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Tiny Monsters Guide Becky 23 Elder Quest guide


New Becky and Phineas Quest (23 Quest Total; You need to have latest version of tiny monsters to get the quest)

Make sure you have all your required monsters out from hall of champions and hatch random monster to complete some of quests below. If this still doesn’t fix your quest, then I don’t know what to do, since it seems the quest have different trigger for different device…

Page Picture Monsters
1  Becky Phineas Quest Frozenflame, Sonar, Flash, Blackice, Windstone Strike, and Elder
2  Tiny Monsters Elder history page 2 None
3  Tiny Monsters Elder history page 3 Lighthorn, Darkbolt, Brimstone, and Earth
4  Tiny Monsters Elder history page 4 Windstone, Pollen, Shadow Legacy, and Light Legacy

Green color shown Phineas quest and Amber color show Becky’s quest. You need to person’s quest to get another quest :D

  1. Becky’s Test: Hatch 2 Monsters on the featured story (2 earth monsters are the easiest way to go, you can see it on page 3 Reward: 2500 XP and 850 Food.
  2. Elder Expansion: Buy fifth mountain (7 millions coins with 36 hours build time). Reward: 10000 coins and 150 food)
  3. Story Monsters: Have all of the 3 of 4 monsters shown on the last part of the story/on story book (it’s PAGE 4). Reward: 500 food and 5000 XP
    Note: for now you just need to have 3 of 4, it’s totally different from the past. I believe they already have fixed this error and you can solve it easily now (without any glitch or anything)
    Note: If you have done all things needed and the quest still doesn’t finish then contact tinyco (use the link on the fix error section). Make sure they’re out from Hall of Champions.
  4. Elder Debris: Clear 2 medium size tree on Elder expansion, you need to be at level 57 to clear this tree (The one that with 299.999 coins cost, need 22 hours clearance time). Rewards : 1200 XP and 5000 Coins
  5. Becky’s Fruit: Harvest 5 golden guavas (see page 1 , top left near the Becky’s book ). Rewards: 1000 XP and 200 Food.
  6. Preparations: Harvest 10 times from farms. Rewards: 250 Foods and 5000 Coins
  7. Many Mythic: Have mythic version of all basic elements monsters (Fire, Earth, Ice, Electric, Water, Plant, Air, Light, and Shadow; except special). Rewards: 4900 XP and 900 Coins
  8. Icy Progress: Hatch Dimspike (You need to HATCH IT  even if you already have one). Reward: 550 XP and 200 Food
  9. Ice Picks: Have 6  4 Adult Mythic Ice Hybrids. Rewards: 1800 XP and 6000 Coins
  10. Version 1: Icy Hybrids: Have 15 level 10 ice hybrids then hatch 1 more (I got this version).
    Version 2: Obtain Ice Legacy.
    Rewards: 1600 exp and 15.000 Coins
  11. Electricity: Hatch Mythic “shadow-or light-electric” hybrid
    Rewards: 2000 exp and 1000 Coins
  12. Elder Rod: Place the elder rod (8600 Coins) on your mountain
    Rewards: 560 EXP
  13. Electric Ability: Have 15 adult electric hybrids then hatch 1 more
    Rewards: 1600 EXP and 7500 Coins
  14. Researching: Hatch a flamegust/zephyr monster
    Rewards: 830 EXP and 1200 Food
  15. Taking Notes: Level flamegust to adult
  16. Elder Farm: Have an elder farm on your mountain (available on decoration)
  17. Elder Fruit: Collect from any farm twice
  18. Water Wealth: Hatch a mythic water hybrids monster
    Rewards: 1000 exp and 5000 Coins
  19. Scrying Pool: Place a Scrying pool on your mountain
  20. Water Element: Have 12 adult water hybrids then hatch 1 more
    Rewards: 3500 XP and 5/25 diamonds
  21. Up In The Air: Breed 2 air monsters to get a mythic air monster (move your mythic air from Hall of champions if you have one so you can complete the quest immediately)
    Rewards: 800 Food and 2000 Coins
  22. Airification: Place 10 air themed decorations on your mountain (10 air flowers)
    Rewards: 1800 EXP and 150 Food
  23. Upper Air: Hatch 2 (newest version is 1) shadow-air or light-air hybrids
    Rewards: 3500 EXP and 5/25 diamonds Coins

This quest will make us busy for a long time :D. Hmm, I wonder when they’re gonna release elder monster?? Thanks to Tracy who have helped me to complete this chart :D.

