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Tiny Monsters Frozenflam, Legendary, and Mystery Quests

Monsters Quest (Frozenflame, Legendary, and Mystery)


Tiny Monsters Frozenflame quest

[1] Have lvl 10 Fire and Ice monster, and then hatch any monster (hatch fire because it only need 5 sec). Rewards: 100 Xp 30 Food
[2] Try breeding you ice and fire (on my game it doesn’t work). If it doesn’t work, hatch any egg (the result need to ice-fire hybrids on my game, so you need to hatch frozenflame/frostember/Boreal). Rewards: 120 XP and 30 Food
[3] Have Level 10 Ice hybrids and Level 10 Fire Hybrids, then hatch any egg. Rewards: 120 XP and 30 food
[4] Hatch one monsters from Phineas Journal. The monsters are Frozenflame, wildfreeze, Iceflare, Frozenblaze, Zephyr, Frost, Snowbluff, Bug, Freeze, Tundra, Frostember). Hatch Bug, since it has shortest breeding time.
[5] Hatch Frozenflame monsters

Frozen Mystery (Finish frozenflame quest first)

[1] Evolve your Frozenflame to a teen
[2] Will your Frozeflame be a master of ice fire or a mix? evolve to adult to find out!
[3] Have all three Adult forms of the Frozenflame Monster!


TIny Monsters Legendary Quest pic

[1] Hatch Legendary monster. Rewards: 100 diamonds
[2] Evolve Legendary monsters to teen. Rewards: 60 Xp and 20 Food
[3] Evolve your legendary monsters to epic form (legacy form). Rewards: 60 xp  and 20 food ( What’s wrong ?? The rewards is just so uninspiring)

Mystery (Finish Legendary quest first)

Tiny Monsters Mystery quest

[1] Have 1 hybrid of all the unlocked elements: Fire, plant, earth, and Ice. It’s very easy, ex: Flower, bug, snowbluff, and frost. Rewards: 20 food and 2000 Coins
[2] Hatch one on these following monsters: Frozenflame, Frostember, Spitfire, and Burst. Rewards: 2 diamonds and 60 XP
[3] Reveal the Legendary Monster! Have a level 10 flower &  level 10 Mountain (osme says you only need to have one of them)
[4] Complete the Legendary Monster Image w the 4th shard! Build Legendary Habitat. Rewards: 1 diamonds and 1000 coins.

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide Main page

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105 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Frozenflam, Legendary, and Mystery Quests”

  1. lilbit_7 says:

    How do you get the legendary to change into one of its “epic” forms? I have 4, and I feed them all, tuck them in, and they come out the same! What am I doing wrong?

  2. Melodyd says:

    Hey noob, I have finished all the quests on a path to frozen flame quest previously, but for some reason it will mot let me get the rewards for finishing the quests. I’ve tried to do them again but it still will mot let me finish them. Can you help me out? What do I need to do?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      If you really have cleared all the objectives then I can only suggest you to follow fix error section on the main page. Hope it can be solved quickly.

      • Melodyd says:

        Noob I accidently posted this question on the social page. Lol not exactly sure why. Please ignore it. I was thinking I was on this page typed it up and forgot to submit it. Sorry.
        This quest wont even let me start over with the first quest so I dont know what the deal is. Either ignore it or go to fix error page I guess.

  3. TinyMonster Lover says:

    Reward for the Mystery quest part 4 is 1 diamond and 1,000 coins.

  4. deborah says:

    I have a kindle fire and how do you do the fix error with this. There is not really any direct steps. Thanks p.s. Your site is great and I really have used it for answers.

  5. caffiend1 says:

    Hi noob iv completed the mystry quest but not the legendary or frozenflame. It was already unlocked.

  6. Kiara says:

    I finished the frozen flame quest but the mystery never appeared. Is this some kind of glitch?

  7. Amfisbena says:

    I whant to know if legacy monster can life in fire-legacy place.
    Somebody knows that?

  8. Ina says:

    who can we contact if the game does not give us credit once we finished at portion of the quest and should be getting the rewards I have done some of these quest twice and still the game has not given me credit and the rewards anyone else have this problem or know who I can contact to have it fixed

  9. Staryskye234 says:

    I have an adult legendary but it didn’t turn into a different element or anything in fact it looks exactly the same just a little bigger so how am i supposed to complete the quest cause its still saying i need an adult legendary…..

  10. scrapp says:

    Just got done breeding earthquake and tree monsters and my outcome was a legendary monster on the first time.

