Posted on Feb 8, 2014

Tiny Monsters Devotion Formula

You need to install Tiny Castle in order to see it, if you have installed it and don’t see the creature, then you may need to restart tiny monsters.

1st appearance: 7 February 2014 – 4 March 2014

Normal Version

Thanks to Joao and Naveed for these pictures and info

Tiny Monsters Devotion Egg Normal

Tiny Monsters Devotion Growth

Mythic Version

Thanks to Ehlana and Jeff for these pictures

Tiny Monsters Mythic Devotion Egg

Tiny Monsters Devotion Growth Mythic

Devotion Status













Earn Rate (Min)

6 12 18 24/25 29/30 34/35 38/39 42/44 43/45 44/46

Food (x4)

225 475 700 925 1150 1375 1600 1825 2050 MAX

Total Food needed

0 900 2800 5600 9300 13900 19400 25800 33100 41300

Habitat: Water and Ice

How to obtain: Buy for 625  diamonds

Sell Price: 1800 Coins

Hatching Time: 18 hours {time written on the game {19 hours} is wrong; probably a typo}

XP: 5600

1st hibernation (lvl. 4):  10 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7):  29 hours

Breeding Formula:
[0] Ice + Water
[0] Freeze + Icefloe
[0] Marine + Gift
[0] Water + Tinsel
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment

 Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide Main Page

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225 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Devotion Formula”

  1. Adrian says:

    Will any limited love monsters be out this year or are they just late?

  2. Adriano says:

    Do you know if any limited love monsters will be out this year ?

  3. jpknoxville says:

    I think he is gone. You can’t buy it anymore on the store. Does anyone has been successful breeding it past March 4th?

  4. Joamercedes says:

    I’ve gotten so many Shadows and Mythic Shadows trying to get a second Devotion or a Mythic one is frustrating and infuriating I’m about to give up and try again next year when they re-released it! It doesn’t matter which formula I use I always end up getting a Shadow and since both (Shadow and Devotion) are 18 hours I can’t tell which one I’m getting till its done! Arrrgh!!!

  5. Marcy says:

    Just got another devotion breed level 5 devotion with level 5 dawn

  6. franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

    Got my second one. Dont overcomplicate the formulas. Use ice and water. No shadows or airs with this formula and you are just as likely to get it as you are with other formulas. I really struggled with this one so i wish you all good luck.

  7. Stella says:

    Gift + Marine (1st try)

  8. IsS says:

    Water + Aurora first try 😀

  9. Jacbo says:

    Water & tinsel first attempt

  10. cloudyy says:

    I cant seem to get this one. I keep trying feeeze and icefloe and water and ice and all I get is more freeze (5) and icefloe (3) and they are very long wait times. I wasnt playing at christmas time so I dont have gift or tinsel. Should I just move on?

  11. Smallville says:

    Icefloe and Flashfreeze

  12. franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

    Finally. I really want the black swan i hope i can get a second one

  13. Jagged88 says:

    Lvl 10 Ice lvl 10 Freeze 3rd try.

  14. basaro says:

    Level 4 food=24/25

  15. amcgonagle says:

    For it on the first time with water and mythic ice both level 10. Was trying to get icefloe.

  16. Jmcg86 says:

    Finally got devotion!!!!! After I don’t know how many tries I finally got it with Water and Memorial.

  17. Shaznic08 says:

    Finally successfully have two devotion thanks to the marine (water habitat) and gift (adult box version- ice habitat) thank you to the person who originally posted this formula – nothing else had worked

  18. Edward says:

    I use Level 8 Freeze and Level 10 Tinsel

  19. Brandon says:

    I finally got it!!!!!!!!! Took me forever. It’s in the nursery now. I used freeze and iceflow. It’s very popular. Good luck getting this one.

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