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Tiny Monsters Firework Monster Formula

1st appearance: 4 July 2013- 23 July 2013
2nd appearance: 1 July 2014 – 15 July 2014 
Normal Version
(Thanks to Melissa, Holzman and other people for pictures and info)

Tiny Monsters Firework Egg Normal

Tiny Monsters Firework growth Normal

Mythic Version
(Thanks to Michelle and others for these info and pictures)

Tiny Monsters Firework Egg Mythic

Tiny Monsters Firework growth Mythic

Firework Status













Earn Rate (Min)

11 19 26/27 33/34 41/43 48/50 56/58 64/67 71/74 80/84

Food (x4)

45 95 140 185 230 275 320 365 410 MAX

Total Food needed

0 180 560 1120 1860 2780 3880 5160 6620 8260

Habitat: Fire

How to obtain: 199/995 diamonds

Selling Price: 3375 Gold

Exp: 2160 XP

Breeding/Hatching Time: 9 hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 5 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 20 hours

Breeding Formula (Fire + Fire hybrids):
[0] Fire + Bellow/Solstice/ any single fire element monsters. YOU MAY GET STAR ELDER FIRE FROM BREEDING (2014 and later), however I find the chance is small (star elder fire rarer than this monster; FROM MY EXPERIENCE, it may vary on your device).
[0] Solstice + Independence (sounds like great idea but actually not…. can resulted on 26 hours which is happen to me. Try this if you have tried formula above 100 times and it’s still not working XD)
[0] Fire + Wildfreeze
[0] Fire + Frostember
[0] Leave your formula on the comments

Tips: if you have independence flower you should have a high chance when you’re using the 1st formula above. but if you haven’t got solstice then sell the flower after you have managed to get the firework 😀 (so the high chance of firework doesn’t interrupt the result of solstice)

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345 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Firework Monster Formula”

  1. Raymond says:

    Noob, can you get these monsters anymore? They aren’t in the featured section or the monsters section of the store

  2. Raktavan says:

    Finally, I got my first Firework with Bug and Elder Fire. I have tried breeding single fire element creatures together for over a hundred times before and it never ever worked once :-(

  3. James B says:

    Hi noon, just wanted to let you and your followers know that there was a glitch in the quest for golden independents. That is why people are not getting this monster. I was talking to someone from tinyco and the glitch has been fixed and there extending the time on getting these monsters to finish the quest. People should have seen the fix if they payed attention to the game loading bar. They would have seen ( game reconfiguring ) in the game loading bar.

  4. sam says:

    Noob I bred two fire only monster many times and I got a lot of fire monsters and three star elder fire and two celestial (I guess its a glitch) but I didn’t get this….. So either I’m extremely unlucky or fireworks is rarer lol

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I can;t say for sure :), Like I said on the post above (based from my experience). Hope you can get it ASAP, before it disappears.

      • sam says:

        I hope so too low I just tried lantern and strike I thought maybe I get fireworks or the new star monster and I got 29 hour breed lol I guess another glitches stardust ….. Ohhhh well back to trying

  5. julie says:

    I don’t understand..I have tried everything to get this monster and all I keep getting is celestial and elder fire but no firework. I’m on a kindle so maybe that’s my prob

  6. LindaC (LSUEMGBC) id says:

    Noob, it would be helpful to change your tip above for now. It is not true now with Star Elder Fire as an option.

  7. Ginjeet says:

    Noob, your 1st formula that says only 3 options, well add another. The 1st couple times I tried it my solstice was only a teen, so started using other formulas that people suggested. I had figured that I might get the origin which I didn’t have so would have been ok, or a 2nd solstice. So others weren’t working either and leveled up solstice to 10 as I thought then I would get either firework or origin. Got two fires and when next one wasn’t fire I thought yeah…until I looked at time and have 28 hrs :-(

    I do love your site tho. Has been very helpful. Just thought you should know that there was another option to get in that formula.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Thanks for telling me about that :), I have removed that sentence, the word that written was only valid on the past :). Origin is limited, You can;t get it at this moment (the previous event is at new year, that’s why there was origin monsters included).

      • Ginjeet says:

        Darn, would have tried it again if I also had possibility of origin since I don’t have that one yet…as for elder starfire I’ve been getting those out the…. :-/ wouldn’t be so bad if one of them came up as mythic, then wouldn’t mind the loooong wait. One of my tries for this monster said I hatched the slumber but looks suspiciously like a flower 😉 think its a glitch but thought I’d raise it just in case it sprees into a slumber…you know the dream state. And since it’s the original flower that doesn’t cost oodles of money to feed, wouldn’t be as much of a loss if it didn’t spree. Waiting for it to wake up.

  8. gramms151 says:

    Tried formula of fire and solstice which gave senario of getting 3 options not counting fire. Longest breeding time would have been 13 hours. WRONG. Got 29 hours. Bummer.

  9. Tasmeen says:

    Got firework. Mythic fire and mythic bug..