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide Main page

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549 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Guide Becky 23 Elder Quest guide”

  1. nozomi says:

    for 13 20 23 if you have the legacies it will be auto-completed and for 18 you just need to have the mythic water monster out (no maater in which stage) no need to hatch

    • nozomi says:

      and if you hatch zephyr for 14 then 15 will ask you to level zephyr to adult not flamegust

    • Bob says:

      Aw I wish I saw your comment a week ago! It took me forever to find and level up those electric hybrids. I had no idea I could just take out my Electic Legacy from the HoC and it would clear it :\ Ah well, a lot of them needed leveling up anyway! Thank you for the other tips!

      • Bob says:

        Update: I have the water legacy but it didn’t auto complete for me! I have to actually have 12 adult water hybrids and hatch another. So I guess that wouldn’t have worked for me for the others either.

        • Bob says:

          Other update: So after leveling up some monsters, I exited the game. I came back after a few hours and when I entered, the quest cleared! So it looks like the legacy trick does work!

        • Bob says:

          Another update: Well the quest didn’t update for some reason, although I got a nice diamaond reward. It still shows #20 on my quest list :0…

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Follow fix error section on the main page.

  2. Gilbert (tiny Id Yaritali) says:

    Hi noob! For quest #3 I finally been able to hatch a Windstone and already had a Pollen but didn’t had any of the suggested legacies (I have 3 but are Plant, Air and Earth) but the quest cleared so apparently you just need to have a legacy no matter which one as long as you have Windstone and Pollen or maybe one of my legacies work as well as the 2 in the book. This quest is so weird, I’m working different parts of the quest (like 4-5 parts) at the same time.

  3. sam says:

    I have this quest but there is no book with the pictures shown here any were in my game…. Do I need to worry about it or can I just follow the instructions here?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Did you get the quest on your game? if not then you can’t do the quest. Try to follow fix error section on the main page.

      • sam says:

        I had the quest in the game and even did the first 3 but I didn’t have the book… But it showed up yesterday a week after I got the quest in the quest log :) so everything is ok now I guess glitches make the game more fun ;)

  4. criterios says:

    I have upgraded all my farms and cannot grow golden guavas. How am I supposed to clear this portion of the quest without an alternate choice?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      See the farm guide and try to use the food with the same time with golden guavas (I don’t remember the time; 6 hours CMIIW). If it doesn’t work contact tinyco.

      • colorkoala says:

        The same time SLOT is the grape option, but there isnt a 6 hour option. Only 3.5 or 10 hours are the closest.

        • Brian says:

          I am stuck also on this one. In have done the grapes which isthe apparant equivilant but the quest will not clear.

  5. Katy says:

    This feels a stupid question, but I’m on the “place 10 air decorations” and it had me wondering – is there a way to place multiple items of the same at once so I don’t have to keep going back to the shop? LOL

  6. Richard (TinyID: timdale) says:

    Dear mr Noob I want to be sure so I don’t get wrong , the 4th quest does it have to be light or shadow legacy or any legacy goes just want to be sure ?

  7. Scooter331 says:

    Part 3 have 3of 4 monsters shown on page four I have been trying for either of the legacy since this quest started still no luck I got a mythic Pollen and placed it and it cleared so I have pollen, windstone two of four lol and it cleared no wonder people get confused with some of these quests.

  8. stschw says:

    have an quest since months and I have no idea what to do. I can’t find this here.

    I don’t use the english version, so I may translate it wrong:

    Title: The Elder Monster
    Continue to answer to the Elder Magic and to unlock the elder monster

    image of the Elder Monster silhouette
    “Don’t stop now! Keep completing Beckys quests: the final chapter is round the corner and it’s packed with adventure, mystery, and you heard it here first: the Elder Monster!”

