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Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide How to Get Enigma Monsters

This monster is not limited


Enigma monster

Tiny Monsters Enigma egg

The color of the egg is darker than yellow joy. This color is for normal version,there is no difference between normal and mythic version in terms of color.

This monster can only grow to level 4, and after that you can hibernate it and become any limited monsters. The monster is random though but you can change it by spent 75/375 diamonds (the cost may vary between devices, the main point is you need diamonds to change it).

Tiny Monsters Enigma Monster Live special

The monster can only lives on special habitat so make sure you have one :D.

Summoning time: 21 hours

Habitat: Special Habitat and all legacy habitats

Total Food needed to level 4 : about 20.000 (thanks to Michelle for this info)

Tuck in Time: 13 hours







Earn Rate (Min)

7 16 22/23(M) 26/27(M)

Food (x4)

450 905 1355 1905

Total Food needed

0 1800 5420 10840

Total Food needed (max level 4): 18460

Food cost will be same as “normal limited” once it evolves to limited teen form, so go to each limited forms page to know more about food cost.

Buy price: You can’t buy this monsters

Sell price: 4875 Coins

XP: 2400

Teen Habitat Info

After it becomes a teen you can move it from special habitat to its “normal” habitat but once you do that you can’t move it back to special habitat :D.

Breeding formula (it seems you need to use 2 limited monsters to get this one):
[0] Love +Luck
[0] Independence + Luck
[0] Holly + Love
[0] Sun + Embershade
[0] Sunstone + Brimstone
[0] Graveleaf + Bug
[0] Silk + Bug
[0] Flashfreeze + Tundra
[0] Merry + Silk
[0] Bug + Luck
[o] Leave comments for the formula

Useful info from Raktavan

Date of the comment: 27 June 2014

[0] Enigma doesn’t evolve into monsters introduced in 2014 (Clover, Devotion, Lantern, Primavera, Special Luck, Valor, Wonder)
[0] No monsters introduced later than September 2013 expect for Autumn & Harvest (= not available: Eclipse, Ethereal Boreal, Spectral Brimstone, Wraith Windstone, Snowstorm, Tinsel, Evergreen, Origin)
[0] I never got any Purple or Yellow Joys (the blue ones worked)

I did over 121 runs but only began to protocol somewhen this morning. Most common were Autumn (12) and Wingwitch (11), rarest was Holly (2). Testing was done on an ANDROID device. If you have made a different experience, please leave a comment!

List of creatures definitely possible:

Autumn, Blossom, Blushbug, Buzzy, Firework, Gift, Gratitude, Grimbolt, Hallow, Harvest, Holly, Independence, Blue Joy, Love, Luck, Marine, Memorial, Merry, Renewal, Solstice, Steadfast, Wingwitch

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

Elder Enigma Page

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1,153 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide How to Get Enigma Monsters”

  1. FrozenJewel says:

    Black ice and dimspike both level 5 both in shadow habitats first try

  2. shawnsgyrl84 says:

    Seacliff and strike………results in enigma on my first try….Awesome! !!!!!

    • shawnsgyrl84 says:

      2nd try using strike first then seacliff resulted in thunder……. try 3 using seacliff first then strike resulted in 34 hr breeding time……legendary here i come

  3. Raktavan says:

    Hi Noobb,

    I did some more testing. My previous results seems valid except that I forgot to list Solstice. Can you add that one to my little list of possibilities, please?

    I’ve quit playing a while ago, so there will be no more testing. Also, thank you for the guide and a place for the occasional rant/whining about the impossible breeding odds 😉

    Best wishes,

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Thanks :). I also have stopped playing the game for about 1 month

    • klaw says:


      Sorry to see you leave the game as you were a good neighbour. When I saw your ‘I quit’ message on one of your islands a while ago I knew the final nail was in the coffin. Im still playing because my OCD wont let me quit until I have all the monsters that I can get and their mythics.

      Which leads me on to ask about the Enigmas. A while ago you said there was a retry glitch.

      Normally I wouldn’t ever request this sort of thing, but I feel pretty ripped off by TinyCo, because as Noob knows at the beginning of the year I never got something which I paid hard cash for. TinyCo support were useless and failed to respond to my numerous tickets and emails. I didnt ever get any reply aside from the automated responses. In the end I had to complain to Apple about them and Apple sorted my refund.

      If they dont care about paying customers and give support for those, they obviously dont care about the game anymore.

      So… would anyone please mind sharing the enigma glitch – is it similar to the mythic retry?

      I’m wanting to get a Solstice which is the one Im missing, yet despite numerous attempts I keep getting same monsters. Ive had about 8 wingwitches from them, so any help would be appreciated.


      • Gghoul says:

        I agree with everything you just said Klaw I’m still playing for the same reason….. Tiny Co are still taking money from new if there is a glitch please pass it on…..enigma is the only way to get the monsters I’m missing.
        Thank you for all the work you have done on this site Noobb and the info everyone has given

  4. imac63 says:

    I used a Bug and Tundra monster and got it first try unintentionally, so yay!

  5. 3bwfan says:

    Mythic tree and mythic snowbluff

  6. Frozentime says:

    Just got it using friendship and unity. This thread is loooooong. Took forever to be able to get down to where i can type this post. :)

  7. Denny0412 says:

    I randomly have an Enigma but can’t hatch it because I don’t have the core f it’s for a special habitat. Advice?

    Thank you! =D

  8. Bryjam03 says:

    Got it with magma and flower

  9. Anthony says:

    I don’t remember how I hatched enigma, but it Evolved into gift. I retried for 75 diamonds and got merry and stopped. I was really going for the Halloween ones. Now I can breed a mythic merry with my other one. Can’t wait for another enigma.

  10. Cindy says:

    Just got this. I breed social electric with social fire. Surprised me as I just threw them in the den to see what might happen this time as I have put every combo together and randomly I end up with something unique “

  11. Rilee says:

    New formula- flower level 5+bug level 5

  12. dodo says:

    Hey noob what tipe of habatat does he go in

  13. Adarling says:

    Pumpkin and Elder Earth. Was trying for Gratitude. Got three Egnimas in a row.

  14. Amy says:

    Lvl 5 boreal, lvl 8 frostember

  15. Rohan says:

    I got one with mythdic tree and turunda both teen.

  16. tcherspet says:

    Mythic Flamegust and Graveleaf. Was trying for Darkburst and got 21 hour breed. I gave up on this one a while ago. Awesome site Noob!

  17. Candy423 says:

    I just got a 21 hour timer with Snowbluff and mythic flare.

  18. chaszack (tiny id) says:

    For the list of possibilities, I just got Solstice:)

    How was he able to get 121 enigmas? I’m super jelly!!

    • Raktavan says:

      Thanks for mentioning that! I must have somehow forgotten it when I sorted the possibilities alphabetically. I’m currently doing a new set of tests and it’s definitely a possible outcome. However, nothing else new so far.

      And don’t be jelly – I did not get that many Enigmas. I abuse a glitch to be able to tuck my Enigma in again and again ^^;

      @Noobb: Can you please add Solstice to the useful info box?

  19. Spyromak says:

    Got one with social breeding den: my fire unity with another player’s electric friendship

  20. Mattcope1007 says:

    I breed mountain and tree took a couple of try’s

  21. barb says:

    I got all 3 of mine in the social den with ice and earth. My only problem with this monster is the 75 diamonds it takes to redo it if you get a monster you already have. This last one I’m working on has already cost me 600 diamonds and its only given me the same 3 blasted monsters back to back to back. Anyone care to explain why out of 40 possible LM monsters I keep getting the same ones over and over again. I guess whatever one comes up this time I’m gonna be stuck with, I cant waste anymore diamonds on it, and if I ever hatch another one its straight to the sell pile for me.

  22. BunnyMonster says:

    Got one with Celestial and Darkbolt.

  23. Wardides says:

    Got it first try with Water Friendship + Fire Unity. So Happy ! 😀

  24. Benjamin Kohn says:

    I got it with a frozenblaze and frostember 25th try i think

  25. LfsAlot says:

    Got it with Blackice level 5 and Dimspike level 6

  26. benjamin says:

    Hay noob if you breed what is on the page do you think you might have a better chance of hatching the right monster?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I believe yes, but it seems that everyone have different “best” combos. THat’s why switch the formula after 3 failed attempts.

      • TM again says:

        Ty Noob for the 3 tries advice. I always try once and move on. Unless someone says 2nd or 3rd try. By any chance do you have a page on here where u give out helpful little hints like the 3 tries?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          No, sorry hehe. Maybe I will make it later, but is it too late lol (like mythic section etc). Will see if I can do that. Thanks for suggestion.

  27. Michael says:

    Lv 10 bug and Lv 10 Mountain

  28. Lawren says:

    I got another enigma egg by accident with teen inferno and regular adult flower form when trying for celestial. I sold my first enigma egg unexpectedly.

  29. orangepuddy says:

    Mythic enigma is now available for purchase for a limited time and it shows a light blue egg??

    • Raktavan says:

      I just bought one. Once in the nursery, it looks normal (orange). I expected it to be blue, too, that’s what brought me here 😉

  30. Red phoenix says:

    Mountain and flower works almost all the time for me

  31. Lawren says:

    I got a 21 h timer with strike and frost on first try by accident on an attempt for thunder. That must be an enigma, correct? I see no other critter with the 21 hour timer.

  32. Mrs Magnum says:

    Just got this with Gratitude and Love. Guide for Gamers is invaluable keep up the good work. X

  33. isabell says:

    Mythic cinder+freeze

  34. b-android says:

    Freeze and Vapor just got me 21 hours…

  35. 2014baby says:

    Was checking and trying to figure out which monster I got. Have a breed time of 21 hrs so I’m assuming its this one. First try with this combo bug (10) & flower (10). Was totally trying diff combos for elder star.

  36. James says:

    So with enigma I can evolve it to get any seasonal monster if it isn’t the season for it? Or can I only get monsters that are in the current season?

  37. Silverwind says:

    Windstone and Blossom

  38. Jessica says:

    Lv.8 mythic bug + Lv.8 flower

  39. Caitlyn says:

    Dawn fang and fire

  40. xxfrogxx says:

    Frost and magma with 21hr breed time. Looks to be my first Enigma monster!

  41. Em says:

    Another formula is bug and snowbluff

  42. AuraRose says:

    Would this egg transform into Special Luck, Wraith Windstone, Spectral Brimstone, or Marine? I’ve gotten two Gratitudes, Steadfast, and Renewaliso far. Thanks

    • Celina says:

      How did you get SO lucky to get that many? Congrats.

