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Tiny Monsters Breeding Result Chart

  • I don’t include Fire (5 seconds), Earth (12 minutes), and Plant (18 minutes) in the chart
  • You can help me and others  by uploading the picture of the egg (via tinypic, email, etc) :D. Hi-res pictures are preferred  I will be the one who will crop the egg picture, you only need to give me the raw picture :D. Thank you guys :D
  • Thanks to Dennis and others who have helped me and suggest me to re-make the page :D. Hope this can help you all.

LM= Limited Monsters


Remember all “magic numbers”, they are
[0] 5 (light)
[0] 18(elder earth and shadow )
[0]  21 (enigma)
[0] 22 (elder plant)
[0] 23 (elder fire, Elder Enigma)
[0]  26 (air)
[0]  29 (dark silk and elder star fire)
[0] 34 (legendary)
[37] Special Elder
[0] 48 (elder)

Those monsters can be bred by breeding 2 hybrids, so if you breed 2 hybrids and find you got those numbers without any matching element, then you’re probably got those monsters.

Hours Normal Mythic Result Major Ele Minor Ele
1 Ice TM_Ice
3 Sun TM_Light TM_Fire
4 flower TM_Fire TM_Plant
4 bug TM_Plant TM_Fire
5 Tiny Monsters Golden Independence Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Golden Independence Egg Golden Independence
TM_Air TM_Fire
5 Tiny Monsters Mythic Independence egg Independence
TM_Air TM_Fire
5 Light TM_Light
5 Soar TM_Air TM_Light
5 Tiny Monsters Normal Solstice Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Solstice Egg Solstice(LM) TM_Fire
5 magma TM_Earth TM_Fire
5 Tree TM_Plant TM_Earth
5 Mountain TM_Earth TM_Plant
6 Flash TM_Electric TM_Light
6 Tundra TM_Ice TM_Plant
6 Silk TM_Plant TM_Ice
7 Tiny Monsters Aquaray egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Aquaray Egg Aquaray TM_Light TM_Water
7 Frozenflame TM_Fire TM_Ice
7 Hallow (LM) TM_Fire
7 Lushleaf TM_Plant TM_Light
7 Luster TM_Light TM_Electric
8 Frost TM_Ice TM_Earth
8 Boreal Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Boreal Mythic Egg Tiny Monsters Boreal TM_Ice TM_Fire
8 Tiny Monsters Ethereal Boreal Egg Boreal Mythic Egg Tiny Monsters Ethereal Boreal (LM) TM_Ice TM_Fire
8 Frostember TM_Ice TM_Fire
8 Lightswell TM_Water TM_Light
8 Tiny Monsters Snowstorm Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Snowstorm Mythic Egg Snowstorm (LM) TM_Air TM_Ice
9 Aurora TM_Ice TM_Light
9 hr
(13 diamonds)
Tiny Monsters Blushbug Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Blushbug Mythic Egg Blushbug (LM) TM_Plant
9 Buzzy(LM) TM_Plant
9 Embershade TM_Shadow TM_Fire
9 Tiny Monsters Firework Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Firework Egg Mythic Firework(LM) TM_Fire
9 Grimbolt(LM) TM_Earth TM_Electric
9 Love Monsters Egg Tiny Monster Tiny monsters Mythic Love egg Love(LM) TM_Earth TM_Plant
9 Tiny Monsters Mythic Memorial Egg Memorial(LM) TM_Earth TM_Ice
9 Tiny Monsters Merry Egg normal Tiny Monsters Mythic Merry Egg Merry(LM) TM_Ice TM_Fire
9 Tiny Monsters Origin Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Origin Egg Mythic Origin (LM) TM_Fire
9 Tiny Monsters Renewal Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Renewal Egg Mythic Renewal (LM) TM_Plant TM_Fire
9 hr (13 diamonds) Tiny Monsters Solar flare normal Tiny Monsters Mythic solar flare egg Solarflare TM_Light TM_Fire
9 Sporespark TM_Plant TM_Electric
9 Voltleaf TM_Electric TM_Plant
10 Darkbolt TM_Shadow TM_Electric
10 Eeriewood TM_Plant TM_Shadow
10 Tiny Monsters NIghtfall Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Nightfall Egg Nightfall TM_Plant TM_Shadow
10 Strike TM_Electric TM_Fire
10 Flashfreeze TM_Ice TM_Electric
10 Tiny Monsters Star Normal Egg Picture Star TM_Electric TM_Fire
11 Tiny Monsters Joy Egg Blue Tiny Monsters Joy Egg Blue Joy (Blue)(LM) TM_Plant
11 Tiny Monsters Lightwing normal egg Tiny Monsters Lightwing Mythic egg Lightwing TM_Air TM_Light
11 Sunstone TM_Light TM_Earth
12 Tiny Monsters Blossom Egg normal Tiny Monsters Mythic Blossom Egg Blossom(LM) TM_Earth TM_Plant
12 Flicker TM_Electric TM_Shadow
12 Lighthorn TM_Light TM_Shadow
12 Tiny Monster Luck Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Luck Egg Luck(LM) TM_Earth TM_Plant
12 Tiny Monsters Marine Egg Tiny Monsters Marine Egg Mythic Marine(LM) TM_Water TM_Ice
12 Sonar TM_Air TM_Shadow
12 Tiny Monsters Steadfast Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Steadfast Mythic Egg Steadfast (LM) TM_Earth TM_Plant
13 Tiny Monsters Autumn Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Autumn Mythic Egg Autumn (LM) TM_Plant
13 Aquaveil TM_Water TM_Shadow
13 Cinder TM_Fire TM_Earth
13 Tiny Monsters Clover Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Clover Egg Mythic Clover (LM) TM_Plant
13 Tiny Monsters Dimspike egg Tiny Monsters Dimspike mythic egg Dimspike TM_Ice TM_Shadow