    • Scooter331 says:

      Hi all thanks to all who suggested this combo finally got this guy after trying at every release of him chers and regards Scooter331

  10. Joey says:

    Took me forever but I finally got the Firework monster with Mythic Fire and Mythic Bug, also got a celestial monster with this combination

  11. Kc says:

    Mystic plant mystic fire

  12. Samira says:

    With fire and fire i get one celestial after another O-O

  13. GoddessIsis says:

    I used lvl 10 mountain and lvl 10 flower. Im still trying to get an elder earth, but I keep getting other nice little surprises.

  14. Michael says:

    Lvl 10 Mythic Fire + Lvl 10 Mythic Plant

    – I was trying for Bug and multitasking trying for all variations of Adult Flower.


  15. Ladysliper says:

    I got it with elder fire and mythic bug first try

  16. Mollykat says:

    I got it today with fire & flower on my 3rd try. The first try gave me a regular flower, the 2nd try gave me a mythic bug (with almost no $ in the orb + it was one I didn’t have) and on the 3rd try I got my firework.

    I think I have them all now except none as mythic monsters.

    Good luck.

  17. mitchellpl says:

    Is it wrong if I just give up and buy it? That’s what I’m gonna do on the last day-gonna throw in the towel!!Tried in vain all last year and no luck this year! But I won’t give up till Tiny sends out the last day message-don’t want to be a total quitter!

  18. Roxymom says:

    After 30 fires breeding fire to bellows finally something different…….ugh 26 hr! Why does this game hate me????

    • noobbgodlike says:

      :), not hate. You’re just unlucky, keep trying, I hope you get it next time :)

      • Roxymom says:

        Haha, I tried all last year too… firework for me.

      • Trixieshakewell says:

        I did the same thing and got star elder fire. You’ll have to add that to the list of possibilities above! :) mythic fire+bellows=possible star elder fire

        • Trixieshakewell says:

          Actually I got 29 hours. Again! Star elder fire. Might have to try a new combo next time

        • Cara says:

          I’d like to add my comment to this reply because I have been trying over and over to get Firework and I have been extremely unlucky! I keep getting the 29 hour Star Elder Fire over and over. It’s making it impossible for me to breed firework. Is there anyone who has a better combination? If not, then I wish Tiny Monsters would take Star elder Fire out of the mix. HELP!!!!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Nothing can be helped, breeding is all about chance, try other breeding formula, don’t stick with one. Hope you can get it soon.

    • Bobbiel says:

      I got 26 hrs too. How is that possible. Fire and fire is fire. 26 hrs is air or my 100th Inferno. That should not be possible. I’m so sick of trying to get Firework and Independence. I have never had such a hard time and that is saying a lot. The 26 hrs makes me want to scream

  19. Sonja says:

    adult frostember & adult mythic fire…29 hours-dark silk…needed it anyways, no biggie!

  20. jewls says:

    Finally got him with Mythic Fire and Mythic Flower yeah thanks again Noobb for such an amazing and very helpful site this is my bible for all things Tiny Co

    • julie says:

      I just keep getting celestial. I have that tree that helps get celestial. I wonder if I should get rid of it

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Cna you sell it? if not then you can store it. Move the tree and you should see store option.

        • julie says:

          I’m on a kindle so I can’t do all the cool stuff. Totally bumbs me out cuz monsters seem to b easier to get with social. I just sold it so I’ll try it out without it :-)

    • Joyrunalot says:

      no firework for me. something that takes 29 hrs.

  21. JJ Baker says:

    After trying so many other combos,finally got it with Mythic Fire and Mythic Bug…woo hoo!!

  22. luis says:

    I tried to get firework with fire and strike but got 26hours is this a glitch

  23. kencm2014 says:

    Got it 9hrs with Mythic Fire and Mythic Bug on 2nd try ~!

  24. sam says:

    I have tried to get this with solstis and lantern and first try hot another star elder fire then got a few fire monsters and then got 26 hours….. So I guess it glitches and I got a celestial lol… Well I hope I get fireworks before the time ends

  25. gramms151 says:

    Tried suggested breeding of fire and solstice = 26 hours

  26. Judy says:

    Joy and strike. I am going through my breeding list trying every combo just to see what they produce.

  27. James B says:

    Origin and lantern first try.

  28. Megan says:

    I am having absolutely no luck with getting the Firework or the Independence. I swear I have tried every possible combination, both ways! All I keep ending up with is Celestial and Starfire.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Keep trying, they just been released yesterday.

    • Jmcg86 says:

      I’m having that same problem. I was trying for firework and I got celestial which for some reason I can get with fire only elements and star elder fire. I never seem to have an easy time in breeding limited monsters.

      • DcsLilTrooper says:

        I got independence with inferno and air 1st try :) just keep trying. It’s the firework I’m having difficulty with lol

        • Megan says:

          Finally got Independence! Still struggling to get Firework though. I stopped trying for a day and got Independence first try, maybe I need to wait a day to get Firework 😉

  29. Li2Li says:

    9 hrs with mysty Fire and mysty Bug

  30. Kay says:

    Mythic fire plus solstice gave me a 29 hour star elder fire fail. Electric friendship plus fire unity in social den another 29 hour fail.

