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Tiny Monsters Breeding Result Chart

  • I don’t include Fire (5 seconds), Earth (12 minutes), and Plant (18 minutes) in the chart
  • You can help me and others  by uploading the picture of the egg (via tinypic, email, etc) :D. Hi-res pictures are preferred  I will be the one who will crop the egg picture, you only need to give me the raw picture :D. Thank you guys 😀
  • Thanks to Dennis and others who have helped me and suggest me to re-make the page :D. Hope this can help you all.

LM= Limited Monsters


Remember all “magic numbers”, they are
[0] 5 (light)
[0] 8 (Elder Water)
[0] 12 (Elder Air)
[0] 18(elder earth and shadow )
[0]  21 (enigma)
[0] 22 (elder plant)
[0] 23 (elder fire, Elder Enigma)
[0]  26 (air)
[0]  29 (dark silk and elder star fire)
[0] 34 (legendary and elder ice)
[37] Special Elder
[0] 48 (elder)

Those monsters can be bred by breeding 2 hybrids, so if you breed 2 hybrids and find you got those numbers without any matching element, then you’re probably got those monsters.

Tiny Monsters Breeding Result Chart

Hours Normal Mythic Result Major Ele Minor Ele
1 Ice TM_Ice
3 Sun TM_Light TM_Fire
4 flower TM_Fire TM_Plant
4 bug TM_Plant TM_Fire
5 Tiny Monsters Golden Independence Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Golden Independence Egg Golden Independence
TM_Air TM_Fire
5 Tiny Monsters Mythic Independence egg Independence
TM_Air TM_Fire
5 Light TM_Light
5 Soar TM_Air TM_Light
5 Tiny Monsters Normal Solstice Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Solstice Egg Solstice(LM) TM_Fire
5 magma TM_Earth TM_Fire
5 Tree TM_Plant TM_Earth
5 Mountain TM_Earth TM_Plant
6 Flash TM_Electric TM_Light
6 Tundra TM_Ice TM_Plant
6 Silk TM_Plant TM_Ice
7 Tiny Monsters Aquaray egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Aquaray Egg Aquaray TM_Light TM_Water
7 Frozenflame TM_Fire TM_Ice
7 Hallow (LM) TM_Fire
7 Lushleaf TM_Plant TM_Light
7 Luster TM_Light TM_Electric
8 Tiny Monsters Elder Water Egg Tiny Monsters Elder Water Mythic Egg Elder Water TM_Legendary TM_Water
8 Frost TM_Ice TM_Earth
8 Boreal Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Boreal Mythic Egg Tiny Monsters Boreal TM_Ice TM_Fire
8 Tiny Monsters Ethereal Boreal Egg Boreal Mythic Egg Tiny Monsters Ethereal Boreal (LM) TM_Ice TM_Fire
8 Frostember TM_Ice TM_Fire
8 Lightswell TM_Water TM_Light
8 Tiny Monsters Snowstorm Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Snowstorm Mythic Egg Snowstorm (LM) TM_Air TM_Ice
9 Aurora TM_Ice TM_Light
9 hr
(13 diamonds)
Tiny Monsters Blushbug Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Blushbug Mythic Egg Blushbug (LM) TM_Plant
9 Buzzy(LM) TM_Plant TM_Electric
9 Embershade TM_Shadow TM_Fire
9 Tiny Monsters Firework Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Firework Egg Mythic Firework(LM) TM_Fire
9 Grimbolt(LM) TM_Earth TM_Electric
9 Love Monsters Egg Tiny Monster Tiny monsters Mythic Love egg Love(LM) TM_Earth TM_Plant
9 Tiny Monsters Mythic Memorial Egg Memorial(LM) TM_Earth TM_Ice
9 Tiny Monsters Merry Egg normal Tiny Monsters Mythic Merry Egg Merry(LM) TM_Ice TM_Fire
9 Tiny Monsters Origin Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Origin Egg Mythic Origin (LM) TM_Fire
9 Tiny Monsters Renewal Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Renewal Egg Mythic Renewal (LM) TM_Plant TM_Fire
9 hr (13 diamonds) Tiny Monsters Solar flare normal Tiny Monsters Mythic solar flare egg Solarflare TM_Light TM_Fire
9 Sporespark TM_Plant TM_Electric
9 Tiny Monsters Twinbell Egg Normal Twinbell (LM) TM_Earth TM_Electric
9 Voltleaf TM_Electric TM_Plant
10 Darkbolt TM_Shadow TM_Electric
