Posted on Mar 15, 2013

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide St. Patrick Day Luck Monster

1st appearance: 14 March 2013-30 April 2013
2nd appearance: 7 March 2014 – ????

Normal Version

Tiny Monster Luck Egg

Tiny Monsters Luck Growth

Mythic Version (Thanks to Michelle for pictures and info)

Tiny Monsters Mythic Luck Egg

Tiny Monsters Luck Mythic Growth

Luck Status













Earn Rate (Min)

3 7 9 11 12 13 14 16 17 22/23

Food (x4)

40 85 125 165 205 245 285 325 365 MAX

Total Food needed

0 160 500 1000 1660 2480 3460 4600 5900 7360

Habitat: Earth and Plant

How to obtain: Buy for 225/1125 diamonds

Selling Price: 900 Gold

Exp: 3220 XP

Breeding/Hatching Time: 12 hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 5 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 20 hours

Breeding formula:
[0] Earth + Plant
[0] Earth + Tree/Mountain
[0] Blushbug + Earth/Tree
[0] Earthquake + Love
[0] Gratitude + Love
[0] Gratitude + Tree
[0] Mountain + Tree
[0] Tree + Pollen
[0] Earth + Lushleaf
[0] Flower + Frost
[0] Snowbluff + Bug
[0] Sunspike + Love
[0] Leave Comment if you know more formulas

Special Luck Page

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

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464 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide St. Patrick Day Luck Monster”

  1. tinywendy says:

    I am very upset with tiny!!!! People play this game put lots of money and time into it and you wait for these seasonal monsters and it comes and goes and NO ST.PATTIES MONSTER….I am very upset over this how can you finish things if you don’t release them…

  2. cherri1972 says:

    Is it just my game or did TM forget to put out the st Patrick day monsters? I need them to help complete monster guide.

    Also how many lvl are there.

    Thanks Noob

  3. raedawn says:

    I’be completed all quests for free luck monster except buy pouch of diamonds. Does that mean that i have no hope of getting it?

  4. twylaluna says:

    I was about to give up but i finally got a luck with love10 evergreen 7 and its mystic yay:)

  5. Lawren says:

    I just tapped my luck monster a long time ago, but it doesn’t make a noise. I believe all the newly released monsters are silent by tapping on the profile. I hope my dark silk isn’t mute. What should I do if the new monsters are mute? Send a support ticket?

  6. MissLady says:

    Finally got Luck with LV10 Blushbug & LV10 Mythic Earth, after several tries

  7. tiny id:tenryusan says:

    almost gve up…finally got 12hour BT wth this combo…lvl10 Harvest+lvl8 Clover….but…did i still got time to get special luck???

  8. datnikkabyrd says:

    im having the hardest time getting the luck and clover ive tried everything im so lost any tips?

  9. Tas Tyke says:

    Finally I get 12 hour breeding time after trying since this one appeared. Used Blushbug and M. Earth. (on iPhone) my OH got his with M. Plant and M. Earth (on Android).

  10. aliDingo says:

    I have 2 questions:
    1. If you have 1 luck (or other monster in other cases) is it better to use it as 1 of the monsters in your formula to get another one, or no? I have 1 from last year.
    2. Anyone else having trouble getting this monster?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      1. No, using luck doesn’t affect the chance. Treat it as normal plant/earth hybrids.
      2. Yes, I can’t get mine for this year….. Thanks, I already got clover so I could careless about St. Patrick day.

    • Tas Tyke says:

      I can’t get hold of a luck monster either. I’ve tried all sorts. I’ve hatched no end of tree, mountain and plant monsters and 3 clover monsters and counting. I’ve also had Elder Earth and Elder Plant, but still no luck monster. My other half is having same problem. I’m on iPhone and he’s on Android.

  11. Maika says:

    Frost + Flower = Luck

  12. nightcookie (tiny Id knightcookie) says:

    Finally! Blushbug+Earth got me 12 hrs mythic :-)

  13. Angela Watts says:

    Love and pollen.12hr hatch time. First try.

  14. tinylion says:

    Using my iPhone I used mystic earthquake
    And love got 16 hours when hatched it was
    One Of the luck monsters this was has a
    purple hat and green egg in color says it will
    Take 16 hours to hatch what could it be?

  15. Michael King says:

    What about “Special” luck? I was trying for luck, which takes 12 hours, but got 16 hours instead. I hatched it and its a Mythic “Special” Luck. Dafuq is that?

  16. nightcookie (tiny Id knightcookie) says:

    I’m so mad! I can’t get luck or clover! Guess I just don’t have luck in 2 ways lol!

  17. Idk says:

    What do the new clover and luck monsters look like? The ones in the quests?

  18. Roxie says:

    I completed all the quests to get the new luck monster but didn’t receive the monster. Support doesn’t seem to want to fix it. Has anyone else had this problem?

      • Newbslayer says:

        What do you mean check your inbox? I completed the magical clover quest and havent got my monster neither! Please help!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I forgot where inbox located …. (hope other can help you in this one). Magical clover quest didn’t give any monster reward….

        • JenShouldBeStudying says:

          Click on your nursery. Your inbox is the picture of the envelope, next to your eggs and the “about” question mark.

        • StormiiFaee says:

          Your inbox is located on your hatching ground. (The thing your eggs sit on after the breeding stage) hope this helps!

        • Patricia (myliddleones Tiny ID) says:

          When you tap on your nursery, on the far right is the inbox icon. It looks like an envelope. Hopefully your egg will be in there. (I can’t get this silly Luck monster no matter which combos I’ve tried!!)

        • Idk says:

          If you are still looking, inbox is in your incubation place, the one you had when the game started. :)

        • LindaC says:

          To get to your inbox click on nursery and you should see a button at the end with an envelope picture. Click on it. If you have completed the quest then your monster should be there.

        • Roxie says:

          I have looked for the envelope in my nursery. There isn’t one. I am on a kindle fire. I don’t know if that helps any. Support says that it is just unlocked and I have to breed one. I told them that isn’t what it said. I wouldn’t have spent diamonds on it if that was the case.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Kindle fire can’t get the special luck, I already write this on luck quest guide……

        • Spook says:

          Hi Noob,

          I’m just about to send you an email with some screen shots from my phone of how the notification looks in the Nursery and the egg.

