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Tiny Monsters Guide How to Obtain Joy Monsters

1st appearance: 21 March 2013 – 30 April 2013 (EASTER)
2nd appearance: 10 April 2014 – ????

(Thanks to Nathan for the pictures and info)

Tiny Monsters Joy Growth normal and mythic fix


Important Fact

[0] Breed 2 Glee Monsters will result on purple eggs (14 hours)
[0] Breed 2 Jubilee Monsters will result on blue eggs (11 hours)
[0] Breed Jubilee + Glee will result on blue eggs (11 hours)
[0] Yellow egg can only obtained via normal breeding or breed 2 yellow joy

Mythic Version

The color of the egg is same with the normal version.

Joy Status









Earn Rate (Min)

7 16 22/23 26/27 28/29 31/32 33/34


Food (x4) 150 350 500 750 1100  1250 1550
Total Food needed 0 600 2000 4000 7000  11400 16400


Food (x4) 20 55 90 150 250  350 500
Total Food needed 0 80 300 660 1260  2260  3660


Food (x4) 50 75 100 250 500 950 1250
Total Food needed 0 200 500 900 1900 3900 7700

Habitat: Plant

How to obtain:
[0] Purple Joy 275/1375 diamonds
[0] Blue Joy 325/1625 diamonds
[0] Yellow Joy 225/1125 diamonds

Selling Price: 4875 Coins

Exp: 2400

Breeding/Hatching Time
[0] Purple Joy  (14 hours)
[0] Blue Joy (11 hours)
[0] Yellow Joy (13 hours)

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 7 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl.7): 7 hours. Visit this link to see its evolution.

General Breeding formula:
[0] Plant + Plant Hybrids
[0] Plant hybrids + Plant hybrids
[0] Social Breeding also works
[0] Breed Blushbug, Love, Gratitude, Holly and Luck with each other

From my experience it’s easier to get limited monsters by using limited monsters too (example: Clover + Blushbug, etc; Elder plant also works). I believe the color is random, but still I will put color result next to breeding formula if he/she tells me the color of his egg :D.

Recommended Formula:
[0] Luck + Blushbug
[0] Flower + Mountain (beware of air monster :D)
[0] Love + Holly
[0] Love + Luck (Yellow, Purple)
[0] Mountain + Luck (Yellow)
[0] Bayou + Love (Yellow)
[0] Embershade + Voltleaf (Yellow)
[0] Love + Blushbug (Yellow)
[0] Flower + Bayou
[0] Holly + Luck (Yellow) 1st try
[0] Bug + Frost (Yellow)
[0] Gloom + Wildfreeze
[0] Voltleaf + Love (Purple)
[0] Flower + Silk (YellowPurple)
[0] Bug + Tundra (Purple)
[0] Mountain + Tree (Purple, Yellow, Blue)
[0] Eeriewood + Sunspike (Purple, Blue)
[0] Pond + Bolt (all colors)
[0] Bug + Graveleaf (all colors) 1st try I got purple
[0] Holly + Flower (yellow and purple)
[0] Tree + Bayou (Blue)
[0] Bayou + Dimspike (Yellow and Blue)
[0] Luck + Sunspike (Blue)
[0] Gratitude + Love (Blue)
[0] Pond + Sunspike (Blue)
[0] Holly + Sunspike (Blue)
[0] Bug + Love (Blue)
[0] Lushleaf + Brimstone (Yellow)
[0] Please leave your formula

Adult Form Informations

Enigma Page

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

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1,186 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Guide How to Obtain Joy Monsters”

  1. Frank Maess says:

    Didn’t realize Joy was available for 2015, was trying for Elder Plant, and using Glee + Hippy, I ended up getting a Purple Joy. Tried the same combo again, same egg, even when switching sides. Hopefully anybody who needs one could get them this way. Forgot to mention, both monsters were level 8.

  2. Elyksir says:

    Hi noob. My game by evolving blue eggs gave me from now only giant blue egg and hoppy.
    Can i still get jubilee and glee by breeding two joy blue eggs.? Which level do they have to be.?
    ( i also have 1 giant yellow lvl 10 and 1 little lvl 1)

    Thank you to help me again.

  3. FeismomHi 223 says:

    What are theossible outcomes of breeding two blue adult ? Both level 10?

