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Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide How to Obtain Elder Monster

Thanks to Ehlana for these pictures and info

Normal Version

Tiny Monsters Elder Egg Normal

Tiny Monsters Elder Growth Normal

Mythic Version

Tiny Monsters Mythic elder egg

Tiny Monsters Elder Mythic Growth

Elder Status


Mythic Income same as the normal one












Rate (Week)

1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3  3  3

Food (x4)

375 655 2530 3705 4880 6055 7230 8405  8580  MAX

Total Food needed

0 1500 4120 14240 29060 48580 72800 101720 135340 169660

Habitat: Elder Habitat

How to obtain: can’t be bought

Selling Price: 3400 Coins

Exp: 5060 XP

Breeding/Hatching Time: 48  hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 18 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 45  hours

Note: If you have elder monster then you can breed it with legendary/legacy, it will result on legendary :D.( Thanks to Michelle for this info)

Note: Elder + Elder = Elder, so use this to get the mythic version

Note: The monsters is not available in the market, for minimum level I assume you need to above 60 to be able to get this monster and get the quest that allows you to build its habitat.

Note: Make sure you don’t move that elder monster anywhere (incubating, breeding, etc), if you have done it. It will reset the countdown for the diamonds. If you are pretty sure that you have kept it and wait for 7 days then follow fix error section on the main page :D. Hope this helps.

Note: You need to finish this quest in order to have the habitat. You can get the monster before that but without habitat, it’s useless because you can’t hatch it.

Note: If your elder doesn’t produce diamonds, contact tinyco on fix error section on the main page.

Breeding formula (boost the chance by clearing elder tree for 55/275 diamonds, minimum level 61):
[0] Merry + Silk
[0] Love + Luck
[0] Love+  Holly
[0] Luck + Frostbeam
[0] Gloom + Merry
[0] Mountain + Tree
[0] Blossom + Silk
[0] Blossom + Luck
[0] Grimfreeze + Darkscale
[0] Boreal + Frostember
[0] Sporespark + Voltleaf
[0] Embershade + Sun
[0] Wildfreeze + Silk
[0] Zephyr + Solarflare
[0] Leave Comment if you know more formulas

ELDER and special ELDER  are 2 different monsters. Breed them will only give you legendary monster.

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

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1,021 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide How to Obtain Elder Monster”

  1. Smallville says:

    After completing the Portal quest; Got 48 hours using Cinder and Gloom. Seven hours later got 48 hours in Social Breeding with Earth and Water dragons.

  2. Lori says:

    Starfire & Seacliff :)

  3. Irina says:

    I’ve got mine with social breeding: Earth plus Water.
    Luckily it is mythic! I was trying for special elder though.

  4. brobones says:

    I have gotten two elders now and the adult is producing 1 diamond per week. The tiny monsters link for fix errors has been discontinued. Not cool for tinyco to pull this. Got them with Starfire and gloom.

  5. Chocoiz says:

    Finally got it using the social breeding den.. Earth + Ice. I’ve been trying since last year without luck until today. I’ll try for a second one now.

  6. Beanie says:

    Yes!!! i got another one!
    So, I cleared the Tree and used Mythic Gloom and Starfire both lev10 and got my first Elder monster.
    Then, I used the same combo over and over for a few days = fails.
    So, I switched to Mythic Gloom + Stardust ; fail again (shadow).
    I switched back to mythic Gloom and Starfire (again) and got another Elder!!!

  7. kencm2014 says:

    after i clear the great elder tree ,Mythic Starfire with Mythic Gloom = 48hr , maybe i get it , waiting a result ~!

    • Beanie says:

      Thank you so much! I did the same thing as you: clear the Tree, then Mythic Gloom + Regular Starfire = 48 hours!

  8. tinyID: wesnlin says:

    I have been trying quite awhile to get a mythic elder to clear the quest. I’ve boosted mythic luck tons but it always results in regular elders. I’ve got 9 so far and counting. Is it usually this hard to get a mythic elder? Thank you.

  9. Jeff (Android High Price) says:

    Got it first and fourth try using Starfire with Gloom both level 10, second try is: Air, third try is: Earth, fourth try is: Elder again I got 1 or 2 Elder per day from My first try to get Darkwing :( Cost very high in diamonds to sppeed up :)

  10. Jeff (Android High Price) says:

    I got it with Stardust with Gloom both not mythic and level 10, good luck all :)

  11. Jeff (Android High Price) says:

    Got it second try using Mythic Sonar with Eclipse both level 10. First time was my first ever Quetzalcoatl. Will make this combo 3 times before changing need 2 Quetzalcoatl Good luck all :)

  12. MKT467 says:

    I’m only on level 18 and I have an elder egg do I have to wait to level up more just to get the habitat?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Just wait until you have a habitat, it will be long but elder is super rare, you will glad you save it. I have played the game for 2 years and still haven’t got elder :).

      • koffeegirl77 says:

        Hey Noobbs. …I’ve also been playing for a long time and never managed to get an Elder despite trying more combinations than I care to think about. However in trying to get the new Darkwing I have now been lucky enough to get 3 using Mythic Magna and normal Cinder. So random but not complaining.
        Now to try for a Mythic.
        Good luck!

  13. chaszack (tiny id) says:

    Finally at level 90 I got my first Elder!!! Social den…Earth and Electric 😀

  14. Jagged88 says:

    I was using lvl ten magma x cinder trying for hero. Out of 5tries (so far) 2 have been elder.

  15. randamonster says:

    Was trying for elder electric have been trying for that one since it came out but I was super excited to see 48 hours I got it with spark and earthquake. So now I’m not so disappointed

  16. 800800little says:

    I got it with primavera and mythic bug, both level 10, first try. I had also been using the social monsters, my water dragon and my friend’s plant dragon, and got an elder with that formula. However, it was definitely not the first try. More like the 50th or 100th.

    Also, I have found that if you have a friend whose farm shuts down your game any time you try to visit it, that you can use that shut down to erase your most recent action. So I will breed two monsters, check the breed time, and, unless it’s what I want, I will immediately visit the farm that my phone can’t handle. Then my game shuts down, I open it back up, and I try again. Note that this is not a foolproof plan: sometimes the breeding saves before your game shuts down.

  17. betti says:

    Got 3(!) Elder in a row with teen Eclipse and teen Sonar.

  18. Trena says:

    I finished the new Elder Quest (18 part) but it skipped from no. 6 to no. 9 so the Elder habit did not appear in my habitats. Do I have to complete the Becky Elder quest (23 part) also? I placed the Elder Basin (no. 7) anyway but still no Elder habitat.

    • Robobum says:

      The same happened to me. I also placed the elder basin twice but no luck. It wasn’t until I unlocked the air key that the quest appeared. Good luck.

  19. MommaPrachy says:

    Wooohooo, finally got 48 hour Elder with Plant unity and electric friendship. .

  20. Winterschill says:

    Plant Unity + Electric Friendship works great for me. I’ve gotten three in a row using this formula.

  21. Patricia (myliddleones Tiny ID) says:

    Hi Noob, just got 2 elders back to back with friendship electric + plant. But I have an adult Special Elder that says it should produce 3 diamonds and an adult Elder that says it earns 2 diamonds but they both only earn 1. They are in 2 different habitats. Any ideas?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      See special Elder page (on the monster list on the main guide), you will know which elder type that generate 3 diamonds.

      • Patricia (myliddleones Tiny ID) says:

        Oops..meant adult Elder that should earn 3 and a teen Elder that should earn 2 diamonds but they still only produce 1 diamond a week each

  22. kshenanigan says:

    Just got a 48 hour breed time with social breeding ice friendship and earth unity monsters! Yay

  23. Taraeus says:

    Finally got it with social water (mine) and plant. I was just breeding around. This combo worked for two Special Elders ages ago too.
    I recommend social breeding for all this super-special monsters anyway. So you can take your time and still have the normal breeding for all other combos you need

  24. TM again says:

    So ecstatic… I finally got my first elder. I’m on lvl 82. Didn’t think I was ever gonna get it.

    I got it on the social island using plant + earth. I’m on lvl 62 and I used a player who was also on lvl 62. Idk if any of this matters but I know some of us appreciate it. Also I’m using an Android. 2nd time I tried got 34 hours.

  25. dinogma says:

    I bed elder with elder numerous times with the globe filled 5 times
    I did not get mythic elder. Any suggestions?

  26. Ithrow45 says:

    Mythic Mountain & mythic Flower. Was trying to release my 5th Island.

  27. capra124 says:

    I was trying to get a Marine, but wound up with the Elder using Icefloe and Freeze.

  28. Ruth P says:

    I’m getting really frustrated trying to get a mythic elder – now have a triple filled purple orb & just bred 14th regular elder. Still no mythic ha ha! Am I just unlucky or is this RIDICULOUSLY hard? Any one else had similar results?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Elder is very rare :), just try for other monsters, maybe you will get one while trying to get other monsters :).

      • Ruth says:

        I am lucky enough to have got 2 regular elders from breeding – but now trying to get mythic by breeding them together – usually get mythic this way after 5 or 6 tries, but as I said I’m now on 14th try & still no mythic! Just wondered if it’s worth carrying on? Have other players got mythic just by chance or has anyone else out there got one by breeding 2 regular elders together?

    • Ruth P says:

      Finally got my mythic elder on 16th try of elder x elder with triple filled orb!

  29. Ed says:

    After plenty tries With Flower + bug I got 48 hours monster !

  30. kipi says:

    ther is a way to know when the elder or the special elder gives diamonds ? or at list give a sign when it is ready to collect like all the other monsters ……

    • noobbgodlike says:

      There will be like diamonds icon appear if it accumulate more than 1 diamond. You can get one diamond too but you won’t see diamond icon from the habitat (need to check it manually).

  31. Kelly says:

    I have one elder habitat and one special elder habitat. Is that all I can get? Mine are full and I have an elder ready to hatch and nowhere to put him.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yes, simply sell the monster.

    • Debra says:

      The special elder habitat is unlimited as long as you are not maxed out on habitats. If you are sell one and you will see another special habitat become available but ONLY if the one you have is fully upgraded. Very important that each special habitat must be fully upgraded and then have an available habitat to purchase. I currently just bought two more special habitats for a total of 9.

  32. TM again says:

    Hi Noob ever since I restarted TM its given me the elder monster quest. I’m now on lvl 29 am I able to get the elder? I read below about being on lvl 60.

    Plz help thank u

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yeah, you can if you get the quest (and able to buidl the habitat). Level 60 was the “normal” level for the quest to appear (said tinyco on the past).

      • Coreynicole says:

        Level 50 for me to be able to buy the habitat last week. I had a special elder egg since level 31 and waited this whole time to hatch it ( luckily have 3 egg slots). Good luck!

  33. Jared says:

    It says you have to be level 60 to get it and its quests bit im level 50 and it says i can get the elder and its habitat. Plus i have its quests. Can you explain this?

  34. horrified3 says:

    I got 2 regular elders this week from social breeding. First combo that I used was Plant with Electric. Second combo that was successful was with Water and Earth. I already have another Elder in my habitat and all these happened after I reached level 98.

    • horrified3 says:

      Getting my 3rd elder in the past 10 days from social breeding now. Again, it happened using earth and water in social breeding.

  35. natblackwood says:

    Just want to double check – and sorry if I missed it – can elder and special elder live in EITHER elder or special elder habitat? Gosh I hope so…

  36. catherine says:

    To my surprise I got special elder at 22

  37. Lori says:

    Just got 48 hour breed time with Renewal and Bug. So weird! I was trying to get a Flower to evolve into new forms!