    Reward 1500 XP 10 diamonds

    The only quests with Becky I don’t finished yet are:
    -Clear the Elder Tree
    -Portal Stones 5 (All of the other Portal Stone quests are finished)

    • aoscar says:

      Same here and I too don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Any ideas? Did someone solve this quest already?

      • indarkplaces says:

        same i still have the elder tree one and im really hoping we dont have to remove it. One i like it,, and two its a waste of diamonds

  9. Manon My ID: galadriel5 says:

    I dont found the elder rod. I try many decoration with the price 8600 but nothing arrive. (Sorry my english is basic) I read you said a other person it’s the White rod with electricity that priced for 8600 coins but nothing in the market. Help me please.

  10. Cynthia says:

    Hello I am finally able to be back on my game thanks to the new update. I have a question, what is the inbox? A lot has changed in the almost a full year since I could play so I am trying to understand some changes. I do like the storage for items we have bought, not sure exactly how it works but cleared some clutter but haven’t tried to move items back out, just hoping there is not a fee . Love the game just hope I haven’t missed too much in the playing.

  11. Made says:

    I don’t understand 11. Can I breed a mythic shadow hybrid like shadowmare? Is it asking for mythic shadow or mythic shadow-electric? For the light-electric hybrid, does it need to be mythic?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I am not sure about shadowmare, but yes it needed to be mythic.

    • awzium says:

      mythic shadow-electric OR mythic light-electric

      so that would be a mythic flicker or a mythic darkbolt for shadow or you could do light and hatch a mythic flash or a mythic lustre for example.

      how that clears it up a little.

  12. Jordyp666 says:

    Quest 20 in the new version was: have a water legacy monster.
    I already had it and the quest completed right away, so having it is enough.

  13. Elyksir says:

    Hi Noob, im still on that quest, 16 step
    It asks me to ” interpret the elder artifact and construct the elder farm.”
    I already have the special farm free one which allowed you to collect every 7 hours but for that elder one i have to pay 90 diamonds if i want it. Is it another way because i don t pay for playing tiny and i don t want to ( taking out all charm of the game) and i want to finish the quest and pass to the 17 step? Do you have any advices or tips?
    Thanks in advance

    • noobbgodlike says:

      IF you have followed everything on the quest, then follow fix error section on the main page. Sometime glitch happen and that’s not because you don’t pay anything.

      • Elyksir says:

        Thanks noob

        no problem in fact just i was in the farm section instead of decoration ( translations problems again) but now everything is fine!

    • Kathl33n says:

      I thought this too but found the elder farm in looks like a waterfall

      • BugMommy says:

        I am having this same problem. All I see is the Elder farm you have to buy. I looked through them all and I don’t see the fountain one. I already have the free one. Help!

  14. Elyksir says:

    Hi noob,
    I have a problem
    As im playing since long time that game ( way before it comes out in french i unlocked some quest in english, and they r still in english when i progress.) Traduction is particularly difficult for the fallowing :
    What is the elder rod? Can u help me finding that decoration, how much does it cost and how does it look like? i have to place it and so i can move on

    Thank you in advance for your help

  15. LadyG says:

    I’m on Level 7 to hatch mythic version of all basic monsters. I thought by now I’ve done this by hatching all adult mythic monsters but I’m still stuck. Could someone pls list all the basic monsters so I can double check what I’m missing. Thx!

  16. shadow11 says:

    Hey noob for quest number 3 would wrath windstone work?

  17. nickswife13 says:

    I have looked all over ans can’t find a fix error place anywhere on my game. All I have is a reset game button which is for switching devices and if I do this it says my game won’t be active on my phone any longer. Any ideas where it might be? When you say main page, you mean the page with my islands and monsters right. That is whar pops up every time I open my app. Am I missing something? Help!!!!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Fix error section is located on this site not on your phone. You can read it on the page where you can see all monsters list (main page). Tiny monsters Main page.

  18. JJK_Echo says:

    Hi can someone help me please i have just done No. 11 electricity and hatched a mythic shadow but the quest has not completed any ideas please

  19. Cynthia says:

    So unhappy , I loved this game and can no longer play as I have the original IPad and it will not stop crashing since the changes to the game right about the time we started the social mountain. Wish they would create a fix so I could still play. So sad…..