  31. Raktavan says:

    I tried countless times yesterday using the crash method to reset breeding, but all I got with two single fire element creatues was Fire, Celestial (26 hours) or Star Fire Elder.

    I will try to hatch the Star Monster now, maybe chances are better after you got it?

    • Raktavan says:

      No, Star Monster doesn’t seem to help. I ended up with yet another 26 hours of waiting time.

      If I can somehow convince my social den to grant me one more Enigma, I swear I will evolve it into a Firework! XD

    • Deminio says:

      Same thing here. Only celestial and elder fire. But the last one was mythic , so I kept it. Lol

  32. brobones says:

    Bred fire and solstice and got star elder fire 29 hours will try again

  33. Ithrow45 says:

    Fire and Solstice/Orgin also gets Star elder fire a 29 hr time

  34. Lisa says:

    I was following the fire + solstice advice and you can add 26 hours to that list of possibilities…stupid Air

  35. S N says:

    L10 Fire + L5 Embershade = 9 hrs

    Combination suggests that it can only be Firework

  36. Emilio says:

    after countless tries with different just fire monsters, 9 hours after two tries with m fire and normal sun

  37. Panda says:

    used solarflare (5) and mythic fire (10) got 9 hours breeding first try :)

    • Daisy says:

      I swear this game hates me. I just did mythic fire and solarflare and got 29 HOURS

      • max says:

        ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! 29 HOURS MEAN YOU HAVE A ULTRA RARE DARK SILK also how come I always see people in the comment section saying that they think they got it you guys do realize that firework and every monster with the word LIMITED means they wont be avalable all year around don’t talk to me about you getting these monsters unless its that time of the year again or you got it from enigma

    • spitter1 says:

      used solarflareand mythic fire andgot 3 times sun. Still no FIREWORK

  38. Scooter331 says:

    Everything but the fireworks witch as you all know is usually how it works out lol glad these 2013 best of came along trying to get anyone of the dark/dusk monsters was driven me nutty. Hey Noob my dark habitate finally appeared but just relealised the Elder monster hab is missing from my store?. Thanks for the help as always .

  39. xxfrogxx says:

    Keep trying to get firework. Just keep getting solstice though. So frustrating! Anyone else having any luck getting firework right now?

    • spitter1 says:

      nope, tried several combo’s. mythic fire-soliste, swtched si des. tried fire-soliste als swiched si des. also fire-origin and fire-latern (and switched si des) but no luck. havenow 151 fires/mythic fires,4 origins, 2 laternbut NO firework:-(

  40. Mejustsean says:

    I used fire and bellows and got 13 hours…not one of the three choices mentioned for firework breeding. ???

  41. basaro says:

    level 1 food=45

  42. Mama L says:

    I was trying to get solstice by breedong solarflare 10 and sun 10 and got firework on the 3rd go around. Happy!!!

  43. Shadow says:

    Mythic Flower ( 10 ) + Bug ( 10 ) = Mythic Firework

    The orb was full :)

  44. neko3737 says:

    fire & cinder

  45. Ruffian says:

    Flower and Bug, first try was successfull

  46. michelle says:

    level 10 flower and level 10 flare!

  47. jamavros says:

    Boreal and frostember on ios

  48. Ung says:

    I was trying to get shadow but I got firework instead!

    Adult Flower + level 6 Flare

  49. anotherplayr says:

    Boreal (Lvl. 5) + Iceflare (Lvl. 8). Just a few moments ago, got a 9-hour breeding time.

  50. defguy9 says:

    I got this monster while breeding frozenflames and fire monster
    Frozenflames L level 5
    Fire monster R levels 10/5 both mythical and non mythical
    I got both the mythical firework and firework:)

  51. Madbuilder1 says:

    I got It with adult fire and teen frozonflame

  52. Valerie says:

    I got firework with an adult bug and teen boreal on the first try.

  53. Vicki says:

    Someone on here suggested to try fire and solstice three times in a row then switch them! I did and got Firework on the switch!! Thanks guys been trying for awhile!!

  54. Frédéric says:

    I got it with flower (L) and flare (R) all lvl 10

  55. Maniaco says:

    I did the Fire + Wildfreeze like 4 times and now the fifth time it says it will take 9 hours to breed so hope it is Firework is there any way to make sure it is Firework? I don’t want to be exited and them get something like Cinder or something I already have

  56. Brit says:

    Cinder+mythic fire. First try.

  57. Jennifer says:

    Frozenflame and frostember just got me a MYTHIC firework!

  58. eric (erick469) says:

    Trying for an elder but got firework 3 times in a row with magma(10) and mythic cinder(10). Hope thishelps.

  59. JRussell says:

    Frozenflame and frostmember worked for me.