  38. Mottii says:

    Most of my elder monsters, including special, elder I got from breeding social monsters in different combinations all the time.

  39. PJ says:

    So are there any social breeding combinations for regular Elder?

  40. Erika says:

    I was trying for elder fire and got elder with Luck and Love

  41. Trixter says:

    Info about having to be over lvl 60 is wrong i got my elder special and normal under lvl 55

  42. ashley says:

    I cant get a regular elder. I have a mythic and regular special elder. Is it possible to get a regular elder with legendary and special elder or will it just give you another legendary?

  43. hi says:

    I can’t breed it iv been trying for months and only got ice elder anyone can help?

  44. Betchaann says:

    FINALLY got 48 hours with Duskfang & Sun! So happy!!!

  45. Dravenya says:

    Got it at last with mythic flower + mythic bug both level 10

  46. dazeq8 says:

    Hey noob
    Add this to the tips

    Elder + special elder = legendary

  47. shaRni0794 says:

    I know have 4 special elders and no matter what I do, can’t get a regular elder, have tried all combinations :( grrrr

  48. Gail says:

    37 hours is a special elder not a regular elder which is 48 hours. Also they can both live on either an elder habitat or a special elder habitat. So if you have room on either habitat they can be placed on either. I’m on iPad.

  49. Devendra says:

    Embareshade + Sun its awsome (37)

  50. BunnyMonster says:

    Got 48h with Bug and Flower! This will be my second one so now I can try to get the Mythic. :-)

  51. nickride says:

    Hey noob, do you know if elder can go in the special elder habitat, and vice versa?

  52. aime94sarah newID says:

    finally ! earth unity and ice friendship 37hour ! need a mythic now “,”

  53. Jess says:

    Bug (level 10) + Embershade (level 10) = Special Elder (first try) and Elder (second try)

  54. mafrajosch says:


    Elder + Special Elder = Legendary not Elder.

    Tryed 3 times, always the same.

  55. Lv2Tch says:

    Mythic sporespark level 5 + voltleaf level 10

  56. Frozen2013 says:

    Is the linked quest for the habitat the only way that I will be able to hatch this egg? Somehow I got 2 of this egg in a row and both are ready to be put in the proper habitat. I haven’t even gotten that quest set unlocked yet and it seems as though that particular quest set is going to take some significant time. Would it be better to cut my losses and and sell the eggs?

  57. july says:

    Im at level 25 do I have to be at a certin leve or finish mission befor I can get elder monsters??? And by the way love ur site ur so helpfull :)

  58. Sammybelle27 says:

    Hey noob, is there a mythic version for the special elder and do you know what the adult form looks like?

  59. kikimonster says:

    I used bug and mythic flower both leve 10l=48 hour breed time. I am assuming it is a regular Elder but its my first so I am happy! This was my third time in a row breeding flower and bug. On Kindle Fire.

  60. darkdisneyprincess says:

    Plant unity + water friendship

  61. Chay says:

    Ice Friendship & Earth Unity — got a 37 hrs special elder. I got this one easy and still can’t get an elder ice…boo hoo!

  62. brumcruzr says:

    Just got my Elder….I used the social breeding den with my Level 8 Plant Unity on the left and their Level 10 Electric Friendship on the right …. 1st try; and got 48 hours hatch….and it is definitely the Elder. I had tried all the other suggestions of Bug/Flower, etc. with no success, so tried this one instead and viola’!! Thank you for your suggestions Noob

  63. Ray says:

    yay! got 37-hour breeding time with voltleaf and sporespark!!!

  64. Michelle says:

    I just got it with mythic Darkscale(8) and mythic Embershade(8) on android. Woo hoo!

  65. Bobbiel says:

    How is the special Elder different. I see it in the shop it’s a different color then the regular elder from what I have seen on other peoples pages

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t know, I haven’t got it. Baby’s form is only have different color though (maybe it’s like elder elemental , adult form different).

    • Skippy says:

      As of now it takes exactly twice as much food to raise it compared to normal elder, and it still only gives 1 diamond per week at teen level.

  66. X1691x says:

    Lvl 10 on both bug mythic , flower mythic got 37 hrs mythic special elder .
    I have tryed mythic flower then bug for the elder two times it did not work for the elder

  67. michelle ramdeen says:

    Has anyone bred Elder on an android device? And what formula did you use?

  68. pounce44 says:

    noob, I’ve completed all of the steps of the Elder Monster Quest except for building the Elder Habitat (I guess it just skipped over that step?). What do you suggest?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      What are you trying to do? Elder monster can be bred without doing any quest. To have the habitat you need to finish the quest, but you said you already get it, so it should be no problem.

      • by pounce44 says:

        I want to build the elder habitat but it isn’t showing up as available even though I finished everything else on the quest. I have an elder egg but I can’t hatch it since I don’t have the habitat.

  69. AuroraDawn88 says:

    I can’t get my Elder monster to hatch. I have the Elder habitat and there are 2 open spaces but for some reason it says I don’t have the yet. HELP BECAUSE NOW I have 2 of the eggs in my 3 egg hatching spots!

  70. TinyMonster Lover says:

    Somebody told me Wildfreeze and Bug level 10 can get elder. It had a video for proof

  71. steve says:

    I got it from my in box, it was there for free, like a mail inbox. It allowed me to choose from a bunch of stuff I picked this. And the habitat

  72. Hazeybust says:

    Bug and mythic flower on I pad. 48 hrs finally

  73. JeJu7778 says:

    Spark lvl 10 + Flashfreeze lvl 10 on IOS.

    Good luck

  74. Kathy says:

    Are we only allowed 2 elder monsters, since that is all the habitat holds?

  75. C says:

    Last four social breeding den attempts gave me, using plant unity and electric friendship, Elder, Mythic Voltleaf, Mythic Elder and using plant unity and ice friendship gave me another Elder. All this week. Never got an Elder before that.

  76. Jogun says:

    Got my first elder by breeding my Water Friendship Monster with someone’s Earth Unity Monster. This was great because it doesn’t hold up my other breeding on the field. It also how I got my first Enigma monster as well.

  77. faeriegirls says:

    Immediately after breeding an Elder Ice monster i bred an Elder!! Used lv 10 Friendship Electric and Unity Fire – got both with same formula!!! (my first of each im on lv 77 now only need Puff monster and more mythics :)

  78. Crystal says:

    I was trying for a other lighthorn with my lvl 5 eeriewood and my lvl 5 lighthorn and it was during the x3 breeding for elders, lighthorn, legendary

  79. Heather Ann August says:

    I need some help. I completed all the steps in this quest and even have 2 elder monsters waiting, but the elder habitat isn’t and was never available. How can I get that so I can watch my monsters?

  80. tiruriru (ID: galimatias) says:

    Plant Unity (lvl 10) + Electric Friendship (lvl 10) two times in a row! The second one was mistic:)

  81. carl says:

    Trying for a Lighthorn with Embershade & Sun and got 48 hours instead. Works for me!

    • Samuel says:

      Me too. I used Embershade lv10 n Sun lv 5, and i got Elder. After 5 mths of waiting. Is worth the wait. Thanks for this combination.

  82. James says:

    Earth unity with water friendship in the social breeding den gave me 48 hours breeding time – could it be…

  83. Mikee4175 says:

    Finally!!!!!! Bug and Tree in the last few hours of the elder increase weekend, got my 48 hour breeding time!!!!!! Now I only have elder plant and the newest form of the bellows ( a few of the unity/friendship forms too) to have all of the monsters other then the limited ones I missed. I didn’t think I was ever going to get the elder, patience and persistence paid off! Thanks for this awesome site Noob!!!

    • Mikee4175 says:

      I’ve got an enigma egg in hibernation too, hoping it’s going to be a limited I don’t have. I’ve gotten 2 so far but both were buzzy, 375 diamonds for a retry I think is a bit ridiculous to ask, oh well.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hehe, congratulations :). You’re welcome, I am happy you finally got your elder :) (I haven’t got it :( ).

    • Cj says:

      Thanks, it worked for me also got it first try, then got a mystic elder also with the same breeding

  84. sophia says:

    if you breed two legendarys together, wold yo get an elder? or wold you just get another legendary.

  85. toast418 says:

    Umm… my elder monster seems to be breaking apart.
    he’s a swarm of floating pieces now.

    Is anyone else seeing this?
    or just a funky graphic with my game?

  86. MissLady says:

    Think you have to be level 60 not 50.
    I’ve still got 7 levels to go :(

  87. Eerie says:

    My Plant Unity with someone’s Ice Friendship.

  88. Barbara says:

    I bred mythic flower and frozenflame continuosly for a week, then bred bug with flower and got a 48hr. breed time. Truly mind boggling. I thought I could play the odds with a proven match that had worked before and then after bredding it ten/fifteen times with no real results I thought I would breed the two fire hybrids to try for the New Year 2014 limited monster. I just dont see any reason to the Elder madness, but this is what finally worked for me. Good luck to everyone who is trying.

  89. Kathy says:

    I just got my first elder monster with Pond and Silk! I was shocked, I was trying for Blushbug!

  90. Jeff (Android Low Price =Apple High says:

    Got Elder with Ice Friendship + Plant Unity was easy 15 try. Good luck. I hope Elder Ice with this combo and still trying :)

  91. Monfarm says:

    Finally got Elder with a level 10 zephyr and level 10 frost! And I still have my elder tree! Was trying for elder ice but super excited to get this next to impossible monster!

  92. Spook says:

    I just got my second Elder with social breeding den! My Plant Unity with Electric Friendship. I’m soooooo happy!

  93. Tony says:

    After about 5 tries (for blushbug) I got 48 hours!!!! Wooohooo! Renewal level10/Mythic Flower level8

  94. PrincessJ143 says:

    OMG! OMG!! I am finally complete with my mosterpdedia! Wooohoooo! I just got my Elder breeding with Ice723’s Adult Plant Unity level 10 against my Level 10 Favor Adult Ice Friendship Monster. I am soooo happy. I was going for an Elder Ice Monster hoping for another one. So Yay!!

  95. Najmulseher says:

    Hi Noob,
    If it weren’t for this website I m sure lots of people would have been lost
    or given up. Thanx for all your help and I hope you’ll
    have a prosperous new year.

  96. Fran says:

    Hi Noob,

    After getting my elder and mythic elder and following your instructions to a tee, still no diamonds!I have probably been waiting 2-3 weeks or longer. You mention above to follow fix instructions on main page, which main page plz??? I thought I am on elder’s main page. Many thanks and have a Terrific & safe Christmas season.

    • Jetson26 says:

      If you breed or move them it will reset count

    • awzium says:

      the fix error section is on the main page (the page that has all the monsters listed as links to their individual pages). scroll below the links to see a picture of Becky looking embarrassed. the info you want is there.

  97. Mmaree says:

    Are there any tried combos to get the elder monster? I’ve tried several above but none have worked yet.

  98. Adam says:

    Can we still get the Elder monster if we don’t cut down the tree? I’m not spending the money or wasting 275 diamonds on cutting it down.

  99. Ithrow45 says:

    Currently hatching my 3rd Elder and an earlier poster (Jeff) answered the question about what to do about more than 2 Elders.

  100. Heather Ann August says:

    How is it tht some ppl get multiple mobsters with the strangest combinations…And allegedly on the “first try” and others (like me) try for months w every combination available and get nothing. I’m almost over it.