      (Simply note your trick. LOL)

      A while back I got two in a row – both were Grimbolt.

      I have had such fun and peace playing this game. Reading comments. NOOB, you gave yourself quite a job. You are awesome HELP. I probably wouldn’t still be able to play were it not for these pages you maintain! Thanks

  43. SharkWaffles3366 says:

    I got one with burst and flare

  44. James says:

    Earthquake + mountain 3rd try

  45. AshleyJean says:

    It’s amazing but I just got this notion to try and bread an Enigma so I came on here to see what people recommended and sure enough I got an Enigma using Love + Luck FIRST TRY! , ! , ! , !

  46. Charly says:

    My friend got hers using mountain and mythic flower xxx

  47. Niryn says:

    Just got one using love and bug

  48. chaszack (tiny id) says:

    Social breeding…plant and ice….mythic 21 hrs!!! Finally getting my first Enigma at level 73 :)

  49. Kit says:

    I got one by breeding teen frozen flame and mouitain.

  50. tiger3x says:

    Mountain & Luck both lvl 10. This combo also got me Joy. =]

  51. alan10397 says:

    Does the llimited monster go into baby form or teen after enigma evolves

  52. Daisy says:

    Noob, do you have a list of what monsters hatch from Enigma? I am curious what everyone gets after they hibernate.

    I just got a Firework YAY!

  53. Verasa says:

    Cinder and sun trying for goldstone))

  54. 3bucksworth says:

    Flower and tree and got 21hr breed time…was trying for air…confused

  55. Caroline says:

    Can enigma and enigma be bred?

  56. Cinci says:


    I just had a 21hrs breed with flower lvl 10 and bug lvl 8… if it’s a glitch I’m gonna freak out XD

  57. twylaluna says:

    Mystic merry 10+boreal 9 every time :) gotten a wing witch and a mystic love

  58. nightcookie (tiny Id knightcookie) says:

    Yay! I think I got my first enigma! I got 21 hrs with ice friendship and plant unity! Finally!

  59. Pancho562 says:

    Social breeding Electric and Earth got me 21h egg woohoo. Was trying for a elder Earth

  60. Catnafiddle says:

    Water Friendship and Plant Unity

  61. AvikSengar (TinyID) says:

    I have gotten at least 3 of this monster, but I only keep 2 because I don’t have enough Special habitats. I got it with level10Boreal and level10Graveleaf, which is the formula I used to get 3 (now four) Enigmas, 3 Legendaries including one mythic (I only keep 2 Legendaries), Elder Ice and Light! I recomend breeding this pair multiple times, as they are both hybrids and can be used to get most Special element monsters. I have also gotten an Enigma from Fire Unity and Ice Friendship.

    • sam says:

      Why keep an enigma in its egg form …. When you can get a random limited monster when you tuck it in then you can move it out of the special habitat lol

    • linh thoi says:

      teen Pollen level 5 with adult Earthquake level 8 get Enigma (1st try)。

  62. Jennifer says:

    Bred one socially today: Earth Unity + Electric Friendship

  63. Christine says:

    Tree and Mountain=Enigma

  64. Tyler says:

    Mythic flower and renewal 1 st try 😉

  65. Maika says:

    Flower + Tundra = Enigma


  66. SkyTheWolf says:

    Yes! No I need a specail habitat could I be sponsored with gifts mim2 I need money help I have 2 enigmas I need a specail habitat!

  67. Bla says:

    Iceflare level 8 + Etheral Boreal level 10

  68. Suzanne, tiny ID vdstock says:

    I got it with my earth & a friends electric, yesterday it evolving right now 😀

  69. laneybug says:

    I was trying for a luck monster but got two enigma monsters with lvl 7 snowbluff and lvl 7 mythic bug

  70. jessibear says:

    Got enigma with frozenflame and flower. I did it on accident trying to experiment with another way to get frozenflame for my quests. Lol

  71. cloudyy says:

    Got 2nd enigma using Tundra and snowbluff trying for 2nd luck monster

  72. thatonegirl says:

    Second try breeding boreal and frostember

  73. ForLAmos says:

    I was trying to breed luck with earthquake and love got 21hr

  74. Chips says:

    Snowbluff and Flare

  75. cloudyy says:

    Just got 21 hours with mountain + tree was trying for love monster. Question: after evolving enigma into a limited monster will it be a lvl 5 still or revert back to baby form? Also, once transformed I assume it can be moved from legendary habitat to whatever habitat(s) correspond with what it becomes. Is that correct? Thanks.

  76. spike says:

    Had an enigma turn into a gratitude. Was a cool surprise, and even better that it was a monster that is out of season by a long time

  77. CP says:

    Water friendship + earth unity

  78. Kpar says:

    Sun + Puff

  79. Hasan says:

    Mountain + Tree , Last few months I tried this same combo and got 6 Enigma monsters.

  80. Rosanna Kent says:

    I got it with L10 mythic flower and L10 mountin. First try bushbug second try 21 hours :)

  81. gramms151 says:

    Used plant unity and ice friendship.

  82. Desma says:

    Was trying for light. Used Earthquake lvl 8 and Frost lvl 10. Got 21 hrs

  83. vicky says:

    I was trying for elder but got this using bug and flower :)

  84. Carissa says:

    I was going for Devotion with level 7 Freeze and level 10 icefloe. I got Shadow and now this.

  85. Dravenya says:

    Mythic flower + Mythic mountain both level 10

  86. Demonic Alice says:

    Frozenflame and Mythic Bug, 21 hour monster produced. Both level 6.

  87. Gail says:

    Tried for second devotion. Mythic freeze and ice floe , both level 10 got me an enigma. Yeah! Always like to get Enigmas.

  88. hawgneck says:

    Plant unity electric friendship

  89. Misty says:

    Electric friendship + Earth unity

  90. kansasminxdiva says:

    Aurora lvl 10 & Sun lvl 10. Was trying for Frostbeam

  91. kikimonster says:

    Was trying for love with steadfast & mythic gratitude and got 21 hours!

  92. C3C-C3C says:

    Earthquake + frost first try

  93. Reva says:

    I got an Enigma while trying for Lantern with Origin (10)and Merry(8). So I have him in the Legendary habitat. I’m not sure how this guy evolves after level 4. Can you choose what he changes into or is it just potluck after you spend diamonds?

  94. LilFizzie says:

    Graveleaf + Bug gave me an Elder Monster!0

  95. turquoise says:

    Was trying for legendary, but I got a 21 hour breed time instead!! Used bug and gift (yeti)

  96. Enigma43 says:

    Social Monsters: Fire and Electric habe me 21 hours.

  97. Siv says:

    Got it with frozen blaze and frostember.

  98. ziggypicc says:

    Water Friendship and Plant Unity gave me Enigma!

  99. Melodyd says:

    I just got a 21 hr breeding time with flare and tundra both level 10. :)

  100. Emily Lambert says:

    Do you this Merry and DARK Silk would work?

  101. dazeq8 says:

    I got one today from breeding friendship ice and friendship earth
    Also gave me elder ice
    Been trying this combo since friendship monsters was ever introduced
    On galaxy s3

  102. TehGerman says:

    Can I hatch one of these right now or was there a time limit on this?

  103. Ivy says:

    Is it possible to breed an enigma and a legendary monster?

      • Eddy says:

        Hey noob,not trying to be nozy but this question or should I say the answer confuses me? Would you mind explaining it to me? I thought its allways possible to get an legendary or enigma? Dont be mad at me im just a simple person trying to figure it out.(will put another message on a fomula I used on the enigma)thanks later

  104. Wolfie says:

    Bug and flower got me my first enigma!

  105. Andy Miguel Jochum says:

    I try to get a mythic enigma. I Want to complete my encyclopedia, but that is soooooo dificult, because you can’t breed enigma with enigma :( what’s the best way to get a mythic one?

  106. Alexis Cuellar says:

    Mountain + Mythic Tree 1st try

  107. basaro says:

    Got 2 over the weekend during increased breeding chances. One with harvest+gratitude and another with pond+flurry.

  108. dadomo says:

    Got it with zephyr and tree.

  109. cythee says:

    Got two in a row while trying for elder plant with flower and bug at the increased chances weekend.

  110. gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

    Mythic bug+ flower both lvl 10 gave me 2 enigmas already

  111. Kat says:

    Social water dragon (mine) with earth dragon (friend’s)

  112. Oldblackmagic says:

    Gratitude and mythic tree

  113. NVitality says:

    I got one just now while trying for Holly with Silk (10) & Tundra (10). Not complaining I’ve been waiting to get this monster a while :-)

    • Melissa says:

      I just got one with mythic silk & mythic tundra while trying for either elder ice or elder plant. Haven’t gotten an enigma though either so its cool :)

  114. Whatsthehaps says:

    Just got with Bug and Flower both level 10 going for Elder Plant..

  115. Lisa says:

    Got this with teen Holly and adult Boreal

  116. lysjuh01 says:

    i got this one with frostember and boreal (

  117. Thesutterleys says:

    Flurry level 6 and gift level 10 gave me 21 hours possible enigma?

  118. Luichoy says:

    Spitfire + Burst… Christmas surprise for me! 21 hrs breeding, must be the elusive Enigma =D. (was hoping for another Spitfire or mythic Burst)

  119. Kinzer says:

    I got my second one this week with silk and tundra. I was going for a holly. :)

  120. Gilbert says:

    Woo hoo!!! I breed it with my plant Unity level 9 and someone water friendship level 10

  121. Yaoi says:

    I’ve got some serious problems with placing Enigma in a habitat. I bought Special Habitat, but no. “No valid habitat!”
    Does it have to be a specific Special Habitat, is it some sort of bug or is there something wrong with my phone?

  122. SnoopyRN50 says:

    Just got my second Enigma, this time I used the Magma + Mythic Snowbluff. My first Enigma evolved into a Gift; I’m wondering if I could be lucky enough to get another one.

  123. Timburon says:

    Does anyone know if breeding 2 enigma teens will always give an enigma? I’m thinking of buying 2 enigmas and using them as breeders to fill in the gaps. Any thoughts?