  60. Zack says:

    Icflare + boreal second try

  61. Iman says:

    First try got frozenflame ,second try got fireworks using merry and solstice

  62. brandon says:

    i keep on getting firework with (adult fire) AND (adult forzenblaze )

  63. Brenda says:

    Graveleaf and bug got me firework was trying for enigma

  64. Sherah says:

    Got two in a row on iPad with mystic bug on left and solstice on left both 10

  65. Tashiathm says:

    Oh my god I was trying for frozen flame by breeding frost member and mythic fire the first three time was only 4 seconds then the fourth try was a firework monster!!!!!!!!! AND TO THINK I GAVE UP ON TRYING TO GET IT…. HA HA HA THATS AWSOME!!!!!! Sorry I’m happy, hope this helps.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t understand why many people give up so easily :(. Anyway, congrats on getting firework monster.

      • Tashiathm says:

        I guess I shouldn’t give up so easily but between dragon vale, dragon city tiny monsters and monster ledgends my patience where’s thin sometimes, lol. But thank you for the congrats. Now I’m working on enigma.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          LOL, I think you should be more patience with those games sicne you can simply just leave it and then switch to other games XD. Have you tried Jurassic Story ? it’s very good too XD. Monster Legends, it’s the first time I heard that games. Will try search it on itunes.

    • Stampgirl says:

      Just bred mythic fire and frostember and got mythic firework finally.

    • Georgann J says:

      Got 9 hours on first try with this combo! Thank you, random citizen!

  66. Sean says:

    Second try with Solstice lvl 10 & mythic fire lvl 10

  67. Eddy says:

    I got this with frozenflame and embershade = 9 hours(not just that but the right egg too)I thought it was expired monster? Well suprised me, btw is this considered a rare breed?

  68. wcole08 says:

    Got this with boreal and mythic wildfreeze

  69. TMbreeder says:

    Trying for a second Independence monster, I breed Independance to Firework and got Firework on the first try.

  70. Imran says:

    I got mine with L10 frostember and L10 fire
    Breeding time= 9hrs
    Hatching time=9hrs

  71. Matty says:

    I got mine with a L10 flower and a L10 bug

  72. SSSPro says:

    Frostember and fire

    • Judith Lopez says:

      Frostember + frozenflame

      • defguy9 says:

        I got all three of mine with frozenflames level five and fire monsters level 5 level 10 and mythical fire monsters :) mytical firework was my first:) goodluck and hope this helps.
        Frozenflames (L)
        Any fire monster (R)
        Worked for me on android:)

      • Oma2five says:

        I tried so many of the combinations.FROSTEMBER & FROZENFLAME got me another 26 hour breeding time. How did I get an AIR MONSTER???

        #HUGE SNIFF#

        I have been getting 26 hour times since fireworks monster started! I got one FROSTEMBER and one frozenflame and NO EXAGGERATION every other egg has been AIR MONSTERS. HOW???

        I am on KINDLE FIRE. My son has that phone.I started Tiny MONSTERS when he wasn’t looking.He was hooked but here is the _ _ _ _!He is getting the monsters he tries for!(I have to admit I almost cried when he got SOLSTICE FIRST TRY!)

        I play this game as a MASOCHIST! LOL!

  73. Stephen says:

    Embershade and sun

  74. Steph says:

    Got 2 fireworks with fire left and frostember right. Took me about 10 tries for first one and second one was two tries. Would end up with fire which is only 5 seconds. Received 4 frozenflames which was a good thing in my case due to lacking iceflare n wildfreeze

  75. Thesutterleys says:

    Yah finally Firework monster with mythic fire and mythic flower both level 10

  76. Arc says:

    Just got it with a mythic fire and solstice!!!! First try! If only the independence monster was that easy

  77. Lisa says:

    Got firework with mythic fire + bug. Woot!

  78. He he he says:

    I got it using Solstice and Fire! Then got another with Solstice and Firework! Yay! No mythic though but I will keep trying. I’ll let you know on the mythic but now I’m trying for Independence.

  79. MimiMonster says:

    Firework and solstice with a full mythic bowl gave me mythic firework.

  80. Chary says:

    Fire + mythic flower = 9 hrs fireworks

  81. Alisha says:

    I didnt get a solstice what formula can i use to get firework?

  82. RyleeBlaze says:


    The first one I got I did it by breeding Solstice, level 10 on the left + Mythic Embershade, level 10 on the right. I ended up with a Mythic Fireworks Monster.
    That was on third of July. Ever since then I have been breeding like crazy to get another one and using I don’t know how many diamonds.

    Then just about a half an hour ago, I tried the same formula again and popped up with the regular version egg.
    Now on to try to get my second Independence Monster.

    BTW: I found that it’s VERY IMPORTANT to use the Solstice Monster on the left and the Embershade on the right, or you will get a bunch of Embershade Monsters.

    • Dan says:

      I got firework with mythic fire (10) on the left and solstice (7) on the right. Before the nine hour breeding time, I obtained 23 fire monsters in a row. My recommendation is keep trying until you get yourself that nine hours.

    • Diego says:

      I just did Solstice and Embershade and got 9hrs first try, hope it’s Fireworks

  83. Deminio says:

    Fireworks with solstice and fire after a few fires!!!!

