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Tiny Monsters Guide Becky 23 Elder Quest guide


New Becky and Phineas Quest (23 Quest Total; You need to have latest version of tiny monsters to get the quest)

Make sure you have all your required monsters out from hall of champions and hatch random monster to complete some of quests below. If this still doesn’t fix your quest, then I don’t know what to do, since it seems the quest have different trigger for different device…

Page Picture Monsters
1  Becky Phineas Quest Frozenflame, Sonar, Flash, Blackice, Windstone Strike, and Elder
2  Tiny Monsters Elder history page 2 None
3  Tiny Monsters Elder history page 3 Lighthorn, Darkbolt, Brimstone, and Earth
4  Tiny Monsters Elder history page 4 Windstone, Pollen, Shadow Legacy, and Light Legacy

Green color shown Phineas quest and Amber color show Becky’s quest. You need to person’s quest to get another quest 😀

  1. Becky’s Test: Hatch 2 Monsters on the featured story (2 earth monsters are the easiest way to go, you can see it on page 3 Reward: 2500 XP and 850 Food.
  2. Elder Expansion: Buy fifth mountain (7 millions coins with 36 hours build time). Reward: 10000 coins and 150 food)
  3. Story Monsters: Have all of the 3 of 4 monsters shown on the last part of the story/on story book (it’s PAGE 4). Reward: 500 food and 5000 XP
    Note: for now you just need to have 3 of 4, it’s totally different from the past. I believe they already have fixed this error and you can solve it easily now (without any glitch or anything)
    Note: If you have done all things needed and the quest still doesn’t finish then contact tinyco (use the link on the fix error section). Make sure they’re out from Hall of Champions.
  4. Elder Debris: Clear 2 medium size tree on Elder expansion, you need to be at level 57 to clear this tree (The one that with 299.999 coins cost, need 22 hours clearance time). Rewards : 1200 XP and 5000 Coins
  5. Becky’s Fruit: Harvest 5 golden guavas (see page 1 , top left near the Becky’s book ). Rewards: 1000 XP and 200 Food.
  6. Preparations: Harvest 10 times from farms. Rewards: 250 Foods and 5000 Coins
  7. Many Mythic: Have mythic version of all basic elements monsters (Fire, Earth, Ice, Electric, Water, Plant, Air, Light, and Shadow; except special). Rewards: 4900 XP and 900 Coins
  8. Icy Progress: Hatch Dimspike (You need to HATCH IT  even if you already have one). Reward: 550 XP and 200 Food
  9. Ice Picks: Have 6  4 Adult Mythic Ice Hybrids. Rewards: 1800 XP and 6000 Coins
  10. Version 1: Icy Hybrids: Have 15 level 10 ice hybrids then hatch 1 more (I got this version).
    Version 2: Obtain Ice Legacy.
    Rewards: 1600 exp and 15.000 Coins
  11. Electricity: Hatch Mythic “shadow-or light-electric” hybrid
    Rewards: 2000 exp and 1000 Coins
  12. Elder Rod: Place the elder rod (8600 Coins) on your mountain
    Rewards: 560 EXP
  13. Electric Ability: Have 15 adult electric hybrids then hatch 1 more
    Rewards: 1600 EXP and 7500 Coins
  14. Researching: Hatch a flamegust/zephyr monster
    Rewards: 830 EXP and 1200 Food
  15. Taking Notes: Level flamegust to adult
  16. Elder Farm: Have an elder farm on your mountain (available on decoration)
  17. Elder Fruit: Collect from any farm twice
  18. Water Wealth: Hatch a mythic water hybrids monster
    Rewards: 1000 exp and 5000 Coins
  19. Scrying Pool: Place a Scrying pool on your mountain
  20. Water Element: Have 12 adult water hybrids then hatch 1 more
    Rewards: 3500 XP and 5/25 diamonds
  21. Up In The Air: Breed 2 air monsters to get a mythic air monster (move your mythic air from Hall of champions if you have one so you can complete the quest immediately)
    Rewards: 800 Food and 2000 Coins
  22. Airification: Place 10 air themed decorations on your mountain (10 air flowers)
    Rewards: 1800 EXP and 150 Food
  23. Upper Air: Hatch 2 (newest version is 1) shadow-air or light-air hybrids
    Rewards: 3500 EXP and 5/25 diamonds Coins

This quest will make us busy for a long time :D. Hmm, I wonder when they’re gonna release elder monster?? Thanks to Tracy who have helped me to complete this chart :D.

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide Main page

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567 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Guide Becky 23 Elder Quest guide”

  1. pamela says:

    what is the decoration for Phineas painting?

  2. Cynthia says:

    Well I really screwed up. I got a new iPad and tried to switch my game off my phone to my iPad and lost everything. I contacted support who sent me an address of a different support group who now handles restoring games when this happens. So I sent them all my information, no response so I sent another request and still no response. I will not start over on this game too much money and time put into this to lose it. I was on level 96 and had almost all the monsters . Very disappointed in lack of a response, not even we are working on this, nothing

    • noobbgodlike says:

      That;s why I don’t move my data to my new Ipad too….

      • Cynthia says:

        Biggest problem is they do not seem to care. I have not recieved a response back yet and I have now tried contacting them 7 times. My new game shows 1696 diamonds, which in no way will equal all I have needed to get to level 96. I will give them a little more time to restore me or I will just stop playing. I was down to only needed about 20 monsters. I had my diamond makers and my mythics for most of my monsters so I am not doing that again it took me over two almost three years to get there.
        If I could have seen it in my phone and if it hadn’t used my battery life so quickly I would not have tried moving problem but it outgrows devices and it has to be moved at some point.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Sure, I understand, but I can’t do anything T_T. Let’s hope tinyco will fix the problem ASAP, try their facebook, etc.

        • Cynthia says:

          My game did finally get fixed took about a month but I was told by someone on the f/b page what to o and it did gt me immediate attention. So happy!

    • Debra says:

      If you use “restore” when getting a new iPad everything from the old IPad is Restored to your new iPad. I have moved my game from the Original IPad, to Ipad 2, to IPad 4 and now IPad Air 2 and no problems.

  3. Barb says:

    In “story monster’s” what are the 3 of 4 monsters we need to have? I know its a dumb question but can you please answer this for me.(what are all 4? ) I had to scroll down forever to get to send this on this page????

  4. Jagged88 says:

    I finally finished the 12 water hybrid part of this quest but it didn’t clear. They were all out of the hall of champions and all adults before I hatched the 13th monster but they weren’t lvl ten. Did they need to be lvl ten to clear or am I. Just glitching? I play on 1st gen kindle fire.

  5. Lyn says:

    Thank you for having the pictures of Becky’s story. I have never had this book at all and was stimied until I came here. Of course I have three of four, missing light legacy. The quest isn’t moving forward with the three. Maybe because I have never had the story book?

  6. nozomi says:

    for 13 20 23 if you have the legacies it will be auto-completed and for 18 you just need to have the mythic water monster out (no maater in which stage) no need to hatch

    • nozomi says:

      and if you hatch zephyr for 14 then 15 will ask you to level zephyr to adult not flamegust

    • Bob says:

      Aw I wish I saw your comment a week ago! It took me forever to find and level up those electric hybrids. I had no idea I could just take out my Electic Legacy from the HoC and it would clear it :\ Ah well, a lot of them needed leveling up anyway! Thank you for the other tips!

      • Bob says:

        Update: I have the water legacy but it didn’t auto complete for me! I have to actually have 12 adult water hybrids and hatch another. So I guess that wouldn’t have worked for me for the others either.

        • Bob says:

          Other update: So after leveling up some monsters, I exited the game. I came back after a few hours and when I entered, the quest cleared! So it looks like the legacy trick does work!

        • Bob says:

          Another update: Well the quest didn’t update for some reason, although I got a nice diamaond reward. It still shows #20 on my quest list :0…

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Follow fix error section on the main page.

  7. Gilbert (tiny Id Yaritali) says:

    Hi noob! For quest #3 I finally been able to hatch a Windstone and already had a Pollen but didn’t had any of the suggested legacies (I have 3 but are Plant, Air and Earth) but the quest cleared so apparently you just need to have a legacy no matter which one as long as you have Windstone and Pollen or maybe one of my legacies work as well as the 2 in the book. This quest is so weird, I’m working different parts of the quest (like 4-5 parts) at the same time.

    • Cinci says:

      The step #3 clear even if you have 3 pollen (or 3 windstone I suppose… I’m trying to get windstone since I got the quest but still no luck),it cleared this morning when I put my 3rd Pollen in the Air habitat!

  8. sam says:

    I have this quest but there is no book with the pictures shown here any were in my game…. Do I need to worry about it or can I just follow the instructions here?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Did you get the quest on your game? if not then you can’t do the quest. Try to follow fix error section on the main page.

      • sam says:

        I had the quest in the game and even did the first 3 but I didn’t have the book… But it showed up yesterday a week after I got the quest in the quest log :) so everything is ok now I guess glitches make the game more fun 😉

  9. criterios says:

    I have upgraded all my farms and cannot grow golden guavas. How am I supposed to clear this portion of the quest without an alternate choice?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      See the farm guide and try to use the food with the same time with golden guavas (I don’t remember the time; 6 hours CMIIW). If it doesn’t work contact tinyco.

      • colorkoala says:

        The same time SLOT is the grape option, but there isnt a 6 hour option. Only 3.5 or 10 hours are the closest.

        • Brian says:

          I am stuck also on this one. In have done the grapes which isthe apparant equivilant but the quest will not clear.

  10. Katy says:

    This feels a stupid question, but I’m on the “place 10 air decorations” and it had me wondering – is there a way to place multiple items of the same at once so I don’t have to keep going back to the shop? LOL

  11. Richard (TinyID: timdale) says:

    Dear mr Noob I want to be sure so I don’t get wrong , the 4th quest does it have to be light or shadow legacy or any legacy goes just want to be sure ?

  12. Scooter331 says:

    Part 3 have 3of 4 monsters shown on page four I have been trying for either of the legacy since this quest started still no luck I got a mythic Pollen and placed it and it cleared so I have pollen, windstone two of four lol and it cleared no wonder people get confused with some of these quests.

  13. stschw says:

    have an quest since months and I have no idea what to do. I can’t find this here.

    I don’t use the english version, so I may translate it wrong:

    Title: The Elder Monster
    Continue to answer to the Elder Magic and to unlock the elder monster

    image of the Elder Monster silhouette
    “Don’t stop now! Keep completing Beckys quests: the final chapter is round the corner and it’s packed with adventure, mystery, and you heard it here first: the Elder Monster!”