  124. dartdogs2 says:

    I’ve got all monsters except for Elder Ice… I realize Enigmas turn into limited monsters… Can I assume that Enigmas won’t turn into Elders..? I figure no… The real question is, can Enigmas turn into one of the 3 limited ghost monsters (Brimstone, Boreal and Windstone)..? I have all 3, but no Mythic… Some people say once they were gone, the slots disappeared from their Monterpedia… If they can turn into a ghost, that’d be great… Thanks… Happy Holidays…

  125. nathasha keys says:

    is enigma will evolve into a another monster for example thus enigma will evolve into a autumn or something else plz reply thnx

  126. fuzziducky says:

    Snowstorm+tundra. I only get enigma on weekends with increased rare monster chances

  127. Zane says:

    I just breed lvl 5 Mountain + lvl 5 Tundra and got 21 hrs lol is that enigma????

  128. nozomi says:

    i was tring for merry/tinsel(?)with frostember+mythic fire and after countless normal/mythic fire i got soooooooooo sleeeeeeeeeepy and dicided just use frozenflame instead of fire hoping for at least some 7/8hrs…..then BOOOOOM!21hrs!!
    btw im finally back…..just missing my cutiest grimbolt GRRRRRR WTH WHY IS END OF TERM IN NOVEMBER!!!!!enigma PLEASE become grimbolt!!!!!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      HI, welcome back :D. They have announced that enigma has higher chance to become limited monsters from the past 6 months, that’s a lot monsters, however grimbolt is one of them).

  129. fuzziducky says:

    So apparently you can unlock this in the shop with a new quest and it’s 40%off… (which doesn’t make sense because it has no original price anyways) anybody know the price yet?

  130. Jakdahaka says:

    Got it by accident with wildfreeze (10) and frostember (5)

  131. Elyksir says:

    Got 3 enigma, 2 with the frienship breeding den and i just got 21h in the regular den with grimfreeze and boreal both lvl 10 on ipad.
    Was trying for merry…happy surprise !

    Good luck breeding to all

  132. Aaron says:

    I just bread 2 in a row for a normal and mythic, just my luck. I used Harvest and Gratitude both level 8.

  133. damoniamiles says:

    I used level 10 flower and level 10 bug it took awhile but was worth it cuz i have over 200 friends and not a single one has one

  134. Tryptophan says:

    Is it’s hibernation always 13 hours or does it correspond with the 1st hibernation of the limited one it evolves to? Because I don’t see any mentioning of it’s hibernation time? Any info on that?

  135. Wildone74 says:

    Cinder & Silk :) Both mythic, both level 10

  136. Ukgurl says:

    Can you get this with a ledgendary and a elder fire?

  137. pokemoner says:

    I know someone who got it with magma and frost

  138. wuzzup says:

    I heard that the flower monster and bug monster make the enigma my monster. But it doesn’t it makes mistakes flower that’s what I got or bug

  139. Anaval1892 says:

    Got it trying for Autumn… Harvest and Gratitude.

  140. NewGirl says:

    If you evolve Enigma into limited teen monster, can you then use it normally and breed it and get the monsters you normally would?

  141. MythicMonsterGirl says:

    I adore this monster as it allows me to get out of season limited monsters, and I would probably breed a million of these if it weren’t for how long they took to breed and how much food they need. 😉

  142. megan says:

    I got this one the first time I tried Social Breeding. Ice Friendship and Plant Unity.

  143. Bla says:

    Silk level 10 + Snowbluff level 7
    First try gave me Enigma
    Second try gave me Elder Earth

  144. Jacob Holland says:

    Frost + tundra

  145. TinyNewbie says:

    Wait, I thought just breeding adult hybrids got you this monster?

  146. Totero says:

    I remember getting it a really long time ago (in the start of most recent summer)I was breeding for the legendary monster using mythic bug and mythic flower and I got a 21 hour breed time thinking what the heck and then I put it in the nursery thinking it was a glitch and I got a joy but joys take 13 hours so it couldn’t be that so 21 hours later I saw what it was and now yet confused trying to get the famed enigma oh yea, the mythic look the same it is true I got a mythic one it was sad when it evolved into a marine monster I should have never evolved it on level 10 it mythic marine earns you 23 coins a minute so sad my mythic gratitude earns more and it’s level 8 it earns like 24 or something like that

  147. Lynn says:

    Got it trying for Harvest using mythic Gratitude and mythic Tree

  148. NewEngWolf says:

    While breeding Earthquake 10 + Frost 10 for Legendary, I received a Enigma, Light & Elder Earth. A plus; still shooting for the Legendary.

  149. BugMommy says:

    Spitfire level 10 + Inferno level 7

  150. MissLadyJo says:

    Level 10 Steadfast + Level 10 Mountain (1st try)

  151. Levi12340 says:

    My uncle got the elder fire monster by silk + earthquake twice both on his 1st and 2nd try, StikZ13

  152. Shamrock7191 says:

    Level 10 Tree and level 10 mountain

  153. StikZ13 says:

    frozenflame and boreal works too, ive been trying to get elder fire. ended up with enigma twice

  154. Fishboy19 says:

    Level 10 mythic mountain + level 10 tree

  155. michelle says:

    is enigma the only 21 hr monster I belive I got it breeding my ice friendship and a plant unity got 21hrs

  156. basaro says:

    Earthquake + Frost on first try while trying for elder elementals.

    Hope to evolve this into a Memorial or Marine.

  157. Laura says:

    Level 10 Inferno and level 5 Flamegust while trying for a Wingwitch.

  158. Jen says:

    Frost + Tundra – both level 10 on Android. Was trying for Elder Ice, but this was my first Enigma, so it was a nice surprise! : )

  159. Layla says:

    Please someone put how a egnma grows up well by

  160. Arkd3n says:

    phantom nv8 y frost nv10 and voila my first enigma monster

  161. Emily says:

    Bug + flower, quite by accident. It was the 4th time breeding them while trying for shadow

  162. martijn says:

    Wildfreeze + grimfreeze got my first mytic enigma

  163. Trish says:

    Level 8 mythic frozenblaze and level 5 mythic flurry got mythic enigma. Was trying for elder ice but I’m happy to have my first mythic enigma.

  164. Fernando says:

    frost + flurry – both level 10

  165. Celina Laverty says:

    Adults : Wingwitch left & Strike right – kindle fire


  166. Richard says:

    Hi, i got an enigma monster thats evolving. Any idea on what it could turn into? I breeded wingwitch and wraith windstone to get it. Do you think it will turn out as a Halloween monster? I already have all of them and i dont want another one!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Enigma transformation is random.

    • L Starr Miller says:

      I am so glad for you, I have tried every combo listed above as well as yours and the others below you with absolutely no success getting the Enigma… I tried five times with each combo only to waste time and diamonds…. I really need the Enigma Monster! Starr49

  167. Something I dont know says:

    I got Enigma with a Frozenflame(WildFreeze) and a teen Frostember! How weird is that? i’m actually trying for hallow but instead… Enigma!!!

  168. ZombieFreak911 says:

    Got it for the 4th time with
    Lvl 10 Mythic Fire + Lvl 10 Inferno

  169. Bloodrose7 says:

    Trying for Wingwitch with mythic air and mythic fire and got a 21 hour breed time. This will be my first enigma :) but I thought you had to use a limited monster to get this?

  170. Jadelinia says:

    Appears on breeding time I may have accidentally got this monster when trying for Elder monster by using lvl 8 Merry and lvl 5 Silk

  171. Jeff (Android High Price) says:

    Got Enigma first try using Merry + Boreal both level 10 not Mythic. Was hopping the new Ghost Boreal snif sniff no ghost but tons of Hallow :) Good luck and nice day. Happy Halloween Noob, I’m very happy you have ppreciate my last email, take the time you want, I know you are to much occupy like me :) How much time is not important :)

  172. Shamrock7191 says:

    Mountain + Bug =Enigma

  173. Arguenot says:

    Trying for spectral brimstone.
    Level 9 mythic sonar on left. Level 10 mythic earth on right
    21 hours. Lol.

  174. minnalove says:

    I was trying for a ghost Boreal and used Hallow 8 and Boreal 7. Got an Enigma instead. Oh well.

  175. chrysta says:

    I got enigma with frost and cynder

  176. Elyksir says:

    Hi Noob,
    Can we breed two enigma teen to get another baby enigma?
    Just get my first one which is still hatching with Boreal adult and grimbolt teen !! On ipad

    Wouhou!!! Was waiting for a little while!

  177. Zpickle says:

    I got it with water friendship+ earth unity!!!

  178. enemygrey says:

    Lvl 10 Flower x Level 7 Cinder first try. I was trying for an air monster and then I got enigma! Lol

  179. Pageant says:

    Darkbolt level 4 & Air level 8. I was trying for an Eclipse, but still happy.

  180. Ber says:

    Just for the complete and udder randomness I just bred the friendship ice and the earth unity monsters and totally got 21! I never got this before and so I new it had to be awesome! So excited! Had to share :-)

  181. Kaleidoscope says:

    Mountain and tree, both level 10. Was trying for elder earth.

  182. arika no hana says:

    I try breeding grimbolt with friendship eletric + unity earth both 10

  183. johnwayne says:

    Earthquake + thunder was going for flicker monster

  184. Yardeni says:

    Frozenblaze + boreal both lvl 10, first try. was trying to get the Elder fire.

  185. levi says:

    I forget the combo but its such a rip for the price of legendary
    habitat!!! I bet its worth it though. also, can eggs disappear if you let it wait to long? I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!

  186. sejsi says:

    Electric friendship / fire unity i believe i jus used. Got me 21h breed time. Wasnt what i was aiming for but.. Needed this also, so cant complain! :-)

  187. Aubrey says:

    River + Mountain (1st try)

  188. Lv2Tch says:

    While evolving my Enigma, I got a Firework today. Since I already had that, I spent the diamonds to rehibernate it. Does anyone know what all the Enigma regularly evolves through? Since the Joy monsters all had certain evolutionary options (if you could keep spending diamonds,) I’d like to know what I might get if I keep evolving it…

  189. Kate says:

    Frozenblaze (level 10) and Frostember (level 10)

  190. kaylinalise says:

    I got it with a mythic level 10 flower and a level 10 bug. Was trying for shadow but this works too!

  191. Pinkberry10 says:

    Bayou and steadfast both level 5 :) wasn’t even trying

  192. Hazzard5000 says:

    Bug n mythic frozen flame finally got enigma. Trying for second elder fire.

    Good luck to all. :-)

  193. Shinoangel says:

    Plant unity and ice friendship just got me one 😀

  194. DesertRoze says:

    Frost (10) & Steadfast (10) got it today by accident, I was trying to get the Earth Legacy.

  195. new comer says:

    got it by breeding flower n tundra..