          It looks like others, like me, would like to see separate monster page for the Special Luck Monster.


        • noobbgodlike says:

          Yeah, I will make one later. If you guys have the data please send it to me through an email (you can find my email on the main page).

    • Ace12755 says:

      Try breeding luck n clover. This gave me 16 hrs and the special luck egg. Hasn’t hatched yet but egg is luck with green bottom and purple hat.

  19. Bobbiel says:

    Blushbug and Evergreen (mythic) got the new Clover monster 13 hours

  20. bella58 says:

    Got clover with blushbug left and autumn right. Dawn with embershade and sun. Luck with earth and mountain. Got dusk with ice and plant on the unity tree. GOOD LUCK

  21. x1691x says:

    Clover not listed yet 13 hrs I used Eeriewood lvl 10 pollen lvl10 first try

  22. Tara says:

    Tried lvl 10 plant and Lvl 10 blushbug but got a clover like egg that isn’t luck? It was 13 hours.

  23. Ania says:

    Blushbug and love

  24. Libby says:

    Sunspike and love third time

  25. Pancho562 says:

    Mystic Blushbug and Mystic Mountain gave me luck! Woohoo. Gl guys

  26. nicoleswapp says:

    I got a mythic Luck monster first try with Level 5 Magma & Level 10 Flower. I also tried it again (about 5 times) to get a normal Luck monster and I ended up getting a Mythic Shadow (twice), a Shadow, and a Mythic Dawn Monster. It finally worked on about the 10th try for a normal Luck Monster.

  27. Miaka says:

    mythic flower and mythic mountain

  28. Brody says:

    Tried Earth + Tree first… Always got Tree Monsters. Then I tried Earth + Mountain and I got the Luck at first shot!!! I think I even get a second one at the Moment! 😉

    • James says:

      Thanks, great, worked for me after trying everything else.

    • Scooter331 says:

      Thanks Brody sometimes the simple breeding is just as good as any other Earth /Mountain=Luck waiting to hatch then can move on to next bit in quest , Regards Scooter331

  29. Shelly says:

    Blushbug + magma HAPPY DANCE:0

  30. SabiKnauer says:

    i got luck with blushbug + love :) 2nd try

  31. Rachel says:

    After trying nearly every combination that everyone has listed on this page (at least 2-3x each), I decided to try Mythic Autumn and regular Love which resulted in Luck on my first try. Since I wanted a 2nd Luck monster, I tried again, but that resulted in Plant twice in row. Third attempt, resulted in Luck again. All-in-all, the 1hr wait for Plant to hatch isn’t a big deal, so the retries were worth it. I hope this helps someone else. Good luck everyone! :)

  32. Jaycat802 says:

    Finally !! After a bunch of misses with glee and blossom, I got 12hrs on 1st try with gratitude and jubilee!

  33. Mary says:

    I tried breeding blush bug + earth to get the luck monster but instead of getting 12hrs I got 4hrs can anyone tell what monster I’m gona get,please and thank you

  34. Ruffian says:

    Mythic Love and Plant gave me 12h hatching time

  35. Shibashkie says:

    What is the special luck monster

  36. Lawren says:

    For me, the magma and flower combo gave me a luck on first try. This is the first limited monster I got.

  37. Bn says:

    Tried blushbug (10)-left + love (10)-right. Resulted me in having two mythic plants in a row at first but the third time i scored a mythic luck! Goodluck!

  38. Winnie says:

    Bred flower and mountain… Got 21 hours. Not a luck monster but hey I’ll take an enigma. 😉

  39. beesh says:

    I had a luck monster on level 8 from last year and thought that I could complete the second quest if level your monster up to level 10 with that one, but it didn’t work. so, it looks like you have to level up the one you hatched to clear the first quest. too bad I wasted my food…

  40. michele says:

    Got mine with lvl5 love (right) + lvl 10 blossom (left) first try after a few others combos resulting in tree. Good luck and may The odds be ever in your favor.

  41. kelitacu says:

    Gratitude and love first try! im so lucky :-)

  42. Mollykat says:

    Used flower and mountain and got luck on my 2nd try. But 12 hrs is not always luck so it is killer to get that 12 hour egg and then have to wait . . . But at least time #2 it worked. (Now if only I could get that frozenflame that I have tried for at least 20x)

    • liv4christ (tinyID) says:

      Frontrunner and fire worked for the frozen flame. If you don’t get it, there is only a 5sec wait time. Trust me, you just have to be persistent and patient. Good luck

  43. jaycat802 says:

    Anyone else getting overwhelmed/burned out? Too many new monsters, too much side crap to do…I can’t even catch up since I’m always having to try to get the new monster, which isn’t happening lately despite “greatly increased chances” (devotion monster!)…not trying to whine, just getting frustrated!!

    • James says:

      Yessssss, I totally agree with u, I have not been able to hatch any limited monsters with dozens and dozens of tries.

    • Evette says:

      I agree fully. I am burned out and don’t play as much. Even friends are not playing. To many monsters and quests. You can’t catch up and the increased odds are not all that much help. I have become disenchanted with this game.

    • katsmygame says:


    • happy2bdad says:

      I’m with you. It’s really become overwhelming trying to keep up with all the quests and new monsters while trying to level up the ones I already have. I’ve also had to give up on breeding mythic variants. I still like to play though.

  44. Lori says:

    Mountain + Blue Joy

    • brumcruzr says:

      Got it on my 2nd try with this combination, but first time I got plant with Mountain on left and Joy on right; 2nd try I put Joy on Left and Mountain on right and got My Luck monster!!! Thank you for the combination!

