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Tiny Monsters Breeding Result Chart

  • I don’t include Fire (5 seconds), Earth (12 minutes), and Plant (18 minutes) in the chart
  • You can help me and others  by uploading the picture of the egg (via tinypic, email, etc) :D. Hi-res pictures are preferred  I will be the one who will crop the egg picture, you only need to give me the raw picture :D. Thank you guys :D
  • Thanks to Dennis and others who have helped me and suggest me to re-make the page :D. Hope this can help you all.

LM= Limited Monsters


Remember all “magic numbers”, they are
[0] 5 (light)
[0] 12 (Elder Air)
[0] 18(elder earth and shadow )
[0]  21 (enigma)
[0] 22 (elder plant)
[0] 23 (elder fire, Elder Enigma)
[0]  26 (air)
[0]  29 (dark silk and elder star fire)
[0] 34 (legendary and elder ice)
[37] Special Elder
[0] 48 (elder)

Those monsters can be bred by breeding 2 hybrids, so if you breed 2 hybrids and find you got those numbers without any matching element, then you’re probably got those monsters.

Tiny Monsters Breeding Result Chart

Hours Normal Mythic Result Major Ele Minor Ele
1 Ice TM_Ice
3 Sun TM_Light TM_Fire
4 flower TM_Fire TM_Plant
4 bug TM_Plant TM_Fire
5 Tiny Monsters Golden Independence Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Golden Independence Egg Golden Independence
TM_Air TM_Fire
5 Tiny Monsters Mythic Independence egg Independence
TM_Air TM_Fire
5 Light TM_Light
5 Soar TM_Air TM_Light
5 Tiny Monsters Normal Solstice Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Solstice Egg Solstice(LM) TM_Fire
5 magma TM_Earth TM_Fire
5 Tree TM_Plant TM_Earth
5 Mountain TM_Earth TM_Plant
6 Flash TM_Electric TM_Light
6 Tundra TM_Ice TM_Plant
6 Silk TM_Plant TM_Ice
7 Tiny Monsters Aquaray egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Aquaray Egg Aquaray TM_Light TM_Water
7 Frozenflame TM_Fire TM_Ice
7 Hallow (LM) TM_Fire
7 Lushleaf TM_Plant TM_Light
7 Luster TM_Light TM_Electric
8 Frost TM_Ice TM_Earth
8 Boreal Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Boreal Mythic Egg Tiny Monsters Boreal TM_Ice TM_Fire
8 Tiny Monsters Ethereal Boreal Egg Boreal Mythic Egg Tiny Monsters Ethereal Boreal (LM) TM_Ice TM_Fire
8 Frostember TM_Ice TM_Fire
8 Lightswell TM_Water TM_Light
8 Tiny Monsters Snowstorm Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Snowstorm Mythic Egg Snowstorm (LM) TM_Air TM_Ice
9 Aurora TM_Ice TM_Light
9 hr
(13 diamonds)
Tiny Monsters Blushbug Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Blushbug Mythic Egg Blushbug (LM) TM_Plant
9 Buzzy(LM) TM_Plant TM_Electric
9 Embershade TM_Shadow TM_Fire
9 Tiny Monsters Firework Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Firework Egg Mythic Firework(LM) TM_Fire
9 Grimbolt(LM) TM_Earth TM_Electric
9 Love Monsters Egg Tiny Monster Tiny monsters Mythic Love egg Love(LM) TM_Earth TM_Plant
9 Tiny Monsters Mythic Memorial Egg Memorial(LM) TM_Earth TM_Ice
9 Tiny Monsters Merry Egg normal Tiny Monsters Mythic Merry Egg Merry(LM) TM_Ice TM_Fire
9 Tiny Monsters Origin Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Origin Egg Mythic Origin (LM) TM_Fire
9 Tiny Monsters Renewal Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Renewal Egg Mythic Renewal (LM) TM_Plant TM_Fire
9 hr (13 diamonds) Tiny Monsters Solar flare normal Tiny Monsters Mythic solar flare egg Solarflare TM_Light TM_Fire
9 Sporespark TM_Plant TM_Electric
9 Voltleaf TM_Electric TM_Plant
10 Darkbolt TM_Shadow TM_Electric
10 Eeriewood TM_Plant TM_Shadow
10 Tiny Monsters NIghtfall Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Nightfall Egg Nightfall TM_Plant TM_Shadow
10 Strike TM_Electric TM_Fire
10 Flashfreeze TM_Ice TM_Electric
10 Tiny Monsters Star Normal Egg Picture Tiny Monsters Mythic Star Egg Star TM_Electric TM_Fire
11 Tiny Monsters Joy Egg Blue Tiny Monsters Joy Egg Blue Joy (Blue)(LM) TM_Plant
11 Tiny Monsters Lightwing normal egg Tiny Monsters Lightwing Mythic egg Lightwing TM_Air TM_Light
11 Sunstone TM_Light TM_Earth
12 Tiny Monsters Blossom Egg normal Tiny Monsters Mythic Blossom Egg Blossom(LM) TM_Earth TM_Plant
12 Tiny Monsters Elder Air Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Mythic Elder Air Egg Elder Air TM_Legendary TM_Air
12 Flicker TM_Electric TM_Shadow
12 Lighthorn TM_Light TM_Shadow
12 Tiny Monster Luck Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Luck Egg Luck(LM) TM_Earth TM_Plant
12 Tiny Monsters Marine Egg Tiny Monsters Marine Egg Mythic Marine(LM) TM_Water TM_Ice
12 Tiny Monsters Quetzalcoatl Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Quetzalcoatl Egg Quetzalcoatl TM_Air TM_Shadow
12 Sonar TM_Air TM_Shadow
12 Tiny Monsters Steadfast Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Steadfast Mythic Egg Steadfast (LM) TM_Earth TM_Plant
13 Tiny Monsters Autumn Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Autumn Mythic Egg Autumn (LM) TM_Plant
13 Aquaveil TM_Water TM_Shadow
13 Cinder TM_Fire TM_Earth
13 Tiny Monsters Clover Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Clover Egg Mythic Clover (LM) TM_Plant
13 Tiny Monsters Dimspike egg Tiny Monsters Dimspike mythic egg Dimspike TM_Ice TM_Shadow
13 Tiny Monsters Evergreen Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Evergreen Egg Mythic Evergreen (LM) TM_Plant
13 Tiny Monsters Mythic Frostbeam egg Frostbeam TM_Ice TM_Light
13 Gift(LM) TM_Ice
13 Goldstone TM_Light TM_Earth
13 Tiny Monsters Joy Egg yellow Tiny Monsters Joy Egg yellow Joy (Yellow)(LM) TM_Plant
13 Tiny Monsters Lantern Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Lantern Egg Lantern TM_Fire
13 Tiny Monsters Primavera Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Primavera Egg Mythic Primavera (LM) TM_Plant TM_Fire
13 Tiny Monsters Slumber Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Slumber Egg Slumber TM_Ice TM_Shadow
13 Tiny Monsters Unity Egg Unity
(12 hours is wrong)
Tiny Monsters Valor Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Valor Mythic Egg Valor TM_Fire TM_Ice
13.5 Tiny Monsters Elder Electric Egg Tiny Monsters Elder Electric Egg Mythic Elder Electric TM_Legendary TM_Electric
14 Blackice TM_Ice TM_Shadow
14 Tiny Monsters Dusk Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Dusk Egg Dusk TM_Electric
14 Electric TM_Electric
14 Gratitude(LM) TM_Plant TM_Earth
14 Tiny Monsters Holly Monsters Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Holly Egg Holly(LM) TM_Plant TM_Ice
14 Tiny Monsters Joy Egg Purple Tiny Monsters Joy Egg Purple Joy (purple)(LM) TM_Plant
14 Snowbluff TM_Earth TM_Ice
14 Flare TM_Fire TM_Electric
14 Spark TM_Electric TM_Ice
14 Sunspike TM_Plant TM_Light
15 Tiny Monsters Dawn Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Dawn Egg Dawn TM_Ice TM_Fire
15 Tiny Monsters Harvest Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Harvest Egg Mythic Harvest (LM) TM_Earth TM_Plant
15 Tiny Monsters Tinsel Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Tinsel Mythic Egg Tinsel (LM) TM_Ice
16 Earthquake TM_Electric TM_Earth
16 Tiny Monsters Special Luck Egg Tiny Monsters Special Luck Egg Mythic Special Luck (LM) TM_Earth TM_Plant
17(12 diamonds to speed up) Tiny Monsters Eclipse Normal Egg Tiny Caste Mythic Eclipse Egg Eclipse (LM) TM_Shadow TM_Air
17 Surge TM_Electric TM_Water
17 Mythic Shockwave egg tiny monsters egg Shockwave TM_Water TM_Electric
17 Tiny Monsters Wingwitch Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Wingwitch Mythic Egg Wingwitch (LM) TM_Fire TM_Air
18 Brimstone TM_Shadow TM_Earth
18 Darkscale TM_Shadow TM_Earth
18 Burst TM_Fire TM_Water
18 Tiny Monsters Devotion Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Mythic Devotion Egg Devotion (LM) TM_Water TM_Ice
18 Tiny Monsters Elder Earth Egg Tiny Monsters Elder Earth Mythic Egg Elder Earth TM_Legendary TM_Earth
18 Icefloe TM_Water TM_Ice
18 Shadow TM_Shadow
18 Shadefin TM_Shadow TM_Water
18 Tiny Monsters Spectral Brimstone Normal Egg Spectral Bimstone (LM) TM_Shadow TM_Earth
18 Spitfire TM_Water TM_Fire
19 Thunder TM_Earth TM_Electric
19 Tiny Monsters Wonder Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Wonder Egg Wonder TM_Plant
20 Seacliff TM_Water TM_Earth
21 Tiny Monsters Enigma egg Tiny Monsters Enigma egg Enigma TM_Legendary
22 Tiny Monsters Elder Plant Egg  Tiny Monsters Elder Plant Egg Mythic Elder Plant TM_Legendary  TM_Plant
22 Tailwind TM_Electric TM_Air
22 Pond TM_Plant TM_Water
23 Tiny Monsters Elder Enigma Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Elder Enigma Mythic Egg Elder Enigma TM_Legendary
(22 diamonds to finish)
Tiny Monsters Elder Fire Normal Egg  Tiny Monsters Elder Fire Mythic Egg Elder Fire TM_Legendary TM_Fire
23 Tiny Monsters Firestorm Egg Normal  ?? Firestorm TM_Fire TM_Electric
23 Flitter TM_Air TM_Plant
23 Flamegust TM_Fire TM_Air
24 Tiny Monsters Friendship Egg Friendship (SB)
24 Pollen TM_Plant TM_Air
24 Zephyr TM_Ice TM_Air
25 Freeze TM_Ice TM_Water
25 Water TM_Water
25 Bolt TM_Air TM_Electric
25 Puff TM_Water TM_Air
26 Flurry TM_Air TM_Ice
26 Air TM_Air
26 Tiny Monsters Celestial Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Mythic Celestial Egg Celestial (LM) TM_Air TM_Fire
26 Inferno TM_Air TM_Fire
26 Tempest TM_Earth TM_Air
26 Windstone TM_Earth TM_Air
26 Tiny Monsters Wraith Windstone Egg   Wraith Windstone (LM) TM_Earth TM_Air
27 Bayou TM_Water TM_Plant
28 Tiny Monsters Mythic river egg River TM_Earth TM_Water
28 Vapor TM_Air TM_Water
29 Tiny Monsters Dark Silk Normal Egg  Tiny Monsters Dark Silk Normal Egg Dark Silk TM_Electric
29 TIny Monsters Stardust Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Mythic Stardust Egg Stardust (LM) TM_Earth TM_Fire
29 Tiny Monsters Starfire Egg Normal Tiny Castle Mythic Starfire Egg Starfire (LM) TM_Fire TM_Earth
29 Tiny Monsters Elder Star Fire Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Mythic Star Elder Fire Egg Star Elder Fire TM_Fire
34 Tiny Monsters Elder Ice Egg Normal  Tiny Monsters Elder Ice Egg Mythic Elder Ice TM_Legendary TM_Ice
34   Legendary TM_Legendary
37 Tiny Monsters Special Elder Egg Tiny Monsters Special Elder Egg Mythic Special Elder TM_Legendary
48 Tiny Monsters Elder Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Mythic elder egg Elder TM_Legendary