  196. Libitron says:

    I got this by breeding a magma and frost monster both level 10

  197. Elijah says:

    I have a mythic buzzy can I use that to get one

  198. Jacob says:

    Frost and Inferno

  199. Lori says:

    Tundra + Flashfreeze, both level 10

  200. tmh79 says:

    Frostember & Boreal

  201. Vstorey516 says:

    Mountain and blossom. Got it after trying blossom and mountain (which came out as an air monster). I was trying for elder earth. Oh well….I wanted Enigma too! :)

  202. Arguenot says:

    Both mythic level 7’s. Tree on left. Flower on right
    On android

  203. Sean( id SRW55) says:

    Mountain & tree both level 10,both mythic

  204. At2013 says:

    Shooting for a legendary but got enigma instead
    First try level 10 frost and earthquake

  205. EvilColin says:

    Lvl 10 Mtn and Lvl 10 Mythic Tree
    breeding for elder earth, 3rd try, got first
    enigma. Yeah!!!

  206. Anne says:

    Finally i got one… Lvl 10 mountain and lvl 10 tree… Its just my lucky day!

  207. seriously says:

    Just got one with level 5 vapor and level 5 cinder.

  208. mystra says:

    Bug + tree

  209. watswat says:

    Is it any other monsters that have 21h breeding time?

    I got 21h breeding time with bug+flower and i hope it is enigma!

    I was trying for legendary but enigma is good:-)

  210. Enigma34 says:

    Has it gotten easier to get Enigma? After unsuccessfully trying since it came out, I now got two in one month! Not complaining of course.

  211. MemLaVa says:

    Finally got one on social breeding with my Electric Friendship and friend’s Plant Unity

  212. (tinyid: rizzy18) says:

    I got one using iceflare and steadfast

  213. Eldon7589 says:

    Just got one breeding a wild freeze and boreal both lvl 10, finally!!!!!

  214. domino1611 says:

    I got it by burst and tailwind

  215. Christi says:

    Used the suggestion in the quest description of flower and mountain to try for legendary and got this instead. Yay! Both were level 10.

  216. cbrockhaus says:

    I got this with earth unity and electric friendship

  217. aslesha says:

    level ten frozenblaze and level eight boreal got me a 21h breeding

  218. aslesha says:

    can the enigma live in the sacred space upon hatching?

  219. M says:

    Frozenflame + Steadfast got me a 21 hour breeding time.

  220. Shannon says:

    Got Enigma with frostember and flurry…was trying for a zephyr, cool surprise. (Android)

  221. Jeff (Android High Price) says:

    I got my first Mythic Enigma (in hatchering now) with Adult Mythic Flower left, Adult Mythic Renewal right on second try. First try Was Regular Light, third try (26h Mythic). Some weeks ago I got 1 Regular Enigma using Burst adult regular with Mountain adult regular. Got another some weeks ago using regular Adult Thunder with regular adult Sun. good luck and nice day.

  222. Lori says:

    Just bred bug and frost and got 21 hour breed time. Was trying for a Tundra…

  223. hellohannah16437 says:

    I am about to try for one using lvl 10 bug andlvl10 mythic flower. I have a mythic bug but its a baby. Dream room full.

  224. Sara Morrison ID LilEvil06 says:

    just did a flare and cinder both level 10’s in that order keeping fingers crossed

  225. rayan1379 says:

    Finaly 1 enigma and 1 legandry in lvl 26

  226. Trey says:

    Frost and flower two times in a row

  227. basaro says:

    Got my first one with mythic bug and mythic flower. Also got an elder and 2 plants with that combo so far.

  228. Monsterfan says:

    Was absolutely surprised to get one with ice friendship and plant unity!

  229. sami says:

    I got four in a row with level 5 snowbluff and level 10 flower :)

  230. rayan1379 says:

    I got enigma 4 times when i was lvl19 but now i cant :'(

  231. Matthew says:

    If I get this monster to teen will it turn into baby or teen limited monster?

  232. Christine says:

    I just got 21 hours with Fire Unity and a friend’s Electric Friendship. I’m playing on android Samsung Galaxy S3.

  233. I got one with pollen and flitter. Was trying for another flitter for quest.

  234. 3derydr says:

    I just raised my second enigma to teen and it was holly-yay. My game seems to like the Christmas monsters (my first enigma was mythic merry), so I was wondering what else qualifies as “seasonal”. Are those the ones on the main page list with LM next to the name?

  235. Dee682 says:

    Steadfast and renewal. On I phone

  236. Helen says:

    Hi Noob,

    I wanted to let you know that I evolved my Enigma monster today. Got a Holly monster. :)

    I have an android phone running Jellybean 4.1.2 and the game said it would cost me 75 diamonds if I wanted to try to evolve the enigma into something other than Holly.

    Hope the info helps.

  237. Kickswim1 says:

    Renewal and tree

  238. Ironus says:

    Got it from social breeding. Ice Friendship + Plant Unity = 21h. I don’t see any other 21h monster, so it has to be it.

  239. Emzapo says:

    Just got my first enigma with a level 5 aquaveil and a level 10 cinder! Was trying for elder earth but what a great surprise!!

  240. romie says:

    Finally got it with mountain and tree after several tries….woot woot

  241. Allucarde says:

    I got the enigma twice (one for android and one for ios) using both voltleaf and sporespark lvl 10. I was trying for buzzy and i got this. What a pleasant surprise!!!

    Oh by the way, i also got the elder earth using same combo! Very effective!!!(well for me that is ^_^… Hope it will also be all for you!!!)

  242. Jetson26 says:

    Mountin and flower also can get legandary

  243. anya says:

    Omg yay ! I unexpectedly got enigma while trying for frozenflame, frost level 10 and flower level 10, sorry about how rude I was on my comment for air monster :)

  244. heather says:

    Tree and steadfast…first enigma!!!!

  245. georgena08 says:

    Just got 21hr breeding time with plant unity and electric friendship. I used my plant and noobs electric. It is my first enigma so I’m excited. on android.

  246. Trish says:

    Mythic level 10 Buzzy and level 5 Sun. Was trying for another Buzzy and got 21 hours. So excited, its my first!

  247. Ben flame says:

    I used tree and mountain to get it. It really surprised me with 21 hours long breeding time

  248. Rika Nonaka says:

    I got it with Mythic Tundra lv 10 and regular renewal lv 10…trying for legendary…but I guess this will do

  249. Grace (sugargerbil) says:

    Volt leaf and spores spark. This is my second

  250. nachoclaus says:

    I’m pumped! Just got one first try with mythic frozenblaze lvl8 and surge lvl5.

  251. charisse says:

    OMG!! So excited right now!!! Just got a 21 hour breed time in my Social Breeding Den! I’ve been incessantly breeding my Electric Friendship with a Plant Unity to try and get Buzzy and am gonna get my FIRST Enigma!!! Yay!! I’ve also gotten countless Elder Earths.

  252. Numfdrew says:

    Got it with mountain and flare

  253. arika(id : arikahana007) says:

    I breeding with silk 10 + sparkspore 5 on android

  254. Kelsey (id: Eirlyse) says:

    Lvl 10 boreal and lvl 10 inferno. Got a 21hr breeding time!!! Finally!! I’ve been trying for ages to get enigma!!

  255. Skyler says:

    Got it with the cinder and snow bluff

  256. David says:

    River + Mythic Renewal first time

  257. ravengirl says:

    Mountain level 10 and Steadfast level 5

  258. BunnyMonster says:

    Blossom and Magma – 21h mythic

  259. gzxwert says:

    Ice Friendship and Plant Unity combo has gotten me two Enigmas and a Mythic Elder Earth – along with random plant hybrids and several Shadows. Trying for Elder Plant. No luck with that, yet.

  260. Gail says:

    Just bred my water friendship with a plant unity and got a mythic enigma!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!

  261. lindseycorey ( says:

    I got the Enigma monster with level 5 Buzzy and level 5 Steadfast! I was trying for elder earth, though. :/ Oh & if you add me, I’ll gift daily as long as I’m gifted in return!

  262. Cole Tiny ID=Freekstr says:

    I got two in a row with bug and flare, please friend me, but I’m only level 31.

  263. Connie (id cd1524) says:

    Got it with Love + Luck both lvl 10, was trying for Steadfast. Gave up trying for Enigma weeks ago! YAY!

  264. maybee says:

    Got it with Plant Unity and Electric Friendship

  265. laocas01 says:

    Lvl 10 Mountain and lvl 10 Mythic Tree

  266. Daria says:

    Got it with Mountain and Blossom, was trying for Steadfast :)

  267. Tomas Vivas says:

    2 in a row!!!!! Never have gotten any special type monster!!!! Used silk and tundra for both!!!

  268. Megacheck (tiny ID phantome) says:

    Got it with Love L10 and Renewal L10. Was trying for Elder Plant or Steadfast. Nice surprise! Did not expect it. I’ m Level 76.

  269. Billie says:

    Hello everyone !

    I have a question about the enigma monster.

    Is it possible to get more than one enigma or after you have one that’s it?

    And if you can have more than one is there a way to breed them together or not ???

    Thank you all

  270. Roslynd says:

    I just got Enigma with Sporespark and Voltleaf…was trying for Buzzy. Nice surprise!!

  271. chester says:

    I just got a 21 hours breeding time with flashfreeze and flower.

  272. tiger1271 says:

    I got the enigma Minster today with mountain n flower I been trying forever to get a lengdary with no luck at all but atleast u got this little guy he is waiting to hatch now got like a day to go

  273. hondaluv05 says:

    after many failed attempts was trying for windstone got this instead :-)- used adult cinder (l) teen flurry (r)

  274. Airety says:

    While trying to breed something else with my boreal (level 10) and mythic flower(also level10) I was puzzled by the 21 hour breeding time. When it finally was ready I put it in the nursery and to my delight it was an enigma!! But now I have a problem. It’s ready to hatch but I don’t have enough coins.

  275. Grace (sugargerbil) says:

    Wow. I think I just got it with electric friendship and earth unity. Wow!!

  276. Pixie (tiny ID: Lyxnaria) says:

    I got Enigma with mythic Flower + Renewal.

  277. Helen says:

    I haven’t seen this one listed…

    I bred a regular (non mythic)level 5 (teen) bug and a regular (non mythic) level 5 (teen) tundra and got a enigma.

    This was completely unplanned.

    On a related note… how long can you keep an egg in the nursery before hatching it?

    Anyone have suggestions for raising half a million coins in 21 hours?

