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Tiny Monsters Guide Habitat Database

Habitat Database

This table is sorted based on EXP that you get after finishing the building (you won’t get the experience only by buying the habitat). Please help me fill “??” on this table (level available).

BT(H)= Build time in hour

Habitat LVL Price Cap Max Coins BT(H) EXP
Large AirTiny Monsters large air habitat 28 2.500.000 3 2600 44 171.519
Small LightTiny Monsters small Light habitat 32 790.000 2 700 31 133.946
Giving habitat (Available on Christmas)Tiny Monsters Giving Habitat 7 790.000 4 2000 31 133.946
Large waterTiny Monsters large water habitat 25 1.700.000 4 2000 44 115.080
Small ShadowTiny Monsters small Shadow habitat 26 730.000 2 4700 47 102.294
Large ShadowTiny Monsters Large Shadow Habitat 40 1.277.500 4 5800 20 72.000
SpecialTiny Monsters Special habitat 12 580.000 2 4000 47 64.884
Large LightTiny Castle Large Light Habitat 45 1.185.000 3 1400 14 50.400
Small AirTiny Monsters Small air habitat 18 200.000 2 1700 31 41.077
Large ElectricTiny Monster Large Electric Habitat 19 170.000 4 1400 28 41.077
Large IceTiny Monsters large Ice habitat 9 270.000 3 3400 18 31.978
Large EarthTiny Monsters Large Earth habitat 15 200.000 4 7500 16 23.816
Small waterTiny Monsters Small water habitat 14 100.000 2 1500 29 22.712
Large PlantTiny Monsters large Plant habitat 13 130.000 3 2000 14 16.863
Small ElectricTiny Monsters Small Electric habitat 9 50.000 2 900 13 13.840
Large FireTiny Monsters large fire habitat 9 40.000 4 900 10 6.585
Small IceTiny Monsters Small Ice habitat 7 2.300 2 1200 1 1.538
Small EarthTiny Monsters Small Earth habitat 3 500 2 1000 0.08 150
Small PlantTiny Monsters Small Plant habitat 5 1.200 2 500 0.5 118
Small FireTiny Monsters Small Fire habitat 1 100 2 100 0.05 75

Legacy Habitat

The element doesn’t matter as long as they are special monsters (Example, fire legacy, elder fire can stay at earth legacy habitat)

Habitat LVL Price Cap Max Coins BT(H) EXP
Earth LegacyTiny Monsters Earth Legacy Habitat 15 1596875 3 3500 14 50400
Plant LegacyTiny Monsters Plant Legacy Habitat 15 1596875 3 2800 14 50400
Ice LegacyTiny Monsters Ice Legacy Habitat 15 1916250 3 5000 14 50400
Fire LegacyTiny Monsters Fire Legacy Habitat 15 1916250 3 4500 14 50400
Electric LegacyTiny Monsters Electric legacy habitat 15 2395312 3 8000 14 50400

Uber Habitat Guide

Dusk Habitat

Tiny Monsters Dusk habitat

You need to finish THIS QUEST first to unlock it on habitat shop (follow fix error section if you don’t find it after finished the quest). Any monsters those have electric symbol can live on this habitat (except elder and legacies).

Buy price: 3.000.000 Coins (3 monsters and 2500 Coins)
Build time: 45 hours
Upgrade time: 35 hours

Upgrade Upgrade cost Capacity Max Coins
1st 4.000.000 Coins 4 2500
Final 45 diamonds 5 8000

Elder and Special Habitat

For Elder Habitat

You can only have one elder habitat (if you have seen others with more than one, then they have bought it on glitched period on the past). You can get this habitat only by finishing quest number 8 from  this quest. Elder Habitat is only for Real Elder Monster (not elder elemental like elder fire, etc).

For Special Elder Habitat

Your level must be 50 or above to see this habitat appear on habitat shop (if you can see the habitat when you’re below 50 then it’s a glitch, but not a bad one). If you can’t see it when you’re above 50 then follow fix error section on the main page.

