Posted on Feb 15, 2013

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide How to Get Valentine Love Monster

Limited Valentine Monsters: 13 February 2015 – ??

Normal Version (Thanks to Melissa for these pictures)

Love Monsters Egg Tiny Monster

Tiny Monsters Love Growth Normal

Mythic Version (Thanks to Jonathan for these pictures)

Tiny monsters Mythic Love egg

Tiny Monsters Love Growth Mythic

Love Monsters Status













Earn Rate (Min)

3 7 9 11 12 13 14 16 17 22/23

Food (x4)

40 85 125 165 205 245 285 325 365 MAX

Total Food needed

0 160 500 1000 1660 2480 3460 4600 5900 7360

EXP: 3220

Sell Price: 900 Coins

Habitat: Plant and Earth

How to obtain: Buy for 438/2190 diamonds

Breeding/Hatching Time: 9 hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4):  5 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 20 hours

Breeding formula:
[0] Mountain + Tree/Blushbug
[0] Mountain + Plant
[0] Blushbug + Earth
[0] Earth + Gratitude/Sunspike
[0] Blushbug + snowbluff
[0] Earth + Plant
[0] Earth + Holly
[0] Plant + Cinder
[0] Blushbug + Gratitude
[0] Sunstone + Holly
[0] Earthquake + Plant/silk
[0] Sunstone + Holly
[0] Snowbluff + Flower
[0] Leave comment if you know other formula

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464 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide How to Get Valentine Love Monster”

  1. PXDnurface says:

    I got love with adult bug and teen frostember 1st try

  2. Irina says:

    I got Love Monster With Love + Luck combo. Really surprised to get it, I thought it was limited.

  3. megan13273 says:

    Teen cinder + teen flower got love the first and second time

  4. MRB says:

    Teen cinder + adult flower got love on the first try

  5. Lyn says:

    I just got love with pollen and earth. What is going on?? It’s a limited monster!

  6. Mrbaconface says:

    Got one when trying desperately for frozen flame… Magma plus mythic silk. \(O_O)/

  7. TequilaTown says:

    I just got a LOVE Monster.. (Normally I would think:Yeah!! Finally!)
    Using the combination BLOSSOM & MOUNTAIN.
    But ironacly.. It happened just now, max.2 hours after my +4year relationship ended..

  8. Crrcrr says:

    Mythic Blossom X Blushbug. Got two in a row with this combo.

  9. xXLonerXx says:

    Elder Plant and Steadfast, both level 10. Trying for Elder Air

    • willnix919 says:

      Um hi noob….I just wanted to say I got 1 with elder earth and holy 1st try hope this helps :)
      My tiny id is willnix919

  10. Irish79 says:

    Gratitude & mythic earth

  11. chocoiz says:

    Earth & Blusshbug 1st try

  12. Anjulie says:

    Mythic earth and blush bug first try!

  13. kencm2014 says:

    first try , i got it Elder Earth + Glee

  14. Lololady says:

    Blossom & Clover

  15. LysinGA says:

    I bred a Level 10 Frost monster and a Level 10 Mythic Bug. I got a mythic Loveon my first try. Nothing kn my cave either!

  16. Caroline says:

    Yellow Joy and elder earth, both adult :)

    • lawalters says:

      Yellow joy and mythic elder earth. Thanks for the combo. It worked the first time after several tries with other combinations.

  17. Orgin says:

    When does it come to the shop. (date)
    How long does it hatch?

  18. ENID says:


  19. Potent says:

    Can I still breed this?

  20. Roslynd says:

    On the very last try for this year before Love departs, I finally found Love with Blossom and Blushbug.
    I guess you can’t hurry Love? :)

  21. Tiffany says:

    Yay!! :) gratitude lvl 5 and mythic earth lvl 5 got me the love monster in that order.

  22. katsmygame says:

    Earth and Plant…. Finally

    • Lane (Tiny ID: lovelane29/lovelane34 says:

      Thank you!! FINALLY got one on my tablet with this! Thanks for posting, I was losing faith!! Now if I can only get Devotion ♥

  23. steve says:

    After trying everything for 3 weeks, GOT IT! Blush bug (10) – Mythic Earth (10))

  24. capecodmom says:

    Mountain and Tree got me this. I was trying for Special Elder.

  25. steve says:

    I’ve been trying every combination for 2 weeks now still nothing.I’ve got enough trees to plant a forest. Frustrating, arrrrgh!

    • ollysets says:

      Same here since it came out I guess love is not for!!

    • ollysets says:

      Finally got love with the regular combo earth and plant, after so many combo I started to remain with the regular one it always work. Hope you can get one too good luck dear!!

  26. Idk says:

    I used earth+tree

  27. Mandalore (Tiny id Mandalre53) says:

    Bug + frost got me mine!

  28. Heatherbuug says:

    Try luck and earth! I got love on my first try. GOOD LUCK!


  29. koi doll says:

    after a million tries using earth and plant hybrids with eachother and single element earth and plant monsters…finally got the 9 hour breeding time with a Level 10 Mythic Earth monster and Level 10 Mythic Gratitude! yay =D

  30. ZooladyT says:

    My phone is acting up soon I have a good one on this.
    10 Gratitude / and 10 Harvest! I go the Love one and it gave
    me what a 9 with 13 dim. That was on the most common for the
    Blush bug at time, now first try I got plant but so yah if you don’t
    Have the blush bug or love the combo is good for one! let you no
    What happens to me on this combo.

  31. Candy says:

    First try with mystic tree and autumn gave a love
    Second try plant
    Third try blushbug

  32. vlpronana says:

    After 4 unsuccessful days I gave up on love.(sounds like a country song.)
    I successfully bred the devotion monster on 1st attempt.
    Now I have just used Steadfast w/earth, both lvl 10, with results being 9 hrs. Looks like I might be getting some love after all.