  278. calledutwo says:

    Thunder and mythic tree got enigma:-) then used sunspike and pond got 21 hours wahoo

  279. ny ando says:

    Bug lvl7 and Flower lvl10. 😀

  280. alyse says:

    Level 10 frost and level 10 flower gets it first try every time

  281. ZombieFreak911 says:

    Got my first Enigma with Water Friendship lvl 8 + Plant Unity lvl 8 and it evolved into Love Monster.

    Just got my second Enigma with Mountain lvl 10 + Mythic Tree lvl 10

  282. kendra says:

    Lvl 5 pollen and lvl 5 river gave me 21 hour summoning for enigma. I believe this is my 5th enigma. :)

  283. Andy Miguel Jochum says:

    I got one with bug + renewal :)

  284. paytonm01 says:

    Snowbluff + Boreal

  285. jig3112 says:

    I got enigma using my ice friendship and a friend’s earth unity

  286. Möbius55 says:

    After trying for a long time for this one I finally got one with luck and mountain while trying for elder earth. Question though, if you breed two teen enigmas do you get another enigma? Or should I just evolve the bugger into an adult now?

  287. Joshua says:

    Luck+flower just got it like 50 tries but I was goin for renown with it

  288. FucDup says:

    Mythic tree and mountain yayyy!!!!

  289. oooopppppsss says:

    Try bug + flower it works 100% it worked 1 time visit my island oooopppppsss

  290. Mlreilly says:

    Got one from breeding my mythic flower to my mythic bug! 21 hours:)

  291. fabian says:

    I bread a mythic cinder and regular burst and got on first try
    mythical cinder+burst

  292. Sierra says:

    I got this monster with Level 10 tree and Level 10 Magma.

  293. tiger24 (id tikidinasaur) says:

    Magma & frost 21 hours

    Yah :)

  294. aliyah says:

    Does breeding to mythic monsters produce another mythic?

  295. Tiny id: svein83 says:

    Got 21 hours with lvl 10 renewal and lvl 10 mythic flower

  296. Tara says:

    Level 10 bug and fire. Neither mythic. Was trying for second renewal monster.

  297. a1984 says:

    Just got this babe by breeding Cinder + Tundra!! Was trying for the 2nd renewal~. 2 happy :)

  298. chris says:

    Can 2 enigmas be breed together to create another one or no? Once I evolved mine to teen marine. He was still called an enigma. Was wondering if it would create another if I had a second teen.

  299. Xenoeclipse says:

    Isn’t its mythic version blue since when I visit you you have 2 enigmas 1 yellow 1 blue

  300. Mr bobo 423 says:

    Mythic flower level 5 and mythic bug level 5 first try trying for renewal
    iPod has better breeding chances

  301. Douglas Man says:

    Level 8 frozenblaze and frost baby!!

  302. cy_klonne TinyID=osmall1980 says:

    I got an enigma with level 10 Blossom and level 10 Luck. I’m on Level 71 and using an Android.

  303. Lisa says:

    Got this with level 10 frost and level 6 earthquake!! Was trying for Thunder…

  304. pthalo says:

    Just for fun, i decided to combine my level 9 flashfreeze and level 10 tundra, and woot!! Got my first enigma.

    Now i decided to mix my flashfreeze with a level 10 bug and i’ve got a 26 hour breeding time. Sheesh. Any idea what it could be? (Off to search through all the monsters …)

  305. chris says:

    What monsters can this one evolve into??

  306. Shanababe says:

    I have been repeatedly breeding Mountain and Tree for the Elder Earth monster – and have gotten FOUR Enigma monsters. I have been trying for Enigma since it came out, and NOTHING! Other than the occasional Air monster, the wait times for this combo are pretty short…

  307. lei says:

    Frost and Flower got me one.

  308. tinyID:Revenge97 says:

    Hey noob i got a mythic enigma that is same like non mythic enigma but i breed without no using mythic boost and without mythic monster is that posibble

  309. jose vargas says:


  310. Tinymonsteraddict says:

    I got it tree plus mountin I was so glad I was trying for legendary I was very surpised

  311. ZombieFreak911 says:

    Water Friendship + Plant Unity. 21 Hr Breeding time!

  312. Ravin says:

    Magma + Voltleaf, I’ve been very lucky with enigma, this is my third!

  313. Kristen says:

    I was not trying for this at all, but I got it using social breeding. I have an Electric Friendship and bred with an Earth Unity!

  314. Alfredo says:

    Just got 21hr breeding time with myth flower and bug. Was trying for legend. Got 21hrs on 3rd try. HAPPY MONDAY!!!

  315. Leilani037 says:

    I got it with lvl 10 Freeze and lvl 10 Tundra first try.

  316. Spongespider says:

    I got Enigma first try with level 10 Magma then level 10 Frost

  317. davidboen says:

    Got Enigma with lvl 10 Bug + lvl 10 Flower. Was trying to get renewal but I won’t complain.

    • DanielleH says:

      Same here. Bred bug and flower for renewal, but got 21 hrs = enigma!! Now I’ve got to level up so I can buy a special habitat. :))

  318. not-so-lucky says:

    I don’t mean to sound like an idiot but noob are you a boy or a girl… I’ve ALWAYS wondered that…..I might not respond back

    • noobbgodlike says:

      why does important :D? I am a boy.

      • not-so-lucky says:

        I thought so but I want sure… Oh and is it a bug or is it true that you can put certain limited monsters on special/ legacy habitats??I have like 5 friends that can put like hallow and gift yeti and this like shadow electric monster I think who’s name is grimbolt or somethin like that…. would you know
        sorry for the amount of words

        • noobbgodlike says:

          If you get it from enigma monsters then yes, but if you have moved it out from special habitat you can’t move it back.

        • not-so-lucky says:

          Oh ok well that make some sense but even after the enigma evolves it can STILL be in a special habitat? Oh wait duh, I didn’t read this page correctly because it says you CAN move him but you can’t move it back. ok now I understand. Again another question, so ONLY limited monsters??
          that rocks!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          yeah, because enigma can only become limited monsters.

        • not-so-lucky says:

          sweet thanks for the info :)

  319. Cassie bull says:

    Got it w wild freeze and flower both level ten on first try

  320. Sandra says:

    This is my second enigma and it wants to evolve into a luck again
    The first one evolved into luck but I never got the quest complete for it and its going to cost 375 diamonds to try something new so my enigma is in sleeping and that’s were it will stay for a very very long time until I can get enough diamonds up :(

  321. Rach says:

    I got one with water friendship and earth unity :) that was a nice surprise.

    • Origami Orchid says:

      I got the same surprise with my water friendship and a plant unity! I was very surprised to get an Enigma egg! Btw – I’m on Android.

      • Rach says:

        Me too! I just got another. Renewal x mythic tree got me enigma 😀 very happy with this combo.

        Once you get renewal, breed it with a tree. I got legendary, bug, enigma.

  322. Kat says:

    Mythic Magma + flower (both level 10)

    iPhone 5 with newest update.

  323. Traci says:

    Who hoo. I got 2 enigmas using the blossom and elephant monster…. just like with the legendary monsters if you get 2 can can continually breed rhem for more legendary. Can you do the same with the enigma?

  324. Ali says:

    I got a mythic enigma with tree and tundra :0)

  325. Suzanneq21 says:

    Got Enigma with frost and earthquake, I was trying to get Light

  326. anamonster says:

    Voltleaf and River, first try.

  327. miladnasimi says:

    ice flare and flower

  328. Lisa says:

    Can the Enigma live in a Legacy habit? The habitat has the same symbol so I am thinking it might but wanted to know if you might know. Thanks

  329. Komranx says:

    My enigma evolved into a firework monster!

  330. Lupe says:

    Afterimage trying many combos suggested above I finely got it with Holly and Love.

  331. Andrew says:

    Bug and flower

  332. Dmmsrm says:

    Got this egg breeding right now using mythic magma and regular cinder. Was trying for elder!

  333. Hmq30 says:

    Boreal + Frostember. Was going for Elder.

  334. supbra says:

    Ice and cinder made normal enigma

  335. roxas says:

    Flower+cinder got normal enigma

  336. BunnyMonster says:

    Blossom+Soar=Mythic Enigma

  337. lil monsters says:

    My enigma egg spree form is a blue joy egg. When I level it up to an adult will it stay a blue joy or could it turn into one of the normal adult spree forms of the joy egg, either glee or jubilee? Just curious :)

  338. Steve says:

    Does anyone know if once you get it with a certain combo if you can get it again using the same one because I used bug+flower and got air then enigma and I’ve been using it since hoping for another enigma or air because mythic air is the only base element I still haven’t got one of but that combo hasn’t worked in a lot of tries I was just wondering if I had to switch and by the way I’ve got an Android which seems to make everything impossible.

  339. Tiny Love says:

    On level 46, just got 1st Enigma using Mountain and Blossom. Still wishing for a Legendary.

  340. alrightythen says:

    I got enigma off sonar and lightwell…. Was trying for soar lol… Got mythic lighthorn and then to reg lighthorn then ledgendary and enigma… Sweet. :-)

  341. desi says:

    I got enigma with flower and flare, was trying for firework but this still works!

  342. lil monsters says:

    I obtained 2 enigma eggs in a row after breeding lvl 10 earthquake and lvl 10 frost on the 4th try. This also gave me legendary on 3rd try. Was trying for light but these will definitely work :)

  343. TM says:

    I didn’t realize we could still breed enigma but trying for Elder, got Enigma with mythic cinder and normal cinder. I’ll take it!

  344. @n127 says:

    Trying for Snowbluff, but got Enigma with Cinder lvl 5 + Frostember lvl 5

  345. Minnalove says:

    Flashfreeze 10 and Merry 10. So I’ve started building a habitat for it. Didn’t expect to get this one but am pleasantly surprised. It noted that it’s mythic, but I noticed they are the same color. When it has hibernated into another form will it be obvious that it’s mythic somehow?

  346. Pixie (tiny ID: Lyxnaria) says:

    Xp: 2400

  347. SharlyC says:

    Why is it that my enigma monster that is in a special habitat can’t be changed to another special habitat? I evolved it and is now a blush bug but in a special habitat. If I change habitats it can only go into a plant habitat. I left it in the special in fear it will no longer be considered an enigma.

