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Tiny Monsters Breeding Recipe Gift Monster

Christmas Special Monster

2nd appearance: 17 December 2013 – 8 January 2014







Earn Rate (Min)

7 16 22/23(M) 26/27(M)

Food (x4)

60 135 195 255

lvl 1-2 mythic income are same as normal version.


Teen GIft Monsters Tiny Monsters





Earn Rate (Min)

28/29 31/32 33/34

Food (x4)

315 375 435

Adult Gift Monster (thanks to people who have been sending me the piecture, there are to many name to write, so really sorry. Merry X mas for you all)

This adult forms are random, keep evolving until you get all of them 😀

Tiny Monsters Normal Gift Adult form

Tiny Monsters Mythic Gift Adult form

2013 New Form (Abominable)

Thanks to Sheila and Julio for these pictures

Tiny Monsters 2013 New Abominable Form

Box Version





Earn Rate (Min)

80/84 85/89 87/91

Food (x4)

165 185

Yeti/Snowman/Abominable Version





Earn Rate (Min)

37/38 42/44 52/54

Food (x4)

165 185

Habitat: Ice

How to obtain: Buy for 225/1125 diamonds

Sell Price: 700 (box version), 4875 (Yeti, Snowman, Abominable)

Breeding/Hatching Time: 13 hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4):  7  hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 17 hours

XP: 2400 XP

General formula is:
[0] Ice + Ice hybrids
[0] Ice hybrids + Ice hybrids

Recommended formula:
[0] Ice + Tundra/silk (it has lowest waiting time if it failed)

Readers Formula:
[0] Ice + Snowbluff (Edward kim)
[0] Ice + Frost
[0] Ice + Wildreeze (Zaine)
[0] Aurora + Ice
[0] Ice + flashfreeze
[0] Ice + Gift (I haven’t tested it yet but others say you can do it)
[0] Ice +Flurry (finally…..)

2013 Breeding tips:
This year we get tinsel and elder ice. So you can use them if you don’t have gift monster from previous year.


  1. You don’t need giving habitat to be able to evolve this monster :D.
  2. You can change the monster form immediately after you have finished tuck in it by using diamonds
  3. Merry X mas and thanks to all people who have been helping me create this page since baby version :D.

In order to test the theory of “multi forms affected by original name”  Please tell me your monsters name and which form do you get, like below :D.
[0] Name: Cooler, Winter (Large gift box form)
[0] Freezey, Chiller (snowman)
[0] Dasher, Slippery (Yeti monster)

 From Reader’s comment it has been proved that you can’t predict adult form from monster’s name.

Tiny Castle Breeding Guide Main Page

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583 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Breeding Recipe Gift Monster”

  1. Georgann J says:

    Uhm.. I’m new to this particular monster. But please help; I’m confused. I bred Ice & Abominable, and got an 8 hour breeding time. None of the egg result possibilities make sense to me. Is there something I missed? :s

  2. Critter35 says:

    Hi Noob, I have a question for you, hopefully you have an answer. I have all the forms of this monster to include the adult box looking ones (which are only ice ) but in my Monsterpedia it says that i am missing a gift monster (box) that is ice AND mountain. How do I get that one? TIA

  3. Adele Ash says:

    so if i breed 2 gift monsters will i still get gift? even if its limited?

  4. kitten says:

    I got gift by breeding aroura and dawnlegacey monster, first try with these two lol woooo!!

  5. TinyMonstersIsBoss says:

    I got gift with teen ice and teen tundra on the first try.

  6. Miriam says:

    Just tried breeding ice and mythic tundra and got 29 hours….any ideas on what this is?

  7. erica says:

    I got the gift monster using a level 5 boreal and a level 7 frostember.

  8. Dragonslayer#14 says:

    Valor Lv 10 + Elder Ice Lv 10 = Gift

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