13 Tiny Monsters Evergreen Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Evergreen Egg Mythic Evergreen (LM) TM_Plant
13 Tiny Monsters Mythic Frostbeam egg Frostbeam TM_Ice TM_Light
13 Gift(LM) TM_Ice
13 Goldstone TM_Light TM_Earth
13 Tiny Monsters Joy Egg yellow Tiny Monsters Joy Egg yellow Joy (Yellow)(LM) TM_Plant
13 Tiny Monsters Lantern Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Lantern Egg Lantern TM_Fire
13 Tiny Monsters Primavera Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Primavera Egg Mythic Primavera (LM) TM_Plant TM_Fire
13 Tiny Monsters Slumber Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Slumber Egg Slumber TM_Ice TM_Shadow
13 Tiny Monsters Unity Egg Unity
(12 hours is wrong)
Tiny Monsters Valor Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Valor Mythic Egg Valor TM_Fire TM_Ice
14 Blackice TM_Ice TM_Shadow
14 Tiny Monsters Dusk Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Dusk Egg Dusk TM_Electric
14 Electric TM_Electric
14 Gratitude(LM) TM_Plant TM_Earth
14 Tiny Monsters Holly Monsters Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Holly Egg Holly(LM) TM_Plant TM_Ice
14 Tiny Monsters Joy Egg Purple Tiny Monsters Joy Egg Purple Joy (purple)(LM) TM_Plant
14 Snowbluff TM_Earth TM_Ice
14 Flare TM_Fire TM_Electric
14 Spark TM_Electric TM_Ice
14 Sunspike TM_Plant TM_Light
15 Tiny Monsters Dawn Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Dawn Egg Dawn TM_Ice TM_Fire
15 Tiny Monsters Harvest Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Harvest Egg Mythic Harvest (LM) TM_Earth TM_Plant
15 Tiny Monsters Tinsel Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Tinsel Mythic Egg Tinsel (LM) TM_Ice
16 Earthquake TM_Electric TM_Earth
16 Tiny Monsters Special Luck Egg ?? Special Luck (LM) TM_Earth TM_Plant
17(12 diamonds to speed up) Tiny Monsters Eclipse Normal Egg Tiny Caste Mythic Eclipse Egg Eclipse (LM) TM_Shadow TM_Air
17 Surge TM_Electric TM_Water
17 Mythic Shockwave egg tiny monsters egg Shockwave TM_Water TM_Electric
17 Tiny Monsters Wingwitch Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Wingwitch Mythic Egg Wingwitch (LM) TM_Fire TM_Air
18 Brimstone TM_Shadow TM_Earth
18 Darkscale TM_Shadow TM_Earth
18 Burst TM_Fire TM_Water
18 Tiny Monsters Devotion Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Mythic Devotion Egg Devotion (LM) TM_Water TM_Ice
18 Tiny Monsters Elder Earth Egg Tiny Monsters Elder Earth Mythic Egg Elder Earth TM_Legendary TM_Earth
18 Icefloe TM_Water TM_Ice
18 Shadow TM_Shadow
18 Shadefin TM_Shadow TM_Water
18 Tiny Monsters Spectral Brimstone Normal Egg Spectral Bimstone (LM) TM_Shadow TM_Earth
18 Spitfire TM_Water TM_Fire
19 Thunder TM_Earth TM_Electric
19 Tiny Monsters Wonder Egg Tiny Monsters Mythic Wonder Egg Wonder TM_Plant
20 Seacliff TM_Water TM_Earth
21 Tiny Monsters Enigma egg Tiny Monsters Enigma egg Enigma TM_Legendary
22 Tiny Monsters Elder Plant Egg  Tiny Monsters Elder Plant Egg Mythic Elder Plant TM_Legendary  TM_Plant
22 Tailwind TM_Electric TM_Air
22 Pond TM_Plant TM_Water
23 Tiny Monsters Elder Enigma Normal Egg Tiny Monsters Elder Enigma Mythic Egg Elder Enigma TM_Legendary
(22 diamonds to finish)
Tiny Monsters Elder Fire Normal Egg  Tiny Monsters Elder Fire Mythic Egg Elder Fire TM_Legendary TM_Fire
23 Flitter TM_Air TM_Plant
23 Flamegust TM_Fire TM_Air
24 Tiny Monsters Friendship Egg Friendship (SB)
24 Pollen TM_Plant TM_Air
24 Zephyr TM_Ice TM_Air
25 Freeze TM_Ice TM_Water
25 Water TM_Water
25 Bolt TM_Air TM_Electric
25 Puff TM_Water TM_Air
26 Flurry TM_Air TM_Ice
26 Air TM_Air
26 Tiny Monsters Celestial Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Mythic Celestial Egg Celestial (LM) TM_Air TM_Fire
26 Inferno TM_Air TM_Fire
26 Tempest TM_Earth TM_Air
26 Windstone TM_Earth TM_Air
26 Tiny Monsters Wraith Windstone Egg   Wraith Windstone (LM) TM_Earth TM_Air
27 Bayou TM_Water TM_Plant
28 Tiny Monsters Mythic river egg River TM_Earth TM_Water
28 Vapor TM_Air TM_Water
29 Tiny Monsters Dark Silk Normal Egg  Tiny Monsters Dark Silk Normal Egg Dark Silk TM_Electric
29 TIny Monsters Stardust Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Mythic Stardust Egg Stardust (LM) TM_Earth TM_Fire
29 Tiny Monsters Starfire Egg Normal Tiny Castle Mythic Starfire Egg Starfire (LM) TM_Fire TM_Earth
29 Tiny Monsters Elder Star Fire Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Mythic Star Elder Fire Egg Star Elder Fire TM_Fire
34 Tiny Monsters Elder Ice Egg Normal  Tiny Monsters Elder Ice Egg Mythic Elder Ice TM_Legendary TM_Ice
34   Legendary TM_Legendary
37 Tiny Monsters Special Elder Egg Tiny Monsters Special Elder Egg Mythic Special Elder TM_Legendary
48 Tiny Monsters Elder Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Mythic elder egg Elder TM_Legendary