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  1. James B says:

    I just breed an air and sonar monster and got a Finnish in 12 hours or 22 diamonds. An ideas on this. I’m not using up 22 diamonds to find out .

  2. Kay says:

    On the result chart, Buzzy is only showing plant.

  3. Rebecca Gallagher says:

    I put in a fire and flower monster and it gave me 29 hours wait time. Any idea what that might be?

  4. Dragonslayer#14 says:

    Hey Noob,

    Glad your back.Up top of the page you forget to put Elder Ice has same time as Legendarys -34 hours,just thought I let you know.keep up the great job.

  5. mitchellpl says:

    Noob ever since your site came back up, I’m having a lot of trouble with the pages loading and freezing. I can’t open links-they take forever to load or just stop. I never had problems before and I’m using Android on samsung galaxy s4 and it’s updated. Anyone else having trouble?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Heh?? it works fine now. On last week, yes, the problem you described exist. Try to clear your browser cache.

      • mitchellpl says:

        well if I go on your site on my regular pc-it’s fine. if I use my phone, the galaxy s4, your site is still very slow to load and freezes-and I did clear the browser cache. other websites run just fine on the phone. so, I don’t know what’s wrong or what to do-just visit your site on the pc I guess! just thought I’d let you know in case others have trouble, too

        • noobbgodlike says:

          On what page that you experience the slowdon? I am not sure if this is still happening right now. I have re-created the index page and since that I never encountered any slowdown.

        • Quandry says:

          I am still having problems with your site. It will open but I can’t get any of the pages to open. I sorely miss your guidance. Both Tiny Monsters and Tiny Castle are totally different games without you. Please help. I should have told you sooner how much I loved your site. Any suggestions?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          what do you mean by can’t open?? If you can’t open then you won’t be able to comment here?? Like I said which page that can’t be opened? The site works fine on my browser (I have tested in using chrome on pc, Safari on my Ipad and macbook, Chrome on android device).

        • mitchellpl says:

          It seems to be working now, so i dont know what was wrong. Anyway, where I was having trouble was on this page(breeding results chart) when i would try to open egg links to get formula ideas, it would not open at all or be very slow.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          kk, I will try to look into this problem later :).

    • BlackX5M says:

      I’m having the same issues on my iPhone 5. Everything is in slow motion.

  6. cheeko111 says:

    Your missing the egg pics for Star and Special Luck, both are on their monster page.

  7. Glol says:

    Help please! Eriewood+light=7h any idea? Last time i breed shadow+Holly result spark where the electric come from?

  8. Franc says:

    Ummm so i got 18 hours from a shadow and eireewood. No clue what it could be

  9. delaygon says:

    Hey… can u help me… I already buy a pouch of diamonds… my money already taken away… but I dint get any diamond… its been half a day… what was that suppose to be…

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Contact tinyco, you can find the link on fix error section (tiny monster guide main page).

      • delaygon says:


        • LJ says:

          Don’t know what device your on but on kindle you have to wait for Amazon to confirm purchase then close screen and wait for game to confirm purchase if u close the diamond screen too soon it doesn’t give diamonds this is what happened to me but I bought some more lowest price diamonds waited for all confirmations and both lots came through…hope this helps

  10. Darisa says:

    I just bred plant and tree trying to get mountain and I got a 29hr breeding time does anyone know what it could be?

  11. Stephanie says:

    In social breading den I have “1 day, 10 hours and 59 minutes.” I don’t see which monster it may be. Special Elder says 37 and Legendary is 34–those are the 2 closest I could find. Ideas?

  12. Tojalitaji says:

    I get this one, grey box with exclamation points on it, and everything I try to hatch out, tiny monsters shuts down. Any ideas?

  13. LilFizzie says:

    Hey Noob any info on the golden independence? May have over looked something but haven’t found info on it and I can’t seem to be able to breed one…

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You may need to finish golden independence first (others say you don’t need to, but just to be safe). I lack the adult picture of golden independence, so I can’t create the picture.

      • LilFizzie says:

        Thanks. Man, I couldn’t ever breed one! Times up huh :( I don’t knew how to tell when times up for special editions LOL

  14. Jade says:

    I bred Fire monster and Thunder and I got 13 hrs. What could the outcome be? There is nothing on the breeding chart to explain it unless it is the brand new Star monster which is not on the list yet. Maybe I got lucky!

  15. Ace12755 says:

    Duskhorn n firefly got me the new star (10 hours). Used diamonds to speed up n it is a goldfish yellow star shaped egg!

  16. Bluejoe says:

    Hey Noob, why didn’t you include Fire,Earth, and Plant. Great guide by the way helped me a lot.

  17. Barbarab says:

    I bred plant unity and electric friendship and its gonna b mythic and i think it took around 17 hrs not sure on time but did early today and still has little over 7 hrs left any ideas???

  18. BoilingOil says:

    Finally a monster that doesn’t keep me trying for three months before it appears.

    Mythic Origin lvl 10 on the left, regular Star Elder Fire lvl 10 on the right ==> MYTHIC Celestial!

    Indeed, the first time ever that I get the Mythic version before the regular!

    • BoilingOil says:

      Odd, how two Fire monsters breed a MYTHIC Fire/Air hybrid WITHOUT any boosting at the Mythic Cave. But for just this once, you won’t hear me complain. ;-)

  19. sam says:

    …. I’m so angry at this game…. There are some monsters that I can’t get no matter how much I try like flamegust puff zepfyr shockwave darkscale and the new star monsters…. I know its all chance but getting seven inferno in row while trying for something else is so frustrating especially with the long wait time….. Sorry for venting here noob :(

  20. Lyn says:

    I don’t know where to ask this question. I have gotten mythic monsters and globe goes empty of course. But what if you have filled it and even half filled it with more color and you still don’t get a mythic anything for a long time? What is the role of this cave anyway? Does it increase chance?

  21. amazingddd (Tiny monsters acc) says:

    Ugh, are releasing the starry monsters to fast! I’ve only got starfire and star elder fire. Can anyone tell me combinations to get the other one?

  22. FeliNiBaud says:

    Any idea on the breeding time for the new celestial monster?

  23. Aligreen says:

    I got the mythic starfire monster and I noticed you don’t have a picture
    Of the egg. I can send you one but what email address should I send it to? Thanks!!!!

    Btw I used an adult star elder fire monster and the snowman looking gift monster with
    About a million coins in the mythic cave.

  24. Barbarab says:

    Ok i bred a mythic flower & mythic icefloe any ideas?

  25. Barbarab says:

    I think i may have an elder enigma? I bred electric and dark silk trying for dusk but the breeding time is almost 24 hrs and thats the only thing i have found with that breeding time so far matching those monsters. Any other ideas is more than welcomed maybe i over looked something thanks!!

  26. Tiny says:

    i have bred steadfast and primavera for the new starfire monster but i got 12 hrs breeding time instead.. blossom, steadfast and luck are the only monsters applicable to the elements of the two.. its a bug right noob?

  27. Purl gamer says:

    Noobb, thanks for the very helpful & well maintained guides!

  28. Danny says:

    Just breeded Star Elder Fire (10) and Teen Mountain. First try

  29. Barbarab says:

    Ok i bred a m flower and a bug both lvl 10 and got 1d and 4 hrs and cant find that on chart any where for that combo and time any ideas? Ive said b4 couldnt find n which i couldnt but after putting n nursery looked for resembling egg but this time i just bred so hoping for help instead of waiting over 30 hrs PLEASE!!

  30. Michael says:

    Sorry man this annoyed me when I read it. I’ve been drinking and caught that one; lol

    You can help me and others by uploading the picture of the egg (via tinypic, email, etc) :D. Hi-res pictures are preferred I will the one who will crop the egg picture, you only need to give me the raw picture :D. Thank you guys .

  31. blueace says:

    Hey nob. I got valor with grimfreese and merry. It has a 13hr hatching time yet only cost 12 diamonds to hatch early.

  32. Daddyslittleroo says:

    Hey Noob
    Just a friendly suggestion
    Maybe in the egg chart above you can place the time of hatching?
    Like now I have a time of 29 hrs on the egg but without me seeing the egg I don’t know what it is so I just thought if there was time next to each egg I could look up the time even if there is a couple of Monster with the same time I could see my options of what it may be. Oh maybe next we could download the chart? Just asking I think its awesome what you do I thank you!!

  33. Livvy says:

    I got an egg with gold horns and wings I have not seen it in the shop and I don’t see it here is it a glitch or is it just relly rare

  34. Arguenot says:

    I am not sure how this happened… maybe I am just missing the obvious..
    In that Friendship cave I bred Water and Earth… and got a Purple Joy egg
    did it again. And got 22 hours?
    But I am using no plant to breed…. just water and earth…..???

  35. SkyTheWolf says:

    Noobgodlike, I would like to suggest moving 27 up there because bayous the only one that has it, like put 27 is bayou! What do you think

  36. Gail says:

    Social breeding ice and earth…. 11 hours, would that be blue joy? I read the time correctly, tell me what you think.

  37. Ceazer says:

    Breed a bug and a flower got a 29 hr result and have no idea wat it could be can any one help me out since on the list here only 29 hr one is a electric monster.