  4. crazibreeder says:

    New formula sucess rate is just great..every color joy back to back joy eggs….#seriously… blue purple n yellow earthquake and surge been trying for another dusk just completed collection just missing hoppy… great formula must try…

  5. Cinci says:

    After ONE month of trying-trying-trying, at least 20 yellow eggs (and two mythics, both with social breeding) and 4 purple ones (no mythic)… well, I finally got my BLUE one with a Glee and a Giant Blue Egg.
    Well, it’s 11 hours, so I think is this… hope I can breed the giant blue one and the normal one to obtain more “limited” joy, does someone know if they’re still breedable even after the end of the limited period?

  6. Lawren says:

    I just got a purple joy egg with teen luck and adult bug on first try. I only need the blue egg to complete my joy collection.

  7. CP says:

    I got my yellow joy and purple joy from breeding union monsters water friendship + earth

  8. Dm818 says:

    Flower + bug is a GREAT formula. So far got all three types from breeding the same two monsters. Here’s hoping I’ll get that adult purple egg soon!

  9. monica says:

    I just got a blue egg by breeding a purple egg (level 5) and a yellow egg (level 10)!!!!

  10. rachel says:

    Adult mountain and teen Snowbluff has given me tons of yellow and purple joy eggs, only one blue though

  11. Meg tiny id- omnom485! says:

    Adult Wild freeze and adult boreal every time for me! Tree and mountain 2 ( this is 4 yellow)

  12. Loree says:

    Hi Noob -In Monsterpedia, I have the Yellow Egg, the Blue Egg, the Purple Egg, and the Enigma (Yellow Egg), but I do not have the “Joy” that comes before the Blue Egg and after Jubilee – Even though my Yellow Egg’s Adult Form is the Joy Yellow Egg. Is there another result that I am missing or was this from last year?

  13. Hayley says:

    Flower and bug got yellow and I think purple too just waiting for it to come out of the breeding den

  14. lisa m says:

    Does anyone have the dark blue colored one or is it just the light blue and was there a dark blue or is it just them confusing me.

  15. Roxie says:

    Glee and Hoppy gets a purple egg. Jubilee and Hoppy gets a yellow egg. Dont know about Hoppy and Hoppy asI only have 1 Hoppy.

  16. lynnmit says:

    I’ve used bug and tundra several times trying to get a purple egg, but instead i’ve gotten multiple blue &yellow eggs along with light, shadow, and once a legendary!! I assumed the 13 hour time I got again was another yellow, but it was primavera! I put them together again and just got 37hour breeding time!!

  17. Laura D. says:

    If I have two Glee monsters will I be able to hatch a purple egg when the available period for the Joy monster is over? Still haven’t managed to hatch one.

  18. Raila Maar says:

    I am so frustrated. … i have gotten at least 4 yellow 4 wonder 8 shadow 6 air unknown other 1 legendary one elder fire and still no blue or purple and I have tried every combo listed and more… i have no idea what else to do. This is making me insane

    • Raila Maar says:

      Fiiiiiiiiiiiiially with another try using volt leaf and love I got 11 hours. Wooooooot

  19. Typhon000 says:

    Bug+Tundra gave me blue. I think forms are random.

  20. Dee says:

    Was breeding a frost and tundra for an elder ice. Got yellow joy instead.

  21. g21hitman says:

    Just got a blue joy egg with Mythic bug lvl 10
    and Graveleaf lvl 10. It took several trys.

  22. amanda says:

    I have been trying to breed the dawn monster using frostember and wildfreeze and have received all three joy eggs. The yellow (two or three times) and one blue and one purple. No dawn yet, though.

  23. NVitality says:

    Got purple joy with Love (10) & Gratitude (10). Two successful times but they were a week apart so keep trying if you still need them! :)

  24. TinyNice says:

    So… What happens if you breed two hoppy monsters?
    I didn’t see any info for that. Just curious.

  25. g21hitman says:

    FINALLY. .purple joy egg after like 25 trys with Mythic bug lvl 10
    and Mythic tundra lvl 10.

  26. Typhon000 says:

    Yellow Joy w/ Luck+Love

  27. Leslie says:

    If you use 2 blue eggs and breed them with the mythic meter full can you acquire a mythic blue egg? It worked just fine with the white eggs but I haven’t been able to get a mythic blue for the mythic versions of glee and jubilee. :)

    • g21hitman says:

      Yeah I’m pretty sure if the blue eggs are teens you will
      eventually get a Mythic.