    Reward 1500 XP 10 diamonds

    The only quests with Becky I don’t finished yet are:
    -Clear the Elder Tree
    -Portal Stones 5 (All of the other Portal Stone quests are finished)

    • aoscar says:

      Same here and I too don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Any ideas? Did someone solve this quest already?

      • indarkplaces says:

        same i still have the elder tree one and im really hoping we dont have to remove it. One i like it,, and two its a waste of diamonds

  14. Manon My ID: galadriel5 says:

    I dont found the elder rod. I try many decoration with the price 8600 but nothing arrive. (Sorry my english is basic) I read you said a other person it’s the White rod with electricity that priced for 8600 coins but nothing in the market. Help me please.

  15. Cynthia says:

    Hello I am finally able to be back on my game thanks to the new update. I have a question, what is the inbox? A lot has changed in the almost a full year since I could play so I am trying to understand some changes. I do like the storage for items we have bought, not sure exactly how it works but cleared some clutter but haven’t tried to move items back out, just hoping there is not a fee . Love the game just hope I haven’t missed too much in the playing.

  16. Made says:

    I don’t understand 11. Can I breed a mythic shadow hybrid like shadowmare? Is it asking for mythic shadow or mythic shadow-electric? For the light-electric hybrid, does it need to be mythic?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I am not sure about shadowmare, but yes it needed to be mythic.

    • awzium says:

      mythic shadow-electric OR mythic light-electric

      so that would be a mythic flicker or a mythic darkbolt for shadow or you could do light and hatch a mythic flash or a mythic lustre for example.

      how that clears it up a little.

  17. Jordyp666 says:

    Quest 20 in the new version was: have a water legacy monster.
    I already had it and the quest completed right away, so having it is enough.

  18. Elyksir says:

    Hi Noob, im still on that quest, 16 step
    It asks me to ” interpret the elder artifact and construct the elder farm.”
    I already have the special farm free one which allowed you to collect every 7 hours but for that elder one i have to pay 90 diamonds if i want it. Is it another way because i don t pay for playing tiny and i don t want to ( taking out all charm of the game) and i want to finish the quest and pass to the 17 step? Do you have any advices or tips?
    Thanks in advance

    • noobbgodlike says:

      IF you have followed everything on the quest, then follow fix error section on the main page. Sometime glitch happen and that’s not because you don’t pay anything.

      • Elyksir says:

        Thanks noob

        no problem in fact just i was in the farm section instead of decoration ( translations problems again) but now everything is fine!

    • Kathl33n says:

      I thought this too but found the elder farm in looks like a waterfall

      • BugMommy says:

        I am having this same problem. All I see is the Elder farm you have to buy. I looked through them all and I don’t see the fountain one. I already have the free one. Help!

  19. Elyksir says:

    Hi noob,
    I have a problem
    As im playing since long time that game ( way before it comes out in french i unlocked some quest in english, and they r still in english when i progress.) Traduction is particularly difficult for the fallowing :
    What is the elder rod? Can u help me finding that decoration, how much does it cost and how does it look like? i have to place it and so i can move on

    Thank you in advance for your help

  20. LadyG says:

    I’m on Level 7 to hatch mythic version of all basic monsters. I thought by now I’ve done this by hatching all adult mythic monsters but I’m still stuck. Could someone pls list all the basic monsters so I can double check what I’m missing. Thx!

  21. shadow11 says:

    Hey noob for quest number 3 would wrath windstone work?

  22. nickswife13 says:

    I have looked all over ans can’t find a fix error place anywhere on my game. All I have is a reset game button which is for switching devices and if I do this it says my game won’t be active on my phone any longer. Any ideas where it might be? When you say main page, you mean the page with my islands and monsters right. That is whar pops up every time I open my app. Am I missing something? Help!!!!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Fix error section is located on this site not on your phone. You can read it on the page where you can see all monsters list (main page). Tiny monsters Main page.

  23. JJK_Echo says:

    Hi can someone help me please i have just done No. 11 electricity and hatched a mythic shadow but the quest has not completed any ideas please

  24. Cynthia says:

    So unhappy , I loved this game and can no longer play as I have the original IPad and it will not stop crashing since the changes to the game right about the time we started the social mountain. Wish they would create a fix so I could still play. So sad…..

  25. 3derydr says:

    This might just be a complaint, and sorry if it is, but what is the point of having the elder expansion(5th island) available at level 45 if I can’t clear anything on it until level 50+?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      So you can put habitat on that islands. You can clear some obstacles, can you?

      • 3derydr says:

        Nope. Just checked, and this is what it gives me;
        Small rock-level 50, 25000 coins
        Medium rock-level 51, 60000 coins
        Small tree-level 53, 70000 coins
        Large rock-level 55, 250000 coins
        Medium tree-level 57, 299999 coins
        Large tree-level 62, 275 coins (this is the biggest one on the island and looks like it has a face on the trunk.)

        So I guess I’m stuck for the next five levels, because I can’t even fit a farm on it right now.

  26. J9hnny says:

    Hatching a Dimspike is no longer a requirement for completing the quest Icy Progress (8/23)! Having it or moving it out of the Hall of Champions completes it.

  27. Loretta says:

    Help. Am I missing something. Ice pick – I have mystic ice , mystic frost, mystic aurora, and mystic freeze. Shouldnt I have complete this part with these monsters ?

  28. Moon33000 says:

    Hi all… I have a problem with part 12… I’s sais That i must place an elder Rod… But in my decoration menu, i can’t fond it… Anyone has a solution ? Thanks

  29. Barb says:

    I am stuck on #3 forever. I have all but a shadow legacy or light legacy? I don’t know what those two are or how to get them?

  30. MimiMonster says:

    For step 3, I have light horn, brimstone and earth but the quest won’t finish. Does it matter what level they are? I’m trying to breed dark bolt since it has not finished for me with 3 out of 4.

    • Manish (I'd : maka2 ) says:

      No no see the 4th image u should have windstone , pollen , shadow leagcy and light leagcy

      Even Iam stuck there

      • miggy441 says:

        Hay it lat me pass that one with just the pollen ,windstone then when I hatch my 2nnd pollen it passed still trying to get my shadow and light leagcy

        • MimiMonster says:

          Great I have all monsters except windstone and it still won’t finish. I guess I need windstone to complete. Not a very clear step….I thought you needed the 4 monsters shown in pg 3 which I have. But you need the next pg too? Have all those except for that darn monkey… to check out windstone pg. thanks for info all!

  31. Manish (I'd : maka2 ) says:

    hai noob i got a shiny “ice stone ” after completing 10th quest version 1
    the stone is like earth stone and fire stone
    i will email it to u

  32. Leslie says:

    I know this is going to sound stupid but how to I breed electric and water and plant mythic somehow I have the others had air mythics to
    many times and did anyone else have a problem with the mythic renewal weekend I hatched 10 or 12 renewals but I never got a mythic used all my gems trying.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      TAT, I can’t understand what are you trying to say….

    • JasmineChin says:

      To breed mythic base element monster like water ,plant,electric u better buy an egg from market, hatch it and evolve to teen form, having 2 normal first and keep breeding until u get a mythic one ,ofcoz at least with 1/4 orb filled hehe, these quests really took some time and gone a bit too far…

      And also u nonid to evolve ur mythic element to adult form, u can keep it as baby or teen form it doesn’t matter , as long as u have hatched all mythic element the quest will clear ( tested )

  33. Manish (I'd : maka2 ) says:

    That 8 th quest completed for me by hatching just a shadow
    Though I have a dim spike

  34. Charlotte says:

    I completed the story monster quest. Ages ago and the game didn’t allow me to collect my reward. I now have all 4 of the required monsters and have fed/evolved 3 of them to try and trigger the quest completion, but have had no luck.

    How do I get it to work??

  35. sharon says:

    I am only on first part and already cant finish. Where do I find Beckys reading nook to place it.

  36. kassi says:

    I was stuck on part three for a couple months cuz I don’t have a legendary and I can’t get windstone no matter how hard I tried. Come to find out all I needed was 3 pollens. Don’t know how many pollen eggs I sold before I figured that out I feel pretty dumb now. After that I finished the rest of the quests in a couple days:)

    So if anyone is stuck on part 3 just hatch 3 pollens.

  37. Primalforce says:

    I am on #22 and it asks for 10 air declarations and I have 8 air flowers and 2 air trees….and it isn’t completing…any suggestions?

  38. igosaorang says:

    20/23 Xp 3500 Diamond 2
    21/23 Food 800 Coin 2000
    22/23 Xp 1800 Food 150
    23/23 Xp 3500 Diamond 25

    If I don’t make a mistake. Cmiw.

  39. Ahmad says:

    Hey help me this quests disapeares from my quests what I have to do

  40. Shadow says:

    18/23 Reward : +1000 EXP +5000 Coins

    sorry for the 16th and 17th part , they autocompleted so i don’t know the rewards …

  41. wildkatz42 says:

    Please help me understand #7 – is this one looking for us to have a mythic monster of *every* element except legendary? (I.e. all 9: fire, water, ice, earth, air, electric, shadow, light, plant) Thanks in advance!

  42. TinyWho says:

    So this book has never loaded. The only way I can do the quest is by visiting this site, thanks. I am stuck on part three though. I have all four monsters (brimstone, darkbolt, earth, and lighthorn) and it still isn’t clearing. Are you guys sure I don’t need windstone, pollen, and one of the legacy’s? I’ve contacted TinyCo three times but they just keep sending emails about the Unity monster quest (which I have completed but that book won’t leave my screen). I am fully updated but not sure where the problem is. This has been going on since Becky’s quest came out. Help

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Like I said above, it’s just an assumption (different for everyone). Just follow everything instructed on your quest and if you have done all those things and it still didn’t finished then contact tinyco.

  43. Najmulseher says:

    Hi Noobbgodlike,

    I am stuck on number 13 (Electric Ability). This may seem like a silly question but when It says to have 15 electric hybrids, do they mean 15 different ones or can there be some that are the same
    like I have a couple of Sporesparks and flicker monsters.
    Hope you can help. Thanx.

  44. Shadow says:

    14/23 Part : Reward – +830 EXP and +1200 food :)

  45. ValzyQ says:

    Hi Noobbgodlike,

    Can you please help? For weeks now I have been trying to complete this quest and have not been able to. (Portal Stones 8 [16/18]) I read the hint that was given but still no luck. My son has even tired to help me and he too was unsuccessful. Are these stones suppose to be on separate mountains or on the same mountain?