  33. Mesphit says:

    I just got it with gratitude+harvest both lvl 10

  34. Melanie says:

    Earth and Blush bug gave me love!

  35. Kathy says:

    I finally got Love with Holly and Frost. Both level 10.

  36. izJoie says:

    Lvl 7 Harvest & lvl 10 Autumn = Love

  37. Level 10 tree + level 10 flower gave me the love monster on the first try

  38. july says:

    If I keep breeding blusgbug n love together will I eventually get one or the other ???

  39. lovekaiser78 says:

    Tree and elder earth both lv 10. About 4th try got love

  40. PandaPickles says:

    Lvl 10 blossom and lvl 10 tree first try
    Tried in reversed order and got 9 hrs again!

  41. Shelly says:

    Plant & earth after numerous tries!

    • claidialove09 says:

      Me too many differents combinations finally the 3er tryed W/ mysthic Plant 10 + Misthic Earth 10. thank you Shelly and to Nobb too for this great site.

  42. WhittyPenn says:

    Got 9 hr breed time with Elder Earth Lvl 10 & Blushbug Lvl 10. Hoping it’s Love!!

  43. Christine says:

    Plant and earth 2nd try

  44. Ruffian says:

    Gratitude Lv 10 + Mountain Lv 10 gave me a Hatching time 9h
    I hope it will be the Love Monster! I’ve tried it so many times!

  45. nickride says:

    Elder Earth + Gratitude = Love

  46. whammytammy says:

    Autumn and mythic earth 2nd try have love from before but need mythic one

  47. basaro says:

    L1 food is really 40, this monster has all the same data as Luck monster :)

  48. Alicia Tallent says:

    Harvest and Tree gave me Love the 3rd time after plant and plant.

  49. anirare says:

    I must say, I am about sick of trying to get this Love monster. I have literally been trying for 2 weeks. I have tried every single combo listed above at least 3 times. I’ve then went through all the posts and tried different combos and NOTHING! I missed this monster last year TOO!! I’m at my wits end! Ok, well, maybe I should just forget trying to get this monster and move on to something else.. On the upside, I do love this website! It always has good info.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Keep trying, I haven’t got a new one (I have one from the last year).

    • Jwin88 says:

      I feel the same way, I can’t get this one, so frustrated!!

    • Joamercedes says:

      I must confess I was feeling the same way you are feeling right now! Actually when I read your post I was like “When did I wrote that? Oh wait, it wasn’t me!” So I do understand where you are coming from! I also tried for this monster for 2 weeks and nothing and after I read your post I decided to try one more time with something simple so I tried Tree level 10 with Earth level 10 and got a 9 hours! You might want to try it, maybe it’ll work for you too!!! Good luck!!!

      • anirare says:

        Well, at least I’m not alone. I’ve tried this combo too, but never hurts to start over. I’ve tried everything else right? LOL… might as well.

      • rosebud63 says:

        Thank you!! I finally got it with mythic tree and earth. Yay:)). You know what I did tho is I switched out my earth monster for another one I had. I wonder if some monsters aren’t good baby makers?? This isn’t the 1st time I’ve done that and then got what I wanted

    • Volcanogirl73 says:

      I am in the same boat. I am really sick of trees!

  50. abeer says:

    elder earth + teen pollen 1st try

  51. AimeeKay says:

    This might be a dumb question
    But the list of possible pairings at the top. Is that in order of what has the best odds of getting the monster? Or is the list random? Just curious. Thank You. And your site is awesome and so helpful!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No, the list is random. Breeding is all about chance, you need to find best formula by yourself (try each formula listed on the post and comments at least 3 times before switching into another formula).

  52. Eerie says:

    Lvl. 10 Autumn & Lvl.10 Earth.

  53. Zombiefreak911 says:

    Lvl 10 Elder Earth + Lvl 10 Autumn
    First Try

  54. kehwuh says:

    Plant and earth 3rd try!

  55. kelitacu says:

    harvest + gratitude fisrt try

  56. Elizabeth says:

    Tree and snow bluff first time :)

  57. Gamemaster says:

    Blushbug + Earth = Love

  58. hellkowski says:

    Tree + Earth, first try *.*

  59. Jess says:

    Earth and Mountain first try :)

  60. vicky says:

    after a few failed attempts with other combos I just got ove with harvest and tree :)

  61. Kat says:

    I got a Love monster on my 3rd try with Blossom and Blushbug, both teens.

  62. Kendra says:

    Elder Earth lvl 10 + Blossom lvl 7 = Love. First try.

  63. Wolfie says:

    Autumn and earth first try!! So excited!

  64. Amanda says:

    Blossom level 8 and Mytic Elder Earth level 8 got on first try

  65. Ok this is weird. I got love monster with steadfast and joy – hurray – not the weird part. Weird part is I tried immediately to get another and just reversed the order – joy and steadfast. I got a 9 hour time but 13 diamonds to finish!

  66. S N says:

    L10 M Gratitude + Elder Earth – after nearly 20 attempts

  67. Joanna says:

    joy and mythic tree :-)

  68. Melena says:

    Flower and Plant :)

  69. tinymonstersfiend says:

    Gratitude and earth first try

  70. basaro says:

    Elder Earth+Gratitude = Love on 6th try. First 5 tries were Earth, Tree, Earth, Tree, Earth.

  71. SabiKnauer says:

    flower + earth = 9 hours :) 1st try

  72. Sammybelle27 says:

    Gratitude and mythic elder earth!

  73. kendra says:

    Memorial & Pond first try.

  74. Mellissa says:

    Is love also 9 hours finish with 13 diamonds? I just bred gratitude with holly and the only other monster that is 9hrs finish for 13 diamonds is solar flare and with this combo it is not possible.

