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Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide How to Obtain Legendary Monsters

Normal Version (Thanks to Allison for this picture)

Mythic Version (Thanks to Catherine for this picture)

Legendary Status













Earn Rate (Min)

21/22(M) 22/23(M) 24/25(M) 27/28(M) 34/35(M) 44/46(M) 60/62(M) 82/86(M) 111/116(M) LEGACY

Food (x4)

175 355 530 705 880 1055 1230 1405 1580

Habitat: Special and any legacy (element doesn’t matter)

How to obtain: Buy for 1250/6250 diamonds

Sell Price: 3400 Coins

XP: 5060

Breeding/Hatching Time: 34 hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 18 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 45 hours

3rd hibernation (lvl 9): Link to Legacy Monsters

Note: You can’t breed legendary with other monsters. You can only breed it with another legendary. Breeding 2 legacy monsters is also working :D.

Note: If you have elder monster then you can breed it with legendary. It will result on legendary though :D.( Thanks to Michelle for this info)

Note: You can also breed legacy with legendary/legacy to get legendary, so you don’t need to worry about evolve your legendary to legacy monster.

Note: If you have “Elder elemental” like Elder Earth , then you can breed it with legendary/legacy / “other elder with different elements” to get another legendary.

Note: Breed Legendary + Special ELDER/ELDER will give you legendary monster.

Breeding formula:
[0] Tempest + Flower
[0] Mountain + Flower; (Popular formula, but it never gives me legendary)
[0] Cinder + Bolt
[0] Flurry + Cinder
[0] Pollen + Bayou
[0] Vapor + Cinder
[0] Vapour + Bug
[0] Earthquake + Frost; (popular formula, it can also gives you a light monsters, try this formula if you haven’t got light monsters)
[0] Inferno + Memorial
[0] Pond + Freeze
[0] Earthquake + Silk
[0] Inferno + Freeze
[0] Snowbluff + Bug
[0] Zephyr + Flower
[0] Frozenflame + Frostember
[0] Teen River + Teen Tailwind
[0] Cinder + Thunder
[0] Burst + Tailwind
[0] Flicker + Grimbolt
[0] Frost + Cinder
[0] Darkbolt + Luster
[0] Sun+Bug
[0] Sun + Embershade
[0] River + Flower
[0] Bug/Mountain + tree (recently popular :D)
[0] Bug + Gift (Yeti) (finally got it XD after 9 months of playing)
[0] Frost + Flower
[0] Leave Comment if you know more formulas

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2,422 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide How to Obtain Legendary Monsters”

  1. Jordan says:

    I HAVE TRIED SO HARD TO GET THE LEGENDARY.I have bred frost and cinder about 65 times and i’m not exaderating.Can someone PLEASE GIVE ME AN EASY FORMULA WITH 100% ACCURACY ALWAYS.I would appreciate it. P.S.I have also tried all of the formulas.Just to let you people know.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      There is nothing such as 100% chance… it’s called legendary for that reason. Just keep trying and hope you get it soon.

      P.S: actually there is one formula with 100%, that is legendary + legendary :).

    • Bollfunga says:

      Yesterday with Bug 10 + Flower 10 on 3d try, was breeding for Air. Got Shadow before and dont had it either. Good combo.

    • Alex0586 says:

      Do you have elder ice and elder earth? I used this formula and it gave 2 in a row ☺ I also had been trying so many combinations and finally got it

  2. SPDRMAMMA/Sonjams1 says:

    lv.5 tundra lv.10 sporespark

  3. C says:

    Hi! I have leveled up my legendary monster to level 9 but the tuck in option did not appear. Is there something wrong with what I did?


  4. SPDRMAMMA/Sonjams1 says:

    YES! 34 HOURS W/ MYTHIC BUG LV.10 (left), MYTHIC TREE LV.5 (right)

  5. SPDRMAMMA/Sonjams1 says:

    another river with water fri2ndship n earth unity…5th river….getting impatient! ick!

  6. SPDRMAMMA/Sonjams1 says:

    been trying mountain n flower…keep getting cinder…grrr :|

  7. Amber says:

    Can someone please tell me how to get the legendary. I’ve already tried the mountain+flower and it doesn’t work for me. So DONT say that combination. NO friendship/unity combos either. Please help!

  8. ARMI says:

    Isnt there other forms of legendary?How do I get them?

  9. ARMI says:

    FIRST TRY!!Water friendship right side and earth unity left got me 34hrs

  10. Roxilus says:

    Unity earth and friendship water got me a mythic legendary,

    Good luck to anyone who tries this, lol

  11. jess says:

    Can any one help me get another legendary 100% or help me use
    some think that works please

  12. Reece says:

    Star fire and star monster works.

  13. jess says:

    How do I transform my legendary monster to any of the same kind on legendary? Etc.. leaf,fire,earth,water.

  14. Sonja says:

    i got 34hour time with friendship monsters, but i 4get which, i think it was water n electric….maybe

  15. The king Stephan says:

    Elder fire and elder ice first try

  16. mscarllett says:

    Level 9 mountain and level 9 flower got me legendary on the first try

  17. Bn says:

    Finally got 34hours with electric friendship monster and fire friendship monster

  18. Bluejoe says:

    Just got 34 hrs with mountain and flower

  19. John Hyatt says:

    Electric friendship and fire unity first try trying for stardust

    Hope it helps yall tamers!

  20. Alex0586 says:

    Please help!! I cant get this monster :( I have tried so many combinations and I am level 45.. Any suggestions :)

  21. Wrighty says:

    Have just got mythic legendary! What will happen when I evolve it for the final time? Do I even go that far?

  22. Slyturtle says:

    Frozen friendship monster and rock unity monster got legendary first try

  23. Tega says:

    I got one on the first try!

  24. Lovaly21 says:

    I’m trying for legendary and elder and I keep getting shadows all the time help!

    • Marianore says:

      Try with X Unity + Y Frienship & viceversa, f.e. I got 3 (not in a row and one of them mythic) with the combo
      Fire Unity+ Electric Frienship (looking for Stardust, still no luck).
      Hope it helps ;)

    • youngneef says:

      I got mine flower and bug try it now it should work

  25. 2014baby says:

    First try got mythic! I used valor (10) & frozenblaze (10) was trying for another frozenflame. What a coincidence! Been wanting legendary for awhile now ((:

    • ekildogbboon says:

      First try with lvl 5 snowbluff and lvl 10 frost also plant unity(8) and electric friendship(10). Add me XQaS

  26. FeismomHi 223 says:

    Keep getting 34 hours, consistently with plant unity and water friendship, just letting you know the combo.

  27. Glitchfinder says:

    OMG! Just got 34hrs from mountain and flower trying for spring monsters, hope it’s not elder ice like last time!

  28. LEAH says:

    Got legendary with marine and iceflow

  29. his989 says:

    Just got the dust legacy :) from my ledgendary. Im so excited I wasn’t even going for it . Add me his989

  30. Brandybuck says:

    Omg just got 34 hr with mythic flower and bug and 34 ht with social breeding electric and fire both friendship might have a go on lotto aswell!

  31. James says:

    Surge + Icefloe 1st try

  32. Bn says:

    In the breeding formula, there are three popular formulas which makes up legendary. Which of those three are the most recently popular one?:/ mountain + flower or earthquake + frost or bug/mountain + tree?

  33. Lisa2011Hacker says:

    Just wondering can I only use the special habitat for this monster or can I put it on any habitat with the diamond such as plantlegacy habitat, firelegacy habitat etc?

  34. cjf582 says:

    Flower and iceflow

  35. Lee lee says:

    Surge and sonar 34 hour

  36. Bob Herzog says:

    Thanks for the tip about legacy and elemental elder making a legendary. I now have my second legendary, on my first try (well, I will in a couple of days anyway). Very helpful site!!!

  37. Sydd says:

    lvl 5 legendary ice & lvl 7 special elder first try

  38. beautt says:

    Im getting all the good monsters with flower and mountain. So far I had gotten legendary, enigma, and dark silk. I dont know why but I’m not complaining.

  39. jj0821 says:

    I am a lvl 67 & FINALLY got my 1st Legendary by visiting the same friends island, and breading the same combo over & over (seriously like 20 times) until successful. I know that sounds a bit unproductive, but I read somewhere that it works and so I figured why not. :)

    • ollysets says:

      Same here I was at sixty something too when I first got it and I did the same thing dont worry you were not alone. And I hated it because of the hundred diamonds that you have to get and other quests to complete.

      • ekildogbboon says:

        I’m lvl 23 or 22 and I just got two legendary within 3 months of playing this fun game

  40. BobtheBuilder says:

    Flower lvl 8 left x Mythic Tree lvl 10 right

  41. abeer says:

    after a year of trying i got 34 hours by …teen pollen and teen luck

  42. The lucky one says:

    Got it on my second try omg im just level 12

  43. PointlessM says:

    Got my first legendary (I’m level 40 now) with elder Ice and elder earth, this is a way too, was lucky with social breeding on elder earth first time :), if you don’t get legendary, try getting the elder ‘base’ elements

  44. monster man says:

    After playing game for a year never getting this monster got it frist try with special luck L and mountain R may take more try good combo

  45. Suzanneq21 says:

    Noob, can you get legendary with the friendship/ unity dragons on island or only elder monsters and magic number monsters like light and shadow? I got 34 and I’m hoping it’s elder ice, not legendary

  46. C3C-C3C says:

    Flower (mythic) lv10 + bug lv10 3e try

  47. Roswitha laGarde says:

    I breed a legendary monster and it shows up on monster pedis but notin it’s habitats or for breeding, what to do?

  48. Abigail says:

    When there’s a new expansion, it mixes up one tab with the next tab. Example: when I tap the “monsters” tab, it shows the “habitats” tab, which is the next tab over. Why? ( I have an Android tablet).

  49. Abigail says:

    !!!!! I have only 4 hours left until my legendary habitat finishes!!! I don’t have that many diamonds and my parents don’t let me buy!!!

  50. alex says:

    hahaha so lucky
    I was trying for flower
    And then got elder plant and legendary!
    I think i used bug and flower both times

  51. Tiny Jake says:

    Just bred 34 hours with Bug (10) and Flower (10).

  52. RaeRae D. says:

    Used flower monster+mountain monster, both level 10. Worked on 5th try. Hint: keep trying them til you get a breeding time of 34 hours–that’s the time it takes for a legendary.

  53. AAWT says:

    I got the legendary monster with Elder plant + Elder earth
    I also got the lucky monster with Elder earth + Elder plant

  54. Abigail says:

    I used Flower and a Cinder monster got 34 hours???

  55. Justin says:

    Noob is there any special breeding duo you would suggest for mythic legendary ??? Without it being legendary and legendary. Shouldn’t be able to breed two mythic monsters together and your chances go up. I’m just asking cause I’ve got my orb filled to green and starting purple that’s almost 4 times full and legendary and legendary ain’t giving me mythic yet ..need some suggestions

  56. julymarie123 says:

    Frost and mystic flower both level 10 first try :) was trying for luck

  57. gumbee96 says:

    After trying other combinations listed with no luck…I got 34 hours first try with Lucky lvl 10 and Mountain lvl 10 :-D

    • gumbee96 says:

      Wow…I wasn’t expecting that the combination I used would result in Elder Ice, but that’s the egg I got instead of Legendary… either way it’s good since I didn’t have Elder Ice :-)

  58. chaszack (tiny id) says:

    Has anyone, or do you know if it can be done, bred legendary with special elder?

