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Tiny Monsters Celestial Skies

Tiny Monsters Celestial Skies

Celestial Skies

Thanks to Ehlana for these info

You need to finish Cease and Desist Quest first to make this one appear. Visit THIS PAGE to know more about the quest.

[1] Prepare to protect yourself from the academy! Collect from habitats 20 times.
Rewards: 50 XP and 100 Coins

[2] Build your stores! Harvest crops 10 times!
Rewards: 125 Food and 125 Coins

[3] Try to hatch the new monster (No need to be Celestial, You can use fire).
There is a report that you can finish the quest by hatching “any” monsters though…
Rewards: 50 XP and 150 Food

[4] Have the new monsters at level 10 (what you hatch on quest number 3)
Rewards: 5 diamonds and 100 Coins

[5] Have an upgraded Starchart Habitat (37 hours and 500.0oo Coins)
Rewards: 1000 XP and 10/50 diamonds

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33 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Celestial Skies”

  1. shaneadair says:

    Part 4 of this did not clear until I raised my Celestial monster to level 10. The monster that I hatched in part 3 (Flare) and raised to level 10 DID NOT work to clear the quest. And that effort was just a waste of time and food. 🙁 Instructions from old Becky were very misleading. “This new monster” apparently refers to the Celestial and not the “newly hatched” baby from part 3!! I hope this helps anyone from wasting food or diamonds leveling up the wrong monster. Good luck! 🙂

    • carla says:

      I had same i did fire monster so didn’t cost too much food and time and didnt work either 🙁

    • holly says:

      I’ve leveled my celestial to 10, but the quest has not cleared. I have no idea which other monster I need to level to clear the quest 🙁

  2. Lyn says:

    I just hatched a celestial and am not done with the quest for stardust yet so this quest is not here yet. Does anyone know if this hatched monster will count when the quest does appear? That is if I EVER get the stardust!! Bred the new independence and star for this monster.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hatch usually mean you need a new monster, but it’s not like that in certain quest (like the new independence quest). I don’t know about celestial skies quest though, from what I remembered you don’t need to re-hatch.

  3. Lori says:

    So from what I’ve read from all the post, you can hatch any monster to clear part 3, however raising it to level 10 doesn’t clear part 4, I cleared part 3 with a fire monster raised it to level 10 and it didn’t clear part 4, so know I’m waiting to raise my Celestial to level 10, hopefully it will clear the quest, because I’ve already upgraded my habitat.

    • Beanie says:

      I’m in the same situation here.

      • Bn says:

        Agreed. I had a mythic freeze monster that popped out from the breeding den, so i just used it to level it up to its maximum as it says any monster but it still didnt clear up the quest as well. So i’m still pretty much stuck at the 4th quest.

  4. Shawn Dorsey says:

    I’m having trouble with the 4th part. I had the Celestial monster before I even got to the 3rd part. So I hatched any egg. I just raised the Celestial monster to lv.10 & the quest didn’t complete.
    I have another Celestial egg hatching will it complete if I raise that one to lv.10?

  5. Aline says:

    I really need help with this quest. What monster I need to breed to finish the quest? I don’t get it. 🙁 actually Have an upgraded Starchart Habitat already and nothing happens. And. What’s the new monster? Pleas heeeellllllppp me! 🙂

  6. Raktavan says:

    I’m pretty sure quest 4 refers to the Celestial monster instead of just any one monster you hatched for quest 3!

    (In-story explanation was that the Celestial monster’s magic is strong enough to protect them from the academy only at maximum level.)

    But it is indeed a bit odd for TinyCo not to ask to hatch the newly released monster first. (That’s what made me speed up the process. I was too curious what the final quest was.)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Maybe yes, but others have reported the other thing (like written on the post above).

      • nickride says:

        I hatched a Stardust to complete quest 3, but then quest 4 didn’t complete when I leveled up the monster to 10. I just bred a Celestial monster, so I will update you on if quest 4 completes after leveling up this minster.

      • Raktavan says:

        I absolutely gree that you can hatch any monster you want to complete quest 3. (That worked for me just fine and the wording of the quest indicates that it does not have to be the Celestial monster as you only have to ‘try’ to hatch it.)

        But I have not read of any one person that completed quest 4 by raising a monster other than Celestial to level 10.

      • BunnyMonster says:

        That didn’t work for me.

    • medusaX5-452 says:

      My #3 cleared by hatching a tundra monster… however it would seem that i need to still hatch a celestial monster, then raise it to level 10. At least that’s how it is seemingly playing out for my game. I’ll confirm once i get the dang celestial monster! Thanks noob & all!

    • nickride says:

      My quest 4 finally cleared after raising my Celestial to level 10.

  7. Oswald says:

    I think step 3 should be hatch a new monster but not the new one. Also step 4 should be upgrade the new hatch monster to level 10. I’ve sold the monster that complete step 3 and now is upgrading another new hatch monster. Hope it can be complete the quest。

  8. Stephen iPad says:

    Hatching Pond monster completed step 3 of the quest for me (“Try to hatch the new monster.”).

    Thanks for the tip; would have sold the Pond egg if I had not seen it.

  9. Kryp2n8 says:

    I’m playing in iphone and always getting the small rewards/price. The rewards for upgrading starchart for me is 10 diamonds, so probably the rewards for larger version is 50 diamonds.

  10. Raktavan says:

    Last quest is to upgrade the Starchart Habitat. If I remember correctly, that costs 500.000 coins and takes 37 hours. The upgraded habitat can hold up to 3 monsters and 1.000 coins. Size is the same, but it seems to sparkle a bit more. (As soon as the upgrade is done, the normal Starchat habitat becomes available in the shop again, so you buy another one.) The quest reward includes 10 diamonds.

  11. corina says:

    Got it breeding mythic air and star dust on first try then after getting to level ten it let me finish quest

  12. Kryp2n8 says:

    [5] Have an upgraded Starchart Habitat

    Rewards: 1000 xp and 10 diamonds

  13. Dragionic says:

    Hi noob, don’t know if it’s just me…but on my iPhone, this page has black text on black background…making it very difficult to read the quest 🙁

    At first I thought you didn’t have the quest details! Haha… But today I looked closely and noticed the black words on black background. And now my eyes are crossed from squinting to read…heehee…

    Thanks for such an awesome work you’ve done here. I come here all the time for breeding and quests info. Thank you 🙂

  14. gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

    I didnt get this quest…do i have to finish something to get it?

  15. BunnyMonster says:

    You’re right. I hatched a Tundra Monster and got the third quest.
    🙂 Gonna try the fouth one….

    • BunnyMonster says:

      I took the Tundra to level 10 but it didn’t complete the quest. I’ll have to go with the celestial.

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