  45. ris11 says:

    got a mythic luck with silk and elder earth

  46. CoCo (ID: ThunderC0) says:

    I tried a bunch of combinations over the last few days. Trying to be logical, I kept using every hybrid with earth primary and plant secondary in combination with either M.Earth or El.Earth without success. Finally, I gave up on logic and tried M.Harvest + Autumn which instantly gave me 12 hours…. Time to go for my second (&/or Mythic) after my breeding den is free. 😉

  47. NVitality says:

    Yay first time with Blushbug (10) on left and Love (10) on right. Since neither monster can be bred now its a safer bet on getting it. Hope it helps! :)

  48. capecodmom says:

    Blue Joy and Love gave me Luck on first try

  49. Desma says:

    Mythic Plant 10 Mythic Tree 10..1st so Happy I never get them first try :)

  50. Raydonsmom says:

    Love + Evergreen

  51. Slarty2 says:

    There’s a new special luck monster quest and I can’t find the page for it. I completed the first task by breeding two luck monsters from my hall of Champions. But the second task asks you to level up the luck to level 10. The game doesn’t seem to recognize my existing level 10 luck. Do you think the game is getting smarter?

  52. Tiny Jake says:

    Just got a 12 hour with Love (5) and Blushbug (10).

  53. rascal2013 says:

    Mountain lvl 10 and Steadfast lvl 8

  54. Leslie says:

    Earth and tree = mythic luck then earth and plant = luck. I’ve been having really bad luck lately no pun intended this more than makes up for it. I hope you all have good luck. :)

  55. chaszack says:

    Evergreen and Mythic Love… First try :)

  56. TerGarOne says:

    I got the Luck Monster – first try and only 5 hours – with the Elder Earth and the Jubilee monsters.

  57. CP says:

    1st try with mountain + mythic tree

  58. cloudyy says:

    Tundra + snowbluff= 12 hours :) first try

  59. Mark says:

    Steadfast and Blushbug – first try

  60. Roxie says:

    The first part of the quest is hatch a luck, then feed it to level 10, then hatch an earth hybrid and feed it to level 10 next is to hatch two fire hybrids and hatch them to level 10. That’s as far as I’ve gotten so far.

  61. friskyfilly says:

    great got luck with tree & flower

  62. Neo_Mametchi says:

    I got a luck monster from an enigma egg a while back. Should I try breeding Luck x another plant or earth type on the list? Or would it be best to just try the breeding suggestions on this page?

  63. AlpacasRock (tiny ID) says:

    Got it first try with earth + blossom
    I had to restart tiny monsters a few months ago because I switched devices.
    It was words than getting a blossom from an enigma!

  64. bbzm says:

    Gratitude + Blushbug
    Worked for me!

  65. Critter35 says:

    2nd try with Elder earth and Gratitude

  66. Jmcg86 says:

    Woohoo! I got Luck on the first try with Elder Earth and Autumn both level 10.

  67. Shane Stidham says:

    I jus used Mythic Harvest and Mythic Steadfast and got 18hrs. I’m guessin it can only be Shadow or Elder Earth, rite?? And it came up Mythic with nothin in my Mythic cave. Was shootin for Luck but I don’t have Mythic Elder Earth or Mythic Shadow so I can’t be too bummed…

  68. srinker says:

    Earth and blushbug
    Glee and earth
    Earth evergreen
    Blossom tree

  69. fuzziducky says:

    This thing is extremely ugly! What a waste of space and what a waste for an enigma result! I’m so upset :(

    I thought about spending the stupid amount to change it but why bother I would hate to get some stupid red white and blue monster and waste 42 hours and 75 diamonds geez!

  70. Traci says:

    So I lost my game and had to restart tiny monsters when I seitched my phone. I had all the christmas monsters and the mythic versions of them. Plus the luck monster… do you think theyll bring those monsters back around at that time of season??

  71. Dimetrish says:

    Is it possible to breed a luck monster even if it is out of season?! I’m trying to get a legendary monster and everyone says to use a luck so… Please help!!

  72. Tobenits says:

    Is it still possible to breed a Luck with 2 Luck monsters? (Would really love to get a mythic form :-p )

  73. Daria says:

    owwww just got a Mythic Luck with Flower + Mountain :)

  74. Carol says:

    Here are some of my combos for Luck: earth + glee; glee + blossom; yellow joy + earth; sporespark + gratitude (gave me purple joy another time); gratitude + love; earth + blushbug; mountain + flower. 😀

  75. TinyStarrable says:

    Just got 34 hrs with mountain and mythic tree both level 10. Isn’t that a legendary?

  76. Dragoneyes says:

    Seacliff x Plant

  77. amber says:

    Finally got the luck monster breeding Jubilee and Tree!

  78. Jessy says:

    Finally got the luck monster this time with mountain and tree both on level 10.this is the first time am getting the seasonal monster.thank God.think we should have some luck to get the luck monster.gud luck everyone…keep trying….

  79. Amy says:

    I got two in a row (going for silk) on Android with mythic lvl 10 tree left and lvl 10 frost.

  80. obdent2yah says:

    Level 10 Love + Level 10 Yellow Egg Joy :)

  81. Raven_jeckel says:

    I got mine first try using yellow joy and earth. In that order.

  82. Cynthia becker says:

    On trying to breed blossom with ( L) mythic tree x (R) luck I got a 12hr hibernation time, but I bagged a mythic luck. Which I didn’t have, so in happy ; )

  83. Staci says:

    Tree + flower = 12 hr hatch, maybe luck? Maybe new “blossom” monster? Any info out there on this new blossom monster ?

  84. ELLA says:

    Earth + pollen (air habitat) = Luck 1st try

  85. rashem7 says:

    After a forest (like 30 trees) i decided to try the joy monster, get all 3 and went back for luck, this time with bug (teen)on left and montain (adult) on right got luck, then magma, then plant, and anohter luck *.* now im going for the Mithyc version :)

  86. laini.BLU says:

    First try…iOS…yellow joy lvl 10 left+gratitude lvl 10 right…good luck!!

  87. Staci says:

    Just got my 2nd luck with yellow joy left and love right! :)

  88. Whatsthehaps says:

    Finally. Level 7 holly (plant habitat) + Level 10 Earth

  89. JennyMarie says:

    I finally got mine with mountain & jubilee! Wooo! :-)

  90. LCBJennifer says:

    Is Luck Monster limited edition? If so when does it expires? Thanks in advance!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      probably it will gone next week, they usually inform us a rise on breeding chance before the monster disappears.

      • LCBJennifer says:

        Oh lucky me cuz I got it via Monster and plant both lvl 10

        • Carrie5260 says:

          What monster + Plant ? I’ve got to find some new combinations, I really want that Luck monster before it’s gone.