  38. J Barrett says:

    Hey noob, I see you don’t have the new enigma egg in your chart. When you going to update the chart?

  39. sam says:

    Hi noon I bred flicker and air and got a 17 hour breeding and 12 diamonds to finish the only thing IG could be according to the chart is eclipse… But that’s a limited monster… Is it out again?

    • sam says:

      I was exited and used diamonds and it was eclipse :) I didn’t have it so I’m happy ;)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It shouldn’t be available at this moment, but it seems you get it (Many people are reporting same thing from last week). I wonder if tinyco will release may day monster :).

      • sam says:

        Well I was just happy to get a limited monster that isn’t plant :) all the flower joy and wonder spree made me hate plant monster lol

  40. BlackX5M says:

    Huh? Frozenflame and Merry for 14 hours? Nothing even remotely possible. That’s two fire and ice monsters, but no fire, ice, or fire/ice hybrid for 14 hours. Strange.

  41. Punisher says:

    I bred snowbluff and mountain and got 13 hour hatch time. Joy?

  42. cloudyy says:

    I bred frostember with frozenflame (frozenblaze) and I got 13 hours what the heck im not seeing what it could be. I looked at the chart, and nothing has the right elements. I was trying for boreal btw

    • cloudyy says:

      It was yellow joy what the heck

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Strange?? I am not sure either, there have been many reports that any 2 hybrids can resulted on joy monsters, this was not happening on the last year.

        • cloudyy says:

          How weird!! so get this, I just tried switching the order keeping the ftostember and changing my frozenflame with a differant spree (wildfreeze) and this time it gave me 11 hours BLUE joy.My game is stuck on joy mode lol. I guess I need to wait for joy to end to try for boreal

  43. Steph says:

    35 hour creature? (1 day, 10 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds). I don’t see it in this chart. Did I miss something?

  44. jewls says:

    Hi Mr Noobb I am confused I breed plant unity with ice friendship and got a 5 hour timer can’t see anything that matches. Also breed electric with plant and got mythic air (scratches head). Really appreciate your help.

  45. sbax76 says:

    I like your page it helps alot, if I have problems or questions I come here, you have said this alot”breeding is all chance” I am just confirming this. With 2 flower monsters I have had 7 different monsters and counting.

  46. Someone says:

    My socialopedia isn’t showing up…I never had one, but how do I get one…? I don’t have any social things – except for the monster mailbox but that’s it…. Do you think you can help me…you helped this one guy before, but I can’t find his comments. Please help. Thanks.

  47. Cody Shaw says:

    Does any1 know how to evolve the wonder monster past level 4 please help ive bought a ton of crap trying to evolve it and nothing works HELP!!!!!!

  48. Flora Gem says:

    I’m confused right now cos I breeded my Kapre and fairy and It said it would take 3 hrs and 45 min?

  49. Ms.loko says:

    Hi Nobbs Im trying 2 buy sum diamonds. The game telling me 2 put in my google account. I did it and it still wont go thru. Tell me wat can i do. I went 2 d help part of d game and i cant get thru 2 talk 2 them. please nobb tell me wat 2 do.

  50. Gail says:

    My daughter just bred lvl 10 mythic old flower form with level 10 Autumn and got 19 hours. Must be the new Wonder Egg right? I tried but got a bug.

  51. FeliNiBaud says:

    Just bred 2 lv 10 flowers and got a 7 hour breeding time. Was so confused i spent the diamonds to see what it could possibly be and it turned out to be a flower. WT??? Any ideas on what happened?

  52. Gail says:

    Hope I’m on the right page, I filled my orb two three times, not sure, it’s greenish but when I bred under the tree it said I got a mythic egg, so I went to my orb and was still at the same level as before I got the mythic. Does the tree take away from your mythic chances in the regular breeding den? I’ve always wondered …I think before it’s taken from the mythic orb , do you know? Thank You.

  53. Gail says:

    Is solarflare limited? Thank you.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Gail, you said I have done a sarcasm before (in fact I was not). This time I really want to tell you to please read the post above before asking any question (judging from your question from the past, it seems that you never bother to read anything before asking. If you have read it but don’t understand, please state which part that you don’t understand). Thank you.

  54. cutler121 (TinyID: rcutler) says:

    I just had a very strange result. I bred a flower and a mythic flower (both normal flowers not the new ones) and got a 26 hour breeding time. This is the first time I ever bred two of the same monster and didn’t get the same as the result. Has anyone else had the same thing happen?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, it’s a glitch. I heard that if you try to move the egg the game will crash….

    • Caroline says:

      I had the same result as you with 2regular old flower. 26 hrs, than I got mythic clover and bug….. Than I Changed my combo!!! Lol. Got a few flower using an old flower and a regular plant! Good luck:)

  55. Rendarphil says:

    Uggghhh! EVERYTHING I’ve bred in the social den for the last 2.5 weeks has been Air or Shadow. I haven’t had any in a long time; now that’s all I get. Don’t know what has happened. I guess my social breeding den has been cursed.

  56. Cody Shaw says:

    Frostember plus fire for 29 hours what could it be

  57. Ms.loko says:

    Nobb sumbody Any body how can i get the SUN Monster? Cas i really have no ideal.

  58. Jade says:

    Hey guys any idea why I can’t get a mythic luck monster by trying a million times to breed 2 regular luch and my orb is completely full. I tried other monsters and I have the same problem. Can’t we brewed 2 of the same monster to try to get a mythic one?? Thanks

  59. James Barrett tiny id 369pickm says:

    Social breeding water and earth and I got 26 hour. Any idea what this is?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      read magic number section on the post above.

    • sam says:

      Its air and get used to it in social breeding you will get a lot of air and 18 hour shadow and 5 hour light monsters but you will get elders and legengdery too. And like noon said look at the magic number part of the post above and it will make your life easier :)

  60. sam says:

    He he on the last few hours of higher rates to get elders I got 22 hours in regular breeding and in social and got an elder fire and elder plant and I didn’t have tjembyet so I’m happy. But now I just got 37 hours with iceflow and burst and I already have 4 special elders so I don’t have anywhere to put him… So I’m a little sad ;)

  61. DatnigB says:

    Ummm I got 16 hours with plant and mythic tree???? And idea what that is?

  62. Eddy says:

    I put mythic plant with mythic mountain and got 6 hour time,im confused at this out come, is theresomething happening that im not aware of? Maybe you can explain whats going on,glitch or what? Thanks noob for understanding.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Probably wrong when you saw the time .

      • Eddy says:

        Im sorry,have I offended you? It was just a question that I did not know the answer to. The time was read at the exact time I started the breeding. I guess I will wait to see since I was hoping that if it was something you needed to know about to share with you,not to offend you. I will say no more on the subject and you have a great day.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Heh?? no I wasn’t offended or anything….. From what I know there is no 6 hours result that’s why I concluded that you were wrong.

  63. Shane Stidham says:

    I wish they would bring back Evergreen. There was to many Xmas monsters and I missed out on this one. Would love to pick it up…

  64. Asna says:

    Got special elder with steadfast and lushleaf ! Feeling happy :D

  65. Taylor says:

    Anyone get the new clover monster yet? And how, if you did. Thank you.

  66. Coreynicole says:

    I have been trying to get an elder earth monster for a while now with no luck, just bred AGAIN a level 10 mountain with a level 10 tree. I just got an egg that takes 1 day 9 hours to hatch. Elder ice again by this chart! I still have a special elder egg sitting there until I get to level 50.

  67. martiiinkamw says:

    Just got 2 legendary monsters and 3 special elder by using
    mythic mountain and mythic flower both level 5.

  68. sleepy says:

    Totally just got special elder with social breeding den! Actually, that seems to be where all my special monsters come from!

  69. Gma Of 10 says:

    Hi noob. I bred phantom (earth and ice) with mythic gift ( the dude wearing the vest, which is also earth and ice). I got 13 hours. Does phantom just breed random monsters or something? Cause I don’t see a possible outcome for earth /ice with 13 hours. I checked the page on the hallow monster to see if I missed something. See that you said phantom will mess up breeding when trying for a second hallow. But I didn’t see anything about messing up all breeding whenever phantom is bred. Maybe I just missed it? Thx!

  70. julymarie123 says:

    I used magma n cinder n got 26 hrs but none of them match up most of them r air hybrid s n I didnt use air ??

    • Coreynicole says:

      I’ve had a special elder egg for the past 3 or 4 levels and am just waiting until level 40 to get the habitat for it! That must be over 5 million easy :(

    • Amanda says:

      If you breed any 2 monsters that are both mixed elements ( even though yours are both a mix of the same 2 elements, fire & earth ) you can get any of the “special” ones like light, shadow, air, elder, special elder, etc… I’d say you got air.

  71. rashad says:

    idk what i got but its 37 hrs pls help

  72. Steeeeeve says:

    Noob, great website. It really helps me a lot. But I was wondering, can you get an Elder Monster by breeding two Legendary?

  73. Ben D says:

    Just got 24hrs with water and plant social. Nothing on the chart makes sense. Probably somehow friendship.

    • Draelan says:

      Same. I got 24 hours with Earth and Ice social. My only guess is that they put in the chance to get social monsters from breeding Unity/Friendship combos. If we’re lucky, maybe they also added the chance for Unity/Unity and Friendship/Friendship to give something else, too. (At least if they’re different sub-elements)

      • James Barrett says:

        I’m having the same thing going on with social breeding den… I’m getting stuff I shouldn’t be getting. I keep breading my electric with someone’s plant and I’m getting not only the really good rear monsters but I’m getting monsters that don’t have the same element.

  74. tink1062 says:

    I keep seeing the Elder Tree how you have to clear it. Where is the Elder Tree?

  75. spike says:

    Bread a fire and frostember both mythic lvl 10 and I got 15 hrs. Anyone know what ok got? I was going for frozenflame

  76. KoolKat says:

    Hey noob. How do you unlock the giving tree thing?

  77. James Barrett says:

    Limited monsters question…..if I have 2 of the same and you can’t get them anymore…can you still breed them together to try for a mythic monster?? Or would I be wasting my time?

  78. James Barrett says:

    In the book of monsters everyone has( the one that shows you what you have) is it me or do we have to bread them 2 times. It’s the last monster for me to get and there’s 2 of them in the book.

  79. martiiinkamw says:

    Got 37 hours with
    mythic flower and mythic bug :D so lucky lately.

    • jo says:

      Me too… except I’m only level 37… can’t hatch it without the habitat available at level 50. :(

      • Arvink says:

        Same I have gotten at least 35 special elder monsters, and 5 elder monsters and I am at level 32. I told Tinyco and apparently its a glitch and unsolvable for now. :(

  80. AshleyJean says:

    Yelp it’s official there is a big glitch! Breeding


    • cocoescape says:

      I think I just got the same glitch, I did fire and gift. Might be cinder but I guess I’ll just have to waitto see.

