Posted on Dec 27, 2013

Tiny Monsters Evergreen Monsters Growth

1st appearance: 26 December 2013 – 8 January 2013

Normal Version

(Thanks to Sheila for these info and pictures)

Tiny Monsters Evergreen Egg Normal

Tiny Monsters Evergreen Growth

Mythic Version

Thanks to BesoConchita and Shiree for these info and pictures

Tiny Monsters Evergreen Egg Mythic

Tiny Monsters Evergreen Growth Mythic

Evergreen Status













Earn Rate

7 13 20/21 26/27 33/34 38/39 43/45 46/48 48/50 49/51

Food (x4)

45 95 140 185 230 275 320 365 410 MAX

Total Food needed

0 180 560 1120 1860 2780 3880 5160 6620 8260

Habitat: Plant

How to obtain: Buy for 132/660 diamonds

Sell Price: 5625

Hatching Time: 13 hours

XP: 12.000

1st hibernation (lvl. 4):  5 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7):  20 hours

Suggested Breeding Formula:
Combine any of these monsters (Plant, Elder Plant, Blushbug, Autumn, and Joy)

General Breeding Formula:
[0] Plant + Plant Hybrids
[0] Plant Hybrids + Plant Hybrids
[0] Leave your breeding formula on the comment

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide Main Page

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187 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Evergreen Monsters Growth”

  1. Alli says:

    Got evergreen with teen Holly on left and adult Voltleaf on right, first try. Used the same monsters on opposite sides immediately after and got Shadow which I didn’t have yet so this combo has been lucky for me!

  2. Georgann J says:

    Noob, will blush bug and plant create a chance? Or will I have to endure 50 more plant eggs? LOL

  3. Nick says:

    Hey everyone, Carla had posted that she was trying everyone’s combos of plant and elder plant and all she was getting was more plants. She said that using Elder Plant + Gratitude worked on the first try. So I did this as well and I also got Evergreen on the first try! It gave me 13 hours and I finished the breeding with diamonds and it came out to be the Evergreen egg! So try this out because it worked for me on the first try as well! Good luck!

    • Crrcrr says:

      OMG. Thank you. I wasn’t playing TM at Christmas time last year and I had none of the Christmas monsters going into this month. I’ve been feverishly trying to get as many as I can. I couldn’t for the life of me get the Evergreen. I tried Mythic Elder Plant and my newly acquired Gratitude and viola, got an Evergreen. Thanks again. Now I’m off to hunt the Merry and Holly monsters.

    • C says:

      thank you. got it with elder plant and gratitude too at first try.

    • triperoxide says:

      I tried lots of times, and sadly it did not yield me an Evergreen.

  4. Beary says:

    Got it while trying to breed for holly! Very excited.

  5. Christy says:

    I have one and am trying for a mystic. Does it improve my odds to use the one I have for breeding? If so, what is best breeding match for low hatch times? Love your help & suggestions.

  6. Jackson says:

    Is a plant and mythic plant a good combination?

  7. Jackson says:

    Is it worth trying to breed this monster because i constantly try but can’t seem to breed it should i keep trying? or not

  8. monman says:

    Think I got it with Mytic plant and elder plant I got 13 hrs and it was a Mytic hatch

  9. Md530 says:

    Lvl 8 Gratitude and Lvl 7 Mythic tree, boosted mythic luck got the mythic version first try!

  10. Shadow61 says:

    Gratitude and tree. First try.

  11. basaro says:

    Mythic income L3-L10=21,27,34,39,45,48,50,51
    sell price=5625

  12. Jackson says:

    Does anyone know if Evergreen has expired? I’ve been trying & trying and was going to buy it today, but I don’t see it on the monster menu. Sadness! Hope it didn’t expire yet!
    On another note, Happy New Year to all & a big “thank you” to Noob for this great website and all your extensive work! :)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      If it’s not available on monster menu (shop) then it’s not available anymore :(. Hope you get it later (it will December again before you know it). Just enjoy the game for now.

      • Jackson says:

        Thank you. I’ve been playing for a long time, and I love it. I always liked biology, I think that’s why I love this game. You know the cross breeding, brown eyes are dominant, I think you get what I saying.
        I know time does fly, so I think I’ll be ok, lol!. The one I really tried & missed, was Steadfast(?), the little ant with wings that he eats. Lol! Love that little guy! Always loved tiny things since I was a little girl. Anyway, thank you!

  13. Monica says:

    Are Evergreen and/or Origin part of the Christmas monsters for whom breeding has now expired?

  14. SummerSolstice says:

    after more then my fair share of shadows I finally got evergreen by breeding a level 5 gratitude and level 10 graveleaf. Woot woot

    • WGDBatman says:

      Holy-jeepers-flippin-creepers. Been busting on this monster since it first launched, finally got 13 hour time with this combo. Here’s hoping, thanks!