  75. by pounce44 says:

    Level 10 mythic Gratitude on left, level 5 Holly on right. First time got Love, second time got Blossom

  76. kansasminxdiva says:

    Autumn lvl 10 & Blossom lvl 10

  77. Laviboo says:

    Gratitude+earth= 9hrs oh I hope I get the love monster!!

  78. Bloodwater says:

    i ended up getting this creature through breeding Adult Tree monster and Adult Earth monster it took about three goes to get it and i was actually trying for the Mountain monster

  79. mindycat72 says:

    I tried mountain and harvest, and got something with a 26hr breeding time. I can’t figure out what it is , as everything listed with a 26hr incubation has an element not in this combo. Thoughts?

  80. Gail says:

    Mythic Earth and Mythic Gratitude 1st try.

  81. nickride says:

    Mythic Mountain (10) + Mythic Harvest (10)

  82. Rezdarya says:

    blushbug and blossom 1 try

  83. Wolfie says:

    Hi noob, is this monster going to come back this year? If it is what day do you think it will come out? Thanks

  84. mjk says:

    I got one of these a few days ago. From an enigma thingy.

  85. xchikax says:

    Level 10 Earthquake x Level 10 Frost, after several tries in attempt at Light. I got a few Earth monsters first, another earthquake, then Flash freeze, finally something useful at least.

  86. DOT says:

    Used Earthquake-Love 1st try 12hr for luck monster!

  87. Novi135 says:

    Can this monster be bred anymore?

  88. bobby says:

    I used cinder and silk

  89. Faith17 says:

    Omg finally, on the last day after hundreds of stupid trees and plants I finally got it with a mythic mountain and a tree! Still can’t believe it!

  90. sarah says:

    Snowbluff and bug both level 10

  91. buckcherry says:

    Finally got love with mythic mountain and mythic plant both level 10 after getting so many trees and blushbugs :) :) :)

  92. Android Big Diamonds says:

    Finally, with the easier breeding chances I retried a few of the common combos at the top of the guide and got it with Mythic Earth and Gratitude (Plant habitat). Doesn’t appear that it’s going to be mythic love so hopefully will get the chance to try this again with more mythic boost.

  93. Brandy says:

    Holy crap, I was trying for a second Love with snowbluff & Holly and I got a Legendary :-)
    Got first Love with Mountain & Blushbug.

  94. Skeah says:

    Hmm… 9 hour breed time with Mythic Holly left, Gratitude right. I can’t imagine it being sporespark, embershade, or aurora given that holly is plant/ice and gratitude is plant/earth…. Watch it be sporespark though =/

  95. Haley says:

    I got this monster first try with the mountain and tree monster.

  96. Ianrwillis2001 says:

    Noob…..mountain and plant got me two in a row, if you want to put it in your formulas list. Seeing as it’s the last day, there might be no point, but just thought I’d say

  97. Dang.10 says:

    After much trial and error and much frustration, I got this sucker. Used lv 10 Snowbluff (left) and lv 10 Holly (right) to get Love on the last day. Hew talk about cutting it close.

  98. deedoo22 says:

    Holy cow!! I think I just got it .. Was my final attempt .. I used blushbug and snowbluff, just got 9 hours!! woooohooo

  99. Trixie says:

    Well it looks like I’m not going to get the love monster this go around. :-( but there is always next you if they do this monster again.

  100. Carmel says:

    Snowbluff and Bug first try.

  101. CarrieKate says:

    I have tried everything I have to get the love monster and nothing is working for me I want this monster and I am afraid I am going to run out of time before I get it!!!!! I am so frustrated!

  102. Dee says:

    The best advice is to take the list above and do each formula 3 or 4 times. I got love with Pant + cinder on the 4th try.

    On another note, complain as much as you want!!!!! February was the most ridiculous, un fun quest, I have ever witnessed. I completely gave up on trying for these monsters and was working on another quest. You won’t see me jumping up and down, being excited nor saying Finally. Because I honestly don’t care. I have basically stopped playing this game because it was making me so angry. A cyber zoo on my phone shouldn’t do that.

    I got the stupid love bug after them ‘busting the chance” by 5 times. It still took 16 trying and repeating the formulas over and over and over again.

  103. jokemon says:

    Finally got this silly monster after using Snowbluff and mythic Flower…

    Im just annoyed that it takes the special odds boost and last few days to finally get it

  104. chertichego says:

    frost and flower gave me love instead of anything else

  105. Ianrwillis2001 says:

    I’ve been after this monster for WEEKS….and as soon as they increase the chances… mountain and Plant = Love monster. I then did the same formula (to get a second so I can breed together to try for Mythic), and on that next try…I got another Love!!!!! Now let’s try for blush bug before it disappears!

  106. Terri says:

    Finally with flower and mountain. I had given up and was looking for legendary.soooo happy

  107. Jay says:

    Used snowbluff and bug got it first try

  108. hawgneck says:

    I think ive got it finally with blushbug and earth ,gave me 9 hours on android

  109. ali says:

    Finally love is in the air! Wow that took me so many combos, each multiple times. Got it with bug (lvl. 10) + cinder (lvl. 10). Didn’t think I was gonna get it in time. Thanks to everyones comments, thdy really helped.

  110. Lei says:

    Love! Love! I HAVE LOVE NOW!

    I got it through Mountain and Blushbug! Ya!

  111. optimist says:

    Holly + earth. Finally!

  112. Gean341 says:

    Man getting a love is very hard as was the blushbug. Funny thing is I was trying for a love using gratitude and cinder but got a blushbug. How’d that happen, about ready to give up on the love monster.

  113. aleix says:

    I’ve got the Love monster breeding Teen Earthquake +Adult Silk

  114. Tiny Hawk says:

    Finally got one with 10 mountain in a plant habitat, and 10 earth. Only took about a million tries!