      • Stschw says:

        i’m not so sure. I just gave up after a full week with full orb. I never had such a hard time in the past (15 tries with no success)

  28. FucDup says:

    I know it’s kinda late in the game but I got all three variations by using the social breeding den combo doesn’t matter

  29. SxCghost says:

    I got yellow joy by breeding Frozenflame and frostember.

  30. nightcookie (tiny Id knightcookie) says:

    does anyone know if the purple egg will turn into hoppy yet?

  31. g21hitman says:

    Blue joy egg with Tree & Mountain both lvl 10 and both mythic.
    1st try blue, 2nd try yellow,3rd try yellow.
    My dad got purple today with same combo of tree and mountain.
    Good luck guys

  32. Joamercedes says:

    So frustrated! I just can’t seem to get that elusive purple egg!!! I wanna cry!!!

  33. Brandy says:

    I am very confused…….I have hatched many yellow eggs and all of them are adult joy eggs! I saw Julie’s question to you about this and I read about the eggs, I however am confused as I either am missing the point or I am not reading the correct info. So could you just please say if the yellow egg transform into something else or not! Also I find the orange chick bloody hard to get……….but I will not give up…..I have even the mythics colored chicks except the orange!

  34. Flora says:

    I got Yellow Joy using Yellow Joy and Hoppy!?? I thought that Yellow and Blue were always resulting in BLUEJoy!?

    • arizona2017 says:

      Yeah but hoppy is different than adult blue joy… for instance – i got my adult blue joy from purple egg…

  35. Hecate1983 says:

    Got one Yellow Joy from breeding Electric Friendship Monster and Fire Unity Monster in Social Breeding Den. Got another Yellow Joy from Electric Friendship and Plant Unity.

  36. TinyNice says:

    I got a purple joy with love (10) + volt leaf (10)
    Then I breed them again and got a yellow (which I didn’t need since I already have two.
    Still trying for blue.

  37. arizona2017 says:

    My yellow joy lvl 8 often disappears…
    Do any of you have had the same problem and know a solution?

  38. Danesco says:

    Just got Purple Joy with Water Friendship and Earth Unity… 14 hrs

  39. iwigal160 says:

    Just got a blue joy egg from bug+ flower

  40. Shannon Anderson says:

    Just got yellow joy with bug and tundra trying for purple:/

  41. jeff says:

    I got 12 hours with a flash and sonar, so my guess is it is a joy, as nothing else could come from that combo, so any hybrids must work. Same experience as others where limited plants only gave me wonder and no joy 😉

  42. toast418 says:

    okay. i’m an idiot, but i learned something. and it might be useful to add to the page.

    even though it is a pure plat monster, you canNot get Joy by breeding rare pure plants.

    i’ve been trying combinations of Autumn, Evergreen, Clover, Blushbag, and all my new adult forms of Flower that stayed pure Plant, along with Elder Plant.

    Results: 87 basic Plant and 9 Wonder.
    So Wonder Is possible – but Joy is NOT.

    Wish i knew this a few days ago. the whole Joy collection is only hole in my Monsterpedia except for a few legendary forms.

    i was getting Really frustrated. Then i thought, you’ve got to be doing something wrong! – came to the page and saw the top formula is: Plant + Plant Hybrids


    Finally got a 13hr from Ice+Plant in Social.

    • toast418 says:

      oh – which means your example of Clover + Blushbug, is a bad combination for this monster.

      i can’t find anyone posting a success with pure plants.

      please emphasize that at least one Hybrid must be used to breed a Joy monster.

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Thanks for the input, I have added the suggestion on the post above.

        • Julie says:

          Noobbgodlike I have hatched numerous yellow eggs and everytime I have leveled them up to 10 they have stayed yellow eggs! I thought they had multiple forms, am I wrong?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Go to adult joy page and see teen possible evolution.

      • arizona2017 says:

        Well – yellow egg (adult) and blue egg (adult) are both pure plants and result 100% blue egg in breeding.
        Tried it 3 times – 3 blue eggs – u can visit my island to prove :) – arizona2017

        • Celina says:

          “Ditto” on that combo

          I used adult love and LUCK over and over. I got too many Wonder and stopped counting, several blue plus other eggs.But I did get purple…. JUST ONE. USED SO MANY DIAMONDS. But it was spread out with a variety & not a lot of back to backs.Still need ONE more purple!

