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Tiny Monsters Guide Habitat Database

Habitat Database

This table is sorted based on EXP that you get after finishing the building (you won’t get the experience only by buying the habitat). Please help me fill “??” on this table (level available).

BT(H)= Build time in hour

Habitat LVL Price Cap Max Coins BT(H) EXP
Large AirTiny Monsters large air habitat 28 2.500.000 3 2600 44 171.519
Small LightTiny Monsters small Light habitat 32 790.000 2 700 31 133.946
Giving habitat (Available on Christmas)Tiny Monsters Giving Habitat 7 790.000 4 2000 31 133.946
Large waterTiny Monsters large water habitat 25 1.700.000 4 2000 44 115.080
Small ShadowTiny Monsters small Shadow habitat 26 730.000 2 4700 47 102.294
Large ShadowTiny Monsters Large Shadow Habitat 40 1.277.500 4 5800 20 72.000
SpecialTiny Monsters Special habitat 12 580.000 2 4000 47 64.884
Large LightTiny Castle Large Light Habitat 45 1.185.000 3 1400 14 50.400
Small AirTiny Monsters Small air habitat 18 200.000 2 1700 31 41.077
Large ElectricTiny Monster Large Electric Habitat 19 170.000 4 1400 28 41.077
Large IceTiny Monsters large Ice habitat 9 270.000 3 3400 18 31.978
Large EarthTiny Monsters Large Earth habitat 15 200.000 4 7500 16 23.816
Small waterTiny Monsters Small water habitat 14 100.000 2 1500 29 22.712
Large PlantTiny Monsters large Plant habitat 13 130.000 3 2000 14 16.863
Small ElectricTiny Monsters Small Electric habitat 9 50.000 2 900 13 13.840
Large FireTiny Monsters large fire habitat 9 40.000 4 900 10 6.585
Small IceTiny Monsters Small Ice habitat 7 2.300 2 1200 1 1.538
Small EarthTiny Monsters Small Earth habitat 3 500 2 1000 0.08 150
Small PlantTiny Monsters Small Plant habitat 5 1.200 2 500 0.5 118
Small FireTiny Monsters Small Fire habitat 1 100 2 100 0.05 75

Legacy Habitat

The element doesn’t matter as long as they are special monsters (Example, fire legacy, elder fire can stay at earth legacy habitat)

Habitat LVL Price Cap Max Coins BT(H) EXP
Earth LegacyTiny Monsters Earth Legacy Habitat 15 1596875 3 3500 14 50400
Plant LegacyTiny Monsters Plant Legacy Habitat 15 1596875 3 2800 14 50400
Ice LegacyTiny Monsters Ice Legacy Habitat 15 1916250 3 5000 14 50400
Fire LegacyTiny Monsters Fire Legacy Habitat 15 1916250 3 4500 14 50400
Electric LegacyTiny Monsters Electric legacy habitat 15 2395312 3 8000 14 50400

Uber Habitat Guide

Dusk Habitat

Tiny Monsters Dusk habitat

You need to finish THIS QUEST first to unlock it on habitat shop (follow fix error section if you don’t find it after finished the quest). Any monsters those have electric symbol can live on this habitat (except elder and legacies).

Buy price: 3.000.000 Coins (3 monsters and 2500 Coins)
Build time: 45 hours
Upgrade time: 35 hours

Upgrade Upgrade cost Capacity Max Coins
1st 4.000.000 Coins 4 2500
Final 45 diamonds 5 8000

Elder and Special Habitat

For Elder Habitat

You can only have one elder habitat (if you have seen others with more than one, then they have bought it on glitched period on the past). You can get this habitat only by finishing quest number 8 from  this quest. Elder Habitat is only for Real Elder Monster (not elder elemental like elder fire, etc).

For Special Elder Habitat

Your level must be 50 or above to see this habitat appear on habitat shop (if you can see the habitat when you’re below 50 then it’s a glitch, but not a bad one). If you can’t see it when you’re above 50 then follow fix error section on the main page.

Small Version (can hold 4 diamonds)

Elder Special Elder
Tiny Monsters Small Elder Habitat  Tiny Monsters Special Elder Habitat Small

Build time: 47 hours
Price: 5.000.0000 (Elder)/ 7.000.000 (Special Elder)
Capacity: 1 (elder) / 2 (special elder)

Upgraded Version (can hold 6 diamonds)

Cost: 7 millions
Upgrade time: 47 hours
Capacity: 2 (Elder) / 4 (Special Elder)

Sacred Space

(See side quest archive on the main page) To get this (and upgrade) you need to:
[0] Complete Elder prophecies 2 quest 9; you need to finish all elder prophecies part 1 to get this quest. (this allows you to buy)
[0] Complete Elder prophecies 2 quest 13 (this tells you to upgrade Sacred Space; 2nd stage)
[0] Complete Elder prophecies 3 quest 13 (this tells you to final upgrade Sacred Space; final stage)

Tiny Monsters Sacred Space Growth

1st stage: 0 monster and 1000 Coins (upgrade cost: 100.000 Coins)
2nd Stage: 2 monsters and 2000 Coins (upgrade cost: 200.000 Coins)
Fully Upgrade: 5 Monsters and 8000 Coins

Surprise Habitat

(Available on Christmas 2013)
Thx to Vivien who has sent me complete pictures :D.