      • monkeybutt888 says:

        Dear Noobie, do you think it’s still possible to breed a 2nd luck monster if I already have one? I’ve been trying, but getting mostly bugs and common plants. Thanks for all you do, getting us all the info out so fast! :)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          it’s possible, you’re just unlucky

        • monkeybutt888 says:

          Yep, still possible :) just got 2 more in the past couple days with Mountain/Tree combo. Seems like non-mythic versions work best for me in trying to breed any rare monster.

  91. Jo says:

    Lushleaf lvl 10 and sunstone lvl 5 got me 12 hours… With 6 4 leaveclovers, it should be luck!

  92. Chary says:

    Earth + gratitude= 12 hours i hope it Will be the luck monster

    • Maggie Mon says:

      Same here, I hv tried all the combos and finally get 12 hrs. Hope it would be luck not blue joy egg.

  93. Carrie5260 says:

    That’s it, I give up ! Just tried Sunspike + (mythic) tree … I was hoping for Joy or Luck. But what did I get ? Air !! This is ridiculous ! I’ve been trying for over a week now, used tons of diamonds and all I’ve hatched is Trees, Shadows, and Air monsters – what a rip off !!

    • kreatur84 says:

      seems you have same luck like me. but now i managed to got luck and joy.a little luck for me. but first trys got ever air

    • Deanna says:

      I have gotten two airs and 5 trees/mountains trying to breed this monster. I have had terrible luck, I think I am going to give up too! I’m so frustrated

  94. I love cats says:

    Ok I dident think this would work but I tried earth and leafe and then BAM I got luck on the first try. Many the lucky clovers helped I got 5 lucky clovers and placed them around my breeding den and then I bread on the 3rd try I got 12 hours I was SO HAPPY I got it a separate habitat and then right when I came back the limited quest for the luck monster was OVER :( but there still was the quest that said ” hatch the sesonal monser of luck” :( but a little :)

  95. Jamie P. says:

    I have been trying like crazy to get both luck and joy (don’t have either yet). Been using combos that can result in either, such as blushbug + gratitude, gratitude + plant, and blushbug + mountain and I keep getting plant, mountain and air as fails. I can handle the plant and earth hybrid fails, those are to be expected, but AIR!?!
    Any idea why I keep getting stupid air fails? I thought fire element was required for stupid air? Can you recommend any combos for joy/ luck that have NO chance of stupid air?

    • Sandy says:

      I think I finally got it with gratitude and holly, yeah!!!

    • Olivia says:

      I think it depend on your level. The higher the level the change to get AIR increase. Anyway, try combo that have Light element such as plant/light and mix with other to get eggs. That’s how I got them, for Luck I mix bug and tree and get it for the first time, and I try it the second time, I got Air monster…. So hope u success.

    • Dominic says:

      I just got my luck with tundra + mountain both level 10. None of the other combinations woked for me either.

    • Transberry says:

      I’d gladly give you some joys if I could. I have one blue, 3 purple. No mythic in the orb and either get mountain, joy or air trying for luck.

      But I did get my first legendary.

      On iPod touch friend got luck after two tries and than legendary and she’s only level 31.

      • Carrie5260 says:

        What combinations are you using to get your Joy eggs ?? I’m having a terrible time … just one yellow Joy egg after MANY attempts at Joy, Luck, Enigma. If you,don’t mind, what device do u play on – I’m using an IPad. Thanks !

        • Transberry says:

          iPad, use mostly earth plantor love and plant.

          Holly gratitude just gave me shadow yuck.

          Good luck

  96. DeeDoo22 says:

    WoooHoooo…. Mythic Snowbluff + Lovebug = Mythic Luck!!!! Yay, thought I would never get it!!

  97. Skeah says:

    FINALLY. 12 hour breed time with Gratitude and mythic Holly.

  98. Traci says:

    FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY!! Got luck with mountain and holly!! So excited!! Didnt think id ever get this guy !!

  99. not-so-lucky says:

    I was trying to get the joy egg by breeding teen sporespark on left and teen tree on right and instead I got the luck monster because it said 12 hour breeding time and I was so happy. I NEVER EVER GET LUCKY LIKE THIS but I’ll keep trying for the joy egg 😀

  100. Tiny says:

    hey noob i’ve just gotten my luck monster to lvl10 to accomplish the plant specialty quest ( make a lvl10 plant hybrid) and then suddenly there was this ice specialty quest ( make a lvl10 ice hybrid) appeared saying it is also completed and get reward. ofcourse i claimed that. i think it’s a glitch because the luck monster is a hybrid of earth and plant element not with plant and ice :/

  101. Carrie5260 says:

    Wow, I’m having NO luck breeding the Luck monster. I’ve tried every combination of Love, Blushbug, Holly, and Gratitude (as well as mythic earth and plant). After hatching a forest full of Tree monsters I gave up and started trying to get a Joy monster … that led to an Air monster then a Shadow monster (26 hrs, 18 hrs). I used the Mountain/Flower combination hoping for a Luck monster and got a yellow Joy – maybe it’s the end of a LONG dry spell because I really want that Luck monster. I have 3 and 4 leaf clovers everywhere … so much for “increased” luck !!

  102. kuggas says:

    gt luck at last ,love level 10 left yellow joy level 7 on right

  103. jamavros says:

    Holly and love, got luck. Trying for enigma but I’ll take it.

  104. blithe says:

    Just bought clover and boosted my luck. Used a teen mountain and earth. On my 3rd try.

  105. Nikki says:

    I have been trying mythic Mountain with Love, mythic Earth with Plant, and a few others and I had accepted that I was probably not going to get one. I finally got one with Love and Flower. Thank you whoever posted that combo.

  106. iamcrystaLinas says:

    Finally!! Level 10 Love N Level 5 mythic Earthquake!!

  107. Grady says:

    I’m so lucky I used mountain monster and flower monster and got luck then did the exact same and got mythical one try it

  108. Gwenish says:

    Voltleaf + Love got mythic luck

  109. jokemon says:

    Yay finally got one! And with a unique combo of Silk + Cinder

  110. wispurr says:

    lvl 7 Blue Joy + lvl 7 Luck got me 12 hours…must be Luck!

