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Tiny Monsters Elder Elementals Part 6 Quest Guide

Thanks to Basaro for the info.

This quest released at the same time as Elder electric.

Tiny Monsters Elder Elemental Parts 6

Elder Elemental Part 6 Quest Guide

[1] Collect from Monsters 20 times.
Rewards : 200 XP and 300 Food

[2] Have a level 10 Lightning (ELECTRIC) Hybrid and a Level 10 Plant Hybrid, then breed them to hatch an egg! (Fire works but you may need to breed those monsters first on breeding den, you don;t need to wait it until finish the breeding process though)
Rewards : 250 XP and 250 Food

[3] Have 10 Electric Hybrids, then hatch an egg. (Hatch Fire)
Rewards : 200 XP and 200 Food

[4] Harvest 15 Crops!
Rewards : 50 XP and 250 Food

[5] Hatch a Mythic Electric Hybrid! (autocompleted for me)
Rewards : 600 XP and 900 Coins

[6] Place two Granite Conductors and a Cloud Peak on the mountain. (in Decorations near the end)
Rewards: 550 XP and 250 Food
NOTE: Elder Electric appears in the shop at this point for 1500 Diamonds. Breed time says 13.5 Hours!

[7] Hatch the Elder Electric Monster!
Rewards: 2000 XP  and 25 Diamonds

[8] Raise Elder Electric to adult (Probably)
Rewards: ??

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

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11 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Elder Elementals Part 6 Quest Guide”

  1. gardenersdaughter says:

    I think I messed up. I had placed the conductors and peaks but haven’t gotten the elder electric yet and by mistake sold the decorations. Will I need to buy and place them again in order to get the elder electric?

  2. Andrea Hollobaugh says:

    Got the elder electric and raised it to level 10 but quest did not clear

  3. Bluenose says:

    Three granite conductors
    had 2 cloud peaks not sure if you need , try with one first

  4. Bonnie says:

    I placed the two granite conductors and a cloud peak and the quest hasn’t cleared. Any ideas on why not? The conductors are on two different mountains – maybe they need to be on the same one? All I can think of….

    • noobbgodlike says:

      The decoration must be a “fresh” buy (won’t work if it’s placed from your storage). If you bought them and it still doesn’t work then I have no idea.

  5. Otaliema says:

    Some information on step two.
    A level 10 voltleaf counts as both plant and lightning/electric.
    You don’t need to breed them in anyway, I had shadow and blackice in the hatchery, and a light & earth in the breeding den. Hatching a fire egg will complete the step.

    Step 6 has a total cost of 3.2 million coins, 1.4 million x 3

  6. Jennifer says:

    So, you don’t need to breed the electric and plant hybrid together? Just breed any egg? From the wording it seems like they want us to breed those two hybrids to do the quest. I’m confused.


    • noobbgodlike says:

      In my game, I breed electric hybrids and plant hybrids together, but didn’t wait until the breeding process finish (immediately buy fire egg then hatch it).

  7. LindaC (LSUEMGBC) id says:

    What is lightning hybrid? Do they mean Light hybrid?
    On step 2 you have hatch a fire monster? That would work on step 3 but not on step 2.

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