  115. Ms. Morales says:

    Omg!!!!!!!! Someone plz help me. Been tryin to get this love monster ever since it started! I’m on an iPad. I’ve tried all the formulas, and none of them work…….. It’s ridiculous!!!! What am I doing wrong?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      if you really getting hard time then try using blushbug + … fromula, it seems we need to use blushbug for better chance

    • Dee says:

      My mom has the kindle and she gets every monster in the first try. She used gratitude + earth. Then if it doesn’t work, she switches it. Just for fun I guess. But the women is a master of this game . So if you have the thanksgiving Turkey, try him.

  116. Lei says:

    Love!? I had tried many times. I still cannot have a Love!
    Is it too late to breed a Love!?
    Who can help me? Thanks.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      no, as long as they still appear on the shop they’re still breed able.

    • Trixie says:

      I’m right with you. Iv been trying combination I can think of and still nothing.

    • May says:

      Don’t give up! Tiny monsters double chances to get love. try mountain and blushbug again. I hope you can get love finally.

      • christine says:

        I too have had an awful time getting the love monster – however, upon logging in this afternoon i noticed that tiny monsters have increased your luck for getting rare monsters by 5x…including legendary. Not sure how long this will last, but after trying a few more (repeated) combos, I have a 9 hour breeding time using blushbug (adult 10) and mythic tree (adult 10). I had to spend a bunch of diamonds to do this (in addition to what I have already spent in diamonds, earlier in the month when the quest was first announced), as I only have 3 spots in the nursery and kept getting 4 or 5 hour breeding times (tree, mountain, magma)…luckily I have the two diamond fountains…

        anyways, just keep trying…if its going to happen it would probably be today since today is the last day of Feb…March will probably bring new quests and possibly a st. patty’s day monster.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Hmm, I don’t know if they will make the monster, in my thought they will add elder monster on march since it’s one year celebration of tiny monsters 😀

  117. May says:

    I got Love finally from mountain and blushbug after trying different combos for a long time.

    • PammyK says:

      Thank you May! I have tried constantly to get the Love bug constantly since the quest came out and used every combination imaginable. I tried your Mountain (L) and Blushbug (R) both level 10 and obtained the Love bug on the first try. I appreciate everyone’s posts. They are very valuable.

  118. Deminio says:

    Got it!!!!!!!! Earth and holly and I have 9 hours breeding!!!!!!!!! Finally. I was sooooooooooo disappointed .

    • Noe says:

      Thank you! I have been trying for over a week with ever combination listed, over and over and nothing but I just got a 9 hour breeding with mountain and holly finally!

  119. whammytammy says:

    Earth and gratitude works but u got to do it 4 or 5 times in a row. This love bug was hard to get.

  120. MisterModular says:

    I think I finally got one!! Using Mythic Plant & Mythic Earth. Hopefully it’s a Love Monster. I can’t imagine what other monster in those elements that have a 9 hour breed time. Unless I got bamboozled and will end up with a hybrid. Lol. Bummed I missed out on the Presidents’ Day monsters.

  121. dartdogs says:

    Blushbug left, cinder right… I will finally sleep well tonight… Yeah boy!!! In the immortal words of peter Peter Wolf and the J. Geils band, “love stinks, yeah yeah…”

  122. BOBALINA says:

    I finally got one! Blushbug (reg./level 10) on left; Darkscale (reg./level 5/earth habitat/earthy-y name) on right. Playing on an Ipad. I cannot count how many tree, mountain, cinder, flower, plant, gratitude, earth, blushbug, holly, regular and mythic combinations I tried, other than to say that I hatched enough trees and mountains to fill the national forest! So happy that the madness is over!!

  123. Zz_Ang3L says:

    Finally got one

    Level 10 Pollen (must be on Plant Habitat) left – Level 10 Snowbluff (must be on Earth Habitat)

  124. Amie says:

    I have been trying every single combo listed and more over and over and over on my iPhone and my kindle and NOTHING. I can not breed this stupid thing.

  125. Nikki says:

    The odds have improved. It’s now much easier to get the Love and Blushbug. For Love I used the Bug and Cinder combo. Keep trying. It wasn’t until yesterday after trying the whole time and many combos I finally got both in a row.

  126. UniqueXpuzzle says:

    Finally got it with plant and cinder!! Is it still possible to get blush bug?

  127. jason says:

    Got it with Mythic Plant (10) + Mythic Tree (10). Was trying for a Blushbug and got this by accident.

  128. Kat says:

    Finally got Love monster with Brimstone and Lushleaf!

  129. Barb says:

    What are the combos to get a second Love?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      the combo is same as the first one :D, you can try other combo listed on here. breeding is all about chance.

    • Ally says:

      I’d suggest breeding your 1st Love with either a Plant or Earth.

      For my 2nd monster of any kind I like to raise my first to adult and breed THAT one with a base element that it originated from. For example: You get Blushbug with plant and plant hybrid. So breed the blushbug again with plant. Or for Goldstone(I got mine with Sun and Mountain) I would breed my first Goldstone with a basic light or earth. It seems to improve the odds in my opinion.

      Good Luck!

  130. jolene says:

    Lvl 10 bug on left, lvl 10 cinder on right. First try

  131. jolene says:

    I got it with bug on the left and cinder on the right. Both lvl 10

  132. marlene says:

    Got it today! Gratitude and Mountain on android! Cheers.

  133. Jennifer says:

    Please let me have Love Monster via Earthquake lvl 5 on left with Mythic Plant lvl 10 because it shows 9 hrs n waiting!

  134. Wha2do says:

    Had tried so many different combinations to no avail. Finally tried Blushbug 10 and Brimstone 10 per someone’s suggestion. They’d said Brimstone should be in an Earth habitat. No go but for some reason tried Brimstone 10 (l) and Blushbug 10 (r) and voila, first try. Wanting two, tried again and got an Eeriewood, a Tree, and then another Love! After over 3 dozen tries with the other combinations and nothing, thinking at least for me this is a good combo. Oh and did it on an Android running Amazon’s TM Deluxe if that makes any difference. Hope it helps someone else!