10 Eeriewood TM_Plant TM_Shadow
10 Tiny Monsters NIghtfall Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Nightfall Egg Nightfall TM_Plant TM_Shadow
10 Strike TM_Electric TM_Fire
10 Flashfreeze TM_Ice TM_Electric
10 Tiny Monsters Star Normal Egg Picture Tiny Monsters Mythic Star Egg Star TM_Electric TM_Fire
11 Tiny Monsters Joy Egg Blue Tiny Monsters Joy Egg Blue Joy (Blue)(LM) TM_Plant
11 Tiny Monsters Lightwing normal egg Tiny Monsters Lightwing Mythic egg Lightwing TM_Air TM_Light
11 Sunstone TM_Light TM_Earth
12 Tiny Monsters Blossom Egg normal Tiny Monsters Mythic Blossom Egg Blossom(LM) TM_Earth TM_Plant
12 Tiny Monsters Elder Air Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Mythic Elder Air Egg Elder Air TM_Legendary TM_Air
12 Flicker TM_Electric TM_Shadow
12 Lighthorn TM_Light TM_Shadow
12 Tiny Monster Luck Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Luck Egg Luck(LM) TM_Earth TM_Plant
12 Tiny Monsters Marine Egg Tiny Monsters Marine Egg Mythic Marine(LM) TM_Water TM_Ice
12 Tiny Monsters Quetzalcoatl Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Quetzalcoatl Egg Quetzalcoatl TM_Air TM_Shadow
12 Sonar TM_Air TM_Shadow
12 Tiny Monsters Steadfast Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Steadfast Mythic Egg Steadfast (LM) TM_Earth TM_Plant
12 Tiny Monsters Umbra Egg Normal Umbrage (LM) TM_Plant  TM_Fire
13 Tiny Monsters Autumn Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Autumn Mythic Egg Autumn (LM) TM_Plant
13 Aquaveil TM_Water TM_Shadow
13 Cinder TM_Fire TM_Earth
13 Tiny Monsters Clover Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Clover Egg Mythic Clover (LM) TM_Plant
13 Tiny Monsters Darkburst Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Darkburst Egg Mythic Darkburst (LM) TM_Air TM_Fire
13 Tiny Monsters Dimspike egg Tiny Monsters Dimspike mythic egg Dimspike TM_Ice TM_Shadow
13 Tiny Monsters Evergreen Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Evergreen Egg Mythic Evergreen (LM) TM_Plant
13 Tiny Monsters Mythic Frostbeam egg Frostbeam TM_Ice TM_Light
13 Gift(LM) TM_Ice
13 Goldstone TM_Light TM_Earth
13 Tiny Monsters Joy Egg yellow Tiny Monsters Joy Egg yellow Joy (Yellow)(LM) TM_Plant
13 Tiny Monsters Lantern Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Lantern Egg Lantern TM_Fire
13 Tiny Monsters Primavera Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Primavera Egg Mythic Primavera (LM) TM_Plant TM_Fire
13 Tiny Monsters Slumber Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Slumber Egg Slumber TM_Ice TM_Shadow
13 Tiny Monsters Unity Egg Unity
(12 hours is wrong)
Tiny Monsters Valor Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Valor Mythic Egg Valor TM_Fire TM_Ice
13.5 Tiny Monsters Elder Electric Egg Tiny Monsters Elder Electric Egg Mythic Elder Electric TM_Legendary TM_Electric
14 Blackice TM_Ice TM_Shadow
14 Tiny Monsters Dusk Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Dusk Egg Dusk TM_Electric
14 Electric TM_Electric
14 Gratitude(LM) TM_Plant TM_Earth
14 Tiny Monsters Holly Monsters Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Holly Egg Holly(LM) TM_Plant TM_Ice
14 Tiny Monsters Joy Egg Purple Tiny Monsters Joy Egg Purple Joy (purple)(LM) TM_Plant
14 Tiny Monsters Pumpkin Monster Egg Normal Pumpkin Monster (LM) TM_Plant TM_Earth
14 Snowbluff TM_Earth TM_Ice
14 Flare TM_Fire TM_Electric
14 Spark TM_Electric TM_Ice
14 Sunspike TM_Plant TM_Light
15 Tiny Monsters Dawn Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Dawn Egg Dawn TM_Ice TM_Fire
15 Tiny Monsters Harvest Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Harvest Egg Mythic Harvest (LM) TM_Earth TM_Plant