  101. EmilyMarie says:

    Just got my first elder with ice friendship and plant unity after the 4th or 5th try. Also got my elder fire multiple times with this same combo. Strongly recommend this combo. Now trying for mythic elder =]

    • Tiny Kylie says:

      Did u breed social monsters to obtain this? And how do u do that without breeding socially with someone else?

  102. Mikkel says:

    Have you gotten Elder yet? :)

  103. Deminio says:

    I just had a third elder with mythic flower and frozenflame. Do I have to sell it , having already a full elder house? And if Someday i got a mythic one do I have to sell the others?Is having only 2 of them the only possibility ?

  104. Leslie says:

    Mythic flower and mythic renewal both level 10 thank you for posting.

  105. Reva says:

    Do you have to construct the appropriate new habitat for a monster before it’s egg will show up in the game? For instance, I built the shadow habitat and then suddenly the shadow egg showed up when i was breeding for something else. Is it a coincidence or do I need to build the elder habitat before I can breed an elder egg? thanks

  106. stschw says:

    Just breeding my third mythic limited thanksgiving monster, so I have time again for “ordinary” monsters like this one 😉

    Just looked into the encyclopedia and found (this monster only) a note beside the name “(30% off)”

    What does this mean, since you can’t buy it?

  107. Kimberly says:

    Finally got it with Magma and Cinder !!!!! Love this site noob you’re awesome

  108. lisa says:

    Is the Elder the only one to give diamonds? I have all the others (fire plant and earth) and I can’t put them in the elder habitat.

  109. Jeff (Android Low Price) says:

    Got around my 5 or 6 Elder with Water Friendship + Earth Unity third try. All Elder not mythic looks hard to get my green orbs was full samething for Gratitude. Good Luck

    • Jeff (Android Low Price) says:

      Elder monster again, 2 in a row with social breeding: Water friendship + Earth Unity. Both not Mythic this time red orb full.

      • Deminio says:

        Where do you put them? I only have one house for only 2 of them

        • Jeff (Android Low Price=Apple High) says:

          I Deminio the answer is very simple I sell all my Elder monsters after I have 2 of them no choice. 1 of my Elder is Level 10 and my second Level 8. If 1 day I got a Mythic my regular Level 10 will go in the Hall of Champion to have 1 regular and 1 Mythic in habitat for the visual only because both produce the same amount of Diamonds. It was possible for me to build very lots of Elder habitats this summer during a glich, was very $$$ in the game, I hesitate to build more than one and the day I think buid more than 1 is a good idear the glitch was remove. So it’s why some people have more than 1 Elder Habitat. Nice day Deminio

        • Jeff (Android Low Price=Apple High) says:

          I got 3 Elder monsters in my nursery the week is just finish now, so not good in a period of time we try to get limited monsters. But I read some weeks ago Noob doesn’t have Elder so I can’t complain about my situation. Good luck. I hope 1 day they increase Elder Habitat capacity for monsters.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Hehe, yes I still haven’t got elder :(.

        • Jeff (Android Low Price=Apple High) says:

          It’s a lot more easy to have Mythic monster on Apple device. My dead Apple device around Level 21 was almost same amount of mythic then my actual Android Level 98. My dead Apple around Level 46 was more mythic than my Android Level 98. Don’t discourage Noob you will get 10 Elder before I get a mythic Elder using 2 Elder together, so offen new monster it’s remove time for trying Elder Mythic. My first try (2 Elder together) fail and all Elder I get with social breeding was at least Red orb full each time and no success for mythic. Having mythic on Android is score a winning goal in NHL (National Hockey League of Canada and USA) in qualifying round :) Good luck

  110. Luichoy says:

    OMG OMG I got the Elder monster!!! Plant Unity & Electric Friendship in social breeding =D

    • Luichoy says:

      And it’s Mythic!! Yay! Been trying for few weeks -amongst constant game crashing- in social breeding cave which produced Shadows, Voltleafs & LOADS of Sporesparks… worth the wait.

    • Heather Ann August says:

      I have tried this combination at least 30 times. I always…ALWAYS..Get Sporespark….Wait.. I lied. Occasionally I will get shadow which JUST annoys me because it takes an entire day to incubate…None of the other combinations have worked yet either…

  111. basaro says:

    My elders do not produce diamonds, I’ve had them for months!

    I am still using the old (non-social) version of this game, so I’m not sure if it’s because the bug is only fixed in the social version.

    Does anyone have the non-social version of this game which produces diamonds with your elder habitats?

    I haven’t tried contacting TinyCo yet, but I have a feeling they will just say to upgrade to new version, which I’m afraid will cripple the app on my device since old version runs poor already.

  112. Fran says:

    After months and months of no success with elder I was trying for elder ice this morning with a combination I have tried hundreds of times, bug and flower, just got 48 breed time and mythical on top of it, Whoo Hoo!!!

    • Fran says:

      Figured I would attempt the quest of mythical elder since my royal radish is growing, used same formula as few days ago, bug and flower and low and behold another 48 hour breed time! Again mind you, I have used this combination hundreds of times in the past. I guess my droid likes that combo right now! !! Life is good! !!

      • Fran says:

        Hi Noob,

        Again, absolutely love your site-keep up the good work!!! Silly ?, do you have to get your elder to a ten since it turns into an adult at level 8 for the diamonds to generate, just curious, many thanks!!!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          No, you don’t. Remember that you need to wait for one week for diamodns, if the diamonds are still not appearing then follow fix error section on the main page. Many people have encountered this problem.

        • Fran says:

          Hi Noob,

          What main page for the fix section? I thought I was on the main page for elder? Many thanks and have a Terrific & Safe Christmas season!!!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          main page = where you can see monster list

  113. Kys (ID : TinyKys) says:

    I just received my third with Aurora and Frostbeam.

  114. Bob112 says:

    What level do you unlock elder habitat?

  115. Nico1 says:

    Does it do any good to level up to 9 or 10? Does it change forms or anything? You don’t get more diamonds, so why level up

  116. Jeff (Android Low Price) says:

    Got it with Ice Friendship + Earth Unity in this weekend we need Ghost monster at all cost, no social breeding for 2 days now, not lucky, good weekend

    • Jeff (Android Low Price) says:

      It was around 7 or 8 tries. From lots of week if I do 6 tries or least I always got same monsters, the only manners to have different monsters is around 7 tries and more. The quality to playing very lot like me is able to see thinks other people not see :) hope it’s help others people :) Nice day all :)

  117. Dee says:

    Got this by accident with teen eclipse and solar flare

  118. shadow11 says:

    Got it with bayou and frostbeam

  119. BlackX5M says:

    Just got a Mythic Elder with Steadfast and Luck, both Level 10. Finally! Only 7 more monsters to finish the Monsterpedia.

  120. TinyHoni says:

    I got mine with Sonar teen mystic and eclipse teen, trying for another eclipse. Way random, I think its just luck, there is no pattern, I have tried all the combos above I could and nothing. This is just random. But love this sight.

  121. ID: ShadowEm99 says:

    Has anyone got Elder monster without clear the elder tree??

  122. jonas says:

    Is there any advantage to evolve the Elder from level 8 to 10?

  123. Heather Ann August says:

    Oh for the love of Christ!!!!!!!!….I have been trying to breed an elder monster for almost a month. I have tried every combination. Occasionally I stop and try to breed eclipse. That’s an epic fail too. None of the combinations above for elder work for me. I am at the right level…Cleared my tree..Did everything the Tiny Monster Gods requested of me….And I get NOTHING!!!!…. super annoyed

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I haven’t got elder too XD. Keep trying.

    • Jeff (Android High Price) says:

      These days I’m trying to have Grimbolt, my last fail is 48h (Elder) it’s my third not mythic Elder so I will sell it. I lost 2 days my breeding Den. I use Cinder + Bug (Mythic) both level 10. Somes weeks ago I use: Sporespark Mythic with Voltleaf Mythic and Got: Electric, Plant, Elder. After that I take 2 different monsters for 3 breeding and I come back to the formula I use to got my first Elder: Sporespark Mythic with Voltleaf Mythic and got it first try this second time. it’s always fonctionning in Tiny Monster. I write all my combo (Breeding). Good luck Heather, I give you a big legal trick for this game :)

      • Heather Ann August says:

        I have tried sporespark/voltleaf (mythic) 400 times…Not really…But may as well…And I always get electric. Part of my problem is some of the other suggested monsters are ones I dnt have because I can never get the right combo to breed them (i.e. Buzzy) and I refuse to spend diamonds to just buy the eggs.

        • Jeff (Android High Price) says:

          Finally noob found for us the problem, Grimbolt is only unlock to buy, impossible to breed and like he said like each week around thursday it wil become breedable. Every week stuff stop at exact same moment and things begin at 2 different moments Nice day.

        • Catm75 says:

          How does that work with things being able to be bread only at certain times/days of the week? I’m assuming this is a game played worldwide so how difficult do they want to make it??
          I missed Eclipe and was breeding everyday, gettin 6million sonars (hee hee, I know how frustrated Heather is!!) and when servers are unavailable and issues occur, does TinyCo apologise with some diamonds or breeding bonus?!! Ahhhhggg! :)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          It can work just choose specific time zone, and the time will follow accordingly, Friday for some country maybe Thursday on some country. However, I believe it’s not a good idea.

  124. KellieS2013 says:

    Does clearing the tree really boost your chance or is it just a gimmick to get you to use your diamonds and buy more?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I believe yes, but increased chance from 1% to 2% ….. maybe can’t be perceived

    • Fran says:

      I paid through diamonds to clear my tree many, many, many months ago, still no elder! !! I have my plant and earth elders along with their mythics but again no elder, guess I’ll still keep on breeding! !!

  125. Susan says:

    Flicker and Flitter equals an Elder monster. Too bad it wasn’t Mythic. I was actually trying for another Eclipse.

  126. Kys (ID : TinyKys) says:

    I got Elder with Mythic Flower and Mythic Renewal, after 3 other try (flower, fire, elder plant)
    Very good formula.

  127. TM says:

    I got Elder with my plant unity and a friend’s electric friendship. Trying for Elder Fire but I’m super happy with the results 😀

    • TM says:

      I just got mythic elder with my plant unity and a friend’s electric friendship. I can’t believe my luck the last 2 days! 2 elders and the new eclipse!

  128. Minou5550 says:

    Got two in a row with renewal lv10 and flower lv10

  129. Shanen says:

    I have two elder monsters. I have never received the diamonds that we are supposed to collect from the habitat. Is that a bug?

  130. Mony68 says:

    Where i can find my inbox?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      where did you saw it first time? if you only heard about it but never saw it probably your game was not updated to the latest version.

    • Marina Edmondson says:

      If u open your nursery an envelope should come up. That is the mail box which TM will use to deliver things u didn’t get credit for if u sent them a ticket. If not there u need to update.

  131. basaro says:

    Got two in a row with mythic bug and renewal while trying for elder elementals. Lately these have been pretty common and I’m officially sick of them lol

    • Heather Ann August says:

      Hmmmm…I dnt think I have a mythic bug. I’m missing so many basics to be on the level I am on..And to have been playing as long as I have

  132. raybens says:

    Just got my first elder off of a plant unity and an electric friendship.

  133. Hamm says:

    Just got a mythic elder on iOS trying for elder fire with flower and mythic renewal both level 10

  134. saraunderc0ver says:

    I was able to unlock an elder monster out of my inbox, and now I’m waiting for it to hatch. Anyone else get things in their inbox?