    • Shane Stidham says:

      Umm… That’s not tru. I got the Blue or Yellow Joy by using Blushbug and Autumn. Now it only worked once but it did work. Sorry for your bad luck

  43. yoko says:

    14 hours with Luck (lvl 10) and Gratitude (lvl 10), pretty confident with Purple Joy 😀

    • Kimberly says:

      I tried all the other combos…tried this and finally got purple! Thank you. Trying for a 2nd one.

  44. xxfrogxx says:

    Got a 14hr breed time with Bug and Tundra. Hoping its purple joy!

  45. capecodmom says:

    Just got my second Yellow Joy from social breeding with Ice and Earth. Thanks to previous posts of this.

  46. tiny id:tenryusan says:

    Ice Frienship+Plant Unity=Yellow Joy…Flower+Pond=Purple Joy…Graveleaf+Pond=Blue Joy…all Joy i got are mythic…no need full orb…good luck!!!

  47. Lololady says:

    If I breed Adult Yellow and Teen Purple, Can I get Blue?

  48. weber616 says:

    Had some luck with luck and love. One blueand one yellow back to back.

  49. Kimberly says:

    I just can’t seem to get that elusive purple egg. Lol

  50. Melanie says:

    Got blue joy with yellow joy and glee

  51. Angie says:

    Hey, Noob. Thanks for all your work on this page!! I’m not sure if I’m just being not so smart but I have a Joy egg that’s still greyed out in my Monsterpedia. It’s the square in the monsterpedia right after the Light monster and I can’t figure out which one I’m missing since I have purple, blue and yellow. I’m sure it’s an easy answer but I can’t seem to figure it.

  52. Raktavan says:

    I’m not sure if breeding single element monsters still works for these. Whenever I tried that, I just got plant and wonder. I got all my Joys from the social den. Maybe you now have to breed two hybrids (like for Enigma)?

  53. jess says:

    I got a blue joy using frost (lv10) and flare (lv10) wanted to get a thunder

  54. BobtheBuilder says:

    This is really weird, but I just got an Adult Blue Joy from a Teen Purple Joy! (??) That’s not normal is it?

  55. Lawren says:

    For me, the teen luck and spore spark gave me a yellow joy egg on first try. Only need the blue and purple to complete my collection. I was trying for wonder.

  56. Danesco says:

    After so many Light and Shadow’s Monsters I have a Blue Joy with Love and Gratitude Monsters….. xD

  57. Jmcg86 says:

    Anyone playing on a kindle been able to get a Joy monster; because, I have had no luck. I’ve tried many different combinations and all I seem to keep getting is either plant or wonder, so frustrating. I know the device is’nt supposed to matter but it seems like some monsters are a lot harder to get then others on certain devices.

    • julie says:

      I’m on a kindle. I got an egg using bug and tundra or use mountain and luv. All level 10 the only one I can’t seem to get is purple

      • Jmcg86 says:

        Thanks, I’ll try those combos to see if they might work for me.

        • julie says:

          Did u get one yet?

        • julie says:

          U might have to do the same combo over a couple times to get one though. I’ve tried to get purple many times now but it’s a no go. I think I’m just gonna give up on that one cuz I have spent a ton of money. O hey can u get into the spiral notebook? Every time I click on it my game shuts off

        • Jmcg86 says:

          I was finally able to get a yellow and blue with luck and steadfast. My game shuts off also when I click on the notebook.

  58. julymarie123 says:

    Got purpple joy egg in social breeding eletric friendshp n unity fire

  59. capra124 says:

    I’ve been trying to get the Dawn monster, but I’ve actually gotten the Yellow Joy instead using Boreal and Merry 3 times.

  60. Gilbert (tiny Id Yaritali) says:

    I don’t know if it is possible or if it is a glitch but since its release last week I got all 3 Joy in my social breeding den. First I was looking for Thunder and I got Yellow Joy. At first I thought it was the same glitch that happened in February when a few of us get Gift via social breeding but instead I got this pleasant surprise. 2-3 tries later I was looking for Strike and get the Purple Joy. Then I tried for Thunder again and get the Blue Joy. Weird? I don’t care. I’ve never been so lucky trying to get limited monsters. Woohoo!

  61. Christine says:

    Yellow adult and purple egg=blue egg 3times in a row

  62. wvugal says:

    I got a blue joy from enigma a few months ago and evolved it into glee, and have gotten 5 wonder monsters but cant seem to get yellow or purple no matter what combos I use…I just bred level 5 love and level 10 luck and got 26 hours…what is it?