  348. Robynn says:

    Lvl 10 Grimbolt and Gratitude also lvl 10
    First try :)

  349. buckwheat says:

    Bug and flower

  350. Tommyboy1321 says:

    Frostember and boreal 3 in a row

  351. adaMJk27 says:

    Flare and Snowbluff-1st try

    • Cynthia says:

      Snowbluff and flare 1st try, tried two more times and got different results. So I plan a new combo next-attempt. Was appy to get y first one.

  352. Gma Of 10 says:

    Burst and Independence.

  353. Michael says:

    Cinder+Magma 1st try

  354. Game master says:

    Well I was trying for a Elder,with Cinder + Magma,…
    1) Magma
    2) Light
    3) shadow
    Usually after shadow I get air,so I mixed them up again.
    Did Magma + Cinder = 20hours59minutes59seconds= Enigma Yessssss
    Good luck,oh ,I am on the iPad

  355. Ung says:

    Can I please have one for iPad

  356. Hougie says:

    I got an enigma by using an electric friendship and a fire unity! First try, wasn’t really trying for anything specific.

  357. Zephyr says:

    I got enigma with mountain and frost…. Was going for legendary I’m on iPod touch

  358. Cynthia says:

    Was trying for a legendary, breed a Snowbluff and Mythic Flare. Surprise got a 21 hour breeding time so finally got the Enigma!

  359. beautiful.cha0s says:

    I bought my first enigma egg, it hatched into a teen grimbolt. Can I breed it with another monster to get a regular grimbolt? Thank you!

  360. Bill says:

    Teen Boreal and teen Frostember on Android

  361. Looray says:

    Plant Unity and Electric Friendship just got me a Mythic Enigma – now that was a good surprise :)

  362. Ashley says:

    Every time I get enigma it transforms into what I already have, usually luck, blossom, independance. So sad… I just got one that made me happy though, it gave me a HALLOW MONSTER! I have been using inferno and flamegust for enigma, have gotten 6 so far!! They have been spread out though, I mean I didn’t get 6 in a row! Lol, you would be really lucky to do that!

  363. Steve says:

    Does anyone have any good formula for an Android I’ve had no luck and I’ve tried everything. Thanks for any advice.

    • Ryan says:

      Bug + Flower

    • ReaRea says:

      Ditto. Have tried every combo mentioned on this site and others with no luck.

    • Looray says:

      Got one last weekend on Android with mythic flower and memorial. I just bred it continually and got it on 4th try -that was lucky though. It took me 2-3 days of mythic flower and mythic gratitude on my iOS game to get one that was 10/11th try.
      Got one on Android last month with Luster and Lightswell – both mythic, first try. But believe me that was a fluke. I have all but one monster on both my games (except social ones) so spend practically all time trying for Enigmas to get my missing Buzzy and my missing Grimbolt.

    • crazibreeder says:

      Snowbluff and bug gave me two..everything b4 that was less than 7 hours unless you get air /shadow

  364. Scott says:

    I love how Tiny Monsters acts like they’re doing me a favor allowing me to buy the Enigma monster. Too bad it would cost me TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS in crystals. $200 for one monster!?!

    I’m good thanks

    • Scott says:

      2600+ crystals

      • Stace says:

        Totally agree Scott. I spend a lot of real money on this game for fake diamonds and food for virtual monsters. Ironically if the cost to “buy/get” was significantly lower I probably would continue spending. Thanks TinyCo.

        • Lol says:

          They call it ADDICTION ! People continues to spend money for this game and getting sometime a monster. Pathetic !

        • Stace says:

          Enigma from embershade and zephyr. It’s not pathectic if you can afford it. I spend my money the way I choose. No complaints just an observation and reply to Scott. Gong enigma number two now with a little Love and Luck.

        • Scott says:

          Hell yea Stace! Good job. I just got one with Holly 10/Blossom 10.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Then don’t need to buy it. You can breed it anyway.

  365. Yorky says:

    Zephyr and flower first try.

  366. HELP MEEEEE says:

    Noob you can buy the Engima monster for 2,649.

  367. troop says:

    Frostember and spitfire.

  368. Ssandra says:

    my first enigma with bug lv10 and lightwing lv8
    and my second bug and mountain both lv10

  369. miladnasimi says:

    adult flower + teen bug give me enigma

  370. Helcatt says:

    Was working my way through your formula’s, trying to get boreal abs have a 21 hour breeding time

    Was snowbluff and mythic bug


  371. Ames says:

    Got a mythic with Mountain lvl 10 + flower lvl 10. Was trying for legendary

  372. Alchimista Cremisi says:

    Is it possible find into a enigma monster, an Elder monster, or into it there are only special monsters?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t understand what are you trying to say???

      • yellown says:

        I think he/she asks whether an enigma can turn out to be an elder monster. But I think it can only change into limited monsters, and the elder is not limited, so the answer is no, right?

      • Alchimista Cremisi says:

        When the enigma monster opened, I can found only the limited monsters, or there is the possibility to found also Elder monster ( that is a rare monster, but not limited )?

      • Kys (ID : TinyKys) says:

        He want know if Enigma can evolved in Elder Monster or just in Special event Monsters. I understand that.

        Get mine today, Love and Luck, both basic lvl 10. I hope to the fire Monkey 😛

  373. Johnny (TinyID: arkangel21) says:

    The 2nd one using Flamegust+Inferno, Independence won’t come but it’s something

  374. MimiMonster says:

    I’ve tried all combos with no luck. I got an enigma once when it first came out. I have focused on using my limited monsters now with still no luck. I can’t believe how many times I’ve tried love and luck, and mine are both mythic! Dimspike, elder and enigma are the 3 monsters that elude me.

  375. Pelevida says:

    Flower + Taliwind :-) Was trying to get Flitter

  376. Mydnyght says:

    Frozenblaze + Boreal

  377. MattJ says:

    I wasn’t trying to get it but somehow managed it with Iceflow and Flare

  378. Francesco says:

    Can i breed enigma?

  379. mz.lcp says:

    I got two Enigma monsters using mythic Sonar lvl 5 + mythic Strike lvl 5.

  380. barny says:

    I used bug and flower

  381. Johnny says:

    Flamegust + Inferno both normal and level 10; trying for Independence

  382. Kostja says:

    Is it possible to get the Joy Monster with enigma? Tried multiple times but got everything except Joy.

  383. edwierdo says:

    Flash + Sleet
    21 hr breed time!

  384. marc says:

    Flower+mountain was trying for legendary

  385. David Peters says:

    Just got 21 hrs with Marine and Burst

  386. Ash says:

    Boreal & Frostember got me 21 hours.

  387. mcgee says:

    Teen snowbluff and teen aurora got me an enigma! Wasn’t really trying for anything.

  388. C8lin says:

    I got an enigma monster with a mythic strike monster and a cinder monster.

  389. tamara says:

    I breed magma (10) tundra (10) and got 21 hours 1st try, so i assume i got it.

  390. yellown says:

    I got enigma with L10 inferno and L10 mythic flower, trying for independence!

  391. unique says:

    Level 8 frost and level 8 flower =enigma add me too @N33kz

  392. Deminio says:

    I got it by luck , trying to breed independence , with inferno and flower.

  393. Bethany says:

    Inferno and Flurry both level 10

  394. edahss says:

    Frostember and spitfire 1st try

  395. mony68 says:

    Mythic Sporespark lv 8 and mythic frozenblast lv 8 = enigma

  396. pixie says:

    sun and dimspike. seeing as Enigma is the only 21hour monster on the list, im assuming that’s what i have.

  397. nitroryan77 says:

    I just put a Magma(lv5)+Tundra(lv5) in Breeding Cave and a 21 hour breed time popped up. Enigma is the only 21 hour breed time. So new formula, Magma+Tundra.

    • shawnsgyrl84 says:

      I just bred seacliff and strike and got a 21 hour wait time i checked for other combos with the same time but didnt find any……..can’t wait to see if its enigma

  398. 3gxs says:

    Tree and frostember
    21 hours!!

  399. Jessy says:

    Air and Brimstone

  400. draconimicon says:

    10 frozenblaze and 10 puff

  401. Ashley says:

    Flamegust, inferno!

  402. Ben says:


  403. Alexa says:

    Level 8 froenblaze and level 5 frostember .. 2nd try (:

  404. scififan says:

    Just got a mythic Enigma with teen solarflare and teen sun! I honestly was trying for the summer solstice but either way I’m excited!

  405. Goku says:

    Got it on first try with level 10 flare + level 5 aquaray

  406. featherhay says:

    I got it trying to get the light monster I used bug and flower

  407. TinyAJ93 says:

    Finally just got my first enigma (21 hour breeding time)

    Used lvl 10 Earthquake and lvl 10 Frost.

    Was trying to get mythic light but definitely not complaining!

  408. Fentom79 says:

    Iceflare +Inferno both lv 10 and regular=Enigma first try. But second time I got something of 18 hours breeding.

  409. jokemon says:

    Woo I was quite confused for a little with an odd time and totally forgot about Enigma!

    I got it using Darkbolt + Sunstone

  410. wellwishes says:

    I just got my second one yesterday using

    mythic sun 10 + mythic teen embershade 5 – same order

    lovin the solstice festival xD

  411. Kathl33n says:

    Icefloe and freeze.1st try both times on Android.Enigma both times.

  412. Alexis says:

    I did get it three times but I never even trked to get it I didnt
    even those formulas omg!

  413. Ashley7 says:

    Goldstone & Luster :) so happy..this egg was a pain to get!!

  414. Mavuriku says:

    Got it! Level 10 Marine monster with a level 10 Eureka monster. First try!

  415. rotten76 says:

    Finally, a mythic enigma.
    Memorial and Marine, both lvl 10 and mythic
    Now I only need mythic versions of Independence,
    Buzzy and Grimbolt to complete my mythic monsterpedia.

  416. anderz says:

    Trying for Solstice with Solarflare and Sun,but got Enigma. Happy as haven’t had this yet, but will keep trying for Solstice.

    • Sandy says:

      I used fire and bellow and got solstice on third try, good thing is the other two were fire which only takes like 5 seconds

  417. wellwishes says:

    Best day eva! No Solstice monster yet but got…

    ENIGMA: mythic Sun 10 + mythic Bug lvl 10

    before that i got..

    LEGENDARY: mythic Sun 10 + mythic Flower 10

    of course i had to use up diamonds to speed breeding cause i soooo love that Soltice! Sooo happy tho! xD Kindle fire on fire! lol

  418. Shelly says:

    Memorial & marine- 1st try :)

  419. jpater says:

    Just got a 20hr breeding time with Earthquake (Lvl 10) + Frost (Lvl 10) — was aiming for Light…

  420. Lisa Birmingham says:

    I got Enigma when trying for Puff using teen mythic Inferno & level 8 Freeze on I-phone.