  15. Tess says:

    Finally, after many, many tries, I got it with lol 10 blush bug + lol 10 mythic autumn.

  16. sophia says:

    i really want the evergreen monster. to get it do you have to breed two plant hybrids? or could you just randomly get it from any hybrid?

  17. Whatsthehaps says:

    Got 13 hours using both level 10, Tree + Mythic Gratitude. Hopefully it is Evergreen since I still don’t have it yet. Only have regular Elder thus far and none of the others and got 2 Enigmas. It says I have 128/148 monsters so still got a ways to go to get them all…

  18. FischMonster says:

    Got the evergreen using Plant + Elderplant. Nice combo because if it isn’t evergreen, it’s a plant monster which only takes 17mins in the breeding den & then you can try again :)

  19. NickM. says:

    Level 10 Mountain and Level 10 Mythic Tree. Was trying for Elder Plant.

  20. Ashy! says:

    I was trying for an elder earth but I got this (first try), meh. Gratitude (5) + mythic tree (10).

  21. Amy says:

    Gratitude + autumn first try on my iPhone

  22. Samuel says:

    I just got evergreen monster with joy and mythic plant(normal plant) 3rd try

    • Scorpiobabe says:

      Thank you! and Happy New Year :)
      This combo worked for me to get my second Evergreen :)

      I have hatched 148 plants, (and that doesn’t include the plant eggs I sold without hatching :o, yikes!) a large proportion of those in trying to get this Evergreen one.

  23. capecodmom says:

    Autumn + gratitude gave me evergreen

  24. BunnyMonster says:

    I tried to get a second one breeding my evergreen with plant, elder plant, jubilee, 15 times with no result. Then I tried to put elder plant on the left and the evergreen on the right and got 13 hours on the first try. Was it just a coincidence?

  25. Zombiefreak911 says:

    Lvl 10 Autumn + Lvl 10 Harvest
    First Try

  26. Kristopher says:

    hey noob, i have an evergreen egg but somehow i can’t put it in a habitat, the game keeps crashing and says game error. you know how to fix it? thanks noob! happy new year.

  27. Saownicfayst says:

    I got one on the first try with Mythic Plant and Evergreen in trying for the mythic versiom of this.

  28. Dawn says:

    Hi, noob! I think I have a mythic (the egg is the right shape but the green “needles” are white) but I can’t figure out how to take screenshots off an iPad. If anyone has suggestions, I’ll take them happily and send you picture.

  29. nic says:

    I got it on the third try with plant and elder plant!

  30. Scorpiobabe says:

    Eeriewood and Elder Plant (iPhone)

  31. Lv2Tch says:

    Autumn and holly, both level 10

  32. TM says:

    Got it with Autumn and Blushbug

  33. Angmor says:

    Level 10 gratitude and level 8 Glee gave me evergreen!!!! First try

  34. karis says:

    autumn + plant = evergreen!

    firework + solstice = Origin!

  35. armando anchondo says:

    First try mythic eeriewood + tree both level 10

  36. lowland monster hunter says:

    GLEE & TREE 1th tray!!!

  37. Cavoods says:

    Finally after numerous combos and many failures, Blushbug + Elder Plant 1st try of this combo! Hoorah! (On android – Samsung Galaxy Note :)
    Thanks Noobs for your awesome work

  38. Elyksir says:

    Finally. Blushbug mythic and yellow joy egg gave me 13 h both lvl 10 ipad

    I ve been trying sooo many times mixing the plants elements to get my little tree, soo happy

  39. Silverwind says:

    Blossom & Autumn :-)

  40. Hecate1983 says:

    Okay, so after 14 tries with Plant and Autumn, Plant and Elder Plant, Plant and Joy, Elder Plant and Autumn, Joy and Autumn all I got was 1 hour breed times (plant). So, right now I was about to give up and try for the WingWitch I missed during Halloween, and I bred Plant with Glee and FINAY got a 13 breed time! Yeah! Good luck everyone!

  41. capecodmom says:

    Plant + Elder Plant gave me Evergreen on 2nd try

  42. Mike says:

    Where to send you a pic?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You can find my email on the main page. I only need adult picture at this moment, so please send me one when you have it (please take it from the status screen) :D. Thank you very much.

  43. Reva says:

    Got mine with Autumn teen and Mythic Tree level 10 first try. Hey Noob is it possible to breed for the five most popular monsters from 2013 or do you have to buy them?

  44. Ace12755 says:

    Mythic plan and mythic flower on first try. Next two try’s got me Blushbug which I missed earlier!

  45. Heather Ann August says:

    Yea….I used blossom 10 and tree 10. Got it on the first try…Trying for elder earth…for the 826th time…But this will do I guess.

