Posted on Aug 27, 2013

Tiny Monsters Breeding Recipe Buzzy Monsters

Labor Day Monster

2nd appearance: 27 August 2013 – 17 September 2013

3rd appearance: 30 August 2014 – ???

Note: Limited monsters for labor days. Thanks to Kevin for providing the complete picture and information

Normal Version

Mythic Version

Buzzy Status













Earn Rate (Min)

11 19 26 33/34 41/43 48/50 56/58 64/67 71/74 80/84

Food (x4)

45 95 140 185 230 275 320 365 410

Habitat: Plant and Electric

How to obtain: Buy for 199/995 diamonds

Exp: 2160

Hatching Time: 9 hours (remember that, voltleaf and sporespark have same elements and breeding time as buzzy)

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 5 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 20 hours


Use Plant monster (plant, blushbug) + Electric-earth hybrids (earthquake, thunder, etc)

the formula have a chance to make steadfast or buzzy, but it won’t generate air monsters :D.

Breeding formula:
[0] Plant + Electric
[0] Sporespark  + Voltleaf
[0] Voltleaf + Plant/ Electric
[0] Sporespark + Plant/Electric
[0] Bolt +Plant (not recommended since you may wait for a long time if you fail)
[0] Silk + Sporespark
[0] Bug + Flare
[0] Lushleaf + Electric
[0] Pond + Spark
[0] Plant Unity + Electric friendship (more than 10 times..)
[0] Leave Comment if you know more formulas

You can get this monster from your social breeding den (not 100 % chance), by using electric friendship and plant unity. You need to have one of them since you can only use one of your friend monsters. I have both of the monsters, so if you need electric friendship or plant unity you can add me

tinyid: mim2

Don’t give me a gift !!!! (since I may not be able to re-gift you)

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide

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447 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Breeding Recipe Buzzy Monsters”

  1. otterguy12 says:

    I got it first try with Autumn and Sporespark. I prefer this method to using Earthquake/Thunder because even though you won’t know you failed until after it’s done breeding, there are less monsters you can get from this method.

    • YellowRose says:

      Yay, I got 2 in a row with Autumn and Sporespark after 2 plants so grateful after so much trying last year and not being able to breed buzzy. Thanks for the info.

  2. Lawren says:

    I finally got a buzz egg this morning with joy and volt leaf after countless failures. This monster might expire on next week or the last day of September… I hope it helps 😀

  3. Lawren says:

    When will the expiring notification for the buzz monsters occur? Two weeks of Labor Day have passed and I am sure these critters will expire next week. I am trying to get one nonstop, but all my attempts are futile; nothing but spore spark and volt leaf eggs for me when I get 9 hours… :(

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Sorry but, I can’t say. Tinyco is getting lazy on this game….. no steadfast.. no renewal…. I am not sure if they’re still bother to give us an announcement about expire data (they didn’t announce the appearance buzzy on my ipad, it suddenly appears on shop..).

  4. nickride says:

    Renewal (10) + Mythic Dusk (10)

  5. CP says:

    1st and 2nd try using duskfang + wonder

  6. Pepi says:

    Bug LVL 10 + Dark Silk LVL 10 :)

  7. Lady Sliper says:

    I got it with elder plant and sporespark first try !

  8. nickride says:

    Mythic Bug (10) + Mythic Dusk (10)
    1st try was Buzzy, 2nd try was Firestorm

  9. Ashley Jean says:

    I’ve never been more unlucky with a monster! I have buzzy from last year but want a second

    one to try for mythic buzzy unfortunately it’s not happening. I decided to keep count of how many times

    I failed so far I have gotten 32 spore sparks 2 flares and 7 airs or shadows or lights! 41 tries! Now

    that’s a lot of tries! Here’s to number 42! I’m not giving up, I’m just writing this so others know that even

    veterans like me still have breeding problems, all u can do is keep trying and never give up!

    Good luck guys! Send some luck towards me too!

    • spitter1 says:

      At last,after a zillion tries and combo’s I got this little bugger with mythic electric lvl 10 and mythic plant lvl 10.

  10. chaszack (tiny id) says:

    Used Autumn and mythic Sporespark and got it first try with this combo…after many failed attempts with others lol

  11. julymarie123 says:

    Got a mystic one 1st try on social breeding with electric unity and plant friendship

  12. Kokomoko 2663 says:

    I only used flare and silk trying to get enigma!

  13. Lyn says:

    So many comments but just had to say how excited I am to actually get this with plant and sparkspore and on the first day! Took five times but who cares!!

  14. Claudy says:

    I gat my W/ bug and flare Thank’s Noob
    1s ttry both Lv10.

  15. Flora says:

    Hi Noob, do you if the Buzzy Monster will be released again this year? Thanks alot :)

  16. Aubrey says:

    Got one with engnima. I know that doesn’t really help, but I didn’t even know this existed till I got it.

  17. sophia says:

    i dont know why but alot of the monsters on the website arnt on my game. i mean like the limited ones. though i did get some. is this a guide for kindle?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Device doesn’t matter (except for social monsters are not available on kindle)> other than that simply see whether the monster marked limited or not. If it’s limited then simply wait until they re-appear.

  18. basaro says:

    Hi noob,

    Buzzy mythic income for level 4-10, sorry don’t have level 1-3, I wasn’t paying attention on those.
    L4 – 34
    L5 – 43
    L6 – 50
    L7 – 58
    L8 – 67
    L9 – 74
    L10 – 84

  19. arika no hana says:

    I’m got buzzy again with holly lv8 + mytyic eletric 10
    holly from enigma.

  20. says:

    Wools spoke too early! Friendship Monster! No Buzzy! Once ya think you have this game figured out! :(

  21. says:

    Thanks mim2 borrowed your plant for breeding. Got a 9 hr hatch time. Could it be the elusive Buzzy? Anyone feel free to add me.

  22. gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

    Mythic plant + mythic buzzy got me the second buzzy …1st try…cant believe it

  23. Krista says:

    Yay! Finally got Buzzy on the last day! Just hatched a mythic Voltleaf lastnight so tried him! Got Buzzy first try with level 5 mythic Voltleaf & level 10 electric! iPod touch 5th Gen.