  59. Betty says:

    Level 10 independence & level 5 gratitude gave me a legendary. I was trying for tempest. Trying formula again and have 37 hr breeding time.

  60. Typhon says:

    Lvl 8 Bug + Lvl7 Mythic Tree for MYTHIC LEGENDARY!! I only had about 3k in my orb too! Was trying for Clover (another story, I must be on my 18th try) but ill take this for sure!!

    • ZingiberV says:

      I got two clovers by accident trying for a legendary. Lvl 10 bug and flower also got a bunch of other good stuff with that combo :)

  61. Jennifer says:

    Just got one with bug lvl 8 + flower lvl 10 =)

  62. PIGZRAWESOME says:

    I FINALLY got it with level 10 wildfreeze and level 8 gift

  63. iluxxx says:

    Blossom + Mountain first try!

  64. tiger3x says:

    FINALLY after playing for a year. Got it with lvl 10 Luck and lvl 10 Love! I got “luck”y

  65. Joshua Cooper says:

    I did tree and mountain and got 34 hour.. could be this or elder ice, but no ice in either mountain or tree so probably this! Buzzing ;)

  66. TinyNice says:

    Love (8) and gratitude (10) was trying for elder earth, still happy 100 diamonds yay!!!!

    • Murphy Lee says:

      Gratitude & Love is a great combo for legendary! I used it 3 times in a row & 2 of them were legendary. The other was a mythic light

  67. chaszack (tiny id) says:

    Social den using electric friendship and fire unity…got 34!

  68. Camille says:

    Love on left (5) and Voltleaf on right (8)

  69. Philpoon says:

    Flower lvl 10+tundra lvl 10 worked on first try

  70. Amendoa4ever(tinyID samtabby) says:

    Love Lv 8 + luck Lv 8 gave me legendary. Was trying for clover.

  71. Mollykat says:

    Love (level 8) & Voltleaf (level 10) worked the first time for me and I just happened to try them because I was trying to think of the 2 most random monsters to put together. Now, I just need a habitat.

  72. ruronisquall says:

    Got 1st legendary off frozen flame tree on the 5th try got the second off sonar and sunstone both level5 1st try

  73. I did level 10 flower + level 10 bug in first try

  74. b-android says:

    Looks like electric friendship level 8 & water unity or friendship will produce unless there is another 34 hr creature.

  75. itskimmyy says:

    Got my first legendary breeding a level 10 Mountain with a level 10 Tundra.

  76. tiger3x says:

    Can I breed elder ice with a normal monster to result in a legendary monster?

  77. MajesticButterWolf says:

    I got this in 3-5 tries with Mountain and Tree both level 10.

  78. Kexet says:

    Love + Tree gave me a legendary monster first time I paired them

  79. Holly says:

    First try level 5 river + level 5 tailwind so happy thanks noob :)

  80. Jessie says:

    I got a legendary with gartitude and tree first try:-D :-D

  81. Michelle says:

    I have gotten two legendary monsters with the same formula: mountain and mythic tree.

  82. Maika says:

    Bug + Tree = Cinder


  83. Maika says:

    Frost + Flower = Cinder

  84. BLOB says:


  85. harleyfairy says:

    Bred Dusk Special Elder with Plant Elder and got Legendary

  86. nightcookie (tiny Id knightcookie) says:

    Flower and mountain got me my first legendary. Elder earth and legendary got me my second one which was mythic.

  87. crack says:

    I bread frozen flame with frostemcer
    and got the legendary monster

  88. Pancho562 says:

    Fire legendary form and elder fire = 34 h mystic woo.
    It’s going to look so cool. Not sure if I want to level it to another form. Haha

  89. Kyle says:

    Blossom and mythic tree

  90. rhonni says:

    Question! I just spent many days breeding my Legendary monsters to get two mythics so I can easily make more mythics. I bred my two teen mythic legendary and got a normal one! Why? All other monsters produce a mythic when you breed two mythic of the same monster. I get why legacy mythics might throw regular, but why two mythic teen legendary? Any ideas?

  91. CP says:

    1st try with thunder and mountain

  92. sam says:

    Just hot another legendary with flurry and thunder :)

  93. Idk says:

    I got this egg within first two weeks of playing this game, but I hade to sell it because I couldn’t get enough money, and it was taking up my eincubation area, I had no choice, but know I can’t get it again!!!!!!! :(

  94. Passingthrough says:

    Could I have gotten this with plant unity + ice friendship?

  95. Nikkie - moosavvy says:

    I am seriously at a loss for this one…… I have uses every combo listed many times only to get everything else but the legendary… Am I missing something here? Do I need to build the habitat first or do I need a certain level to get it? All chance but no luck for me lol

  96. LordOfThePans says:

    Uh guys this might sound crazy but my dusk legacy turned into a guitar-thing? What
    And my dusk monster looks broken as well except it has no guitar in it I believe
    I can show screenshots tomorrow if you wanna see that madness

  97. ZooladyT says:

    Got legendary w/ gratitude lev 10 then Lev 10 Harvest.

  98. Arguenot says:

    So if I breed 2 Elders I may finally get a Legendary?

  99. Cj says:

    I just got a legendary and I can’t get an air what’s up with that

  100. Yellow05 says:

    I was breeding (don’t know why, just wanted to get a monster) then I bred Mythic Mountain and Flower, it said you have been granted a mythic egg, and 34 hours!!! If you guys want legendary, use this combo. It works

  101. Jason says:

    Fire and frostember with my mythic orb full

  102. SHunter says:

    Just got 34 hour monster with merry and silk

  103. sam says:

    Sun and embershade on the fifth try first four were shadow(go figure) goldenhorn sun and light …. I’m so happy :) my first legendery

  104. Melanie says:

    Hi, I have all my legendary elemental monsters except for shadow and the dark. I have retried evolving this one legendary 20 times and still can’t get these last ones. Anyone else experience this problem? Will I eventually get it or should I give up? It is tying up my dream room and eating diamonds :(

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It’s all about chance, about you should give up or not I can’t really say. But more retry doesn’t mean that you will increase the chance.

    • Gail says:

      Tinyco actually gives you repeats when using diamonds, sneaky way to rip people off. I write down what I get with each evolution and they,ve been giving me repeats. I contacted them and complained and I thought they had fixed this problem but no. All I need is the dusklegacy. Wish you luck, seriously, 20 times? I’ve done ten. Sometime their greed for our money is rediculous, too bad the game is addictive and fun.

  105. Lil L says:

    Will it have an adverse effect if I use my Lv 10 mythic flower with my lv 10 mountain? Just curious.

  106. Sashekool says:

    Pond + Steadfast

  107. Brandon says:

    I got my legendary with Elder Earth and Elder Fire. Took four tries. Received 2 cinders and a magma before a legendary popped out. Also got my duskfang today. It is a good week for me.

  108. Guf467 says:


    Thanks for putting this site together. By far the best Tiny Monsters site out there, it has helped me a ton.

    Do you know if breeding a mythic legendary with a mythic legendary result in a mythic legendary egg?

  109. kinutattoo says:

    Just got one with magma lvl 7 + cinder lvl 10 – first time it gave me elder ice ( yes agains the odds ! ) second time gave legendary !

  110. Linlang says:

    Flower and Mountain, 1st try=elder earth, 2nd time= legendary. This was i nice day :)

  111. Em says:

    I hatched the legendary monster when breeding a teen elder ice and teen elder fire

  112. Fiona says:

    Frostember and flower!! First try!!!! Both level 5, was trying for frozen flame

  113. cloudyy says:

    Just got 34 hours with mountain and bug. Both teen.

  114. Kayla says:

    Lv 10 snowbluff w/ Lv 10 flower

  115. Brandy says:

    How many retries do you actually get? I leveled up my legendary and it was electric so I paid to retry, then it was wildfreeze so I tried and it is back to electric? I left in the den until I know about the retries. Thank you Brandy

  116. Eric hoeberling says:

    I got this monster on the first try with boreal and strike. Hope this helps someone out. Oh, and my boreal is mythical, not sure if that makes a difference

  117. my3sonsnj (nook hd) says:

    I have been playing this game and trying to breed this monster for over a year now. I am very frustrated because I now have 5 quests that need this monster to continue/complete. I’ve tried all of the listed breedings multiple times. Any suggestions other than keep trying? I don’t have any intention of buying it for diamonds!

  118. Nettyo says:

    I breeded grimbolt & frozen flame now have a 34 hr breeding time fingers crossed for legendary :)

  119. Mafkikkertje says:

    I was trying for light because the discription said with earthquake and frost youll get light but all im getting is shadow..

    But ill keep trying… Great site by the way its helped me for a great while now

  120. matt smith says:

    I used bug lvl8 and tree lvl8 and got it 5th try of trting to get autumn

  121. Kendra says:

    Just got Legendary in the social breeding den with ice and earth!

  122. LSPea says:

    Adult WildFreeze and teen Tundra, by accident playing around
    Btw wildfreeze is a adult FrozenFlame :)

  123. CjTenorSax2 says:

    Oops, that should be and not an up there!

  124. Desma says:

    Just got 34hrs with bug & flower..trying for light, sure hopes its this one :)

  125. ssmalls says:

    I have tried to get this monster with every combination up here multiple times. I give up :-[

  126. Jetson26 says:

    My game won’t let me evolve it. What should I do?

  127. hawaiianjerzee says:

    Just got this with level 5 Thunder and level 10 Burst…first shot. So excited!!!

  128. Inkd_babi23 says:

    I’ve been trying for this monster n can’t seem to get n e thing! Tiny Monsters gave me this riddle and I’m horrible at those. Can anyone figure this hint out “Ruins of Fire, Keys of Light, May you find them all in sight, Through demonstration of your might, or Legacy monsters bred right.”

  129. Pavi says:

    Wat is a definite breeding to get a legendarily I’m stuck

  130. Camille says:

    I got a hatching time of 34 hours so it must be a legendary. I used Mythic Inferno (teen) and Frozenblaze

  131. Mathew_moody says:

    What is the other egg you get if you don’t get ledgendary?

  132. Zachary says:

    grimbolt and flare

  133. Daria says:

    Got 3 legendary using Gift + Bug! Was trying for another monster, though I can’t remember which one…lol.

  134. basaro says:

    legendary sell price=3400
    Legacys all have different sell prices, not sure you want to post them here or probably on legacy page?
    I only have a few (working on rest of them now).

    • basaro says:

      and on a side note noob…
      You probably already know this based on recent comments I’ve seen, but breeding mythic+mythic does give you another mythic! And you don’t even need to use the orb. I must have been doing something wrong before (when going for hallows around Halloween), cause I don’t think i was paying attention to the eggs so much as I was concentrating on the notification that you get a mythic egg.
      Well, when breeding two mythics together you don’t get that notification! You just silently get a mythic egg :)
      The trick to this is they have to be exactly the same monster, so a legacy(spree) with a legendary won’t work, but two legendarys will work as well as two of the exact same legacys (ie. Earth Legacy+Earth Legacy).
      Anyway it’s working for me now as I try to get all the rest of the legacy forms, so I am glad (and embarrassed) that I was wrong before!
      Good news for all when trying for all these forms.
      Note:Sometimes you may still get the mythic egg notification when doing this (it happened to me once), but it’s just because of the randomness of getting a mythic via breeding, and doesn’t affect the outcome.

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Yup, you’re right. I already know this for a long time. But sometimes people claiming it doesn’t work….. I am not sure whether they’re wrong, or the theory has changed.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Thanks. I have listed the legacy sell price on legacy page :).