  20. 3derydr says:

    This might just be a complaint, and sorry if it is, but what is the point of having the elder expansion(5th island) available at level 45 if I can’t clear anything on it until level 50+?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      So you can put habitat on that islands. You can clear some obstacles, can you?

      • 3derydr says:

        Nope. Just checked, and this is what it gives me;
        Small rock-level 50, 25000 coins
        Medium rock-level 51, 60000 coins
        Small tree-level 53, 70000 coins
        Large rock-level 55, 250000 coins
        Medium tree-level 57, 299999 coins
        Large tree-level 62, 275 coins (this is the biggest one on the island and looks like it has a face on the trunk.)

        So I guess I’m stuck for the next five levels, because I can’t even fit a farm on it right now.

  21. J9hnny says:

    Hatching a Dimspike is no longer a requirement for completing the quest Icy Progress (8/23)! Having it or moving it out of the Hall of Champions completes it.

  22. Loretta says:

    Help. Am I missing something. Ice pick – I have mystic ice , mystic frost, mystic aurora, and mystic freeze. Shouldnt I have complete this part with these monsters ?

  23. Moon33000 says:

    Hi all… I have a problem with part 12… I’s sais That i must place an elder Rod… But in my decoration menu, i can’t fond it… Anyone has a solution ? Thanks

  24. Barb says:

    I am stuck on #3 forever. I have all but a shadow legacy or light legacy? I don’t know what those two are or how to get them?

  25. MimiMonster says:

    For step 3, I have light horn, brimstone and earth but the quest won’t finish. Does it matter what level they are? I’m trying to breed dark bolt since it has not finished for me with 3 out of 4.

    • Manish (I'd : maka2 ) says:

      No no see the 4th image u should have windstone , pollen , shadow leagcy and light leagcy

      Even Iam stuck there

      • miggy441 says:

        Hay it lat me pass that one with just the pollen ,windstone then when I hatch my 2nnd pollen it passed still trying to get my shadow and light leagcy

        • MimiMonster says:

          Great I have all monsters except windstone and it still won’t finish. I guess I need windstone to complete. Not a very clear step….I thought you needed the 4 monsters shown in pg 3 which I have. But you need the next pg too? Have all those except for that darn monkey… to check out windstone pg. thanks for info all!

  26. Manish (I'd : maka2 ) says:

    hai noob i got a shiny “ice stone ” after completing 10th quest version 1
    the stone is like earth stone and fire stone
    i will email it to u

  27. Leslie says:

    I know this is going to sound stupid but how to I breed electric and water and plant mythic somehow I have the others had air mythics to
    many times and did anyone else have a problem with the mythic renewal weekend I hatched 10 or 12 renewals but I never got a mythic used all my gems trying.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      TAT, I can’t understand what are you trying to say….

    • JasmineChin says:

      To breed mythic base element monster like water ,plant,electric u better buy an egg from market, hatch it and evolve to teen form, having 2 normal first and keep breeding until u get a mythic one ,ofcoz at least with 1/4 orb filled hehe, these quests really took some time and gone a bit too far…

      And also u nonid to evolve ur mythic element to adult form, u can keep it as baby or teen form it doesn’t matter , as long as u have hatched all mythic element the quest will clear ( tested )

  28. Manish (I'd : maka2 ) says:

    That 8 th quest completed for me by hatching just a shadow
    Though I have a dim spike

  29. Charlotte says:

    I completed the story monster quest. Ages ago and the game didn’t allow me to collect my reward. I now have all 4 of the required monsters and have fed/evolved 3 of them to try and trigger the quest completion, but have had no luck.

    How do I get it to work??

  30. sharon says:

    I am only on first part and already cant finish. Where do I find Beckys reading nook to place it.

  31. kassi says:

    I was stuck on part three for a couple months cuz I don’t have a legendary and I can’t get windstone no matter how hard I tried. Come to find out all I needed was 3 pollens. Don’t know how many pollen eggs I sold before I figured that out I feel pretty dumb now. After that I finished the rest of the quests in a couple days:)

    So if anyone is stuck on part 3 just hatch 3 pollens.

  32. Primalforce says:

    I am on #22 and it asks for 10 air declarations and I have 8 air flowers and 2 air trees….and it isn’t completing…any suggestions?