  135. Too much of a good thing! Bug and Flower = Elder. Rewnewal and FLower = Elder (3rd and 4th). Trying for Fire Elder. Doesn’t seem I can buy another Elder habitat. Is that right Noob? Just 1 per game or do I have to do something special to be able to buy another?

  136. Ehlana (TinyID=Flutee) says:

    Mythic Bug + Mythic Renewal = Normal Elder (my second one on iPad)

  137. Deminio says:

    And now my second one with blossom and mountain also level 10. My lucky day!!!!

  138. Gma Of 10 says:

    Oh my goodness! Got 2 in a row with Bug and Mythic Flower! On iOS. Hope it works for others.

  139. Deminio says:

    Very very happy!!!!!!!! Just got it with friendship electric and unity plant

  140. I just got 48 hr with mythic frozenblaze & mythic boreal on I-phone. I was trying for fire elder and was surprised when I saw the breeding time. This is my 1st Elder Monster and it is mythic.

  141. jayjay says:

    hey Noob, do you got the have all the monsters before you can breed the Elder monster or is just completing the quest enough?

  142. Tim says:

    I was trying for elder fire but instead got Elder with level 5 Renewal (L) and level 10 Mythic Bug (R)

  143. Cristina says:

    I’m trying for Elder forever , i have the habitat an already tried all formulas suggested, and nothing. I’m very disapointed.

  144. quay914 says:

    Every combo I use gives me air for all the elements. Can anyone give me a good combo for the elder elements on android please.

  145. Gma Of 10 says:

    Got 48 hours with bug and mythic flower. Yay! Was trying for elder fire, but I’m happy to get Elder Monster. :-)

  146. 2nd Elder in 2 days after trying for months! Was trying for Elder fire with bug and flower. I’m level 74

  147. OMG! Think I finally got it after 2 months trying! L10 Mythic cinder left L10 Mythic bug right = 48hrs hurray

  148. Danabfly says:

    Mythic cinder and buzzy = Elder! What a nice surprise, my second good fortune today (just got Elder Plant as well)!

  149. basaro says:

    Got my second elder with mythic bug and mythic flower. Also got enigma and 2 plants so far…

  150. Jeff (Android High Price) says:

    Sporespark Mythic with Voltleaf Mythic. I use this combo a week ago and got: Electric, Plant, Elder. I try Bug Mythic and one other combo without success. I come back to Sporespark Mythic with Voltleaf Mythic and got Elder first try this time. 2 Elder now. So I discover a big trick with Tiny Monsters and Tiny Castle. If you got a limited monster with a combo. Make a different combo 2 time and comeback to the combo you got the limited monster and Bingo you will got your second limited monsters. I try this tricks many time always success. Nice Day

  151. Keri says:

    Two in a row with plant unity (mine) and electric friendship (friend’s)
    : )

  152. kuggas says:

    got 3rd one using buzzy left level 10 right sporespark level 10

  153. rseman says:

    I got two in a row with the combination of Spitfire & Cinder. I tried many others over the past couple months to no avail.

  154. jamavros says:

    Just got 48 hours with voltleaf and sporespark

  155. mrckwtkw says:


    Do I need to finish any particular quest before I will be able to get Elder through normal or social breeding?


  156. Just got an Elder Monster by breeding my social Electric Friendship Monster w/ a friends Earth Unity Monster (both lvl 8) – was trying for second Elder Plant Monster (1st gotten w/ My Love & Luck – both lvl 10) to try for pretty mythic version…..not complaining AT ALL!! PSYCHED….still waiting for my Elder Habitat to finish “building” so it works our perfectly….trying to be patient instead of blowing massive amounts of diamonds (&money) b/c I’m extremely impatient when it comes to this game. Anyway, good luck too all, hope this helps someone :-)

  157. Azza says:

    Can you breed two legendary monsters to get any of the elder monsters like this one and the elder earth and plant????

  158. Lenny says:

    Hello!!! Just got my second Elder with :

    Plant unity + Electric friendship!! So excited!!!

  159. ENDL3SSSKY says:

    Ok so after months of not gettin it i decided to chop down the tree, ive gotten 2 elders in the past 2 days using L-10-mythic bug and R-10-mythic renewal. Pretty happy tiny id: M1KEJONES

  160. ny ando says:

    Noob I have a question. Can an elder be put in a special habitat?

  161. Raven84 says:

    Do you have to chop down the elder tree before being able to hatch the Elder Monster?

  162. ravengirl says:

    Just got my third Elder while I was going for elder plant so I didn’t need him and it’s actually annoying that he is taking up my den for two days now lol but since I was so frustrated getting my first I wanted to share the formula anyway so I hope that it helps someone else

    Mythic Renewal level 5 and Flower level 10

  163. chris says:

    Is there a limit to when you can actually breed a elder monster? What I mean is. Is there a quest that must be complete first.. i kno bout the quest for habitat…bit not elder.

  164. kuggas says:

    got elder with flower level 10 left renewal at the right level 10

  165. Alfredo says:

    Sporespark & Voltleaf both 10. Going for buzzy got 48 hr breeding.

    • Hutch says:

      i got it twice with this formula! My third Elder was Mythic Sporespark + Buzzy.

    • Jeff (Android High Price) says:

      Sporespark Mythic with Voltleaf Mythic, first try got Electric regular(14 hours), second try Got Plant regular (18 min) Third try got Elder regular (48 hours) my first ever Elder very thanks kuggas. I try Spitfire with Cinder 2 times before with result of Burst and seacliff. Nice days

  166. wishing well says:

    Eeriewood lvl 10 and mythic renewal 10

    Oh and it’s Mythic too! So happy, my first ever! (level 76).
    Got this formula from Elder Plant page, thank you JasmineChin:)

  167. Lenny says:

    Biggest surprise!! Trying for buzzy with level 10 Sporespark + Votleaf and got 48 hours!! Yeii

  168. Kat (ID kat22297) says:

    I FINALLY got 48 hours breed time with sporespark & voltsleaf, both level 10 on iPhone 5. Got a million electrics/sporesparks with this combo but it did pay off as I was giving up to try for a Buzzy, typical!

  169. BunnyMonster says:

    I’ve got an 8th level Elder. Is it of any use to raise it to level 10 or is it only a waste of food? You can’t get more than 3 diamonds a week anyway.

  170. franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

    how does this even happen? i got one with flower and renewal (trying for elder plant) then did my friendship ice with someone’s unity plant (once again trying for elder plant) and got another one. i got two elders being hatched at the same time now.

  171. Ellen says:

    Flower (lvl 10) + Mythic Renewal (lvl 10) = Elder on iPhone 5

    I had actually given up on breeding the Elder and was trying for Elder Plant with this same combo. This was about my 6th try. I’m not going to complain. I can wait for the Elder Plant now that I finally have the Elder monster.

  172. Anon says:

    And seems like I’ve got a glitch… I’m now building my 2nd elder habitat, not gonna complain!
    This is one lucky weekend!

    • tempnosliw says:

      I was wondering if a second Elder Habitat could be built. I have a third Elder breeding, but no place to put it when it hatches. I don’t have the option to buy another habitat. Is there a way to get a second habitat?

    • jamavros says:

      I got a great glitch over valentines day, my love farm and diamond makers (I don’t remember what they were called, love fountains or something) kept letting me collect over and over again. I got up to 15,000 diamonds and 1.5M food before I got bored and figured that was enough. When I closed and went back in it was not doing it anymore but I still had all the goods from it, kind of figured it was a one time glitch.

      • Jeff (Android High Price) says:

        I got the same glich has you for the love farm just before it disapears I was very low level it’s one of the reason I’m level 96 today. Naturrally at very low was not buying crystals producer… buy it later… It was same has you I go to one of my 5 other games I play all the time and come back to Tiny Monsters and it Was finish. Just see I was not the only one lol.

  173. Anon says:

    Woohoo… After multiple tries, finally got an elder egg with electric friendship + plant unity. And a second coming up just after it, with mythic tree + mythic mountain, both level 10. Now to try for a mythic elder.

  174. Bttrflygrl says:

    Mountain n mythic tree= 48 hrs. I’m elated

  175. Tiny Fan says:

    got two elders in a row…by breeding a friendship and unity monster together!

  176. PegAlex says:

    Thanks for all the support here! I am now at level 59.
    1) Elder Earth CAN be purchased 895 Diamonds
    2) I cannot find it now, but yesterday, I saw the elder habitat for sale… but it said that it was Locked until level 60. Elder is not available for sale today.

    no questions here.. just sympathy other players trapped by this game. =) open quests:
    ) Phineas still needs 2nd flamegust or zephy
    ) Becky needs light or dark legacy
    ) Phineas needs mythic electric and water
    ) Phineas needs puff
    ) becky still wants an elder earth

  177. Quintb says:

    Blossom and gratitude = 48 hour breeding time (iOS)

  178. SteamPunk28 says:

    Does anyone have a good combo for android? I got one using icefloe and freeze but it’s not working and nothing else is either, I’m stuck! Pls help??

    • Tiny Fan says:

      i have an andriod. it took me almost 10 lvls before getting lucky. its random, however you have a greater chance of getting rare monsters by using a friendship and unity monster together. good luck!

  179. Volpe says:

    Ok so I have my elder habitat and one monster from the quest. This weekend I was able to breed 2 more by trying for the elder earth. So now I have more than i can fit in the habitat but it seems like I am screwed. The habitat only holds 2 elders but there looks to be no way to get another…is there anyway to get another habitat at this point?

      • rob cutler says:

        Feel lucky, I have 2 elder habitats and still can’t get a single elder monster. Why don’t you upgrade your habitat? For 7M you can get an upgraded elder habitat which holds 3 monsters.

    • PegAlex says:

      I thought that elders could live on specialties….

      I have been clearing level 10s to Hall of Champs so that I can start thinning the “normal” habitats to make room for specials.

  180. Alex says:

    Got it with Mythic Flover 10lvl and Bug 10lvl. Unbelievable. Something has should broken up in the game this was the only reason, no doubt. But now it hangs up constantly. every time to enter the game I have to uninstall it and reinstall again. Now I know the secret pover of elder monster….. :)

  181. Cat says:

    Omg! I got my second 48 hours using electric friendship and a fire unity! Yay for the weekend boost! :)

  182. kuggas says:

    hi,noobb if i haven’t complete elder quest can i hatch a elder monster ?
    t h x

  183. Xenoeclipse says:

    Do you have to spend any diamonds compulsory to get the elder monster?

  184. Xenoeclipse says:

    Clear the elder tree 55/275 why is there 2 prices?

  185. intrinsicat says:

    Just got this with Level 10 Renewal and Level 8 Mythic Flower trying for an Elder Earth

  186. Brian says:

    Solarflare and eeriewood on first try ever for an elder, wow that was great!

  187. Can you tell me where and how to find the Elder Tree? I have 5 moutains

  188. Joseph says:

    Finally got an elder monster!
    Got a 48 breed time by using:

    Level 5 mythic Blossom
    Level 10 mythic mountain

  189. Jenger says:

    Sporespark and Voltleaf both level ten. Tried for the Renewal but got 48 hours, first try. It has to be an Elder monster. I am on an iPad. I have never got one this easy. Thought I should share.

  190. Alfredo says:

    FINALLY!! 48hr breed time when I put my Earth unity with friends Water friendship .

  191. Isy says:

    How can I get another Elder habitat? I already sold off an Elder because the habitat can only contain 2. Another one’s on its way and I’m trying for an Elder Earth as well.