15 Tiny Monsters Tinsel Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Tinsel Mythic Egg Tinsel (LM) TM_Ice
16 Earthquake TM_Electric TM_Earth
16 Tiny Monsters Special Luck Egg Tiny Monsters Special Luck Egg Mythic Special Luck (LM) TM_Earth TM_Plant
17(12 diamonds to speed up) Tiny Monsters Eclipse Normal Egg Tiny Caste Mythic Eclipse Egg Eclipse (LM) TM_Shadow TM_Air
17 Surge TM_Electric TM_Water
17 Mythic Shockwave egg tiny monsters egg Shockwave TM_Water TM_Electric
17 Tiny Monsters Wingwitch Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Wingwitch Mythic Egg Wingwitch (LM) TM_Fire TM_Air
18 Brimstone TM_Shadow TM_Earth
18 Darkscale TM_Shadow TM_Earth
18 Burst TM_Fire TM_Water
18 Tiny Monsters Devotion Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Mythic Devotion Egg Devotion (LM) TM_Water TM_Ice
18 Tiny Monsters Elder Earth Egg Tiny Monsters Elder Earth Mythic Egg Elder Earth TM_Legendary TM_Earth
18 Icefloe TM_Water TM_Ice
18 Shadow TM_Shadow
18 Shadefin TM_Shadow TM_Water
18 Tiny Monsters Spectral Brimstone Normal Egg Spectral Bimstone (LM) TM_Shadow TM_Earth
18 Spitfire TM_Water TM_Fire
19 Thunder TM_Earth TM_Electric
19 Tiny Monsters Wonder Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Wonder Egg Wonder (LM) TM_Plant
20 Seacliff TM_Water TM_Earth
21 Tiny Monsters Enigma egg Tiny Monsters Enigma egg Enigma TM_Legendary
22 Tiny Monsters Elder Plant Egg  Tiny Monsters Elder Plant Egg Mythic Elder Plant TM_Legendary  TM_Plant
22 Tailwind TM_Electric TM_Air
22 Pond TM_Plant TM_Water
23 Tiny Monsters Elder Enigma Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Elder Enigma Mythic Egg Elder Enigma TM_Legendary
(22 diamonds to finish)
Tiny Monsters Elder Fire Normal Egg  Tiny Monsters Elder Fire Mythic Egg Elder Fire TM_Legendary TM_Fire
23 Tiny Monsters Firestorm Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Mythic Firestorm Egg Firestorm TM_Fire TM_Electric
23 Flitter TM_Air TM_Plant
23 Flamegust TM_Fire TM_Air
24 Tiny Monsters Friendship Egg Friendship (SB)
24 Pollen TM_Plant TM_Air
(8 diamonds to speed up)
Tiny Monsters Snoowdrift Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Snowdrift Egg Mythic Snowdrift (LM) TM_Ice TM_Electric
24 Zephyr TM_Ice TM_Air
25 Freeze TM_Ice TM_Water
25 Water TM_Water
25 Bolt TM_Air TM_Electric
25 Puff TM_Water TM_Air
26 Flurry TM_Air TM_Ice
26 Air TM_Air
26 Tiny Monsters Celestial Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Mythic Celestial Egg Celestial (LM) TM_Air TM_Fire
26 Inferno TM_Air TM_Fire
26 Tempest TM_Earth TM_Air
26 Windstone TM_Earth TM_Air
26 Tiny Monsters Wraith Windstone Egg   Wraith Windstone (LM) TM_Earth TM_Air
27 Bayou TM_Water TM_Plant
28 Tiny Monsters Mythic river egg River TM_Earth TM_Water
28 Vapor TM_Air TM_Water
29 Tiny Monsters Darkwing Egg Tiny Monsters Darkwing Egg Mythic Darkwing (LM) TM_Fire  TM_Earth
29 Tiny Monsters Dark Silk Normal Egg  Tiny Monsters Dark Silk Normal Egg Dark Silk TM_Electric
29 Tiny Monsters Hero Monsters Egg Tiny Monsters Hero Monsters Egg Mythic Hero (LM) TM_Fire  TM_Earth
29 TIny Monsters Stardust Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Mythic Stardust Egg Stardust (LM) TM_Earth TM_Fire
29 Tiny Monsters Starfire Egg Normal Tiny Castle Mythic Starfire Egg Starfire (LM) TM_Fire TM_Earth
29 Tiny Monsters Elder Star Fire Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Mythic Star Elder Fire Egg Star Elder Fire TM_Fire
34 Tiny Monsters Elder Ice Egg Normal  Tiny Monsters Elder Ice Egg Mythic Elder Ice TM_Legendary TM_Ice
34   Legendary TM_Legendary
37 Tiny Monsters Special Elder Egg Tiny Monsters Special Elder Egg Mythic Special Elder TM_Legendary
42 Tiny Monsters Sagittarius Egg