    Also, I still have all the items that have produced diamonds from the past and I noticed I cannot store them incase I want to use them as decorations at a later time but is it smart to sell them or do you think maybe later they can produce diamonds again when the season for each comes around?

    Thank you for any suggestions/help you are able to give.


    • noobbgodlike says:

      Like I said on the post above, the quest is full of glitch. Sometimes you still can’t finihs it even when you have done all things correctly. Follow fix error section.

      About diamonds decorations, It’s all up to you. They can become beautiful decorations, but they won’t generate diamonds anymore. I believe you will need to buy a new one when the holiday come :D.

  46. Shadow says:

    For the 11th part , i just hatched normal Flash and it cleared …

  47. Shadow says:

    12/23 Part : Reward +560 EXP
    13/23 Part : Reward +1600 EXP +7500 Coins


  48. Shadow says:

    11th part of the quest , reward : +2000 EXP and +1000 Coins :)

  49. Shadow says:

    Now a stupid question ,i have a Mythic Lighthorn , does he count as 1 mythic light and 1 mythic shadow or only one of those two ? 😮

  50. Vicky says:

    DO NOT do the upgrade or this may happiness to YOU

  51. Vicky says:

    I am so upset after i down loaded the new update the game I play everyday I can no longer play. Every time I start my game start page comes up and within seconds the game shuts down . I can not make it past the show me screen. PLEASE fix this issue fast before I throw my phone and never play again

  52. Shadow says:

    The reward for 10th part , the Ice Hybrids is 1600 EXP and 15000 coins :)

  53. Angelicswtnss (angelswtnss) says:

    I only have number 7 left (that darn mythic shadow keeps evading me), but I never got number 4. I haven’t cleared them as yet just in case but it doesn’t seem as if I’m going to get it. Ill let you know once I clear number 7.

  54. Angelicswtnss (angelswtnss) says:

    Just got to 23 and it say to hatch 1 light-air or light-shadow monster not 2. I guess they changed it.

  55. Corina says:

    My Quest 13 said “Earn the Electric Key with the Electric Legacy Monster.” (Luckily it auto-completed for me!)

  56. Jess says:

    On quest 7… getting mythic monsters from each element,… Does that mean shadow and light as well?

  57. Danimal says:

    just so you know 15/23 is now raise zephyr/flamegust to an adult. :)

    and I’m at 16 now but the elder farm is not in my decorations.. What do I do??

  58. SteamPunk28 says:

    I’m on 23/23 for the shadow/light air hybrids. ….what am I supposed to hatch bc I have almost every monster, I’m confused been working on this far to long and I’m missing the obvious, can anyone give me suggestions on what to hatch? ?? Pls!

    • Looray says:

      You have to hatch 2 more of the hybrids described. Regardless of whether you have them already or not -sonar, soar, or Lightwing. Soar has shortest hatch time -5 hours :)

  59. Ashley says:

    For number 9 do I need a mythic legendary? It won’t complete and I have all the mythic base monsters!

  60. Shadow says:

    3/23 part with the 4th page , i had Normal Windstone , Normal Pollen and Mythic Pollen and it cleared , you don’t need any legacy :)

  61. Tomas says:

    Can someone help me interpret the elder farm quest I don’t understand it very well

    • noobbgodlike says:

      elder farm will available once you reach certain point on quest above. It automatically generates food like diamonds globe.

    • Debula says:

      My quest “Elder farm 16/23″ shows ” Interpret the artifact to unlock elder farm”
      I don’t see this one listed for 16/23. Does anybody know how to interpret??
      These quests are so confusing as I still have other parts of 23 not done yet. :(

      • noobbgodlike says:

        ON the past quest 16 is to buy elder farms (available on decorations). If the quest is changing now then I have no idea on how to solve it.

        • Debula says:

          Thank you very much! I went to decorations and it was there and I bought it and it cleared the quest. It also cleared hatch a mythic water monster..18/23 go figure….. Thanks for your help :)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          You’re welcome :D. Glad you found it.

  62. gigifst says:

    Hey Noobb, iv another question…im lvl 60. When elder will be unloked?
    Only when i finish this quest?

  63. Aaronsmom says:

    What is counted as an ice hybrid what can u use please help

  64. Lmk says:

    Hey noob, do you have any hint about how can I get mythic monsters? I am trying for months to complet the part 9 (4 mythic ice hybrids) and could get only one!

  65. In part 7, where you need a mythic of each element, will the limiteds that are just one element (like firework is just fire) work or is it only the original earth, ice, etc?

  66. LadyMiLou says:

    Just letting you know that part 20/23, have 15 adult water hybrids, has been decreased to 12 :)

  67. Ali says:

    Hi I’ve just got to end of one of beckys quests and I’ve got a elder farm which is in my decorations but can’t use it as saying I’ve reached my limit what doi have to do to go further or what do I do do I have to bred. 2 air monsters really confused please help I’m level 76

  68. LadyMiLou says:

    Hey everyone (and especially Noob) this is really important!

    I finally heard back from TinyCo Support and they did clarify that part 3/23 of the quest saying to have 3 of the 4 monsters on page 4 has officially been switched to meaning the page 4 monsters (pollen, windstone and the light/shadow legacy monsters). Originally it was page 3 and it was an error but they changed it.

    Again, quest 3/23 means page 4 as specified on the game quest.

    (Now just to actually get a freaking legendary monster…ugh)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Thanks for the info :D.I have updated the guide now.

    • Renee says:

      Thanks so much for that I have been trying to get off that quest forever

      • Nunya says:

        ALSO, you can clear this by having multiples. I hatched a mythic windstone while trying for something else, and it counted my two windstones as two of the three. Since I already had pollen (but no legacy monsters), hatching the mythic windstone cleared the quest for me.

  69. Corina says:

    So, for some reason #2 and #7 auto completed before I even did the first quest. Now I have #3 and #8 available at the same time. Has anyone else had his happen?

    • Ashley says:

      Yes, I am on 3 and 10 ! It’s so hard! These are stressing me out! It takes so much food to light hybrids! They just don’t give u enough food lol! I can’t believe how hard this is getting! Gotta love it though! BEST GAME EVER, IM STRUGGELING WITH GETTING ENOUGH COINSBFOR MY EXPANSIONS :( is there a better way to make money faster that I’m not aware of?

      • Ashley says:

        I meant to say 2 and 10 sorry!

      • Corina says:

        Glad Im not the only one!!! 😀

        I used to plant eggplant (2hrs), but realized that planting mushrooms (15mins) produced LOADS more food! That’s what I’ve been doing to get my Solarflare to level 10 for the Soltice quests. (Which I haven’t completed yet. :( ) So if you collect food & coins every 15mins, that should speed things up.

  70. Ssandra says:

    hi, I doing now this quest, and in the 14 quest change to:Hatch a flamegust monster or Zephyr monster

  71. Ashley says:

    I was just curious if of or anyone knows if you can use two of the same monsters as long as they are ice hybrids, like on number ten when it wants u to have 15 level 10 ice hybrids, can it be 15 frozen flames for an example! Because I have 2 and 3 pf the same monsters but don’t know if they will work since they r the same monster! These r so hard!

  72. Lupe says:

    I need the elder farm? What is this? How do I get it.

  73. Ashley says:

    This is rediculous! And not very rewarding or the most parts!

  74. Shadow says:

    Third part of this quest sais ” have 3 of 4 of the Monsters shown in the FOURTH PAGE of Becky’s story ! ” so i guess that is the one with Legacy monters … right ?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Right, but there are some people who have managed to clear the quest without having legacy. Don’t ask me how since I also don’t know. My best bet is the quest is kinda glitched.

  75. Sandrews89 says:

    I am still trying to complete part three and I have all of the monsters on page three, but only two on page 4 as I don’t have the legendary monsters. I was wondering what I can do to resolve this?
    Thank you

  76. Pixie (tiny ID: Lyxnaria) says:

    As an update, my Phineas quest skipped Elder Debris and went straight to Preparations, because I have not yet reached level 57.

  77. Ashley says:

    What are the basic elements? Is the legacy monster a basic element?

  78. vicky says:

    I’m trying to complete the 3rd part I have earth, brimstone and dark bolt but its not completed the step.. any idea why? thanks x

    • noobbgodlike says:

      if you’re pretty sure that you have done all of required things then contact tinyco

      • vicky says:

        are you sure its the monsters off the 3rd page as I defiantly have 3 out of the 4, and it says 4th so maybe they fixed itso you have to hatch one of the legacy monsters? anyone else having or had trouble with this who could help?thank you

        • noobbgodlike says:

          the quest is based on the past, maybe they have changed it now?? Send me a screenshot or the description on the comments. Also liek I said above, if you have done all things on your quest objectives and the quest still don’t clear, contact tinyco.

    • I don’t have Legendary or any Legacies & I’m on Level 10 (version 1) of this quest now.

  79. gigifst says:

    Im very upset right now…i got the 4rth point ofvthe quest and it didnt clear…then it cleared when i finished other quest and now, when i finished the 5th point the quest is GONE!!!!!!
    What tha hell???
    Need some help here…please??? :-(

  80. tinyme123 says:

    I put my mythic tree to sleep for its second hibernation, and my part 3 completed – I’ve been trying for the legacys for ages. Potentially a helpful glitch? Also, does anyone else have a quest asking you to “continute with Becky’s quests to help bring back the elder monster”? I’ve now finished this quest-saga but can’t figure out what to do for this one. Thanks!

  81. Lily says:

    I am on quest 11/23 : hatch mythic shadow or electric – light hybrid.
    I allready have a mythic shadow. But the quest does not complete. Do I have to hatch another one?
    I also read for the mythic air quest that if you have one aredy move from hall of champions. Is this a trick? I tried it now with the mythic shadow but it does not work.
    Could you help?


    • noobbgodlike says:

      try to level up it into level 10 adult. if not working then try to breed one more. Still not working?? then follow fix error section on the main page.

    • Danabfly says:

      I reached this part today- the way it reads it seems to me like you have to have either a mythic shadow/electric hybrid OR a mythic light/electric hybrid. I also already have a mythic shadow but I don’t think it counts because it is not a hybrid with electrc, it is only the shadow element alone.

  82. Noah LaFon says:

    I have all 4 monsters on page 3 of Becky’s story but am still stuck on story monsters quest #3.
    I’m level 54. Is that why?

  83. Steven says:

    I have got mythic versions of all the base elements -Fire, Earth, Plant, Ice, Electric, Water, Air, Light and Shadow. The quest will not complete though. Do I need to get them all up to Adults???