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1,502 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Breeding Result Chart”

  1. thicks says:

    There could be more elder elemental monsters on the way. I recently bought some gems and as a bonus I received the Towering Elder Stone. It states it is related to the elemental pillars bur more powerful. That it will dramatically increase the chances of hatching any elder elemental. It has electric earth plant air fire ice water symbols on it.

  2. Franc says:

    Ummm so i got 18 hours from a shadow and eireewood. No clue what it could be

  3. delaygon says:

    Hey… can u help me… I already buy a pouch of diamonds… my money already taken away… but I dint get any diamond… its been half a day… what was that suppose to be…

  4. Darisa says:

    I just bred plant and tree trying to get mountain and I got a 29hr breeding time does anyone know what it could be?

  5. Stephanie says:

    In social breading den I have “1 day, 10 hours and 59 minutes.” I don’t see which monster it may be. Special Elder says 37 and Legendary is 34–those are the 2 closest I could find. Ideas?

  6. Tojalitaji says:

    I get this one, grey box with exclamation points on it, and everything I try to hatch out, tiny monsters shuts down. Any ideas?

  7. LilFizzie says:

    Hey Noob any info on the golden independence? May have over looked something but haven’t found info on it and I can’t seem to be able to breed one…

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You may need to finish golden independence first (others say you don’t need to, but just to be safe). I lack the adult picture of golden independence, so I can’t create the picture.

      • LilFizzie says:

        Thanks. Man, I couldn’t ever breed one! Times up huh :( I don’t knew how to tell when times up for special editions LOL

  8. Jade says:

    I bred Fire monster and Thunder and I got 13 hrs. What could the outcome be? There is nothing on the breeding chart to explain it unless it is the brand new Star monster which is not on the list yet. Maybe I got lucky!