  81. Anaval1892 says:

    Mythic Frost with mythic Solarflare = 15 hours? What the heck?

  82. Gigi says:

    I was trying lighthorn with darkbolt and lushleaf but got 37 hours – is special elder, so lucky today. Wish every one good luck too.

  83. James Barrett says:

    7 tries with my electric friendship and a plant unity….results 1elder..1special elder…3 mythic special elders…1 plant elder and 1 volt leaf… the volt leaf I got between the 4 special elders. The special elders as adults are evolve monsters kind of like the legendary. Up graded special place holds 4 monsters.

  84. Brandon says:

    Hey how come friendship and unity’s element isn’t beside them? Just curious.

  85. Austin says:

    I breed a lvl 8 cinder with a lvl 10 flower monster and got the special elder how rare is that

  86. James Barrett says:

    I noticed you show 48 eggs and 29 are limited. That leaves only 19 regular monsters. I have 137 different monsters. My question is why don’t you have the rest of the eggs shown?

  87. Lesha says:

    I’m on level 45 just bred a special ELDER with buzzy and voltleaf I have a special habitat and a sacred space will the elder go on either of those? I don’t have the option to buy a special ELDER habitat in the shop :(

    • noobbgodlike says:

      special ELDER only can stay on special ELDER or ELDER habitat. I heard that you need to be level 50 or above to mae the habitat available.

      • Lesha says:

        Awww man. It’s gonna take me months to hit level 50! Guess it could be worse least have two nests. Thanks Noob.

        • Bear nerd says:

          I just bred a special elder and now I’m gonna have to keep it in my nursery till level 50 I’m only on level 37 :(
          Thanks for the heads up anyways.

  88. Klaw says:

    Oh god, this game is having a laugh yeah?

    I only joined so I could have a go for the tiny castle swan maiden. I’m at the dizzy heights of something like level 8 and struggling to get coins to even buy the habitats I need.

    So I attempts a breed with a few of the hybrids I do have .. The flower monster and scorpion thingy and I get a 37hr timer. Omg so that tied my breeding up for a couple of days, egg has just hatched and I sauntered over here to see just what it could be….. And I promptly discover that I’m going to have this egg blocking up my breeding now until I can get the habitat?

    Wtf… I don’t have gems or vp coins… And I gotta wait till forever before I can place the egg?

    How stupid and badly thought out is that to totally block low level players.
    I’m not liking this game at all, its very hard to get going, coins are hard to get when habitats only produce 100 or 500 at a time.

    I’m also sick of how I have to keep adding friends, I’m doing the social thing and gifting my full 50 each day, but I get sod all back from anyone else, is I can’t feed my friendship and unity creatures. And now the game keeps bugging me to spam all my friends to get them to join too so I can do something or other.

    So now my breeding is jammed. I get stuff all from my own gifting tree, I can’t get enough coins to purchase even low level habitats. This has to be the most horrid game I’ve ever played.

    Delete delete delete… This well and truly sucks TinyCo.

    Os wgphat is it with the ever changing ricks and trees can’t they make their minds up which graphics to use?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you just got special elder, it’s very rare case … Social feature is not that useful and just come out recently, it’s not needed.

      • James Barrett says:

        Even though the social breeding isn’t that useful it helps new players level up quicker. The newbies don’t have to get there own friends to play. Every Monday they post a signup on fb for people looking for other people that play. The more you get the more you get hearts from your tree and leveling points.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I know, I only convince klaw that even if you don’t use social feature, it’s not game breaking and not a must. He declared that kinda irritated with it.

    • LadyLimerick says:

      Try playing Dragonvale. Same basic idea as Tiny Monsters but not nearly as frustrating. I play both. I love both. The monsters are cooler in Tiny Monsters but the dragons in Dragonvale are interesting too. Dragonvale has several ways to earn gems and after a certain point you can earn 5 gems per day (yes day) without any effort. It has a social aspect too but that isn’t my interest. The game plays better and the producers are not as greedy for money. Give it a try. It may soothe your frustrations.

      • william says:

        I do play dragonvale, but alas IMA droid user, so Facebook is only way I can add friends …..

      • Arvink says:

        Dragonvale is fun! I also have android, and on it I have all the legendary dragons, and all limited + most regular! I have been playing both Tiny Monsters and Dragonvale for thr same amount of time, and I find Dragonvale much easier.

    • Gail says:

      You’re missing the fact that you’re lucky to get this monster. This game is awesome, but you have to have patience to play it. This site is not the place to voice anger as it is not run by tinyco. I’ve been playing daily for over a year….love it. I have become angry with tinyco several times. Not noob, as he is awesome.

    • hillary101 says:

      You have no idea how many our us that have been playing for OVER A YEAR would poop our pants if we saw a 37hr breed time. I understand at a low level how this could be discouraging BUT DUDE!!!!! One day I hope you’ll be able to understand how awesome what you are breeding & will get to hatch is! Hopefully you’ll get to have fun, and hang in there! :)

      • noobbgodlike says:

        XD, true. Maybe, too much luck can be a bad thing :).

      • spike says:

        I know how this guy feels. I got 3 special elders back to back trying for an enigma. I’m only level 22 so it ended up being a huge headache. Had to sell them all for barely any coins and it sucked. I used the same combination all three times. Love and boreal

    • Anne says:

      Wow u r soooo lucky dude….

  89. Hello noob!!!!! How are you?? Well I hope. Well I want to thank my social breed friend again. Thanks ice. This time it’s 48 hours. I did get specail elder habitat and it’s option to update is 7 million. It takes 48 hours now to finish so I am short all the newest monsters from January but I have 1 elder, 1 specail elder and 1 elder in social den breeding. Wow!!! You always say to have patience and I humbly say thank you.

    Happy breeding to all!!

  90. James Barrett says:

    Just got my second special elder.this time it’s a mythic again 37 hours same combination as the first my electric friendship and a plant unity.

  91. FunkyMonkey says:

    Normal Embershade and Normal Sun got me a 37 hour hatch time. Problem is I don’t have the money for the habitat…….

  92. Arguenot says:

    In the friendship cave… bred ice and plant. Got 37 hours

  93. FeliNiBaud says:

    Help I have a special elder egg waiting to hatch but it wont let me place it in the special habitat i already have. I only have one legendary in the habitat and it says it has a capacity of 2. Idont know what im doing wrong.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You need special elder habitat not special. Check habitat shop (pice = 5 millions).

      • FeliNiBaud says:

        I dont have it yet. I just found out it is a glitch that i was able to breed the special elder. The special elder habitat doesnt show up til lv 50 and im level 32. So i guess i have to wait to get up to lv 50 :(

        • noobbgodlike says:

          It’s no glitch, breeding is all about chance. You can get any monsters from breeding (regardless the level). Just wait until you reach level 50 :).

        • spike says:

          Wait… Wat!?!? I just got my first special elder a 2 days ago and just got another 37 hour breed time after getting a tundra in between. Problem is I’m level 22.

          Oh and bread a lvl 10 frost with a lvl 7 love. Both times

  94. Michelle says:

    I just got 37 hours with dimspike (5) and flicker (5).

  95. James Barrett says:

    I got the special elder first try with my electric friendship and a plant unity

  96. lysjuh01 says:

    I just got 37 hours with electric friendschip and earth unity

  97. Shirley says:

    Don’t mean to sound ignorant but could you explain what are the elder habitats that produce diamonds and do you have to reach a certain level before you get them? I have the legendary and special habitat but they have never produced diamonds and they hold the elder monsters.

  98. Intrinsicat says:

    Got the 37 hour with Icefloe and Freeze, still trying for the valentine monster, but I will take this! :)

  99. nozomi says:

    there’s elder ice twice and no legendary

  100. SidTay says:

    Special Elder using Social Ice and Plant. So excited!

  101. Stewmurai says:

    I just got 37hr hatch time by breeding Plant Unity (level 8) with a friend’s Electric Friendship (level 10).

  102. Anonymous says:

    Is there a problem with this website? All the eggs are mixed up and not beside the correct monsters. I can tell, I’m an expert with a year of experience. If there is a problem, can you please fix it? If not, can you please tell me?

  103. ericftw says:

    Any idea what monster a phantom is. Have it in my monsterpedia it’s elements are earth and ice

  104. beth says:

    How do you get the new devotion monster (the duck)? it isn’t in the market but they want me to breed one for valentines day.

  105. Anne says:

    Both lvl 10 mountain and tree= 34 hours.. Elder ice? Or legendary? I dont have both so im excited!

  106. MrCranky says:

    Love your site, use it every day…but…I bred fire and origin, which gave me a 29 hr breed time. Only thing I can see is Dark Silk for that time. DS is all electric and I used all fire to breed…any ideas, please? I have searched all over and can’t figure out this one. KTHXBAI…sean.

  107. Scooter331 says:

    Hi Noob just looking at the egg chart out of interest and noticed that the Mythic Boral and Ethereal Mythic Boral eggs are the same thanks for keeping this great guide going and remember if I can ever help out in anyway just say the word buddy thanks again.

  108. Tinym t says:

    What monster do I get if I bred a level 10 electric friendship monster and a level 10 fire unity monster and get like 1 day and like 2 hours?

  109. Tinym t says:

    Any suggestions for breeding combos for frozen flame monster noob?

  110. Tinym t says:

    I got the snowbluff with a level 8 boreal monster on the left and a level 10 tree monster on the right

  111. Geodess says:

    I don’t like being lied to. Oh wait 3x chance of something never happening is never so I guess I am naive to think I have been lied to right?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Tinyco never lied, they said 3x chance not 100% :). The chance is very small so multiply it by 3 won’t help much IMO. Many peoeple reported positive result this weekend.

    • DatnigB says:

      Try tree and flower. Got me two legendaries and just got my girlfriend one as well

    • Cynthia says:

      I have played since game first came out about and still do not have my legendary, but I have gotten a lot of other rare monsters playing, just keep trying that is all you can do.

    • MissLadyJo says:

      LOL I got just as many duplicate monsters this week as I have in the past. I’m waiting for two shadows and another Thunder monster to hatch. I’m not spending a dime on diamonds so I guess I will not be hatching anything 3X as much.

  112. Geema1 says:

    Have Loved this game for forever but since the last fix or upgrade to fix it from crashing it is all but impossible to play as it crashes constantly. So sucks! Help?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Huh, the last patch have solved crash problem for many of the players. Not sure what happened to your device.

      • Geema1 says:

        Really? I play on my iPad everyday off and on all day on this game. I don’t understand why that would be happening. Thanks!