  135. Kris says:

    Finally after trying every combination and getting to many trees to count. Cinder + Blushbug = Love. Ipad

  136. Melissa says:

    FINALLY after 10 days and many diamonds I got the Love!!!! I got it by using Blushbug on left and Cinder on right. Both level 10. I really hope this combination helps someone. This monster has definitely tried everyone’s patience!

    • Jackson says:

      Thank you. After using 400 diamonds, I finally got Blushbug, then used Blushbug Lv10 on left and Cinder Lv 10 on right and finally got Love!!! Now I can rest! For tonight anyway!

  137. david says:

    Finally get my 2nd love monster after endless tree and plant. Using same old formula earth with blushbug

  138. sstone says:

    I am not sure just who it is I an selling the eggs I do not want to, but I am sure I have over populated the tree monsters, and still no love monster!!!! LOL

  139. Chary says:

    Just got it with plant & earthquake = love monster

  140. Alex says:

    Pollen and snowbluff gave me 9 hours… have my fingers crossed cause this monster gave me a real headache so far!

  141. gnomezy says:

    Finally, earth and gratitude got me love after 5 continuous try.

  142. Fizz89 says:

    Finally made him with blushbug ( left) and download (right) i am so glad this nightmare is over :)

  143. jnk1968 says:

    Finally, Earth and Mystic Plant equals Love monster.

  144. ot says:

    Think i finally got it with mythic cindrr and blush….got me blushing lol

  145. kjatbeach says:

    Many thanks to those who suggested earth and gratitude. Worked the first time. Guess I had been looking for love in all the wrong places.

  146. Christine says:

    FINALLY…. after 20 plus tries of Plant/Cinder combos, i finally tried Pollen and snowbluff on android first time.

  147. ali says:

    Anyone know how long we have till love is gone? Still tryin here. Also are people having better luck with certain combinations ont droid vs. Ipad?

  148. Fizz89 says:

    Oh my goodness, i have been trying to make this “love” monster for a week now and all i make are trees mountains and shadows. I am desperate now. Is anyone else having this much trouble?

  149. Leop says:

    Finally got my second love with Mythic Tree (level 10) & Gratitude (level 10). 😉

    Next step, mythic Love. 😀

    • Dysis-Melissa says:

      OMG, thank you so much !!!! Thanks to you I finally got Love. I missed the Presidents Day Monsters, because I kept trying to hatch this one! First try mithic tree and gratitude. You are the best

  150. cristle26 says:

    wow… after buying tons of diamonds i FINALLY got it with plant n tree!!!!!!

  151. Jenna says:

    Dus sunstone + Holly and got frostbeam ????

  152. prima says:

    Finally,, teen plant (left) n adult cinder (right) works for me..

  153. Sarah says:

    Got a second love using mythic plant left and love on the right, I can’t believe it took longer to get a second one lol!

  154. ali says:

    Oh my gosh! I can’t believe how hard this one is. Presidents weekend i got both memorial and independence. But this one is impossible. I have tried all kinds of combinations, many times, got three mythics, millions of trees and can not get LOVE! (Or in real life, any takers?) ; )

  155. Stephie says:

    After trying EVERYTHING, finally found my own way with Mystic Earth (L) + Mountain (R) = Love Bug!!!!!! 1st try after 3 days of nothing but frustration and Trees. Thank goodness it’s over!

  156. Whatsthehaps says:

    Also got love by using plant and cinder on 1st try. 2nd try as I was trying to get 2 in order to get mythic later just gave me a 4 hr breed time. Still no blushbog yet and didn’t get memorial or independence after trying multiple times….

  157. hawgneck says:

    finally got 9 hrs earthquake on the left and blushbug on the right ,both lvl 8! android.

  158. Erica says:

    …..I am very upset/ dissapointed… So I’ve been trying really hard to get this monster and I used some dimonds today because its the last day and I really wanted it so I tried the gratitude and mythic mountain one… And I got a legendary with it :( I don’t have enough dimonds to hatch it fast either.

    • jen says:

      this is the same problem I am having. I have been trying and trying for a love monster and still have not gotten it but now have gotten 2 legendary monsters (I kinda hate to complain about that, except that they take too long) HELP!

    • Deminio says:

      It’s not the last day. Only the quests last day , not the monsters

  159. jen says:

    Well today i finally got love with earth on left and holly on right.

    I had given up on it and was going for independance and memorial…didnt end up getting those either before they went away :-(. Then today decided to give love one last try after 5 other combos got it with this one.

  160. Filipe says:

    Plant lv10 and mythic Cinder lv10 – FIRST TRY!

  161. Jennifer says:

    Guess what?! I have been trying to obtain Love Monster and I still havent got it yet but since Love Minster came out I ended up obtaining Shadow and Mythic Shadow at different times within TWO DAYS! Obtaining those Shadows was worth thw failures for me to try to obtain LOVE MONSTER!

    • ot says:

      GM still no love for me either feeling alone good to know im not no mythic Shadow for me i did get like 3-4 of ghem i just got a mythic sunstone and i to was excited about that one but i must say i happily still planting trees lol…..good luck to you

  162. Hellblazee says:

    Cinder(8) left + Blushbug(10) right !!!! IOS IPad

  163. Tmaddict2012 says:

    Plant and Cinder finally worked for me

    • Dmmsrm says:

      Oh my gosh i can’t believe it worked…. Tried all the combos using anything plant and earth but got nothin but tree and plant. Lo and behold the plant and cinder combo worked!! In the beginning all it seemed like i was getting were cinders and magmas, and now that darn cinder came to the rescue! :)

  164. mike hook says:

    blushbug + darkscale finally got love whoo hooo good luck all took over 400 diamonds to get it thank god for the snow globes

  165. GNun says:

    oh my god, I think I just bred it! I used plant and cinder formula and it says 9 hours remaining!!!!!