Small Version (can hold 4 diamonds)

Elder Special Elder
Tiny Monsters Small Elder Habitat  Tiny Monsters Special Elder Habitat Small

Build time: 47 hours
Price: 5.000.0000 (Elder)/ 7.000.000 (Special Elder)
Capacity: 1 (elder) / 2 (special elder)

Upgraded Version (can hold 6 diamonds)

Cost: 7 millions
Upgrade time: 47 hours
Capacity: 2 (Elder) / 4 (Special Elder)

Sacred Space

(See side quest archive on the main page) To get this (and upgrade) you need to:
[0] Complete Elder prophecies 2 quest 9; you need to finish all elder prophecies part 1 to get this quest. (this allows you to buy)
[0] Complete Elder prophecies 2 quest 13 (this tells you to upgrade Sacred Space; 2nd stage)
[0] Complete Elder prophecies 3 quest 13 (this tells you to final upgrade Sacred Space; final stage)

Tiny Monsters Sacred Space Growth

1st stage: 0 monster and 1000 Coins (upgrade cost: 100.000 Coins)
2nd Stage: 2 monsters and 2000 Coins (upgrade cost: 200.000 Coins)
Fully Upgrade: 5 Monsters and 8000 Coins

Surprise Habitat

(Available on Christmas 2013)
Thx to Vivien who has sent me complete pictures :D.

Fully upgraded habitat can hold up to 5 monsters and 4000 Coins

You can only have 1 of these habitats (free; 0 coins). However, if you want to have more, then you can buy for 60/300 diamonds (each).

1st upgrade: 400,000 Coins (31 hours)
Final upgrade: 4,000,000 Coins (33 hours)

Earth Fire Plant
 Tiny Monsters Earth Surprise Habitat Full  Tiny Monsters Fire Surprise Habitat Full  Tiny Monsters Plant Surprise Habitat Full

Secret Garden Habitat

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

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304 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Guide Habitat Database”

  1. TM again says:

    hi noon. I’m at the quest that says upgrade sacred space. Idk where to buy it. I don’t see it in habitats. Where do I find it.

    Also I got fire n ice elder. Does one go in the special elder habitat or are they only good in special and legendary habitats?


  2. Raktavan says:

    Hi Noob!

    I have a question about the maximum of habitats possible. Currently I can have up to 40 habitats. I have not yet completed that big 23 quest tree, so I haven’t unlocked the Elder habitat yet. Do you get an increase in max habitat once the Elder one is available or should I be prepared to sell one of my existing habitats to make room for it?

  3. Michelle says:

    I just built the special elder habitat but I can’t move any of my elders or legendarys in there.. Is it only for any new ones I get or is there something wrong with it?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      legendary can’t live on special elder (same with elder elemental), read their own page to know which habitat they can live. It’s perfectly normal.

  4. James Barrett tiny id 369pickm says:

    Finding glitches in market special elder habitat is available again this is the 4th one now that I’ve gotten. The only drawback is you have to sell a habitat to buy it if habitat is locked look for 0/1 before selling habitat.

    • dazeq8 says:

      I have similar experience
      Somehow i managed to be able to build 5 special habitats so far
      Dunno whats the trick

      But now they are removed, hope they come back again ^_^

      • dazeq8 says:

        Its back!!
        Only thing.. Its already 1/1
        Trying to figure out what triggers 0/1
        Tried selling fire habitate, but nothing changes…

  5. Brandy says:

    Hi Noobbgodlike. I have a question for you can you still upgrade certian habitats. I am thinking about selling one of my fires and buying an ice habitat. Thank you for your help….Tiny Co should be recommending newbies to your site. I have a friend you has spent hundreds of dollars playing both monsters and castles ( I am dead serious) lately she has had no response from Tiny Co. Like me and others we chat with thru disq (I think I spelled it right) she was unable to get the secret garden habitat because it never ever showed up after we picked our heralds… least you respond immediately even if you can’t help with the problem (s). Please never stop!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Haha, thanks for the compliment. Simply tell your friend about the site then :). About habitat, of course you can upgrade them later, or you mean to ask another question and I have misunderstood??.

  6. Ashy! says:

    Hi Noob,

    When do you think they’ll have the upgrade for the Secret Garden Habitat? I’ve been holding off picking one because I wanted to see what they’d turn into. I’m leaning toward Plant, but the plant one in the Surprise Habitat was the least nice in my opinion, 😛

  7. TinyWho says:

    Can you only have one elder habitat and one special elder habitat? I’ve almost maxed ou top my special habitat I have two specials in the habitat, on in th nursery, and another breeding. It would be a waste to have to sell any other ones that I breed.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yeah, you’re right. Other who have it more than one, have bought it during glitch period.

      • TinyWho says:

        I got a second special elder habitat. I checked the habitats page and saw 0/1 for special. Then I sold a habitat to free up space and went back in and bought a special habitat it is currently building now!