        • Geodess says:

          Try powering off your iPad. I find glitch insets is usually because the iPad needs to be reset. Shut it down completely. Press and hold the off button on the top right hand corner of your device until it powers off and then restart it after a minute or so.

        • Geema1 says:

          Lol! I feel embarrassed now! I should have thought of this as my tech college geek son tells me this all the time! Thanks to the Geek Gods of Gaming!

      • Cynthia says:

        My chart is messed up wrong monsters matched next to each other and the sign such as plant is an dusk monster egg, strange it has been like this for 2 days now not sure how it has been mixed up like this.

  113. nozomi says:

    got legendary with aquaveil and aquaray…..but i already have 2 of it so it’s kind of even worse than air…..horrible 34hrs TUT
    I WANT LIGHTHORN!!OTL why do you get these rare ones so frequently once you’ve got enough of them?

  114. Jadelinia says:

    Out of chance I bred the dark frozen flame and dark silk. Now waiting on 14hs

  115. not-so-lucky says:

    Hey noob. I got a 10hr breed with boreal and new form of frozenflame. I look and the only option I could find was the new dusk monster. Can’t wait to see what it is. Any other guesses?

  116. JaVonda Hudson says:

    I bred my flower monster w/ my mythic cinder. The breed time I got was 1day and about 12……what kind of monster cld this be

  117. noobbgodlike says:

    not listed on the chart above? then I don’t know. Probably you’re late when saw the timer.

  118. Quadraplegicsamurai says:

    Anyone know what four rare monsters they a putting in the boosters?

  119. Perry says:

    I was wondering if anyone else finds breeding with Friendship and Unity to be a real challenge. If I do not get another Friendship monster, it seems to be either a light or shadow. I wish I liked the social aspect more. I really do not like that you can only give out 50 snacks a day, and I have to choose which friends get treats. Wish it was a little bit more fair.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Read unity/friendship page to learn why you get friendship/unity as your breeding result :). However you can’t avoid getting light/shadow as your result but it’s better than getting air :).

    • Earthwolf says:

      Yeah I really find it hard to find friends to play to evolve my unity. My friends r either already playing the game or don’t want to & think it’s stink that they r trying to get us gamers to try & talk our friends into playing a game they have no inclination to play! I think it’s time the rules were changed on the unity evolution!! We should not have to pester our friends to play a game they don’t want to just so we can evolve a unity & so that the game owners or whoever doesn’t have to do their job & do their own advertising – no they just get us to do it for them for a monster! Well I’m through with the social monsters I’ve gone as far as I can I have all the friendships I can get & can’t evolve the unity because of their stupid rule to get my mates to play their game! Come on people, owners, or advertisers, or whoever u r do the right thing here & change the rules on the unity monster!!

      • noobbgodlike says:

        You can pay diamonds (only need pay once). It’s free game and they need a support :).

      • sam says:

        Your friends don’t really have to play the game just download it do the tuturial (2 mins) and then they get s box to enter the code you sent after that thay can even delete the game :) it will only take them 5 mins for the whole thing so…..
        P.s. that’s what I did :)

        • Lulu58 (id: ltdelfin) says:

          I did the same, I asked close friends to do that, then delete.
          People need to understand that this is a free game and they need to find ways to get money. It might be just a game for us but it is a business to them!

  120. Mercedes says:

    Level 5 frozen flame and level 10 fire 29hrs! Yea dark silk!

  121. Kiara says:

    Hi noob. I just breezed my fire and frozen flame and turned out to be a 29 hour monster. Any idea witch one it is? I checked the list but all there was is dark silk and it didn’t make any sense since the two monsters weren’t electric hybrids

  122. jig3112 says:

    Hey noob, was looking through and realised that elder fire has a 23 hour breed time but only needs 22 diamonds to complete

  123. donovan says:

    Does breeding to orgings together get you another one

  124. mycodale says:

    Maybe it has something to do with the sphere turning red..?
    Has anyone finished the dust mystery quests yet? Supposed to breed a frozenflame now that it’s showing up as dust in the market.. says it’s baby may look different. . AnyOne get this done yet? Is there a darkflame now???

  125. al says:

    Does a monsters level, ie adult teen level really affect the results of the breeding processes? If not I could free up space for new monsters instead of several of the same ones.

  126. noxcivi says:

    snowbluff + frost = 23 h but 22 diamonds to finish breeding. so what is that?

  127. Anne says:

    Hey guys i got 29hours breeding time from ice(lvl10) and gift(lvl5) i was trying for tinsel…

  128. Sean Thornton says:

    Lvl 10 Fireworks and Lvl 10 Mythic Fire . 29 hour breed time.

  129. Sara says:

    What egg has a breeding time of 30hrs??? I bred my Lv.10 Mythic Lion with my Lv.8 Solstice and got a breeding time of 30hrs. Any and all answers are highly appreciated!!!

  130. not-so-lucky says:

    Yup noob. I could only find ‘dark silk’ for 29 hrs so I’m still pretty clueless on what it could be.

  131. chertichego says:

    git 29h from solstice and mythic fire

  132. sacerdos says:

    i got 29 hrs from iceflare and boreal. was going for light.

  133. Intrinsicat says:

    Harvest 10 + Autumn 10 = 29 hours?!? Any ideas?

    One day 4 hours and 59 minutes…. I have no clue

  134. mycodale says:

    Maybe it has something to do with the sphere turning red..?

  135. ladybug says:

    I did mythic fire elder and solstace. Got the origins monster twice in a row. :-)

  136. DudS says:

    Phantom + Ice = 9 hours…
    Say wuuuuuut?

  137. Fatima says:

    Okay , now this is REALLY confusing! I breeded my bug monster and my tundra together and it said 26 hours! There is really something strange going on!!!
    P.S Bug monster is Fire and Ice . Tundra is Plant and Ice

  138. Rah21 says:

    Hey- i just bread my hallow and a mythic fire… after a few fire eggs (5second breeding time), I got the new origins monster! I never get the new monsters this fast (the merry monster still eludes me). It was a 9 hour breeding time and I used diamonds to verify the origins monster (I normally hoard my diamonds, but I was too excited to wait). It’s also a 9 hour hatching time. I did place the free Channeling sphere from decorations first. Good luck everyone! Thanks for keeping up the site noob! I would have probably given up on the game long ago without it!

  139. saminomnom says:

    I’ve been trying to get marine. I bred freeze and gift. I got a 9 hour waiting time. This doesn’t make sence tho. Nothing that takes 9 hours can be made with this combo. Please help. Thanks

  140. ravengirl says:

    This has happened to me twice now that I have bred single element plant monsters (autumn, joy, blushbug, regular plant etc…) trying to get evergreen and my breed time will come up 13 hours so I think I’ve got it because it’s the only thing that really makes sense. Only the egg finishes early and is a blushbug. I have no idea why it’s saying 13 hours because with the reduced time it should say less and blushbug should be a lot less. I haven’t timed the egg so I don’t know exactly how long it has taken either time but it hasn’t been 13 hours. Very strange and very disappointing. Just wondering if anyone else encountered this?

  141. sam says:

    I just bred teen gift and teen mythic tinsel and got 9 hours breeding time…. There isn’t anything that on the chart that looks like what it can be unless the shorter breeding time event is still going on

  142. TNITO1 says:

    Hey noob I was wondering when will there be another elder monster?

  143. Sandvich says:

    How can I sell the Fire surprise habitat? It’s too expensive to level up and a normal fire habitat is cheaper but it tells me the thing is too important to be sold? That’s stupid

  144. Eileen Boudreau says:

    Good morning. How do I receive the diamonds I bought? I thought they would automatically populate but they are not showing. Thank you.

  145. Arauro says:

    I notice the evergreen isn’t here. I’ve been breeding plant and autumn but I continue to get plant or mythic plant. Any other ideas I could try?

  146. LindaC says:

    I just used 10 electric friendship with 10 earth unity and got 34 hours! 34 hours is elder ice or legendary. But, 1/3 more is 51. Either the 30% is not working or we have something not on the chart. Either way it looks like I will get an elder or legendary which is AWESOME,

  147. Zazou8888 says:

    I’m lost. I’ve bred a Tinsel with an automn and got 5h breeding time…

  148. Annonomous says:

    I got a 20 hour egg and it’s a vapor (26) how did that happen

  149. Fatima says:

    I’m breeding the Air Monster and the Ice monster together and it’s 16 hours and 48 minutes and u don’t seem to have it on the list. I’ll tell u what it is when I get it.

  150. I guess it’s a 30% less breeding time, but it sure was weird to breed tinsel & plant and get 4 hours 11 minutes & 59 seconds! (Also disappointing. I REALLY want a Holly. :P)

  151. Verlorst says:

    I bred tinsel and gift (as the gift box, not yet evolved) and got a 10 hour breed time. Can anyone tell me what that means? Did I somehow get a Flashfreeze?

  152. Spencer Young says:

    I got 18hours 12minutes breed time with bellow and inferno. I am certain of this time because like most people I check my breeding time right away. Also an odd factor was it cost 19 diamonds with 18hours 12minutes?….. please reply, I will update you with the result

  153. Eddy says:

    Hey noob, ive got a time of 12hrs and 35 mins? What is it?

  154. Ms.loko says:

    Hi Noobbs. I need ur help again. The quest social. say 4 me 2 invite a new person 2 d game. I did it and now the game is telling my friend to put in a 6 digit code. We looking for it and we dont know what code there talking about or were to go to find this code. i need to kno so i can get my reward and get my unity monster to grow. please noob wat to do.

  155. Geodess says:

    Noob, Are you Phineas?

  156. TNITO1 says:

    Hey noob I’ve been looking for the new monster called tinsel and it seems its not in the chart

  157. ridi gamer says:

    dear noob do the magic numbers mean that according to the time of monsters to be bread ex:
    mountain=10 hrs
    does this mean i will get a elder fire

  158. Shoki says:

    Hello all, I’m still fairly new to the game. I just had a question on breeding monsters.

    If I breed two of the same monster (ex: Magma + Magma) will I always end up with that same monster as a result (Magma + Magma = Magma @ 100%)?

    If the above answer is a no, then can I get limited monsters who are of one nature (ex: Autumn = Pure Plant) be bred using Purebred Monsters?

    Does breeding two mythic monsters add to the success of hatching another mythic monster?

    If I hatched a limited monster during its release, and is now no longer available. Can I breed that limited monster with another hybrid monster to hatch that limited monster outside its release?

    Can limited monsters be bred using two different Purebred (ex: Earth + Plant) Monsters or do I have to use a Hybrid?

    Thank you in advance for any answers! :)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      1st question yes
      2nd if the mystics are same species then yes the baby will be mythic, but from the recent report it doesn’t work anymore (I haven’t got any time to confirm this since my breeding den is always used).
      3rd question read sentence about Limited on the main page
      4th yes, you can. Breeding is all about chance. You can even get them using social monsters.