  11. ad says:

    I had a 10 ice and 10 fire and got 8 hour breed time. I’m on android

  12. Shadow says:

    I did the Frozenflame quest but the Frozen Mystery quest never appeared …

  13. Lil red says:

    I have All 3 level 10 adult forms of Frozenflame I’ve taken them in/out of Hall of fame thinking I would get my reward. How do I get rid of this quest and claim my reward?

  14. SSSPro says:

    Noob, bugs on quest 3/4 of legend i got moutain monster FRESHLEY HATCHED and the quest completed. it says lvl 10 flower AND mountain.

  15. Anthony says:

    Mystery Monster 4/4 quest. There is a bug. My quest says to get the last shard by building a new legendary habitat. So I built one and finished. No reward. So built another one and finished. No reward. First one was electric second was earth. I wrote to tiny Co and they dismissed it because it was quest related. It was an automated message though. Someone please solve this for me. Thanks

    • Anthony says:

      hey noob found out the solution to my own issue. The description is misleading in the detailed explanation. It says you have multiple designs to choose from, but it specifically wants you to build the original legendary habitat only. Go figure.

      • Sherry says:

        Hi noob, I’ve been playing tiny monsters for awhile. I did’nt always do the quest. My question is can I go back and do them or finish them now? Sorry for my own stupidity!!! P. S. Your site is awesome. It has been my savior for both tiny castle and tiny monsters. Sometimes I still have a hard time figuring out some of the quests. Thanx for all ur help!!!!!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Some quests have no expiry date (like elder prophecies), but some quests have expire date (like the one that come with limited monsters). Simply see your quest menu, if it’s available then you can still finish it but if not then no :). You’re welcome :).

      • Nicole says:

        Which one is that? Mine does not say legendary but different legacy habitats help!

  16. ashley says:

    How do i evolve my legendary in to an.epic form

  17. Mikaela says:

    I’m at part four of the mystery image quest but on here it says finish the legendary quest first which I hav’nt started yet. Does it really matter which you finish first?

  18. Mikaela says:

    Does part four of frozenflame not have a reward?

  19. Sheri says:

    I play tiny on my kindle fire and have level 10 fire and frozen and it will not let me breed them y is that

    • Lionel says:

      Its because, you can only breed fire and ice hybrids together not the just the base fire and ice element together, they banned it for some reason. Try a Flower monster and ice floe monster that worked for me and just remember that when you are breeding the monster on the left uses its first element and the monster on the right uses its second.

  20. Carly says:

    I have a level 10 fire and 10 ice monster. On the frozenflame queat, the first quest says to hatch any monster. I have hatched over 10 different monsters, and it doesnt say I completed the first part.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      are the monsters are out from hall of champions?? if yes then it’s probably glitch, follow fix error section on the main page.

      • Carly says:

        I restarted my phone, still the same. I play on an Android so I don’t have that # thingy. Sorry, lol I’m just so tired of looking at the quest.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          it’s ok, android have same number identification but I forgot what it’s called. Can’t find it on tinyco website, will look for it again and put it on my site.

        • debbie says:

          Carly, are you talking about the udid#? On android it is called IMEI. Go to settings then about phone then status. You will see IMEI with a long number. Hope that helps.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          hmm, thanks XD, I will put it on fix error section above.

  21. TinyStarrable says:

    Can u breed another ledgendary with two legendaries?

  22. melbel says:

    For the mystery monster quest, do I need to hatch a new mountain and flower and level up to 10 from there, or should it clear if I already have a level 10 mountain and level 10 flower, and both are out of the hall of champions? In the past, when it says “have” and not “breed” or “hatch”, the quest clears, so long as I have the monsters out of the hall of champions, but in this case, the quest is not clearing. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

  23. colabrofighter says:

    The frozenflame quest appears just now :O 😀 and the legendary quest never appears 😀

  24. Tiny says:

    Noob i just hatched my frozenflame but the next quest for evolving it to a teen doesn’t appear. Is that a limited quest only? My frozenflame now is already a teen but still no quest triggered. What’s the reward btw for the next 3 quests.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I believe this quest is not limited and still available until now, try to follow fix error section on the main page to fix your game.

    • Tiny says:

      I still have the book of frozenflame quest but i already have a wildfreeze and the three next quests still not triggered

  25. Dawn says:

    I have tried every combination suggested and I still can not hatch a frozenflame. Any ideas? I am on lvl 48 and have several fire and ice hybrids on 10. I keep getting frostember, snowbluff, and tundra.