  24. Drag00na says:

    Wow I finally got the buzzy this morning after trying for it since it made it’s appearance last month lol I believe my winning combo was … Adult electric + mythic adult sporespark.. A Bonus with all my attempts with different combos was I ended up getting a steadfast, the mythic sporespark that I used in the end as well as both versions of the air lol…thanks to everyone that posted their combos was a huge help : )

  25. arika no hana says:

    finally I’m got buzzy with sporespark + mythic eletric both 10 = volfleaf, sporespark and buzzy
    got 3rd thank you.
    p.s. noob. I ‘m sorry speak about bad yesterday.
    sorry noob.

  26. felixmeow says:

    I’m not sure why my winning pair was ommitted from my last posting, but here it is: I got buzzy w mythic plant lvl10 on the left and electric lvl10 on the right. Sorry about that folks!

  27. kassi says:

    I got one with silk and flash

  28. felixmeow says:

    I finally got my first buzzy egg!!! I’m sooooo happy! After trying just about every combo I could do w the monsters I hav, numerous times, the winning match was:
    on android.
    I did use diamonds to clear the egg space & to finish the breed as well. Now I haven’t spent a lot of diamonds doing this, a total of maybe 30 give or take, so don’t get the wrong idea. What I’m saying isi don’t believe it hurts ur chances for success. I’m guessing the weekend’s increased odds helped tho. Hang in there people and I hope u share my luck!

  29. SinFulRedAngel43 says:

    I got mine with adult mythic plant and adult mythic sporespark on 1st try. Now I am trying for the mythic version with mythic cave 3/4 boost using same pair, will post after breeding done of 17+ hours is over.

  30. Thesutterleys says:

    I keep trying level 10 silk and level 10 sporerspark and the den starts glowing then I get ” sorry these monsters aren’t feeling the love system error ”
    Anyone else having this happen?

  31. pucca says:

    I got buzzy monsters with sporespark + mythic eletric
    so happy

  32. ZombieFreak911 says:

    Yes!! After so many attempts I finally got buzzy with
    Lvl 10 Mythic Plant Left + Lvl 10 Electric Right.
    Now at last I have both of the Labor Day limited monsters 😀

  33. Lice says:

    Ja tentei todas as combinacaoes e nao consegui o buzzy

  34. felixmeow says:

    The free decoration that u get when u buy the coins/diamonds turns all ur trees into fall flavored fun!!! :)

  35. bettina says:

    i breed voltleaf and sporespark and are hoping on buzzy( 1day and 2 hours)

  36. Najmulseher says:

    Yay!! I finally got Buzzy with lvl 10 Flare on left and lvl 7 mythic Bug on the right!!

  37. arika says:

    I’m so sad
    I don’t get buzzy around 3-4 weedend
    buzzy breeding is hard.
    android miss buzzy.
    I’m over game .I delete game now.

  38. jermet says:

    After a lot of voltleaf, sporespark and aggravating air finally got buzzy with 10 silk+ 8 electric

  39. TinyID; Rati90 and Rati123 says:

    I got Buzzy breeding Electric and Steadfast

    I gift everybody how gifts me 😉

    • medusa-x5-452 says:

      I cannot seem to find where to gift other people on the android OS. Does anyone know if this social functioning works? I’ve bot a list of over 400 people as friend whom I can visit with & collect from giving tree or breed with, but no clue about giving gifts!??
      please help, anyone?!
      I will gift you back..! thanks much for the advice!

  40. AngE0522 says:

    Trying for Buzzy I got elder earth!!!! Yay!!! Luck on left thunder on the right. … Still no buzzy. The quest is gone but can we still breed the limited monsters?

  41. hmayer347 says:

    Fiiiiiinallyyyy with luck and electric!

  42. gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

    I cant believe it…after many many tries with other combos i got i mythic buzzy with mythic 10 plant + electric 10 on 1st try.
    Im breading now a mythic steadfast, but it wont be ready for the quest…its a cute one anyway…:-)

  43. Joanniej says:

    electric friendship and plant unity gave me a mythic buzzy!

  44. arika(id : arikahana007) says:

    finaly I’m not get buzzy monsters
    I’m so happy get steadfast monsters is good.
    I will try enigma again.
    Thank you noob for help me breeding buzzy.

  45. victoria says:

    mythic electric level 5 + mythic sporesparks level 8

  46. arikahana007 says:

    I’m breeding buzzy so hard 2-3 weekend no buzzy in andriod.
    I’m now trying with thunder (lv7)+ plant (lv10)
    I’hope find buzzy in tomorrow good day.

  47. aslesha says:

    level 8 mythic electric and level 10 mythic plant gave me two buzz monsters.most other combinations either gave me voltleafs or

  48. Torres says:

    plant unity and electric friendship got mythic buzzy on 1st try :)

  49. xthat says:

    Blue Joy + Electric gave me two buzzys in a row

  50. melbel says:

    Voltleaf and Surge= Buzzy on 1st try using this combo.

  51. Irma says:

    I’ve been trying for buzzy and steadfast with earthquake and plant/blossom a million times with no luck. Now I got a mythic buzzy with flare and bug and the orb filled completely once.

  52. Gail says:

    Bred Buzzy with mythic Sporespark and full orb and got my second Buzzy. And it,s mythic!!!

  53. Steph says:

    Has anybody been having problems getting mythic buzzy I filled up orb 10 times n breeding 2 buzzys but just keep getting regular version.

  54. Tobye says:

    Didn’t get last year, thought maybe not this year. Finally success with Grimbolt and Plant.

  55. Ber says:

    I finally got my first Buzzy! After several combos i had hopes for this one! Ive gotten air with other ones and using this combo i got a sporespark, three voltleafs then finally! Hes hatching right now! I’m on android. I used teen surg and teen thunder! Thanks for all the suggestionsn, finally this worked! Surprisingly this one isn’t on here yet!

    • Ber says:

      So I attempted to try my combo again and now I have a 17h 59m 1s wait time…. I looked at the result chart and I don’t know what this means. I used Surge and Thunder again same sides and everything…. what do you think it could be noob?

