Posted on Nov 17, 2012

Tiny Monsters Breeding Recipe Zephyr Monster

Normal Version

Mythic version (Thanks to Minyu for the picture)

Zephyr Status













Earn Rate (Min)

9 10 11 12 14 19 26/27(M) 35/36(M) 47/49(M) 65/68(M)

Food (x4)

175 355 530 705 880 1055 1230 1405  1580

Habitat: Ice and Air

How to obtain: Buy for 219/1095 diamonds

Sell Price: 2400 Coins

XP: 6840

Breding/Hatching Time:  24 hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 13 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 35 hours

Breeding formula:
[0] Inferno + Freeze
[0] Inferno + Ice
[0] Flamegust + Freeze (4th try)
[0] Flurry + Inferno
[0] Flurry + Ice
[0] Silk + Inferno
[0] Leave Comment if you know more formulas

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide

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182 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Breeding Recipe Zephyr Monster”

  1. ziggypicc says:

    Finally got one with Snowstorm and Tinsel, both lvl. 10.

    • whammytammy says:

      That worked for me too. Thanks now need 2 more monsters and will have them all except mythics for some.

  2. ElaiineVanPed says:

    Air 8 and Dawn 7 – first attempt

  3. MimiMonster says:

    Finally with lightwing and tinsel first try!

  4. basaro says:

    large price=1095

  5. Ethan says:

    I got it with 8gift monster and 5air monster.
    Was trying for merry

  6. hawgneck says:

    Gift and wingwitch both lvl 10 gave 24 hours ,could it be?

  7. Br0k3nD0ll says:

    Finally got it unintentionally with Flurry x Gift. Been trying unsuccessfully for Snowstorm. LOL

  8. TinyAunt says:

    The breeding time is not 24 hours! I have Bread it two times now in December, and both times it has been 1d 2 hours. Well 1 Day and 1 hour and 59 min.

    • TinyAunt says:

      Well now im not sure if im correct. Memory is shit (sry) i Will krave a reply omcertificeret sortet this out.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Really? From my experience it’s 24 hours and the status also says 24 hours, so unless tinyco change it recently I have no idea why you get 24 hours. Flurry is the one who has 26 hours breeding time.

  9. SexySarge says:

    Air and Flurry. I was tryin for the owl lookin Christmas one when I got a Zephyr.

    • Jeff Android High Price says:

      I just got first try 24 hour with Air Mythic with Flurry both level 10 so very thanks very probably my first ever Zephir with a quest resolve at the same time. GOOD LUCK

  10. Gail says:

    Trying for a second zephyr. Tried zephyr and snowstorm……got a light, then ice, then legendary, the snowstorm, and another snowstorm. Has anyone gotten a zephyr with a zephyr and snowstorm. Maybe if I wait until snowstorm is unavailable? What do you think. Thank You.

  11. Bloodrose says:

    I was trying for Snowstorm with Flury and Elder Ice and got mythic Zephyer. I wanted a mythic, yea!

  12. MissLadyJo says:

    Another one ughhh this time from:
    Mythic Air lvl 10 + Spark lvl 6 (Android)

  13. MissLadyJo says:

    Lvl 8 Air + Level 7 Flurry (1st try)

  14. SabiKnauer says:

    mythic flamgust + mythic ice = zephyr first try 🙂
    i was trying for snowstorm…

  15. Bryan Buchert says:

    Finally git one with Silk + Flamegust both lvl 5 🙂

  16. kaja says:

    Finaly… lightwing + dimspike

  17. zxskyboy says:

    Phantom and air

  18. Aervon says:

    Spark + Air…

  19. Yardeni says:

    I got one with Ice and Air, both mythic. but it took me a long time. it was after trying this combo for 10-15 times…

  20. Deminio says:

    Flamegust and freeze both adults on my first try. Thanks for the combos guys!!!!!

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