Tiny Monsters Sagittarius Egg Mythic

Sagittarius (LM) TM_Fire  TM_Earth
42 Tiny Monsters Scorpio Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Scorpio Egg Mythic Scorpio (LM) TM_Ice  TM_Water
48 Tiny Monsters Elder Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Mythic elder egg Elder TM_Legendary


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101 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Breeding Result Chart”

  1. leti says:

    which monsters do i have to breed to get an air one (the pink bird)? i haven’t got 230 diamonds to buy it… and how do i get a frostember one? breeding a frost with a fire?

    • Kinght says:

      If I remember rightly, I did this to complete a task. I think I made bred an Air(blue bird) with another air and made sure mythic cave was fairly full . in blue part rather than pink. It took up to seven tries. Hope this helps : -)

  2. rairae says:

    Ok I’m breeding my frostember and my frozenflame (both level 5 teens) and got an 18hr breed time. Nothing in the 18hr time mark matches the elements. Any ideas?

  3. Brittany says:

    I don’t understand this at all of how the breeding and eggs go? And does anyone play this game anymore it seems really dead

  4. Raina says:

    So I bred a bug and flower monster (in that order) and got 9hr..could someone tell me what this could be??

  5. Milk says:

    I’ve tried breeding a cinder with a frostember about 30 times and still can’t get a frozenflame, also tried several other combos and still no luck. My friend gets them all the time but I can’t, any ideas on how to get one?

  6. Logan says:

    Hey is this game for sure dead? I asked for account transfer to new phone, but haven’t heard anything…..

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Sadly, yes… you can’t transfer the game now…. Try to transfer the game manually?

      • Logan says:

        I did, it glitched and both games went to brand new. :(

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Well, then I suppose we can’t transfer it since they have stopped answer the mail.

        • tinyarat says:

          They are still answering mail. I lost my game back in March when i tried transferring my game. They didn’t answer for a while. They did give me 1000 blue diamonds for my trouble. But couldn’t find the game because our took to long to answer my email. I just got my final email yesterday. They want to know how they did! Not going to have a nice reply!
          Noob, you always have had the best site for those of us who love the game! Still gonna play, it’s just to cute to stop playing! Thanks for all your help all these years!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Yeah, I basically stop because I get a new Ipad and they can’t transfer my game anymore…. and there is no re-release of previous limited monsters…. I hope they’re making something like tiny monsters 2.

  7. Angela Gehringer says:

    Is there going to be any limited new or old monsters released soon? It’s mid May and Valentine monsters are still listed. If they’re too busy (Tinyco) with other games the least they can do is make old monsters available. I’m bored. I don’t recall origin being re-released last summer either and its one of the cutest monsters ever and i don’t have it yet.

  8. Cindy says:

    This may be a stupid question but here goes, can a legendary be evolved into an elder. I just need one more elder and I do not want to waste my diamonds if this can jot produce what I need. I have read enough to know my legacy come from legendary but not sure about the elders.

  9. erlemora says:

    Noob.i am breeding for a blushbug but when i breed plant and tree monster, tjere was a breeding time at 1 day and 4 hours i think butt… there are no resaults at the breeding chart. please help me

  10. Jade says:

    Can we get more Elder habitat? I got one and I want to buy another but it is not available to buy. Is there a way to get another?