  33. igosaorang says:

    20/23 Xp 3500 Diamond 2
    21/23 Food 800 Coin 2000
    22/23 Xp 1800 Food 150
    23/23 Xp 3500 Diamond 25

    If I don’t make a mistake. Cmiw.

  34. Ahmad says:

    Hey help me this quests disapeares from my quests what I have to do

  35. Shadow says:

    18/23 Reward : +1000 EXP +5000 Coins

    sorry for the 16th and 17th part , they autocompleted so i don’t know the rewards …

  36. wildkatz42 says:

    Please help me understand #7 – is this one looking for us to have a mythic monster of *every* element except legendary? (I.e. all 9: fire, water, ice, earth, air, electric, shadow, light, plant) Thanks in advance!

  37. TinyWho says:

    So this book has never loaded. The only way I can do the quest is by visiting this site, thanks. I am stuck on part three though. I have all four monsters (brimstone, darkbolt, earth, and lighthorn) and it still isn’t clearing. Are you guys sure I don’t need windstone, pollen, and one of the legacy’s? I’ve contacted TinyCo three times but they just keep sending emails about the Unity monster quest (which I have completed but that book won’t leave my screen). I am fully updated but not sure where the problem is. This has been going on since Becky’s quest came out. Help

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Like I said above, it’s just an assumption (different for everyone). Just follow everything instructed on your quest and if you have done all those things and it still didn’t finished then contact tinyco.

  38. Najmulseher says:

    Hi Noobbgodlike,

    I am stuck on number 13 (Electric Ability). This may seem like a silly question but when It says to have 15 electric hybrids, do they mean 15 different ones or can there be some that are the same
    like I have a couple of Sporesparks and flicker monsters.
    Hope you can help. Thanx.

  39. Shadow says:

    14/23 Part : Reward – +830 EXP and +1200 food :)

  40. ValzyQ says:

    Hi Noobbgodlike,

    Can you please help? For weeks now I have been trying to complete this quest and have not been able to. (Portal Stones 8 [16/18]) I read the hint that was given but still no luck. My son has even tired to help me and he too was unsuccessful. Are these stones suppose to be on separate mountains or on the same mountain?

    Also, I still have all the items that have produced diamonds from the past and I noticed I cannot store them incase I want to use them as decorations at a later time but is it smart to sell them or do you think maybe later they can produce diamonds again when the season for each comes around?

    Thank you for any suggestions/help you are able to give.


    • noobbgodlike says:

      Like I said on the post above, the quest is full of glitch. Sometimes you still can’t finihs it even when you have done all things correctly. Follow fix error section.

      About diamonds decorations, It’s all up to you. They can become beautiful decorations, but they won’t generate diamonds anymore. I believe you will need to buy a new one when the holiday come :D.

  41. Shadow says:

    For the 11th part , i just hatched normal Flash and it cleared …

  42. Shadow says:

    12/23 Part : Reward +560 EXP
    13/23 Part : Reward +1600 EXP +7500 Coins


  43. Shadow says:

    11th part of the quest , reward : +2000 EXP and +1000 Coins :)

  44. Shadow says:

    Now a stupid question ,i have a Mythic Lighthorn , does he count as 1 mythic light and 1 mythic shadow or only one of those two ? :o

  45. Vicky says:

    DO NOT do the upgrade or this may happiness to YOU

  46. Vicky says:

    I am so upset after i down loaded the new update the game I play everyday I can no longer play. Every time I start my game start page comes up and within seconds the game shuts down . I can not make it past the show me screen. PLEASE fix this issue fast before I throw my phone and never play again

  47. Shadow says:

    The reward for 10th part , the Ice Hybrids is 1600 EXP and 15000 coins :)

  48. Angelicswtnss (angelswtnss) says:

    I only have number 7 left (that darn mythic shadow keeps evading me), but I never got number 4. I haven’t cleared them as yet just in case but it doesn’t seem as if I’m going to get it. Ill let you know once I clear number 7.

  49. Angelicswtnss (angelswtnss) says:

    Just got to 23 and it say to hatch 1 light-air or light-shadow monster not 2. I guess they changed it.

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