  26. Tiny says:

    hi noob i have a question. i had this enigma egg in the nursery incubated, so i was saving lots of coins to buy the special habitat for him, but i dont have the legendary monster yet so my question is by referring on the 4th part of the Mystery Quest what do you think will happen if i buy first the special habitat, do the Legendary Quest and Mystery Quest as well will be completed without hatching a Legendary monster yet? i’m afraid to lose all the stages for the quests and the 100 diamonds bonus for hatching a Legendary one.. do i need first to work on breeding the monster before i letting out the enigma egg to be placed and building the habitat? im confused right now! really…..

  27. It's Me -Z3N0MS- says:

    I just finished the Legendary puzzle in 2 days! I had all The Legacy monsters exept the Ice Legacy, 2 days ago it finished hibernation and i suddenly finished quest.. And second quest to.. And The 3rd quest have a Lvl 10 Mountain and Lvl 10 Flower and Hatch ant monsters ( so i hatched Fire monster ) and suddenly i finished The quest and The last quest… ( Reward 1 Diamond )

  28. faeriegirls says:

    (noob~ this website is the best tinymonsters site available so kudos to youvand thanks for all the work you do!)

    that said, i got a question for anyone who has an answer 😉

    I completed the froxenflame (1st quest on pg) when i hatched a frozenflame but the next Quest that had been visible disapperaed when i finished the first one. I went on and raised all three forms to level 10.

    Anyone have any idea or suggestions because i want to continue on for the legendary “piece” i assume i need.

    Also, does anyone know for what quest do you need a lightwing (light/air hybrid) first? I have all these quests going some im suddenly at 8/23 or something other than 1 or 2 and then some disappear and yeah wondering if its me, if its how game is or its a glitch/should contact support?

    (FYI – might just be me who can be quite an idiot but wasnt until multiple ++ tries i bred one then learned
    that simply breeding 2 frozenflame monsters (i had 3 already) i was guarenteed to bred a frozenflame! so sharing in case others also have difficulty with easiest things!)

    • noobbgodlike says:


      I am not sure why your quest is disappeared because this quest should be permanent quest. Try to contact the support IMO. About frozenflame, I have written about that on frozenflame page 😀

      • faeriegirls says:

        Thanks noob. yes it was on frozenflame pg that i belatedly figured this out (read). So then if two different monsters are bred with both monsters being mythic do you then breed automaticly a mythic monster or is that only when breeding exact same monsters?

  29. Pineygrrl says:

    Ok I have my legendary at level 9… do I make it evolve into other forms? Very confused.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      kindle fire users can’t do it, really sorry.

    • Worlaan says:

      Yes, You can. Tiny co. updated kindle fire HD. it is now 2.1.3 version. I got it and able to get new forms of monsters.

      You need to ask Tiny send patch to your kindle. It require Tiny ID. Create Tiny ID from Tiny Valley. (Tiny monsters does not have Tiny ID. but it will work together with Tiny Valley.)

  30. Kassy says:

    How do I breed a fire and ice monster it says it’s incompatible :(

  31. mori says:

    I’m on the 3rd step of the legendary quest, I’ve had l 10 mountain and flower the whole time and the quest isn’t completing. They’re even both in the same habitat and I’ve tried moving them arround and restarting the app… Anyone else having this problem?

    • nezzica says:

      Yes mine is the same i have tried breeding them to see if that works but just end up with a magma

      • It's Me -Z3N0MS- says:

        Lol, u must Hatch a egg after u got The both monsters in Lvl 10, o just buy a fire monster, Hatch it and The quest Will complete..

        • SuchASofterSin says:

          Thank you! I couldn’t figure out why part 3 wasn’t auto completing. I even leveled up a second Mountain monster and was working on leveling up another Flower, but this worked much faster! Great tip!

    • minetruly says:

      I thought it was normal that if you already completed part of a quest before the quest pops up, you have to do it over again to make it count. That’s the way the game has always been for me on my Android.

  32. jabic says:

    I can not get the frozenflame quest I am on andriod. what gives I have the book thing on the side but nothing.

  33. optimist says:

    I still cant get a stinkin’ legendary monster. So frustrating….

  34. Tina says:

    got it.thanks

  35. Tina says:

    so if you breed a legendary even if you had one before you still get the 100 diamonds reward from the first step?
    Thank you :)

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