  421. hayley says:

    Got it by breeding the bug and frost was trying for blossom

  422. crystal says:

    Was trying for the marine and changed a formula around and got it with iceflow and freeze both lvl10

  423. LadyMalice says:

    I got it by breeding Mountain and Snowbluff, first try.

  424. Kendra says:

    Magma and eriewood just got me my third enigma! Yay for enigma but I can’t get this damn blossom mister for anything!

  425. Staceys1990 says:

    I’ve got 2 enigma monsters from mythic bug(lvl10) and snowbluff(lvl10)

  426. Ashley says:

    Can u get buzzy when evolving an enigma because if so I’m thinking of pay diamonds to change the evolution of my egg, I got a hallow monster nd he’s kinda ugly!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yeah, you can, but the chance is very low TAT (there are more than 10 limited monsters, so the chance is lower than 10%).

      • Ashley says:

        Oh ok thanks Noob! I just got a hallow monster and I would really just like a monster I dont have! So I think I’ll switch the outcome anyways! Maybe ill get lucky lol

  427. Laura says:

    Marine and Memorial on iOS and finally – after months of waiting – my first on Android with Luster and Lightswell. :)

  428. Aaron says:

    Freeze and mythic iceflow

  429. LadyMalice says:

    I got this one with Mountain and Tree, I was trying for Blossom.

  430. V says:

    By the way Noob you are tiny GOD!!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!

  431. V says:

    Just got 21 hour breeding time!!!! Yay!!! Must be Enigma!!!! But, wait for it, also said Mythic!!! Is this possible??? I used level 10 Frost (Ice) and level 10 Magma (Earth)

  432. kassi says:

    I got an enigma with mythic thunder and freeze

  433. YoAlexjo says:

    I have in the cave to an egg that lasts 21 hours, the only one that is 21 hours is this =), With Bug + silk From level 10 the two.

  434. misty says:

    just got 2 enigmas in a row with teen frostbeam and teen embershade!

  435. courtney says:

    I am pretty sure I just got the Enigma since it is the only one with 21 hour breeding time. I was trying for Blossom. I used mythic flower on the left and magma ( regular)on the right.

  436. Staceys1990 says:

    I got this monster by breeding bug(lvl10) and tree(lvl10), I was trying for the legendary monster.

  437. ice723 says:

    Level 5 flurry on left and level 8 surge on right 2 minutes ago on android

  438. Wishing for a bunyip says:

    Finally got an Enigma! You little ripper! Memorial and Luck did it for me… Good luck all

  439. Mike d says:

    I have been using sun and embershade for a month now. I got 2 enigmas from them in the past like. 2 months ago. Does anyone have a more successful e combination that I can start using. I have all monsters except limited monsters I need like 10
    More so pleas post whatever combo got you the most enigmas thanks;)

    • Tiny1214 says:

      Try the ice floe x freeze. I was using your combo for elder but u went back to this one since it seems to be the crowd favorite. Just got my second one with this same combo. Goid luck dude

  440. Barb says:

    Was trying for Puff and got Enigma: Mythic Frost+ Mythic Tree
    (Can’t remember which order)

  441. jose says:

    Trying for enigma egg and no luck. Any good combinations someone,playing on android!?

  442. Rebecca mallyon says:

    Have tried all the combinations that were shown and what people have said they got it pneumonia but i have had no luck in getting the enigma

  443. Kris says:

    Windstone + mythic pollen

  444. ross says:

    I got mine from a lvl 10 magma and a lvl10 frost

  445. Danielle says:

    Got one just now from a regular Snowbluff + a regular Mountain

  446. Laura says:

    Second Enigma in less than a week. This time it’s a mythic! Mythic Flitter and Bayou :) (iOS) (Still not appeared anywhere on my Android game)

  447. gigifst says:

    Iv a problem e got enigma then turned it into another love monster:-(. But the problem is that the quest is not clear…how can this be? Can someone help me please?

  448. Ehlana says:

    Mythic Marine + icefloe – trying for normal marine and finally got my first enigma on my iPhone! Still need marines and mythic enigmas – these two are more difficult than any other ones to date for me!! I think I’m getting grey hairs from trying Q_Q 😉

  449. not-so-lucky says:

    hey noob, what level do you have to be until you can get the enigma egg because I’ve been trying for like 4 months and never got anywhere close… I’ve tried Everything but nothing works….. what do you think I should use ( what combo )

    • noobbgodlike says:

      enigma is rare, there is no level requirement. Just breed other monsters and maybe you’ll get one accidentally.

      • not-so-lucky says:

        thanks noob…… I’ll keep trying :)

      • Pulmo says:

        When Will the elder habitat i have it already 4 weeks with adults become active to generate diamonds. Same question for the tiny social. I beginning to get impatient. Thans for the answer !

  450. Laura says:

    I did a doubletake when I saw 21 hours Breed time. 6th try Mythic flower and mythic mountain on iOS. Now I just need to get one on my android game to complete my monsterpedia! :)

  451. Ashley says:

    Whelp I was also trying for Memorial and ended up getting Enigma with level 10 Magma and level 5 Boreal! Now I am a but confused on what I need to do, I can not have anymore habitats ona my mountains and do no own the special habitat so what can I do? Please help if anyone has an idea on what I need to do!

    • Shelly says:

      Either save the money to buy habitat.. N save egg until then. I Lucked up n got it n let my egg sit until I had the $ to get the habitat. U will level up n get more room/mountains :)

      • daniel says:

        Thats what I did wene I got a legendery.

        • Laura says:

          It goes in the Legendary habitat. You could always put your legendary in the Hall of champions until you have evolved your enigma monster. :)

  452. 69bounty says:

    I was trying for Marine and got Enigma….Icefloe level 10 & Freeze level 10 mythic. I am at level 59 now…long wait for this one!

  453. Tiny1214 says:

    Happy Memorial Day!!! Sea cliff x river both adults = 21 hours!!!! Going for marine monster. Ill take it

  454. pilar says:

    It’d be nice to get info on the possible evolutionary forms. So far I’ve got a blushbug, an independence and a merry one.

  455. Kendra says:

    Level 10 Frost and level 10 Tundra = enigma for me! Was trying for the memorial though. This is my second enigma. I think from this same combination

  456. Ashley says:

    Hey I was wondering if you have to be at a high level to obtain elders, legend arise, and the enigma. I’m only on level 34 so do I need to just stop trying, I do not even have enough habitats for my normal animals so should I not waist my time and money on the special habitats right now or do I buy a special habitat to increase my chances of the enigma egg? If anyone can help I’d really appreciate it!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      no, level doesn’t matter :D. But I suggest you to breed other monster first 😀 legendary can be obtained by breed any 2 hybrids, so you may get one on the process.

  457. iAnnihi says:

    Snowbluff + Frost , Twice got Enigma one.

  458. derelictmonster says:

    lol. I don’t even want this one. I am going to pretend it doesn’t exist. an egg? really? no thanks!

  459. Staci says:

    Earthquake level 10 on left, Mountain level 10 on right…trying for blossom, but got ENIGMA!!! I’ll happily take that!

  460. nerknerk says:

    I have gotten 2 of Them with Earthquake LV 10 on the left and Frost LV 10 On the right I trying to get my first legendary.

    • Trina says:

      Not lucky enough for me. I got 10 hours with this combo. Maybe ill try it again to see how I go.

  461. Vera says:

    Embershade and aquaveil trying for spitfire

  462. pilar says:

    I’ve just got 21 hours waiting time.
    Aurora + Blackice, both teen.

  463. David Peters says:

    I just got a 21 hr breed time with Earthquake and Mountain! Hooray, my first Enigma and I wasn’t even trying!!

  464. tomyo7 says:

    Mountain L) + mythic tree R)

  465. DivA-AnnA says:

    This was a surprise. I got it using Embershade and Aquaveil both on level 8. Hopefully I will get something good out of this since I was trying for Shadefin.

    • Laura says:

      I’m gonna have to try one of these fishy combinations – they’re about the only combos I’ve avoided doing due to the wait factor.

  466. Laura says:

    Feeling utterly deranged trying for this. It’s the only unlimited monster I need on both my Android and iOS. Has been for a while, I think I’m hexed. Or Glitched. :(

    • noobbgodlike says:

      enigma is rare… so I believe it’s not glitch or anything.

      • Laura says:

        Yup. Going mad with it – I don’t need any other monsters (except Buzzy) I’ve got nearly all mythics for everything including Legacies, so I reckon the random combinations I’m trying are see-through and the Enigma continues to elude me.

        • packetnews says:

          How did you get nearly all mysthic monsters? Is thre a trick to it?

        • Laura says:

          2 of the same monster together with a full orb. Managed it with adult and teens, but the higher the level the more likely I was to get a mythic.
          That and I’m a geek who plays every free second I get :)

        • packetnews says:

          Laura, did you actually wait for the egg to hatch or use diamond to speed thing up?

      • Pulmo says:

        Bug and blossom worked for me after 3 times

      • Pulmo says:

        When Will the elder habitat starts to give diamonds, already two weeks with elder adults. When Will the social feature be activeren on iOs ?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          elder habitat is buggy right now, yo ucan only wait for update from tiny monsters. I don’t know when the new update will available for IOS version, maybe next week?

    • Annette says:

      Goldenhorn (Level 8) and Mythic Sun (Level 5). IOS.
      I was trying to get my second legendary.

  467. cheez says:

    My 2nd enigma with bug vs blossom. Trying for elder n got tjhis one hehe hope it evolve in to blushbug

  468. shaneadair says:

    Trying for the danged aquaray with aquaveil and lightswell got me a mythic enigma which evolved into Memorial. . . So no complaints here! (Back to try for the annoyingly elusive Aquaray. . .)

  469. Ankhsss says:

    Tundra lvl 10 + Magma lvl10

  470. Vera says:

    Bug and luck
    Im so happy! Finally i got that one

  471. deltabra says:

    Does anybody know if it is possible to breed enigma if you already have one in your special habitat? I bred one immediately after they came out. Left him in the special habitat hoping to breed 2 together. Have tried for another many times but not happening

  472. Alisha says:

    Im a little confused, is the Enigma monster considered a legendary then?

  473. Blair says:

    Just got 21 hr breeding time with lvl 10 Frostember (L) and level 10 Boreal (R). I was hoping to get mythic of one of those or maybe legendary… but this made me.happy too! 😀

  474. Cardio says:

    How can you get to level 200. By magic ?