  192. m94sarah says:

    get my third one with bug and flower both mythic lvl 10 .. and still no elder earth :(

    • Ellen says:

      I wish I could trade you! I can’t get the Elder Monster. I have bred 4 Elder Earth Monster’s with Blossom and Luck. Also, I have just started breeding all my mythic monsters. trying different combos and still get Elder Earth.

      I am currently trying your formula and so far I have bred a light monster and now have a 34 hour hatch time. I’ll keep trying.

      • Isy says:

        I wish we can also trade. I have bred 3 Elders and another one’s on the way (while I was trying for Elder Earth with Mountain + Tree).

  193. david says:

    Do i need to complete all elder quest to breed it? I have the elder habitat already

  194. id : maka2 says:

    i have a “tiny monsters guide”(its an app) in ipod and that says we can get elder at level 60

  195. Gail says:

    Can I breed an elder earth with an elder to get an elder?

  196. Gail says:

    Lvl 10 bug with Lvl 8 flower. 48 hrs. YEAH!!! Was going for a second Renewal.

    • poucheman says:

      I have tried that 46 times (counted) and have got nothing. Im level 94 btw

      • Gail says:

        I am level 77. I just bred bug 10 and flower 8 again, spent 1 diamond in the mythic orb after selecting breeders and got a mythic elder. Super lucky I guess. Wish you luck.

  197. Shadow (ID: ShadowEm99) says:

    Do you need to be at certain lvl to get this monster and build its habitat?? Thanks :)

  198. Hamm says:

    48 hours on social breeding with ice/plant friendship. Using iOS.

  199. Marc says:

    Hi there,

    I was trying for a Cinder, but got 48 hours breedingtime…..
    Left mythic Tree lv 10 and right mythic flashfreeze lv 10


  200. Kelly says:

    Trying for renewal monster with bug (10) and flower (10) on ipad and just got 48 hour breed time. I hadn’t even tried to breed Elder yet so that is a bonus :)

  201. Ehlana (tinyid=Flutee) says:

    Renewal + mythic Flower = elder earth on both iPhone and IPad – soooo happy and yet confused as there is no earth element in either!

    Tried combo again and now happily gestating and Elder (48 hours) on iPad!!! Even happier!

  202. TinyDrew says:

    Do you need to keep all of the decorations on your islands top get the elder

  203. I'd=puffyone says:

    Hi noob:) your work is much appreciated!
    I just got an Elder with
    Mythic River level 5 earth habitat and
    Sea Cliff level 5 in the water habitat!
    Pretty lucky Huh!!! :-) :-) :-)

  204. Babs says:

    Hi I’ve just got my 2nd Elder using the same combo that I used when I got my 1st one. Mythic Magma level 10 in earth habitat on the Left & level 10 cinder in fire habitat on the Right. I’m playing on the iPhone. I hope this helps you to obtain your elder monster :)

    • tuwince says:

      Yeah that’s right! I got two elder using same combo and 1 is mythic was aiming for cinder for the prophecy 9/13 quest though but elder was way better 😀

  205. Pixie (tiny ID: Lyxnaria) says:

    This is just a question out of curiosity:
    I know it’s technically possible to get an Elder without clearing the elder tree (since it just boosts the chance), but has anyone actually gotten an Elder that way?

  206. Celine says:

    I got 2 elders using bug and flower, but I could not get a mythic elder. How to get mythic elder? Any advice?

  207. Pam says:

    I am working on the elder quest and they want me to clear the elder tree. Where is this tree?

  208. aslesha says:

    there’s a new monster on the monsterpedia…elder earth

  209. barbara214 says:

    Solarflare level 5 and mythic Sun level 5 gave me an Elder. I noticed that many of the successful combos were the same elements but opposite of each other like icefloe/freeze so tried solarflare/sun as failure would result in fire or sun or light. At worst another solarflare. All short breeding times compared to icefloe/freeze. Hope this combo helps someone.

  210. shibby says:

    Mythic Freeze + mythic ice flow first time trying for elder thought I had done that one before trying for something else but oh well :-)

  211. m94sarah says:

    just have my second elder in a week with electric friendship and plant unity x)

  212. Sally says:

    I got two elders the same week using freeze and iceflow both level 10.

  213. Jackson says:

    Got Elder with mythic cinder (lv10) and magma (lv10). Hooray! Thank you.

  214. ravengirl says:

    I have been trying so hard for a second Indepedence but got surprised with a second Elder instead!! regular Flamegust and mythic Inferno both level 10

  215. Julie says:

    Finally got my Elder!!! Freeze and Icefloe. On android. Yay!

  216. ice723 says:

    Got a third elder all with the magma and cinder combi

  217. scorpiobabe says:

    Second Elder using Mythic Magma and Cinder, both 10, on iPhone.
    Did have to wait for two shadows using this combo, tho.
    Voltleaf/Sporespark and Freeze/Iceflow didn’t work for me :(

    • MimiMonster says:

      Nothing but 3 shadows with this combo even on extra chance weekend. All combos listed have been a bust. Legendary has been an easy monster for me compared to dimspike, enigma and elder.

      • Lucy says:

        Same here….for the life of me I can’t get Enigma or Elder. I gave up trying to breed Flitter and bought it. Luck is not on my side. I guess I won’t be taking a trip to Vegas anytime soon!!

  218. Sarah says:

    Got a second elder today with my earth unity and someones water friendship:3

  219. ice723 says:

    How many elders can live in the habitat?

  220. Chad Moore says:

    Just got 2 elder monsters in a row (one being mythic) due to the weekend breeding advantages:
    Mythic cinder (armadillo) lvl10 & magma (scorpion) lvl 10

  221. Slippdah says:

    Icefloe lv 10 + freeze lv 8, first try

    • Sarah says:

      This worked first try for me too! yay! He was the last remaining gettable one for me :3

    • MimiMonster says:

      I don’t believe it. Mythic freeze and ice floe finally gave me an enigma. I tried this combo many times and it finally works on increased breeding chances weekend. I’m shocked. Hopefully it’s not love or luck which I always get. Still happy not to get air for a change!

    • Susan says:

      Icefloe and Freeze first try for me thanks to you Slippdah

      • Susan says:

        Oh, Mischief Kitty. You suggested that combo first. Well, I am happy. Thank you too. Just wish it were a mythic one. Now I have two though.

  222. Mischief Kitty says:

    Been trying for another Elder for awhile now and tried the suggested Iceflow and Freeze, got it on the first try! Would really recommend trying that combo.

  223. Nkm says:

    Mythic zephyr and mythic flower (both level 10)

  224. quay914 says:

    Can anyone tell me what successful combo you use on Android.

  225. scorpiobabe says:

    Just got Elder using Cinder lv 10 (L) and Mythic Magma lv 10 (R) on iPhone :)

    • scorpiobabe says:

      Tried for another with this combo but got 26 hours, so must be another Air – the down side of having to breed two hybrids

      • I'd=puffyone says:

        OMG!!!! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou
        Been trying all other combos for two
        whole months!!! Mind you I have
        Gained 5 levels and 10 awesome little
        Critters!!! Thank You to Noob for your
        Amazing effort in providing this “Bible”

        • I'd=puffyone says:

          Unbelievable!!! Second try got me,
          wait for it, a Mythic Firework!!!!!!!
          I sure am SMILING :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

      • I'd=puffyone says:

        Just got 2nd Elder with mythic Voltleaf
        and mythic Spark! Luckiest day ever!!!

  226. Sarah says:

    Question regarding one of the notes, would a mythic elder bred with a mythic legendary/legacy result in a mythic legendary or a normal one?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm, I don’t know about it sorry, maybe others can tell you. Or please try it by yourself and report it here XD (for other monsters, you need to use same level creatures to breed sure mythic version; EXample: mythic frozenflame level 7 with mythic frozenflame level 7)

  227. Ashley says:

    I truly do not believe it is possible to get the elder monster until you complete all quests that is on this site, I
    think it is about three different quests, You have to get the keys which are stones, all for the main elements,

    first will be fire, then earth, plant, Ice, electric, air, shadow, and then finally the light stone! These take forever! This site shows the quests you must complete! which is so helpful! Best site on the web!

    Also I do not believe it is possible to get an Elder until your past level 62, since you can not clear the big elder tree on the fifth mountain until your on level 62!

    I have been working on the quests for two months now! They r time consuming and u need a lot of food because it calls for all monsters to be adults in order for the quests to complete! So make sure to feed monsters to level 8.

    Another important note—make sure you have Mythic Versions of all Base Elements— aka fire, earth, plant, ice, air, shadow, and light. (Plus they must be Adults for the quest to complete)

    You also should try and save as many coins as possible because things get really pricey. 5 million coins for elder habitat, 7 million for the fifth expansion, and 275 Diamonds to clear the elder tree!

    I hope this helps people that are trying for the elder monster, it seems tough but I think it will be worth it! I’m still trying to complete the quests so don’t get discouraged guys!

    Noob you have the best site on the web by the way!

    Tiny I’d: ashleyjv

    • noobbgodlike says:

      But the fact is there are many people who have gotten elder monster without clearing tree, reaching level 62 and finish the quest (you can ‘t hatch it though, since you can’t build elder habitat :D).

      Thanks for the compliment XD. I have cut the elder tree but never got elder TAT..

    • devinn says:

      in regards with the stone keys, i think you only receive them if you get a Legacy of each element. i put a legendary to the dream room and ended with a plant legacy which suddenly gave me a stone key. its a pain in the ass using up diamonds to cycle random legacy in the dream room, i used up 125 diamonds to get that plant legacy, coz i already have 5 different legacies.

      yeah, i’m still trying for an elder monster

  228. CreamTangeriine says:

    Just had to come thank everyone who recommended Iceflo & Freeze – this worked for me on my 2nd try on iPhone… And I was lucky enough to get mythic!!!

    If it helps at all I did clear the egret elder also.

    WOO – I’m so stoked!! ^____^

  229. H says:

    Hi, I don’t have the Elder monster but from reading your 4th note I get the impression that it produces Diamonds. Is that correct?

  230. tiger24 says:

    Do you have to be a certain level to obtain the elder egg

  231. ot says:

    Whoo hoo i got 48hrs with cinder+magna 1st try

  232. Alchimista Cremisi says:

    I’ve tried to give it from he was appear, but after a milion of tried, I’ven’t found him…..
    There are people that have twice!!!!

  233. Isy says:

    Hi. Anybody got an elder without having to cut down the Great Elder Tree, which I happen to like hence my hesitation in cutting it down?

  234. ice723 says:

    Level 10 magma and level 10 cinder sg3 just got my first elder….I unlocked the elder habitat yesterday just waiting to get 5 million coins to build it

  235. Andrea says:

    I bred a level 10 mountain and a level10 flower ang got 18 hours I have no idea what it is I did not see it on the breeding chart any ideas

  236. Andrea says:

    I invited a relative to play tiny monsters on a new device she excepted and I played all the way through the tutorial on her phone it had a thing pop up on her phone that said collect reward from invite so I clicked accept it has been 2 days and I still have not been able to hatch my unity monster because it says no one accepted my invite but she did and all u née is 1 person what happened? What went wrong???

  237. TinyFlow28 says:

    I just got 48hrs using mythic icefloe (lvl 10) on (R) and mythic freeze (lvl 5) on (L). WOW have been trying since I cleared the tree. I tried bug+flower but many airs, shadows, and flower monsters so I switch and used mythic icefloe and mythic freeze and got it! so souped!

