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Tiny Monsters Friendship Monster

Tiny Monsters Friendship Egg

Tiny Monsters Friendship baby to teen

How to get:
[0] Just add friends from tiny social. Very easy :D. I think you can’t get 2nd friendship monster at this moment.

The monster can only be feed by social food. You can get social food from other players gift












Food (x4)

3 13 33 52 59 65 72 90 95 MAX

Total Food needed

0 12 64 196 404 640 900 1188 1548 1928

To feed this monster you need social food the amount of food obtained depends on your social level and how many people who give you a gift.

Social Lvl S. Food/gift
15-19 15
20-24 16
25-29 17
30-34 18
35-39 19
40-44 20
45-49 21
50-54 22
55-59 23
60-64 24
65-69 25
70-74 26
75-79 27
80-84 28
85-89 29
90-94 30
95-99 31

Breeding/Hatching Time: 24 hours (need 5 friends to hatch)

1 st tuck in time (baby to teen): 13 hours (need 15 friends to evolve)

2nd tuck in time: 35 hours (need 25 friends to evolve)

XP: 2400

Sell price : 2400 Coins (teen), 4875 (adult)

Breeding Formula (Need to be on Adult Form): Breed 2 friendship together (Element doesn’t affect the result, Breed Unity + friendship will result on regular hybrids monsters :D)

Adult Form

Thanks to Donna and “be-_-all” for these pictures


Tiny Monsters Friendship Electric


Tiny monsters Ice Friendship


Tiny Monsters Friendship Water Form

Tiny Monsters Guide Main Page 

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364 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Friendship Monster”

  1. beth says:

    How do you make friends on fire?

  2. kelly says:

    How do you get the mythic friendship monsters and what do they look like?

      • kelly says:

        On my game it shows all 3 adult forms of the friendship monster, that I have got, with a blank siloette that says mythic, I don’t have any evolved unity monsters yet and they don’t have the same box so was just curious, thanks for replying! X

  3. smile24/7 says:

    Do you have any idea when these will be on the kindle fire? If you don’t it’s ok.

  4. Cinci says:

    Hi, I bred a unity and friendship and obtained a 24hrs egg, if it’s true that you can only obtain a friendship through a 2friendship breeding,what will my egg be? (the elements are Electricity and water if I’m not wrong)

    Thank you!!!

  5. Origa275 says:

    Hi! Can I get a Friendship monster on Android? I have tiny social option only inTiny Village. How can I visit a friend’s mountain to left gifts?

  6. basaro says:

    here are the new food levels for friendship L1-L7. L8 and 9 are still the same.
    L1-L7 = 3,13,33,52,59,65,72

  7. basaro says:


    wasn’t there a section somewhere (thought it was on this page), where you listed the social snack amounts for each level? Did you remove it?

  8. basaro says:

    you need 25 friends to evolve to adult, maybe you want to add that to the page?

  9. july says:

    I bred monsters with someone else and get a mystic tundra was tht just lucky or will I get just regular monsters all the time or social monsters or both ??

  10. StoneWolf99801 says:

    Does this option not exist for the kindle fire? There is no friend thing as far as i can tell. ?????????????

  11. trish says:

    adult forms random? Im 3 out of 3 water forms :( is there something I need to do to get different forms?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      no, random is random. You’re just unlucky, you can use retry option if you don’t want to start over.

      • wha2do says:

        There’s a retry option? I don’t remember seeing any option to try again, other than breeding/evolving a new one…

        • noobbgodlike says:

          there is on my game.

        • wha2do says:

          That’s cool – I’m running TM v2.4 on an Android tablet and didn’t get that option. Going from memory, once had finished evolving a “pop up” showed & could see part of the SBD monster behind it. After clearing the “pop up”, saw what it evolved into but no option to keep or retry. It was just automatically added to my current group of monsters.

          This made for lengthy process back when only got 5 gifts/day! Of course once it went to 50 gifts/day, I got all the needed monsters right away lol! Now just hoping new ones will be released :)

        • Caroline says:

          I don’t have a retry option either, so frustrating when all I need is Electric. I have version 2.4.1 what version do I need to have the retry option??

        • noobbgodlike says:

          No, friendship and unity don’t have retry option.

  12. dinogma says:

    How do I get the water friendship monster I have fire and electric.

  13. Tiny pup says:

    It says I can only breed on type of adult form but that a social master can breed all forms. How to I become a social master?

  14. Lololady says:

    I just bred Ice Friendship and Plant Unity and got 24 hours. That can’t be a Friendship can it?

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