  63. Skyguy009 says:

    I just tried lvl 10 bug & lvl 10 tundra , will let u know what happens. Got 14 hrs breeding time.might be a purple?

    • Skyguy009 says:

      I just got a purple egg with this combo. Boyaa

      • KLONDYKE says:

        Bug and Tundra just gave me 13 hours…maybe yellow. Which is ok…I have only been getting shadow in social den and air in all my other attempts :(

    • Patricia (myliddleones Tiny ID) says:

      Thank you so much for this formula! It worked for me on the first try. I’d almost given up on ever getting a purple egg!

  64. Flora says:

    All I can breed seems to be Yellow Joy or Wonder @_@ I tried most of the formulas above…
    Anyone with a good formula for Blue and Purple PLZ!!! :)

    …and Happy Easter all !

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Keep trying and don’t give up :). Happy Easter too.

    • jewls says:

      I was having the same problem but used the social breeding tree, plant unity + electric friendship = blue egg,
      plant unity + Ice friendship = purple egg
      Hope that helps you and have a happy easter. 😉

      • Flora says:

        Thanks Jewls!!
        Social plant and social electricity,not only gave me Blue Joy… They also gave me SPECIAL ELDER!!!
        Wow, Easter Bunny is better than Santa this year:)

      • Raila Maar says:

        Gah. I am having no luck at this… i have the same problem. Two yellows that both evolved into a large egg , two mythic wonders one regular wonder and everything keeps making shadows now. I cannot get another non yellow joy for anything. Any idea how long we have with this set of monsters noob?

  65. Leslie says:

    Purple joy with mountain and love both tens.

  66. Vaiuri says:

    Just got yellow joy from breeding Dawnfang and Dawnhorn, very odd!

  67. Vananner says:

    Okay so I bred two teen blue eggs together and got a blue egg. I’ll let you know if I end up getting a different egg later on.

  68. datnikkabyrd says:

    ok now im stuck ive gotten all of the colors but now i have a quest says to hatch a mythic one. have any suggestions on how to do this i just keep getting regular ones

  69. arizona2017 says:

    I was tryin to breed elder ice with frost and tundra. Tried 2 times – BOTH tries result in purple eggs.

  70. wyrdtina says:

    I got a purple joy with ice friendship and earth unity.

    • wyrdtina says:

      Got one of each so far with this combo. Been trying for snowbluff for the egg hunt but been getting nothing but joy, lol. Not that I am complaining.

  71. Leslie says:

    Hi Noob I’ve been having problems breeding but I’m not going into it you have the patience of a saint and we all need air thanks for all you do.

  72. Lotus1023 says:

    Purple with mythic love 10 and blushbug 10

  73. Jennifer says:

    Noob, some advice please…

    I was looking thru my monsterpedia at what monsters I am still missing. There are three I don’t understand….

    I have two entries for a regular gift adult. I know that gift had more than one evolution, but two “regular”?

    Also, it says I am missing an adult flower monster and I have two…does this mean I have to hatch and evolve another adult regular flower since the new flower sprees came out?


    • noobbgodlike says:

      For the flower, you need to have to get new “old flower” one more time. For the gift monsters, they’re probably paid monsters on the past when tinyco released special gift monster that can turn into random regular monster.

      • crazibreeder says:

        Noob weird thing just hapend right now…i breed flash and aquaveil hoping ong light horn for a diff spree n get 13 hrs i get excited so i pay diamonds yellow joy

  74. brumcruzr says:

    Using my social breeding den….I’ve gotten my 3rd yellow egg in a row, one of which was Mythic, using the Ice Friendship and Fire Unity. Have also gotten 2 blue by breeding my Blue Joy Level 10 with Jubilee adult level 10. Still trying to get a purple….but so far each time I have used that combination in the Social…I gotten a 13 hr. breeding time….

  75. Sammybelle27 says:

    Hey noob is this blue egg different from the other blue egg? I see the one they have in the featured section in the game right now is sort of dark blue with purple legs and the other blue they released previously which is the one I have and the one whose picture is on this page is light blue with blue legs!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I am not sure which “other” blue egg that you’re talking about right now.

      • Sammybelle27 says:

        The one that they released for the best of 2013, that one was blue with blue legs just like the one in the picture on this page but the blue in the game right now is sort of darker and has purple legs!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Sorry, I don’t know. Probably, it’s still joy, the color difference probably because of the device difference.