  56. XPERIA P says:

    hi guys I build buzzy with level (ten mythic mountain+level 8 bolt (my first buzzy):-D

  57. Jeff (Android High Price) says:

    At the Beginning of Buzzy I try this combo: Joy (Purple) Mythic left Level 10 and Flare Mythic Level 10 at right, I got: Flower Mythic (4h), Buzzy regular (9 hour) and Flower regular (4 Hours). I Try easy 30 times with other combo listed here with bad result so I decide to come back With Joy Purple Mythic Level 10 and Flare Mythic Level. This second time I got first try my Second Buzzy. So I put my 2 steadfest together and got Mythic First try, it give time for having a teen Buzzy 9hours + time to become teen. So now just need to put my 2 Buzzy together to have a mythic one. Very good news for people here because Mythic on Android is so much harder,(have play 3 different Apple device and 2 different Android Device) so stedfest very easy, good luck, for me just incredible last 3 days, very lucky. Nice day and try my formula fail is only 4 hours.

  58. Zarria says:

    After trying countless times with sporespark and voltleaf I finally got a buzzy! <3

  59. Annette says:

    Mythic Sporespark Level 5 and Level 8 Voltleaf=Mythic Buzzy. (My first Buzzy. ;-))

  60. Daria says:

    happy….got buzzy with bolt and tree!

  61. Kate says:

    Luck (level 10) and Bolt (level 6)

  62. Gail says:

    Anybody know the best way to get a buzzy number 2. I have one so I am thinking if I breed it with plant ???
    Thanks for any help.

  63. davybird says:

    I just got a mythic buzzy with mythic electric (left) and sporespark (right). Thought I would pass it along to help others. Great site Noob!

  64. Globo says:

    Finally got my Buzzy with Eriewood Lv10 and Electric Lv 10 on. iPad.

  65. Elyksir says:

    I got it two times first try with voltleaf and surge both level 10 on ipad

  66. Totero says:

    I tried a million times and never got it

  67. Jerremy87 says:

    How come I can’t breed socially anymore? The breed button
    doesn’t show

  68. Sara Morrison says:

    Regular Plant level 10 (left) and Regular Voltleaf (right)= Mythic Buzzy

  69. Gail says:

    Whenever I buy diamonds, 20 + times a month, is it my imagination or does anyone else suddenly get an extremely high breed time when trying for something simple?

  70. Reiki29 says:

    Got mine with lvl 10 Blushbug & lvl 10 mythic electric

  71. Gma Of 10 says:

    Finally got my 2nd Buzzy with Bolt and Plant. Yay!

  72. Andy Miguel Jochum says:

    I got mine with steadfast and mythic electro after thousand of tries with other conbinations 😉

  73. Ashley says:

    I feel the same exact way, I have never gotten this many elders, it’s sad to delete them!

  74. Hougie says:

    I have gotten 5 elders, 1 elder plant, 1 mythic elder plant, 1 enigma, and countless voltleaf and sporespark monsters! I’ve only gotten one buzzy and these long waits are driving me nuts. Why is it that I finally start getting elders so easily after such a struggle to get the first 2? The elder plants and enigma I was fine with because I needed them.

  75. Staryskye1130 says:

    Pond and spark worked first time for me after trying countless times with voltleaf and plant

  76. Quill says:

    Spent so long trying to get buzzy, kept getting voltleaf and sporespark. Finally used level 10 electric and level 10 sporespark and got it! Just made a mythic version too! This combo is good 😀

  77. Brandi says:

    I struggled last year and this year with this particular monster. I had to start over on this game because my kindle died earlier this year. I now use an ipad. I ended up getting it both years using teen sporespark left and teen electric right both years 1st try after countless other attempts with numerous combinations including the adult form of the same combination. I read that last year on someone else’s post and it worked both years. Hope it helps! Good luck!

  78. Billie says:

    got it two times in a row in my social den with plant unity and electric friendship !!!

    • Jeff (Android High Price) says:

      your are more lucky than me, zero Buzzy using this formula 8 try. But I got 2 Steadfest and 1 Buzzy with other combo it’s compensated.

  79. SabiKnauer says:

    plant (10) + earthquake (10) = buzzy :) 2nd try

  80. Mary says:

    I got it first time with Steadfast(level 5) and Electric (level 10)

  81. Bloodrose7 (tiny ID) says:

    Hatching countless numbers of Voltleafs and Sporesparks allowing me to level up?
    Price: Thousands and thousands of XP

    Hatching A mythic Voltleaf and a Sporespark?
    Price: Millions of coins

    Finally seeing the Buzzy egg appear from the breeding den after countless attempts?

    Joy(purple) and Sporespark on iPad. Good luck and hope this helps someone.

  82. Luan says:

    Yay!! FINALLY got a Buzzy with Electric and purple Joy!! Been trying non-stop both times it was available..

  83. Jetson26 says:

    Hey noob this is my first ever comment XD! Any aditional info for buzzy/steadfast PLEASE respond it would mean a lot to me in advance thanks.

  84. Gma Of 10 says:

    Trying for my 2nd Buzzy, I used my electric friendship and noob’s plant unity several times. No luck with the Buzzy, but I got an Elder Plant. :-)

  85. Jolie says:

    Plant and earthquake both level 10 for buzzy.

  86. CattyBB says:

    Volt leaf & electric, both mythic adults, on iPod.

  87. MissDinTexas says:

    I would like to thank everyone that posted their combo’s, I have found this website, the ppl that maintain it, and the ppl that post here very, very helpful, and just as sweet as Texas sweet tea. I am unfortunately going to have to stop trying for Buzzy, I have tryed every combo ya’ll posted and alas… Buzzy!!! I give TinyCo, ya’ll have made me not want to try and it takes a lot to make me quit (or so my husband keeps telling me I am stubborn).The last 3 or 4 limited monster’s I could not get, now poor ol Buzzy… sad. So Thank you all that have helped from the bottom of my Southern Texas heart, Thanks ya’ll

  88. Sean( id SRW55) says:

    Electric & Plant both mythic,both level 10

  89. arika(id : arikahana007) says:

    I’m trying at 7 day no buzzy
    I’m think problem fix error in 2-3 day no breeding buzzy.

  90. kitlock says:

    (still trying)
    ya me and my game are fighting tooth and nail for this one XDD
    i got “steadfast” 1st try (with tree and mountain)
    ive been useing
    Sporespark + Voltleaf
    ive gotten 5 air
    1 Legendary
    1 joy
    2 voltleaf
    1 sproespark
    and and got another in den not sure what it is gonna be but i dont think its buzzy eather XD i swear if this keeps up im making joy a teen/adult and breeding it with eletric
    XDDD but ya i swear voltleaf+sporespark/sporespark+voltleaf give me the most random mix ive seen so far

    (yes this was a loling vent)

  91. ny ando says:

    Just got Buzzy! Electric and Sporespark.

