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Tiny Monsters Elder Elementals Part 7 Quest Guide

Thanks to Ehlana for this quest info

Tiny Monsters Elder Elementals Part 7

Tiny Monsters Elder Elemental Parts 6

Elder Water is available now, there are only 2 elder elemental left (light and shadow).

[1] Collect from Monsters 50 times
Rewards: 200 XP and 400 Food

[2] hatch Level 10 Water Hybrid and a Level 10 Fire Hybrid, then hatch any egg! (Simply Hatch Fire)
Rewards: 120 XP and 30 Food

[3] Place 5 Umbra Flowers (21.000 Coins) and A travelling Oasis (1.400.000 Coins).
Rewards: 550 XP and 250 Food

[4] Breed 5 Water Hybrids and a Mythic Monster.
Note: Breed Aquaray (Light + Water), it’s only 7 hours. If you fail you’ll get lightswell (only 8 hours), which is not that bad.
Rewards: 50 XP and 500 Food

[5] Have 8 elder elementals to boost the magic (increase the chance?? not sure)
Rewards: 200 XP and 200 Food

[6] Harvest 50 Crops (you can simply harvest shortest time crop available on your farm).
Rewards: 4500 XP and 100 Coins

[7] Hatch mythic elder elemental monsters. It will be hard if you don’t have 2 same elder monsters (make sure
Rewards: 50 XP and 100 Food

[8] Hatch Elder Water monster
Rewards: 2000 XP and 5/25 diamonds

 Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide Main Page


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40 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Elder Elementals Part 7 Quest Guide”

  1. PrincessLissa says:

    Help!!! I’ve bred water hybrids with water hybrids, water hybrids with other hybrids, water hybrids with mythics & mythics with other hybrids. This quest just won’t clear!! What am I doing wrong??

  2. *Princess Lissa* says:

    I’m on part 4/8 and I have bred water hybrids with water hybrids, water hybrids with mythic and water hybrids with regulars & mythics with regulars. This quest won’t clear!!! What am I doing wrong????

  3. Holly says:

    I’m confused and please don’t hate me if this ends up being a dumb question. I have played this for awhile (level 34). And somehow I’m on this part (Part 7) but I don’t recall doing parts 1-6. I don’t have any Elder monsters. And I checked them to see if I did them and just don’t remember but I don’t even meet their requirements. And I’ve been too focused on doing the Legendary/Legacy and the Dawn/Dusk quests to do them.

    Do you have to do them in order or does it simply gives them to you at random depending on your device (Apple Ipad)? I don’t even have the ability to purchase the Elder habitat. Thanks.

  4. Licigallegos says:

    I need help on the “breed 5 water hybrids and a mythic monster” I don’t understand. Does that mean that I use the breeding cave and put in two water hybrids to breed and then that’s it and do the same with a mythical?
    Example. River and tempest. Do I need to keep the eggs?
    Also is it an mythical or some kind of water. Please somebody help me!!

    • Funshyne says:

      I have had the same questions about this part. i’ve done everything i can think of for this quest and nothing is working to clear it. I know the note up top says to breed Aquaray, I’ve done this with everyother water hybrid (as I only have 1) + breeding with a mythic (i’m sure more than 5 times) and still nothing?? Can someone please clarify what exactly I need to do to complete this quest?

  5. Bethann says:

    Okay, so I have been trying for months to place the traveling oasis and umbra flowers and can’t seem to figure out the correct placement… Can anyone help?

    The Elder Elements Part 7. 3/8 So fustrated

  6. vlpronana says:

    My quest for water elder disappeared..
    Was it Available for a limited time only?
    Same with elder Air quest. Yes I want the monster’s but I also want the 25 diamond reward.
    Any ideas?

  7. samuel says:

    Hey noob I have a question, does a special elder count in the 8 elder quest?

  8. kencm2009 says:

    i had all Elemental Legacy expt. normal Light .
    so i clear the question .
    but may be you need any 8 normal or mythic elder elementals ( Elder Fire, Earth,Ice, plant or Star Elder Fire ) ,you can clear the question .

  9. Wstangle says:

    I have 9 elders, none are in storage, but step 5 won’t clear. What do I do? Has this happened to anyone else?

    • Marianore says:

      It just happened to me too.

      I counted 8 incluiding 2 elders water; I took out from storage two elders more(non water) and as soon as I placed the 2nd one, the quest was cleared.

      So I don’t know if test requires 10 elders or 8 elder non water ones.

      Hope it helps

      • Jehn says:

        I had 5 elder earth, 1 elder fire, 1 elder plant and 1 elder ice and I completed step 5. Have not been able to get other elders yet 🙁

  10. Galexand says:

    I have put together M elder earth lv10 and lv10 reg elder and four time I got reg elder earth. Getting tired getting the same thing again and again

  11. Galexand says:

    Quest came up you have to hatch any M Elder Monsters (Fire, Earth,or Ice ,It said any will do)

  12. Jim says:

    For step 4 do you have to keep all the water hybrids til you get credit, or can you sell them after you hatch them?

  13. Galexand says:

    I have M Eider Earth I think you have get another one( I try M Elder Earth and reg Elder Earth,no M Elder Earth so far

  14. Ashley Jean says:

    I’m at the mythic elder part #7 and it won’t clear, I have a mythic ice, fire, and electric but it will not clear 🙁

  15. Lyn says:

    It will be interesting to learn if #7 clears if we already have a mythic elder…

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