        • Sammybelle27 says:

          Well I just realized that I have all the joy monsters, so there isn’t two kinds of blue ones! Just don’t know why I was seeing one with purple legs!! My bad noob!!!!

    • chaszack (tiny id) says:

      I see what you mean… In my feature, the purple Joy egg has green legs and the blue Joy egg has purple legs…but since there is no new spot in Monsterpedia, I am hoping it’s the same.
      As for device…I have an iPad. The person who supplied the pic may have been on an android, like noob stated.

      • xxfrogxx says:

        I’m seeing the difference as well. I’m on Android. Maybe the creators decided to change it up a bit… Either way grateful to finally get a joy egg! 2013 didn’t get me a single one!

  76. julymarie123 says:

    I just got 2 yellow joy monsters in my social breeding useing friendship ice and unity earth . And is it possible to get mystic monsters from the social breeding den

  77. KGD says:

    just got a blue joy with water friendship and plant unity. it seems like I get a lot better chances at limited and hard to get monsters with social breeding

    • Doug says:

      I’ve had great luck with social breeding as well. In four tries with ice and earth, I’ve got two blue joys, one yellow joy, and the snowbluff I needed for Island 1 of the egg hunt.

  78. alan10397 says:

    Flower+Mountain purple joy and good for clover too

  79. SidTay says:

    What is a Glee monster? I cant find it in the list.

  80. Nicole says:

    All I seem to b able to breed is yellow joy I’ve tried pond & sunspike got yellow & volt leaf & love got yellow. I have a lvl 10 blue from last yr. if I buy & breed it with a teen purple will I get blue or purple joys only, or will I still get yellow?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I never breed them on teen condition. Can;t help you on this one.

      • Nicole says:

        Got a blue joy. Trying the combo again & looks like I’ll get blue again, got 11hrs. Don’t know if that helps any?

    • pthalo says:

      I’ve been breeding my level ten blue with my level ten yellow and continuously come out with blue (i’ve now got six including a couple mythics). You may possibly even get a purple that way

    • Julie says:

      I got a yellow one right when I first started playing about a yr ago. I followed the quest & raised it to 10 & got hallow, unaware I shouldn’t have leveled past 8 (at that time I was unaware of this site). No eggs ever since, I still hope to get some. This site has been my luck for everything regarding monsters & castles! Thank you to Noobbgodlike & all of you who post your recipes & advice on quests!

    • AshleyJean says:

      I am breeding my blue joy egg and purple joy egg from last year, I keep getting blue eggs! And I evolved two already, both turned into HOPPY! It’s officially my favorite monster! It eats carrots from the ground! I love it!

      • Kathl33n says:

        Thanks for your postAshley Jean. I was wondering if my blue eggs could be involved into hippy.Now I know they can .woot soot :-)

  81. nightcookie (tiny Id knightcookie) says:

    Got yellow joy from social den using electric friendship and fire unity. Same combo got me a blue joy too :-)

  82. Beanie says:

    Social breeding Plant Unity + Ice Friendship gave me a Blue joy on 1st try and then a Purple joy on 2nd try!

  83. Punisher says:

    Autumn and plant got me joy (yellow)

  84. chaszack (tiny id) says:

    In my social breeding den I just used plant and electric and got mythic 11 hrs…..confused and will update tomorrow….glitch?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t know there are many report about same thing, maybe glitch or they have changed the breeding mechanism.

      • chaszack (tiny id) says:

        Got a blue egg (hoping it’s mythic still). Bred same again with 13 hr….hoping it’s another egg :)

        • chaszack (tiny id) says:

          It was! Wasted a few diamonds cause I really wanted to know lol. Now breeding same combo and it’s another 13 hrs….
          So I guess this is a very high possible combo 😀

  85. twylaluna says:

    This is odd i got mystic blue from bug 10 tunda 10 going for mystic wonder still happy tho :)

  86. Vananner says:

    So I have two teen blue eggs now. If I breed those two together will I get a blue egg or is it random?

  87. BobtheBuilder says:

    So if Joy’s monster element is plant, does that mean it can be obtained using 2 plant element monsters? Sorry if redundant question, this is my first Easter with TM :)

  88. Globo says:

    If you have these from last year do they count towards this years quest?

  89. emma says:

    Can you get the joy monsters from breeding two plant monsters such as like clover and autumn or do you need to breed hybrids? All the combos here are with hybrids

  90. Sammybelle27 says:

    Noob which monster are we supposed to evolve to get the hoppy?