  111. Shaybaby says:

    Anyone got one recently? Hoping they’re still available to get via breeding.. ?

  112. Coolgirl7 says:

    Holly and love first try

  113. Henk says:

    Wow i gave up on the luck monster so i was trying to get joy monster i bred mountain lv10 + mythic tree lv7 and i got mythic luck i am so happy right now.

  114. Jodi says:

    I made a Luck with a sun spike and a love monsters while trying to make an egg monster

    • Transberry says:

      Um luck driving me crazy. Just now hatched the blue egg, tried again for luck and wow got 34 hr breed. I don’t have a legendary yet, all I can say is WOW.

      Still really want luck, but happy with these two after so many air and trees.

    • Carrie5260 says:

      I want to try the Sunspike + Love combination but I’m afraid of another Air or Shadow monster … decisions, decisions, lol !!

  115. A level 24 (nearly 25) Tiny Monsters Player says:

    Tried Bug + Frost, hoping to get a Joy monster. Instead, I got Luck!!! But can you suggest another way to get Joy Monster without using Love, Blushbug, Gratitude or Mountain (I always try Plant and Earth, but I ALWAYS get a Tree!!)

  116. Jay and bob says:

    Finally love level 10 and flower monster level 10 got luck, was trying for joy . Lol

  117. Ania says:

    You can still breed it! I just did with love and holly (both level 10)

    Good Luck!

  118. Elooo says:

    I can’t evolve my luck monster ! When I want to get him back in his plant habitat, the is stopped. So I also can’t elvove others monsters !! What can I do please ? :(

  119. Felicia says:

    Just got Luck with Mythic Flower lv8 and Mountain lv10. First try!!! I was startting to think i was not going to get one. :)

  120. Cindy says:

    Level 5 mythic plant (left) & level 7 tree (right)

  121. Hmq30 says:

    Holy crap! I just got a yellow JOY monster from breeding Frost & Flower! I’ve had such poor luck breeding special monsters, so this is fantastic!

  122. Marquise says:

    Snowbluff + bug = luck monster! (First try)

  123. BJ says:

    Mountain level 10 (l) and mythic pollen level 10 (r)

  124. HannahhBeee says:

    I just got a 12 hour breeding time with Mountain lvl 10 (L) and Earth lvl 10 (R) .

    All my hard work and dedication finally paid off! I’m crossing my fingers and really hoping for this one!

  125. Carol says:

    Got my first Luck monster with earth and blushbug. Now breeding Luck and plant; have 12-hour breeding time. 😀

  126. ShesNothingButFiction says:

    FINALLY! After days of frustration I succeeded in breeding the Luck monster.

    Mountain Lvl 10 (L) + Love Lvl 10 (R)

    • BeccaSue says:

      Finally got it with mythic teen earth and mythic teen plant on iPad. Go figure. I tried so many combos and got trees and mountains and a few air! This was my last try. I think at the end they make it easier.

    • Carey says:

      got mine with love (L) and mountain (r).

  127. Corbin says:

    gratitude and mythic tree gave me 12 hours

  128. Nikki says:

    I have been trying mythic mountain with love and earth with plant coming out luckless. I just got a mythic earth and evolved it to level 6. I was thinking about using mythic mountain with mythic earth or do you think I should continue to use love?

  129. jokemon says:

    Holiday monsters seem to be hard to get in general but Im wondering since this actually the 5th monster overall and 3rd holiday monster to have this hyrbid combo of Earth and Plant so perhaps THAT is why Luck seems to be impossible to get… (Im thinking this right, right?! Tree, Mountain, Gratitude, Love, and now Luck)

  130. wcole08 says:

    Earth left voltleaf right first try. On kindle

  131. kaja says:

    its like gratitude all over again.. tried everithing and got nothing. sooooo angry at this monster

  132. -Z3N0MS- says:

    I Am Soo Frustrated, i bought like 200 3 leaf clovers no luck just light monsters (Got Light 3 Times In A Row -.-)
    With Mythic/Normal Pollen + Tree!

  133. jojo14 says:

    Got luck with mountain n love…..juz keep trying not give up now….

    • JenShouldBeStudying says:

      JoJo, you’re the best! I had given up on luck but saw your post and gave your combo one last try. Now I am sitting on a 12 hour egg that looks very promising! Thanks and don’t give up quite yet, folks!

      • Transberry says:

        Another stupid air with this combo. I’ve had air and mythic air since I was at level to breed them, so frustrated.

        it’s like elf on dragon story too elusive.

  134. Olivia says:

    have anyone succeed breeding luck from these combination cinder/magma + plan/blushbug? cause the out come of these are either bug, flower (4hr) or mountain,tree (5 hr) with little bit shorter waiting time

  135. Rango says:

    Gratitude and Plant on my first attempt

  136. Liz says:

    Oh man, I am soooo frustrated!! I tried dozens of combos for the Luck monster and then for the Flitter monster with no luck. Got many Pollen and Air and wasted most of my diamonds to cut down breeding time in order to try another combo right away but to no avail! Finally gave in and spent real money on the scoop of diamonds (after swearing I would NEVER spend real money on this game) in order to get the clover to double my chances of getting the Luck.. I bought 8 (!!) clovers and thought I would HAVE to get it now. Used (lvl 10) Love and (lvl 10) Mountain and got Shadow (which is nice but not what I wanted). Tried same combo and got another Shadow. Just tried Love and Blushbug, thinking that with 8 clovers, there’s no way I’m not getting Luck. But NOOOOOO!!! 5 hr. breed time. I’m so so annoyed I spent real cash on this and still no Luck. :(
    Sorry for the rant… Thanks for letting me vent.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      lol, I believe the clover count is not affecting the result (only one needed). if it’s affect your breeding result then maybe one islands full of clover will do it XD (I’m kidding).

  137. Monica says:

    Trying for a second for like four days but no luck (pun not intended) till I tried Gratitude Lvl 10 (R) and Tree Lvl 10 (L).

  138. Noe says:

    I give up I’ve spent too many crystals trying to speed up the breeding hatching on less thab 5 hour breeding time monsters so I could try again. I just tried earth on left plant on right both level ten and got 12 hours if its not luck am done.