  135. A V says:

    I was trying to complete the dust side quest of just breeding an earth hybrid and got this? Crazy but I used tree and thunder.

  136. Diable12 says:

    Bug (10) + flower (8)

  137. Lucky 13 says:

    I used Holly lvl10 and Gratitude lvl10 and got back to back…mythic legendary and regular legendary. Very stoked right now, I only wish the incubation period wasnt sooo long!

  138. cocoescape says:

    Just got it with mythic mountain and tree both level 10, was trying fit a elder earth.

  139. Mikki says:

    I got teen mythic bug and lvl 10 flower

  140. sandralorup says:


  141. I breeded electric freindship and plant unity. Its 34 hoping legendary monster

  142. Marissa says:

    Got legendary with Tree+Magma first try

  143. Jadelinia says:

    Is there anything else that could result in 34hr breed time?
    I bred electric friendship and fire unity in attempts for an elder earth and now waiting to see if it’s finally a legendary I gave up trying for months ago

  144. Ashy! says:

    It seems that pairing the same dual elements gives you a good chance a Legendary. I bred these together just to see what would happen and I was nicely rewarded!

    frostember (10) + boreal (5)
    Wildfreeze (10) + grimfreeze (10) <=– I also got an elder plant from this combo, and a light/shadow monster too

    • Ashy! says:

      I got my third Legendary with Merry (10) + Frostember (10), I was trying for an Elder anything.

    • Ashy! says:

      I bred love with mountain and I have 34 hour breed time. Since I’ve never had an elder ice and about 6 accidental Legendary, I think it’s a legendary. I also made a legendary through social ice + social plant.

  145. Darkdragon46 says:

    Oh and please tell me if it is an elder monster or something,the 29 hr breed time doesn’t seem to fit any monster’s breed time so I’m confused

  146. Darkdragon46 says:

    Anyone can tell me what I got with a level 10 mythic fire monster and a level 5 mythic boreal?I got 29 hr breed time and I’m confused as to what monster I got.I’m only level 16,not a big shot here

  147. hkkrach says:

    Are any of the legacy evolutions more likely than others? Would an air/shadow/light legacy be more difficult to get than Fire/Earth/Plant, or is it just the luck of the draw?

    Thanks for the site Noob.

  148. Aubrey says:

    Got first legendary using (both adult) cinder and flower on my very first try!! Well, I got 34 hour wait time, so I’m sure that I got legendary.

  149. Michelle says:

    For my sixth Legendary I was using my Legacy monsters to breed one. However I was going through the quest for Elder Plant and had to breed a lvl 10 Burst. Well I put a lvl 10 Burst and lvl 10 Mountain in and got 34 hrs as a result :-)

  150. cythee says:

    Got one with water friendship monster and plant unity monster on third try. Others were pond and light.

  151. twinkletoes says:

    I got a mythic one with flashfreeze and tundra… i was trying to get tinsel and ended up getting legendary… oh well haha saves me the trouble of going through another tedious process

  152. Wallaby on says:

    Really sad. I’ve been trying for a legendary for a long time. Just got a second elder elemental, bred the two (elder earth and elder fire) and only got a 13 hour breeding time.

    • Justme76 says:

      Try wildfreeze level 8 + mythic rewnel egg level 5 thats how i got 34 hour breeding time it etiter will be elder ice or legendary just waiting now first try too

  153. StrangeLotus says:

    Merry lvl 10 + Boreal lvl 5

  154. bettina says:

    teen inferno monster+ flasfreeze

  155. zanezcl says:

    How do you get the elder plant and earth? I already have the other ones though

  156. Brendan M. says:

    Was trying for elder plant but got a legendary by using blossom and montain. Could rhis be a glich?

  157. Kat says:

    Got my second Legendary with Lvl 8 Inferno and Lvl 8 Flurry. Was trying for Merry. I think this is a glitch but no complaints here! Hope this helps :)

  158. Michelle Honeycutt says:

    What do I do with my plant legacy that my legendary evolved into?

  159. Christopher says:

    Snowbluff and flarein that order got two back to back one was mytic as well yayy!! And I was just trying for

  160. basaro says:

    got another legendary while trying for elder-fire, with Solarflare+Graveleaf.

  161. Roslynd says:

    wild freeze and Frostember resulted in a 34 hour breeding time twice in a row. Second time was reverse order of the first time. First time was Legendary. Second time can only be Legendary or One of the Elder elements.

  162. Silverwind says:

    WAHOO!!!! Only took me just under a year!! I’ve finally got it with Elder Ice and Elder Fire!!! Really happy right now!

  163. mak91 says:

    Mythic flower lvl 10 + bug lvl 10

  164. maplefoot says:

    Earthquake Level 5 and Tree Level 6 – It worked for me

  165. Silverwind says:

    I’ve just got 34 hours with Flurry and Zephyr whilst trying for Snowstorm!

  166. mrs. hurse says:

    How u get elder fire

  167. Elena says:

    Got 2 Legendary monsters in a row, one normal and one mythic, by breeding Elder Plant and Elder Earth, was trying for Harvest though :).

  168. Jonathan says:

    I got two legendaries in a row with 2 diffrent combos; first was mountain(left) flower(right) and the one after was Mountain(Left) and mythic tree (right)

  169. basaro says:

    With the black Friday sale, this monster actually costs me more than my regular price! Since I am hybrid (part medium/mostly large) version, my regular cost is 2,500, but with the 30% off sale it’s 4,375, which is 30% off 6,250 (large price), not 30% off 2,500! Funny :)

    XP = 5060

    Anyway, my last legendary I got with Brimstone+Darkbolt on third attempt, while trying for elder elementals.
    Happy Holidays!

  170. Terry Duckworth says:

    I got mine with level 10 Earthquake on left and level 10 Mythic Magma on right.

  171. TehGerman says:

    I was trying for Grimbolt with lv10 cinder and lv 10 flare. First I got a light, then a shadow, then a legendary… all with the same combo. Never got the Grimbolt, but I’ll just try again next year.

  172. F8alsLady says:

    Was trying for the Fall Fox Autumn and instead i have a 34 hr breed with M Tree lvl 10 and Blossum lvl 10, and that’s ok I’ll take it whoo–hoo

  173. John says:

    Gratitude + steadfast.

  174. Sonja Carson (tiny id angel1baby) says:


  175. Lisa Loo says:

    Whoot. Lvl 10 Tree & Lvl 5 Gratitude. Finally!!

  176. Jmcg86 says:

    I got legendary with iceflare and flurry, was trying for elder ice

  177. Mimikat22 says:

    I just got it while trying for another holiday monster. Bred a level 5 gratitude with a level 5 harvest. I just saw the egg!

  178. Ceaira says:

    I got a 34 hour wait that means I got a legendary or elder ice right? Well either one is fine with me but I used frost+mystical tundra in that order

  179. Michelle says:

    I just got 34 hour breeding time. It’s either legendary or elder ice. I’ll take either one. I got it withpond and cinder.

  180. Michelle Honeycutt says:

    I just got a 1 day 9 hours and 59 minute breeding! Could it be? An adult bug and teen flower?

  181. Sammybelle27 says:

    Hey noob I just got something called a legendary hint, a new quest…is what it’s says…trying to find info on it but can’t…you know anything about it?

  182. shaybayy91 says:

    It’s either legendary or elder ice but got it with elder earth (lvl 10) and elder plant (lvl 6)

  183. Stylin says:

    Got my 2nd one with level 10 aurora on left and level 10 frostbeam on right. Was trying for elder but ill take it!!:)

  184. chocoxjulie says:

    frost+magma :)

  185. Amyfarahfowler says:

    Omfg just trying for gratitude with L10 bug + teen brimstone and got 34 hours ….. wahey !

  186. MissLadyJo says:

    Boreal lvl 8 + Flashfreeze lvl 8 (android)

  187. kevonne says:

    I got 16 hours breeding time for earthquake and frost what is that

  188. alicia says:

    Boreal level 10 and mythic freeze level 10. After trying FOREVER!!! I was trying for elder ice but this was a pleasant surprise!!!

  189. Madbuilder says:

    Just got a 34hour breeding time with teen independence and teen mythic tree

  190. Hayley Griffin says:

    Think I may have got one using gratitude and steadfast, not 100% sure till it stops breeding so hope been tryibg ove a year to get one, I was trying to get another gratitude for the challange

  191. Dragoon3198 says:

    I just breeded Elder Earth and Elder Plant and got Legendary bon my first try

    • Glitchfinder says:

      That’s normal, will always happen. Great way to get Legendary if you have 2 elder monsters of different elementals.

      • basaro says:

        That doesn’t always happen, you can also get regular hybrids. I just got a Gratitude (plant+earth) using Elder Plant + Elder Earth.

  192. Ace12755 says:

    Just got one with elder plant and elder earth!!!

    • Glitchfinder says:

      That’ll always happen when you breed Elders of different Elementals, great way to get legendaries like crazy.

  193. dartdogs2 says:

    I’m sure this has been asked before in the comment section, but that’s a lot to read…

    A couple questions please…

    Does mythic Legendary plus mythic Legendary give you another mythic Legendary..? Just got my 1st, so I don’t want to evolve him in case I get another…

    If yes, then will it use my orb or just automatically become one..?


    On another note…

    When I first started playing, this game was fun… Then I hit a level where I wanted a face to face “talk” with whoever owns TinyCo to “ask” why they were purposely screwing me over… Now that I understand how the game works, it doesn’t make me angry anymore…

    It’s kinda funny reading posts now… You can see the wave of emotions with some people…

    Thanks for all the pep talks to everyone… Take it easy…

    Everybody enjoy for what it is…


  194. bee says:

    flower + magma (both lvl 5 ) first try :)

  195. xthat says:

    Just got 34hrs with Mythic Graveleaf(lvl10) + Mythic Inferno (lvl10). I was trying for wingwitch unfortunately.

  196. Breezepetal says:

    I got it with a water friendship and a grass unity just breeding for another friendship or unity. This works fine, too :D

  197. basaro says:

    just got a legendary with frostember and ethereal boreal, while trying for elder-elementals.

  198. vicky says:

    just got one of these whilst trying for a elder earth. next best thing :D

  199. Ikwhatimdoin says:

    Randomly I got my legendary with my magma monster and frost monster weird but let me know if it works for u guys

  200. fuzziducky says:

    This seems to have more luck when you breed 2 different monsters with the same element. Mine is bug + flower

  201. Ber says:

    I got this a second time not even trying! Gloom and inferno! Probably not going to get any halloween monsters now since I cant use or want buy diamonds for it. Guh…. lol and I have not enough coins to get another habitat. Oi….

  202. Wicked Marco says:

    Used Zephyr and Gloom (both level 10) in trying for ghost windstone or boreal…works for me!!

  203. MissLadyJo says:

    Level 8 Elder Earth + Level 8 Elder Fire

  204. domino1611 says:

    YES !!! I finaly got 34 hours breeding time after trying for ages !

  205. chertichego says:

    Flamegust and Eclipse

  206. kaylinalise says:

    Level 10 wildfreeze and level 8 boreal

  207. Bob112 says:

    Noob do you get a legacy monster at level 10 hibernation?