  91. Kari says:

    Bred my frostember and boreal trying to get the elder fire and got a yellow joy. Third attempt at breeding.

  92. twylaluna says:

    I just got purple joy with holly 10 + love 10

  93. basaro says:

    looks like you forgot to update the table with my last info…no problem, also now have some purple info for you too :)
    reposting all here for you…

    mythic income L3-L7=23,27,29,32,34
    xp = 2400(blue&purple) I think Yellow is the same but not sure at this time.
    Blue L7 food=1550
    Purple L7 food=1250

    Also it appears the breeding “bugs” have been fixed. See the recent comments by Michelle, Naveed and myself. You may want to update the Important Fact section of the page. Cheers!

  94. momintoes says:

    I used Merry(Level 8) and Iceflare(Level 8). I got a blue Joy egg, so I’m not exactly sure how that works with two Ice/Fire monsters. It may have been a glitch, but that’s what I used.

  95. Michelle says:

    Breeding 2 glee monsters will get a purple 14 hour joy egg, 2 jubilee will get 11 hour blue, glee+jubilee will get blue, and the only way to get yellow right now is if you already have 2 yellows.

    • basaro says:

      thanks for the tips this works!
      just bred my regular and mythic glee and got a purple joy :)

    • Naveed says:

      Yes Michelle Thanks for the tip!
      This works. Earlier only blue joy was available, I evolved them to Glee and Jubilee. Following your tip I “breeded” 2 Glee’s, that gave me purple joy which isn’t available yet.
      May I add that a normal blue joy evolves to a giant blue joy (if not Glee or Jubilee), and a mythic blue joy (looks the same) evolves to a giant purple joy (if not Glee or Jubilee).

      Also a normal purple joy evolves to a giant blue joy, and a mythic purple joy evolves to a giant purple joy, again if not Glee or Jubilee. That’s the somewhat unexpected color changes.
      And it seems there isn’t any way to get yellow joys using adult forms.
      Summarizing, adult forms of a spree monster seem to behave differently than teen monster.

    • knh says:

      I disagree I got a yellow with flower and bug yesturday, don’t really want it though lol.

  96. James says:

    Any tips on how I go about getting a mythic purple? Seems very difficult since you can’t breed two purples together to get one (and may have use a lot of mythic orbs and luck to rely on chance)?

  97. basaro says:

    mythic income L3-L7=23,27,29,32,34
    xp = 2400(blue) I don’t know if the other colors are different.
    Blue L7 food=1550

  98. Asna says:

    What is the season for joy monsters ?

  99. Richard says:

    Hey, there are three different colors for the joy egg, right? Also how do you get the spree monsters? Are there certain joy egg colors that can evolve it? I’m not sure if the colors matter or not. Like if you had a blue joy egg, could it evolve into a spree monster?

  100. Darlene says:

    I wanted a plain purple adult egg but they always grow into something else. Is there such thing as an adult purple monster?

  101. Gail says:

    I have 2 glee monsters. If I breed them together for a mythic what will happen?

  102. Sarah says:

    I just bred 2 yellow eggs together and got another yellow, so maybe it’s been fixed? I’m trying again now. Got a mythic 13 hours so hopefully it’s a mythic yellow:-)

  103. Gail says:

    I have joy in every color. Is there any reason to save all three in my Hall, or should I sell the,? Please advise whether or not I should keep all three. Thanks.

  104. Awesome says:

    Sorespark and Voltleaf

  105. wishing well says:

    I bred Glee and Jubilee and got a BLUE JOY egg :(
    I didn’t think this possiblle when I saw 11 hours, but there it sits in my nursery.

    Am i missing something or is it a glitch?
    The only egg i ever want to see again is Enigma.
    Thanks in advance

  106. basaro says:

    Hi noob, not sure why you dont have the food needed for level 7, its not the max, just the max for teen level. The food for yellow joy on level 7 is 500 each.
    also I think the xp earned for hatching yellow is 2800, but dont quote me on that, and im not sure if other colors are different. will be going for a mythic blue soon (for jubilee) so I will update again when I have those amounts. Cheers!

  107. Ninj says:

    Noob I just had the crazyist thing happen I was breeding and a joy egg came out i was not breeding 2 joy eggs.

    What happened?

  108. miladnasimi says:

    can l breed joy at this time? if no
    when can l breed joy?

  109. Brittany says:

    Is it still possible to get this egg by breeding?