  92. Ninj says:

    I think that I just got mythic buzzy 9 hours :):):):):)

  93. tinygg says:

    plant + electric=buzzy first try on android ,but till now can’t get steadfast

  94. Megan says:

    Is buzzy still available? I’ve been going nuts trying for it and can’t get it. I don’t have either grass or electric friendship/unity so I’m stuck with plant to just about every electric option in the game-still no luck.

  95. arika(id : arikahana007) says:

    um. I’m breeding buzzy so hard at 7 day in android
    I don’t see AJ post breeding buzzy monsters which ?
    I’m waiting for you.

  96. Ninj says:

    Noob I saw you have a buzzy in your breeding den what monsters did you use?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      plant unity and electric friendship :D. After more than 10 times XD.

      • Deb says:

        Well, I borrowed your hint and your plant unity to breed with my electric friendship, and got 48 hours… so much for that… but thanks anyway :)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          wow, so lucky XD. Congrats.

        • Jeff (Android High Price) says:

          Congrats Deb, was not thinking possible to have Elder (48h) with social breeding, you just motivate me more :) .My upgraded Elder Habitat is always empty, cost me 12 000 000$ in total. Old player here said Buzzy very hard to get, VERY right, only got one and one Steadfest but Steadfest look a lot more easy to have, lots of people here got it. Nice day

  97. Kyle says:

    This monster is driving me crazy…I can not for some reason get buzzy…I got renewal the first try last month…but after many sporespark and voltleaf…and I haven’t tried two hybrids cause of the chance of getting air…any suggestions?

  98. Suzanneq21 says:

    Does anyone have a buzzy they got with an android? I already got steadfast-after several tries but I have been trying for buzzy with every combo I have, multiple times… :(

  99. Bre (Tiny ID:BrelovesMatt says:

    After tons of trays with many of the suggested combos on here I got it first try with silk lvl 5+spores park lvl 5

  100. gg831 says:

    Got 2 in a row from breeding den with electric and plant!

  101. michelle says:

    Level 10 plant and level 10 mythic electric 1st try!

  102. Kys (ID : TinyKys) says:

    Get my second and third Buzzy with Blushbug 10 Left and Earthquake 10 Right, with some Tree, Sporespark and Voltleaf… Try for Steadfast (get him with Love and Blushbug).

  103. basaro says:

    got my 2nd buzzy with a different combo than my first one.

    This combo was Thunder and Blue Joy, got it on the 3rd try. First two tries were voltleaf and then sporespark.

    I had switched to this combo after steadfast was released because the possibilities were there for that monster too, but i got zero plant/earth monsters with it, so now switching to a different combo for steadfast.

  104. jojo14 says:

    hi!um i bred sporespark and voltleaf and got 5 hr breeding time. wat monster i got?

    • hillary101 says:

      Look up the “free” for a limited time APP. It’s called the “Guide for Tiny Monster” ***this is the exact tittle AND order of the words. I only make that clear bc this is the only one Ive personally tried? Not only does it show the pic of the egg but which one it is(remember though some monsters DO have the same breeding time) since there is a pic of the egg once it’s hat hatched of course AND the time well there u go. It’s not THE best for breeding, BUT we have this site. Which between the two I have been able to have most all my q’s answered. I haven’t tried the other one I saw this morning when I check the exact name for the one I’m talking about but it looks cool & Tiny Co appoved-but not free :)

    • hillary101 says:

      Oh, also since it has all the eggs there in one long page? It’s really easy to scroll through the times to narrow the monster down (if u find more than 1 egg with the same hatch time) Some monsters are the only one with that time so it cool to know for sure! Have a great day & hope this helps!

  105. Scott says:

    Dude if you can’t get this, try electric and plant. Or earthquake and plant. I got two in a rowthe first day with electric and plant. And 4 or 5 today with earthquake and plant, plant earthquake combos. Yes, that’s right, 4 or 5. And not all day! I got four or five in an hour. They must’ve felt bad for not giving me a single renewal after trying fo THREE WEEKS!!

  106. Josette says:

    I just bred sporespark and mythic voltleaf in hopes of getting Buzzy. Instead in got a mythic egg with bred time of 26 hours! What in the world will I get? None of the 26 hours match up to this combination.

  107. Totero says:

    Thank you so much I breaded a level 5 silk (left) and a level 5 sporespark (right) and got a legendary monster and I am only on level 25!

  108. ID: ShadowEm99 says:

    Finally I got buzzy, with thunder + mythic plant, try this formula to not get a silly air monster and improve the chances and time :)

  109. Georgann J says:

    Volt leaf and plant – first try! After trying sporespark and electric for the past 3 days -___-
    About to try for another so I can breed for mythic! :)

    TinyID: Alyssa175

    • Georgann J says:

      Just got another! Second in a row. This formula def works. Time to try for the Labor Day monster ^.^

    • James says:

      I’ve tried that combo numerous times as well as sporespark + plant and also plant + electric, I’m beginning to think I’m gonna miss out on this guy and I haven’t even started trying for labor day monster yet. Noon how much time do you think I have before these two monsters are gone for another year?

  110. Rendarphil says:

    Just got Buzzy. Used Blushbug and Sporespark, in that order. Got it on the third attempt with that combo. He’s now in the nursery.

  111. Trish says:

    Got mythic buzzy with level 10 voltleaf and level 5 sporespark. Had been trying for steadfast and finally gave up after too many wasted diamonds. Decided to give buzzy another shot and lucked out. Now back to steadfast…

  112. Jeff (JeffCity) Android High Price says:

    I read basaro (Very thanks you work very hard) I take this combo 4 times from your list: Purple Mythic Joy with Flare Mythic and got first try: Mythic Flower, second Try: regular Buzzy, third Try: regular Flower, four try 9h breding time again so it’s look like Buzzy again, will confirmed tomorrow morning (August 30) Thanks basaro and web master.

    • Jeff (JeffCity) Android High Price says:

      Got Voltleaf (9 hours) at fourth try finaly. Try other basaro combo now. Thanks

  113. arika(id : arikahana07) says:

    I’m so trying breeding buzzy at 3-4 day
    mythic plant + eletric = volteaf 10
    I’m so cry. T.T
    Are you tell me breeding buzzy on android ?
    Please for share

  114. Ashleyy says:

    Sporespark and flower…good luck guys!