Fully upgraded habitat can hold up to 5 monsters and 4000 Coins

You can only have 1 of these habitats (free; 0 coins). However, if you want to have more, then you can buy for 60/300 diamonds (each).

1st upgrade: 400,000 Coins (31 hours)
Final upgrade: 4,000,000 Coins (33 hours)

Earth Fire Plant
 Tiny Monsters Earth Surprise Habitat Full  Tiny Monsters Fire Surprise Habitat Full  Tiny Monsters Plant Surprise Habitat Full

Secret Garden Habitat

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

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  1. randomandroidplayer says:

    My TM game is goving me the option to upgrade my already Large Plant habitat for 1,300,000 coins and my Large Ice habitat for 2,700,000 coins. I was wondering what would be the change in stats for upgrading these habitats?

  2. cherri1972 says:

    Hi Noob got a question about the special elder habitat. It says it has a max of 6 diamonds. Is that 6 a week or day?

    Thank you

  3. Devlyns says:

    I’m probably just over looking the info but what do you get when you upgrade your large Ice habitat for 2.700.000 ? I don’t see any pictures or anything about it, here. Sorry for asking all these noobie questions. I was under the impression that the large ice habait thar is shown in the market for 270.000 was the biggest one that you could get. I started the game December 3, 14, if that makes any difference.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You can see the chart above for specs of the large version.

      • Devlyns says:

        I said that wrong, I have a Large Ice Habitat, and it’s exactly what the specs say above. But I have the option to upgrade the Large Ice for 2.700.000, which doesn’t match the any info listed above. I was wondering what the Large Ice habitat turns into it you pay the 2.7 million. And if it’s just a limited amount of time that you can do that. Since its winter and that it’s an option only now? Your guide is so detailed, I am at a bit of a loss since I have the Large Ice and it’s exactly what the specs show above but TM, is asking me to pay for me to upgrade the Large Ice Habitat. That’s my actual question what am I going to get if I pay the 2.7 million? As there isn’t a picture or anything in the habitat store, so it’s not something that I can buy outright, only by upgrading, from what I see in my store, will more like what I don’t see in the store, am I’m assuming it’s upgrade only. And I have really tried to read everything and not over look the answer to my question, and I probably am. But I can’t see anything that costs 2.7 million and is an Ice Habitat. The Ice legacy habitat that is listed above is the same price as the one shown in the store, so I don’t think that upgrading the Large Ice will turn into that, especially with the price difference. Could you make a big sign to where I’m skipping over the answer?

  4. Sarah says:

    Does anyone know anything about the Umbrage den? I bought one when it was available and was wondering if it was worth it to upgrade (upgrade costs 7,500,000) but I don’t see any data on here for it at all.

  5. nozomi says:

    Noob do the haunted habitats look the same as last year ones? btw the picture for plant surprise is actually shadow…..

  6. Julie C says:

    Are there two Halloween habitats? The one I have is called haunted house, and the the current quest calls for haunted space. It just calls for “having” one, and isn’t giving me credit for the one I do have.

  7. Ericftw says:

    Hey noob what about the Halloween habitat will it become available this year.

  8. Nayla says:

    Can we get only one elder habitat? I need another one but my habitats menu is not showing any elder or special elder habitats. Can I use one of the legacies one instead?

  9. basaro says:

    There is finally a new upgrade to the Starchart habitat. It says it is an Uber upgrade. Currently was 3 spaces, not sure if it’ll increase to 4 or 5. Cost was 5,500,000 coins. Build time is 33 Hours, and 28 diamonds to finish.

  10. TM again says:

    Hi Noob. I’m feeling so lucky. I got my 2nd elder n a special elder. 🙂 I already have both habitats. However while going threw my habitats I found another elder habitat. Its currently building. Do u know if I will get diamonds with the one that was a glitch?

  11. Kimberly says:

    Hey noob. I saw a habitat I’ve never seen before. It looks like a dusk habitat but had Pine trees in the back of it. Is this a glitch, or a special quest? The gamer has an elder fire monster on it.

  12. Pixie (tiny ID: Lyxnaria) says:

    Can regular Elder Monsters be placed on a Special Elder Habitat? Or just on the regular Elder Habitat? Thanks!

  13. ARMIofONE says:

    Hey noob, What are these special gardens that cost 60 diamonds for?

  14. sam says:

    Can we sell giving habitat?

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