    • Beanie says:

      No, but you can get multiple Special Elder Habitats if you want to breed a lot of Special Elders (to get a lot of gems). You have to build them one at the time. Once one is built, another one will be available in the market. Be mindful that once you build them, they become permanent therefore can’t be removed anymore.

  11. louie says:

    I got star elder fire on accident today.

  12. Bravo says:

    HI Noobs.
    Can u please tell me wats going on with tiny monsters socals guide. Im tryn to gife my friends n i cant get threw to dey world. Some of my friends i can gift but its a lot of dem i cant gift anymore n i was wondering why. When i try to gift my peoples the game keep telln me. CANT VISIT. And sayn its opted
    out. And the game use to help find friends for me. What happen to that y did it stop helping me find friends to gift. And can u tell me what can i do to find peoples to gift

  13. Kostja47 says:

    Is it normal that breeding two mythic monsters of the same kind results in the same mythic monster without the mythic bowl indicates anything? Just got a mythic elder with two mythic elder and my bowl is still full 😀

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Not sure what happen. Just consider yourself lucky :).

      • Kostja47 says:

        2nd try, same result. Some could test it with mythic fire for example to proof the thesis. But i am fairly sure it’s meant to be this way.

        • Lil says:

          That’s the way I get all my mystic monsters with several forms. Two mystic teens and then you can breed as many mystic monsters (Legendary, Lighthorn, Hallow, …) as you want.

    • Scooter331 says:

      I’ve had a negotiable glitch with my Mythic Cave since I can remember ie: put some in go to put more in and gone with no mythic in between , filled up till blue go back half full red etc, regards Scooter331

  14. ericftw says:

    Im showing i have 187/200 monsters in my monsterpedia my friend has iPhone showing less monster’s. How many are there all together. The only ones i have left i can breed for are enigmas since im only missing limited monsters

    • noobbgodlike says:

      There were some monsters on the past which only available only on store (can’t be bred). However you don’t need to worry since they basically a “gift box” which turned to normal monsters.

  15. TinyGifts says:

    Hi Noob! I’m sad you decided to delete all of the posts that discussed the recent downtime in the world of Tiny Monsters. It was one of the few places on the internet that I could find any information at all. TinyCo deleted all similar posts from their TM Facebook page, and I think it’s really unfair that they haven’t provided any information at all to their loyal customers.

    Anyway, as I said, it was disappointing to see that all of the informative posts were deleted from your TM page. I continue coming here because you do a really awesome job with it, and because it provides up-to-date info. I hope you change your mind and let others discuss what’s going on. Have a great day!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, I delete them because I am afraid it will make other fight…. I don’t want this to happen. It’s been about 2 years since I begin to make this guide….. I really don’t want the games to end and the most important thing is I don’t want all of you fight each other. Let’s just enjoy the game. And let’s hope for the best for tiny monsters and castle.

  16. Lorenzo says:

    35 hours evolving the friendship monster in the social breeding den. No 35hour listing though. Any ideas?

  17. Lololady says:

    No Capricorn? Are they not continuing the zodiac theme?

  18. Frances JoLee says:

    I am a tiny monsters player Frances JoLee and I have a mythic Sagittarius and after my friend helped me to find out what I have in my nursery we found out you do not have a picture of the mythic available and I do not know how to get it to you. Please tell me what to do to send it to you so it may be posted for further use. Thank you…..

  19. Md530 says:

    I got 21 hours with lvl 7 earthquake and level 7 frost…waiting to see the results but all I see with 21 hours is Enigma…I was trying for Shadow.

  20. Danielle says:

    I just got 8 hours with ice and electric, was trying for snowdrift. At first I thought it was elder water but the egg is all white with tiny ears? Does anybody know what this is???? Dying to know but I don’t have enough diamonds the hatch it right away.

  21. Got Snowdrift with Elderice & Dusk 1st try.

  22. rabbit says:

    I just got a Scorpio? There wasn’t even a graphic for the egg!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      scorpio?? do you mean magma? There are magma pictures on the post above.

    • pogolove says:

      Me too. Bred Devotion and Ethereal Boreal, got 1 day 18 hr., finish now for 18 diamonds. So far no picture of egg. It takes water habitat. Don’t want to place it yet, hoping a pic of egg will appear so I can take screen shot of it. Weird! :-)

    • Fleurdelis77 says:

      I also got a scorpio monster. I got 2 of them with the bronze pack purchase. Has anybody tried to breed a mythic version yet? I filled the orb and tried 4x but didn’t want to keep trying if it wasn’t even an option.