    • Georgi77 says:

      I give up!!! just got my 27th 26hr egg within a 3-4 day nonstop period, probably air again. I ‘ve bought hundreds & hundreds of dollars worth of diamonds, etc, to get thru the long waits, don’t even want to keep count anymore. Too depressing, can’t even gift my friends b/c my game is too old i guess & won’t let me into the islands anymore, i wouldn’t even know where to begin updating w/o losing everything, am level 65. Why is tinyco pushing to break people, used to be a fun game, but Tinyco is just too greedy for words anymore, but good luck to everyone else still playing. And noob, you always do a great job helping everyone!

  115. Ashley says:

    Errr… I still haven’t gotten buzzy…… So sad……..

  116. Madeawkung says:

    got buzzy from electric friendship and plant unity yeah!!

  117. Lisa says:

    I just got Buzzy in the social breeding den using my electric and plant! Yay!

  118. JennyLynn says:

    I just got Buzzy with teen Pond(on left) + teen Spark(on right)

  119. Minou5550 says:

    Plant + electric first try and in social breeding
    plant unity + electric friendship work second try

  120. Twist tye says:

    Ok, so I know there is a better page to post this, but I had difficulties finding it and gave up, but the new challenge is getting steadfast creature… I haven’t been able to find any of your forums on it, so what are the ways to breed it??

    Twist tye

  121. basaro says:

    XP earned for hatching Buzzy is 2160 and buying price is 995d on large version.

  122. georgena08 says:

    got two with sporespark lv5 and blushbug lv 5 android

  123. Enigma34 says:

    I can still only play for a few minutes at a time at most before the crash comes (sorry to everyone who gifts me, whenever I can get it to work, I regift!).

    So I did not have much hope, but:
    Voltleaf Level 10 left, Mythic Plant Level 10 on right= Buzzy, and even in time to finish the quest!
    4th try, I tried that same combo once and Voltleaf+Sporespark (both 10) twice the other times.
    And I’ve been having NO luck with Elder Earth or Plant, and was not yet playing when Buzzy came around the first time, so I am more than happy.

  124. Georgeanne Eilers says:

    Finally, =-O Sporespark (10) left and Luck (10) right got Buzzy. On Samsung tab android. Good luck to all.

  125. Gma Of 10 says:

    Flare and Jubilee 2nd try on iOS.

  126. sandri milligan says:

    After many tries and many diamonds and getting only voltleafs and sporesparks I got this one with regular level 10 electric on left and teen joy on right. I don’t know if using the lower level monsters made a difference or not but I had been using mythic level 10 monsters and got nothing.

  127. Irreverent says:

    I got a Buzzy Monster combining Voltleaf & Tundra…whoop whoop!

  128. Joshua Gibson says:

    4th try started at 11:30 AM hope I got it whith my mythic Voltleaf LV 9 and mythic Sporespark LV 10. Wish me luck noob

  129. arca says:

    plant unity (i think lvl 8) + electric friendship (lvl 9)
    2nd try, i’ve got the egg
    Bonus: can be done additionally to the normal breeding den 😉

  130. Grace (sugargerbil) says:

    Spores spark and volt leaf first try!

  131. SomethingElseToo says:

    Mythic Sporespark & mythic Plant, both level 10 worked for me on the 2nd try. I’m trying for another with the same combo right now.

  132. basaro says:

    Lushleaf and Electric first try. Previously had tried the similarly polar opposite formula of electric and sunspike 3 times and only got 2 voltleafs and a flash.

    • basaro says:

      I’ve put together a list of possible formulas listed in order of the least amount of risk (least amount of wait time). If you want to reduce the risk of incurring large wait times for the wrong potential monster, these are a good place to start. All formulas also have a risk of being Elder Earth (18 hrs) or Elder Plant (22 hrs), but there’s nothing can be done about that now that those monsters have been released.
      If a formula isn’t working for you… 1. reverse the order and/or change one of the hybrid monsters, or 2. switch to a different formula.
      P.S. I’m not sure this post will layout correctly, sorry if it’s confusing and/or hard to read.
      Also, I have not tried all these formulas, they are just suggestions, although I did use this list to decide where to start for my own attempts, you can see the formula(s) I used in the post above this one.
      I have only included formulas which have a potential wait time of 12 hours or less.

      Monster 1 Monster 2 Possible results (time)
      Plant/Blushbug/Joy Electric Voltleaf,Sporespark,Buzzy (9)

      Plant/Blushbug/Joy Voltleaf/Sporespark/Buzzy Voltleaf,Sporespark,Buzzy (9) / Plant (18 min.)

      Plant/Blushbug/Joy Flare/Strike Voltleaf,Sporespark,Buzzy (9) / Bug (4) / Flower (4)

      Plant/Blushbug/Joy Earthquake/Thunder Voltleaf,Sporespark,Buzzy (9) / Mountain (5) / Tree (5)

      Plant/Blushbug/Joy Flashfreeze/Spark Voltleaf,Sporespark,Buzzy (9) / Silk (6) / Tundra (6)

      Electric Sunspike/Lushleaf Voltleaf,Sporespark,Buzzy (9) / Flash (6) / Luster (7)

      Plant/Blushbug/Joy Darkbolt/Flicker Voltleaf,Sporespark,Buzzy (9) / Eeriewood (10)

      Electric Eeriewood Voltleaf,Sporespark,Buzzy (9) / Darkbolt (10) / Flicker (12)

      The following combo(s) are less safe since they use 2 hybrids which could result in long times for: Shadow (18) / Enigma (21) / Air (26) / Legendary (34) / Elder (48).

      Sunspike/Lushleaf Darkbolt/Flicker Voltleaf,Sporespark,Buzzy (9) / Flash (6) / Luster (7) / Eeriewood (10) / Lighthorn (12)

      • basaro says:

        yikes as I feared, layout is hard to read, sorry.

        If I did this it might be better (listing only first 2):
        Monster 1 Monster 2 = Possible results (time)
        Plant/Blushbug/Joy Electric = Voltleaf,Sporespark,Buzzy (9)

        Plant/Blushbug/Joy Voltleaf/Sporespark/Buzzy = Voltleaf,Sporespark,Buzzy (9) / Plant (18 min.)