  208. mitchellpl says:

    Used frozenflame and phantom trying to get the ghost boreal and looks like I got a legendary

  209. isaiah a says:

    Boreal monster + lv 10 frost
    Got legendary first try c:

  210. Lewis says:

    Cinder lvl 10 left + Magma lvl 10 right, just gave me an 34 hours hatching time!! I was going for hallow (to get phantom), but another legendary is perfect though! :D

  211. Andy Miguel Jochum says:

    Yeah!! I Got a mythic one with my electric friendship, and a earth unity!! I’m so happy :)

  212. rene says:

    Frostember lvl 9 and boreal at lvl 10

  213. MNCRFTplyr says:

    I tried Frost + Bug and got the Legendary Egg on the first try.

  214. Csilla19 says:

    Earthquake (lvl.7) + mythic thunder (lvl.5) first try, and give me 34 hour :) (i try grimbolt..)

  215. Jacob Holland says:

    Earthquake + thunder

  216. theonlyhybrid says:

    so, just trying to decipher the language here… Can I breed elder earth with another elder earth to get a legendary or is that only going to make another elder earth with a chance of it being mythic?

  217. QuteMonster says:

    Earthquake and thunder

  218. BugMommy says:

    Is there any extra value to the elder monsters? When I breed them they seem to work no different than the regular elemental monsters. There is a note under elder fire that breeding 2 elder fire results in legendary? This didn’t work for me. What do you mean?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      1st what do you mean by extra value?
      2nd what I meant was elder fire + elder earth = legendary (or any elder element).
      2 same monsters always resulted on same monster.

      • BugMommy says:

        What I meant was is there any benefit to breeding elder fire instead of say, a mythic fire or basic fire? Are you more likely to get something special? On a side note, I have hatched about 5 of the elder fire this week, as well as a lot of Sonar, shadow and air. I haven’t hatched anything useful in 2 weeks. So frustrating! It’s strange a lot of people have trouble getting them and I can’t seem to get rid of them!

      • Alvaron says:

        Not allways true..
        1st try I bred elder fire with elder plant and only got a normal flower monster.
        2nd try I bred elder earth with elder fire and got a legendary
        3rd try I bread elder fire with elder earth again and it got 13 hours so most likely an ordinary cinder monster..

        (All of this was lvl.10 elder monsters)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          1st I just tired this 2 times in a row and always get legendary
          So, I am not sure, anyone can confirms this? need more confirmation. Need to wait for more people to confirm though :D.

  219. Pandabear says:

    I was trying for a light monster, but I got a mythic legendary with level 10 Earthquake and level 10 Frost.

  220. Gma Of 10 says:

    I was trying for elder fire but got legendary. Mythic Sun and Solarflare.

  221. tinyaddict1 says:

    Legendary number 2 today from Frostember and Eclipse.

  222. Oswald NG says:

    I just paid 25 diamonds to try it again. Will know what it is 22 hours later. Hope I am lucky enough.

  223. DeeDee says:

    Finally!!!! Got Legendary with Elder Earth and Elder Plant, on iPhone.

  224. Erika says:

    Got Legendary on accident with level 5 Flower and level 5 Bug

  225. Donlen says:

    After all this waiting finally got a legendary and it’s a Mystic….got it from my Electric friendship and someone’s Earth Unity monster

  226. tine3 says:

    i got it using lv9 EARTHQUAKE + lv5 THUNDER.. you can also get a SHADOW using this formula :) ..
    oh, and i got it in MYTHIC VERSION for my first legendary in 4th time breeding

    • Andrea says:

      Finally got one.!! With earthquake level ten and thunder level ten. Was trying for grimbolt….but this will do too. :) level 72 and this is my first…..didn’t think would ever get one

  227. domino1611 says:

    Hi noob how would I get a legendary with social breefing ?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It’s possible, I can’t give you the formula since it’s all about the chance. Also don’t leave your tiny id here ( I have deleted it). Leave it on friend page.

  228. Oswald says:

    I’ve 11 Legendary: 2 Earthlegacy, 2 Plantlegacy, 1 Icelegacy, 1 Electriclegacy, 1 Waterlegacy, 1 Airlegacy, 2 Lightlegacy. The 11th one was Icelegacy and I use 25 diamonds and wait again to evolve it to get Electriclegacy.
    Anyone think that I can use another 25 diamonds to try to get Fire or Shadowlegacy?

  229. kindleuzer says:

    just got legendary using bug lvl 6 and mythic iceflare level 10 was trying for elder fire

  230. Lisa says:

    Magma and cinder work
    Magma Lv 8 cinder Lv 10
    Both normal

  231. redrocks says:

    Got it with icefloe and flashfreeze-woohoo!

  232. Jacob Holland says:

    I tried frost with magma in hope of getting a shadow but I got a legendary instead.

  233. caffiend1 says:

    Iv been trying for a month now i keep getin air, shadow and misc iv already got.
    Does anyone have a combo that works very well.

  234. xombii says:

    Bayou and voltleaf :3

  235. Cole Tiny ID=Freekstr says:

    I meant mountain and flower, don’t know if order matters

  236. Cole Tiny ID=Freekstr says:

    I don’t know what it is, but todays my bday, and I woke up, bred flower and mountain, and got my second legendary with the same formula.

  237. Liger says:

    Dude I can’t even breed with it it won’t breed with anything I have>:(

  238. M says:

    Finally got it at the very end of legendary boost week using my Electric Friendship with someone’s Fire Friendship. I’ve gotten Lights and Airs and Shadows and Friendships with that combination before (yeah, I’ve tried *a lot*).

    Wheee! :)

  239. Khairi says:

    I got it using steadfast and frostember

  240. neko3737 says:

    Everytime I try for Legendary I get Air!!

  241. stormexodius says:

    Yay!! I finally got legendary by breeding level 6 earthquake and lvl 10 frost.

  242. godofawesomness says:

    its not 1250 diamonds its 6250 diamonds.

  243. Mrs wood says:

    :( I can’t seem to get a single legendary even though it’s the magic weekend. I’ve tried almost all of these formulas and nothing, I’ve even tried trading the positions/sides. Nada. Any suggestions?

  244. aaabooboo says:

    Got it with a frost and flower. Was trying for the boreal though. This legendary weekend has lived up to its name.

  245. Whitney says:

    Cinder+ pollen. After a couple of trys

  246. monstroo says:

    I used renewal(L) and buzzy(R) to get legendary

  247. Awsomerthanu says:

    I bet u didn’t know this!!!!!
    Try legendary+legendary duh!

  248. Awsomerthanu says:


  249. Tyler says:

    How long is the 3rd hibernation?

  250. Prof says:

    I got legendary finally, it took 37 attempts but you can get legendary with seacliff and puff I knew it could be done

  251. Kim Livecchi says:

    Frostember+boreal gave legendary

  252. Dragonflydream says:

    Got this on my first try with Legendary Fire & Legendary Earth.

  253. Kris says:

    Ice friendship with plant friendship = 34 hours….I am so excited!!!

  254. xombii says:

    Hoping :3
    34 hours with electric and earth friendship monsters.

  255. FelipeBD says:

    I just got a mithyc 34h BT with Water Friendship + Earth Unity

  256. Sakurablaze13 says:

    Voltleaf and aquaveil! 34 hrs!

  257. Deanna says:

    Just got legendary with mountain and flower!

  258. tiny7865 says:

    Just got 34 hours with Electric friendship and Earth unity!

  259. Leticia says:

    *-*Yey!I think i got it
    I bred earthquake with frost,34h,i hope to get a legendary.

  260. connagh says:

    Oh yeh noob how do u get other friendship monsters because mine evolved into ice friendship and I dont know how to get another

  261. connagh says:

    Yeh I got legenadary with earthquake and frost instantly this weekend has been great

  262. Ber says:

    I just got a legendary using the social breeding! The ice friendship dude and the water friendship dude! Holy crap! I’ve been working on this for almost a year when I started playing! I can’t wait for it to hatch but I have to lol not enough diamonds…. lucky me I’ve already bought a special habitat for one last week… just cause I had the coins and had some hope I’d get one soon. I had no idea that I was waiting on that monster the whole time! Lmao!

  263. Mike3912 says:

    Friendship ice and unity earth got twice now with this combo also got earth elder an plant elder with this combo

  264. koffeegirl says:

    Oop forgot to mention formula. Mythic earthquake and mythic frost, third try.

  265. koffeegirl says:

    Woohoo……finally got my second one. Only taken about 10 months and a million air, shadow and tree monsters! Okay, slight exaggeration but it felt like that many.
    Good luck to everyone and persistence pays.

  266. Trish says:

    Mythic Mountain and Mythic Sunstone both level 10 gave 34 hours. Was trying for Elder Earth.

  267. Joshua Gibson says:

    This legandery weekend is great!;) two legendarys straight away from the same formula LV 10 mythic tree and
    LV 6 mountain TRY THiS FOUMULA

    • cassie says:

      Thanks, I just got 2 legendary’s from this formula as well. I was so surprised it actually worked for once.

    • Cassie bull says:

      I just tried this formula and got 34 hour breed so looks like I got my first legendary !! Yay thanks for formula cause it worked and first time !! Yay do happy finally got my legendary lol!! Everyone try this formula cause its works mythic tree on left and mountain on right

    • giftoftigerseye says:

      I got one first try as well thanks

    • Alismom76 says:

      I just got one too and I’ve been trying all weekend and have bred over 50 times! Thanks!!!

  268. Eldon7589 says:

    Just got my second legendary using Tempest lvl 8 on the left and burst lvl 8 on the right! I’ve been trying for months to get my second and this is the exact formula I used to get my first one… Weird =P

    • Eldon7589 says:

      And now, just about two hours later I bred my earth unity with a friends electric friendship and got another 34 hour breed time! I about freaked out bc I got 2 in a row within 2 hours of each other :D

  269. Paintpurple says:

    Bug(10) + renewal(10) first try. Iphone5
    Add me “paintpurple”

  270. danimal says:

    just got another one with mythic teen flower and adult mythic tree. already have seven but was trying for elder plant and got another legendary.

  271. my3sonsnj (nook hd) says:

    Wondering if device makes a difference on formula success? Still no luck and I have been playing this game for 6 months, sigh!

  272. Fishboy19 says:

    Adult flower+ adult bug 34 hour wait. Pretty sure nothing else is 34 hours so yay!!! Add me as social friend to see my mountain.

  273. Julie C says:

    I just got one with mythic bug and renewal. Weeeee. Android.

  274. Grace (TinyID: irishis79) says:

    What the heck?! I can’t get a Legendary to save my life! I have tried ALL the combos above, and all of your suggestions below! This is driving me crazy! I thought this weekend was supposed to be increased chance of Legendary! Sheesh! I feel like every combination I try, should produce a Legendary, in theory, but so far, all I’ve gotten is 5 hour monsters in the last 2 days… Oh, and one Plant Monster… What the heck am I doing wrong?! I should be able to produce ONE Legendary, shouldn’t I? >:( Grrr! If all of you are getting results from the suggestions made, shouldn’t I be able to get one from at least ONE of your formulas? So frustrated!

  275. Bridget says:

    Teen flamegust + adult tree. Hope it works :)

  276. says:

    Just got my 3rd! Frostember 10 left Boreal 10 right.

  277. kay11711 says:

    i have tried everything to get legendary. and this increased chances of getting a legendary isn’t helping me one bit

    • Grace (TinyID: irishis79) says:

      I know how you feel, Kay11711! I’ve been getting lame monsters that I’ve already gotten dozens of times… This is so frustrating, sometimes! This site is really helpful, but it all comes down to “chance” and that’s what really gets to me! I’ve tried every combination, and have gotten no success…

  278. kriznek says:

    Got it with Bug and Cinder

  279. godofawesomness says:

    YES! finally got it BOOYA! WOO HOO! thank you for telling me frost and earthquake! BAZINGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BABOOSH!