  84. birusa says:

    That was the easiest monster to get. I used Strike lvl 10 + Fire lvl 10/Mythic Fire lvl 10.
    Results: Strike 3 times in a row, then Firework 2 times in a row, now I got 14 hours waiting time that probably ends as a Flare.
    Good luck!

  85. Jagged88 says:

    Mythic Fire Lvov 10 Solstice lvl 8 2nd try

  86. Perfect says:

    I got this monster first try using teen mythic fire and teen flower. I was breeding for a solstice but my goal was t have firework and solstice by the end of the week so this was epic. 😀 Anyway got solstice and firework – so happy. 😀

  87. Shelly says:

    Just got it with mythic flower and bug

  88. Athena says:

    Level 8 burst and level 5 boreal first try

    • Deidre says:

      Yeah!!!! Finally!! This combo worked for me 1st time!!! I tried every other combo like 20 times each!! I almost gave up!! Thanks…

  89. whammytammy says:

    Got two mythic fire and mythicbug. Took couple tries now will breed them to get mythic to complete quest

  90. Clocs187 says:

    I got this by breeding Fire level 8 and Frostember level 5 I guess I just got lucky

  91. Austin Mohan-Maddie Wilkes says:

    I did fire + flower both at level 10

  92. RD says:

    Finally got it with lvl 5 solstice and lvl 8 mythic fire this took me like 30 tries including 4 solstice monsters and over 20 fires. Just gonna tell everyone still trying not to give up. Now I gotta get the independence monster.

  93. spirecreations says:

    k. just used a level 5 boreal and level 10 fire….got a 9 hour result…i think the only thing it can be is the firework monster!! :)

  94. Irina says:

    I was trying for Independance with Mystic Fire + Soar, but got 9 hours (with 13 diamonds to finish now). I think it’s Firework. But still no Independance for me! I failed to get it last year, and probably this year as well :(

  95. Rattler says:

    I think I have it. After soo many tries with fire and solstice. Finally. Kept getting fire but not so bad cause its a quick hibernation. I have 9 hrs to wait and see

    • Rattler says:

      Got impatient. Used some gems. It’s firework. I haven’t got an independence monster yet

  96. Saki hsuan says:

    I am getting nothing but solstice monsters for the past two days by breeding fire normal and mythic with the solstice monster. Please tell me another combo. Both are at level 10.

  97. haruki says:

    finally. boreal and mystic merry.
    driod. good luck everyone

    • Phillip says:

      If you want solstice try ice flare and frostember……..trying for firework and I keep getting solstice.

      • medusa-x5-452 says:

        hey phillip, if you happen to see this post, are you using and ios or android system with this combo? thanks!!

  98. Noe says:

    Got it trying to get a solstice monster with Boreal+frozenblaze 1st try

    • medusa-x5-452 says:

      I got another darn 26 hr wait… so that’s it for me… grrr! no more chance at solstice & likely another air monster. they are the bain of my existence. makes me want to use the few diamonds I have just for another try. so bummed out!

  99. Caitie says:

    What is an idependence flower and where can I get it? I finally got my solstice monster, so now I’d like to get the firework too.

  100. Liz says:

    FIre (mythic) and bug both level 10

  101. Nikki says:

    Fire and magma 9 hr breeding time :)

  102. JB says:

    I got firework while trying to breed frozenflame with fire and frostember!

  103. TM says:

    Got mythic with frostember and wild freeze. Yippee! Finding it impossible to hatch a simple monster as the independence quest requires. Oh well. I’m happy.

  104. jacque says:

    I keep hearing if u hatch marine or independence it will clear. I had both and it didnt work for me.

    • Cerumen says:

      Did you hatch a new one for the quest? Quest cleared for me when I hatched a new mythic Independence for the quest (I already had 2).

    • Looray says:

      It has to be a mythic independence to clear quest 4/6

  105. Rex says:

    I got nine hours with mythic fire and solstice after 20 tries of getting fire egg

    • Origami Orchid says:

      Same formula – mythic fire + solstice, after about 9 or 10 fire monsters (without the special flower) on Android gave me a 9 hour wait!

  106. Rach says:

    Mythic Fire and Mythic Solstice, both level 10, got me two Firework in a row.

  107. aslesha says:

    level 74 on android
    l10 fire + l7 hallow gave me a nine hr breeding on the second try.

  108. twizzle42 says:

    Got it with fire and boreal 2nd try. First try gave me regular firebut it waz quick.. Add me plzzz

  109. Barb says:

    Mythic fire and bug worked for me after many
    failed attempts. Wondering what the best breeding combo
    to use for the first part of the quest?

  110. CloudGamer says:

    What a nice change from all the hard breedings!! Got my 2 Fireworks with the mythic fire and solstice combo with only 4 or 5 Solstice eggs and about 30-40 Fire monsters 😉

  111. Kaylee says:

    Level 10 mythic fire and level 10 mythic bug first try!

  112. Liger says:

    Trying to make that and made a mythic 3 headed dog:(

  113. Saymae says:

    I got it with level 10 fire and level 10 magma first try was among for solstice.