        • basaro says:

          Sorry didn’t work either, try this…

          Monster 1 … Monster 2 = Possible results (time)
          Plant/Blushbug/Joy … Electric = Voltleaf,Sporespark,Buzzy (9)

          Plant/Blushbug/Joy … Voltleaf/Sporespark/Buzzy = Voltleaf,Sporespark,Buzzy (9) / Plant (18 min.)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I try to use my layout above. See if it’s correct or not? Please create the excel file if you don’t mind. I want to create the excel file, but I am afraid of being misinterpret the formula.

        • basaro says:

          Hey noob, sorry for messy posts. If you wanna scratch my last couple (starting with long unreadable one), I’ll repost list with readable format. :)

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Thank you, I have modified your tips on the post above (I am not sure if it’s right or not). If you don’t want, you can create it on the excel file and send it to me,I will add the table happily :D.

        • basaro says:

          Noob, table you posted looks fine except 2 entries need a little touchup:

          Electric + Sunspike/Lushleaf = Voltleaf,Sporespark,Buzzy (9) / Flash (6) / Luster (7)

          Sunspike/Lushleaf + Darkbolt/Flicker = Voltleaf,Sporespark,Buzzy (9) / Flash (6) / Luster (7) / Eeriewood (10) / Lighthorn (12)

          Thanks! Hope you get one soon :)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          You’re welcome :D.

  133. flossie2 says:

    I just got buzzy by using earthquake and bug. I hope that this combination works for other people.

  134. Iniminimoshimo says:

    Tundra and voltleaf, first try!!

  135. Cerumen says:

    Hey- on the bright side I finally got that mythic Voltleaf I had been trying for and never got during increased mythic and rare weekend. I’ll get you buzzy you will be mine. Last year be damned.

    My game is still crashing but trying my best to gift back -my apologies friends: besoconchita and paquitabean are my ID’s. thanks for the work you do noob.

  136. jmckfoster says:

    After many combos….got Buzzy from the Friendship breeding den using my adult plant (friendship) and a friend’s adult electric (friendship).
    Paid 9 diamonds to put in the nursery and used that same combo immediately after, got mythic with another 9 hours breed time . Paid 9 diamonds and it was Mythic Buzzy!!!

  137. toxicwatch says:

    YAY! Sporespark and voltleaf both level 10. Second try. I completed the quest fornthe laborious day boost.

  138. Rendarphil says:

    Round two of trying for Buzzy. I was never able to breed him last time he was available. Had to wait for air monster to finish breeding before I could start trying this time. I only had one shot for the quest to boost chances for Labor Day monster. Got Electric instead. Oh well, not unusual. Hopefully I will get Buzzy this time before he’s gone.

  139. bones says:

    I hate how all electric plant combos are 9 hours

  140. Blib says:

    Got it with (l) plant and (r) voltleaf
    and then again with (l) blushbug and (r) sporespark
    ….go figure… two in a row of a rare limited monster, but since months no luck
    getting aquaray…

  141. WGDBatman says:

    Mythic Voltleaf and Mythic Electric second breed! Noob yoursite rocks!

  142. aliyah says:

    i find it extremely annoying that voltleaf and sporespark have the same breeding time as buzzy. I already got both normal monsters but not the buzzy, i hope i get this limited time monster since i didn’t get the renewal.

  143. mommy3g says:

    Looks like I won’t get it…AGAIN. Two different combos (or is it three) and two long breed times. I suspect this one is air, since none of the other results, at 26 hours make sense. At least Tailwind was a monster I don’t have already. Good luck all. :)

  144. pldt says:

    How I get buzzy?

  145. pattiecakes2 says:

    I got it with sporspark and mythic electric…first try

  146. MimiMonster says:

    I already have a buzzy from before…..if I breed it with plant or electric will I eventually get another? Iv tried but keep getting volt leaf. Too bad quest won’t finish unless I hatch another.

  147. Ber says:

    I really hope I got it! He’s so cute! I never get get these LT guys well… rarely. But I’m trying the sporespark-voltleaf combo. I know… its gotta one of the three results but still I have hope. :-) I spent my last 9 diamonds to get my newest addition sporespark. Now I have to wait on breeding time. I’m on Android and for some reason the combos you list almost never work on my game. But I still use it as a reference anyways. Thank you noob for all the help and this awesome site!

  148. Destiny says:

    I keep getting shadow from voltleaf and sporespark. Another 18 hour wait. Ugh. Any other combos?

    • Jaida says:

      Try bug and flare first time got volt leaf but second time got buzzy

      • Just tried it and got 18 hrs again probably another shadow. I’ve tried all the combos and get sporespark, voltleaf, electric, shadow and 3 have been mythic that I already have. Too bad we can’t trade monsters.

  149. Drag00na says:

    Been trying since yesterday 1st attempt with Sporespark & Voltleaf gave me a electric my 2nd attempt with the same combo seems to have netted me an air as the breed time is 26hrs…lol I may not get this limited this time.
    Would also like to say love this site I am fairly new to the game and this site has been extremely beneficial, great job

  150. whammytammy says:

    Electric and voltleaf 1st try yeah now need mythic

  151. Lace says:

    I used spark and mythic plant! Got it 1st try.

  152. Dee says:

    Got my first one with sporspark+plant. Both lvl 10. This after 7 attempts with another combo. Second attempt had gone plant. But since it’s such a short breeding time it’s not a bad combo.

    Good luck!!!!

  153. zsstorm says:

    I got him with Sporespark (lv. 10) and Mythic Plant (lv.10). First try.

    This is my first time commenting on this great site. My name is zsstorm in social breeding if you want to be my friend. ^_^ Keep up the great advice. I love this site!

  154. Orisi says:

    Sporespark and Voltleaf 1st attempt :)

  155. Leeta says:

    I got him with Lvl 10 Voltleaf + lvl 10 mythic plant
    1st try! Bred same again & got 9hr breeding
    Time again.. Hope it’s another one. We shall see!
    If not I don’t have sporespark so I’ll take that too!

  156. toast418 says:

    man, i really hate the not-knowing.
    Voltleaf and Sporespark are also Both 9 hours.
    so pretty much anything you put together that could give you Buzzy could result in those as well, and you don’t know until you see the egg. =(

    ps. folks who want to gift me are welcome! this is my name in the game as well.

  157. Mike says:

    I just got this 2 days back from my enigma egg, (after 4 retries)
    now i have to do this again :(

    • Jocselyn says:

      I don’t think that would count. It says to hatch the buzzy, and with enigma you get the teen monster.