  84. Cherr1019 says:

    I have two questions I’m hoping someone can answer for me. I’m part 7 and part 9 either too I’m having a problem with.

    The one that says I have to have a mythical of all the basic elements… At The moment I don’t have any food points. I have 2 level 5 Shadows and 1 level 10 Shadow. Is it okay to breed when they’re different levels and get a mythical shadow? Basically I want to know do levels matter as long as its the same monster.

    My second question is about the 4 mythical Ice hybrid monsters? Can they all be the same? Such as 4 Mythical Silk?

    Thank You for any help.

  85. heather says:

    I don’t under stand what the elder farm is. Can u explain since there’s know more buildings that I can puth in. I’m already at my limit.

  86. anon says:

    for Quest 3/23.. does this mean you have to have a legacy shadow or light in order to complete it?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      depends, some need it some don’t need, like I said the quest is glitched. I don’t need it though

      • anon says:

        ooh okay. hopefully it will glitch lol. curse the elusive legendary >.<

        • Cassia says:

          I’ve been trying to get past this one for months now if only my legendary would evolve right.

        • Cherr1019 says:

          I’ve been tryin to Cassida and then the quest disappeared altogether and all I had was Phineas’s quest and now today it pops back up and I’m at level 5. Its disappeared and came back skipping me over level 3 finally.

          But now I got BOTH quest to do. I’m not even sure if their different. I don’t see a “Phiness’s” quest posted. Or I just haven’t found it yet. Good luck.

    • my3sonsnj says:

      I’m having trouble figuring out what monsters I need for this quest too! Could people just post which monsters completed the quest for them? Thanks so much!!!

      • noobbgodlike says:

        it’s a little different for everyone’s device, safe bet is to have all monsters on the pictures TAT.

        • my3sonsnj says:

          Thanks noob but I really thought I needed Windstone to complete and have been trying for weeks to get it. Finally hatched one today and no luck. I don`t have any legendary/legacy yet so I was really hoping those weren`t needed. So I guess I am just wondering who has been able to move on to the next quest without them (android) and how they did it.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Congrats on your windstone XD. I also have no idea, like I said everyone’s objectives seem different. Some need legacy some no….

    • Renee says:

      I am also stuck on quest of 3/23 and I can’t not figure out what animals I need to make this quest disappear. So if anyone figures it out please let me no I am on ios

    • Dat nigguh says:

      For me it was page 4 monsters needed not page 3.

  87. Andrea says:

    I don’t understand what picture and what decoration do I need. I don’t see this

  88. tamara says:

    I’m on Becky’s quest, have 3 of the 4 monsters, and I’m thinking i don’t have beckys . Is it the same as Phineas notebook?

  89. Darky says:

    I have a lighthorn , brimstone , earh, but the 3/23 quest is not finished. Not adult . What is the problem?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Like I said above, the quest is full of glitch. If you’re pretty sure that you have finished the quest and the quest still not complete then follow fix error section on the main page. Make sure all needed monsters are out from hall of champions.

      • Saraswati says:

        Is the glitch that the quest doesn’t complete even when you hatch a shadow legacy or light legacy?

        Or is the glitch that the shadow and light legacies don’t hatch?

        Just checking, cause I am using up all my food just breeding 2 legacies over and over again to get an offspring to level up to 10 then evolve to elementals. So far I have evolved 15 and none of them have been shadow or light. Assuming this is chance, but checking if it is any known glitch at this point. Seems from the comments that some people have evolved shadow or light legacies.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Like I said, the quest is full of glitch. If you are sure you have done all of things that required then contact tinyco (follow fix error section on the main page). I can’t help you since the quest objectives seem different from person to person.

  90. Lt says:

    I just randomly got #20 (even though I’ve already completed all of the others including 21-23) on iOS and it’s now “have 12 adult water hybrids and then hatch one more.”

    • tommy says:

      I only needed 12 as well (droid). Seems like Becky’s quest tasks changed after Legacy monsters launched. Also doubled up quests for legacy: 13/23 is Electriclegacy, 20/20 is Waterlegacy, 23/23 is Airlegacy. I completed the originals already. For 3/23, I surprisingly got reward when I moved pollen out from HOC and windstone out already, but with no Shadowlegacy or Lightlegacy.

  91. Julie says:

    Is anyone else having problems with the game not acknowledging you’ve completed a quest. I finished quest 13, and the game won’t show I’ve completed it. How do I fix this?

  92. Lisa Birmingham says:

    Does Lengendary monster count as one of the basic elements? I have mythic of all the others and quest is not complete

  93. Blondie says:

    Don’t know if anyone else has had this issue, but my mythic monsters keep disappearing!!! I finally managed to re-complete the quest to have one mythic monster of each base element, but again they’re disappearing for the have four mythic ice monster quest. I don’t understand how they can just disappear! Any ideas on what I should do?

  94. Kc says:

    I don’t know if there’s anything you can do to help me, any suggestions would be great! I play tiny monsters on my iPod . Since mothers day quest my game is all screwed up! I cant view quest, breed, tuck monsters in. When I am successful at any of these things very very rarely, the game ususully just shuts down. When I go back to the game the progress is gone case in point I lost my blossom monster that I tucked in I woke it up came back to the game later she was gone! I can’t feed them. I successfully breed I think a windstone, I think that was the quest it was so long since ive seen them. Timing was right came back hrs later, gone. I can’t get to notifications or Q and A. I just shut down. Please help , I love my tiny monsters and miss them and all of the quests are going by, and I cant play, whaaa. Thanks for any input signed KC and advid fan of your site

  95. Katmandou says:

    Correction quest 14 : Hatch Flamegust or Zephyr 😉

  96. Tobenits says:

    There seems to be a glitch with these quests. I somehow got this series without finishing Elder Stones Quest (still on 11/12). After I hatched 2 earth monsters, I thought I would have to wait till lvl 47, I think, to be able to purchase 5th mountain. But as soon as I hatched the earth monster, quest immediately jumped to 3/23. Not only did it jump a quest, I somehow also have quest 8/23 (Have a dimspike) on my quest log. Has anybody else encountered this situation? Is this going affect my quests/gameplay?

  97. Vera says:

    I was trying for legendary for ages… For 3rd quest
    Today i simply hatch and place my second pollen and quest was solved

    So we need 3 monster of 4 – i have 1 windstone and 2 pollen!!!!!!! So only 3 pollen for example could help as well

  98. Bex says:

    For quest 3, do the monsters have to be in their adult form like on page 3 ?

  99. kaja says:

    whitch elements count as basic? does air,shadow and light count?
    also, still having problem with 13quest.. i got electric legacy and it wont clear.. i followed fix error section noob, also sent email to tinyco, and they didnt reply for 2weeks now :((

  100. Gma Of 10 says:

    On iPhone, looks like quest 20 of 23 has changed. Mine now says 12 water hybrids instead of 15.

  101. Susan says:

    On the Airification quest 22/23, I wasn’t thinking, Duh! I hadn’t looked at your suggestion (10 Air Flowers) and I spent $500,000.00 almost buying every decoration I could find. None of the same. Only when I could find nothing that costs less than a million did I bother to check out your quest list. I purchased a bunch of the same in the past before. Now it will take me forever to save up the coins I wasted. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Take advantage of ALL of Noob,’s hard work. I have just realized that I take your hard work and website for granted. Thank you so much for all you do to help us. :)

  102. Corbin says:

    Quest 3 solved with just two monsters of page 4!

    I think the quest has nothing to do with page 3 cause I’ve got all 4 monsters of page 3 for ages and nothing ever happened. After having Pollen, now I hatched windstone and quest is solved. I’ve got neither Shadow Legacy nor Light Legacy.

    “glitch or not glitch, that’s the question”

  103. pilar says:

    The 3rd part of this quest line is really misleading. I was trying to get at least 3 different types of monsters like the task says. So far I’ve got 2 pollen (mythic and a standard one) and a mythic light legacy. Today a light legacy has evolved and I accepted it. That makes 4. And reward! The 3rd part is complete. Weird. but I’m happy, tired to try for windstone and shadow legacy.
    Hope this helps.

  104. kaja says:

    im also having problem with 13.. i finally got electric legacy and it said that quest is cleared.. i also got 15xiamonds for having electric key.. but my quest “have 15adult electric hybrids” is still there it wont clear or give me next one.

  105. TM says:

    I’m on part 13, electric ability. I have 14 adult electric hybrids and have hatched another elec hybrid but my quest will not complete and advance. Do they all have to be level 10? I’ve got some that are level 8 but that’s considered an adult. I’m not sure what to do :-(

  106. Mrsnoskie says:

    I have got all the monster from quest 3 but it still hasn’t completed can anyone help as I’m having trouble getting the legendary monsters, or does all the monsters need to be adults? Please help

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don;t know, since I already have all of them on adult version when finished the quest. Try to raise them to adult and if the quest is still not finished then follow fix error section on the main page of this guide.

  107. liznath says:

    Level 14, change to hatch flamegust or zephyr. Lucky for me, i had 2 zephyr monster coz i tried 2 timrs and failed got flamegust.

  108. Emily says:

    Just noticed that Becky’s 3/23 quest has been changed to have 3 out of 4 monsters on the 4th page of story book! After I moved my dark legacy out of HoC, the quest is finally completed. And then it said I can now breed the elder monster. Interesting, the old quest (5/23) that I have completed long time ago pops out. Guess it was due to their re-set of 3/23 quest. Now I got to play some quests again! I’m kinda excited. Hah!

  109. wcole08 says:

    How do I unlock the elder monster its a quest anyone know?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you just unlock it, it never “appears” on the market. But you need to have its habitat which can be obtained on the process of finishing 18 elder monsters quest (some people doesn’t need the quest but It may be glitch)

      • wcole08 says:

        Ok thanks I have the habitat now it says hatch an elder monster and under that it says unlock the elder monster so I wasn’t sure

  110. misty says:

    for quest number 3 it tells me have 3/4 monsters on the fourth page..not the 3rd. i dont even have a legendary monster :(

  111. monstermaster says:

    On the 3rd part i have the 3 out of 4 monster but it wont let me pass can anyone help???

