Posted on Aug 22, 2014

Tiny Monsters Elder Electric Breeding

Normal Version

Tiny Monsters Elder Electric Egg Tiny Monsters Elder Electric Growth Normal

Mythic Version

Thanks to Laura for these pictures

Tiny Monsters Elder Electric Egg Mythic

Tiny Monsters Elder Electric Growth Mythic

Tiny Monsters Elder Electric Status













Earn Rate (Min)

8 9 10 11 13 17 23/24 31/32 42/44 58/60

Food (x4)

160 340 500 660 820 980 1140 1300 1460 MAX

Total Food needed

0 640 2000 4000 6640 9920 13840 18400 23600 29440

Buy Price: 300/1500 diamonds

Sell Price: 2500 Coins

XP: 2660

Breeding/Hatching Time: 13.5 hours (22 diamonds)

1st Tuck in Time:  5 hours

2nd Tuck in Time: 19 hours

Breeding Formula (suggested formula: Electric hybrid + Electric Hybrid)
[0] Strike + Sporespark
[0] Leave your formula on the comment

You can find the quest guide (Elder Elementals Part 6) on THIS PAGE

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

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102 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Elder Electric Breeding”

  1. Smallville's Hero says:

    Finally got one on my fourth try using Independence and Valor, both at level 10. I was trying to get a Golden Independence. Once it hatched, I finished my final two quests, since I already had a level 10 Mythic Elder Electric. Now I have finished all the quests and I still need five limited monsters, that I’ll probably never get, since TinyCo abandoned the game some time ago.

  2. Skeah says:

    Social den fire and electric… And still haven’t gotten elder fire or plant or ice… Go figure

  3. Lucy says:

    Been trying forever…..finally got it using Lightswell and Aquaveil both level 10. Still trying for Elder Water and Elder Enigma….maybe my luck is changing?

    • judy says:

      Yippeeee, I finally got my Elder Electric today using your combo, but it took a few tries. Thanks & good luck everyone!

  4. nichole says:

    Trying for surge got mine with thunder and spitfire

  5. Lorenzo says:

    Got elder electric with level 5 brimstone and level 5 Sunstone. Yay!

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