  280. Bebop says:

    0.0″ wow! I ‘ve got mythic egg 1 day 9hs 59m. I breed ELECTRIC lv5 Vs BOREAL lv5. Can’t believe it.

  281. L says:


  282. Tyler says:

    I got him with boreal+frostember

  283. Georgann J says:

    Just got one!! Bug + mythic flower – first try! Thank you Tiny Gods! XD
    Man this legendary weekend seems pretty legit :)

    • Em says:

      What device? I know it’s not supposed to matter but it does seem diffferent sdmetimes if iOS versus android. I’m on jellybean and so far got air, mythic air, shadow and now a 5 hour with this formula. Thanks.

  284. Samuel says:

    Blossom lv.10 + Mountain lv.10

  285. bellini8i says:

    Wow, got my second one in like two days! Now with earthquake + frost. Both lvl 10. My first havent even hatched yet =o

  286. steve says:

    Just got it using a Strike and Buzzy

  287. godofawesomness says:

    Woo Hoo this weekend increased chanches of getting lengendary Woo Hoo

  288. TNITO1 says:

    Can you get another legendary if you breed two legendary? It got an ice legacy and a legendary in the breeding den

  289. gypsyclily says:

    Renewal and Flower got me a 34 hr wait!! :D

  290. marcelo12 says:

    Got another legendary trying for elder fire with m.renewal+m.bug.:-)

    • Grace (TinyID: irishis79) says:

      Just tried your formula and got an 18 hour breed time… It’s not a Legendary, but maybe it’s an Elder Earth, but it’s probably just another Shadow Monster… Thanks for the formula. Hopefully I get something that I don’t already have. :)

      • Grace (TinyID: irishis79) says:

        IT IS!!! IT IS THE ELDER EARTH!!! *does happy dance*

        It’s not another stupid Shadow monster! Hooray! I can’t wait till it hatches, so I can put it in my Sacred Space! :D I’m so excited!

        I still can’t get a Legendary, to save my life, even on increased chance weekend, but this works! WHOOOO!!!!!

  291. I just bred a Legendary with a level 10 Bayou & a level 9 Pollen.

  292. bellini8i says:

    Finally got it!!! Used voltleaf + sporespark both lvl 10.

    • Bla says:

      Thank you! Got it too!

    • Grace (TinyID: irishis79) says:

      I have tried EVERY combination, at least 3 times! Ugh! You are so lucky! This is proving to be way harder than I ever thought it would be! I’ve seen some of my “friends” with literally DOZENS of MYTHIC Legendary Monsters, and I can’t even get a regular one! Hopefully, I won’t blow it this weekend, with the better chance of getting one… I’m gonna try YOUR formula again… I think I did Sporespark + Voltleaf, so maybe if I turn them around, I’ll get a Legendary too. Thanks for the tip! Oh, and thanks for adding me as your friend, also! :)

      • Mantaraya says:

        I just got a mythic legendary in the social breeding den. Try any Friendship + Unity combos (not Friendship + Friendship or Unity + Unity) there too.

        The great thing is that once you have two of them (legendary, legacy, or even elder), you can breed them together to get as many legendary as you need.

        • Grace (TinyID: irishis79) says:

          Thanks, mantaraya! I’ve been trying the social breeding den as well. I can’t get anything but a Shadow Monster, 9, 13 or 19 hours there so far. It’s maddening! @_@ I’m thankful that there is a second Breeding Den, of sorts, but it’s hard to get anything that I haven’t already gotten a dozen times already… Wanna add me as a friend, so we can at least gift each other? Thanks for the advice!

      • bellini8i says:

        I will cross my fingers for you! I really hope you get the legendary this week =)

        • Grace (TinyID: irishis79) says:

          Thanks Bellini81! I just need to get one more, so that I CAN breed the 2 together, to get as many of them as I need. It’s just so hard being patient. Thanks for crossing your fingers for me! I need all the help I can get! And thanks for adding me as a friend!

  293. Kristadactyl says:

    I’ve been trying like crazy for elder plant, but I’m just as stoked with getting 34 hrs. Which I’m assuming is legendary. :) fingers crossed!

    Combo: Blossom lvl. 7 + Mountain lvl. 10 = 34 hrs.

  294. Leslie says:

    I tried breeding 2 legendary to get a mythic but it didn’t work. I filled the mythic thing but still no mythic legendary. Does this work?

  295. Izzy says:

    Frost with magma got me one!

  296. Shelly says:

    Second legendary with Elder plant + legendary (as noted on page) love this site :=

  297. bbzm says:

    Flower (10) + Mountain (10)
    Was trying for Shadow and I got 1d 9h 59m instead. :D

  298. Roslynd says:

    Level 10 mythic Cinder and Lvl 10 Bug. Was trying for Elder, but I’ll take this. :)

  299. arikahana007 says:

    I get breeding with steadfast+Renewal both 10 3rd.
    I try breeding enigma and elder plant *-*

  300. Skipper says:

    Frost and earthquake keep giving me air. Two mythical without having orb full and one regular. Tried frost and flower only to get three tundras and one silk. Have tried like crazy to get mountain but have only ended up with trees. This is proving to be more difficult than I anticipated.

  301. Ashley says:

    Why is it that you can’t breed 2 mythic legacies and get a mythic legendary? How do I get the rest of the mythic legacies if once they evolve you can’t breed them for a new mythic, it works with Frozenflames, that’s how I got all the Frozenflames forms for mythic and legendary? Wht can I do? I cannot get lucky enough to get a whole bunch of mythic legendaries!

  302. Gamer7337 says:

    I think i have 2 luky monsters every time I breed them I always
    Get a rare monster 1# I got buzzy then I got the legendary
    Monster and then I got the enigma monster. P.s the 2 monsters are the sporespark. And volt leaf

  303. Trey says:

    Frozen flame and frost

  304. Theodore says:

    Flower and mountain works good to, that’s how I got mine

  305. SMF3 says:

    Just tried for air with lvl 10 Sporespark and lvl 10 Voltleaf. Got 34 hrs Breeding time. Are there any other monsters with a breeding time of 34 hrs? Or did I just get lucky and the legendary might be coming my way?

  306. Bob112 says:

    Thx for this got legendary on my first try

  307. martijn says:

    I got a combine of flower and cinder it took me 5 months to get an legendary but i have 34 hours XD

  308. Anna says:

    Finally got it with icefloe and flash freeze both level 10

  309. marcelo12 says:

    Got finally my first with buzzy and steadfast both lvl 7 :)))))))))))))

  310. Kyle says:

    Is there any way to breed legendary to get elder earth/plant?

  311. Debstoy54 says:

    Oh Yay, I got a legendary using ice flow and mountain.

  312. Rendarphil says:

    Have been trying for Elder. Just got Legendary (34 hrs breeding) with lvl 10 Merry and lvl 10 Gratitude.

  313. 69bounty says:

    It took me 8 months of trying for legendary to get my first…2 in a row now . 2 nd try was mythic mountain and blossom . both level 10

  314. Ponz says:

    New combine Frostember + Bug
    Just got one

  315. BourneC90 says:

    I know this dont help much but I was trying to get Buzxy. It was Voltleaf(6) with Steadfast(5).
    And Im pretty sure I used Steadfast 1st but not sure. It also took me about 4 tries.

  316. Gail says:

    What breed of dog is this? Of course I realize they are not blue but there is a dog with eyebrows that resembles the legendary. What is it called?

  317. watswat says:

    How is the easyest way to get

  318. 69bounty says:

    Tree and blossom both level 10…

  319. nidan says:

    got one using flower (10) and bug (10)

  320. Aubrey says:

    L10 flower + L10 bug
    Was trying for shadow, and got the 34 hr breed time.

  321. Leslie says:

    Question can u breed 2 legendary non mythic to get a mythic obviously I filled the mythic orb with gems but it didn’t work.

  322. Rianne says:

    Really need your help. I have tried several of the above combinations with monsters between 5-10 and the best I’m getting is air (and i’m getting this most of the time). it is getting really irritating now because i’m using all my diamonds or its taking 2 days to hatch it. I am level 22. I’ve tried Flower & Bug, Flower & Mountain, Buzzy & Steadfast, Steadfast & Tree, Boreal & Frozenflame etc. Nothing I’m doing is creating a legendary. Would getting the habitat help? I really want one, and it is really getting on my nerves that all i’m getting is air monsters which take 52 diamonds per monster to hatch quickly. Please help!!

  323. Suzanneq21 says:

    Got legendary/34 hours with elder plant and elder earth both level 10. First try on android

  324. carol ku says:

    I got a mythic legendary by breeding tree with steadyfast. I am so happy! Got it trying to breed elder plant. I did get it by filling some of my orb.

  325. Bee says:

    Flicker (lvl5) shadowmare (lvl10)

  326. faeriegirls says:

    hi noob & fellow legendary monster seekers

    im trying to breed 2nd legendary and wondering is there any general equation/formula to breeding these monsters? i see all listed formulas are w two hybrids usually involving 3+ catagories (ie. plant, fire ect). i keep ending up w light or shadow monsters much of the time.

    any advice greatly accepted; need to move on in quest for elder monster as im finished most quests.

  327. Sarah says:

    Finally got one on level 41 with sporespark and soar, thanks to the 2x weekend

  328. Shadow says:

    Finally my 2nd legendary ! With the same formula as the fist one … TUNDRA ( 10 ) + SILK ( 10 )

  329. Richard says:

    So after a year of playing I finally got mine from Elder Earth+Elder Plant ,and afterwards I also got the mythic from the teen legendary +Elder Earth I had the orb full and it took all of the boost out but am happy tho cause I got my Legendary and it Mythic version too that’s just awesome,. But my bf is awesome he got it during his first week of playing this game about a month ago when he started .

  330. Dawna says:

    Got 34 hrs with luck-steadfast

  331. kat says:

    Wow, I am a level 48 and just got a legendary with aquaveil on left and sun on the right. Was not expecting that. My first one.

  332. Cole Tiny ID=Freekstr says:

    I got legendary at level 29 and now all of my friends hate me.

  333. Cole Tiny ID=Freekstr says:

    Can you breed a legacy with a legacy and get legendary?

  334. Stephen says:


    Buzzy (10) + Voltleaf (10) has given me a 34 hour breeding time. [Had been trying for Elder Plant but am thrilled to get my first Legendary!]

  335. Gilbert says:

    I just got the legendary egg from breeding my level 10 magma with the level 7 mythic frost on the first try . Maybe it was luck but I wanted to share the info with you.

  336. Tinymonsterluvr says:

    Omgggh finallyyyy level 69 and Lv.10 cinder and Lv.10 mythic voltleaf just got my first 34 hour breeding time =]

  337. Lee says:

    Level 10 Frost + Level 10 Tundra gave me a 34hr breeding time♥

    • Gilbert says:

      The same happened to me. I breed the level 10 magma with the level 7 mythic frost and gave me a 34 hours breeding time. For my surprise it was the legendary egg. You could check the breeding/hatching time of the legendary because I think it’s the only one that takes 34 hours

    • Shisuke says:

      Wow got it with frost and tundra 2 with lvl 32 ^.^

  338. Mythic Blossom + Mountain both level 10 got me legendary whilst trying for elder plant… (iPhone 5)

  339. Azza says:

    How long is the 3rd hibernation iv looked one legacy page but I couldn’t find it can someone tell me please

  340. Rika Nonaka says:

    For the frozenflame and frostember formula does have to be teen? The frozenflame or can it be any of the adult forms?