  112. lexist says:

    Hey, I’m having issues with getting all the mythic base elements monsters, is there any trick to it? I’ve filled the mythic cave a few times and I keep breeding two light/shadow/water but I’m getting nowhere. Does anyone know if mythic is more likely if you are breeding hybrids? And if filling up the mythic orb more times increases chances? Thanks

  113. Hyciera says:

    Hi, quest 9/23 just changed from 6 mythic ice hybrids to only 4. Hope it’s not a bug :)

  114. Charlie says:

    Surely #3 is wrong too, as I have all the monsters on page 3 and the quest isn’t cleared. And in the description it specifically states the fourth page, and the story book now has page numbers. Currently trying to get a shadow or light legacy. Seem to have enigma on the way lol. Gonna breed that with my airlegacy, see what happens 😉

  115. Wha2do says:

    Possibly a clarification on #11 (the quotes make it appear it needs to be a mythic Shadow-Electric or mythic Light-Electric to complete it). I just hatched a normal Flash (Light + Electric hybrid) and it cleared my quest. At first thought it had to be mythic, but this may not be the case. Could it be a Mythic Shadow or a Light-Electric hybrid (normal or mythic) will complete this one? Sorry if others already took it this way and I just didn’t read it right!

    Now if I can get a Light or Shadow Legacy to get the 3 of 4 on page 4 (for quest 3/23)! Have all 4 (none are in the HOC) on page 3 so in my case it must be page 4…

  116. Yorky says:

    Do you know should I count legacy monsters to 15 water hybrids?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t know, but just breed more water hybrids if you’re not sure. If you have done all that and still don’t finish the quest then follow fix error section on the main page.

  117. Jen says:

    Hey does anybody know how to compete the quest that says “continue with Becky’s quest to release the elder magic and unlock the elder monster?” I’ve already completed the Becky 23 quest and the elder stone quest But this task won’t completed?????

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I believe you need to clear the elder monster quest (18 parts) if you haven’t got it like me, then contact tinyco to fix the bug (follow fix error section)

  118. SaraUC says:

    I’m stuck! I literally have all the monsters in the story exceptthe legacy monsters, and #3will not complete? I don’t understand. And my #4 glitched too. I saw it in the quests, waited until I leveled up and immediately cleared the two trees. When I checked it again and I got the xp for the trees, nothing popped up so I checked my quests and it disappeared entirely. And my quests thing on my homepage has a 1 on it like I have a new quest but nothing shows when I click it. Why?! Am I the only one?

  119. Stoffel says:

    Does anyone know how to get Elder farm (16/23)?
    I am only just getting to this quest but already have built/harvested and then sold the elder farm

    Can anybody help?

  120. Gma Of 10 says:

    I’m so confused. I have gotten and completed quests 2, 6, 1, 7, 3, 5 (in that order) and will complete 8 tomorrow when dimspike hatches. I have not gotten quest 4 yet. So I don’t know if I should continue waiting before I clear the medium trees on the elder mountain. Is it normal to get these quests out of order? I would have expected quest 4 to appear after 3 was complete. (Which btw, I have no idea how I completed quest 3 since I didn’t have the required monsters. No legacy monster except plant legacy and that’s not one of the required monsters.) So what do you think? Should I clear the medium trees or wait and see if quest 4 appears?

  121. TM says:

    I’m still on step 9 and have been for well over a week (probably more than two actually). I feel like in never going to finish and be lucky enough to hatch an Elder monster. Wish they’d make this much shorter or easier to complete

  122. debbie says:

    Hmmm……. Becky’s storybook just reappeared on my game

  123. david says:

    Yap. Quest 3 was completed today witout windstone and shadow legacy. Now dimspike. Keep getting blackice. It seems that monster needed for quest sre harder to get even if its cheaper or less rare like windstone.

  124. Dot says:

    Many mythics…. Mine wouldn’t clear despite having all of the base mythics, until I hatched a regular light monster. Go figure, so if others run into this maybe taking regular base monsters out of HOF may trigger the game to clear that part of quest.

    Hope it helps,

  125. debbie says:

    So today part 3 of this quest changed for me. It now says “have 3 of the 4 monsters shown on page 4” so a lot clearer now on what is needed. And since I just got a shadow legendary a couple of days ago while working on the elder quest, this quest auto completed. YAY!!! I hope everyone else got lucky with the change too.

  126. Aflu says:

    Aww and I am on level 45 on android device ( if it matters)

  127. Aflu says:

    Hmm I am trying and trying to complete this quest 3/23. It just changed from have four of the monsters shown to have three of the four monsters shown….. Well I do have three of them I got Earth, Brimstone. N lighthorn n the quest still is nt clearing.. What shall I do?? I dont even have normal legendary monster yet so if the quest means to hatch those legendary shadow n light legacy mosters when I cnt even get started wit it…. Grrrr so angry I dnt get it!!!!

  128. Jo says:

    Fck, my 3/23 quest just changed from ‘ have all four monsters on Page 4’ to have 3 out of 4 monsters from Page 4’… So now I must hatch a legendary… I was hoping that I didn’t have since I don’t have one yet…

  129. shane says:

    they just changed the quest, 3/23. so there is no more confusion. HAVE 3/4 of the monsters on page 4. now, I just have to get a shadow/ light legacy

  130. Hyciera says:

    Quest 3/23 just changed?
    Could not clear it, still missing darkbolt, and it suddenly changed to “have 3 out of 4…”
    And the quest cleared… Weird

  131. ange says:

    Hi just wondering if anyone else didnt get the story book on there version of the game im on android .
    I have phineas’ notebook icon with pics of legendary etc for other quests but never got beckys story book icon on my game to view the story… just wondering if therebis a way to get it?? If not all I can say is thank goodness for you noob and this site otherwise I would b so lost on these quests as far as breeding monsters on certain pages etc lol

  132. misty says:

    i just finished the 12 part elder stone quests and got part one and 2 of the becky and phineas story at the same time but my story book only has the old pages..i dont see the pics above any where in my game….

  133. Libby Grindell says:

    Hey, has anyone else had the story book icon disappear from their game? Thank goodness for this website or I’d be completely lost!

  134. Corbin says:

    quest 18: do they really mean a basic water monster or could this quest also be solved with a water hybrid?

  135. Wha2do says:

    Revisiting Becky Quest 3/23…I have hatched all monsters on pages 1, 3, & 4 except Elder and Shadow & Light Legacy and quest didn’t complete. So I truly have to breed a Shadow & Light Legacy on page 4 to complete this? It does say “Have all four monsters shown on page 4…., and hatch any” – what is “any” – another one of these four? I have yet to even get one Legend and adding up the hours to breed one on through to evolving to Legacy comes out to 5.5 days per Legacy?! Is this full quest sticking around for at least few more weeks to complete it fully? Also I’m at level 63 and can only buy Earth, Fire, Ice & Plant legacy habitats. No Airlegacy or Shadowlegacy habitats are visible – so where do I put them once they’ve evolved (can’t go into Hall of Champions can they?)? Do I need to be at a higher level? Am using TM Deluxe v2.1.3 from Amazon on an android…sorry for so many questions but this is a toughy!!

    • Wha2do says:

      As a follow up on that “…and any” – am going to hatch one more from page 3 just to see if that does anything. Otherwise wow, this is an extremely long piece of the entire quest. Could be a month or longer just for 3/23 unless I’m misreading. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

      • noobbgodlike says:

        yeah, I suggest you to try it 😀 Make sure all required monsters are out from hall of champions.

        • Wha2do says:

          Hatched an Earth (was the quickest) and verified all are outside the HOC. Quest still didn’t complete – they don’t have to all be adults, do they? Sounds like really have to hatch/have in habitats all the ones on page 4. That’s going to be tougher than tough (or very time intensive). And if/when I do get one of the legacies, where do I put it?? Ack!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          to get legacy monster you need legendary monster, visit legendary page for more info.

        • Wha2do says:

          As always, thanks for the assistance. I was short on my response and meant, once I get a legendary evolved into… My concern was not having the air or shadow legacy habitats available, but if I read correctly they can go into any legacy habitat (each are in name only). :-)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          yeah, legacy habitat name only for appearance (I place my ice legacy on fire legacy habitat).

        • david says:

          Uhhhh so i can put any legacy monster into any legacy habitat? Now im missing shadow legacy and windstone. Keep giving me tempest. Just get darkbolt. Doesnt complete the quest. So it was last page 4 monster for me.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          yeah, you can :D. Keep trying and you’ll get it XD

    • noobbgodlike says:

      like I said on the post above, quest number 3 is full of glitch, some need legacy monster to finish and some people don’t need them ( I don’t them) So I really can’t answer your question, just have all monsters beside legacy if the quest is not completed then you get the bad news (you need legacy to clear the quest). airlegacy and shadow legacy habitat are not exist, and those legacy habitat can keep all legacies (don’t be deceived by their name).

      • Wha2do says:

        Ahhh…didn’t read your second post until too late. Shoot – so looks like I’m stuck getting both. So a legacy habitat can hold any legacy, independent of the name. Wow, could be a month or longer before I get this one out of the way (plus having to hatch other monsters to finish other steps, ie. only have 3 Mythic Hybrid Ice monsters at the moment!).

  136. Leish says:

    Does anyone know how to get Elder farm? I am only just getting to this quest but already have built/harvested then sold the elder farm – not realizing it was further on in quests. Any suggestions?

  137. Kostja says:

    Just reached the first quest but didn’t get my story book. It should be on the left.. Any advice?

  138. Carol says:

    Hold on a whole minute. My story quest says have all four monsters shown on the fourth page of Becky’s story which are windstone, pollen, shadowlegacy and lightlegacy. Now you are saying page 3 which are lighthorn, darkbolt, brimstone and earth. Which is it?

  139. Lorelai says:

    Noob, 3 days ago I completed Phineas Quest 7/23 (have one mythic monster of each basic element), I got the reward and nothing happened after that, I mean the quest didnt go on to the next step (hatch a Flamegust, according to you excelent guide). Why?
    Also, Phineas book icon is still on the right corner of my screen. Since I had already finished the Frozenflame Quest, why it is still there? Tks again.

  140. ELLA says:

    Hi Noob
    Quest 3/23 (Story Monsters) is “Have all 4 of the Monsters shown in the fourth page of Becky’s story, and hatch any egg!”

