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Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide How to Obtain Legendary Monsters

Normal Version (Thanks to Allison for this picture)

Mythic Version (Thanks to Catherine for this picture)

Legendary Status













Earn Rate (Min)

21/22(M) 22/23(M) 24/25(M) 27/28(M) 34/35(M) 44/46(M) 60/62(M) 82/86(M) 111/116(M) LEGACY

Food (x4)

175 355 530 705 880 1055 1230 1405 1580

Habitat: Special and any legacy (element doesn’t matter)

How to obtain: Buy for 1250/6250 diamonds

Sell Price: 3400 Coins

XP: 5060

Breeding/Hatching Time: 34 hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 18 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 45 hours

3rd hibernation (lvl 9): Link to Legacy Monsters

Note: You can’t breed legendary with other monsters. You can only breed it with another legendary. Breeding 2 legacy monsters is also working :D.

Note: If you have elder monster then you can breed it with legendary. It will result on legendary though :D.( Thanks to Michelle for this info)

Note: You can also breed legacy with legendary/legacy to get legendary, so you don’t need to worry about evolve your legendary to legacy monster.

Note: If you have “Elder elemental” like Elder Earth , then you can breed it with legendary/legacy / “other elder with different elements” to get another legendary.

Note: Breed Legendary + Special ELDER/ELDER will give you legendary monster.

Breeding formula:
[0] Tempest + Flower
[0] Mountain + Flower; (Popular formula, but it never gives me legendary)
[0] Cinder + Bolt
[0] Flurry + Cinder
[0] Pollen + Bayou
[0] Vapor + Cinder
[0] Vapour + Bug
[0] Earthquake + Frost; (popular formula, it can also gives you a light monsters, try this formula if you haven’t got light monsters)
[0] Inferno + Memorial
[0] Pond + Freeze
[0] Earthquake + Silk
[0] Inferno + Freeze
[0] Snowbluff + Bug
[0] Zephyr + Flower
[0] Frozenflame + Frostember
[0] Teen River + Teen Tailwind
[0] Cinder + Thunder
[0] Burst + Tailwind
[0] Flicker + Grimbolt
[0] Frost + Cinder
[0] Darkbolt + Luster
[0] Sun+Bug
[0] Sun + Embershade
[0] River + Flower
[0] Bug/Mountain + tree (recently popular :D)
[0] Bug + Gift (Yeti) (finally got it XD after 9 months of playing)
[0] Frost + Flower
[0] Leave Comment if you know more formulas

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2,406 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide How to Obtain Legendary Monsters”

  1. Madde says:

    Elder fire + Elder earth

  2. jaymainntiny says:

    Level 8 magma and level ten frost got 1day 9 hours and 59 mins what is it 

    • SPDRMAMMA/Sonjams1 says:

      sounds like a legendary…u can check the breeding chart on this site to see hatch times/ monsters

  3. ARMI says:

    FIRST TRY!!Water friendship right side and earth unity left got me 34hrs

    • SPDRMAMMA/Sonjams1 says:

      tried for the third time (droid) and my 3rd river monster is being bred…28 hours..grrr

  4. Roxilus says:

    Unity earth and friendship water got me a mythic legendary,

    Good luck to anyone who tries this, lol

  5. jess says:

    Can any one help me get another legendary 100% or help me use
    some think that works please

  6. Reece says:

    Star fire and star monster works.

  7. jess says:

    How do I transform my legendary monster to any of the same kind on legendary? Etc.. leaf,fire,earth,water.

  8. Sonja says:

    i got 34hour time with friendship monsters, but i 4get which, i think it was water n electric….maybe

  9. The king Stephan says:

    Elder fire and elder ice first try

  10. mscarllett says:

    Level 9 mountain and level 9 flower got me legendary on the first try

  11. Bn says:

    Finally got 34hours with electric friendship monster and fire friendship monster

  12. Bluejoe says:

    Just got 34 hrs with mountain and flower

  13. John Hyatt says:

    Electric friendship and fire unity first try trying for stardust

    Hope it helps yall tamers!

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