  341. Cajun belle says:

    Just got it with elder plant and elder earth. Lvl 8s

  342. TinyID = osmall1980 says:

    I got Legendary using Mythic Renewal and Mythic Luck I was trying for Buzzy. Both monsters are Level 10 and I am on Level 73 in the game.

  343. Theonechosen says:

    Will mthic tree + frost work?

  344. Mujazik says:

    For frozenflame and frost ember does it have to be frozenflame or can it be on the the evolutions of it?

  345. mjk says:

    Yaaaaay! 34 hr breeding time with bug n flower lvl 10s!!!!!! Woooooohoooooooo

  346. Benamaru says:

    After soo many tries for it I finally got this wonderful monster with steadfast and blossom

  347. Blossomgervais says:

    Buzzy and steadfast gave me 34 hrs

  348. Madbuilder1 says:

    Frost and tree

  349. KellieS2013 says:

    Am I the only one who has been playing for over a year and still hasn’t gotten a legendary?

  350. Suzanneq21 says:

    Breed Mountain and tree with the orb almost full and got a mythic legendary. Trying for elder plant, mythic light or shadow

  351. courtana says:

    Hey, i was wondering i got a legendary but i cant breed it with anything

  352. Tara says:

    Luck and mythic blossom. Both lvl 10. On kindle fire.

  353. Kris says:

    At what level are your legandary supposed to get their epic form and how? I have been on that guest for months now. I am level 41 in the game and I have4 legandaries at level 8 and no epic forms. All help is appreciated.

  354. Corbin (TinyID: comunist) says:

    luck & blossom

  355. Mythic Blossom + Mythic Luck leve 10, attempting an Elder Plant got me another Legendary! (iPhone 5)

  356. Grey (ID Temp4) says:

    I used mythic tundra lvl. 9 and regular renewal lvl 9. I got 1 day 10 hours breeding time.

    Did I get this monster? (I didn’t use an electric hybrid do that makes me confused)

  357. ziggypicc says:

    Just got legendary with Earth Unity + Electric Friendship.

  358. kendra says:

    Got another with eriewood and iceflow. Wasnt even trying for it again.

  359. Kim Markham says:

    WaaHooo just got my first one! At level 71, I was beginning to think they were a fairy tale and you all err having a mass delusion! ;-)

  360. Alya says:

    I got it with sporkeparks and voltleaf was trying to get buzzy

  361. Tattoo Tammie says:

    sporespark and voltleaf both teens…1st try…

  362. Angelina says:

    Blossom and Tree

  363. elisab says:

    Level 10 voltleaf and level 8 cinder

  364. Mizrah (TinyID=Mizrah) says:

    Just got a mythic Legendary from Elder Earth + Elder Plant (was trying for Steadfast tho)
    Thanks for all your most excellent help, Noob!

  365. Penny says:

    I finally got a legendary with lvl 10 mythic tree and regular renewal lvl 10. I have a quest for legendary that says 1 of 3. 1st quest is hatch a legendary. Do you know what #2 and #3 are? Thanks for all your help and for having this site. It has helped me tremendously!!

  366. Lisa says:

    Elder plant + plant legacy = 34 hrs! So excited. Yay

  367. JennyLynn says:

    Level 10 Tree(left) +Level 7 Snowbluff(right) = legendary

    This was a total accident. I was going to do tree+mountain to try for Buzzy but I accidentally put Snowbluff instead of mountain and didn’t realize it until 34hr breeding time came up. I’d tried 6 times to get legendary using suggestions from here without luck

  368. Bob says:

    Boreal +. Frostember also makes legendary

  369. jermet says:

    I’m lvl 12 and just legendary with 5 silk + 5 tree. Can’t afford the habitat yet though, bittersweet moment

  370. kendra says:

    Mountain+mythic tree got me another legendary. Wasnt even tryimg since I have enough lagacies to breed them when ever I want

  371. electra says:

    tundra x mythic flower got me a legendary mythic on my first go!

  372. Jennifer says:

    Silly question…I’m @ level 74 & maxed out on habitats, but my next quest is to build an elder habitat….at what level does the next set unlock? Or, if I sell one of my others, would it unlock one automatically (because then I wouldn’t be at my max????)

  373. Carmen says:

    Flower level 10 + Tundra level 5 = legendary

  374. kassi says:

    Wow I finally got one at level 61 with sunstone and vapor! I see all these people having it at such early levels and I had to play 9 months for one so im a little overly excited right now. I was going for windstone or aquaray trying to complete the circus and aquarium quests that I’ve had for months and surprise!!! Im so happy!

  375. Viet says:

    18 days in the game after 6 months break. First Flower and Bug both level. 5 got me a renewal. Second time got me a Legendary . Third was a mythic air. Spending 3 days for special habitat(580k coins) with 3 large earth habitats, 3 large fire habitats 2 small plant, 2 small ice, 1 small electric, 1 small water. Just built the special habitat, saving for air habitat while the egg is hatching. This is the number of habitats I use for fast and big coins. Maximum habitats at level 18 at the moment.

    • Viet says:

      I got my legendary at level 18 and now I am level 21. I am struggling to level him up. At level 5 he needs 880 food >< . My advice: don't try for legendary when you don't have large farm. If you are as lucky as myself, leave that buddy alone first. 250k coins per large farm will take some time too .

  376. maybee says:

    Blossom and Cinder.. was trying to get Elder Earth though

  377. I was reading thru the Legendary posts and came across a new formula, the Elder Earth monster and a Legendary monster (I’ve been trying for MONTHS to get my 2nd Legendary monster) so I figured ‘what the heck’ YOU’RE THE BOMB!!!! Because not only did I FINALLY get my 2nd, but then a Mythic Legendary AND then a THIRD!!!!! I’m soooooo happy! I play on my phone and tablet and started playing on my tablet second (when the social island started) long story short on my tablet I have most Legendary AND Legacy monsters already and the 2 Elder monsters…though the mythic version is eluding me something fierce…anyway I just wanted to thank you Noob and Jo for bringing this combo to my attention!!!! Anyone looking for their 2nd Legendary monster DEFINITELY TRY THIS COMBO!!!! THREE IN A ROW CAN’T BE A COINCIDENCE!!!!
    GOOD LUCK! :-* :-* SMOOCHES :-*:-*

  378. Ant venom says:

    Finally got the breeding time took me twenty times but it was worth it

  379. Sapphhire says:

    Flower and bug always gets me Shadow monster and a Legendary monster

  380. kris says:

    Just got a mythic 34 hr breeding time with renewal/bug. Was going for another renewal, but I will take this.

  381. poucheman says:

    What is the unlock level?

      • crazibreeder says:

        Hey noon I tucking love you 5 legendary in total from playing career…1 of yours just got my g.f one…sun -embershade….then bayou and flare 5th try every other one was well worth it though I grabbed a mythic shock wave spitfire air s.s and then legend tbanx a bundle bro.

  382. David Peters says:

    Yyyyeeeesssss! Finally got legendary with Lvl 10 Mountain and Lvl 10 Mythic Tree! Was trying for Elder Earth, but I’ll take Legendary – been trying for months!

  383. MarinaKotik says:

    got it unexpectedly with mythic flower and mythic mountain both lvl10. was trying for renewal but legendary is also great as for me (^-^)

  384. SaraUC says:

    Just bred my electric Friendship monster with a fire Unity and got 34 hr breeding time… I wonder what it could be ;)

  385. McGee333 says:

    Luck and flower, both mythic, level 10, was trying for a renewal…

  386. sarah says:

    Got it first time with flower and bug, now I have 2:-) :-)

  387. Jo says:

    Thx Noob!! Was preparing for a lot frustating ‘air’ breeding to get my second legendary, when I found you note on breeding elder earth and legendary. Now my second legendary is already in the breeding den!!!

  388. Laura says:

    I ended up with a Legendary by breeding a Level 10 Flower and a teen Bug monster. Was just trying to make a hybrid, wasn’t after a Legendary at all.

  389. MimiMonster says:

    My third legendary with blossom and mythic snowbluff. I was trying for elder earth but no luck yet.

  390. indarkplaces says:

    Blossom lvl five with mythic mountain lvl ten

  391. Legstar says:

    Blossom lvl 10 and brimstone lvl 5

  392. Boximen2 says:

    I just got it with my lv8 cinder + lv5 magma.(1st try!!)

  393. Biggs412 says:

    Mythic teen Bug x Mythic teen flower.
    I was trying with regular Bug x flower for awhile and could;nt get it

  394. aeonsidhe8 (ID) says: it first try with Mythic Burst (not Blast) and Mythic Renewal.

  395. Rach says:

    Strike and renewal -.- I was trying for something else.

  396. mitchellpl says:

    I got two legendaries using Luck and Flower , then Bayou and Flare! I was trying to get that stupid Renewal with those formulas, which I got off the Facebook page. I had given up on Legendary and it figures I get it twice in a row trying for something else!

  397. liamc1234 says:

    Boreal-Luck gave me legendary first try

  398. Scooter331 says:

    Hi all new formula for legendary L10 Grimfreeze + L8 Darkscale both of witch are mythic got me my second , but been long time in between was actually trying for the Elder but this is even better good luck all regards scooter331 ID. For friend requests please have latest version and iOS or I can’t gift you.

  399. eskeoto says:

    Frost lvl 10 + Tundra lvl 10. First try.

    • eskeoto says:

      I’d add. I wasn’t going for legendary. I was trying for a snowbluff. Nice aurprise though. I am only level 22. Guess I need to save up for that habitat…..

  400. my3sonsnj (android) says:

    Just curious if there is a level requirement to get this monster. I’m level 63 and haven’t had any luck yet.

  401. Roslynd says:

    Mythic Flower level 10 and Bug level 10. I was going for Renewal but i will take this nice surprise!

  402. gzxwert says:

    Electric Friendship and Earth Unity!

  403. MimiMonster says:

    Frost and blossom

  404. Arikirimoto says:

    got it in first try, with=
    mountain (left, lvl 10) + tree (right, level 7) :-)

  405. Aeon says:

    Finally got one on the first try using Mythic Blast and Mythic Renewal.

  406. Susan says:

    Blossom and Mountain. I was trying for Elder Earth. I am just going to have to as sell it too. I don’t have room for it. A mythic one would have been better. What a waste of time :(

  407. andii says:

    Aquaveil + icefloe = 34 hours first try.. Well no first try because I have 3 legendaries but it was my first try with this combo :) I was trying for shadefin

  408. anamonster says:

    Bug + Flower. Second time I have bred a legendary with this combo.

  409. Addicted totiny says:

    Trying for renewal with blossom and cinder, got me 34 hours! Xxx

  410. wyrdtina says:

    I was trying for renewal and got legendary with pollen and boreal.

  411. Candice says:

    I got mine with voltleaf and flare

  412. Spongespider says:

    I was trying to get Strike first try with level 10 flower and level 6 flare and got the Legendary.

  413. Dawna says:

    Just got 34 hrs with luck and flower , that combo has gotten me enigma twice and now this..

  414. Jasey says:

    Can I breed Legendary with Teen Enigma?

  415. Rhianna says:

    I got one using mountain and flower and I got another one using frost and tree. One right after the other!

