the 3 tries?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          No, sorry hehe. Maybe I will make it later, but is it too late lol (like mythic section etc). Will see if I can do that. Thanks for suggestion.

  4. Michael says:

    Lv 10 bug and Lv 10 Mountain

  5. Lawren says:

    I got another enigma egg by accident with teen inferno and regular adult flower form when trying for celestial. I sold my first enigma egg unexpectedly.

  6. orangepuddy says:

    Mythic enigma is now available for purchase for a limited time and it shows a light blue egg??

    • Raktavan says:

      I just bought one. Once in the nursery, it looks normal (orange). I expected it to be blue, too, that’s what brought me here ;-)

  7. Red phoenix says:

    Mountain and flower works almost all the time for me

  8. Lawren says:

    I got a 21 h timer with strike and frost on first try by accident on an attempt for thunder. That must be an enigma, correct? I see no other critter with the 21 hour timer.

  9. Mrs Magnum says:

    Just got this with Gratitude and Love. Guide for Gamers is invaluable keep up the good work. X

  10. isabell says:

    Mythic cinder+freeze

  11. b-android says:

    Freeze and Vapor just got me 21 hours…

  12. 2014baby says:

    Was checking and trying to figure out which monster I got. Have a breed time of 21 hrs so I’m assuming its this one. First try with this combo bug (10) & flower (10). Was totally trying diff combos for elder star.

  13. James says:

    So with enigma I can evolve it to get any seasonal monster if it isn’t the season for it? Or can I only get monsters that are in the current season?

  14. Silverwind says:

    Windstone and Blossom

  15. Jessica says:

    Lv.8 mythic bug + Lv.8 flower

  16. Caitlyn says:

    Dawn fang and fire

  17. xxfrogxx says:

    Frost and magma with 21hr breed time. Looks to be my first Enigma monster!

  18. Em says:

    Another formula is bug and snowbluff

  19. AuraRose says:

    Would this egg transform into Special Luck, Wraith Windstone, Spectral Brimstone, or Marine? I’ve gotten two Gratitudes, Steadfast, and Renewaliso far. Thanks

    • Celina says:

      How did you get SO lucky to get that many? Congrats.

      (Simply note your trick. LOL)

      A while back I got two in a row – both were Grimbolt.

      I have had such fun and peace playing this game. Reading comments. NOOB, you gave yourself quite a job. You are awesome HELP. I probably wouldn’t still be able to play were it not for these pages you maintain! Thanks

  20. SharkWaffles3366 says:

    I got one with burst and flare

  21. James says:

    Earthquake + mountain 3rd try

  22. AshleyJean says:

    It’s amazing but I just got this notion to try and bread an Enigma so I came on here to see what people recommended and sure enough I got an Enigma using Love + Luck FIRST TRY! , ! , ! , !

  23. Charly says:

    My friend got hers using mountain and mythic flower xxx

  24. Niryn says:

    Just got one using love and bug

  25. chaszack (tiny id) says:

    Social breeding…plant and ice….mythic 21 hrs!!! Finally getting my first Enigma at level 73 :)

  26. Kit says:

    I got one by breeding teen frozen flame and mouitain.

  27. tiger3x says:

    Mountain & Luck both lvl 10. This combo also got me Joy. =]

  28. alan10397 says:

    Does the llimited monster go into baby form or teen after enigma evolves

  29. Daisy says:

    Noob, do you have a list of what monsters hatch from Enigma? I am curious what everyone gets after they hibernate.

    I just got a Firework YAY!

  30. Verasa says:

    Cinder and sun trying for goldstone))

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