    • JasmineChin says:

      Oh no =( such a waste with enigma since we duno tiny co re-release it , btw how much u spent for retry in total?

  158. Theresa says:

    Mythic Plant lvl 10 + Electric lvl 10 … First try…love that fuzzy little egg!

  159. Fran says:

    Hi, just got my mythic buzzy with electric on left, sporespark on the right! Happy labor’s Day to all1!!

  160. Georgeanne Eilers says:

    What gives i did voltleaf and sporespark got 18 hours, nothing has these elements? Noob what could have happened?

  161. AngYas says:

    Spores park and voltleaf worked first try after so many attempts with other combos.

  162. Brandon says:

    got it on the first try with Sporespark + Electric

  163. Jasey says:

    Got this from my Enigma just last week. Then i tried to breed it with electric then got it for my first try! :) i’m lucky! 😀

  164. McDevilish says:

    Got it on the 2nd try with Plant/Electric, both level 10!

  165. ThunderCo says:

    Buzzy is back until 8/29!!!!

    • ThunderCo says:

      …and just got Buzzy with first try of Silk (10) + SporesSpark (10)

      Wasted tons of diamonds on various combinations of Plant+Electric & Sporespark+Voltleaf, but then my amazing boyfriend reminded me that Silk has been good to me!! :smile: First try was a winner!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      no, it will still available after that date, but you get increased chance for a new labor monster by hatching buzzy before 29 August.

  166. niknok08 says:

    its buzzy time again.. first try mythic plant and electric got me 9 hr breeding time.. hope its buzzy.

  167. Mrsvh says:

    First try for buzzy, voltleaf left, sporespark right, 34hour wait time!! I’m not unhappy about getting a legendary, but that’s a long wait to try again for a limited!!

  168. verma says:


  169. KK says:

    Voltlead (Level 10), and Electric (Level 10)= 9 hour buzzy. :O)

  170. Ironus says:

    Buzzy is available now.
    Mythic Plant + Mythic Electric on 1st try 😀

  171. morphinecat (morfeencat) says:

    yay—just hatched my first ever Buzzy :) !!

    I don’t think using mythics or level 10’s ‘increases’ the chance of getting ANY of the monsters myself, but here are the details anyway:

    Left: Lvl 10 (Mythic) Electric
    Right: Lvl 10 (Mythic) Plant
    Buzzy (non-mythic)

    [on an iPhone5]
    Good Luck All!

  172. Georgann J says:

    I used sporespark and electric. 9 hours on first try :)

    Tiny ID: Alyssa175

  173. morphinecat says:

    Buzzy’s back—new challenge just came up to get a Buzzy monster before midday (PST) 29th Aug to win a “boost” on the “brand new [U.S.] Labour Day monster”…
    I don’t have one so i’m off to the breeding den…!

    Good Luck Everyone!
    (p.s. i’m almost at social level 69 and keen to ‘friend’ more EXCELLENT visitors like me—nickname is now ‘morfeencat’ though after old iPod got wrecked and I didn’t have darn UDID number!)

  174. optimist says:

    Buzzy challenge is back. You can start trying, if you get before 8/29 its a 5 diamond bonus.

  175. SteamPunk28 says:

    Buzzy is back, first try with mythic plant left, mythic sporespark right on S3 android. Yay!!!!
    Hope that helps everyone to get before Thursday for the boost on the new monster coming up. :) GL everyone!!!

  176. Melissa says:

    Think I got it first try with Luck + Electric :).. 9 hrs, can’t be anything else I don’t think

  177. mike says:

    Apparently its available now you have to breed one to get a boost for another monster?

  178. michele says:

    I think I just got buzzy with plant and electric. First try and keeping my fingers crossed cause breeding hasnt been going to well with these new elders. Is there anything else that this could be?

  179. Phil says:

    Buzzy is back,now. Just got one with Sporespark and Blushbug

  180. m94sarah says:

    voltleaf + elec’ !! first try so happy x)

  181. Kathy says:

    Buzzy is back! :-) Good luck everyone.

  182. Sophie says:

    Buzzy is BACK! Hatch by 8/29 at Noon PST to win boost for new Labor Day monster. I just bred my Buzzy (from an Enigma) with a Blushbug and got 9 hours. Buzzy is so frustrating to get because Voltleaf and Sporespark are also 9 hours. Good luck and love to hear what combos work this go around.

  183. Stschw says:

    It’s back with a 48 hours challenge to increase chance for the new one. Sounds not good, since i do not have social electric (BTW social water & earth delivered 5 air in a row!) and the normal breeding is blocked for a day.

  184. Grace says:

    Can u get this monster at level 20?

  185. Candi Mandi says:

    Hey noob, buzzy is one of the monsters I never got. Do you maybe know when they are goin to bring him back? I was hoping to get w the enigma, but….. I still haven’t gotten an enigma either.didnt he come out last summer about this time? I was sure it was the same time as independence… And been waiting on him. Oh, and I never got that stupid marine monster either…… So ill have to wait for him til next year too. Unless I do get enigma and I’m blessed w one or the other. Maybe I SHLD pray to the tiny gods again…… Lol

  186. Sophie says:

    I just woke up Mythic Buzzy after evolving an Enigma egg i got breeding Bug and Luck! I had NO luck breeding him when he first came out so I am pretty happy. I tried this combo again and got a couple trees then an Elder.

  187. Toby says:

    This would probably be considered cheating but couldn’t you set the time forwards to the specific date on your phone and then breed whatever you need to breed.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      nope, the time is locked to their server :D.

      • packetnews says:

        Let just say it is possible. I can accelerate the process but the randomness still makes it challenging. :-)

        • Oma2five says:

          I just saw this! Surprised that there are not a TON of messages asking HOW!!!
          If there is a way POST IT! PLEEEEZ!!

          I probably wouldn’t be able to find the answer from you!!

          It would be so fair for the repeats that are 20+ hours!! Even a way to delete the incubation using coins or diamonds.(even tho I dont buy them)

        • Amberbduuh says:

          What how do we do thissss

  188. Henk says:

    For some reason o stil have this quest to get buzzy

  189. Sweetpea47 says:

    I just got him and it’s December I bred flash freeze and mithical flower I pretty sure I got buzzy

  190. Ωmega says:

    I got Buzzy on my monsterpedia, does that mean I can get it from breeding?