    • TinyFlow28 says:

      Just got second elder monster using the same monsters of mythic icefloe (L) and mythic freeze monster! 48hrs

  238. medusa-x5-452 says:

    I’m a bit baffled by what has transpired, with what my game said was an alder monster… if I recall correctly, the egg initially looked similar to that of a legendary. however it said that it was an Elder. So when I put it to sleep it said see what it develops into..? I put it in the resting/maturing spot & when it came out as a teen, it was a turkey/cornucopia looking Gratitude monster… but why didn’t it stay an elder & look as cool as the picts on it’s page? why did it morph?? any ideas? what did I miss here?? thanks noob!
    also, sidenote, do I bother spending the next 24 hours continuing to try for the Solstice b/f it disappears?? or should I work on the fireworks/independence monsters?
    also, if I have a regular & mythic of multiple monsters, is there a use in saving multiple mythics of same monster?? I know you said if I don’t have the mythic, then keep 2 regular to breed for a mythic. however, not sure if I should keep doubles of my mythic?
    and can we make friends with you in the elder tree/unity mission?? i’d like to see your set up! the random one’s I’ve visited thus far only seem to have a couple habitats & I have 3 islands maxed out with a plethora of every habitat, max farms, etc. i’d like to make friends with some players who are also at the high levels, just to see the different set-up & decos!
    thanks for all your assistance & responses to the questions. and I love that I have no clue of your gender! it makes me smile, if ya know what I mean! take care & hope to hear back!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Then it means you don’t get elder. Check breeding result chart for the egg picture.
      For solstice , it’s all up to you, but my motto is never give up until it’s over.
      Saving multiple mythic only useful for multi forms monsters (frozenflame, etc) so you will get mythic version again later.
      Unity need fresh device.

      Use enters next time you write long comments…

      • medusa-x5-452 says:

        thanks noob, will do (on enter to seperate)!

        and you’re totally right… it was actually a yellow enigma egg that morphed into the gratitude. but now I have a better understanding of the multi-form monsters.

        therefore, also thanks for info/advice regarding keeping multiple mythic of same monster! you got this down!

        now if I can just get these last few tough ones, all will be well!!

  239. StarCatcher says:

    I got an elder with flame gust and vapour. I was trying for puff /independence. Using IPad

  240. aslesha says:

    level 73 on android. was trying for an enigma with level 10 marine and level 10 icefloe. got an elder instead.

  241. TinyStarrable says:

    So I’m stuck at the “Earth Keys” quest to get the elder habitat. It says to have at least 12 earth hybrids and I have more than 12. What do I do?

  242. ENDL3SSSKY says:

    So ive tried icefloe/freeze for a while now and no luck does anyone have a better combo to try?

    • Lorie Lu Lu says:

      Same thing here with love & luck on the iPad.
      Maybe tinyco has changed their program?
      So I’m looking for another combination too.
      Wish you luck on finding a new combination that works.

    • Lorie Lu Lu says:

      I just used freeze first then ice flow and got a 48 hour breeding time. Try your combination the other way around.

  243. Rick Tiny ID delta5080 says:

    Really appreciate this guide. I have used it countless times for various needs but never commented. I am not sure how I got hooked on this game but I played it daily for more than a year now. Thanks Noob for the guide.

    It took more than 10 tries but finally got my elder with freeze/icefloe. What is the diamond earn rate? Again thanks.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you’re welcome :D. For diamond rate you can see the post above. Elder monsters generate diamonds instead of coins, that’s why I wrote diamonds earning rate.

    • Lorelai40 (ID: Lorelai40) says:

      Tks Rick for those words to Noob, cause I wished I could have said them to him earlier…if my English were good enough… Lol
      By the way, NOOB, I d like to strongly recommend a new game for you to follow in your site: DRAGON STORY (TeamLava/Storm8). I don t know if it s possible for you here (since it s not from TinyCo), but it s SO cool, amazing graphics, same way of TM (breeding and hatching beautiful kinds of Dragons)… Sorry, I don t have the intention to do any marketing on it, but to convince YOU to play it first. It s free and it s for IOS and Android. I m and advanced player there.
      Sorry again if this comment is clumsy here, but if you could add this game to your Guide, it will be a great help!

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Yeah that game seems quite popular :D. However I am on the process of creating Jurassic story guide. It’s very nice IMO. Will look into dragon story later.

        • Lorelai40 (ID: Lorelai40) says:

          Ok, I understand, see it when you will be able to, just promise me you ll do it… Lol.
          P.S.: what does your IMO and AT mean? Lol.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          lol, I can’t promise it.
          IMO = in My Opinion
          TAT= kinda like emoticon, persons crying.

    • Jen says:

      Thank you!!! I just completed the Elder 18/18 quest and promptly went here to see what combo to use and tried you Freeze and IceFlow and 48 hours right out of the gate.

      Thanks Rick!

  244. TinyDrew says:

    Did anyone on android try iceflow and freeze and got the elder monster?

    • carla says:

      Yes I got 1 other day with that tried it other way and other combos with no luck.2nd try that way and got it :-)

  245. IGORs (tiny id Igor1278) says:

    impossible, I do not come out with any formula, I tried them all a dozen times, but nothing, I also cut down the tree!! are discouraged! (Actually it happens with any monster lately, maybe some problem in my account?)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      elder is more rare than legendary so even with the right formula you are probably gonna struggling :D. I haven’t got it too, just enjoy the game, maybe we will get it some day :D.

  246. Rex says:

    Can elder stay in special habitat

  247. fishlike (Tiny ID - vivitu) says:

    Has anyone got more than 2 Elder habitats? I sold one to make room for the availability but can’t find Elder habitat like before.. Got too many Elders to tuck them in HoC…

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You can only have one :D, people who have gotten 2 is lucky since they buy it on the glitch period :D.

      • fishlike (Tiny ID - vivitu) says:

        Hah.. I was short on coins otherwise could have got 3 now… Too bad… Well, back to electriclegacy one then since it generates the most coins.. Thx tho…

      • Rose says:

        I ve had the same problem: having at least 2 Elder Habitat. But I don t understand what TinyCo wants from us, cause one of the quests is “hatch a mythic Elder”. I have already 2 teens ( and a 3rd egg on the nest). The Elder Habitat holds only 2 monsters. So, if I m lucky enough to breed the mythic one (it s hard, believe me), am I supposed to discard (?) one of then?
        At what level more habitats will be available? (I m at 72 now).

        • noobbgodlike says:

          They only allow you to have 2 elder on large elder habitat (one normal and one mythic). Some people got lucky and have bought 2 elder habitat on glitch period. no more habitat are allowed 😀 (hope they can patch it on the next update with new island)

    • Helcatt says:

      I was going to ask this too. Saw others with two and couldn’t work out why I can’t get another. Oh well, in to the HoC they go. Once I’ve managed a mythic, that is.

      And I sold another habitat to make space too.

      Which habitats hold the most coins. ….


  248. IGORs (tiny id Igor1278) says:

    I’m trying for weeks but I can not in any way, every formula I tried dozens of times, I’ve spent too many diamonds, I cut down the tree, but to no avail …

    • fishlike (Tiny ID - vivitu) says:

      Keep trying.. Sometimes it takes longer but you will get it…

    • Lorie Lu Lu says:

      I know what you mean. It’s pretty frustrating to keep getting the same things over and over. Especially with long incubation times.
      But I am determined to fulfill this quest.
      Sooner or later, one has to pop up.

      Does anybody have any ideas on which combination has the least wait times for the wrong monsters?

  249. Susan says:

    Love and Tree = 48 hr breeding time. My 2nd try on Android in case anyone wants to know. I am happy.

  250. Adam Taylor says:

    Just got an Elder by breeding a lvl 5 Magma and a lvl 10 Cinder I can’t wait to try it again lol
    Feel free to add me for the social tree my ID is. Helokittyzoe
    Thanks :)

    P.S. great website it comes in REAL handy for quest solutions

  251. dwaxman1 says:

    Still struggling with this remove my Elder tree, it would cost me 275 diamonds, I have been trying the Freeze/Icefloe combo, but no real luck..any other combo that seems to be a winner? I am on Android, lvl 76..and I am on step 18/18 in the Elder Magic Quest..


  252. fearciuil says:

    Well, I finally got a 48hr breed time with Mythic Icefloe 10 + Freeze 10. Unfortunately, I was going for Marine, which I never got. I’m not really surprised at missing Marine; it took so long to get Memorial that I would have had to be insanely lucky to get both. Still. :-(

  253. BOBALINA says:

    Question: I had the elder habitat for the longest time, but had yet to get an Elder. Given that, I went ahead and sold the habitat, figuring that I had the time and coins to rebuild it and could generate some XP points that way. Well,the elder habitat is no longer available to me in the Marketplace. I am at level 78, and have all of the monsters except an Elder, the snowman Gift, Independence, and Grimbolt; I also have all of my quests completed. I am very concerned about what I’ve done here. Will I get the chance to re-buy an Elder habitat when and if I actually to get an Elder? Thanks for any information that you can provide.

  254. Ehlana (tinyid=Flutee) says:

    It appears elder habitat has been FIXED!!!!! I just collected 6 diamonds from my large elder habitat. For those of you that like me had the habitat for a long time with elders, you should see it starting to work! Log calls with TinyCo to get refunds for the weeks of missed diamonds! I got mine refunded!

    On iPhone

  255. Crazygirl48 says:

    Freeze 10 on left and Icefloe 10 on right. 48 hours on my first try. Yay!

    • AlleyB says:

      Used this combo and got 48 hours on my first try! Thank you!

    • Tiny1214 says:

      This gives me enigma. !!! Lol. I’m gonna keep trying. Maybe ill hit an elder. Thank you for this good combo tho. :)

    • Helcatt says:

      I was trying to get the Marine but now have my second 48 hour breeding time

      First time was ice flow and freeze, serving one was with them the other way round

      An on level 75, don’t know if that is relevant


    • Lorelai says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your combo. I tried it… and got my first Elder!!! (Now I m trying to breed a second one, but the formula doesn t work anymore). But thanks again.

  256. Kostja says:

    FINALLY!!! LEVEL 55, brimstone and sunstone without cutting the elder tree! WHOOOOOOO

  257. Ash says:

    FINALLY . . . After countless tries with iceflow and freeze with no luck, I reversed the formula to freeze and iceflow and walla a 48 hour breeding time. Btw I’m on I pad

  258. jamavros says:

    Iceflow and freeze, both mythic on iPad, we have a winner! Finally!

  259. Hazzard5000 says:

    FINALLY got my mythic Elder. In the breeding den as I text!!!!!!

    After about 15 attempts with my 2 level 10 Elders with mythic boost doublely full!!!!

    Big smiles.

    :-) :-) 😉

  260. Angela says:

    I just completed all of the side quest stuff and just bred level 10 icefloe on left and level 10 freeze on right and got 48 hour breeding time first try on ipad GL everyone

  261. Kipperman says:

    Finally got this with level 10 iceflow and level 7 mythic freeze after 3 weeks of failure with the same formula. Nothing like persistence I guess.. I was trying for enigma. but interestingly this same formula just prior to elder gave me Marine. Thanks again Noob for this fantastic site. I would have packed this game up a long time ago if not for this site!!

  262. nadzeja says:

    mountain + tree worked for me from 4th try 😀

  263. Emily says:

    Did anyone actually collect diamonds from the elder habitat? If so, does the diamond producing progress (the bar) ever move forward? Just curious! Mine may have the glitch because the bar is not filling at all.

  264. Marcy says:

    Just got an elder level 9 ice flow and legal 8 mytic freeze

  265. Hazzard5000 says:

    My two elder have been sitting in habitat for a week or so and have generated 1 diamond……?!?