  416. Jonina says:

    Frozenblaze – Frostembem. 1e try. I’m now at l54. I’ve tryed many diffrent combonations. And finaly i’ve got him :-)

  417. kim says:

    I just got it using teen (lvl 5) flare and teen (lvl 6) flower. I also paid 66k to boost mythic luck. Only been trying for legendary for a week or so. All I kept getting was air, air, and more air. ( about 300 diamonds later) I am level 21

  418. alex says:

    i got mythic legendary on my 5-8 try

  419. Bobby says:

    I have tried all the combos listed and will hasn’t gotten one! What am I doing wrong? Can anyone help me? I’m starting over at the top of the list and trying again…any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Breeding is all about chance even you’re using right formula. Just keep trying until you get it. I suggest you to complete other monsters first since legendary is hard to get.

    • crazibreeder says:

      Hmm I recently got to in the prior week try new formulas not just the ones recommended…earthquake. is real popular in. Formulas…I have gotten three in total all using earthquake. With marine…thunder and finally flare g.l

  420. sue says:

    What is the best way to get legendary? Can any one help

  421. Adam says:

    I just got legendary and I have no idea how. I think i got it with ice friendship and earth friendship, both at level 8. That is the only breeding I did, is that combo even possible?

  422. emeee says:

    Was trying for Elder eart with Mountain and Tree
    And POFF 34hours :D happy surprise I must say :D

  423. Samuel says:

    mythic flower + mythic snowbluff = mythic LEGENDARY!!!

  424. Fernando says:

    Snowbluff lev 10 + Flamengust lev 10
    I got it in the 1st try

    • crazibreeder says:

      O yea yo noob it happened again I freaking love earthquake man… another freaking legend with him and flare o yea….now to try to get mythic…atoll cant get elder earth but its ok…2 legendarys at only level 30 must be impressive ..

  425. victoria says:

    mountain10 + tree10 = It was air!!! :(

  426. Goose9090 says:

    I just got my third legendary with lvl5 tree and lvl6 cinder

  427. CueNtoZ says:

    I just got 2 legendary’s in a row trying for elder earth

    One was with tree lvl 5 + mountain lvl 10

    Then i decided to do the quest for elder earth


    Frozen blaze + flower both level 10

  428. coco2p says:

    i can’t seem to breed a legendary with anything, why? someone help please!!!

  429. chris says:

    Can anyone tell me why i am getting all regular monsters from breeding my social breeding? Got 3 so far and no social monsters yet.

  430. Shelly says:

    Blossom & Soar/ was trying for something else but this made my day!

  431. xthat says:

    Was trying for enigma but got it with Bug + Luck on first try.

  432. Pamela says:

    What the crap my Legendary Monster has disappeared. I didn’t sell it because I need it to get elder monsters. How can the just disappear?

  433. desi says:

    Just bred lv 10 flower and frost to complete the prophecy quest and i got a 34 hour breeding time!!!!! Im so excited

  434. gandwana says:

    boreal lv 7 left + frostember lv 8 right

  435. Grace says:

    I’m so annoyed! I keep getting air! Now I have 2 wait 26 more hours 2try again!
    Silk and bug = air
    Earthquake and frost = air
    Pond and frost = air
    Frost and cinder= air!
    Urgggg!!! Air air air air air!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      :D. Try to get other monster first. Like I said it’s rare and I got it after 9 months of playing. If I recall you said you have just been palying for 2 months right? you still have lot monsters to collect.

  436. jpm4me says:

    Is it possible to get a Legendary using a lvl 5 Legendary? And if so, what should I pair him with. Suggestions? Thanks

  437. kazzita says:

    I Just got it with mythic tundra and pond after about 3 months of trying sooo exited :-) :-D
    And thanks for all the info you provide its very helpfull :-D

  438. chris says:

    Just got him by breeding electric friendship and fire unity. I did not know that was possible…

  439. Odus says:

    Got it with snowbluff (L) and mountain (R) both level 10 and I wasn’t even trying for it!! Just got two quests at once!! It’s a good day.

  440. aeroboy says:

    Flower 10 and flamegust 5 first try :)

  441. Ant venom says:

    Teen earthquake and 10 frost works?

  442. carl says:

    While completing the 2nd part of Becky’s prophecy quest, I bred a lvl 10 silk with a lvl 10 bug & hot my 2nd legacy. Woot woot!

  443. Madeaw says:

    i just got legendary on a second with bug lv 10 and tundra lv 10 yeahhhhh my level is 14 ^ ^

  444. gambit0216 says:

    I’m having trouble breeding a ledgendary. What is the best formula. I’ve tried several of the listed above and I keep getting air monsters.

  445. rhk8925 says:

    Just got 34 hours with social breeding yay!!!!!

  446. Grace says:

    Do u have 2 be a certain level to get the leagendary?i have tried more than 10 of these options at least 5 time each! It is getting SO annoying! Urggg!!! Please reasons noobb

  447. mony68 says:

    Can you breed two legendary monsters?

  448. chris says:

    Was trying for independence which I never got.. used flurry and flamegust and got the legendary. Then got a enigma. Yet again. No independence

    • Amanda says:

      If its not too much trouble could you list the levels that ur monsters were at when u bred ur legendary & enigma? For me at least a monsters level really helps determine the outcome, for example since reading ur post I’ve gotten 3 Infernos, 2 Airs & a Shadow monster….not to mention ‘wasting’ ~150 diamonds in the process. I’d REALLY APPRECIATE ur response : )
      And CONGRATS on ur Legendary & Enigma….I couldn’t get an Independence momser to save my life….fortunately I was able to get one Enigma & its adult form was Independence, so don’t give up hope, every Enigma monser u get could evolve into that pesky ellusive red, white & blue bird – GOOD LUCK!!!!! – Amanda aka ‘Lane ‘ Tiny ID (s):
      LoveLane29 and LoveLane34

  449. optimist says:

    Brimstone (5 on shadow habitat) + mythic bug (10 on plant habitat)

  450. Nirodha says:

    Got with mountain and flower
    Then again with frost and flower

    • mony68 says:

      I just got the second one with this combo, too

      • Amanda says:

        Which combo?? I finally got my first legendary, but the second is killing me!! If possible, please include lvl ur monsters were at while breeding, thx so much!!!!!

  451. Jagged88 says:

    Flower and Bug. Normal and both lvl 10 gave me my 2nd legendary. It was probably the enhanced chances but when you think about the variables this probably a great combination.

  452. Atria says:

    Mythic Inferno, normal Sun on Android. Pleasant surprise in 34 Hour breed time.

  453. chertichego says:

    flurry and boreal

  454. jessica s says:

    Noob …..this is really starting to get to me. I need 4 legacy monsters for the quest. It is my understanding i can obtain legacy by evolving legendary in its final tuck in. I have been breeding and feeding and am getting nothing but adult legendary!!!! Am i missing something???

  455. mony68 says:

    Finally after zillion of tries I got my first legendary!!!
    Teen thunder and cinder adult

  456. Johnny (TinyID: arkangel21) says:

    I obtain the mythic one using Puff and Flower. Before breeding rate bonus.

    Add me please :D

  457. wyrdtina says:

    I got it with wildfreeze (L) and frostember (R) both lvl 10

  458. Dawn says:

    I just got legendary breeding level 10 mountain and level 5 teen flower. Just bred my legacy and teen legendary and got my third legendary!!! FINALLY

  459. Haha! :D
    I decided to try for Strike instead of Legendary during the “better chances of mythic & rare” (which has never worked for me).
    Used Level 10 Flower & Level 10 Mythic Flare.
    Got a 34 hour breeding time.
    Looks like I finally am getting a legendary!
    (For those of you who are as discouraged as I’ve been about getting this monster, I built the habitat whenever it was available for me & am almost through Level 56 now!) :)

  460. feeniks754 says:

    L10 Frost with L10 Tree

  461. JasmineChin says:

    Got legendary egg from breeding shockwave and strike monster ,intended to get a spitfire^_^

  462. gurtigg4 says:

    Finally got legendary mythic too, using 7 aurora and 10 shadefin android galaxy tab 2

  463. coco2p says:

    i just got two legendary’s in a row!!! benn trying for ever finally found it!
    tempest L5 and flower L10 or cinder L10 and magma L10

  464. HELP MEEEEE says:

    I got one using Level 9 Mountain and Level 5 Tree!!

  465. carl says:

    Oh yeah baby! Finally got legendary with adult mountain and adult blossom! Bow chicka bow wow!

  466. Eidorb says:

    10 Earthquake + 10spitfire

  467. rebecca says:

    I now have my 2nd legendary i got it with lvl 10 cinder lvl 5 bolt yay now i can breed them ;-) thanks to increased breeding chances

  468. optimist says:

    Finally, finally finally! Earthquake (10 electric habitat) left + Sunspike (6 plant habitat) You have no idea how many tries. Yippee!

  469. Ant venom says:

    I’m a level 23 and I’m still trying I need help for the best breeding guide

  470. tiger24 says:

    Got another one but a mithic with earthquake and a frost

  471. tiny id (itrtggdh) says:

    I just got TWO, IN A ROW.
    1 mythic and 1 reg
    When has that ever happen before,
    if so I’m not the only lucky one.
    I tried for a 3rd time no good.
    For some reason I can’t get a windstone but I’ll take it lbs:)

  472. Kay says:

    Finally incubating a Legendary. On 5th consecutive try using Frozenblaze and Frostember. Almost gave up after Air on 4th try but persevered with one more attempt . Thanks friends for the suggestion and the encouragement.

  473. Hi noob my friend!! I hope your well:). Happy summer from the states !! I bred my finally gotcha boreal and flaming tiger frozen flame and actually bred a legendary. Go figure. Lol. I am gonna try it for elder too. Lol. Take care everyone

  474. Maxumarhu says:

    I have been playing Tiny Monsters for more than a year and got all normal monsters but I haven’t been so lucky to get any legendary monster , From now on I’ll just breed hybrids monsters to get it , so frustrated !

  475. Mari says:

    I har sort of given up on the legendary for a while, was trying for light – and got two legendaries, first with mountain and bug, and then sporespark and thunder again right now. Feels kind of random to me!

  476. tiger24 says:

    Got 34 hours with boreal and frostember first try

  477. tiny id (itrtggdh) says:

    Tempest+Brimestone=mythic legendary :) I keep trying and trying for the windstone but I’ll take it lbs

  478. DudS says:

    I really don’t think that there’s a formula for breeding Legendary, Enigma, Elder, Air, Light, Shadow, etc…, other than breeding ANY 2 hybrids. That’s why people get them from trying different formulas! Same goes to any rare monster. For instance, frozenflame. U got to breed monsters that have Ice element with monsters that have fire element. It IS way easier to get them if just one of the monsters bred is hybrid, but u can get frozenflame from any combination…
    That’s just my opinion

  479. Jonaxyn says:

    Tree + Flashfreeze just gave me a 34 hours breeding time ;)

  480. Game master says:

    Mythic Marine level 5 on left + Mythic Iceflow level 10 on right = Ledgendary…

  481. Xoct says:

    Okay, I got super lucky and now have 2 Legendary monsters. Can I breed two legendary monsters to get more legendary monsters?

  482. Julia says:

    Frost + Flower worked for me :-)

  483. Orangiepanda says:

    Well i was aiming for the enigma and i got a 34 hour breeding, so i figured it’s a legendary;
    Got it by using Bug + Luck \^.^/

  484. Cbx says:

    Hey noob I’m curious I got frozen flame and flower together and the time is 1day 1hour 59 sec what I will get

  485. coolguyrocker4137 says:

    Does anybody now how to get free diamonds.

  486. tiger24 says:

    What did u use

  487. coolguyrocker4137 says:

    Frozenflame and frostember helped me get it.