  159. Asd says:

    Noob I’m furious!!! I’ve been trying for elder fire elder plant and elder earth for 3 months now!! Although i did get elder ice in the process that’s good but I don’t know what to do!!

  160. Asna says:

    Whats ur tiny mosnter’s id ? Mr noob ? :p

  161. koi doll says:

    my water friendship bred with a plant unity got me a 13 hour breed time? is this…a unity possibly? even though i used a friendship monster… any ideas?

  162. michelle says:

    Ok so confused here. I breed icefloe and magma and got a 26 hour breeding time. What possible monster I’d this? Thanks

  163. ivy says:

    bred gratitude and harvest and got 26 hour breeding time any ideas?

  164. georgie says:


    I’ve gotten a 13hr breeding time with a gratitude lvl 10 and plant lvl you know what that is??


  165. Renegade_1992 says:

    Does Tiny Monsters have an email i can reach them at regarding a huge problem i am having… If anyone can help please comment.

  166. Renegade_1992 says:

    Noob I don’t know what to do… I recently updated my iOS and lost everything in my Tiny Monsters game… I tried getting it back from the cloud storage, but its gone… Please can you help… What can I do? I have invested so much time and money in this game… I have to retreive my save data.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      HUh, are you using a same device? if yes then your data should still be there. I can’t handle this kind of problem. Follow fix error section. Hope you get your game back.

    • Celina Laverty says:

      If you haven’t gotten your Tiny Monster game back – I changed devices and put my game on a friend’s iPod. I lost everything because I PLAYED my game on the iPod. The updates aren’t compatible with my Kindle.
      Luckily there is a chance to get it yours back. It’s been a few months for me but I started by using the HELP from the game options. They told us what info they needed. (Your ID for example) In the end Tiny Co did a pretty good job trying to make it right. I’m sure they will do the same for YOU.
      As I understand, it wouldn’t be completely gone, just lost in cyberspace. LOL!

  167. nichole says:

    I’m new to posting I just had to comment on the funniest thing. I read two comments on the harvest page saying to breed mountain and love so I tried and got an elder fire. Both mountain and love have plant/earth elements and I get an elder fire too funny!

  168. Mike says:

    Breed mythic plant 10 with gratitude 10 and got a 15 hr wait time. What could it be? You don’t have any 15 hour anything .

  169. xXLonerXx says:

    I just started breeding two level 10 Tree and Magma monsters and got a 15 hour breeding time. I’ll let you know what I end up with since I don’t see it on your chart. BTW, I love your site. I use it every day. Keep it up!

  170. Kris says:

    Just breed the harvest got it with earth and gratitude

  171. EmmaSurf says:

    Hi I need some clarification please. I often see references to using certain habitats to influence breed results. Do you know if this is relevant? For example in trying to get Gratitude I used Plant and Phantom and got Tree. But then I recalled reference to the habitat so I moved Phantom to Earth habitat to strengthen Earth. And tried again and got Silk (Plant/Ice). So I’m not sure if the habitat is relevant or if I did it incorrectly since the end result had no earth. Thanks.

  172. mar-ee says:

    Okay so I git 24 hours and I used earth & mountain and got 24 hours breed time… Lookin at the chart, I can’t figure out what it could possibly be! And earth was mythic version. Any ideas???

  173. Mary says:

    Hey noob…I am still having trouble with the mythic ice monster quest, it only requires 4 adults a d I have done this 3 times now with the quest still active. I have also tried breeding with the friendship den…and it is showing nothing for 3 weeks now. Resetting, uninstalling and reinstalling has not helped either of these issues. Any ideas?

  174. Queenie070628 says:

    I bred my Bloosom w/ Luck, trying for a Gratitude but I think I got an Elder Earth instead. It’s got an 18 hr breed time.

    • Queenie070628 says:

      It was NOT an Elder Earth! It was a Shadow. I’ve used this combo 3 times now & all 3 times I have gotten a Shadow monster.

      • otterguy12+ says:

        When I was trying for gratitude I tried mountain and earthquake(don’t know why) and got elder earth. Hope this helps :D

  175. Shanna says:

    I would love to breed any elder. But when you breed legendary it won’t let me breed with anything. What’s the secret thanks

  176. Anonymous says:

    I bred Light and Silk and it breeding time came out as 9 hours. And when I looked at the breeding result chart, there wasn’t any matches. So does anyone know what I got?

  177. Bob112 says:

    noob what is your tiny monsters I.d.?

  178. Sheridan says:

    Wow! Without even trying for them, I have gotten TWO Wingwitches! I bred different hybrids each time, and was shocked when I got the second one.

  179. ZooladyT says:

    I have been trying to get the Elder Monster with no luck!
    Dose anyone have any info that could help me achieve this
    Elder Monster?

  180. ZooladyT says:

    My husband got a Wraith Windstone with a hollow 5 lv and pollen 5 lv!
    I did it with a 7 lv Hollow and a 6 lv pollen and got a 17 hr, cross fingers cause I checked
    And that hour time is wing witch! If you don’t hear from me I got it! But for those trying to get the wraith Windstone there u go!;)

  181. otterguy12+ says:

    Anyone know when the halloween monsters expire for breeding? Since we got wingwitch so late, my theory is that we will get only one week of nothing before thanksgiving monsters.

  182. Reva says:

    still desperate for Grimboldt before he goes away! have tried all my combinations of earth electric. Which combo is the most successful for all of you guys?

  183. 69bounty says:

    Teen Hallow and Flamegust got me a wingwitch
    Hope this helps…

  184. mw347 says:

    What egg hatches in 15 hr’s

  185. Max says:

    Hello Noob,

    Seems like something happened to the pictures on the chart. Elements where eggs should be and eggs on the right side also some of the eggs are in the wrong spots. What happened?


  186. Kodimatt says:

    Yesterday I got a 21 hr breeding time…turned out to be an air not an enigma. Today I bred gloom amd boreal and got 15 hr. I’m a little confused cause I don’t see a 15hr for anything.

  187. bludawn says:

    Hey noob I bred elder earth with grimbolt and got 16 hour breed time and 13 diamonds. Looked through the list and have no idea what it could be. Any ideas?

  188. Jaida says:

    I just bred my water friendship with your plant unity and I got either 12 or 14 hours I forgot what could it be

  189. Jonaxyn says:

    i got a 18 hours breeding time but the option to pay 15 diamonds. could this be a spectral brimstone?

    by the way i used luck + flicker

  190. TinyHoni says:

    Ok Noob, Here is one for you. 13hr 59min or 12 diamonds?? I put in mystic earth and Level 9 elect. going for a grimbolt. Im stumped.
    Thank you for all you do

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t know the result too. Tell me the result later ok. It seems they change the breeding mechanism a little.

      • Looray says:

        They’ve reduced fast-track breeding for diamonds cost by 20% for a limited time.
        18hour breed times cost 15 diamonds to fast-finish
        26hour breed times cost 21 diamonds to fast-finish, etc.
        Hope this helps clear up the confusion.

        It seems games need to have been closed completely to register this offer.

  191. Alvaron says:

    Got the Etheral Boreal by breeding a lvl. 10 Frostember with a lvl. 8 Mythic Grimfreeze.

  192. futrtrubl says:

    Additionally from their descriptions:
    Ethereal Boreal: 12h hatch time, description the same as boreal, lvl1 earn rate 8/min
    Wraith Windstone: 26h hatch time, different description, lvl1 earn rate 5/min
    Spectral Brimstone: 18h hatch time, different description, lvl1 earn rate 4/min

  193. MrTwixxDeluxe says:

    So, I bred a “Flower (lvl 10)” and a “Bug (lvl 10)” trying for a Shadow but had received a 26 hour waiting period… (although I doubt it matters,) I’m level 29 and level 32 at social breeding… Any idea what the egg is?..

  194. ZooladyT says:

    I put Thunder and Earthquake together and got 26 hours.
    What comes from that ?

  195. Mary says:

    Is there any info on this “phantom” monster? I have a quest to breed one but cannot buy it as it doesn’t show in the featured or shop….I don’t know which elements to breed, or is it just a random monster from any combo?

  196. MissLadyJo says:

    Level 6 Sporespark + Level 10 Voltleaf = Elder Earth

  197. Lars says:

    Hi. Maybe a dumb question but..
    Will mythic + mythic allways give a mythic in return?

  198. koi doll says:

    Very confused here… bred my Mythic Bug with my Tundra and got an 18m breeding and hatching time…. and the egg is shaped like a Pond egg, but green….. what is this??

  199. Michelle Honeycutt says:

    I put bug and magma to breed And got a 26 hour breeding. What is it?

  200. Dreamer says:

    Magic numbers. Can someone explain?

  201. redrocks says:

    Has anyone got a quick and easy way to get coihs(without spending money)? It’s just I’m trying to save up for a legendary habitat

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Simply check the game frequently.

    • AGRAX says:

      I suggest only buying the habitats with the highest coin storage rate. You might not have the neatest looking mountain but you will have more coins for less time in game. Although you will have to keep some of the lower storage habitats like the fire for non hybrid monsters

  202. xXLonerXx says:

    What is a Wildfreeze? It’s on the sixth line, second from last in the Monsterpedia.
    Second from the last and monster PEDIA, but I don’t see anything about it here on your page.

  203. Rilo says:

    Man, i just wasted 50 diamonds just to get a Mountain monster. I tried mixijg up Earth and Plantt, then Plant and Earth but unfortunately I always end up with a Tree monster. Care to help?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Visit Mountain page and try the formula written on that page (The post and comment section). Mountain is rare monsters so it’s pretty normal to have hard time getting it :D.

  204. rob says:

    I just bred a frost member and a frozenblaze and got a 26 hour breed time but it doesnt batch up with anything. What could it be?

  205. Matthew says:

    Hey, noob what’s your tiny ID?

  206. xXLonerXx says:

    In trying to get the Eclipse monster, I bred a Light monster and a mythic Shadow monster, both level 10. It came up with a 10 hour breeding time. I can’t wait to see what the result will be!

  207. noobbgodlike says:

    I don’t understand what are you trying to say TAT….

    • Gail says:

      I am saying that I got up yesterday spent all day gathering money hatching an egg and feeding a strike to level 10. Light wing fed and tucked in Last night my light wing was like I never hatched it and my strike was back to an 8 My food I grew was gone. So what did tinyco do to the game yesterday ? That is what I am saying. Also 10 diamonds disappeared.

  208. Gail says:

    I think they made me use typos.

    • Gail says:

      I want grim bolt for my trouble. Making sure there are no typos. Tiny monsters has screwed me more than once. Love this site, hope they do not own it.

