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Tiny Monsters Elder Elementals Part 5

Thanks to Draelan for this info

Elder Elemental Part 5 Quest Guide

Tiny Monsters Elder Air Egg Normal

[1] Place five Air Flowers on your mountain!
Reward: 550 XP, 250 food
Note: Air Flowers cost 4,600 coins each, for a total of 23,000 coins.

[2] Hatch 5 Air Hybrids.
Reward: 200 Food, 500 coins
Note: Breed Soar or Lightwing. (5 hours and 11 hours, respectively.)
Independence and other Air limited monsters DON’T WORK according to other people’s report.

[3] Harvest 25 crops!
Reward: 50 XP, 150 food

[4] Have Elder Fire, Earth, Plant and Ice monsters!
Reward: 100 XP, 700 coins

[5] Collect from Air habitats 10 times
Rewards: ???

[6] Hatch Mythic Air
Rewards: 600 xp and 1000 coins (Elder Air will appear “officially” on the shop after this quest)

[7] Hatch Elder Air
Rewards: 5/25 diamonds and 1350 XP

[8] Have a level 10 Elder Air monster
Rewards: 200 XP and 300 Food

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

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48 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Elder Elementals Part 5”

  1. Tiny ID Seanicole says:

    Hi Noob, I have a question related to the elder Air monster. I’m not sure if this was the proper place to post it though so please don’t be upset with me if its not, ok? Lol… Okay so my question is that I hatched an elder enigma and it turned into an Elder Air monster when I fed it and it turned into an adult. So, my question is will this monster satisfy the elder Air quest if it wasn’t hatched an elder air, but hatched as an elder enigma? Or will it just be an elder enigma no matter what monster it turned into? Thanks! I’ve been playing for about 9 months and don’t know a lot. Kudos on this site and helping out its awesome and totally appreciated but there’s a lot of info to go threw which will take me forever. But thanks! It helps out in a huge way! I look forward to completing some of the quests I’ve been stuck on for months with the elder prophecies and elementals. It’s seems that anything I try i keep getting the same monsters. I know it’s random just frustrating. Plus. I’m disabled and on a fixed income so I can’t afford to buy diamonds, which means I use the ones I do get! Thanks again Noob and all my Tiny friends.

  2. fschultz86 says:

    I got an egg that I can’t seem to find on here. Wondering if anyone know what it is? I think it might be a elder water or some other water monster. Does anyone know how to post a picture on here do I can find out?

  3. Andrea Hollobaugh says:

    Got the elder air and raised it to level 10 but quest did not clear

    • Earthwolf says:

      Nothing new there those quests r always glitch img out! I’m so sick of having to repeat quests cuz of glitch img quests!

  4. suishy242 says:

    So I had my elder air before I got to the hatch an elder air part but it didn’t automaticly clear 🙁 is it a glitch?

  5. Gigi says:

    Quests “Airification (22/23) – place 10 air themed decorations, is that has to be difference once or can be the same decoration?

  6. Hamm says:

    Part 8
    Have a level 10 Elder Air monster
    XP 200 Food 300

  7. Jackson336 says:

    I hatched 5 Snowstorm monsters (which is Air & Ice), and the quest didn’t clear. Hey maybe they do have to be 5 different Air Hybrids, but they didn’t say that. Would hope they would correct this and give it to us whether you hatched all same or not. Hey, I can dream

  8. orangepuddy says:

    Part 5
    Hatch a mythic air monster
    Im not sure if they want me to hatch a mythic monster with the air element or a 26hr Air monster

  9. Barb says:

    Quest 6 is to hatch a mythic air, with reward of 600 xp and 1000 coins. Quest 5 is to collect from air habitats 10 times (I don’t remember what the reward was and it won’t let me see the reward for completed tasks).

  10. C says:

    Do they have to be non-limited monsters. I’ve been breeding Independences and it hasn’t completed the quest.

      • Boogada says:

        I’ve been unable to complete the quest with Independence monsters as well. Switching to Soar.

      • Ashley Jean says:

        I used independance, I bread 10 and hatched all 10, this quest will not complete for me. The on,y thing I can figure out is that it must be 5 different sir monsters? I just don’t know what else to do. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

    • Enigma43 says:

      Unless TinyCo have fixed it now, there is a problem with this part of the quest. It does not complete after hatching 5 air hybrids. For me, it took 8 air hybrids (I used golden independence and soar), then the quest completed. Just keep hatching them!

      • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

        Too bad Tiny Monsters doesn’t give you an updated status of where you are on the quest like Tiny Castle does. I believe I have hatched 5 air monsters, but the quest doesn’t complete. Most breeding and hatching times for Air Monsters are long. Maybe that is why they are having a diamond sale right now. You buy the hybrids and cut out the breeding time, and can complete the quest.

        • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

          There is also a quest called round 2 where you have to breed and hatch 2 Mythic Shadows and 2 Mythic Lights. Do you have to have 5 Air Monsters before you can try to do this? It doesn’t seem to matter how full my Mythic Orb is when I attempt to get a Mythic. I have filled it completely before I breed, then it asks again to fill it, then part of the time, a 3rd time, and I waste 3 million dollars just to get a regular Monster, and I have also just partially filled it after it tells me I have been granted a Mythic Monster, and get a Mythic. Anyone else have this happen to them?

    • Draelan says:

      Keep in mind that I believe you actually have to HATCH the egg, as well. Breeding it, then selling the egg without putting it in a habitat first won’t count. However, once you’ve put the new monster in a habitat, you’re free to sell it immediately. No need to hang on to it until you have all 5.

    • ravengirl says:

      Same thing is happening to me. Then I wondered if they had to be five different monsters because the quest mentioned five different monsters but if hatching five of the same has worked for others then I really don’t understand it. Looks like I might have to start over with different monsters.

      • Enigma43 says:

        I now think that it really does not work with limited monsters. As I said, I hatched Golden Independences and Soars, and then more Soars when the quest did not complete. It completed after my 8th monster hatched, and now I think that was probably my 5th Soar monster and the Independences were not counted.
        This fits with what others are saying, and also with what happened to me with other similar quests before.

        So my suggestion is not to use limiteds for hatching quests.

    • nickride says:

      None of the limited monsters work for the quest. They all have to be permenant monsters.

  11. Kay says:

    Part 5 is Collect from Air Habitats 10 times. Part six is Hatch a Mythic Air Monster. Part 7 is Hatch the Elder Air Monster. Part 8 is ??

  12. Oswald says:

    Besides limited monsters? Is Independence count? I think I should have breeding more than 5 Independence monsters after this quest but I sell some of them before breeding the next one! Now I am upgrading my Air Habitats and will not sell them before the quest complete! I’ve all the other elder monsters and will know the next step soon!

  13. arizona2017 says:

    great – you need all other elders first – only got ice :/

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