    Once I have the memorial – waiting to hatch – I am going to start breeding them again for mythic. Have tried a few times in the past with boost double full but no mythic yet just more normal.

    Will keep trying and let you all know

    On iPhone. 😉

  266. Mike d says:

    2 elders in a habitat been 10 days no diamonds. What’s the problem?

  267. Cooleo says:

    Dove have to do the elder quest to be able to breed the elder or could I just be level 61 the try to breed it?

  268. Taylor says:

    Iceflow and Freeze both level 10 just got 48 hour breeding time! Going for Memorial.

    • Taylor says:

      I just tried the same combination again Icefloe and Freeze and got a second Elder! Was still tring for Memorial and used diamond to free up breeding den .

  269. kaja says:

    elder monster becomes available to breed at lvl60

  270. Joel says:

    Freeze and ice flow worked for me! Also got an Enigma with that combo!

    • Griffin says:

      Freeze and Ice flow level 10’s
      I was trying for Marine (still am) and got an Elder instead.

  271. Nick Cage says:

    At what level do the elder quests appear? I’m at lvl 50 and I haven’t got them yet.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I am not sure myself, just clear your quest one by one and it will eventually appear. I got it when I have finished quest number 16 of “Becky 23 elder quest”.

  272. TinyFlow28 says:

    Haven anyone got elder monster without clearing tree? I want to know if its worth spending $10 to clear if even if you don’t have to.

  273. Tom says:

    Got my first elder today while working on the Memorial Day quests.

    lvl 10 Magma + lvl 10 Earthquake (both non-mythic)

  274. Tom says:

    Got my first elder t

  275. Crocsi5 says:

    Noob I have had an elder monster at level 10 for well over a week now, more like 2 weeks actually, still no diamonds. Any reason for this?

  276. Jimmie says:

    I got 48 hours with freeze & iceflow trying for memorial !!! Happy happy

  277. ravengirl says:

    Finally got it with Embershade and Sun, both level 5. On the day I decided was the last day I was going to keep trying before giving up for awhile! It was taking so long even after I cleared the tree and completed the quest, I was getting so frustrated and discouraged. So anyone in that same situation: Don’t give up! And good luck :)

  278. MissWendyWoo says:

    Mythic Merry and Grimfreeze – just got my 3rd Elder….was hoping for an Enigma!

  279. Corbin says:

    mythic frost & sun gave me elder two times in a row

  280. balibeli says:

    How’s this for random: embershade lvl 5 and mountain lvl 10! Was trying random combosfor an enigma and got a 48 hr hatch time instead! My 2nd one.

  281. Risingstar80 says:

    Just bred the elder monster with shadowmare level 8 & spitfire level 8, 48 hours breeding time. C’mon!

  282. Lynx73 says:

    Just got my second using lvl 5 sporespark & lvl 5 voltleaf, in that order. I bred a legendary in between, but this ones worked for me twice. :)

  283. Gina says:

    Boreal and frostember gave me both of my elders.

  284. Mike d says:

    6 diamond a week is way too low. I have adult elder and baby mythic elder. What does the adult mythic make a week?

  285. Christy Burden says:

    Hello again noob! Which habitat is considered the elder habitat? Is it the special habitat because I don’t have one called elder habitat in my store. I’m a level 73.

  286. Natalie says:

    For those that have the elder monster, did you spend the diamonds to clear the tree?

  287. Kelly says:

    I’m on an android and I was able to buy multiple elder habitats untill one completed then it dissapeared from the market. Anyone else notice this?

  288. Pulmo says:

    I have two adult mythic elder already 10 days in the elder habitat. Still no diamonds. What i’m doing wrong ?

  289. delta9snow says:

    Got 48 hr breed time trying for Shadefin using Spitfire and Aquaveil on Android. 1st try with this combo!

  290. britt says:

    I never contacted Tinyco but I got diamonds from my habitat today!

  291. Michelle says:

    Hey Noobbgodlike
    Do you still need information on the mythic elder? I will take pictures just in case you do. Hope you are well

  292. kingbreeder says:

    How do I tell when I’m able to get the elder I have the habitat upgreaded n all trees removed what more do I need

  293. Deb says:

    I just got this accidentally while trying to breed shadefin: lvl 10 embershade + lvl 8 aquaveil = elder!! doin’ the happy dance!! :)

  294. Melissa says:

    Got elder with seacliff and river

  295. Karen says:

    I got it with Boreal level 5 on the left and Merry level 10 on the right. :)

  296. Kelly says:

    Snow bluff and soar!!!!

  297. Lynx73 says:

    Embers and sun worked for me 3rd try of that combo.

  298. Candi Mandi says:

    Has anyone collected diamonds from their elder habitats?

    • rotten76 says:

      Nope, I have 3 elder habitats with 2 lvl 8 elders, 3 lvl 1 elders
      and a lvl 5 mythic. I haven’t moved any of them for well over a week.
      I thought about contacting TinyCo but I’m afraid that they might
      take away my extra habitats. But I guess if they don’t produce diamonds
      they are kind of useless anyway.

      • noobbgodlike says:

        they say they will fix it on the next update.

      • Candi Mandi says:

        I emailed them the rewarded me w 20 diamonds and sai they fixed my prob and I will collect on the next update. So it’s worth a try. They didn’t take anything away and my progress is still the same. So go to the help box and at the bottome of the page there is a contact us section. Just email them w ur prob and they will help….. Idk if ill get my diamonds in a week like they said. But trust me if I don’t ima contact them again! I spend a lot of money playing this darn game cuz I’m so addicted! The prob better be fixed. Apparently this is a common problem. So just email them, rotten76

  299. Candi Mandi says:

    Noob, my elder has been in its habitat for over a week and I haven’t collected any diamonds. Haven’t left to b tucked in or anything…… Do u know why I haven’t gotten my diamonds? This not cool…..and I know fo sure he been in for over a week!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      many people have reported the same results, I believe we can only wait, hope we get the update tonight(with tiny social feature and monsters :D)

    • Laura says:

      Send an email through help section of your game. I got compensated with 10 diamonds for my 2 Elder habitats which have had adults in them for 2 weeks. TinyCo know of the problem, so you might as well report it and see if you get some diamonds whilst they sort it :)

      • Candi Mandi says:

        Ok thanks

        • Candi Mandi says:

          They gave me 20 diamonds and said the fixed any errors. But says it will be available on my next update does that mean one week?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I think so :D, THe update will fix elder error and make tiny social available.

        • Laura says:

          Just got a random amount of diamonds from habitats on my Android – not enough for the time they’ve been there, but some. Just waiting for fix on iOS :)

  300. Möbius says:

    Sporespark and voltleaf= mythic 1st try!!!!:)

    • Connie says:

      I used Sporespark on the left and Voltleaf on the right and got Elder 1st try. I’m on Android.

    • Tiny1214 says:

      I tried that twice :( first plant second shadow. Lol. I am giving up on elder for now I’m just way to upset. I’m going to work on my legendary collection lol. I need air and ice so elder has been replaced with a new love. Lol.


  301. kris says:

    Do you have to be a certain level to get the Elder. I’m level 40 now.

  302. Reaven says:

    Sun + Embershade I was trying for Solarflare 😛

  303. Tiny1214 says:

    I’d like to ask if you all have cut your elder tree down first. I know Jacque has told us yes. Thank you. And Michelle said yes I believe. Some of us are hopelessly trying for the quests to gain gems to clear those quests to gain enough diamonds to cut down the elder tree (275) and I am assuming its the must do before getting the elder. Please post that also. I am pretty low on hope :(


    • noobbgodlike says:

      tree is only boost your chance not a must. You play large version 275 diamonds whihc is a lot, I can only suggest you to save your diamonds until the time comes 😀

      • Tiny1214 says:

        Thank you Noob! I wondered what the large / small version conversations were about. I’m computer clueless and I really hoped to have some of the rate monsters but thank you for this site its awesome for those of us without FB. The info exchange is invaluable ! Take care my friend

    • Game master says:

      I didn’t chop mine down and still got an elder.on the iPad.i used bug + 10 both.Iam working on my next one now.

    • kristie says:

      I am on android, all i had left was Zephyr and elder besides limited edition. Got mad trying to get Zephyr so decided to try for elder even though didn’t cut tree yet. First try with love and tree!

  304. Wishing for a bunyip says:

    Got the Elder! Mixture of Zephyr and Solarflare, both level 8. Also, Zephyr was the first monster. Good luck all

  305. Eeep! says:

    Teen sunspike and mythic adult seacliff first try!! (:

  306. Kitana says:

    Well first elder was from mythic blossom on the left and luck on the left. Second elder right after that was mythic bloom on the left and mythic luck on the right. This was after trying many combos listed several times…. So really all I can say is keep on keeping on! Now to resume trying for enigma while I raise these elders…

    • Jualcar says:

      Was trying for 2nd Elder and got Enigma with Merry +Silk after about 10 tries of that combo. I got my first Elder with Blossom + Luck too

  307. chickenboo says:

    So, I can upgrade my elder habitat for 7m coins. What does that do? Increase diamond production or capacity?

  308. Vin says:

    mythic Wildfreeze lvl 10 + mythic Silk lvl 5 first try, Kindle Fire

  309. britt says:

    i keep trying for enigma and keep getting elder…it’s actually quite annoying, i’m trying to raise them to level 10 and put them in my hall of champions in case they allow us to buy more elder habitats later, but they require SO MUCH FOOD

    anyway, enough complaining – i got this (mythic) elder with merry and love

  310. jacque says:

    Well i had to send in a ticket for support my elder after a week still hasnt earned any diamonds and i dont know why. I tried the fix problem still didnt work so it was last resort to send in support ticket. I am one of the lucky people that has 2 elder habitats so i know for a fact that after i woke him from sleep for level eight i havent moved him. I did upgrade the habitat i wonder if this will affect it. This is aggrivating : (

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hope you get response from tinyco soon enough XD.

    • Laura says:

      Snap – though I’ve not sent in a support ticket, so please keep us posted with their response. I’m wondering whether they’ve decided not to allow mountain tops with 2 Elder habitats to earn diamonds in a bid to get us all to sell off our second one.
      That’d be sly considering we were playing within the parameters of the game at that time.

      • jacque says:

        They just said not to move at all. So i sent back saying i havent moved and am waiting for response.

        • jacque says:

          They want my imei but my tablet doesnt have one of those he thinks i am on samsung phone. So i sent back saying dont have imei and waiting still. I now have 2 habitats due for diamonds and nothing. :(

        • Laura says:

          Mine still haven’t earned any diamonds either. I did upgrade the habitats last weekend and I’m sure they completed the upgrade last Monday morning so if I don’t get any tomorrow morning I’m going to send in a support ticket.

          I’ve got 2 Elder habitats on my iPad and 2 on my Android – neither have produced any diamonds yet.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          yup, maybe if there are a lot of people who tell them the bug, they will realize it and fix it quickly

        • Laura says:

          Sent in emails from Help section on both my games this morning about the no diamonds thang and have been credited with 10 diamonds for each game whilst they investigate.
          Summat’s up. :)

  311. IGORs says:

    I’m sorry, but without the elder habitat can not have the elder monster?

  312. Candi Mandi says:

    Has anyone out there gotten a mythic elder?

  313. Strider8 says:

    Finally!! Got elder with mythic wildfreeze/mythic silk both level 10!
    Tried MANY combos and this worked after several another mythic frozenflame too!
    Very excited! Thanks for all the this site!