  475. jonaxyn says:

    i just got 21 hours breeding time with tree (level 10) + flashfreeze (level 7)

  476. Pulmo says:

    New mountain at level 94 for 1 diamond

  477. Candi Mandi says:

    C’mon tiny co give me an enigma!

  478. LCBJennifer says:

    Noob curious.. Can I obtain an Engima via different color Joys?

  479. packetnews says:

    Blackice (in ice habitat) + sun (in light habitat).

  480. Cerumen says:

    Mythic with bug and luck…not the first time I tried this combo.

  481. Ehlana says:

    Mythic gratitude + mythic bug = normal enigma

    Finally, my first one!!!!!

  482. Arguenot says:

    Level 10 blackice on left level 10 frozenglame on right on Android…going for Dimspike..but hoo rah! :)

  483. Bbaldwin says:

    Just used bug and silk monsters both level 10 and got a 5 hour breed time what monster is that

  484. Heather says:

    Just got it with Merry on left and Mythic Luck on right…was going for elder :)

  485. DOT says:

    Magma-Frost iPad

  486. Candi Mandi says:

    Still haven’t gotten an enigma….. Any tips wld b appreciated

    • ali says:

      Same here. The combos aren’t working for me…just keep trying…..

    • Tiny1214 says:

      Hey candi , I’m thinking maybe you and I have to start random breeding. I cannot clear my portal stones without mountain

      • Candi Mandi says:

        Oh I’ve been random breeding! This has to be one of the dumbest monsters yet. I just wanna clear the quest. I like when it’s empty

        • Tiny1214 says:

          Well ill be waiting for your results. I have 21 gems. I know :(. Maybe you’ll hatch a victory for both our monsters:) good luck girl!!! I’m rooting for you for sure. I have the elder habitat but does me crap til I can get 275 diamond to cut down that tree! Ugh

    • Pulmo says:

      Got it with darkscale and grimfreez

    • Pulmo says:

      Just keep trying candi Mandi drinking a lot of brandy

    • Kathl33n says:

      Just got one with adult frost/adult hurricane

  487. Jason says:

    Just got one with Cinder(lv10) + Bolt(lv10)

  488. Tiny says:

    I wonder if we can still breed enigma monsters since it’s already not available in the market

  489. Lilly says:

    I did magma and frost

  490. andy li says:

    got it first try with bug and tundra

  491. Ivory Moon says:

    Got an enigma monster while breeding a mythic earthquake adult and mythic frost adult together.

  492. Pixie says:

    Interesting, I just got Enigma with teen Pollen and adult Luck.

  493. snapdragon says:

    Got it with Blackice and Freeze

  494. patchy says:

    Grew mine to adult and it became a blushbug. Grr i had one.

  495. Mellissa says:

    Finally got it with blossom lv 10 left and luck lv 5 right…. Woohoo!

  496. Julie C says:

    I’m so happy. I was trying for legendary and got 21 hours instead! I used an adult bug and on the right a teen frostember. I’m using an android. I hope this helps another android user. Good luck.

  497. Julia says:

    I got it by getting Lv.10 Flower and Lv.10 Montain

  498. Phong says:

    I am very lucky today. I got normal Enigma this morning and Mythic Elder tonight by Flower lv10 Left and Bug lv10 Right. Of course I do put coins more than half Mythic Orb. I believe it is in the 5th and 6th try. You should put this combo on the suggested page, since I have tried nonstop any 2 Adult Hybrids since Enigma monster is released, but did not get it.. However, I got a lot of Elders LOL

  499. Susan says:

    Bug + Freeze = a 21 hr monster. Hmm

    • Susan says:

      I just got fed up with trying Bug + Luck and I was choosing my breeding pair again. I thought “To heck with it” and picked Freeze on a whim. There isn’t another 21 hr monster is there?

  500. danica says:

    I used flower and mountain. Both level 10

  501. Sim says:

    Enigma first go with Blossom and Love :-)

  502. Pulmo says:

    Fourth enigma with bug and holly

  503. Pulmo says:

    Third enigma with grimfreeze and plant

  504. Pulmo says:

    Got it with ice and bug

  505. tuc says:

    Mythic flower and mythic flare, I was trying for strike and got 21hr.

  506. magnum says:

    Luck and mythic mountain got enigma was trying for elder

  507. Mitch says:

    Mountain lv 10 on left and Tree lv 8 on right got mythic enigma!!!!!!

  508. Amanda says:

    Bug and flower I was trying for joy egg and got this yay! I didn’t have this one yet. I play on iPhone.

  509. austinmonster says:

    will this egg/monster be for all the time or will be taken away with the joy monsters?

  510. Arguenot says:

    Embershade on left level 5 and sun on right level 5…21 hours!!!
    Totally surprised….woot woot

  511. bonito says:

    Just got 2 now using Bug + Luck. I think you should add that in the list, that has been the most used combo in TM’s Facebook page, also got an Elder using this same combo.

    Thanks for this amazing site Noob =)

  512. Silvia says:

    I got an enigma monster which turned into a Luck monster at level 5. I grew it to adult form but I did not get the reward from Becky’s contest for growing Enigma monter to adult level. I am keeping it in the special habitat. What else I have to do to complete the contest?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm, I think you need to hatch a baby to complete the quest (you get teen form immediately from the enigma right ?), Try to move it to plant habitat.

    • Lisa says:

      Mine did the same thing, turned into a luck. I never received the quest either, I moved it to plant, still nothing happened. Trying to breed another to see what happens

  513. Brenda says:

    Trying for windstone with cinder and mythic flurry but got enigma oh well maybe this enigma will evlove into something I don’t have unlike the last two

  514. Maite says:

    Frostbeam + Aurora on 1st try!!! 😀

  515. avik says:

    Flower and mountain tried to get legend wolf 170 try

  516. Silvia says:

    Luck and mountain, both level 5

  517. Marcy says:

    Just got it with mythic silk 10 and ember shade 5

  518. Kristen says:

    21 Hours with Silk and Holly!!! This is my first enigma WooHoo! Was trying to come up with a formula that didnt have earth element as I keep getting Lucks and Blossoms and I dont want any more of them. Keeping plant element for that slight chance of mythic purple egg.

  519. Edward says:

    Bred Bug and Earthquake to get this monster

  520. eeee says:

    Flower and Frost. Breeding time 21h. And there is only one monster
    with 21h 😀 was trying to get cinder. Happy surprise :)

  521. phong says:

    Noob, you should create a vote poll for this monster. I have been keep trying any 2 adults since Enigma’s release, not a single 1 enigma. Please do, so I know which combo is the best. Thanks :)

  522. Ali says:

    Do all the blue eggs turn into just jubilee and the other one I can’t remember it’s name as its not worth me trying to involve them as I have both now but if there are more chances of different ones I will :0/

  523. Nikki says:

    What are the elements?

  524. Lisa says:

    I just got mythic enigma with mountain and tree when I was trying for blossom :-)

  525. Chantel says:

    Mythic mountain level 10 and mythic love level 10

  526. jeff says:

    Bug and mountain both lvl10

    • Verna says:

      Me too bug/mountain 30000 in mythic cave got me mythic enigma= mythic hallow. Would be interesting to know what all combos evolve into; as, they seem similar to origional combos for these ltd. Monsters ..i believe bug/ mountain was a combo for hallow origionally? Oh ya : (hallow became graveleaf.) …lol

  527. Wyatt sopher says:

    I’ve got a few questions about this monster because the page doesn’t give much information so ok. #1 what element is this monster? And #2 so this monster can turn into any of the limited monsters that ever existed so it could be an independence monster or a buzzy right?

  528. Wyatt sopher says:

    I got this one with luck+tree surprisingly I was trying to get a blossom monster but I got this one happy I got this one instead though :-)

  529. dekkon says:

    Just got the enigma monster from the mountain and the tree monsters.

  530. Valerie says:

    Hecate83, what did your Enigma evolve into? My first option was Grimbolt, which I already had, so I had to spend diamonds for a different monster and settled for Hallow. Wanted Independence, but since I didn’t have Hallow, it was a good second choice.

    • Hecate83 says:

      Hey Valerie! He (or she) is in the dreamroom now. Planting season at work so I was too busy to play for a day or so. Ouch…did you have to spend alot if diamonds to change him? I barely have any diamonds left, so I’m afraid of getting a double of one I already have;) Glad u eventually got something you wanted! Have fun with your Hallow! Will post what my little guy turned into…

  531. Valerie says:

    OMG! I don’t believe it! After many, many tries – FINALLY! Thank you, Hecate83!! Merry + Silk! I couldn’t believe it when I saw 21! I thought, no way! Used my diamonds and there it was, a dark yellow egg! Now what do I do?! Right now I’m making space in my special habitat while it’s incubating. But, really. I’m so nervous – I don’t want to accidentally mess it up. What do I do next, lol?!

  532. Scott says:

    It will say “Enigma” at the breeding den right?? Or does it say “Joy”, and then once you hatch it it tells you whether its an enigma or not?? Because I’ve bred a couple yellow Joys recently and the eggs look darker. But it always says “Joy” so I just sell it and try again.

  533. Hecate83 says:

    FINALLY! God…spent weeks trying to breed this little bugger! Tried every combo here plus some made-up ones. (Bred alot of frustration tho;) So here is my winning combo: Merry (level 10) + Silk (level 10) = 21hr. Breeding Time! Drumroll please…..Enigma! Here’s to hoping that it won’t evolve into Merry,Holly or Indepence-cause I have those. Please, please become a Buzzy, or ANY Halloween one!
    Good Luck Everyone, this one was really hard to breed. Just keep trying.

  534. Mike d says:

    Ok so questions about enigma. Definitely here to stay right ? I got 3 I. A week with embershade and sun. Are there any really higher chances monsters that anyone has had luck with getting several? Or did I just get very luck? Btw. I got grabeleaf hallow and the other Halloween cat limited thing. I want independence;( any advice? Thanks;)

    Ps those air quest are a huge waste. I wouldn’t bother unless ur extremely bored and don’t have monsters to breed. Like me I have all the monsters besides 13. 10 limited and 3 more legacy ;). Still gonna take forever to get what I need;( still love the game!

  535. Cami23 says:

    Just got Enigma monster by breeding Frozenblaze and mythic Froztember

    • Jennifer says:

      I’d love to try that combo, but for the second time, my Frozenflame monster vanished.