  139. Tiny Hawk says:

    I just got 12 hour breeding time with 10 Blushbug and 10 Mountain, first try for that pairing.

  140. Jessica says:

    How do I unlock the clover quest?

  141. Cy_klonne says:

    I got the Luck monster on an Android using Lvl 10 Earth and Lvl 10 Mountain.

  142. Austin says:

    Love on the left + Mountain on the right! Got Luck monster 1st try playing kindle fire big diamonds.

  143. magiccitygirl says:

    mwoo-hahaha! FINALLY success with L5 teen blushbug + L10 love gives 1 luck.
    Then…2nd try, plant. Meh!

  144. nadzeja says:

    earth 10 + graveleaf 10 gave me luck (iphone)

  145. Game master says:

    I got it on the IPAD,,I used. Mountain Lv 10 (left) + Mythic Earth Lv 10 (Right) = LUCK,finally,,,I tried like 20 times and kept getting tree or mountain.

  146. Shaybaby says:

    Urrrgh. Flipping TinyCo. If they’re going to release a cute holiday monster, don’t flipping make it ultra rare. That’s it for me. Tried every combination posted. Used every last bit of my 60+ jewels stockpiled to skip waiting times and just got a 26 hour waiting time. (I swear if I see another Air. I’ll ring it’s neck.) No chance of this one for me. They’d better bring it back next year…

  147. MREDDER says:

    Mountain and tree both teens work on iPod

  148. haruki says:

    yes! gt another one. finally….
    blushbug with rock. yeah! driod

  149. whammytammy says:

    Love and blush bug both lv 10 on androidandroid

  150. Paksenarion says:

    Love 10 and luck 8. First try with that combo. Android

  151. Koryann says:

    I got it by using teen magma + teen tundra. on android

  152. ambiirae says:

    After trying tree and mountain and earth over and over again finally just went simple and tried earth on left anf plant on right and got 12hr breed time I hope I got it finally sense I never got the love or blushbug monsters in time

    • Theycallmejohn says:

      It will be luck. It’s the only 12 hour plant earth hybrid.. and it’s the same combo I used :)

  153. charisse says:

    Man I am having NO luck with Luck Monster. After 20 trees, ten plants I was luck to get Legendary with Pollen + Tree. Still no Luck Monster…

    • charisse says:

      Never mind! I finally got it with Flower + Frost. Thank you to whomever posted that formula!!

      • Staci says:

        Yes! Me too, at least I think so! 12 hr hatch time and nothing else seems to fit that combo! Thank you thank you thank you!

  154. SteamPunk says:

    Got my second luck with earth (10) and sunspike (5) on second try, first gave me a goldstone. Android

  155. haruki says:

    got it with love and tree.. hope can get another one. >. <

  156. Brandy says:

    Plz help it says last day and I’m out of diamonds and I’ve tried all combos!!!!

  157. Dan says:

    Shockwave + mythic plant. Both level 8

  158. delta9snow says:

    Thank You Thank you Thank you to “Dartdogs” who posted (Sunspike lvl 5 Left) and Seacliff (lvl 10 Right). What a unique combo! I FINALLY got my Luck on 1st try with these two. I have the weirdest breeding luck and NEVER get monster with any logical pairs. I have spent many days trying every posted pairs to no avail until now. I just want to say Thank you to everybody who posts! I wouldn’t have half the monsters w/o your advice and Noob’s AWESOME site. Thanx Noob 4 all ur effort. I’m stoked on getting Luck as “Last Day” appeared on the Luck Icon on my screen today.

  159. Rini says:

    I tried a few other of the suggested combos, no luck there.
    Then got both the clovers and breed:
    (L) level 10 tree + (R) level 5 pollen.
    Success! !

  160. Game master says:

    Mountain Lv 10 + Mythic Earth Lv 10 = Luck,……on the iPad

  161. Doriane says:

    Finally! Got it with earth left and sunspike right yay!

  162. Blair says:

    (Android user) Rock lvl 10 +Tree lvl 10 first try with both clovers

  163. Traci says:

    I cant do either of the clover quest. Theyre not showing up in the “feature” area on my game, but they are on my brothers… Any suggestions so i can complete them??

    • Mia Marajuana says:

      I’m having the same issue…nothing in my featured. Does ur brother already have the luck monster???

  164. nixie0013 says:

    Earth + lushleaf… first try… :-)

  165. Luís Felipe says:

    Blushbug + Gratitude

  166. Kra'am says:

    2 luck monsters in the span of less than 24 hrs. Mountain (R) + Earth (L) and Tree (R) + Earth (L). I had a soar + soar for mythic in between before trying for the second Luck monster.

    • Android Big Diamonds says:

      I ended up needing to use a mythic earth with mountain (plant habitat) to finally get luck monster

  167. Wendy says:

    Earth and plant after 8 tries

  168. david says:

    Was trying for 2nd luck. So i mix luck with gratitude and get 34hrs breeding. Very happy with that. Now i have 2legendary and can breed further. ^_^

  169. Amanda says:

    I’vetried three times now with earth and plant both level ten, doesn’t work

  170. Grimma says:

    I tried many many combinationy, but I succeeded with adult mountain + mythic earth, in the EIGHTEENTH (18!!!!!!) try. Luck monter? yeah right.

  171. Makiavelli21 says:

    i got it first try with tree and mountain.. im not sure if it makes a difference what habitats theyre in but tree was in plant and mountain was in earth … hope this helps yall

  172. Dee says:

    6 times with plan old earth and plant. I really wasn’t trying that hard. I have spent the last 3 days just putting in this combo and nothing else, no variations, no diamonds!!!!!!

  173. HannahhBeee says:

    I don’t have love or blushbug. I tried to breed for them a zillion times never had any luck. Now I’m trying for the Luck Monster… I have tried the following combinations and have had no help at all….

    Plant + Earth 10x
    Earth + Mountain 10x
    Earth + Tree 10x

    I must have the shittiest luck in the world.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      try to use previous limited monsters. It tends to work better. if you don;t have them then keep trying.