  141. Cynthia says:

    Shadow Legacy finally after weeks and hundreds of diamonds, woohoo!
    Winner (the name) was bred with two legendares ( not evolved yet) boosting the mythic cave a little each time.
    I now have a couple of all the legacies except fire( didn’t get one fire) and sold a lot of legacies.
    Until I got a mythic legendary, which evolved into shadow legacy.. Yay ! :)

  142. Cynthia says:

    Just checked my quest list to find that most of the quest I had not completed have been removed. I had not gotten the four monsters needed on the quest for page four of becky’s journal, but is no longer on my list. So either I have a glitch or I timed out on the quest as I am yet to get my legendary to continue forward. I plan to keep trying to get what is left and see what happens, my Dimspike quest is gone, my four from page four is gone, the three eggs is gone, removing an elder tree is gone, hatching a cinder is gone ; left is the Bloosom, the legendary, the Emerge (not sure I spelled this right) and one more I don’t remember what it was. I will turn off my device and restart to see what comes back up. Crazy not sure what is happening.

    • Cynthia says:

      Some of them are back, so it must have been a glitch. When some of the quests timed out I think these were removed by accident , but hey are back now.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm, I am pretty sure you encountered glitch. Re-install the game if restarting is still not working.

      • Lorelai says:

        Noob, when you say “re install” the game, we couldn t risk to loose the entire game ( starting from the beginning again) , could we? Tks

        • noobbgodlike says:

          as long as you use same device and not doing anything more than that ( I don’t know about android but someone said about master reset your device etc). Your save data is safe since it’s saved on tinyco’s server and bound to unique id on your device.

        • koffeegirl says:

          Hey Noob, wanted to let you know…..I have un-installed and re-installed twice on Galaxy S2 when I have had quests not clear once completed and not lost any data.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          hmm, if that still not working then the last step is to inform tinyco about this.

  143. Mike d says:

    Quest 23? I have all the monsters besides a few limited. I’m only missing light legacy. I’m guessing I need him to complete(

  144. DucaMax says:

    Quest 10: Have 15 level 10 ice hybrids then hatch 1 more

    I have 16 lv 10 Ice hybrid out of Hall of Champion but my quest is still not completed. What can I do ?

    Just hatch 1 more or hatch 1 more and evolve him to lv 10 ?

  145. A-Raye says:

    Note 4 u: Quest # 22 should be shown in Amber as it is actually Becky’s quest.

    In 3 hrs I will be completing quest # 23 woohoo!!! I’ll come back tomm and let u know what happened I hope there’s more than just unlocking the elder monster! Here’s hoping!

  146. Dawn says:

    Which are considered the basic element monsters? Plant, earth, fire and ice?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      all single elements (I am not sure about shadow and light though since I already have them before the quest began)

      • A-Raye says:

        yes mythic shadow monster and mythic light monster are needed for that quest as well as all other single element monsters. (plant, fire, earth, ice, air, electric and water)

        Hope this helps :)

  147. Lynn says:

    Ok, on quest 5/23 Becky’s Fruit. Since they’ve changed the food choices I don’t know what i’m suppose to plant to clear the quest. Its suppose to be golden guava but we don’t have that anymore.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you don’t have it anymore???

      • PietjePuk1 says:

        I had the same issue. I just noticed I had PREMIUM farms, not LARGE farms. I sold one premium farm for the other quest(s) and build a small farm. Now I sold the small farm and build a LARGE farm for golden guavas. It’s all in the details :-)

  148. Hego says:

    In no.17 of the quest says:

    Elder Fruit: Collect from any farm twice

    In the IOS version it says:
    Collect from the Elder Farm once

  149. Nicki says:

    Just cleared step 3! I had to get both the legendary. I’m level 78 and had all the legendary except Shadow. Took me “retry-ing” for weeks using diamonds to evolve but finally got it and the quest finally cleared!

  150. mori says:

    Yikes! Thats a lot! Just got done with elder stones..

  151. Trip says:

    Number 11 is actually hatch a mythic* shadow/light + electric hybrid.

  152. kassi says:

    Thank you for this page cuz I just got the 1st of these quests but it didn’t give me the story to look at so without this page I would have no idea what the quests are talking about. A message from becky popped up. And told me to look at the notebook for the story but it just shows me the picture from the frozenflame quest that iI finished a long time ago and the diagram of the legendary monster.

  153. raddad says:

    I completed mine by having the four on page four

  154. koos says:

    hey noob, im not getting any futher on quest 3/23… i got the earth (lvl 10), darkbolt (lvl 10), brimstone (lvl 10) and lighthorn (end lvl 7 before tuck in), even got pollen (lvl 10) and light legacy (lvl 10)… what does the game want from me? im confused because the quest says have all monsters… thanks!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      try to follow fix error sections, I already don’t know what to do on this quest because it seems every one have different requirement to finish it.

    • Jenger says:

      On my iOS version that quest now states to have the four monsters on page four of Backy’s story. If you are running iOS you need to have Windstone, Pollen, Shadow Legacy, and Light Legacy. And then breed any monster after getting all of these in the habitats.

  155. monkeybutt888 says:

    Does anyone know how to hatch Elder monster? I couldn’t find it on the main monster page and thought maybe somebody here had any luck? It’s the next step in my quest and I’ve no idea how to proceed.

  156. Jordy says:

    Hi, i have trouble finishing the monsters on the 4th photo.
    I have all on the 3d photo, darkbolt, lighthorn, earth and brimstone. I had them for over a bunch of weeks and it wont switch to completed. What can i do?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      try to follow fix error sections on the main page. This quest is full of bug, I don’t know what to say again.. sorry ..

    • Emily says:

      I have not completed the 3/23 quest yet. When the quest just came out, it said to have all monsters in the last page. It confused us which page is the last when some players were able to complete the quest but some others weren’t. A month ago when I checked my quest (and read into the details), it changed to “the forth page of the story.” Just a minute ago, I went checking again, now it says, to have ALL monsters in the story! I don’t know if any one else noticed it.

  157. faeriegirls says:

    hi noob and others,
    for the quest ” Many Mythic: Have mythic version of all basic elements monsters (light, fire,etc; must be adult). Rewards: 4900 XP and 900 Coins” does that include shadow monster?

    What kind of strategy or tips does anyone have regarding breeding mythic monstsrs? It seems like Murphy’s La that i only seem to be able to breed simple mythic monsters – plant, tree, mountain…

    On a good side note, after an accidental purchase of a heap of diamonds (i never buy anything) costing $30, TinyCo refunded the purchase but didnt taks back the 800+ diamonds!! I almost dont know what to do with them all!!


  158. Nico says:

    Hey Noob, I finally just got to quest 13 and oddly enough, my quest was completely different. Instead of hatching 15 electric hybrids. It told me to unlock the electric key with my electric legacy. Since I already had electric legacy the quest completed immediately. It also gave me 15 diamonds!! Is that strange? Is this the 1st time you’ve heard of this? Let me know. I took a picture of the quest being completed if you wanna see.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      no, the quest can be solved by having 15 hybrids or simply one legacy. there are many people who have finished it the same way like you do. But sometimes it doesn’t work that’s why I don’t add it on the description. This quest is so full of bug XD

  159. chickenboo says:

    On number 11, I had to hatch a * mythic* light/shadow +electric hybrid. Also, so far, my quest 10 and 13 didn’t make me hatch one more hybrid to complete it. I’m wondering if anyone has passed having a mythic of all the basic elements without them being adults. Also, I have a mythic water ready to hatch that I was hoping to save for that quest but Idk if it will let me postpone the Many Mythic quest so I can pass them both with one egg

  160. Mike d says:

    Hey all;) quick question. Phineas quest number 7 have one mythic of each base element. I already have 8 of them out on my island and I have a mythic shadow the last one getting ready to hatch. Will lthat complete my quest or do I have to breed each one over again and hatch them? Anyone come across this yet? Please help is appreciated. Thanks in advance

  161. Kristen says:

    Did you know that when your Elder Farm expires, you can sell it and buy a new one? The timer starts over at 30 days.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm, I don;t know since I don’t have it. Take a look at building menu on your game, if there is still an option to buy it (even it says maximum reached) then you still able to buy it later.

      • kristen says:

        Yes it is there and says max reached, but it is at the end of decorations tab not in buildings tab. Check and see if you can get it. I did not have to finish the quest line before I could buy it. Scroll to the end in your decorations tab.

    • aslesha says:

      I sold my elder farm after it ws done. and i just realized its part of becy’s quest. I can’t even buy it back. any suggestions?

  162. Libby Grindell says:

    Hi, I’m on the ‘elder expansion’ bit at the minute; When you say fifth mountain, do you mean literally fifth or just another one? I have 3 right now. Was annoyed when I thought it meant just another as I got my third right before I got the quest. Anyway, thanks for all the help on this site, has helped me lots! xx

  163. Mike d says:

    Ok I’m on the quest where I need 15 electric adult hybrids the hatch one more. I already have a bolt
    Monster egg that I’m waiting to hatch. I have 13 electric adult hybrids so far. My questions is. Should I level up 2 more to adult then hatch. Or can I bring 2 adult hybrids out of hoc then hatch. The 2 in hoc are repeats do they need to be 15 different ones?? Also does the regular electric monster count as one? Thanks appreciate the help

  164. RNHoulihan says:

    Wow! It appears this quest line is a bit of a confusing mess, eh?

    Well, here’s my situation; level 64, no legendary monster yet, but have all other monsters from Becky’s story…. but quest 3 won’t complete for me. So, I guess that means that I’m one of the “lucky” people who have to breed the to legacy monsters to advance the quest-line. /shrug

    My philosophy is that I’ll get it when I get it. I’m not too concerned about it since, by all indications, these quest are not going to be limited-time quests. I’ll keep plugging along with other quests, or trying to get other monsters that I don’t have yet, and hopefully along the way a Legendry will pop up!

    Just remember everyone: these quests are in the game to prolong peoples’ interest in the game, so they aren’t meant to be completed in a week or two. My advice is to just play the game in a manner that is fun for you! If you want to grind the quests, then go for it! If you just want to keep building awesome looking islands with your favorite monsters, then go for it! Whatever makes you happy… that’s the key. Once a game becomes a chore rather than an enjoyable experience, it’s no longer fun and not really worth the time.

    So, congrats to all of my fellow Monster-keepers who are making great progress on whatever their goals are for the game, be they the ones that Tinyco gave us, or your very own! Relax, remember that it’s a game, and have fun!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yeah, totally agree I already told many people this mindet from a long ago, but people are different :D. For me, I care less about the quests and more interested on completed my monsters collection (I havent finished the quest number 10 on this quest :D). Good luck to all tiny monsters players.

    • Annette says:

      Nice attitude. 😉 Games should be fun. There’s too much stress in everyday life. Don’t add to it!
      As a side note, my daughter noticed the big tree (the one that can’t be cleared until level 99) on the fifth island has eyes. Any thoughts?