  46. Rene says:

    I’ve gotten one with Blushbug & Autumn. I’m trying for a second one, but it takes many tries. Most result in just Plant which is only 17 minutes, but it’s still really annoying.

  47. Ania says:

    Thanks to Teri2468, I got it with the same formula on my 1st try after trying others repeatidly, gettting like 40 plants and wasting A LOT of diamonds!!!! Harvest and Gratitude! Will try to get a 2nd one to breed a mythic one now! Good luck everyone!

    • Fran says:

      Ditto thanks to Terri, just got my one but not having success in number two for the mythic. Having same trouble getting many other monsters though!

    • Sandy says:

      Fighting a losing battle here, have lost count of all the plants, trees, etc. I have sold. And I still haven’t got Snowfrost yet either. So much for trying for the ones they brought back.

  48. Wstangle says:

    Blossom and Autumn gave me 13 hours on iPad and iPhone.

  49. enemygrey says:

    I was trying for evergreen and bred holly lvl 7 and mythic plant lvl 8 and got 9 hours with 13 diamonds, so it is solarflare I think? Must be some sort of weird glitch!

  50. gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

    Got a 2nd evergreen with mythic lvl 5 autumn+ mythic glee lvl 10…2nd try

  51. Vanmier says:

    Lvl 10 Autumn and lvl 10 Mythic Tree

  52. Leslie says:

    Got Evergreen with mythic plant and mythic renewal both level tens 1 last night 1 tonight. Good luck everyone!

  53. Ghost says:

    I got it with plant and bug both lv 10

  54. carissa says:

    Mountain+ mythic tree first try

  55. Vladi says:

    Autumn and Joy, both lv 10, first try :)

  56. jbd says:

    Got it twice with mythic luck lvl 10 and bug lvl 10 one after the other.

  57. Teri2468 says:

    Harvest + Gratitude = Evergreen.

    First attempt! Wooohooo

  58. jmckfoster says:

    Got regular evergreen with level 10 mythic plant and level 7 mythic tinsel. Now on to try to get ethereal boreal that I didn’t get when it was out.

  59. SabiKnauer says:

    i got my evergreen with elder plant + autumn <3 2nd try :) 1st try eas blushbug…

  60. Jen says:

    Blushbug + Jubilee

  61. Rendarphil says:

    Got a mythic Evergreen with autumn and blushbug, 2nd or 3rd try. Forget how many.

  62. Ehlana (tinyid=Flutee) says:

    Mythic renewal + mythic plant = normal evergreen on ipad

  63. Jason says:

    How can I send u pics? I gof the mytgic evergreen first try with level 10 renewal and level 10 mythic plant..hope it works for you!

  64. jokemon says:

    Im so silly! I assumed that Evergreen was a Plant/Ice hybrid because it yas snow on it but to now just realize it is purely Plant… that would explain why Ice + Plant/Blushbug wasnt working!

  65. Guera says:

    Plant and blushbug first try gave me evergreen

  66. willowlafaye says:

    Mythic plant level 10 and Autumn level 10, first try.

  67. Julie says:

    Mythic tree 10 and joy 8 many failed attempts with plant 10 and various combos of the joy 8, autumn 7, gratitude 8, blossom 10, blush bug 10, flower 10……. How many baby plants can you sell lol my son and I have teased that it would be nice to have an abort button lol

  68. Gail says:

    So they make Blushbug available now, which I don,t need so when I try to get evergreen it is a Blushbug awesome way for tinyco to screw us out of diamonds or time. Thanks a lot.

  69. basaro says:


  70. mashkin80 says:

    Renewal and Autumn gave me 13 hours. I hope it was lucky combination ))

  71. mashkin80 says:

    After plenty of tries with mythic plant and autumn i got a blushbug egg… O_o

  72. Stirling Owens says:

    Joy and autumn 13 his first try

  73. MimiMonster says:

    Took about 20 tries with autumn and plant but good combo since it lets you breed often since fail is another plant.

  74. LilDeb79 says:

    I got a Mythic Evergreen with Elder Plant and Blushbug. I am on a iPad. I wish I knew how to take a picture of the Mythic Egg so I could post it.

  75. Ithrow45 says:

    Don’t know if this was mentioned, but in going for Blushbug I used Plant and Flower (someone said most hatching time was 4 hrs! With new Evergreen in play you CAN also get 13
    Hours plant and flower! Got Blushbug…next 4 were Evergreen! This formula gives you a chance at 2 limited monsters! As I said I apologize if this has been mentioned already! Ithrow45

  76. Linda S says:

    Got one with Holly 10 and Elder Plant 8 on the very first try!!