  209. Charles says:

    I just completed the Spooky Prep quests and now I’m able to buy the Grimbolt. Can I also breed one now instead??

  210. LockenHexer says:

    i just bred a burst (fire/water) with a gift (ice) monster
    (i checked again that i rly took those two)
    and it resulted in a 28 hours breeding time what seems to be weird to me because the result will be water/earth or water/air then
    anyone knows what it could be or if its a bug or smthin?
    im ecxitet what will hatch tomorrow…

  211. Vstorey516 says:

    16hrs or 12 diamonds….is that earthquake or is there a glitch? I used shadow and independence monster

  212. Shelly says:

    Hey noob, link for the new eclipse monster isn’t working or is it juz me? All the other links work for me. Thanx for all the hard work bc it’s a tremendous help :)

  213. kuggas says:

    hi,noob need how many diamond to skip breeding for flamegust & filtter?

  214. blueace9871 says:

    Has anyone got the eclipse monster yet

  215. Noob, what happened to your egg chart? The pictures are all mixed up.

  216. Georgann J says:

    Noob, help! I bred earth + plant unity and got a 20hr breeding time. The only 20hr monster on this chart is the seacliff. Is there something I should know about? O_O

  217. aaliah says:

    @Noobbgodlike whats your tiny monster id?

  218. Maggie says:

    I bred renewal and steadfast and got a 13 hour breed time but don’t see anything with these elements.. What could this be?!?!?!? Help!!!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      are you sure?? there is one monster possible from your breeding. I don’t want to tell you, I want to make sure you understand how to use the chart. SO, please read the section how to use the chart one more time and please ask me if you don’t understand about it. :D. I will delete any answer that tells you the exact monster that you got :D. It’s not I angry or something just want to make sure you understand.

      • Maggie says:

        I (along with 3 other family members) use this chart probably 10 times a day lol.. I know how to use it and always know exactly what we are getting based on elements and breed times. Please help! It’s driving me nuts and I don’t have enough diamonds to speed up process!

        • Maggi says:

          The only thing I see that is possible would be cinder.. Which is annoying because two main plant shouldn’t make cinder!! Ugh

        • noobbgodlike says:

          there you find it :D. I know it’s annoying to get cinder from breeding 2 limited monsters :D. Hope you get what you want next time.

        • Mantaraya says:


          Renewal is “Plant + Fire”,
          Steafast is “Plant + Earth”

          When you breed, it takes one element from the one monster and one element from the other monster. It doesn’t matter what the “main” element is.

          You got “Fire” from Renewal + “Earth” from Steadfast = (13 hr. egg I can’t tell you what it is or my comment will be deleted)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          She already found it :D. Thanks for your kind reply :D.

  219. FucDup says:

    Hey noob I wanna help do you have a pic of the second upgrade for the sacred space? I’ll send it but Idk where you want me to send it to

  220. Bob112 says:

    Is it possible to get a mythic egg after they are done breeding?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Nope, You will know immediately after the moment you try to breed them (there is a pop up message telling you that you get mythic).

      • jmckfoster says:

        Unless you breed 2 mythic fire, it didn’t tell me but they are always mythic fire when they hatch. I breed them when we need to hatch a mythic egg for a quest. They have very short breeding time.

  221. Fire911fight says:

    Do you have anything for Elder Fire or the related quests yet???

    On another note the quest to unlock the fire rune pillar seems to be bugged at the moment as I have bought 2 pouches of crystals and yet have not seen the pillar unlocked in deco shop!

    • Fire911fight says:

      Scratch the “another note” part finally got the rune to unlock! Must have tried pre full launch!

      • Fire911fight says:

        Now just need a fool proof elder fire formula… tried nearly every combo of fire hybrid + fire hybrid at least 3 times each and still no luck… got about 3 of the other elders and loads of mythic normal eggs none that I needed to increase my monsterpedis tho! Guess I’ll just keep trying… closest so far is Flamegust (lvl10) + Bug (lvl10) gave me Flamegust (Only othe fire moster with a 23 hr hatch time)

  222. Grace says:

    Geez! It seems no matter what I try for, I never seem to get it, no matter how many times I try for it, and how many different combinations I choose! Anybody else have this problem? All the eggs that are for the quests, for instance… I can’t seem to get a single one! I try for the other monsters that might help me get the ones for quests, and I can’t seem to get those either! What’s the deal? Am I doing something wrong when I’m breeding? Am I putting the different elements in the wrong place? Cuz I keep getting the same monsters over and over again… :/ It’s really starting to annoy me, to have to spend all the time waiting for things to breed, only to find out that it’s not even an egg that I need or even want… Anybody got any suggestions for me?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Breeding is alla bout chance even when you’re using right formula. Keep trying and don’t give up.

      • Grace (TinyID: irishis79) says:

        K. Thanks, Noob, for the reassurance… I was starting to think that I was really doing something wrong… I guess it’s a good thing that breeding doesn’t cost anything but time, unless you’re impatient, and have unlimited financial resources. :) I don’t have real money to spend on virtual stuff… However, it IS nice to get an iTunes Gift Card, on my Birthday! ;)

  223. BajanCanadian says:

    How do I get a tree monster?

  224. otterguy12 says:

    is it normal to get a mythic after putting about 4000 coins into the orb? cause my orb was emptied after that and im not sure if this is normal

  225. Jo says:

    Noob, i think your breeding egg Page had a glitch… A lot of the eggs are mixed together! Hope you can solve it! Page is great help!

  226. Totero says:

    Hey noob do you have a tiny id???

  227. Mujazik says:

    Hey noob I breed a lvl10 mountain and a lil10 tree and got a 25 hour breed time. What do you think it could be?

  228. BIG says:

    Hi Noob
    after playing for a while still some questions occur to me regarding the breeding in general:
    I guess the main driver for getting rare monsters is luck, however do we know if adult/teen or even the level of adult monsters (like 8 or 10) does have an influence on the outcome? Same question for mythic / non mythic.
    Also, some people stated that the habitat a monster lives in did make a difference in breeding result (I can not really believe that btw…).
    Would be interested in your opinion … – and thank you for this great site ! :-)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      instead of calling a luck call it a chance XD. I believe level, etc don’t affect the result, however I believe that there is a best formula for different people that’s why I suggest you to change the formula every 3 times of failure. You’re welcome, I am really glad that you like this site.

    • Hutch says:

      I believe habitat influences the result. A Bug (Pf) is more likely to give plant result if it’s on a plant habitat. It will produce fire more often if it’s on a fire habitat. I also believe that the major element appears most often when you use it in the right column when selecting monsters to breed. For example: I want Snowbluff (Ei) so I breed Ice in left column and Earth in right column. Better still, I try Frost (Ie) on Earth habitat in left column and Earth monster in right column. It still takes lots of tries, but this minimizes the ice influence in the combo.

  229. Jaida says:

    Hey noob have you got buzzy or steadfest yet? For buzzy try bug and flare

  230. Stschw says:

    Just got 22 hours with social breeding of water @ earth. Ma be it is a elder plant, but why is elder plant with 22 hrs higher in the list then enigma withn 21 hours?

    BTW friendship water & unity earth only results in shadow, air and now Elder plant yet (OK, don’t complain about the last one), but no river or Seacliff.

  231. LCB Jennifer says:

    Hey Noob, I have Facebook account but the plm is when I get inbox, I dont see anything in it as message etc.. Also I did breed Flash and Bug on my android. Breeding hour showed 9 hrs and I end up having Sun!! I was trying to obtain Buzzy Bee. What caused that?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      There is no connection between facebook and your inbox. About sun you may got a glitch (error).

      • LCB Jennifer says:

        Want to say my mistake about sun. It’s Light not sun. I got Buzzy on my iPad but not on my android. I know its limited time but if I got glitch regarding Buzzy, is there a way it can be done? If not, will it come back again? If so GREAT! Will try to obtain it ok?

  232. Nelly says:

    ID: tinynellz

    Strange, 25 hrs with earthquake and flower…

    I dunno, but keep up the good work, noob!
    Love ur site, I’m on it everyday lol.

  233. Bloodrose says:

    This might be a silly question, but I don’t seem to find any talk about it. What is the inbox envelope for at the Nursery?

  234. Trey says:

    Can someone tell me how to get a special monster
    Or any other rare monster

  235. Mo'okina says:

    Breed magma+frost and breed time is 1day 1 hr 59m 43s anyone know what it might be. I’m trying for my snowbluff

  236. Stephanie Phelan says:

    Aquaveil and earth first try

  237. Joshua says:

    Noob on my iPad the game keeps crashing I downloaded the update and I tried everything how do I fix this

  238. Jaida says:

    Does it make a difference if you’re breeding a level five or a level 10? Will it effect the monster

  239. Matthew says:

    I can’t get mountain! Can anyone help me.

  240. Maggi says:

    I’ve read that some people have higher success rates if they have certain monsters in certain habitats, does this have an impact on breeding? If so how do you know which habitat to put each monster in since most can go in at least 2 different ones?? Thanks for your help! :)

  241. mike says:

    Does breeding a mythic with another mythic give you a mythic egg?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      no, it won’t. But if you use same species (they’re both are mythics) then it will result on mythic.

    • mike says:

      Also say I wanted mythic fire would it be possible to get it through buying the egg or does it have to be through breeding? Thanks

      • noobbgodlike says:

        no, mythic only available via breeding. For mythic fire simply have 2 fire monsters and then breed them together (fill your orb). You don’t need to fill your orb a lot for fire monsters since it’s very easy to get (simply donate about 10.000 coins and then keep trying until you get it).

        • SexySarge says:

          You don’t even have to have anything in the orb. Just keep breeding until you get a mythic egg. That’s all I do. Especially when I’m first startin out and don’t have much money.

  242. JOhny john says:

    i got it by doin all the quaest then breeding the first 2 monsters wich are Fire and and earth this also works with the elder earth i got both im so lucky

  243. Kipperman says:

    Hey noob, any tips on gaining a mythic. Is it just put as much cash into mythic cave or are there stats on this and we should breed say fire for a few times to maximise mythic chance on a longer breeding time monster?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yup, it’s only thing you can do. ALways use 2 same monsters before breeding so you won’t mess up your chance.

      • Kipperman says:

        Hey noob,
        Tried this technique and got normal followed by two mythic fire eggs. There is no order or pattern to gaining a mythic. It is random and sometimes 10 breeding can go with no mythic.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          It doesn’t guarantee you to get mythic. What I mean is if you use same monsters then you will definetely get those version of monsters if you’re keep trying, but if you’re using 2 different monsters (say flower + bug while you’re trying for mythic flower), then you can get other monsters beside your wanted monster (from the example you have a chance to get mythic bug instead of flower).