  165. Donittamouse says:

    Hi, Noobbgodlike, and everybody.
    I’m now on the quests 3/23 , don’t understand what they mean.
    “Have all Four of the Monsters Shows in the Fürth Page of Becky’s Story and hatch any.”
    “Any ” : what ???
    If I have already Five of the monster should I bread them again. ??
    Thank you for answering.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hatch any random quest to finish the quest.

    • Melissa says:

      I was stuck on that quest forever! I have every monster except some limited and some legacy and I just cleared it when I evolved my legendary into a light legacy.

    • Emily says:

      I also noticed the quest is updated. “The last page of the story” was replaced by “the forth page of the story.” I need a light legacy, too! Lvl 76 is so long. I wonder if lvl 77 is even longer.

  166. Valerie says:

    I’m on level 61. I just cleared the two medium trees on the Elder expansion. Then all of a sudden my quests stopped, even though there is a number 1 next to quests indicating I have a new quest. Although I can still collect cons, breed, growv treats, etc., i have no more quests, what to do ?

  167. Trixie says:

    I have cleared all elder debris ( say one but I have to be at level 99 for that one) on my elder mountain and still the quest as not changed for weeks. Iv closed out of my game. Turned my phone on and off but still no change. Any help?

  168. Lesley says:

    Hello…. was wondering if anyone knew all the forms from the recent gift (gold, silver and bronze) monsters. I would hate to waste my diamonds sending them back to the dream room if I already have the monster. I know that two of the forms of the bronze gift is snowbluff and voltleaf……..

    • Lorelai says:

      I ve bought the bronze pack and after all the feeding and waiting… It came a Cinder, like a bunch of them I ve already had! Frustrating.

  169. tinyme123 says:

    Hey, my 3/23 said I need “all four, and then hatch any….” But it had no room to tell me what to hatch! Any idea what I need?

  170. Blib says:

    Note for Beckys Quest 3/23: in the short description it clearly says to have all monsters in the fourth page of the story. I don’t have Legendary, but got all other from page 3&4 but the quest is not completed. Maybe that helps others, read the description carefully! :-)

  171. Goku says:

    How do I get an elder farm??

  172. Tiny1214 says:

    Mike, I’m sorta confused now. Help me here pal. I got my water legacy this morning and I had a get reward for a water key ! Ok well I also got 25 diamonds and it was Becky quest 20/23? I cleared all the ones I looked at on noobs page. You seem to be a legacy collector as well. I am missing ice and air and wondering what your take on them with keys is? Thanks

  173. deltabra says:

    Hey noob. Here is some important info for theses quests. Hybrids dont count unless it is there first element. For example pond is plant on top with water on bottom so it will not work towards completing the 15 water hybrid goal. Bayou on the other hand is water on top and plant on bottom do it will work. This is the general scheme that got me through all the quests and it worked everytime. Spitfire is the cheapest in food so i just kept breeding them. Still took a while but it wae the fastest.

    Now hoprfully someone can help me. Im trying to unlock the elder quests on android. Ive hatched a lightwing and raised him to level 10 but nothing. Your response to me was contact tinyco. I did that and their response was to ask people on your sight!!! Lol!!! So please tiny monster fans. Help a guy out? Im lebel 63 have every monster and most in mythic including legacy monsters. Ive been playing since the begining of December and have only spent 5$ guess ive been lucky

    • noobbgodlike says:

      this seems not valid on my game, I can finish the quest with “semi” hybrids (not major elements). will wait reply from others.

      • haruki says:

        I did what the quest wanted.. a light hybrid.. hatch a Sun but it doesn’t help… must be shadow x light hybrid or? on driod. ty in advance

      • debbie says:

        I have found that it does not matter if the element is the main one or not.

        • Libby Grindell says:

          All of mine were the opposite it seemed to me, my plant hybrids pretty much all being flowers; fire on top, plant underneath. It seemed to work…
          I’m also on droid, if that makes a difference.

  174. sweetkyal says:

    hi noob. what is the lily pad monster? im working on my quests to get some diamonds. pls tell me what you know about this quest. thanks

  175. dan says:

    Does anyone know if the elder farm is able to be bought again once it expires? mine expires in like 15 hours and i only just got to the flamegust quest…im on android if that mattters

  176. Cynthia says:

    I still can not get a legendary I have been trying every combo given and nothing, so I can not get any legacy monsters till I get this one single monster. I am about over this, I have mytics of almost every monster I have so far so what am I doing wrong? Any one help me figure this our I am at level 81..

  177. Tim says:

    I hate these quests, they’re so vague! It will take forever to get shadow and light legacy monsters!!!! Not to mention like all my diamonds

  178. Bloodrose says:

    For quest number 7 have mythic of every element, do we have to have mythic of ledgendary too? I am not sure if that is an element. I kinda hope not because I don’t have another ledgendary to breed with to make sure I get it on first try.

  179. Mike says:

    Hi Noob, sorry for this information, after yesterday’s update I have got my quest-20 back and now I have to create 15 adult water hybrids.
    May be its a glitch or something because I definitely saw that it was completed 2 days ago. So may be the waterlegacy doesn’t help with the quest.
    Just thought should let everybody know. :(

    • noobbgodlike says:

      ah ok, Will delete it additional information from the guide then. Thanks for informing.

      • Verna says:

        Are you for real.? Your list of monsters needed to complete quests? What the hell is an elder monster..and where do you see flash..and if that river monster is darkbolt then where are his EARS? Can you recheck your “guide to players” and NO I didn’t have a legendary monster when the quest triggered but I still have to breed a light legacy? Lame advice.. Un attainable quests to shut up
        up for not getting any new quests!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          first of all, I simply state my experience on this guide. I don’t have any legendary when trying for this quests. But many players reported that they needed light legacy to finish the quests. so it’s quite different for every people. if you find my guide is unusable then simply don’t use it. Thank you.

    • fishlike says:

      I got the same problem with quest 13/23. It’s auto completed with my Electriclegacy, but then it re-set somehow to have 15 adult electric hybrids, which I already got… so just annoying move them in and out to finish the quest…

  180. jamavros says:

    You do have to have all of the monsters on the fourth (last) page of the story. I completed it once I got shadow and light legacy. I already had all the others on page three so I knew that was not it.

  181. Mike says:

    Just for info guys, If you have waterlegacy you don’t need to complete quest 20.
    and if you have electriclegacy you don’t need to finish quest 13.
    just keep them out of HOC. (and plus point you will get diamonds also 25 for waterlegacy and 15 for electriclegacy)

    Noob if you want put these questions here and confirm from others, this can really help a lot of fellow players.

  182. Hazzard5000 says:

    Just completed 23/23…..

    My quest was to “Earn the Air key with an Air Legacy monster”

    I had this already so auto completed.

    Still working on 3/23!!!!! I had legendary monsters when quest started. Have all monster in whole story apart from Shadow Legacy monster. So will work towards getting that and keep you updated. 😉

  183. carla says:

    Becky quest number 3 the story book only noticed mine gone form 4 to 5 the other day whats the 5th as more than that in the story.i have all monsters on page 3 do they have be at certain level?i dont have all on page 4 yet aint got windstone or other legacy yet as only managed 1 legendary so annoying they keep changing them iv got large tree at 99 am at 53 so long way off that one yet.sorry if its been asked and answered before but couldnt find it

  184. mind yo bussines says:

    what level is that quest on ?

  185. galius says:

    Hi.Quest 3:I’ve got legendary monster before beckys quest,so I must have all monsters from page 4:windstone,pollen,shadowlegacy,lightlegacy-quest completed(instruction said .about 5 monsters-?)Quest 11:I must have MYTHIC shadow or light electric hybrid.I’m on level 58.

  186. aaron says:

    Number 7 , The must all be adults

  187. laura says:

    Seriously what’s the point of making it so difficult to get a love or blushbug. It takes the fun away completely specially when u have a limited time. It becomes a frustrating experience rather than a pleasant one.

  188. Miharu says:

    Ok, i have all the monsters except light Legacy and dark Legacy! I didn’t had a Legendary before the Elder Quest started. And i don’t have one now. But Quest Number 3 did not clear for me!! I play on my IPhone. Any help???

  189. plunderer says:

    Elder Debris: Clear 2 medium size tree on Elder expansion, you need to be at level 57 to clear this tree (The one that with 299.999 coins cost, need 22 hours clearance time). Rewards : 1200 XP and 5000 Coins

    wth, mine suddenly becomes clear the largest tree from the new expansion..
    required 99 lv. how am i supposed to get to lv 99 LOL im still lv 54, cant even clear a medium one.

    and the third one is: have all five of the monsters shown in becky’s story, wth? which five, none of the pages have just 5 monsters!

    Im fed up.

    • devinn says:

      i finally completed quest 3/23 i was very lucky to get light & shadow legacies without the use of retry using diamonds. but before i got the light & shadow legacies i got eath, water, electric, air legacies. now the painstaking quest of 1 mythic per element (air left) and the damn mythic ice hybrids.

    • DJ says:

      My elder quest changed to the big tree as well but changed back when I got to level 57 so I was able to finish it.

  190. Ehlana says:

    Quest 23: it is definitely a HATCH quest because I had two air light monsters in habitats (lightwing and soar) and quest did not complete. However, as soon as I hatched a soar (light and air) and a sonar (shadow and air) the quest completed! So one of each or two of one combination works! Lucky really as there is only one shadow/air variant.

    Still haven’t completed quest 3. Going to try again ensuring my Frozenflame is level 7 or below and see if I can trigger it like you Noob.

  191. Ehlana says:

    Quest 3: still haven’t managed to complete this. I have all the monsters except the shadow legacy. So I would say that the correct option is to have the 4 monsters in the last page of he story I.e. light legacy, shadow legacy, pollen and windstone! Anyone successfully completed 3 some other way? Please post because there are many conflicting options posted here so far!

    Quest 10: I got both versions of this quest!! How random is that? I think I got version two when I got quest 15 and it auto-completed. Possibly a glitch.

    Quest 21: I got my mythic air out of the HoC to try for mythic flame gust and the quest auto-completed. So it appears this quest works with mythic airs that you bred before!

    Quest 22: I placed 10 air flowers (4600 coins each) to complete this quest.

    Quest 23: Will work on this next after hopefully getting memorial and independence sorted!!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      for quest 3: I don;t have any legacy monster but completed the quest immediately as I get it. So I don’t know.

      I still haven’t finished the quest number 9 (too busy with valentine monsters) so I don’t know about quest number 10. Yeah, maybe it’s a glitch like you said :D.

