Posted on Oct 16, 2012

Tiny Monsters Breeding Recipes Luster Monster

Normal Version (Normal Version)

Mythic Version (Thanks to Maite for this picture)


Luster Status













Earn Rate (Min)

19 20/21 22/23 25/26 31/32 41/43 56/58 77/80 105/110 143/150

Food (x4)

470 945 1415 1885 2355 2825 3295 3765 4235  MAX

Total Food needed

0 1880 5660 11320 18860 28280 39580 52760 67820 84760

Habitat: Light and Electric

How to obtain: Buy for 139/695 diamonds

XP: 6080

Hatching Time: 7 Hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 4 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 18 hours

Breeding formula:
[0] Light+ Electric
[0] Flash + Light/ Electric (both lvl 5 teen, 2nd try)
[0] Flashfreeze + Light
[0] Leave comment for more formula

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65 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Breeding Recipes Luster Monster”

  1. Jana says:

    Shadowmare + electric

  2. Khadence says:

    Light and mythic flicker

  3. Kishez says:

    Light (5) + Dusk (10)

    1st try.

  4. jmckfoster says:

    Flash and light on second try today. Monsterpedia almost complete!

  5. lrd says:

    Lots of attempts with dusk and light but eventually got her…good luck…i tried lots and lots of other combos before trying this one…just keep trying..

  6. Dajuf65 says:

    Flash and dusk

  7. Terri says:

    Light & Darkbolt. 1st try- I was trying for the Lighthorn.

  8. AH6584 says:

    Light and Shockwave on android

  9. basaro says:

    Income levels…L2=20/21, L3=22/23, L4=25/26, L9=105/110, L10=143/150
    Food L9=4235
    Large price=695

  10. Ithrow45 says:

    Just got Flurry and Puff ONE MORE to complete “regular” monsters! Cmonnnnn Luster!

  11. kencm2013 says:

    I got it with Aurora and Flicker ~!

  12. jokemon says:

    Yayyyyy i finally get Luster after numerous attempts and many Flash monsters later i get the last regular released monster on my list (not including Legendaries, Holidays, abd Elders)…

    The combo i used are Sunstone + Flare

  13. Grace says:

    This is so hard to get! I’ve tried a bunch of the combos above, forward and backward, and I keep getting the Flash… I’ve even tried the other suggestions that ppl have left, and I still can’t get it! It’s making me crazy! I’m gonna keep trying, and also for the Bayou, which I also can’t seem to get… Oh, and the Zephyr too… What the heck?! What am I doing wrong?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      All the monsters you want is rare, it’s pretty normal when you get trouble :D> Just keep trying and hope you get it soon.

    • Ashley says:

      I miss the days I would freak out over not having these monsters! Now working on mythic forms are about to drive me crazy! You need 2 of every animal and then keep breeding the two till u get a mythic! Errrrr…..

    • Jenw8 says:

      I have been trying for zephyr off and on for months and finally got it today! I think I used Inferno and gift?! It took me many tries before I got it

  14. kassi says:

    Flicker and lushleaf

  15. Mikkel says:

    Got it with Flash-lvl 5) – Eletric- lvl 6)

  16. W9f says:

    Surge(lvl-10) and light (lvl-10) maybe third try

  17. igosaorang says:

    Desperated to get this one…=_=a.
    >10 tries flash-light, light-electric…huf..

  18. Fire911fight says:

    1st try – Flicker (level 5) + Sunspike (level 5)

  19. MimiMonster says:

    Not sure what else to keep trying. 3 tries of flash freeze and light gives me aurora, flash and light gives me light and flash after 6 tries. Light and electric is also a bust. How many tries before you give up on a combo?

  20. gigifst says:

    Got it with same combo i did before… flash+light both lvl 5 , 3rd try…

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