Posted on Feb 27, 2013

Tiny Monsters Guide Elder Stones Quest

Elder Stones quest

These quests are requirement for 23 Becky and Phineas Quests. You only need 1 light hybrids to get the light stone to trigger this quest.

[0] Make sure all required monsters are out from hall of champions
[0] if you have completed the objectives of the quest but not cleared, try to restart your device, re-install the game (follow fix error sections on main page)

This quest based on 27 February 2013, maybe there will be  a minor changes on the future quest.

Side quest

Tiny Monsters Elemental stone quest

  1. Have 2 level 10 Light hybrids. Rewards: 12.000 XP and 900 Food
  2. Tiny Monsters Eldometer
    The eldometer
    : Buy Eldometer from the Shop. Rewards: 1.200 XP and 900 Food
  3. Fire Salute: Place fire element decorations (Buy 3 fire herald). Rewards: 1.000 xp and 10.000 Coins
  4. The Next Step: Have 10 fire hybrids fire monsters. Rewards: 1189 XP and 5000 Food
  5. Greater Fire: Hatch fire-shadow/light hybrids or fire legacy (ex: embershade and sun). Rewards: 3500 XP and 500 Food
  6. Earthen Energy: Hatch earth-shadow/light hybrids or earth legacy. Rewards: 20000 Coins and 950 XP
  7. Earthen Secrets: Earn Earth Key. Have 12 Adult Earth Hybrids. Rewards: 1.050 XP and 600 food
  8. Earthen ability: Level up 5 earth hybrids to level 10. Rewards: 3.300 XP and 1300 Food
  9. Elder Sensor: Buy Elder sensor. Rewards: 2.500 XP and 15.000 Coins
  10. Growth Time: Put 3 flower decorations. Rewards: 950 XP and 250 Food
  11. Plant the seed: harvest 1/5 royal radishes (36 hours to complete). Rewards: 800 XP and 300 Food
  12. Grand Plant: Have 14 Plant Hybrids (adult). Rewards: 1100xp and 12000 coins

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide Main page

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146 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Guide Elder Stones Quest”

  1. farhan says:

    How can I unlock this quest??

  2. Mellholla says:

    HEy, quick question. I am on part nine of this quest. I placed an elder sensor before it required me to and now it will not recognize it as a completed task. Any suggestions? I can’t purchase another one.

  3. TM again says:

    Hey Noob guess what??? I finally did it. I completed 5. And of course the rest was pretty much done. I’m so happy.

    Thanks again for putting up with my whining. 🙂

  4. TM again says:

    Hi Noob. Hope your doing well today. I’m still having problems with part 5. I’ve used embershade + sun and embershade + flash. Neither time did it clear the quest. Can u help me with some suggestion?

    Thank You

  5. Otaliema says:

    Noob I can confirm that as of the last update to start this quest you only need one level 10 light hybrid to test the thoery and that gets you the light key. the rest of the quest is as posted. upto the royal radishes. Ugg 36 hours.

  6. danny says:

    Just wondering. I have all my farms upgraded to premium farms. Now I can’t harvest royal radishes. In which not completing planting the seed quest. Any suggestions?

  7. sam says:

    I’m on part 6 and I had before getting this quest a sunstone and a goldstone and 2 brimstone and still didn’t auto complete does this meen I have to hatch a new one?

  8. JTLem says:

    At step 2 and can’t buy Eldometer. It is listed as Max Reached in my Decorations. I looked in storage, and do not have one there. Elder Sensor and Elder Elemental Farm are also greyed out in the same manner as Eldometer. I do have the farm, but not the sensor.

    Anyone have an idea how to get buy this?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Try to examine your storage (choose move decorations and store option will appear on the right part of the screen). if you still can’t find it then follow fix error section on the main page.

      • JTLem says:

        Thanks for the recommendations. I have scoured my storage area (and my islands) and do not see the Eldometer anywhere. I also tried the re-install option with no luck.

        Minor irritant at the moment. More frustrating is Autumn Monster…

        • danik says:

          I had same issue and finally found it on my farm its a gold thingy however still wnt complete the quest. Ive tried storing then unstoring logging off the game and rebooting my fone still stating I don’t have it. Will follow up on fix error page but its just frustrating. ..

        • Anniespeople says:

          You have to sell the one you gave and then repurchase it. This worked for me.

    • Looray says:

      That means you’ve already bought one – you just need to find it, sell it and buy it again, which is difficult when it’s greyed out by the Max Reached lock, but like Danika says, it’s a gold loopy thing – g’luck 🙂

  9. Megan says:

    Had a few questions about these.
    -are they listed in order? I feel like I’ve done the bottom things like harvest radishes and place flowers, but i haven’t done the adult hybrids parts.
    -do mythics count if you have both versions for having 12 adult hybrids? I’ve got regular and mythic for several of the monsters, but if it doesn’t matter, I’d rather save my food for new monsters.
    -these don’t have a time limit, right?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      1. yeah, but you can can more “advanced numbers” quest
      2. yes
      3. yes

      • 3derydr says:

        Ok, thanks. Oh, apparently if you’re like me and just think the eldometer looks cool so you put it on your mountain before it tells you to, you have to sell it and buy another to get that quest cleared.

        • 3derydr says:

          Elder sensor, sorry. But I did it with both. I’m guessing I’ll have to sell my elder rod later too…

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