      • HannahhBeee says:

        I don’t have any limited monsters. ):

        I’m a noob. I am only on level 26. And was just able to get an air monster and flitter!

        i can never get over 200,000 coins either… I suck!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          you’re probably playing late, no such thing as sucks on a game like this. Just keep playing, about money make sure you build maximum number habitat available and check them frequently (every 30 min – 1 hours).

        • delta9snow says:

          I am a Level 70 and I have terrible “luck” getting the limited monsters with a lot of the breeding advice others seem to succeed with. I haven’t gotten Luck yet after days of trying. Also, I never did get a Gratitude Limited :( ! I have found that either patience and breeding the same pair several times will work. If that fails, I just breed pairs that have the elements necessary, tediously, until it works. Like with “Lightwing” I had to use Sonar (which is shadow & air) and Light. I hope this helps a lil.:)

    • Dee says:

      Check your devise for an update. They had one about 2 weeks ago and I have been getting creatures easier since then.

      • Nikki says:

        I have been trying mythic mountain with love and earth with plant coming out luckless. I just got a mythic earth and evolved it to a level 6. I was thinking about using the mythic mountain with the mythic earth or do you think it is better to use the love?

  174. Melissa says:

    Finally! Mythic mountain (10) + Blushbug (10)

  175. magiccitygirl says:

    What gives w teaser to buy scoop diamonds, get 4-leaf clover in exchange for increased breeding success for Luck? Was that real?

  176. SteamPunk says:

    Earth and lushleaf first try, only one that worked. Android

  177. Davidld says:


  178. Hecate83 says:

    Blushbug and Earth. First try.

    (Now if only I can get darned Boreal…34 tries already!)

  179. bindi6 says:

    Earth + Love on 2nd try

    First try got a mythic earth.

  180. Kristen says:

    I got 12 hours with Blushbug and Love. Also, I havent finished the Festival quests yet. I have been unable to get the flitter so far. I did buy 10 of the 3 leaf clovers hoping the luck increase would stack. I dont know if it helped or not, but I was able to get the Luck coming without finishing the Festival line.

    • Kristen says:

      Got a 2nd Luck coming with Blushbug and Windstone. Figured that would give me a chance for Flitter too.

    • delta9snow says:

      I don’t know if this helps but I tried for Flitter for long time and got it the first day of Luck Festival using Sonar (lvl 8 on left side) and Plant (lvl 10 on right). Though I am sure the level doesn’t really affect breeding, some players do, so I included it in case you needed it. Good “Luck”!!

  181. georgena says:

    I got him using mountain and blushbug. Also do u have to hatch a flitter even if u have one just wondering.

  182. Tiny1214 says:

    Earth( L) + plant ( R) =Luck. Mythic :)

  183. Lucy says:

    Tried lots of combos but I finally got it with Mountain lvl 10 and Love lvl 10.

  184. Alexis says:

    Earth + Love 3rd Try

  185. Sarah says:

    Earth + Love first try ^_^
    Also just got the aquarium quests activated on my android version, yay!

  186. aslesha says:

    L6love + L8mythic mountain= 12h breeding time.

    love & blushbug; earthquake & love; mountain & blushbug; mountain & love …all failed combinations.

  187. eeee says:

    Mountain and earth 12h breeding time, if i didnt read wrong, thins has to be luck monster 😀

  188. Carol says:

    I got mine using Earth + Blushbug (both level 10).

  189. Watz says:

    Is it just me or are the limited monsters getting uglier and uglier? I liked Independence and Grimbolt, and Buzzy, Gift and Gratitude were at least cute as babies – but Love and Luck I would not even try for if it wasn’t for the diamonds… Am I the only one?

  190. debbie says:

    Lvl 10 Love + Lvl 5 Plant = Luck. 1st try. I am on android. Can’t get Flitter though…..

  191. Ben says:

    Love + Blushbug, 2nd try. First was mythic plant.

  192. Laura says:

    On iOS got a mythic st.Patrick using mythic Gratitude and Earth, normal one using Love and Earth, on my Android I got a normal one using mythic mountain and Earth – still trying for mythic version.

  193. Roxie says:

    I play the game on Ipad and Kindle Fire. On Ipad I used plant on right earth on left. Got it on the fourth or fifth try. On kindle I used tree on right mountain on left. Got it on second try. Used same methods to get two monsters on each device. Good luck.

  194. Kingnason says:

    Teen blushbug + adult mythic earth on 1st try

    • Lulu says:

      Thanks!! I got Luck monster 1st try with this formula!! ( only difference was the level of my Blushbug)

      Blushbug (level 10) + mythic Earth (level10) 1st try

      [Using iOS]

  195. shane says:

    Me luck finally paid a pot o gold. Mountain + blush bug. First try after only about 4 random attempts with different creatures

  196. Lsa says:

    Love and gratitude. Have a 11 H hatching time. Hope its a luck one
    Had try Mountain and tree without any sucess

  197. Lynx73 says:

    Mythic tree left & mythic blush bug right =12hrs

  198. Tiny fan says:

    Adult plant and adult mountain. You do a brill job on this site thanks

  199. Cingin7 says:

    Ok iPad player here again. Anyone playing on this devise get Luck yet.What combo did you use. Been trying all the combinations and keep getting tree!!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I play on Ipad and got it using mountain + Love. There is no difference between device, only pure chance. remember to change formula after 2-3 failure.

    • Transberry says:

      Mountain love, 3 times so far. One tree, 2 air ugh the waste of time. On iPad

    • Bobalina says:

      Sporespark (level 10 / plant habitat) + mythic earth (level 10)= Luck on ipad 1st try

    • Ehlana says:

      Earthquake + Love on the iPad, finally!!!!

    • Lulu says:

      [I’m using iPad]
      The first time i even tried to get the Luck monster ..i got it on my 1st try with:

      (Level 10) Blushbug + Mythic Earth (level 10) = Luck (normal version)

      This is the 1st time I’ve ever gotten the “rare” holiday monster on the very first try!!! I was super excited!


  200. RNHoulihan says:

    Love & Blushbug, both level 10, finally worked for me! Now to work on getting a second one…. Part of me wants to work on the Flutter quest, but I want to make sure I get two so I can work on the mythic at a later date if need be. Decisions, decisions!