  166. ot says:

    Alright already can they please retire tree this has become one very sick joke ugh……

  167. magnum says:

    After countless disappointing failures finally got 9hr wait with gratitude and mythic mountain both level 10

  168. AutomaticCrazy says:

    After days and days of trying i finally got the Love monsters with cinder on the left and blushbug on the right on the first try, to bad i wasted all this time and missed the independence monster again – _ – .

  169. Hmq30 says:

    Just a warning- Sunstone & Holly can also give you Aurora… Also with a 9 hr hatching time. Very disappointing!

    • CRomeow says:

      Since this monster is so elusive, it’s not a bad idea to try combos that can give you monsters you don’t have yet. That way, you might avoid the annoyance of multiple new trees, etc.

      • Hmq30 says:

        I would if I could, but I already have all the monsters I could get with any of these combos :(
        This has been very frustrating, as I’ve been breeding nonstop, and haven’t managed to get either the Blushbug or Love monster! arrg!
        I hope other people are having better luck!

  170. Barb says:

    When will the love quest end? So !#*^! Maddening!
    Sick of 5hrs5hrs5hrs! They make getting limited monsters
    With the same odds of winning a lottery! Tree monsters
    Should be burned Lol This game has become Very Frustrating!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I believe it will end soon (about one week I think)

      • hawgneck says:

        ends today the.20th

      • Megacheck says:

        I think it will end with the same frustration like the Seasonal Monsters. Breeding again and again the same common monsters , selling them and trying again and again tends to become frustratinf. They should really rethink the probabilities for these limited monsters. Or make same attractive to doy, may for 40-50 gems or less.
        I still like this game and will try to breed another missing monster… still need a flitter, ouchhh I forgot I tried this combo already to obtain Blushbug, and it resulted in pollen 5 times in a row. Okay, let’s shoot for another legendary, maybe easoer to obtain. Pls excuse my zynism, but I think some of you will understand.
        noobb, keep going, your site is great! :-))

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I think it’s all about luck, there are many people who keep getting limited monsters without even trying.. ofr me and you it’s the opposite, but what can we do?? I just hope for doubling chance and use my diamonds when that event happen.

        • Jennifer says:

          Already have Legendary lvl 10 n wish I didnt spend all gems cuz if I still have it it would have evolve to a powerful Legendary!

    • AGRAX says:

      Whatever you do don’t throw diamonds at trying to get one I used over 300 trying to get a memorial and never came close

    • whammytammy says:

      I’m with you I can’t get love either spent over 150 diamonds

    • Bloodrose says:

      I feel your pain! I too have not gotten either valentine monster.

  171. Trilby29 says:

    I just got the Love monster using mythic adult tree (8) with a mythic adult flower (5)! First try! SO HAPPY.

  172. megaman says:

    Which combo has the most percentage of love monster

  173. Tigliz says:

    Finally got one after tried every combination mentioned above…
    mythic earth(10) + mythic plant(7) = mythic LOVE

  174. Oris0987 says:

    Blushbug + Mountain = Love first try

  175. Alli says:

    Adult tree with adult mythic plant in that order got me LOVE. I tried alot and was considering just spending the diamonds to buy the egg but finally didn’t have to.

    • CRomeow says:

      I got 2 trees in 2 tries with this combo so far. There’s no formula with a guarantee – you have to try until you get lucky.

  176. KIKI says:

    I did mythic plant and mythic tree = 9 hours breeding time (9 HRS TO FINISH)…. WHO COULD IT BE?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      probably love, because blushbug need 13 diamonds.

      • KIKI says:

        you are so right!!! I thought that too 😛

      • Jennifer says:

        I have questions.. Love Monster is it on lumit time? If so will it release next year Valentine or just quest related to Becky? If not on limit time but quest for Becky will it come back again next year? If it will come back again next year and I end up have Love monster before then I’ll keep it at lvl 9 until quest come back in order to have Love Monster up to lvl 10 how does that sound to us?

  177. hawgneck says:

    can anyone tell me if the on love was.on the blushbug or do I have another blushbug ?

  178. cheza says:

    Pollen and snowbluff on Android gave me 9 hours so hopefully this will finally be it.

  179. bindi6 says:

    teen plant 5 + adult mountain 10

    Got it on my first try with this combo after trying many other combos. I give all the credit to the person on the main page who posted this combo.

  180. Sarah says:

    Got mine finally with Mountain + Blushbug yay 😀
    On android ^_^

    • May says:

      I try moutain and blusbug over seven times , but can not get love. How many times you try to get love. which level of moutain and blusbug. I use both ten level.

      • Sarah says:

        This one took me 2 times with this combo, But Ive tried multiple times with other combos. My Mountain is level 10 and my Blushbug is level 5

      • sugar says:

        I used that combo many times too, but then I just got a 9 hr breeding time with level5 earthquake(l) and level 10 blushbug(r).. first time trying this combo…I don’t think anyone else has posted this one yet

        • sugar says:

          P.S. though…could also be sporespark or voltleaf with this combo and breeding time…I don’t have either of those monsters either…will just have to wait and see…I’ ll let you know!

        • sugar says:

          Yep, voltleaf! Still excited…I just love this game, even through all the frustrations. :)

        • sugar says:

          Finally got it with level10 blushbug on the left and level5 snowbluff on the right…yay :)

  181. Laura says:

    Got it first shot, Level 10 Earth with Level 5 Gratitude :)

  182. Cindy says:

    Just got the Love monster by breeding a level 7 tree monster (left) and a level 10 mountain monster (right)!