  244. Airety says:

    I am really mad! I have been trying to get a frozen flame forever and I looked up eggs and found out that the egg i thought was a frozenflame was actually a stupid boreal I doing something wrong?? I have been trying to get a frozenflame for ever! Now I have boreal egg to deal with. Should I sell it??

  245. Asna says:

    How to get puff monster ? Plz could anybody help me , I have tried again and again even by using hybrids I always got vapour . I started to hate vapour monster now !!!

  246. Jaida says:

    I got an air by breeding tundra and cinder how could that be?

  247. Karen Kates says:

    I just bred a frostember with an electric and I still waiting has anyone done this and tell me what your results were!!!

  248. Kiara says:

    Hi, my name’s Kiara. First, this website is very helpful and thank you for all the information.
    Second,When I breed a flower it takes 9 hours but here it says 4, so which is right?

  249. Mimi says:

    Hey, I’m new to this game, but how the hell do I get the legendary monster?!

  250. Jaida says:

    When I am picking out monsters to breed how do I know which one is the magor element and which is the minor element?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      major element usually element that located on the left. However, it doesn’t affect anything.

    • Hutch says:

      The major element also appears ABOVE the minor element. Look for the one that has the larger symbol. I have better bleeding luck when I put the major element on the right when selecting monsters to breed.

  251. bla bla bla says:

    Yay! I looked on a ton of different sites and found the best legendary combo: flower and bug! Now just the habitat to go :( how the hell will i save enough?!?

  252. Lisa Birmingham says:

    Sorry sent by accident. Noob love your site, I use it daily. Is having mythic Luck in the mythic Solstice column a test to see if anyone would notice? I don’t know how you keep up with everything but you do a great job. ;)

  253. Cat says:

    Breeding a Shadefin and Blackice. 26 hours breeding time. Not sure what to expect!

  254. Andrew says:

    hi I have a question. I recently hatched my second legendary. I want to get the legacy monsters. do I have to wait and breed a third legendary or can I evolve them to legacy and then breed them to get a third legendary? I read the info on the legacy page but it was not completely clear for me. thanks.

  255. Judy says:

    Which monsters should I use to get a mythic earth.

  256. tuwince says:

    Hey i’m just wondering.. i breed lighning friendship and earth unity and got 26 hrs breeding time!
    And its mythic! Could it he an air monster? Since there were no lightning/earth 26hr breeding ime

  257. Jaida says:

    So I’m breeding my flower and water monsters together and I get a 22 hour breeding time anyone know what it is? also its a mythic!!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It’s not that I don’t want to answer your questions. But you can look on the chart above, and find the answer. Please read how to read the chart section above (if you don’t know how to use the chart), and if you don’t understand ask me and I will explain it to you.

  258. Quad samurai says:

    If I update to the delux which I just found out about last night will my data from the free transfer? I am working with breeding legacy so I do not want to start over I have all the normal ones that are not (LM) plus I do have a few of them from lucky enigma egg when trying to summon legends.

  259. Kyle says:

    I have a plant legacy monster, if I breed that with another hybrid would increase my chances of another legendary?

  260. Kyle says:

    I keep noticing that the breeding guide is for the iphone, is there a breeding guide for an android phone?

  261. anamonster says:

    I’m super excited! I was trying to breed a shadow monster with the flower and bug monsters. After the fourth try I got a legendary egg, my first one. Tried breeding with flower and bug again and I have a light egg. Tried again and now have a 18 hours breeding time, possibly a shadow egg? Three in a row! I am going to try a fourth time and see what happens. Only problem is I am level 32 and I cannot get a light habitat until level 34.

    • anamonster says:

      I was wrong, I had too many habitats. Not enough money after buying legendary and shadow habitats. Oh well.

  262. Cat says:

    Absolutely love your breeding guide. When I’m trying for a specific monster I love seeing what other people have tried to get it and giving the expected breeding times is awesome!
    i love being able to check what moster i may expect when I breed something and I’m not sure what it is.

  263. SSSPro says:

    why is light 5 hours air 26 and shadow 18 hrs

  264. Ashley says:

    I have gotten Flare two times in a row using Shockwave and Surge, weird right? Anyone know why? I’m trying for another shockwave to get mythic shockwave!

  265. Liger says:

    Where are the rest of the monsters? Like the legendary earth, fire water ext?

  266. Luc says:

    I’m freaking out. I just got a mythic fire and didn’t refill my orb but got two more directly after. Someone please tell tell me what just happened

  267. Sebana says:

    I got a solcist with inferno and mthiyc fire!

  268. Ben Mitchell says:

    I already have the new firework monster, how do I send you pictures so you can put a page up on it ? Got it with solstice and fire for anyone wondering.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      it’s ok :D I already got the normal version. If you have the mythic version and want to send the picture, you can find my email on the main page of tiny monsters guide. Thank you very much.

      • Kahira says:

        Wish I had known …. I have the mythic fireworks monster, but he’s in my dream room at the moment waiting to be become a teen

  269. Paksenarion says:

    Just got a 9 hour breed time with mythic fire lvl 10 and solstice lvl 10. Hope its the fireworks monster. Will update when I know more

    • Paksenarion says:

      Well this combo got me the fireworks monster. Great combo it will get you solstice fire or fireworks.

  270. Lorelai40 (ID: Lorelai40) says:

    Noob, I just have got the NEW MONSTER 4th July . Its egg is on my nest now. Its blue with stars. Breeding time: 9h. Combo: solstice10 + mythic iceflare10 (4th try) (the previous tries: fire).

  271. Quad samurai says:

    Any chance you can also mark by the LM maybe a (S) for spree so we know it is one of the quests to have four adult spree it would help thank you.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      The main problem is I am not sure which monsters are spree categories. I heard it’s multi form monsters but as far as I know you can only finish the quest using frozenflame. I already make the guide about it too, so it’s unnecessary.

      • Shelly says:

        Just want to Thank you for all the hard work you have put into this site to help us all out. Huge Thanks!!! :)

      • Ben Mitchell says:

        Yo, I already have that new firework monster, how do I send you pictures so you can do the page on it ? Got it with solstice and fire by the way.

  272. bordomftw says:

    Been trying for air since the new quest dropped and I think I funaly got one. Mythic bug lvl 10 and lvl 10 frost got me a mythic egg with a 26 hour time. Cave was empty so I’m super excited

  273. Quad samurai says:

    Does anyone know what a spree monster is?

  274. hello says:

    Hi noob. thank you for all of the hard work. I would like to have a little request. In the “breeding result chart” at the “result” column can you include whether the monster is limited or not. I know you have it list on the front page, but this will make it more easier for us to look at the result. Much appreciated!!!

  275. AIDANRYM says:

    In my game some monsters you have on a different page I don’t have in my market, how do I get them?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I have no idea what’re you talking about. Explain it with more detail.

      • AIDANRYM says:

        Well when I go onto my monsters page on my game I don’t have a picture of the light monster or anything like that

        • noobbgodlike says:

          what monster page? market or encyclopedia?

          if market: maybe your level is not high enough (min level 32 for light)
          if encyclopedia: probably a glitch. follow fix error section on the main page.

  276. AIDANRYM says:

    Why do you not have fondness and the other monster under the giving tree?

  277. TMbreeder says:

    Not to pester, in fact I wish I could help directly. There are some scrambled eggs above. Thanks for all you work. If there is anything we (the appreciative users of your tiny monsters webpages) could do, please ask.

  278. sebastian says:

    I got air by breeding montin monster earthquake monster

  279. Ankhsss says:

    I got a question, if i breed two same kind but double element monsters, do i get that kind of monster or do i get a random btw the combination of those elements?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      if what you meant is like flower + flower, then yes. You will get the exact same monster (flower).

      • Ankhsss says:

        That’s nice, i want to replace all my fire monsters with solstice since they make more money :)

        • TMbreeder says:

          It is useful for breeding purposes to keep at least one of each elemental monster. Also I keep two of a specific hybrid until I get a mythic of that specific hybrid.

  280. TMbreeder says:

    Bred Hallow + Fire and got Fire four times on fifth breeding I got Solstice. I bred Fire + Hallow and got Fire twice and on third try I got Solstice. Now I will breed Solstice + Solstice until I get a MythicSolstice. God luck all!

  281. TMbreeder says:

    Trying for Solstice. Sun[Lf] level 10 + Hallow[F] level 6 gave 9 hour breeding time with 13 diamonds to skip breeding delay. It must be Solarflare[Lf]. Oh well, needed a Solarflare.

  282. Ashley says:

    Yeah! WhaHoo! Just got another summer solstice monster and it I MYTHIC! So excited! Although I think the plain ones cutier! Mythical like a light reddish color… But still super happy, I’ve been using burst and boreal…

  283. Luc says:

    How is the second solstice quest completed, because it says to harvest Plumpkins or Lucky Lettuce. I six Plumpkins but I had not completed the quest. Please tell me whats going on.

  284. AirDry says:

    Frostember + Frozenblaze = Solstice Monster

    5 Hour breeding time, 5 hour hatch time; first hibernation is 3 hours.

    Sorry I didn’t get a screenshot of it.

  285. Wstangle says:

    Thanks for this chart, I use it a lot.

  286. jessica s says:

    New monster out…Solstice. Single element Fire monster. Tried Bellow and inferno. 13 hr breed time. Tried fire and bellow. Just got fire!

  287. oztrich says:

    Hey, noob, on the Gift Monster egg above, I only see the Ice element. Is it also supposed to have the Earth element? I’m on an Android tab, so I guess it could just be my display. Just wanted to check. You’ve done a great job keeping up with these monsters! Thank you so much for all your help!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Baby gift monsters only have on elements. For adult, yes they have 2 elements like you said.

    • kit says:

      I just checked all the eggs 3 times and can not find the egg I just got am I over look it? It has ice/ or frost on top and a dark smooth bottom, that looks purple or really dark blue. Am I just over looking it?

      Hatch time is 1d 3h


  288. Ashley says:

    Does anyone know what a mythic plant looks like, I was wondering what look it was!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      why don’t you just visit the plant page?

      • Ashley says:

        Oh so sorry lol! I didn’t know you had a plant page I have the page set on my favorites and this is the page that pops up, and you don’t have fire, plant, and mountain on the egg page lol! I see it now though! So sorry!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          no need for sorry :D, actually I really forget that this page doesn’t have plant and fire link XD. It seems you’re new so I want to say, welcome to the community.

  289. jokemon says:

    So i bred mythic Magma and mythic Freeze and get a mythic something! Yay at forst but the time is 8 hours and i could either get a mythic Frost(which i have already), mythic Boreal(which i dont have either normal nor mythif) or mythic Frostember(which i have already but i could use one to cmplete a quest) … let yall know what happens… im still trying and failing miserably on getting Memorial and/or Marine.. ugh!