    Thank you everyone for your suggestions, and good luck to those who are still trying to nab this little guy! :)

  201. ot says:

    I was getting ready to give up tried. Earth quake/love several times and mountain /blushbug more times then I care to admit. Lol finally got it with earthquake /love. Thanks everyone

  202. jocselyn says:

    how about lucky? the very first time breding for this monster i got a 12 hour breeding time, using love lv 8 and mythic mountain lv 10.

  203. Sandra says:

    Mythic flower and frost had him the first try

  204. Valerie says:

    Earthquake +. Love

    Got one Luck, did some housekeeping things, bought my 3-leaf clover from the Market that I just noticed was there, which cleared my last quest, btw; then went back and got another Luck for good measure. Too bad I didn’t have enough food to level it up to 10. Grrrr! Frustrating!!

  205. Valerie says:

    Uh-oh! Are we supposed to have purchased the 4- and 3-leaf clovers from the market? I just noticed they were there!

  206. Kevin says:

    Flower and Snowbluff, 1st try :-)

  207. Женя says:

    How to remove old outstanding job?

  208. rob says:

    Earth and Lushleaf 12hr breeding time

  209. shay says:

    Earth and Tree

  210. shane says:

    The reward for the 6th quest is 800xp n 50 diamonds

  211. Filipe says:

    Mythic Tree Blushbug 1st try

  212. Sarah Z says:

    First try: Gratitude and Tree!

    This is probably the easiest limited monster I have ever gotten haha. Very lucky!

  213. Mike d says:

    Wow!!!’ I am so lucky!!! Literally after posting this I got flitter using air and pollen and luck using love and blush if right in a row!!! So happy! Now I will be furious and done with this app if they revert me back to normal status because I took advantage of my food glitch a little but then sold my farm so hopefully that will help. And I don’t have a monster id

  214. Mike d says:

    Ok I bought 130 diamonds and have bred 10x so far!!! Mostly earth monster and love monster or earth and tree. No luck;( whys the best combo am I just unlucky;(

    • Mike d says:

      Also how the heck do u get flitter! He’s 1 of 3 regular monsters I need. Any sure ways for him shockwave and tempest? There impossible for me. I do pollen and air and always alway always get pollen! And of course it takes a day every time

  215. нира says:

    Земля 10 уровень и дерево 8,вот он с первого раза ))

  216. IngAh says:

    Earthquake(L) Love(R) first try~ yeah!! =)

  217. dartdogs says:

    Sunspike (5) and Seacliff (10)…

    Mythic Luck…

    2nd try, Shadow…

    3rd try regular Luck…

  218. Sonico says:

    Level 10 earth and level 10 mythic mountain. First try. Bred while trying to get mythic earth for phineas quest. Yay!:)

  219. Mike says:

    Love + Earth == 12 hrs :)
    Personally I think flitter is going to be more difficult than Luck.
    well, have fun.

  220. The French says:

    blushbug and love =)

  221. Docrescue says:

    Earth and mountain

  222. AGRAX says:

    Gratitude on right love on left both lvl ten got luck on first try. Second try got five hour breed time:(

    • Skeah says:

      Why wouldn’t you list the monster on the left first? Whenever I see someone list right and then left, I never know whether they’re trying to be confusing or if they just don’t know their right from their left… =S
      So you used love + gratitude, rather than gratitude + love as listed above?

      • noobbgodlike says:

        position doesn’t affect the result, it’s just coincidence if you found it useful on the past.

        • LadyLimerick says:

          I have played the game on kindle and on android. My exoerience is that position mattered on the kindle but does not matter on the android. It sounds like it doesn’t matter on IOS either. For beginning kindle players , breed the monstersin the same order shown on the market page for the animal to get that specific animal. This changes when the breeding get more complex and you can get multiple monsters from the same combo. Maybe the major and minor elements play into it.
          I haven’t figured out how to use major and minor elements to my advantage. I looked for postings on the topic but either I missed it orveveryone else understands. NOOBBGODLIKE, HELP ME understand what to do with this information.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          it’s just a coincidence. I have asked tinyco before.

        • Skeah says:

          Weird. I’ve always found that whatever one is first is considered first, ie if you have fire + fire hybrid, you’re more likely to get fire, whereas fire hybrid + fire, you’re more likely to get a hybrid. Don’t suppose they’re told to just deny any guesses about their breeding formulas to avoid people exploiting it or figuring out the math or whatever?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          it’s all about chance why they do need to hide it?? they simply need to change the way this game works through coding instead of hiding it.

      • RNHoulihan says:

        Just a thought…. There are several languages that are written from right to left, so that may be the “normal” for some people; I’m sure that there are people from many cultures that visit this site (because it rocks!). What matters is that they shared the combo for everyone’s benefit, and as Noob said, “position” doesn’t matter anyway. Let’s not be so harsh, and be grateful that people come here and share their successes in order to help others. =)

  223. Charlie says:

    Tree and mountain first time and when I tried the combo again ping I got another one! So I have a breeding pair to use after the events over to get my mythic if I haven’t got it by then :)

  224. ravengirl says:

    Love and Earth first try :)

  225. Anthony says:

    Mythic Tree (10) left side and Love Monster (10) on right side.

  226. Valerie says:

    What is “gratitude”?

  227. CLOOTS says:

    Plant on left + Earth on right. Both Lvl 10

  228. j says:

    Earth + Mountain

  229. Mary says:

    Plain old earth and plant, 12 hour hatch time.

  230. tea says:

    mythic tree 10 mythic mountain 10. first try.

  231. shane says:

    Hey noob. 5/6 of the quests is to hatch a flitter monster

  232. bdubc says:


  233. Rachel says:

    Mythic tree left and pollen right – First try!!
    Good luck!

  234. Khadence says:

    Lvl 10 Gratitude on the left and Lvl 10 Tree on the right. Got 12hr breeding time. Hope it’s Luck

  235. luvmonster90 says:

    Think I got him mountain and tree both level 10.

  236. sugar says:

    Blushbug and Plant are both plant monsters yet you have it listed as a breeding formula for the Luck monster which is a plant/earth hybrid…did you mean Blushbug/Earth?

  237. CelticWoman says:

    Gratitude on left side and Tree on the right side.

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