Posted on Jan 14, 2014

Tiny Monsters Dusk Monster Breeding

Normal Version

Thanks to Michelle and Basaro for these info and pictures

Tiny Monsters Dusk Normal Egg

Tiny Monsters Dusk Growth Normal

Mythic Version

Thanks to Chris for these pictures

Tiny Monsters Mythic Dusk Egg

Tiny Monsters Mythic Dusk Growth

Dusk Status













Earn Rate (Min)

10 19 29/30 39/40 48/50 57/59 64/67 69/72 71/74 73/76

Food (x4)

200 425 625 825 1025 1225 1425  1625  1825 MAX

Total Food needed

0 800 2500 5000 8300 12400 17300 23000 29500 36800

Habitat: Electric

How to obtain: 155/775 diamonds

Sell Price: 1400 Coins

Hatching Time: 14 hours

XP: 3840

1st hibernation (lvl. 4):  8 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7):  25 hours

General Breeding Formula:
[0] Electric Hybrids + Dusk/Darksilk
[0] Duskfang + Darksilk
[0] Earthquake + Darksilk
[0] Leave your breeding formula on the comment

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide Main Page

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330 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Dusk Monster Breeding”

  1. Liam95 says:

    I have now tried 43 times and I get Electric 14 hrs…Mythic Electric 14 hours…and Dark Silk…only I get Light. I have used over 700 gens. I AM NOT HAPPY. Cant even contact TINYCO help.And now they want a Dusk Lighthorn. ..I already tried over 10 TIMES for the reg one with no success.

    • Tarabella08 says:

      I got a lighthorn on the first try with light + eeriewood. I haven’t been able to get dusk yet either, but it’s not limited so don’t give up :)

  2. Dennis says:

    Dark silk lvl 10 and earthquake lvl 10 – worked first try

  3. Spook says:

    I think it helps if you place the Dusk Beacon decoration but I can’t be sure.
    I got my first a few days ago with Dark Silk & Earthquake. I know a lot of people are not having much luck with that combo. I got it 4th try.
    Today I got my second one first try with Duskfang and Mythic Flash. It’s currently in the nursery so I know from the egg that it’s definitely Dusk.

  4. Luichoy says:

    Got a Dusk with Dark Silk + Duskfang after about 6 tries :-)

  5. Roxymom says:

    How do i get the dusk habitat?

  6. Jogun says:

    Toke about five tries with Duskfang and Darksilk,but finaally got a dusk. Sometimes this game takes forever to get anything you want!

  7. Destiny Schroll says:

    Mythic Electric lvl 10 and Dark Silk lvl 10 got me 14 hours. Here’s hoping!

  8. Adam says:

    Shockewave and Darksilk, 2nd try, 1st was an electric.

  9. elocina says:

    Why you all so sure, 14 hours is also elektric monster. I got 14 hours a several of times, but it was all electric. Has anyone breed it really and has a good combination for this monster?
    I got 5 times electric the last 3 days.
    3x dark silk + earthquake the 6 monster is another dark silk 29 hours :(
    3x dark silk + thunder.

    And yes I know: Its all about chance ;) Thats because I don´t cry because I have 10 frozenblazes and no other forms during the last week :O

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I haven’t got it too.. Have tried about 10 times with Darksilk + Duskfang…… Maybe this creature is super rare (same as legendary??).

    • ALF0525 says:

      Dark Silk + Duskfang, and Dark Silk + Earthquake. I’ve tried more than a dozen times, but it’s always either Electric or another Earthquake. Very frustrating!

    • ot says:

      I got mine first try with dark silk and the electric mouse however i havnt been able to get a second one good luck

    • Liam95 says:

      I have now tried 43 times and I get Electric 14 hrs…Mythic Electric 14 hours…and Dark Silk…only I get Light. I have used over 700 gens. I AM NOT HAPPY. Cant even contact TINYCO help.And now they want a Dusk Lighthorn. ..I already tried over 10 TIMES for the reg one with no success.

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Why do you want to contact tinyco? They never said that if you use 700 diamonds then you will get Dusk monster. You can use 5000 diamonds but if you have bad luck you still don’t get the monster. It’s all about chance :).

      • shaneadair says:

        It’s just a game. If it isn’t fun for you – quit! Ive been playing for about a year and have spent no money on the game. If I get a monster – good for me! If I don’t – oh well, try again. If we all got every monster the first time there would be no challenge. I too have bred more electrics than I care to count, but I’ll keep trying. And if it gets frustrating enough I will quit. Have fun!! :-)

  10. Liam95 says:

    I have now bred 30 times for Dusk…Using Darksilk and Dialling.
    Darksilk and Mythic Electric.Darksilk and Flare..Darksilk and Earthquake
    ..Darksilk and Voltleaf …and Darksilk and Darksilk….and NOT ONE DUSK!!.
    400+ GEMS USED TO hatch..nothing but reg Electric ..THIS SUXS!!

  11. joana says:

    Darksilk+electric – 1st time :-)

  12. ADELE AHRVIDE says:


  13. kjatbeach says:

    I don’t have the Dusk monster in either my monster store or my monsterpedia. Does this mean I can’t breed it?

  14. tyson says:

    I got mystic on my first try with dusk fang and dark silk

  15. nicoleidu says:

    got it with earthquake lvl 10 + darksilk lvl 10

  16. glitchfinder says:

    Got 14h with Mythic Fire Lv. 10 and Wildfreeze Lv. 8.

  17. scott says:

    Noob Is Dusk a limited monster?