  183. Laura says:

    Earth and Gratitude, that order – both level 10 – got sick of all the other combinations and decided that one made most sense 2nd time lucky. iOS. On attempt 4 with same combination on Android yet still no luck. Will keep you posted :)

    • Laura says:

      And yes, after 5 goes I got it with Earth and Gratitude on my Android too :)

      • Laura says:

        Got 2nd Blushbug on Android after 3 more goes of Earth and Gratitude and getting 2 Earths with a 12minute hatch time. Got 2nd on my Android using level 10 Plant and Love first try with that combination.

        ‘On my * iOS*using Plant and Love ‘

      • Lulu says:

        Amazing! Thanks so much for the tip!! Imusrt have hatched 70 tree monsters and every combo possible with NO LUCK! Saw your post and thought it couldn’t hurt to try being it worked for both your iOS and android there had to be something behind it…so I tried this combo like you said. It took me 4 tries but eventually I got the love monster! WOOT WOOT! Thanks again!

        Earth + Gratitude (got on 4th try)

      • Shaznic08 says:

        Thanks for this combo and comments! I had tried many combo like everyone else with no success until now!

    • decorator says:

      Finally got mine with Earth + Gratitude, too! Yay!
      On Android 😉

    • Lynx73 says:

      I tried this about 8 times, then I reversed it & got 9 hrs. Yippee thank you.

  184. wispurr says:

    fed my blusshbug to lvl 7 and got 9hrs 1st try with

    blushbug + earth

  185. derek says:

    Ok this is getting crazy, I have tried every suggestion and all I get is tree or mythic tree, wasted over 200 diamonds, I am on android, any last suggestions? Just did mountain and blushbug got another mythic tree urrgh!

    • Imran says:

      You are maybe doing it in the opposite way

    • TMUNZ303 says:

      I am in the same boat. All tree or mythic tree is what I get. I have used almost 300 diamonds. But still cant get it. Let me know if you find a good combo I’ll do the same.

    • ot says:

      Its gkod to know that im not the only one hatched 17 tree to be exact about 7 Shadow and the worst joke was the 2 earthquake s 9 hours thought i had it i have 13 diamonds left ugh….

      • ot says:

        Down to 13 diamonds hatched one more tree now im on this earth and gratitude kick got 5 mythic earth in a row i figure st least its only a 17 min wait time ….just leveled up my flamegust think i might try for independence

  186. Alchemy says:

    Got Love Monster with normal level 10 Earth + normal level 10 Plant.

  187. kuggas says:

    mythic plant level 10 at left flower level 10
    on right

  188. me says:

    First try with tree and plant.

  189. Fenris Lupa says:

    FINALLY GOT IT!!! After trying the combos above…finally got it with my Mythics….

    (10) Mythic Plant with (10) Mythic Earth

    First try on Android

  190. mystery says:

    I have tried all these combinations and have bought over 600 diamonds to try for both blushbug and love monster.. I can official say I am really disliking this game.. this is stupid how hard it is to get either of these 2 monsters and it makes the game just completely not fun

    • Dee says:

      I completely agree with you! I have spent over 700 diamonds and although I know the whole point of the high costs and breading times is to get you to spend money. I am completely discussed with this game. I haven’t had a new monster pop up in a month. I can’t get any of the 4 monsters that February has offered and I really wanted them. It is infuriating and I am ready to stop playing all together. I also can’t get a mythic unless I charge my orb Fully 2 times and a little of a 3rd. I have a friend with an kindle fire and not only is she over run with mythics, she gets every monster with in 2 tries.

      Congradulations to the rest of you that finally get it! But, I don’t think it’s a good game when you are jumping up and down because you Finally got one monster, after spending $40 in real money, days of your life/maybe weeks, you have already through your devise one and you can’t repeat the action to get another monster anyway. Very disappointing and I am glad I am not the only one!

  191. chris says:

    YES YES YES i finally got a love monster….i usedna moutian lvl 10 on right and blush bug monster lvl 10 on left…..i had tried and tried but didnt get it till i leveled them up to lvl 10……then got it on first try …….thank you so much for sharing all the info on here

  192. jojo14 says:

    i tried mor than 7 times. .i tred tree and mythic plant n got an ive to wait for 26 hours.!

    • Lily1 says:

      I’m having the same problem. I want a Love monster and a Darkbolt, so I’ve tried Sporespark and Brimstone thinking I might get earth and plant for Love or electricity and earth for Darkbolt, so far only Trees, Mountains and now a 26hour Air monster!! I don’t mind a challenge and would soon be bored if the game was too easy but this is really getting beyond a joke now. Will try one of the suggested formula (though I’ve tried Earth and Plant a couple of times too) but looks like I won’t be getting any Valentines diamonds!

    • joeybagodonuts says:

      can’t get an air unless you used 2 hybrids. must have been something other than plant

  193. SteamPunk says:

    Finally!!!!! Got love with earth and sunspike first try!! :) yay

  194. Lorri says:

    anyone bred a love monster with anything else and got a love monster?

    • SteamPunk says:

      If you have one and are going for a second just breed the love monster with a plant or earth and you should get another

  195. Brittany says:

    Plant level 10 (L) + Cinder level 9 (R) worked for me on first attempt: love egg with 9 hour breed/hatch time. I have tried a bunch of other combinations but only this one has worked so far.

  196. Liz says:

    After a lot of tree monsters from using mystic plant and mystic tree, I swapped them and put tree on left and plant on right and got it:)

  197. katie says:

    Earthquake + blush bug

  198. Noah Richard says:

    Xp is 3220

  199. Sisko says:

    I just tried Mountain and tree and now I have a 27 hr, So a bayou? I didn’t even know this monster existed until I looked up the egg time. I’m lvl 21

  200. Bex says:

    Plant + Earth, both level 10 !