  114. TNITO1 says:

    I got firework by breeding lv10 fire and lv5 solstice :-)

  115. brandon says:

    i got normal firework by breeding level 5 (bug) and a level 5 (flower)

  116. Mia Marajuana says:

    Sweet!! 1st try… (L) Adult Mythic Fire (R) Frozenflame

  117. Zephyr says:

    I got firework with frostember and fire. (fourth try) it gives you fire until the fourth try.

  118. AutomaticIphone says:

    Bellows and solstice 5s fail time got it in second try

    Add me daily player

  119. Pampulilu says:

    Mythic fire lvl 5 X Floral lvl 10, after 5 or 6 tries a Firework

  120. Evan tinyID (ejmpro12) says:

    I got 2 with level 10 fire (left) level 10 solstice (right)

  121. jacque says:

    Finally cleared quest 4 last night with mythic burst. I think if u look at quest 3 it says to hatch a hybrid from fire ice, fire air, or fire water. This is how u get the red white and blue mythic as well. I think you have to have mythic burst for red (fire-water hybrid mythic), flame gust mythic fire-air for blue and frozenblaze mythic fire-water hybrid. Hope this helps any one.

  122. Ashley says:

    I’m needing help with the quest! What three monsters need to be bread and do all three need to be mythic?

  123. Lisa says:

    I was able to breed the mythic version!!! Tell me how to send you the info so you can get the pics for it. :-)

  124. Ellen says:

    Finally, got the mythic version by filling up the “orb” all the way and then breeding two Fireworks (lvl 10) on iPhone5. Took 5 tries and now I’m just waiting to hatch and level.

  125. Id : maka2 says:

    Got it on 8th try with Mytic fire (10) + solstice (10)
    Rest all were fire

  126. Crystal says:

    soltice and fire = fireworks first try. still have no independence :(

    • Stschw says:

      Dito, but I’m happy, that the new monster was so easy to get as a fire only monster. I feared the same disaster as with the marine monster. So I have only to concentrate on the independence

  127. Nick says:

    I got it on the third try of using mythic fire level 10 and regular solstice level 5

  128. teri says:

    solstice and iceflare first shot

  129. not-so-lucky says:

    I got it with fire and boreal after like 20 fires, 1 solstice, and one firework :) :)
    hoped this helped anyone :)

  130. Ben10 says:

    After about 15 or 20 fires and 2 solstices i finally got a firework monster with a mythic fire and mythic solstice :)

    • Karissa says:

      Fire and solstice…. Like 10 fire then got 9hrs :)

      • Spook says:

        Same happened to me. I was giving up too early yesterday, but after reading this I went back to Mythic Fire & Mythic Soltice and on try 7 I’ve got a 9hr breed time! Don’t give up guys!!! Good luck!

  131. cheez says:

    1st try with mythic fire vs bug , I also got my soltaice withthis combo too n 1st try too
    Recomended combo!

  132. martyne says:

    Hi! After like 30 times trying with mythic fire/solstice, fire/solstice and trying those combination the other way, got 9hrs breeding with mythic fire/solstice. You need patience because you gonna get a lot of fire and mythic fire in a row but it’s only a few second of breeding and hatching so keep in going with this formula and you gonna have your firework pretty easy!

    • Dee says:

      Wow! I did fire and mythic bug. Both 10’s. got it on first try! Thank you for the formula!!!!!

  133. Jo says:

    Teen frostember and teen mythic fire. Got both regular and mythic version in 3 tries.

  134. hugo says:

    With solstice and flamegust 1st try :) ID:Agenteph

  135. steveO says:

    After 19 triesI got it…….. lvl 10 fire+ lvl 10 solstice…. tries 1-9 (fire), try 10 (solstice)
    11-18 (fire) and finally a 9 hour breeding time….. and by the formula it has to be firework…

  136. Sweety49 says:

    Got Firework first time with Flare and Inferno. 😀

  137. Fire911fight says:

    Lvl 10 (mythic) Fire + lvl 9 (normal) Solstice 1st time got me 9 hour breeding option

  138. Donittamouse says:

    Cinder and solstice First try.

  139. Jaycat802 says:

    Woohoo, fire + solstice = firework second try

  140. Amanda says:

    I tried the first combo 20 times and finally got it. Mine is mythic it is yellow. I have iPhone I took a pic with it in the nest.

  141. Bruski says:

    got it 2nd try with mythic fire lvl 10 and wildfreeze lvl 8

  142. Kara says:

    Just got mythic fire(10) and solstice (9) after 2 tries.

  143. Brent Wittig says:

    yes i do have a mythic firework in my incubator, farcrier324, come check it out.

  144. Dan066 says:

    For once I got lucky, first time with Fire left and Solistice right

  145. Lulu says:

    Mythic Fire and Wildfreeze on the first try. Every other combination resulted in fire, mythic fire, or solstice.

  146. ST says:

    Fire and bug first try 😀

  147. Elfylio says:

    Got it with fire + mythic below First try

  148. Rebecca says:

    I’ve getting mythic firework!!!!!