  314. Ehlana says:

    Mythic BUG + Mythic TUNDRA = mythic ELDER!!! I can’t hatch it yet as my elder habitat has not been upgraded yet. Will send you a pic of the egg Noob!!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Thanks :D, I got it 😀

    • Ehlana says:

      I was just looking at the egg and thinking, if it follows the normal version then the colours of the mythic egg gives us a clue to the mythic elder colours – Grey body and Talons with light blue streaks I.e. replace the purple in the normal version with silvery-grey just like the egg has!!

      Obvious probably, but felt the need to share 😀

      • noobbgodlike says:

        no, I believe it will be like that 😀 waiting the pictures XD. I want to see it

      • Ehlana says:

        Mythic Elder pics sent.

        Note. Updated Elder habitat is exactly the same size as the old one. You can still only have one Elder habitat only.

        The upgraded habitat holds two monsters only. It can collect a maximum of 6 diamonds a week. However, I have had an adult monster in it for a week and never got the my 3 diamonds so I wonder if it is bugged :(

        • AngYas says:

          I have not received any diamonds yet and have a level 8 regular and level 1 mythic

        • Dr-Hobbes says:

          You can have 2 elder habitats! I have 2! But I also have the same problem with the diamonds, I have had my elder monsters for over 2 weeks now and still no diamonds!?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          hmm, I beleive we need to tell tinyco about this problem since there are many people who face this problems.

        • Ehlana says:

          Dr Hobbes,

          My point about the Elder habitat in the previous post is that only few people were lucky to get two before TinyCo stealth fixed the bug 😀

  315. Amanda says:

    I only level 43 and I’ve already started the multi part elder quest

  316. chickenboo says:

    Just fyi, I got the quest/option of building the Elder habitat at level 58

  317. Jessica says:

    Love lvl 10 (L) & Luck lvl 10 (R) first Elder. & Luck lvl 10 (L) & Frostbeam lvl 8 (R) 2nd Elder. Android version. I cut down my tree before I got either. & each combo was about my 6th or 7th try. Good luck all

  318. Candi Mandi says:

    Trying for my 2nd elder, not having any lick, just keep getting “luck” anyone have any tips for me! Got 1st with frostmember and boreal.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      wait until luck disappear XD, boosted chance might hinder your breeding.

    • jacque says:

      I used love and luck for first then i used love and mythic tree for second. I used mythic luck and mythic tree for third and for my mythic i dont remember what iused to be honest.

    • jacque says:

      I just got my 5th elder with sporespark and voltleaf.

      • Candi Mandi says:

        Sporespark and voltleaf worked thanks, Jacque.

        • jacque says:

          Your welcome glad i could help. I have so many now everytime i breed i get elder enough mow inonly have one quest left for darkscale and cant get him. But i keep getting elder.

        • Candi Mandi says:

          What level are you?

        • jacque says:

          I’m level 75 been playing since october 2012.

        • jacque says:

          I was trying for enigma with sporespark and voltleaf but got elder instead. I have had an elder in habitat for 6 days but no diamonds yet. Any idea why.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          make sure you don’t move that elder monster anywhere (incubating, breeding, etc), if you have done it it seems that it will reset the countdown for the diamonds. If you are pretty sure that you have keep it and wait for 7 days then follow fix error section on the main page :D. Hope this helps.

      • Strider8 says:

        Just got my second elder with this combo..first try..
        Thanks for the info!

  319. Tiny1214 says:

    Congrats to you all. !!!! I’m sadly jealous. Would you possibly post if your elder tree was cut down first also ? I have been trying everything and I’m afraid I’m sad:(. I tried bugs flower for enigma but again another egg. I am just wondering if you all cut it down first. Congrats again. I am happy for those who got it. I even upgraded my elder habitat as a hope of faith. :( take care


  320. jacque says:

    Got mythic furst try but with full orb. I cznt wait to see what he looks like.

  321. Mcecuapr says:

    Was trying for the purple joy and got elder with a level 8 blossom and level 10 luck

  322. charisse says:

    Embershade + Sun
    Got me Fire on first attempt. Then Elder on 2nd attempt. Was trying for Lighthorn which I heard is also a possibility.

    • Cindy says:

      Finally!! After 11 Try’s. EMBERSHADE + SUN, 1st try – Lighthorn, 2nd try Light, 3rd ELDER!!!!!

  323. Cremisi says:

    I have a question: Can I have this monster breeding other two only when I’ve finished Becky questn, or I can take it also first? I’ve tried all combination and I’m77 level, but I haven’t finished the Becky quest…

  324. Katy says:

    Finally got it! I had just finished the elder quests (ask I had left was the elder monster) and the osier that finally worked was solarflare + aquaveil.

  325. Pulmo says:

    Seven breeds for one mythic elder. Lost of diamonds lost, hut i got him

  326. tyler says:

    hey noob the other day i had the elder habitat availabe for purchase but didnt have cions for it and now today it went away and im only level 41 so idk how it let me be able to get it before and now it wont

  327. jacque says:

    I have a question if u breed 2 elder together do u get another elder or do u get a legandary?

  328. Hayley says:

    When are we going to have the Mythic Elder up?

  329. tyler says:

    do u have to b an certain level before u can get elder monster

  330. SkyTheWolf says:

    Ok so elder is like a Emiga to me no mythic it looks awesome and tiny co sucks at elder xD

  331. Game master says:

    Whats up Noobgodlike

    How’s it going.Well I went on tiny monsters web site to complain about not getting a Enigma yet.I literally tried all your combos plus about 10 other combos.No Engima yet…Well a fan replied saying try Luck + Mountain to get enigma.yes I tried it and guess what still no Engima……Better. I got an ELDER…..yes…Finally..oh well enigma will have to wait for now…lol…try it…who knows what will happen…

  332. britt says:

    did the elder habitat upgrade and was able to put my second elder monster in there – stoked! anyone know what happens if you breed two elder monsters? or tips on getting a mythic elder monster?

  333. shawn says:

    Elder habitat can be upgraded now for 7 million. The mythic should be available soon.

  334. Mike d says:

    Please anyone who has recently gotten the elder monster post your recipe below. I am on the last elder quest which is to hatch one. So I am obsessed lol for the record I tried holly and silk over 30x no luck. I think I should do merry and silk maybe thts better. Even Hazzard below has gotten 3!!! With flare and surge. So I’m curious lets see the recipes 😉

    • Mike d says:

      Omg I literrly just got it!!! Haha omg in so happy lol. Merry and silk first try;) 1d 23 hours 59 seconds. Best time ever! So let’s post recipes to help everyone else so merry and silk. Great combo

  335. Thandimanillon says:

    Can we get one of these before having finished the 18 quests, or are they necessary to be able to breed an elder monster?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you can get one but since you can’t purchase the habitat then .. you know the answer (you don’t need to complete the quest, only number 7 IIRC, that makes elder habitat available)

  336. charisse says:

    Thank you Britt for your post! I just got a 48 hour breed time with Flower + Bug on my first attempt!

  337. Gean341 says:

    I wanna make sure I understand this right, u can’t get an elder until ur at level 61 is that correct?

  338. Mike d says:

    Ok so I tried holy and silk 20 x!! Many diamond. Still no older I’m ont eh quest to hatch a flitter monster now do te quest need to be done first? Also is silk and holly the best combo with the most success so far

  339. jacque says:

    I have 2 elder habitats. It says you can only have one up top but i have 2.

  340. Jas says:

    I am on level 66 and own 29 out of 31 habitats. When I went to purchase an Elder habitat there is no such thing in the store. There are Legacy habitats and a Special habitat, which I assumed was for the Legandary but no habitat called Elder.

  341. Julie says:

    I’m trying for elder monster. Thought I’d buy the habitat now. It was availible yesterday. Now its gone. I’ve seen the post about not being able to buy a second habitat, but this would have been my first. Anyone else had this problem? Any thoughts on when it will come back? I haven’t completed all my quests yet. Perhaps that’s the problem…..?

  342. chibbs says:

    I Hav Not Received Any Diamonds From My Elder, And It’sBeen Well Over A Week.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      are you sure that you never move the elder out (hibernating it, use it on breeding process, etc)?? your elder need to stay one week full to generate the diamonds.

      • Tracy says:

        So what I believe you’re saying is the diamonds don’t accumulate to 3 over time as coins would in other habitats but instead you will suddenly have 3 to collect at once after a week. Is that correct?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          That’s what I think but I am not sure since I haven’t got elder myself :D. This is just pure my theory, since there are many people who don’t get any diamonds (they should have obtained at least one if it accumulates like coins).

  343. britt says:

    Got Elder today using bug and flower- totally random! But went to buy another Elder habitat and couldn’t! Now i’m pissed. Hopefully they change that soon.

    • Laura says:

      Have you already got 31 habitats? The Elder habitat won’t show until you’ve got less than the max. And I think Noob said something about an update from TinyCo preventing TM players from getting more than one Elder habitat now.

  344. kristen says:

    Ok here’s what Tinyco said on facebook page: “Since the monster produces diamonds in perpetuity, every player is currently allowed only ONE elder habitat. For a very narrow window, a very small number of players were able to buy a second habitat and we have since corrected that. You can still breed as many Elder monsters as you please, but you can only have one habitat. You’ll have to stay tuned for mythic updates!

  345. Rhianna says:

    What level is the elder monster available?

  346. Hazzard5000 says:

    3rd Elder in breeding den with lvl 10 Surge and lvl 10 Flare!!!!!!

    Still trying for purple joy….

    Still waiting for 2nd – let alone 3rd Elder habitat????

    On iPhone


    • Mike d says:

      Hey Hazzard. So you got
      3 elders with surge. The eel? And flare? I have tries holly and silk 30x now and nothing. Now I just realized I think it’s supposed to be merry and silk but I’m sure it’s the same are you on I phone?

  347. Hazzard5000 says:

    Currently waiting for 2nd elder to breed and first to hatch……which is nice!!!

    I have 30/31 habitats – one of those is an elder habitat.

    Issue is that I don’t have the option to build a 2nd elder habitat. There are some comments lower down the page saying that others managed to get 2nd. One comment said that they waited and went to check later and it had appeared in habitats in the store.

    I will keep checking but any thoughts????

    Thanks in advance

    On iPhone

  348. kristen says:

    I think they made it so u can’t buy a 2nd elder habitat anymore. Also, the elder farm is gone from my decorations tab so I guess I can’t sell and re-buy it again.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      from other information you can have 2 elder habitat.

      • kristen says:

        I think they did another ninja update. It is gone from my market now. Can anyone else confirm?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          hmm, not sure then…

        • Michelle says:

          You can NOT get another Elder Habitat there are Earthlegacy habitat, plantlegacy, Electriclegacy, firelegacy, Icelegacy habitats that I believe are to replace the legendary habitats due to you can have three on each habitat so that would be mythic either Elder or Legendary and you can put for example your Plant Elder with the Mythic Plant legendary & plant legendary. But you do not make diamonds from what I know so far off of any other habitat

        • Michelle says:

          I have two elders one is in my Hall Of Champions. I have no idea what’s going on. I’m sending a email to Tinyco. It just doesn’t make sense I figured the new legacy habitats that hold 3 were for you legacy and elder cause I did breed them together so when I got to level 10 with the Elder I thought it would change forms like the legacy but to my surprise you can’t move the Elder only to that one habitat which doesn’t make sense cause there is a mythic elder? Let you know what’s said in my reply from Tinyco.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          maybe they want us to breed mythic from pure chance TAT…

  349. Laura says:

    Bug and Luck got me my second Elder on iOS. First time. :)