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Tiny Monsters Farm Food and Hall of Champions Guide

G.F. = Generated Food
Max farm on this game = 11

Small Farm

Tiny Monsters Small Farm

Name Picture G.F G.F. /hour
Cloudberries Tiny Monsters Food Cloudberries 5/30 s 600
Bluff Brocolli
(Rec. Food)
Tiny Monsters Food Bluff Brocolli 20/5 min 240
Baby Bananas
(Rec. Food)
Tiny Monsters Food Baby Bananas 40/45 min 53.33333
Nimbus Grapes Tiny Monsters Food Nimbus Grapes 90/3h 30
(Farm this if you go to sleep)
Tiny Monsters Food Mount Mellon 195/8h 24.375
Plumpkins Tiny Monsters Food plumpkins 275/18h 15.27778

Large Farm

Tiny Monsters Large Farm

upgrade from small farm (available at level 16)
250.000 Coins (32 hours)

Name Picture G.F G.F. /hour
Heartichokes  Tiny Monsters Heartichokes 10/45s 800
(plant this if you check the game frequently)
 Tiny Monsters Toadshrooms 70/15min 280
Egg-Plants  Tiny Monsters Egg Plants 120/2h 60
Golden Guavas
(Rec. Food)
 Tiny MOnsters Golden Guavas 310/6h 51.66667
Lucky Lettuce  Tiny Monsters Lettuce 490/12h 40.83333
Royal Radish  Tiny Monsters Royal Radish 845/36h 23.47222

Premium Farm

(Thanks to Rach for the info)

Upgrade cost: 55 / 275 diamonds
Upgrade time: 46 hours

Tiny Monsters Premium Farm Icon

Upgrade only if you have spare diamonds (from diamond producer), I don’t suggest you to buy diamonds to upgrade the farm, save those diamonds to buy another batch of diamonds producer.

Name Picture G.F G.F. /hour
Premium Berries Tiny Monsters Food Cloudberries 40/1min 2400
Premium Brocolli Tiny Monsters Food Bluff Brocolli 385/30min 770
Premium Bananas Tiny Monsters Food Baby Bananas 550/3.5h 157.1429
Premium Grapes Tiny Monsters Food Nimbus Grapes 1200/10 120
Premium Melons Tiny Monsters Food Mount Mellon 1800/16 112.5
Premium Plumpkins Tiny Monsters Food plumpkins 2957/36 82.13889

Hall of Champions

Tiny Monsters Hall of Champions

Available at level 25 ( Coins on the building).
You can store level 10 monsters on this building (save some space on your habitat)

Slots Cost
20 to 30 10/50
30 to 40 20/100
40 to 60 32/160
60 to 80 40/200
80 to 105 50/250
105 to 135 60/300
135 to 170 70/350
170 to 190 80/400
190 to 210 90/450
210 to 230 100/500
230 to 250 110/550

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

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102 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Farm Food and Hall of Champions Guide”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hey Noob,
    Is there anyway if everyone emails tinyco there would be a possibility that they would start adding to the game?

  2. Tinytoe3 says:

    Did I read that right? There are buildings that produced diamonds? I only thought you got diamonds from the 100 that the game started with, a few quests, and purchasing them.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yes, they’re available only on special occasions. They never make it again though because they stop care about the game.

      • Tinytoe3 says:

        Too bad. I’m fairly new and really like this game. I used to play a game called Monsterama that was quite similar, but it stopped working and the company stopped allowing downloads. I was at a really high level when that happened. I had been playing for nearly a year. I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to this cute little game.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Sadly, I believe it will also happen, I don’t know when though. They haven’t updated the game for about 2 years.. it’s amazing how well this game can compatible with newest IOS and android without an update. I suggest you to change the game if you concern about the “span”. My recommendation is fantasy forest story which also available on this site.

  3. Tinytoe3 says:

    So, I got this Hall of Champions building to fulfill a quest, but I don’t understand the point of it. The level 10 monsters don’t do anything in there, do they? Is it just to store extra monsters instead of building more habitats when you run out of room in your island?

  4. Baruch says:

    Its there still someone playing this game
    Add me on facebook i want that another mistery monster to hatch
    Facebook: Baruch Thurairajasingam

  5. Baycitylady says:

    Does Tinyco ever allow for adding food producing hours to an expired Dusk Farm?

  6. Pulgita says:

    Hi, I just realized I didn’t complete Becky’s quest of purchasing, from the small farms, 3 cloudberries for the quest. I’ve already upgraded to two large farms and the rest are premium farms. I’m not sure how to complete the quest as neither of these type of farms have cloudberries.

  7. basaro says:

    there is a new upgrade for HOC.
    210 to 230 for 500 diamonds (large version)

    • Jeff (Android High Price) says:

      Also a new upgrade for HOC 230 to 250 for 550 Diamonds (Large version) But nothing after that for now so the new max for HOC is 250 slots. All is max for me now and still 7644 diamonds and all diamonds producer active with 2 Elder building at max capacity for diamond production so no stress for me doing that no worries for me 🙂 Still have no all monsters 🙂 work really hard on that 🙂

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Thx for the info :). Sorry for late reply.

        • Jeff (Android High Price) says:

          no worry, both very occupy, we do our best for this incredible webside 🙂 Good day and still fighting hard again for Slumber 🙂 Good luck this 1 is really something, Nightfall is nothing to have finally 🙂

  8. Flora says:

    Hi Noob
    According your chart upgrading the Hall of C, 30 to 40 costs 20/100 diamonds…. But my game asks me 65 diamonds?? Is it a glitch, a bargain or did I get another version???

  9. emilio says:

    Was about to upgrade my Hall from 30 to 40, cost is 65 diamonds. How do I tell if I have the large or small version of the game? On android

    • noobbgodlike says:

      See the monster price, anc compared it with the one written on this site. If you get higher than written then it means that you’re playing large version.

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