  9. Ace12755 says:

    Duskhorn n firefly got me the new star (10 hours). Used diamonds to speed up n it is a goldfish yellow star shaped egg!

  10. Bluejoe says:

    Hey Noob, why didn’t you include Fire,Earth, and Plant. Great guide by the way helped me a lot.

  11. Barbarab says:

    I bred plant unity and electric friendship and its gonna b mythic and i think it took around 17 hrs not sure on time but did early today and still has little over 7 hrs left any ideas???

  12. BoilingOil says:

    Finally a monster that doesn’t keep me trying for three months before it appears.

    Mythic Origin lvl 10 on the left, regular Star Elder Fire lvl 10 on the right ==> MYTHIC Celestial!

    Indeed, the first time ever that I get the Mythic version before the regular!

    • BoilingOil says:

      Odd, how two Fire monsters breed a MYTHIC Fire/Air hybrid WITHOUT any boosting at the Mythic Cave. But for just this once, you won’t hear me complain. ;-)

  13. sam says:

    …. I’m so angry at this game…. There are some monsters that I can’t get no matter how much I try like flamegust puff zepfyr shockwave darkscale and the new star monsters…. I know its all chance but getting seven inferno in row while trying for something else is so frustrating especially with the long wait time….. Sorry for venting here noob :(

  14. Lyn says:

    I don’t know where to ask this question. I have gotten mythic monsters and globe goes empty of course. But what if you have filled it and even half filled it with more color and you still don’t get a mythic anything for a long time? What is the role of this cave anyway? Does it increase chance?

  15. amazingddd (Tiny monsters acc) says:

    Ugh, are releasing the starry monsters to fast! I’ve only got starfire and star elder fire. Can anyone tell me combinations to get the other one?

  16. FeliNiBaud says:

    Any idea on the breeding time for the new celestial monster?

  17. Aligreen says:

    I got the mythic starfire monster and I noticed you don’t have a picture
    Of the egg. I can send you one but what email address should I send it to? Thanks!!!!

    Btw I used an adult star elder fire monster and the snowman looking gift monster with
    About a million coins in the mythic cave.

  18. Barbarab says:

    Ok i bred a mythic flower & mythic icefloe any ideas?

  19. Barbarab says:

    I think i may have an elder enigma? I bred electric and dark silk trying for dusk but the breeding time is almost 24 hrs and thats the only thing i have found with that breeding time so far matching those monsters. Any other ideas is more than welcomed maybe i over looked something thanks!!

  20. Tiny says:

    i have bred steadfast and primavera for the new starfire monster but i got 12 hrs breeding time instead.. blossom, steadfast and luck are the only monsters applicable to the elements of the two.. its a bug right noob?

  21. Purl gamer says:

    Noobb, thanks for the very helpful & well maintained guides!

  22. Danny says:

    Just breeded Star Elder Fire (10) and Teen Mountain. First try

  23. Barbarab says:

    Ok i bred a m flower and a bug both lvl 10 and got 1d and 4 hrs and cant find that on chart any where for that combo and time any ideas? Ive said b4 couldnt find n which i couldnt but after putting n nursery looked for resembling egg but this time i just bred so hoping for help instead of waiting over 30 hrs PLEASE!!

  24. Michael says:

    Sorry man this annoyed me when I read it. I’ve been drinking and caught that one; lol

    You can help me and others by uploading the picture of the egg (via tinypic, email, etc) :D. Hi-res pictures are preferred I will the one who will crop the egg picture, you only need to give me the raw picture :D. Thank you guys .

  25. blueace says:

    Hey nob. I got valor with grimfreese and merry. It has a 13hr hatching time yet only cost 12 diamonds to hatch early.

  26. Daddyslittleroo says:

    Hey Noob
    Just a friendly suggestion
    Maybe in the egg chart above you can place the time of hatching?
    Like now I have a time of 29 hrs on the egg but without me seeing the egg I don’t know what it is so I just thought if there was time next to each egg I could look up the time even if there is a couple of Monster with the same time I could see my options of what it may be. Oh maybe next we could download the chart? Just asking I think its awesome what you do I thank you!!

  27. Livvy says:

    I got an egg with gold horns and wings I have not seen it in the shop and I don’t see it here is it a glitch or is it just relly rare

  28. Arguenot says:

    I am not sure how this happened… maybe I am just missing the obvious..
    In that Friendship cave I bred Water and Earth… and got a Purple Joy egg
    did it again. And got 22 hours?
    But I am using no plant to breed…. just water and earth…..???