      Thank you very much for other info 😀

      • Emily says:

        I have a theory, Godlike! I think the requirement of Becky’s 3/23 quest depends on what everyone’s status is. For example, shadow and light legacy monsters are required for the quest only if people who already owned the legendary monster when the quest was triggered. Similar quests have shown in the game before. For people who do not own light or shadow yet, they got different quests to breed air hybrids instead. But the problem is, I can’t remember when I got my first legendary, before or after the Elder’s quests start?!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          hmm, it makes sense because I haven’t got legendary monster when obtaining the quest, I have put it on the guide above :D. for your confusion, if you can;t finished it without legacy then it means you have gotten the legendary monster before the quest happen XD. Good luck on the quest. Thank you very much for the theory.

        • Bryan says:

          my quest 3 changed to have all 5 monsters in becky’s story, have all monsters except light legacy. Had legendary b4. Hope that’s will complete it 4 me. Android big diamonds

        • fishlike says:

          I have 3 legendary monsters, but no light or shadow legacy.. I have to breed them again using 2 of them to evolve to diff. forms… if I collect enough diamonds, will speed them up since it takes quite a long time..

        • Emily says:

          I guess I won’t need any legacy monster because for the 10/23 quest, I got having 15 ice hybrids instead of having an ice legacy. I will see if I was right when I get my first windstone (so hard to get this one for me).
          In addition, I think by “having 15 ice hybrids and hatch one more” means I can complete the quest by having 16 ice hybrids. It is not necessary to hatch a new one. At least that works for me. I wish I noticed it earlier so I did not waste time breeding something I did not need. :p

        • Maggie Mon says:

          Maybe you are right as I had a legendary before the Becky’s quest. I had all monsters which are mentioned in the story except for the legacy. And I use 22×3 diamonds to obtain a light/shadow legacy finally got a shadow legacy. But the quest was still not finished. I think I should get a light legacy to fulfill the quest but I just one legendary. Hope I can get one more soon. Will let you all know then.

        • Ehlana says:

          I had legendaries when I started the quest line so I will assume that your theory is correct Emily. I went through all my monsters yesterday and found that I have everything except for the Shadow Legacy (or the Elder but I assume no one has that or I really have missed something) on my iPhone and the quest does not complete for me. I had the get 10 ice hybrids for quest 10 (not 15) but later I had an auto-complete for the ice legacy around quest 17 to 20. I also and then 15 water hybrids for quest 20.

          The only other fly in the ointment is that my Lighthorn and Frozenflame are both fully developed and therefore might not count. So whilst I am trying to get my shadow legacy I am going to try and get a baby Lighthorn and Frozenflame to test that theory.

        • devinn says:

          i finally completed quest 3/23 i was very lucky to get light & shadow legacies without the use of retry using diamonds. but before i got the light & shadow legacies i got eath, water, electric, air legacies. now the painstaking quest of 1 mythic per element (air left) and the damn mythic ice hybrids.

    • Ant says:

      For Quest 3/23 it completed when I finally got the Shadow and Light Legacy Monsters. I already had Legendary and Air Legacy before (if that helps with the theory below)

      For Quest 10/23 I got the 1st version and had it complete, but while I was trying for the Legacy Monsters I got Ice Legacy and the game popped the 10/23 2nd version, auto-completed, and gave me the Ice Key

      After I completed all of them I got 5/23 again ”Harvest 5 of the fruit tha Becky likes to eat” to ”open” the road for the ELDER Monster!!
      Don’t have it, or a key or a quest for it yet, but I expect it will show up pretty soon

      • Ehlana says:

        I got the same as you Ant for quest 10. I have completed everything bar quest 3 (waiting for shadow legacy) and the History book icon has now disappeared and I still have no Elder monster! The total monsters in my monsterpedia is 110 (just to be sure I am not missing a monster in the monsterpedia)

        Come on shadow legacy!!!!

        • goatelope says:

          Mine completed without a legacy. Had light, legendary, pollen, and when I hatched windstone (finally) cleared quest

  192. Mary says:

    My quest 4 just changed – it WAS clear two medium trees (lvl 57 and I’m on 55),it now says to clear large tree, which is lvl 99 and I’m not sure if I will ever get to 99 as long as it ta to get to new lvls now!

    • Mary says:

      Oh and when you open it, it says to clear 6. I just cleared 6 things and the quest did not clear.

      Also, my number 3 now says to have all 5 monsters in the story, whereas before it said to have the ones on the last page.

    • goatelope says:

      omg, mine did thr same thing went from medium tree to largest tree…. 54 and exaspirated on that one

  193. Kat says:

    I need some help, please! For Phineas’ quest 7, which elements do we need? I have Fire, Earth, Plant and Ice and am about to hatch a new monster. But do we also need water, air, shadow and light? That seems redundant if the later quests involve mythic air and water. Thanks!!

  194. Katy says:

    My step 4 (Elder Debris) is strange… On the thumbnail bit is says “Clear the largest tree in the new Elder expansion”, yet when I click on it to see details it says “Clear six pieces of debris”. I have cleared most of the debris so I don’t know why it says that, but the biggest tree can only be cleared when your a level 99, so that seemed rather ridiculous for it to be the fourth part of this quest (although it’s allowed me to do complete steps 5 and 8-23 so I have no idea what’s happening)
    I play on android btw

  195. crazymetalbitch says:

    O and one of the water quests wants u to have a mythic water monster I thought it was funny cause I got that after I completed many mythics and yes they give u credit for it without hatching another o and yeah if there in the hall take em out to get credit I had to do that for the 6 ice hybrid mythics and for the regular ice hybrid quests good luck

  196. aaron says:

    Quest 7 do they have to be teen or adult ?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I believe it doesn’t matter, but if you can’t finish the quest then raise all of them to adult version.

    • crazymetalbitch says:

      No it don’t matter if there adult cause all I needed before the quest was 2 of em once they hatched I got credit for the quest I get mythics like crazy in my game and I don’t really put much in the cup sometimes hell in one day I got 3 mythics of course 2 was repeats but whatever lol good luck

    • Christy says:

      Did anyone else notice quest 3 of Becky’s book quest changed to “all 5 monsters in Becky’s story” instead of the last 4? I count more than 5. This quest 3 is so confusing! I have every monster in the story except elder and legacy monsters, still no finish!

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Hmm, I don’t know about the change since I have finished the quest before. But I don’t have legacy either.

        • Valerie says:

          Noob, what does Becky like to eat in her story? I’m so flustered by all these monster quests, I can’t remember!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          do you still have the picture?? I believe it’s golden guavas/ ?? banana. But let me see the picture to be sure.

      • Eric says:

        I don’t see what you’re talking about in my quests. Mine stills says four on the last part than hatch one more, the same way as Noob has it written for us above.

      • Eric says:

        The wording on my changed, as well. Not quite sure what I’m supposed to do to complete this one at this point. The images in the story didn’t change.

        • Christy says:

          Exactly. Quest changed still can’t figure it out! Exhausting! I play on Android and it happened a few days back with the new update if that helps you look into it noob.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          hmm, could you tell me which quests that have changed?? (so I can update the guide)

  197. derek says:

    For step 9 I already have over 10 ice hybrids but quest is still not done. Do I need to do 6 new ones to lvl 10?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      make sure they’re out form hall of champions

      • Origami Orchid says:

        I have 6, level 10 ice hybrids out, taking up 2 of my ice habitats and the quest #9 – for the ice hybrids refuses to clear! Is it that they were all already level ten, and I just brought them out? Or might it be that two of them are seasonal? Or do I need to hatch another mythic ice with them out? Help???

        • noobbgodlike says:

          make sure they’re all out and hatch one more. if it still not finished then follow fix error sections on main page.

        • Origami Orchid says:

          I had left all 6 level 10, mythic ice hybrids out (NOT in the hall of champs) & hatched a mythic ice monster (I have assumed that a mythic ice – only, is acceptable for this chalenge) and it has not yet cleared… I looked at the fix game instructions, but it only tells you how to get the UDID number for apple products – I am playing on a Samsung Galaxy 2 – how do I not lose my game, yet get to complete this?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I don’t know about android device but I believe android device something like UDID number. Visit their help page for more info about this (also on UDID section that I put on this guide).

  198. crazymetalbitch says:

    Lol yeah I have already completed all those quests and when I was doing the water quest they gave me 25 diamonds for having a water legacy

  199. Darrian says:

    Step 3, Story Monsters would not complete for me until I had the monsters from the last page of the story, just like the quest says, INCLUDING the Lightlegacy and Shadowlegacy monsters.

    • Tom says:

      Thanks for the info! I’ve been working on this quest too. Have every monster and I’ve hatched them all as well. The light and dark legacy were and are the only two I’m missing. It’s nice to know I can get this quest completed (eventually) without having to contact TinyCo.

      Thanks again, and congrats on finally completing this quest!

  200. Sally says:

    What is an Elder Farm and how do I get it? That is my next quest?

  201. Alew says:

    Quest 4 on here cannot be completed in my game until I reach level 57, I am at level 48 and everytime I try to clear the medium sized tree it says I must be at level 57 to do that, so frustrating, I cannot ckear any debris on the elder expansion until I reach level 50, just thought I would share!

  202. Odies says:

    I’d try pages 3 and didn’t work but I ‘d finished quest 3 with last story page T T so hard! and many daimonds used to do light legacy

  203. Volpe says:

    I had to have the legacy monsters to complete 3. And sir flowers don’t seem to work as decorations

  204. Cstrnt says:

    Hey Noobb!! I get confused about this weird Quest Completed poster.. When I looked into Quests section I saw this…
    What?? Earth key with an Earthlegacy monster??? 8 out of 12???? What is this??? It seems not to be part of the Elder Quest, but Becky is actually in the icon… I don’t know what is going on…

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It’s not the elder quest, it’s pre-requirement to get this quest. I am gathering data to re-create it but it seems your quest is different from mine, I need to gather earth hybrids to obtain earth stone (IIRC) because I don’t have any legacy monsters.

      • Rummy says:

        I’m at level 68. Haven’t received a new habitat or island forever. It is more fun to receive new ones every once in a while. Any info. On this?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I believe soon after Valentine

        • Icis says:

          I just completed Phineas’ 7th quest. I had earth, fire, air, ice, and shadow adults. My light is still a teen and my wWater was hibernating into an adult when the quest completed. So I’m not sure all need to be adults.

          Ps. I agree that not getting any new mountains, quests, or farms for the past several levels has been a pain. It makes it seem worthless to try ro level up (currently level 53).

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