  149. shane says:

    this was really easy for me. hatched a mythic first try, then a regular. Wild freeze+ flower and flower+ bug. I hatched random monsters in the process with these combos plus 2 airs but used less than 75 diamonds altogether.

  150. Gma Of 10 says:

    Got firework after about 10 tries with fire+solstice 3 times, then solstice+ fire 3 times, etc.

    • Gma Of 10 says:

      It worked the same way for a 2nd firework. All the fails were fire so it only took less than a minute or two to breed each of them. And no diamonds spent. Now, for a mythic. :)

  151. michele says:

    9 hr breed time lvl10 fire and lvl 8 solstice. 2nd try.

  152. Eric says:

    After nine or ten tries of Mythic Fire + Mythic Bellows, getting Fire every time, I switched the order to Mythic Bellows + Mythic Fire and bang! Got Firework on the first try.

  153. Hecate83 says:

    Hey Noob! Okay guys…32 tries with Level 10 Fire and Level 7 Solstice gave me nothing but Fire or Mythic Fires. At 5 seconds apiece- not a big waste of time. Then tried Level 10 Wildfreeze and Level 7 Solstice and got 1 Fire and then got 9hr breeding time (firework) the 2nd time. Couple of minutes all together. Good luck everyone! And remember to get your faces out of your phone/computer for a couple of minutes tonight to watch some fireworks with friends and family!

    • Hecate83 says:

      BTW…no special boost…so I doubt if it really helps that much. So dont beat yourself up if you didnt finish the quests for a boost of luck for Firework. I didnt have it either!

    • Cclyn says:

      Got with the exact combination. Same thing happened first got Fire then I got 9 hour breeding time.

    • Tiny fan says:

      Yeh thank you for the tip after loads of attempts with fire & solstice & only getting fire monster, switched to L10 wildfreeze on left & L10 Solstice on right got firework, doing the happy dance now :0) on iphone

    • Bethany says:

      It worked for me! I got about 40 Firecats and 1 Solstice, but I was about to finally breed a Firework egg with a Mythic Firecat and Solstice both level 10! Yippie skippie!

  154. Amy says:

    Got it first time with Fire and Iceflare was trying for Solstice and got this. Didn’t even know this was out!

    • Amy says:

      Well I just used Firework teen and Fire and got my Solstice! So excited! I’ve been trying forever it seems =D

  155. Arianne says:

    Fire and Solstice can also get Sun, but at least that’s just a 3 hr wait.

  156. Brooke says:

    Got firework with fire and mythic solstice :)

  157. miladnasimi says:

    I breed mythic firework from teen frostember + teen boreal first try!!!

  158. Staceys1990 says:

    I used fire monster (lvl10 mythic) and solstice monster (lvl10)

    I got solstice once in that combo but the rest were fire monsters but they only have a 5 second breed/hatch time.

    • Evan says:

      Same here

    • Surfing says:

      Woo hoo, I got one too after about 50 solstice and fire monsters. Luckily the breed time is so low. I guess they got tired of all the angry posts on Facebook that were upset at 3 independence in such a short time! Nice change!

  159. LadyMalice says:

    I wish I had seen your post BEFORE I bred Independence and Solstice… I got 25 hour breeding time also, what is the result??

  160. Corina says:

    Second try WITHOUT the special boost!!!!! Solstice lv 10 & Boreal lv 10 both times. I got a Frostember first and then Firework!!!

  161. RowBean says:

    Hey Noob, I’ve got the mythic egg for you, what’s your email?

  162. marc says:

    Got a 9 hour breed with mythic fire lvl 10 and solstice lvl10 after many fires came out but less than a days work

  163. yellown says:

    L10 mythic fire + L10 solstice gave 9 hours, after about 15 fires.

    Playing on Android

  164. Ash says:

    Got it with Bellows lvl10 and Solstice lvl10. Took quite a few attempts but each wrong one was only a Fire monster so no big loss.

  165. Tinymonstersfan says:

    Got it with frozenblaze + mythic fire :-)

  166. Er says:

    I’ve kept trying fire+solstice and got five solstice today! I’ve already put the Independent flowers on my mountain but the double chance is all for solstice! I am crazy now! Is it a bug?

  167. Kys (ID : TinyKys) says:

    I have the 3 Independance Monsters during the event and the Flower items. After 4-5 try with Fire – Solstice, both Mythic, result only Fire, finally I obtain 9h.

  168. toomanymonters says:

    Got the mythic version. It is yellow with light blue tufts on top. Used Mythic Fire and Bellows. It took a couple of tries but since I only got fire eggs, it went very fast.

  169. Cerumen says:

    I only tried Fire/ Bellows/ Solstice combos. I don’t have Independance trophy, but after about 30 fires and 2 Solstices I got 4th of July with Bellows and Mythic Solstice. Keep trying the fire combos and odds will eventually be on your side – Happy 4th Tiny fans!

  170. TinyTricerat says:

    9 hr with Mytic fire (10) and solstice (5) after around 50 tries. Let’s hope it is the good one. No independence flower.

