Posted on Nov 11, 2013

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide How to Obtain Gratitude Monster

Limited Monster (Thanksgiving day)

Gratitude Monster

21 November-11 December 2012

2nd appearance: 13 November 2013 – 9 December 2013

3rd appearance: 15 November 2014 – ???

Normal version

Mythic Version (Thanks to Minyu for the picture)

Gratitude Monster Status













Earn Rate (Min)

5 12 16 19 21/22(M) 22/23(M) 24/25(M) 27/28(M) 30/31(M) 38/40(M)

Food (x4)

20 45 65 85 105 125 145 165 185

Habitat: Earth and Plant

How to obtain: Buy for 199/995 diamonds

XP: 2550

Breeding/Hatching Time: 14 hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 8 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 18 hours

Breeding formula:
[0] Mountain + Tree (Try other formulas below which don’t use hybrids on the process first, because this formula has a chance to breed air monster… which make you to wait for 26 hours)
[0] Plant + Mountain
[0] Tree + Earth
[0] Earth + Plant (I just tried it and it failed)
[0] Bug + Brimstone
[0] Cinder + Plant
[0] Earth + Sunspike
[0] Snowbluff +Plant
[0] Leave Comment if you know more formulas


Thank you for all people who have commented and sent me email about gratitude monster, especially

Yoyo, Pickle, Tobye, FoxPort,Lauravido, Tanorton, Brad, and Jason Col

This page won’t be up if you don’t help me since I haven’t got it XD.

Good luck and enjoy, Happy Thanksgiving 😀

Hope all people who see this page get this monster 😀


Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide

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791 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide How to Obtain Gratitude Monster”

  1. anonymous says:

    I got 14 hours with magma and plant 1st try it could be gratitude or pumpkin

  2. olivia says:

    Level 10 mythic cinder with level 10 plant got mythic gradatude first try

  3. Dennis Abell says:

    Level 10 mystic earth and a level 7 joy

  4. PietjePuk1 says:

    Finally!.. I got one in the nursery 😀

    I got mine with Love + Luck

  5. Jacque says:

    Level 10 Mountain & Level 10 Elder Earth – 1st Try!!!

  6. Lady Sliper says:

    Mythic tree (left) with elder plant (right) first try !

  7. Beary says:

    Hi, so I have been trying to get this monster over the past few days, and I finally got 14 hours!! I sped it up, and when I placed it into a habitat it turns out it is a Pumpkin Monster. Glitch? The pumpkin monster is 29 hours…

  8. Dennis Abell says:

    I used a level 10 mystic plant and a level 10 mystic earth and got it

  9. Jeff (Android High Price) says:

    Solarflare with Brimstone both mythic and level 10 Give me in order: Goldstone, Lighthorn, Mythic Sunstone ans Shadow. So a very good combo to get rare monster 🙂

  10. Hecate1983 says:

    Okay…so I bred LOVE & MOUNTAIN. I got an Earth Monster, Mountain and then finally…14 Hrs! GRATITUDE! Hope this helps! Good luck!

  11. chaszack (tiny id) says:

    Elder Earth and Flower!!

  12. Ada says:

    Love + Special Luck

  13. Crr says:

    Glee x Mythic Blossom

  14. elecfonta says:

    I can’t finish the first havest mision. I have premium farms and it isn’t golden guavas or nimbus grapes in those farms. I tried with premium grapes but wasn’t work. Somebody has any advise to me? Please help me!

  15. Dragonslayer#14 says:

    Mountain Lv 10 + Earth Lv 10 = 1st try.

  16. cherri1972 says:

    Used Elder Plant + Elder Earth both lvl 10.
    First time 2nd time got 5 hrs.

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