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Tiny Monsters Cease and Desist Quest: Stardust Monster Quest

Thanks to Draelan and Ehlana for these quest info

Cease and Desist Side Quest

For those who don’t get the quest

You need to finish Starfire Quest first in order to get this one. You can see Starfire quest on THIS PAGE.

If you have finished the Starfire quest and can’t see this quest then I have no idea.. sorry, the best advice I can suggest is to follow fix error section on the main page.

Tiny Monsters Cease and Desist Icon

[1] Pretend to go about business as normal! Harvest crops 5 times!
Reward: 125 food, 125 coins

[2] Act normal! Buy 2 Decorations.
Reward: 150 exp
Note: Any decorations you’ve unlocked that cost 0 coins (such as Silver Butterfly or Gold Butterfly) will work.

[3] Act normal! Hatch any monster!
Reward: 50 exp, 150 food

[4] Collect from the Starchart Habitat once!
Reward: 50 exp, 100 coins
Note: Appears after completing a quest: The Starchart Habitat.

[5] Have a Stardust Monster and put it in the Starchart Habitat!
Reward: 50 exp, 100 food
Note: According to the Monsterpedia, Stardust is a Fire/Earth hybrid. Good luck!

A Letter for Phineas

Listen to Phineas and collect from habitats 5 times, then hatch any egg.
Reward: 150 food, 100 coins
Note: Appears at same time as Cease and Desist (2/5).

The Starchart Habitat

Listen to Phineas and build the Starchart Habitat!
Reward: 150 food, 100 coins
Note: Starchart Habitat is in the Habitats list. It costs 350,000 coins to purchase, takes 35 hours to build, and is a Fire type habitat.

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

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48 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Cease and Desist Quest: Stardust Monster Quest”

  1. Raila Maar says:

    I had the quest show up before I had the starfire monster and now that I have it…i can’t get the quest to show or any of them after a starry monster… i am lost?

  2. jheymee M. Franco says:

    Quest Completed In two days:)

  3. jamavros says:

    This quest came up for me as soon as I finished the star fire quest with having the adult star fire.

  4. Deb says:

    I have a picture of this. If you need it just let me know how to send to you Noob. 🙂

  5. June Bug says:

    Do you also need to have completed the “Mystery Gift” Quest?

  6. Scooter331 says:

    Hi Noob after following your fix error section I have a habitate to get ie 40 of 41 but there isn’t a Starchart Habitate for me to purchase any ideas mate ty regards Scooter331.

  7. erick469 says:

    I bred star fire elder and dark silk and got 4 hrs 59 min finish for 29 diamonds.

  8. lilybell says:

    Does anyone have Stardust yet? I’m trying with Starfire and Mythic Earth. Have a 29 hour breeding time… Hopefully it’s not just another Starfire.

  9. Maja says:

    I got 5 hour ?? breeding time with 29 diamonds to finish in social breeding den. 29 hours to hatch. And it is the new one 🙂

  10. Katie Best says:

    Fyi, I know the base elements say earth and fire, but I just got stardust egg with fire and electric in social breeding. Time 29hrs. Will update with more info as I hatch

  11. basaro says:

    The game is wrong (probably on purpose?), Stardust is Electric+Fire, 29 hours. Just got one with Solstice and Dark Silk first try.

  12. Debra says:

    In order for this quest to appear your Star Fire must be level 10.

  13. Debra says:

    I have pictures of the regular and mythic egg for Star Dust. Also pictures just hatched, teen and adult. It is 29 hour hatch time. Used SBD electric + fire ( thanks to Loo Ray).

  14. Jerby says:

    Hi, as soon as I have woken up my Starfire monster as adult (evolution to level 8), thus completing its quest, I got the new Cease and Desist quest which Becky had been announcing.
    So, I hope you will all get it also at that time !

  15. Looray says:

    I got one with Electric friendship and Fire Unity also. Breeding time 5 hours finish for 29 diamonds. 🙂

  16. tinfu says:

    5 hours hatch time and 29 diamonds to hatch early. Used fire and electric like the other person said. Didn’t catch all of the feed but first one was 15 food. First hatch time is 29 hours.

  17. LoveLane29 & LoveLane34 (Tiny ID) says:

    Does the task appear right after the big “Cease and Desist” thing? Because on both my tablet and phone nothing happened, no quests showed up thanks!

  18. Crocsi5 says:

    I got one from social —-electric and fire and it’s mythic. Can’t remember what the breeding time was though coz i wasn’t expecting it. I pretty sure it wasn’t 29 hrs though. Maybe 18 or 26 one of those times u expect to get a shadow or air.

  19. Gerstbuckeye says:

    I keep getting the message about Becky’s cease and desist letter but when I click let’s go, it doesn’t do anything. I don’t even see new quests… am I missing something?

  20. Barb says:

    I have not received these quests on either of my games? (Ipod & Android both almost at level 80)
    The Cease and Desist window pops up when I open them but no new quests? Any ideas Noobb? I have done the fix error section. Also I have yet to do the last update that was for Android version. (same time as last ipod update …I think?) It is for “bug fixes” not sure if it is safe to do ? So far my game on Android only has problems when gifting. I have received all quests except this last set.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, maybe you need to clear starfire quest first before able to find this one. I can;t find the quest myself… (I haven’t finished starfire quest). If you have finished the quest and still can’t find the quest then I have no idea.

      • Barb says:

        Hi Noobb, I finished the starfire quest and now the cease and desist quest showed up 🙂 Thought I would let you know 🙂

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