  29. SkyTheWolf says:

    Noobgodlike, I would like to suggest moving 27 up there because bayous the only one that has it, like put 27 is bayou! What do you think

  30. Gail says:

    Social breeding ice and earth…. 11 hours, would that be blue joy? I read the time correctly, tell me what you think.

  31. Ceazer says:

    Breed a bug and a flower got a 29 hr result and have no idea wat it could be can any one help me out since on the list here only 29 hr one is a electric monster.

  32. J Barrett says:

    Hey noob, I see you don’t have the new enigma egg in your chart. When you going to update the chart?

  33. sam says:

    Hi noon I bred flicker and air and got a 17 hour breeding and 12 diamonds to finish the only thing IG could be according to the chart is eclipse… But that’s a limited monster… Is it out again?

    • sam says:

      I was exited and used diamonds and it was eclipse :) I didn’t have it so I’m happy ;)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It shouldn’t be available at this moment, but it seems you get it (Many people are reporting same thing from last week). I wonder if tinyco will release may day monster :).

      • sam says:

        Well I was just happy to get a limited monster that isn’t plant :) all the flower joy and wonder spree made me hate plant monster lol

  34. BlackX5M says:

    Huh? Frozenflame and Merry for 14 hours? Nothing even remotely possible. That’s two fire and ice monsters, but no fire, ice, or fire/ice hybrid for 14 hours. Strange.

  35. Punisher says:

    I bred snowbluff and mountain and got 13 hour hatch time. Joy?

  36. cloudyy says:

    I bred frostember with frozenflame (frozenblaze) and I got 13 hours what the heck im not seeing what it could be. I looked at the chart, and nothing has the right elements. I was trying for boreal btw

    • cloudyy says:

      It was yellow joy what the heck

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Strange?? I am not sure either, there have been many reports that any 2 hybrids can resulted on joy monsters, this was not happening on the last year.

        • cloudyy says:

          How weird!! so get this, I just tried switching the order keeping the ftostember and changing my frozenflame with a differant spree (wildfreeze) and this time it gave me 11 hours BLUE joy.My game is stuck on joy mode lol. I guess I need to wait for joy to end to try for boreal

  37. Steph says:

    35 hour creature? (1 day, 10 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds). I don’t see it in this chart. Did I miss something?

  38. jewls says:

    Hi Mr Noobb I am confused I breed plant unity with ice friendship and got a 5 hour timer can’t see anything that matches. Also breed electric with plant and got mythic air (scratches head). Really appreciate your help.

  39. sbax76 says:

    I like your page it helps alot, if I have problems or questions I come here, you have said this alot”breeding is all chance” I am just confirming this. With 2 flower monsters I have had 7 different monsters and counting.

  40. Someone says:

    My socialopedia isn’t showing up…I never had one, but how do I get one…? I don’t have any social things – except for the monster mailbox but that’s it…. Do you think you can help me…you helped this one guy before, but I can’t find his comments. Please help. Thanks.

  41. Cody Shaw says:

    Does any1 know how to evolve the wonder monster past level 4 please help ive bought a ton of crap trying to evolve it and nothing works HELP!!!!!!

  42. Flora Gem says:

    I’m confused right now cos I breeded my Kapre and fairy and It said it would take 3 hrs and 45 min?

  43. Ms.loko says:

    Hi Nobbs Im trying 2 buy sum diamonds. The game telling me 2 put in my google account. I did it and it still wont go thru. Tell me wat can i do. I went 2 d help part of d game and i cant get thru 2 talk 2 them. please nobb tell me wat 2 do.

  44. Gail says:

    My daughter just bred lvl 10 mythic old flower form with level 10 Autumn and got 19 hours. Must be the new Wonder Egg right? I tried but got a bug.

  45. FeliNiBaud says:

    Just bred 2 lv 10 flowers and got a 7 hour breeding time. Was so confused i spent the diamonds to see what it could possibly be and it turned out to be a flower. WT??? Any ideas on what happened?

  46. Gail says:

    Hope I’m on the right page, I filled my orb two three times, not sure, it’s greenish but when I bred under the tree it said I got a mythic egg, so I went to my orb and was still at the same level as before I got the mythic. Does the tree take away from your mythic chances in the regular breeding den? I’ve always wondered …I think before it’s taken from the mythic orb , do you know? Thank You.

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