      • CourtJackster says:

        Nearly finished Special Elder Habitat number five (5). Should my daughters and I make any attempt to fix this glitch or continue to ride it for those early days (years of game play) when that damn Nurse kept eating every freakin’ diamond we earned or bought?! (You may recall that the Nurse Ratched’s Finish button was ginormous and did not require verification and was right under the food selection?)

  8. Vicky (Bella) says:

    Noob I am not very smart when it comes to finding things. I have the choice of either special elder or normal elder habitat I was wondering besides diamond count is there anything else different about it. Other than color. I game no room for both. I hate to bother you but you seem to know the most lol

  9. Vicky (Bella) says:

    Hi hey which habitat do I want to get first the speical elder habitat or the elder habitat can you help me

  10. Gail says:

    I have an elder habitat and a special elder habitat both are super sized. I notice that the regular elder minsters can go on either habitat. Should I put them onone or the other or one on each habitat. How to place to get the most diamonds? Thanks.

  11. nozomi says:

    …..this morning i got to prophecies part2/9 and bought 5 sacred space cuz i mixed it up with elder habitat and thought i was really lucky and now i can’t sell the excess one’s OTL…..
    my question is will i be able to sell them after i upgrade it/finish certain quest or i just can’t sell it forever?

  12. atownboyz says:

    What level do I need to be at to get the special elder habitat, I have the egg just can’t do ne thing with it, I’m at level 36

  13. Unitefire says:

    I need to sell my elder habitat but will not let me. I have 2 and want to get rid of one in order to put the new habitat.

  14. AshleyJean says:

    Dear noob is there any way you can add the dusk habitat? Are we only allowed to have one? I’ve seen a few farms with 4 and 5 dusk habitats but I can only get 1! Thanks

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You can buy as many dusk habitat as you want, the problem you encountered probably because you have reached the maximum quota of the habitat. You need to sell the habitat in order to make more room.

  15. LindaC says:

    Noob, please help me understand this. On the ELDER Prophecies quest it says [0] Complete Elder prophecies 2 quest 9 (this allows you to buy). I have completed this quest up to 3(11/13). And still can’t buy the Sacred Space.
    Could it be because I have not finished Profhecies Part 1? It just says prophecies not ELDER Prophecies so it shouldn’t matter but that is the only thing I can think of. And I really have finished that one because I have both monsters they are asking for but had them before the quest started so I guess they don’t count.
    Thanks for this site Noob!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You really need to finish quest no 9, the quest will skip some part to a higher number if you haven’t finished part 1. Quest number 9 will tell you to buy sacred space and it will appear on the market. If you have gotten the quest and the habitat doesn’t appear then you need to follow fix error section on the main page.

  16. sw says:

    is it worth it to get legacy habitat? or should I just get move the legacy monsters to a normal habitat?

  17. Kyle says:

    I have a quest of building a legacy habitat, I have reached the maximum number of habitats. Can only special monsters go in the legacy habitats?

  18. primagemo says:

    hi nob, i wanna ask you about dark habitat, is it possible to this habitat to have upgrade? Because what i have now only small size dark habitat and it only can cover 3 monsters, which is normal large electric habitat way better with 4 monster..

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you mean dusk right, yeah it’s possible 4 millions (4 monsters capacity) for upgrade and then 45 diamonds for final upgrade.

      • Michelle says:

        You get 5 monsters on final upgrade for the dusk Habitat

      • primagemo says:

        ok thx, i already upgrade it, n still in proccess..

      • Michelle says:

        Hey Noob,
        I didn’t see The Dusk Habitat did you get my pictures of that? I sent you several emails for the Dusk Habiat but I didn’t know there was a premium Dusk Habitat that you could upgrade for 45 diamonds. So I sent you all the pictures in one email including all the info on all of the forms, cost and XP. I did include the final picture of the premium dusk habitat.
        Thanks for checking on me. It truly does mean a lot.
        Your friend

  19. Perry says:

    Hey there, Noob! I am not sure where I should be looking if I want to know how many farms and habitats you can have at certain levels.

  20. FeismomHi 223 says:

    I have a question, the friendship and unity monsters, can they be moved to other habitats, it’s very confusing, when you click them like the other monsters it says social/ (element ex. Plant, ice, etc) which makes me think it can be moved but I can’t find any info on where they can be moved to. I’m level 66 so maybe not high enough?? Any info will be appreciated. Thanks

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