  18. basaro says:

    TinyCo must have not had the eggs ready for this monster before they released it.
    This is evident by the first report of it being hatched with an egg that looked just like electric. When I hatched mine the next morning after release, it had the correct regular dusk egg. But just a little while after that I hatched a mythic dusk and it was a mythic electric egg (see screenshot I sent u noob). Sometime after that they fixed it since now the mythic dusk egg is unique.
    Geez TinyCo, slow down and get it together! ;)

  19. book159098 says:

    i got mine with dark silk and iceflare

    • 3derydr says:

      How? Iceflare is ice-fire. I know the game doesn’t always follow its own breeding rules, but how did you get an all electric using an electric and an ice-fire? Shouldn’t either ice or fire be in the baby?

    • zanezcl says:

      Me too

      • Allen says:

        Even if you breed hybrids, say a fire/air and plant/earth. Although slim the chance is still thier that you could breed a plain fire monster. I would assume. I’ve had other games were I’ve bred and received a single element type. Not counting air in this game. I hate air -.-

        • verna says:

          Lol… I’ve actually had this happen more than once with this game..last year trying for lighthorn I got water from sun/blackice…but hey their elements and they react to each other..

  20. Sons says:

    dark silk (lvl 10) and thunder (lvl 10)

    1st try

  21. Debula says:

    Sorry I meant origin and dusk fang … I’m so confused with dusk and dust aghhh 14 hrs …could that be dark silk??

  22. varnadoe1 says:

    Got the mythic version first try with level 10 dark silk and level 10 grimbolt.

  23. Ang14 says:

    I got 14 hours by breeding mythic voltleaf and sporespark.

  24. Aurora says:

    Got it second try with lvl 8 Darksilk and lvl 8 Mythic Duskfang

  25. cutler121 (TinyID: rcutler) says:

    I bred two mythics using dark silk and duskfang both level 10. The first egg looked exactly the same as the mythic egg for lightning, but until it hatches I won’t know if it is lightning or not. By that time the second egg will have hibernated as well.

  26. Alicia Tallent says:

    Earthquake level 10 and dark silk level 6. First try. Good luck everyone!

  27. Oden9558 says:

    I used electric and dark silk and iv manage to make it :)

  28. Getsuga says:

    i think i got a mythic one with earthquake+darksilk

  29. lilyerp says:

    will grimbolt and dark silk work? and also how big are the chances of breeding this

  30. sarah says:

    Level 8 dark silk and level 8 flash gave me 14 hours…

  31. EmilyMarie says:

    3rd try with level 10 dusk fang and dark silk.. First 2 were electric :)

  32. enemygrey says:

    I just bred a mythic one with lvl 10 dark silk and lvl 10 earthquake. I’ll send you a picture :)

    • enemygrey says:

      Nevermind, it’s mythic electric. Thought it was dusk from what Tate said.

      • Tate says:

        Sorry about the missing details…was so happy to get one that I forgot to mention the green lightning bolt. It never even clicked in my mind that the mythic electric has a totally blue egg.

  33. Hotdiggitydog says:

    I have a mythic, how can I send you pics?

  34. Carol S says:

    so far tried Earthquake + Darksilk, Duskfang+ Darksilk, and Thunder + Darksilk, all result in Electric :(

  35. Driftslug says:

    Got it first try level 10 mythic electric and level 10 dark silk

  36. Lucky 13 says:

    Lvl 10 earthquake and lvl 10 dark silk just got me a 14hr breeding time…im excited!

  37. amber says:

    I got 14 hours breed time with grim bolt on left and dark silk on right! Pretty sure I got the dusk monster first try.

  38. cowboy says:

    I just bred the mythic version but I don’t know how to take photos for it on my phone.

  39. Aaron says:

    Just bred a lvl 10 Duskfang and a lvl 10 Electric and got a Mythic but since the Dusk and Electric both have a 14hr breeding time I’m hoping for the Dusk.

  40. TrollTan says:

    I believe I just got a mythic on the first try using:
    lvl 5 Flare + lvl 8 Darksilk

    I’ll update with pictures when I can :)

  41. Andy Miguel Jochum says:

    I got a mythic electric monster but I don’t know what it could be, because it’s mythic and it’s egg looks like a mythic electric monster. Do you know what I mean? ;)

  42. ot says:

    I got it with dark silk and the lil electric mouse sorry forgot it’s name good luck 1st try

  43. LavenderOasis says:

    I get the pop-up for this guy, but he still isn’t in my shop. Any idea if I can still breed for him?

  44. rascal2013 says:

    Got it with electric lvl 10 and dark silk lvl 10!

  45. Lamar says:

    I think I got the mythic version. Do you have an email so that I can send you the screen shot of the egg?

  46. m94sarah says:

    dark silk and duskfang = mythic dusk !

  47. bbzm says:

    Tried Duskfang + Dark Silk and got another Dark Silk instead…
    29 hours is such an awful wait time, I’m kind of scared to try it again.
    Probably sticking to Darkfang + Hybrid to avoid another Dark Silk.

  48. Risingstar80 says:

    Hi noob, just got a mythic version too, waiting to finish breeding. If you don’t have the pic once I get the egg, I’ll send you the pics of each evo as I get them.

  49. basaro says:

    got a second dusk with dusk+duskfang

  50. Tate says:

    Just bred a mythic version of this monster with level 10 Thunder and a level 10 Darksilk. The mythic egg looks the same but the color is light blue. Not sure how to take a picture on my iPad though…sorry for my lack of abilities.

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