  488. Heather says:

    Teen Blossom + Adult Luck

  489. coolguyrocker4137 says:

    Frozenflame and frostember work to get a legendry monster.

  490. travjohnson20 says:

    bred it on my 7th day of playing just dont have enough to buy the habitat though so my egg is just sitting there

  491. Kat says:

    Puff (10) + Mythic Wildfreeze (10) got 34 hours breeding time!! OMG. Finally.

  492. Pixie (tiny ID: Lyxnaria) says:

    Question: when a breeding combo includes Frozenflame, is that exclusive, or does it include the evolved forms as well?

  493. Giorgio says:

    after a year at last I got it!!!! Cinder + Bug

  494. Stephanie says:

    I did my mythic snowbluff and my normal flower monsters and got a lengendary monster.

  495. sarah says:

    I bred mythic flower and flare but I got 10 hours, what is it ?

  496. Imortalized 3D says:

    I used many formulaes and I didn’t get it

  497. [FR] Bloubz says:

    Just got one while wanting a air with :
    Snowbluff (level 10) + Mythic Flare (level 10)
    It’s not mythic but it’s still awesome to finally get one ! :D

  498. marc says:

    Im confused which ones the best formula to use? Theres so many too try….

  499. twizzle42 says:

    Boreal and frostember. Both lvl 5 1st try :p

  500. Kys (ID : TinyKys) says:

    Mythic Flower (10) and Mythic Freeze (10)
    Thanks, Try

  501. FAAD0216 says:

    Mythic snowbluff (L)(lvl 10) and Frost (R)(lvl 10)
    I was trying for a shadow and got legendary instead (:

  502. desi says:

    I just put an adult frost and a mythic adult flower in the breeding den and got 1 day 1 hour and i dont know what it could be PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE ME AN ANSWER!!!! (also i am on android) :)

  503. Bill says:

    Teen puff and mythic wildfreeze throws all sorts off eggs, one of which was legendary

  504. TNITO1 says:

    Level 10 mythic mountain and level 5 flower = legendary add me too TNITO1

  505. miladnasimi says:

    adult flower + teen flare = legendray. finally I got it

  506. Mary says:

    cinder + strike…was trying for solstice but got 34 hours

  507. Jack says:

    Got a legendary from breeding level 9 frozenblaze on the left and level 6 solstice on right. I was trying to get firework but this works too

  508. Linda says:

    Still haven’t figured out how to breed and get the puff???????

  509. emalim says:

    Inferno and flower! 34 hours! :-)

  510. Cherr1019 says:

    I FINALLY got Legendary… WOOOO HOOO ONLY TOOK 5 MTHS… I was trying to mix the fire and ice in the new quest and got Legendary. Yea Cherri.You Go Girl.

    I’m on an android phone and used Frozenember + Iceflare. First try.

  511. 3gxs says:

    Tree and Frostember
    34 hours!!

  512. Ashley says:

    I believe I’ve found the ky to legendary! Use two monsters with the same elements, like, fir and water plus another fire/ water hybrid! Such as spitfire and surge!

  513. tinyme123 says:

    Sun + Mythic Puff, was trying for independance! :D

  514. man917 says:

    have ready to Hatch legendary egg…but no habitat for it

  515. D says:

    OMG I’m lucky this week I got my second ledgendary with the same combo cinder and frost both adult now I can breed and get the legacy monster now

  516. Josh says:

    I was just thinking my chances for a legendary would be better with a limited monster so tried independence and memorial and so far Im 2 for 2 :)

  517. ice723 says:

    Level10 magma plus level 10 soar jusy got another legendary ( I didn’t want I already have 12)

  518. Beka says:

    Boreal and tundra

  519. Evan says:

    Finally got it with bug (left) flower (right). Both level 10 I’m so happy.

  520. dvr789 says:

    Wildfreeze (adult) + Flare (adult)

  521. superwoman says:

    So, I have a bug and flower, with a 36 hour time, Android platform…Legendary?

  522. Twan Mulders says:

    Burst (teen) and Strike (teen) got me a mythical 34h legendary….!!!
    Now i need to buy a habitat for him….didnt expect him yet…lmao

  523. Pooja says:

    Flashfreeze + flower = 34 hrs!! Just got it for the first time.
    So excited!! Was trying for light though.. Thanks for the great website!

  524. avik says:

    hey i got with plant and plant it was a glitch that happened when the game had only 90 downloads. So everything got legendary and all was free so im at lv 30 and have all monsters legacys islands decor farms buildings and all level 10

  525. man917 says:

    I got 34hr wait with mythic bug and silk. Can it be a legendary?

  526. sarah73 says:

    Luck and holly gave me legendary monster, both are level ten, and I’m playing on an android tablet.

  527. Zacharie says:

    What is the best formula to get the legendary ???

  528. doobug2001 says:

    After I don’t know how long I finally got legendary with frost and bug both Lvov 10. I have had the habitat forever hoping that just by having it will give me luck. Just glad that I already had it since trying to get 5th island

  529. D says:

    OMG AFTER 1 year and 3 months I finally got one using cinder and frost mix in soooo happy now I just need to get another one to breed

  530. Shadow says:

    DEAR LORD! God my first legendary with Silk ( 10 ) + Mythic Tundra ( 10 ) , first try ! OMG I am soooo happy , i can’t stop watching my phone !!! :DDDDD

  531. Angelicswtnss says:

    Got my first legendary! I used tempest and puff, both level 10.

  532. bordom says:

    Just got my first legendary, used a lvl 10 flower and a lvl 10 iceflow.

  533. tony says:

    Lvl 7 Cinder and lvl 10 Frost 3rd try. First try gave me egnima monster. So far I love this formula

  534. Maja says:

    Teen pollen and teen flitter.. Was trying for flitter

  535. Andrew says:

    I just tried a LVL 10 Magma and a level 6 Tundra, and I think I got a legendary because my waiting time is 1 day and 10 hours.
    Can someone confirm this waiting time is for the legendary? Should I be saving for the special habitad?

  536. frozenflame wolf says:

    I put you mountain monster on the left and flower monster on the left and got 26 hours what type of monster do you think I got because honestly I don’t know

  537. Ashley says:

    So excited just got legendary, my 2 nd, trying for the solstice (new summer monster) using cinder level 5 and ember shade level 5, how odd!

  538. ice723 says:

    Second legendary in 2 days….42 attempts between them using the same combo of level 10 bug and level 10 magma ( and only got 2 light combos) used a medihm amount of diamonds to hatch and bred not to bad

  539. Lupe says:

    Flamegust and frozenflame just got a legendary.

    • Lane says:

      What lvl were ur monsters when breeding? And congrats!!!! This elusive Blue Dog is killing me!!!!!

      • Annette says:

        I just got a Legendary (my second one). I’m on Level 73. This was literally my 55th try (Yes, I documented all my breeding and results. ;-)) I used Level 5 non mythic Spitfire and Level 10 Mythic bug. On an iPhone. Best of luck to you. Keep trying!

        • Lane says:

          Thank you SO MUCH!! I REALLY APPRECIATE ur response! Now I just have to get a Mythic Bug & I’ll try that combo asap! And thank you for taking the time to post a “recipe”I ask a LOT and hardly anyone (except Noob-of course :-*) responds, I love that we have this forum to help each other and it would be great if everyone took the time to answer a begging & pleading “addicted” Tiny Monster lover’s question like you did….YOU ROCK!!! I’d love to add u to my tiny social as a friend (if it ever gets put back into action-lol) reply back w ur tiny ID or mine are lovelane34 (real age :-) ) and
          lovelane 29 (the age I say I am :-P ) Thanks again!
          * And thank you Noob w/o you none of this would be possible-Ur the best !!! Thx – Lane

        • noobbgodlike says:

          :D, you’re welcome. Hope you get your legendary soon :D

        • Annette says:

          You’re welcome. My ID is TinyAnnette. I’ll be happy to add you.

        • Pixie (tiny ID: Lyxnaria) says:

          Oh that’s you! Hi LoveLane! How fun ^^

  540. Luc says:

    And how do I get wildfreeze

  541. Luc says:

    How do I gain coins quickly, because I got an enigma but I had to sell it for I wasn’t even close to having enough money for the special habitat

  542. Kendra says:

    Second legendary monster with mountain and lush leaf. Was still trying for blossom. Hahaha I
    Think I missed it but at least I got a couple legendarys, a memorial, & an enigma out of this double chance stuff :).

    • Lane says:

      What levels were ur monsters that u bred for ur legendary? I find using the same level monsters successful….when I don’t know levels I never get the monster I’m aiming for. I’d really appreciate your time & reply..thx!

      • Kendra says:

        My mountain is level 10 & lush lead level 8. I think the double chance helped me get the legendary

  543. Ny Ando says:

    Memorial and Puff

  544. Noxcivi says:

    Montain and memorial both lvl 10
    Big surprise for me. Was simply trying to get mystic versions. :-D

  545. frozenflame wolf says:

    Does the formula matter with what type of device you have cause I have a kindle and I have tried loads of formulas but it never works :(

  546. ice723 says:

    Bug plus magma both level 10

  547. rebecca says:

    Magma lvl 10 bug lvl 10 34 hr breeding time- so excited ive been trying for legendary since forever lol :-) :-) :-)

  548. Katie Myx says:

    Mythic cinder, and memorial =34 hr legendary! So excited!

  549. denni says:

    earthquake + mythic mountain!!

    this worked after a million failed flower/mountain attempts.. so so so so soo happy! (:

    still using this combination to try for a second! i keep getting light now, but it’s not bad considering it’s only a 5hr breed time.

  550. Fenris Lupa says:

    Well I had my first Legendary, then something happened when they were having troubles with the servers or something that wouldn’t allow certain ppl to load their game…well after the issue was fixed, my egg was gone…

    Man was I mad….I mean, I’m still mad about it.

    But hopefully, I’ll be able to get it again with a combo here and with the chances doubled right now.

    So good luck to everyone else as well.

    • Lane says:

      What combo did u use? Have u been able to get another one yet? Good luck…..I feel ur pain & I have my fingers crossed for u :-)

    • Kay Lauderbaugh says:

      Email Tiny Co and tell THEM! They refunded my diamonds when they Just disappeared!

  551. Tiny says:

    Woohoo! Im about to scream so loud to see a 34hr breeding time… Can’t wait to hatch this legendary monster! Hahaha i used flurry and cinder one of the formula above first try! Witwew!

    • Slytherin69 says:

      After six months of trying for a legendary your combo finally gave me one. Thanks a lot!

      • Tiny says:

        High five! Working now on my second legendary. Btw i also got windstone from that combo if you need him after trying again that combo :)

  552. Ren says:

    My second legendary: inferno+ memorial first try

  553. Toof says:

    Lv 8 spitfire lv5 boreal

  554. not-so-lucky says:

    hey noob… when you’re getting a legacy monster, does it bed itself and become an egg or what I don’t understand. Thanks:)

  555. morphinecat says:

    I was merely attempting to get a Silk but got a Legendary by breeding my Plant and Frost monsters. It’s obvious though that I just got lucky since the chances for ‘rare monsters’ are increased this week. ;)

    • kikka says:

      I finally got it!!! Yeah! With MOUNTAIN 10 & FLURRY 6.
      I thought to have been lucky since the chances are increased this week. ;)

  556. Kenniemac says:

    I just got it with love and luck. I’m guessing it happened bc of the better chances for limited monsters right now. Was trying for blossom but I’ll take this.