      • Fleurdelis77 says:

        Mythic is available :) It is red with purple zodiac symbol. Very cute. Names you wouldn’t really expect for a scorpion though. In my quest to get a mythic I hatched Sweetness, Dearest, Honey, and Sugar.

        • Marion Harris says:

          What combination did you use please?, also what’s the hatching time?

        • Fleurdelis77 says:

          I used lvl 5 scorpions on both sides (I got the scorp eggs with bronze pack purchace last week) I filled the red level of the orb only. Hatch time is 1 day 18 hrs or 18 diamonds for instant hatching. Earn rate for regular Scorpion is 44 at lvl 10 and 46 for Mythic. Egg pics still showing blank in the nursery. I would love to know what it looks like.

    • chaszack (tiny id) says:

      I just seen someone post pics to the Facebook page. It’s water and ice hybrid. He said it didn’t show in his Monsterpedia until he hatched it. 1 day and 18 hrs to hatch or 18 diamonds to speed up hatching. Just paraphrasing the post. No egg pic, just a grey square.

  23. Lololady says:

    What are the chances that, even though I bred very regularly, I got none of the independence day specials, none of the Halloween specials, and none of the Thanksgiving specials?????

  24. TinyMonstersIsBoss says:

    What could I have gotten if I breed magma + Mythic fire? I got 14 hours

  25. ceaz says:

    I just got a14 hr egg ( mythic ) irrelevent but was from breeding both mythic lvl 10 plant and earth and I got a purple egg with what looks like cat ears on it an what seems to be vertical strips like a pumpkin. It is not gratitude egg nor any of the other normal eggs from a earth – plant combo. I think its the new pumpkin monster cause its the only option left but wasn’t 29 hours so was thinking breed time is wrong for it or I have no idea what it is. Any ideas out their on it???

  26. Lololady says:

    Noob, everyone’s saying they’re using Gloom to get Darkwing- I’ve been through the list 4 times; there’s no Gloom. ?????

  27. LadiiLeo26 says:

    I have a unique monster I don’t see it in the chart list. I have a picture of the egg. I’m just curious to know what it is. It takes 15hrs to hatch. I obtain it my first try of breeding a fire and an ice.

  28. Patrick says:

    The Dark Wing Cluster
    M Fire and M Earth… 1st try

  29. mawmaw says:

    what i dont understand is i already had an legendary and it has disappeared. i also had the turkey and its gone to.

  30. alicia.ware987 says:

    Got special elder with inferno lvl 5 and tempest lvl 6.

  31. tinycal says:

    I got a darkburst! Level 10 mythic air and level 10 firework.

  32. sandy says:

    You know I love playing this game but I am really upset! Every time I try to play I get kicked off after a few minutes. I can’t even do the social part cuz I will usually get kicked off the game right away so its not fair to the people that are able to gift me and I cant gift them back! I can have a perfect internet connection but I still get kicked off! I tried contacting the tiny co. Them selves but I couldnt figure out how to send them a message about this problem! If there is a way u could help me contact them that would be wonderful cause I would like to continue to play this game. And this is the second phone that I have had this problem with! Pleasehelp out! Thank you!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Try to follow fix error section, I believe this problem only happen on low end device though.

    • Nichole says:

      It could be the device is too old. That happened on my old droid and I got a new cheap tablet. It has been working fine but its slowing down and freezing more the higher level I get. Also the higher level my social friends are the more lag time there is.

    • Daisy says:

      I am having a big problem too but mine is different than yours. I get an error saying sorry user has opted out of social. I went on Tinycos facebook and a few people said its that the user hasnt put their age in. I dont know what to do though. Do i delete all my people? I can only collect from like 5 people now :/

  33. BlackX5M says:

    Um, 29hours, 28 diamonds? Nothing listed like that. Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

  34. Sarah says:

    So if you bred fire and ice you would have a probability of getting any number of eggs then?

  35. Sarah says:

    What is the difference between major and minor? Is it the order you select to breed or their age?

  36. noobbgodlike says:

    All previous comments have been deleted to speed up the loading speed. Happy breeding and let’s start discuss the game again :).

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