  171. Pixie (tiny ID: Lyxnaria) says:

    I don’t have a special quest flower, but I got Firework on the 29th try of Mythic Fire + Solstice. Fire every time (lots of free mythic fires of course). I plan to repeat this method tomorrow so I can eventually breed a mythic.Now to get Independence…

    • Pixie (tiny ID: Lyxnaria) says:

      Got my second Firework with this combo on the second try this time. I’ll just save them to breed myself a mythic after everything settles down :)

  172. Kim Markham says:

    Mythic solstice & mythic fire. 3 on first day! So excited! now trying for second independence.

  173. Rendarphil says:

    Got it first try with Solstice lvl5 + Hallow lvl5

  174. TM says:

    Solstice and mythic fire. Got like 20 fires in a row but who cares cuz they finish in seconds. So happy! Just got independence today too! I feel so lucky!

  175. Ehlana (tinyid=Flutee) says:

    Mythic fire + bellow = 2 fires, 3 solstices and 1 firework monster (on iPhone)

  176. Arslan says:

    Kept trying solstice and bellow all resulted in fire and then solstice after that I tried lvl 10 solstice and lvl 10 mythic fire. Got 9 hrs breeding time first try. Good luck.

  177. Brent Wittig says:

    just got a mythic for 9 hours with fire and solstice, both lvl 10. kinda hope its that mysteries mythic firework.

  178. Ranuves says:

    Adult Inferno and Adult Mythic Fire to get independence. Got a Mythic firework instead!

  179. mimi says:

    frostember (L) bug (R) both adult got mythic fireworks 😀

  180. jokemon says:

    Damn i did a mix of mythic Fire/Bellows/or Solstice and kept getting Fire forever…. i essentially gave it it a break so i can clear a quest (the hatch a hybrid either water/firen, ice/fire, or ice/water one)

    But ill definitly give it another try…. i never got independent either (since getting one of its brother breeds takes practically a day to breed if you fail to get it)… hope these stay for a while

  181. jacque says:

    Anyone have any idea how to finish quest 4 i have mythic red fire mythicblue air and electric and white mythic tree and frost but it wont clear. Any ideas would help.

  182. Keith says:

    Mythic Solstice (5) Left + Mythic Fire (10) Right Android Phone.

  183. Tim says:

    Got it with Fire 10 (L) and Mythic Frozenblaze 10 (R) first try

  184. Pam says:

    Got it first try with frostember and inferno

  185. Kris says:

    Solstic and frosrember First try

  186. Valerie says:

    Mythic fire + Solstice = Firework (after approx 12 tries)

    Moving on: what did you guys hatch for your fire-ice, etc. hybrids. Something nice and simple?

  187. jacque says:

    Got it with fire and solstice. First try.

  188. Lorie Lu Lu says:

    Teen Solstice & adult mythic Flare rewarded me with a Fireworks.

  189. AngE0522 says:

    I just got firework!!!!’Yay! I’ve been trying to get solstice for 3 days and someone on this site said they got it with bug and burst so I tried it after a million fire and light combos. So happy I did!

  190. Bobalina says:

    Bellows and Solstice, both level 10, second try = mythic Firework (with globe empty). Playing on iPad (lite version). Happy Fourth of July!

  191. wyrdtina says:

    Frostember and fire was trying for frozenflame

  192. Cassie bull says:

    Mythic fire and solstice and I got a
    9 hour breed so hopefully its a firework !! Fingers crossed

    • Cassie bull says:

      Forgot to say this is the first time to try mythic fire and solstice! I tried solstice and fire and got fire then tried fire and solstice and got fire and I tried each of them prob four times each then I done mythic fire and solstice and got a 9 hour breed so ill let y’all know if it worked !

  193. Kathl33n says:

    Noob at the top of the page you talk about if you have the independence flower. What is the independence flower :-) ??

    • noobbgodlike says:

      it’s the decoration that boost the chance to obtain firework monster (it can only be obtained if you have successfully hatched 3 independence monsters before).

      • Cassie bull says:

        Well I don’t have any independence flower or the monster and got a 9 hour breed and hoping its firework so of so then u don’t have to have independence monster or flower to get firework

        • Cassie bull says:

          My bad your talking about the flower can only b obtained if u got the monster 3 times and that’s correct sorry tho u was talking about the firework monster lol

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Like I said it only boosts the chance not the “must” for you to get firework.

  194. Nick Cage says:

    After about 50 tries with fire+solstice I tried fire+sun and got 9hr first try

  195. JC says:

    Got it with a Frozenflame (8) + Fire (10). Tried again and got a Solstice.

  196. Queen says:

    Oh my goodness Fire/Solstice ON THE VERY FIRST TRY!! Never has this happened to me! Yayyy..

  197. Debula says:

    Got 9 hr on my 3rd try with mythic fire and solstice both level 10 ( the first two attempts resulted in fire)

  198. RJ says:

    Mythic Fire and bellow= 1 fire then 2 fireworks in a row

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