  191. Edward Kirn says:

    Is there any way to get it now or is da chance over

  192. Sapphire says:

    It does come back next year right? I wanted to get one when they had the event but I didn’t have an electric/hybrid electric at the time because I was sorta new to the app =[

  193. Spook says:

    Sorry you didn’t get it Noob :-(

    I just wanted add the combination that worked for me even though I know it’s not available at the moment. I used level 10 Electric on the left and level 10 Tree on the right.

  194. Benjeger says:

    Is Buzzy still available?

  195. DesertRoze says:

    After trying to get Buzzy for over a week by breeding every way on the list at least 3 times , I finally got it by breeding pollen lvl 6 and voltleaf lvl 5 on the first try.

  196. Well buzzy is finally gone….. It was a fuckin damn hastle even trying to get one any way.
    Can’t you still get it like with independents

  197. lisa says:

    After countless tries of sporespark votleaf and the other above combos zi got buzzy
    lvl 5mythic bolt and lvl 5 mythic voltleaf 9hrs

  198. Megan says:

    What is buzzy’s breeding time?

  199. kerry says:

    sporespark and plant! i got it on second try! great part is that first try gave me a plant which only takes 18 min to breed.

  200. J says:

    I got a buzzy with sporespark and the left and bug on the right.

    • angela says:

      It took forever for me! I had over a hundred diamonds and used them all up. And NO, I did not have enough to buy one.
      Combine was flower and electric.

      So fuzzy buzzy! :)

  201. sghead says:

    After literally 50 tries, I fiiiiiinally got it with lvl 8 mythic sporespsrk left and lvl 8 mythic electric on right.

    First limited edition monster I’ve gotten! 😀

  202. Jazza says:

    Does the level your monster is and the sides they’re on actually matter?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t know whether it really matters or no but it seems yes. When I switch the monster’s position the result seems change (maybe it’s just my imagination..). Just try it 😀

      • Boomer says:

        I think it does. I was trying for almost two weeks every combo multiple times with. O success. The first time I tried level 5 sporespark (right) and level 5 electric (left) I got it. If nothing else is working for you why not give it a try?

  203. Shibby says:

    After dozens of attempts and many combinations of different monsters, I finally attained a Buzzy monster with a level five mythic Plant monster on the right and a level five mythic Electric monster.

    • Boomer says:

      I finally got one! I was having trouble like most others, trying every combo I saw that was previously successfsul. Mostly trying Plant, Electric, Sporespark and Volftleaf mixes. I had leveled up all of these monsters up to level 10 as I’ve had most of them for a long time. Then I noticed that teen Electric and teen Sporespark worked for a lot of people. I used the eggs that I received from all my efforts and feed them to level 5. Lo and behold, I got a Buzzy on the first try. Electric (Left) & Sporespark (Right) both level 5. I think that it might increase your odds. I was desperate to try anything and it worked! Maybe it will work for you too!

    • francesca says:

      thank you so much!! this combination really works….I got buzzy at th first try!!

  204. Mandie says:

    I have been trying since labor day to get this monster. If people didn’t say they got it I would say it’s impossible. I have tried all suggestions above multiple times. Why won’t it give it to me?? I use to love this game but now I’m not so sure it doesn’t work for me…

  205. David says:

    Yeah! I just got a mythic 1 first try although I wasn’t going for it the formula is
    Mythic tree lvl 7 (right) + Mythic earthquake lvl 7 (left)
    Good luck

  206. Brooke says:

    Yay! Got buzzy with plant (left) and sporespark (right) and their both teens.

  207. Widya Ruslan says:

    Got Buzzy on my first try, using earthquake (10-left) and silk (8-right).. Aiming for legendary thou..

  208. NNMS kid says:

    GOT MY FIRST BUZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    on 13 try

  209. Kris says:

    Buzzy love! Finally! Sporespank + mythic electric monster

  210. Brooke says:

    I guess I’ll try plant and sporespark…

  211. Will this monster be a perminet part of tiny monsters? Also I looked at the store and I said limited time offer for it but it’s been a week sence labor day.

  212. Faisal says:

    Still no buzzy.. :(
    Tried all the combo above except bolt, I have no bolt.. :(

    • Julie B says:

      I just got buzzy usin adult pond and adult sporespark…yay..was actually trying to get shockwave but what the hey…i got buzzy!!!

  213. Mightymousy says:

    I know the bolt plant combo is not recommended on here but after trying all others many many times over for days, my first attempt with bolt got me a buzzy. Just FYI

  214. Brooke says:

    I bred my voltleaf and plant and got plant monster and then I tried voltleaf and electric and got voltleaf… What do you think is the best formula to get buzzy?

  215. ??????? says:

    You guys should try sporespark plus plant I got it the second try

  216. arika says:

    I get buzzy with sporespark right (teen) + plant left (teen) = buzzy

  217. Brooke says:

    Would voltleaf and plant work best or voltleaf and electric for buzzy?

  218. Mikkel says:

    Is buzzy gone? Can u still get him?

  219. Mikkel says:

    Now I get it thanks so much bye!

  220. Jette says:

    I’ve tried all the combinations (except Bolt & Plant ) listed above multiple times to no avail. Any further advice?

  221. Jade says:

    I got Buzzy. Yayyyyy

    • Jade says:

      After several unsuccesful tries of Plant and Electric Hybrids I decided to try Electric and Plant Hybrid (Sporespark) and it worked 1st try. I gir Buzzy crom Elwctric and Mythic Sporespark.

      I trued the sane firmula hoping to get lucky and hoping for Mythic Buzzy. Ut I hot Voltleaf and my second try.
      So happy to get Buzzy. Good luck everyone who is trying.

  222. Jade says:

    I tried every combination mentioned above (except the Bolt one) several times now with no luck. I get mostly Sporespark and some Voltleaf. I even tried Plant and Strike once and got bug which was a short 4 he wait. Not too bad.
    The good part is that I hot the Mythic versions of Sporespark and Voltleaf out if these trials. So keep your orbs full maybe you will get that if not Buzzy. I will keep at it. Good luck!

    • Steve says:

      I got lucky I got a mystic Lushleaf in an another breeding combo and I bread that with the the electric monster in sure if you use a regular Lushleaf and electric it will work good luck :)

  223. Peter says:

    20+ tries still no Buzzy love. :(

  224. Irina says:

    The adult form looks awful! I doubt if I need it now!

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