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Tiny Monsters Guide Becky 23 Elder Quest guide


New Becky and Phineas Quest (23 Quest Total; You need to have latest version of tiny monsters to get the quest)

Make sure you have all your required monsters out from hall of champions and hatch random monster to complete some of quests below. If this still doesn’t fix your quest, then I don’t know what to do, since it seems the quest have different trigger for different device…

Page Picture Monsters
1  Becky Phineas Quest Frozenflame, Sonar, Flash, Blackice, Windstone Strike, and Elder
2  Tiny Monsters Elder history page 2 None
3  Tiny Monsters Elder history page 3 Lighthorn, Darkbolt, Brimstone, and Earth
4  Tiny Monsters Elder history page 4 Windstone, Pollen, Shadow Legacy, and Light Legacy

Green color shown Phineas quest and Amber color show Becky’s quest. You need to person’s quest to get another quest 😀

  1. Becky’s Test: Hatch 2 Monsters on the featured story (2 earth monsters are the easiest way to go, you can see it on page 3 Reward: 2500 XP and 850 Food.
  2. Elder Expansion: Buy fifth mountain (7 millions coins with 36 hours build time). Reward: 10000 coins and 150 food)
  3. Story Monsters: Have all of the 3 of 4 monsters shown on the last part of the story/on story book (it’s PAGE 4). Reward: 500 food and 5000 XP
    Note: for now you just need to have 3 of 4, it’s totally different from the past. I believe they already have fixed this error and you can solve it easily now (without any glitch or anything)
    Note: If you have done all things needed and the quest still doesn’t finish then contact tinyco (use the link on the fix error section). Make sure they’re out from Hall of Champions.
  4. Elder Debris: Clear 2 medium size tree on Elder expansion, you need to be at level 57 to clear this tree (The one that with 299.999 coins cost, need 22 hours clearance time). Rewards : 1200 XP and 5000 Coins
  5. Becky’s Fruit: Harvest 5 golden guavas (see page 1 , top left near the Becky’s book ). Rewards: 1000 XP and 200 Food.
  6. Preparations: Harvest 10 times from farms. Rewards: 250 Foods and 5000 Coins
  7. Many Mythic: Have mythic version of all basic elements monsters (Fire, Earth, Ice, Electric, Water, Plant, Air, Light, and Shadow; except special). Rewards: 4900 XP and 900 Coins
  8. Icy Progress: Hatch Dimspike (You need to HATCH IT  even if you already have one). Reward: 550 XP and 200 Food
  9. Ice Picks: Have 6  4 Adult Mythic Ice Hybrids. Rewards: 1800 XP and 6000 Coins
  10. Version 1: Icy Hybrids: Have 15 level 10 ice hybrids then hatch 1 more (I got this version).
    Version 2: Obtain Ice Legacy.
    Rewards: 1600 exp and 15.000 Coins
  11. Electricity: Hatch Mythic “shadow-or light-electric” hybrid
    Rewards: 2000 exp and 1000 Coins
  12. Elder Rod: Place the elder rod (8600 Coins) on your mountain
    Rewards: 560 EXP
  13. Electric Ability: Have 15 adult electric hybrids then hatch 1 more
    Rewards: 1600 EXP and 7500 Coins
  14. Researching: Hatch a flamegust/zephyr monster
    Rewards: 830 EXP and 1200 Food
  15. Taking Notes: Level flamegust to adult
  16. Elder Farm: Have an elder farm on your mountain (available on decoration)
  17. Elder Fruit: Collect from any farm twice
  18. Water Wealth: Hatch a mythic water hybrids monster
    Rewards: 1000 exp and 5000 Coins
  19. Scrying Pool: Place a Scrying pool on your mountain
  20. Water Element: Have 12 adult water hybrids then hatch 1 more
    Rewards: 3500 XP and 5/25 diamonds
  21. Up In The Air: Breed 2 air monsters to get a mythic air monster (move your mythic air from Hall of champions if you have one so you can complete the quest immediately)
    Rewards: 800 Food and 2000 Coins
  22. Airification: Place 10 air themed decorations on your mountain (10 air flowers)
    Rewards: 1800 EXP and 150 Food
  23. Upper Air: Hatch 2 (newest version is 1) shadow-air or light-air hybrids
    Rewards: 3500 EXP and 5/25 diamonds Coins

This quest will make us busy for a long time :D. Hmm, I wonder when they’re gonna release elder monster?? Thanks to Tracy who have helped me to complete this chart :D.

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567 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Guide Becky 23 Elder Quest guide”

  1. pamela says:

    what is the decoration for Phineas painting?

  2. Cynthia says:

    Well I really screwed up. I got a new iPad and tried to switch my game off my phone to my iPad and lost everything. I contacted support who sent me an address of a different support group who now handles restoring games when this happens. So I sent them all my information, no response so I sent another request and still no response. I will not start over on this game too much money and time put into this to lose it. I was on level 96 and had almost all the monsters . Very disappointed in lack of a response, not even we are working on this, nothing

    • noobbgodlike says:

      That;s why I don’t move my data to my new Ipad too….

      • Cynthia says:

        Biggest problem is they do not seem to care. I have not recieved a response back yet and I have now tried contacting them 7 times. My new game shows 1696 diamonds, which in no way will equal all I have needed to get to level 96. I will give them a little more time to restore me or I will just stop playing. I was down to only needed about 20 monsters. I had my diamond makers and my mythics for most of my monsters so I am not doing that again it took me over two almost three years to get there.
        If I could have seen it in my phone and if it hadn’t used my battery life so quickly I would not have tried moving problem but it outgrows devices and it has to be moved at some point.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Sure, I understand, but I can’t do anything T_T. Let’s hope tinyco will fix the problem ASAP, try their facebook, etc.

        • Cynthia says:

          My game did finally get fixed took about a month but I was told by someone on the f/b page what to o and it did gt me immediate attention. So happy!

    • Debra says:

      If you use “restore” when getting a new iPad everything from the old IPad is Restored to your new iPad. I have moved my game from the Original IPad, to Ipad 2, to IPad 4 and now IPad Air 2 and no problems.

  3. Barb says:

    In “story monster’s” what are the 3 of 4 monsters we need to have? I know its a dumb question but can you please answer this for me.(what are all 4? ) I had to scroll down forever to get to send this on this page????

  4. Jagged88 says:

    I finally finished the 12 water hybrid part of this quest but it didn’t clear. They were all out of the hall of champions and all adults before I hatched the 13th monster but they weren’t lvl ten. Did they need to be lvl ten to clear or am I. Just glitching? I play on 1st gen kindle fire.

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