  201. chertichego says:

    mythic plant and cinder gave me 9h

  202. Marcy says:

    Just got love with the level Ten mountain and 10 mythic tree trying for blush bug

  203. david says:

    Finally get 9 hours breeding time. Using mythic blushbug lvl5 with lvl 10 mythic earth.

  204. Jessica says:

    Finally after 100 attempts got it with flower lvl 10 (L) & Earth lvl 10 (R). Thanks to an earlier tip! Android

  205. Rhi says:

    sells for 900 coins. I got mine first try earthquake and earth.

  206. Noah Richard says:

    Plant and tree first try both lvl 10

  207. Beck says:

    Got 9h with sunstone and holly hope its love!

  208. Stephie says:

    Love bug: Earthquake + Plant = 1st try

  209. ron says:

    Earth and sunspike

  210. Leop says:

    Finally got it with Blushbug (level 10) and Gratitude (level 10). 😀

  211. gramms151 says:

    Use Blushbug and Earthquake

  212. Anon says:

    Blush bug + mountain got me one on 1st try. N it’s a mythic too.

  213. Emma says:

    Got it very first try! Using plant and cinder

    • alakam says:


      Plant and Cinder, both level 10

      • Michelle says:

        Hey thanks I probably used 800 diamonds trying to get Love using the basic rules of earth hybrids and plant hybrids so I finally got it using plant and cinder. Would have never of used that. GREAT tip

  214. Ronny says:

    blushbug + mythic earth

  215. Rebekah says:

    Was trying for a blushbug. Mythic Plant (8) + Mountain (8) first try. On try 100+ for blushbug.

    • Dee says:

      If you have a plant hybrid that you haven’t leveled up let, level it up and use that. I hade spen abou 200 or more in diamonds and a flushleaf is the only combination I hadn’t tried. So I leveled it up and used flushleaf + plant and got the blush. I can’t replicate it. But I have one. I am having the same trouble with the love monster. None of the combinations listed are working. So I gave up. But thank you to everyone that posts, this is great! Good luck!!!

      • chris says:

        For my love monster i used lvl 10 earth/plant turtle ( which they call a moutian monster) with lvl 10 blush bug got it right away

  216. Hazzard5000 says:

    Level 10 Earth – Level 10 Gratitude worked for me on 3rd attempt. 😉

  217. Julie says:

    Sick of getting trees!!! Just tried blushbug and earthquake and got 9 hrs but this could be voltleaf/sporespark too

    • Julie says:

      It was voltleaf… Now I just got another z5 hrs so yet another tree

    • Liz says:

      I am in the same boat, I have bred so many trees. No combos are working, this is Halloween all over for me :/

    • Sarah says:

      I too have bred over 100 trees and bugs and wasted over 100 diamonds hurrying them up. I am so freaking angry I don’t even want to play the damn game anymore. Good luck to everyone. Thanks for all the combos hopefully my 200th time I’ll get lucky!

      • noobbgodlike says:

        wait until double chance event before you’re using your diamonds.

      • Michelle says:

        Switch it up after every three try’s it might work for you using the above combos. It has worked for me. I finally got it after using about 800 diamonds so I understand your frustration. I would have never of thought of Cinder but it worked on my third try.

  218. Coolgirl7 says:

    Mountain and tree second time

  219. Golden stone says:

    I have a very lucky breeding with just very simple combo adult plant + teen tree , and get this limited monster unexpectedly!! (aim for mountain too)

  220. Hussan says:

    I got mine 3rd Try using lvl10 Earth (L) + lvl10 Plant (R)

  221. Holly says:

    Level 10 mythic earth and level 10 Holly and I got the Love monster!!

  222. Brent says:

    When you guys are breeding what habitats are the monsters from? Both plant or one plant one earth?

  223. Paksenarion says:

    Got love from level 10 plant and earth first try. Android

  224. Holly says:

    Where can I find a picture of the egg??

  225. sarah says:

    OMG !!!!! tried like 20times blushbug earth doesnt work try earth blushbug have it from the first try lol
    im crazy :(

  226. Mary says:

    Yesterday I tried Mountain and Tree and got Mountain. :(
    I just tried Earth and Holly and got a 9 hour time. keeping my fingers crossed…..

  227. sarah says:

    Grrrr i get all monsters except love monstrers from this formulas !!! :(

  228. David says:

    i keep getting tree monster using Blushbug + Earth

  229. llc says:

    love = blushbug + snowbluff 3rd (android)

  230. S says:

    I got a Love using mythic plant and tree both level 10 on the third try.

  231. Jennifer says:

    Success I breed the love monster by using mountain and tree. Thanks for the tip.

  232. SteamPunk says:

    Seriously tired of tree and mountain! Must have bred 100 already, any suggestions?

  233. ash says:

    finally, with mythic blushbug and mythic earth. 5th try

  234. Rene says:

    Dang! I HATE when the mythic is ugly. They should be way fancier than regular. Not look like mud.

    • CloudGamer says:

      lol, I TOTALLY agree! I haven’t tried to get all the mythic versions for the same reason.

    • Eric says:

      The mythic color is like a real snails color, more natural

    • LadyLimerick says:

      Interesting. I think the regular love monster looks sickly and washed out. The mythic version looks healthier and more alive. Both versions are ugly. I agree on your point that the mythic should be fancier.

    • Sarah says:

      I wish that ALL the adult monsters were as cute as the babies. They are all so adorable until they level up.

      • Breanna Baumgarten says:

        I always say the same thing. There soo cute when there babies. And then they ruin the design as adults. Like shadefin I really wanted him because I loved his BIG white eyes but as soon as I leveled him too teen you could barely see them!

  235. Zane says:

    i have tryed each of these formulas a few times and they dot wo.rk i only get trees

  236. K says:

    I want more formulas please. ..I tried the suggested ones but I keep wasting my diamonds

  237. Michael says:

    I got mine first try with blushbug and earth

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