  77. Scarlettesm says:

    I have a mythic evergreen waiting to hatch I got it from mythic plant level 10 and autum level 10

  78. allison says:

    Autumn and Glee first try which never happens for me!

  79. Katrina says:

    Plant and flower on the first try. :) back to trying for snowstorm!

  80. Brendan M. (TinyID: AlpacasRock) says:

    Noobber I think to dumb because I can’t find your TinyID. So… I just added mine in my name. ↑↑↑ :-)

  81. Verasa says:

    Blushbag and autumn only it combination give me evergreen

  82. Looray says:

    Mythic Plant and Mythic Bug second try, Mythic Tree and teen Plant first try – identical results on iOS and Android games. :)

  83. Jenny says:

    I got a Mythic Evergreen with Autumn(10) and Elder Plant(8). First try on Android

  84. Kys (ID : TinyKys) says:

    Jubilee and Autumn, both lvl 10.

  85. Kris says:

    Blushbug and mythic plant both level 5..2nd try

    Love this website..very, very helpful!

  86. basaro says:

    first evergreen with autumn+graveleaf, second one with autumn+glee. many failed attempts before these with different plant only combos and elder plant/autumn+flower combos.

  87. MissLadyJo says:

    Elder Plant 8 + Mythic Autumn 8 (1st try)

  88. Addicted totiny says:

    First try blush bug and autumn

  89. Brendan M. says:

    Mythic Plant Lvl. 10 + Autumn Lvl. 10
    Got the 13hr wait.

  90. Roy van Peer says:

    I did it with plant and luck first try.

  91. Tortiseland says:

    1st Evergreen…Blushbug & Autumn. 2nd try
    2nd Evergreen …Glee & Autumn 1st try
    Quickest breeding of all the latest limited monsters for me! GL

  92. Kat (kat22297 says:

    I did mythic plant & elder plant and got 2 x plants and 3rd time got 13 hours, hope it’s an Evergreen!

  93. Ricardo Costa says:

    I did it with plant and autumn guess it’s the best

  94. Maja says:

    Blushbug and plant

  95. gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

    Mythic autumn lvl 5+ yellow joy lvl 10 1st try… at least 13h…lets see

  96. Ymmo says:

    Got mine by crossing Plant and Blushbug, on 3rd try. Since these two are both plant only and blushbug is limited, all you can get is plant (17 min). You save lots of time by avoiding hybrids.

  97. Tim says:

    After many plants and mythic plants autumn and mystic plant

  98. KingHalo1337 says:

    After a handful of Plants and mythic Plants.

    Lvl 10 Plant and lvl 10 Autumn
    NEW YEARS is in a few days I wonder if they’ll have new monsters for New Years.

  99. Candi Mandi says:

    OMG! I still haven’t got the snowstorm yet!

  100. Shoki says:

    Got one on my 5th try with Mystic Plant (r) + Autumn (l).

  101. A V says:

    Plant and autumn first try!!!!!!!!

  102. darkfaithh says:

    I got it with a level 5 Autumn and a level 10 Erika Joy First try with these after 15 failures with all the other combinations, Happy Holidays all.

  103. Marcym says:

    Just got the new winter plant with edger plant 5 Ang gratitude level 6 first time wow

  104. Banditmojo says:

    Used elder plant lvl 10 and autumn lvl 10. First try 13 hrs. Rushed it and it was the new evergreen! I love first time luck!

  105. Bugeye says:

    I got 13 hours breeding time with Elder plant and plant, both level 10 on first try. Hopefully I am lucky this time, as Holly did not cross my way yet…

  106. deb says:

    First try- elder plant + autumn = evergreen

    • deb says:

      After getting evergreen on the first try with this combo I got 4 or 5 plants before getting the second evergreen. At least the fail time was short.

  107. Eerie says:

    Lvl. 10 Elder Plant & Lvl. 10 Mythic Autumn.

  108. ziggypicc says:

    Lvl. 10 Mythic Plant and Lvl. 8 Autumn. Took about 5 tries, but the first four were plants.

  109. Klapndux says:


    Just got Evergreen with Autumn(5/L)& Elder Plant (10/R).

    Missed out on Merry but at least I got this one!!!

  110. AH6584 says:

    Elder Plant and Autumn 5th try on Android

  111. Carla says:

    Plant + Elder plant (3x & vice versa), Plant + Autumn (3x & vice versa), and Elder Plant + Autumn (3x & vice versa) got me a buttload of Plant monsters.

    Elder Plant + Gratitude = Evergreen on first try!

    • Nick says:

      I just did all those combos and got the same thing. Just did elder plant and gratitude and it gave me 13 hours! I hope it’s evergreen! If it is, thank you for sharing this!

    • Nick says:

      I decided to finish it with diamonds, and it was evergreen! Thank you for this combo!

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