  110. missbabaa says:

    Magma lv 10 + tree lv 10 = mythic yellow joy 😉

  111. blue says:

    I have all of the mythic and regular versions of the joy monster except for a mythic yellow joy. I have two regular yellow joy eggs, but last I knew, the only possible color you could get from breeding two joys were the blue joy egg. Is this still the case or could I attempt to breed my two yellow joy eggs together in hopes of getting a mythic?

  112. varron says:

    Just tried Mythic Teen Luck + Adult Flower and got PURPLE JOY.

  113. Ehlana says:

    I have tried every permutation and the Easter egg extravaganza ends with no Mythic Purple Joy for me :( .

    Perhaps next year will bring me better luck!!!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Just hope you get mythic enigma and then it turns out to be mythic purple joy XD.

      • Ehlana says:

        Yeah and that is another egg I never seem to get no matter what combo I try – could it be because I already have all the ‘limited editions’?

        Nah that would be too logical 😛

  114. Heather says:

    This must be a glitch but I got purple joy on my android with seacliff and burst.. I also bred plant hybrids together and got purple and yellow. I got blue by breeding the purple and yellow together in their adult forms.

  115. liznath says:

    Hi noob and all player, would someone be kind putting their book monster up so i can see joy monster page?. I got yellow, blue and purple, glee, jubilee and even enigma, but 1 slot still missing, what is it?

  116. Lizant says:

    Anyone know if the joy egg quest will still be up after they take the breeding chances back down and remove joy until next year? I have a purple joy, the last one I needed, in the breeding den but can’t hatch it till I make enough to buy a special habitat for my two enigmas that are taking up space in the nursery. Trying to figure out if it’s worth it to just sell one of the enigma eggs so that I can hatch my last joy egg before the quest disappears… I’m at 450k right now so not too much further to go, but I think it will still take another day to reach 580k.

  117. Lisa Birmingham says:

    Frostbeam & Blossom = Purple Joy

  118. dwaxman1 says:

    Finally got purple egg after many, many tries..
    on Android..

    Flower (mythic) on left and Regular Bug on right..

    both are in plant habitat..

    spend 28 diamonds to hurry it up..

    got 25 diamonds as a reward.. I am okay.. now if I can get a darn windstone i would be happy..

  119. Antiduo says:

    Got yellow Joy twise with lvl 10 Magma and lvl 10 Tundra, in that order.

  120. Amy says:

    I just got a purple with lvl 10 love (left) and lvl 10 luck (right), then i breed my yellow with purple to get blue, it worked.

  121. NeneAnise says:

    Thanx noob for your help! I finally got my glee…
    Used 50 diamonds but think thats ok.
    I’m so happy …first blossom …now glee
    Thankx for your patience with my english


  122. Lizant says:

    I also just got what must be the purple joy with the flower (mythic) + bug combo after trying for it for a while now. This may have been the 3rd or 4th time trying that specific combo since chances went up though.

  123. goober826 says:

    Is it possibal to get a mythic version XD lol is it?

  124. Mikaela says:

    Can you still get the adult forms once the joy eggs are gone next week?

  125. itsmriiduhh says:

    Its weird I just got the purple joy with Flicker (lvl 5) + Electric (lvl 10) but I’m happy because I’ve been trying forever for it now I have all 3 :-)

  126. brendan says:

    Just put Eriewood and Aurora and got 14hrs. Hoping its a purple egg since that seems to be the only logical outcome. I have the adult big blue egg and the llama looking thing, need that other one. Cross your fingers!!! 😀

  127. Susan says:

    Was trying for Mythic Blue Joy with Luck and Mountain got a Mythic Yellow Joy and I already have it. I only need the Mythic Blue. Darn it all!

  128. Susan says:

    Oh yeah, I am using Android.

    • Zappons says:

      OMG, am I the only person that can’t get a purple?! I have been breeding for this almost nonstop since it was introduced! I have tried every mentioned combo numerous times on iPad. On iPhone game, got all of them on a few days! I just tried volt leaf and love again (about the 20th time) and got 21 hours. Sigh…

      • noobbgodlike says:

        21 hours is enigma :D.

        • Zappons says:

          Yes, this is my second enigma trying to get purple !
          On my other secondary game which I have not been playing as long, I have all three joy, legendary and boreal! But can’t get them on my primary : /

      • Alfredo says:

        Not the only one!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          what do you mean? do you mean you also got enigma ? 😀

        • Zappons says:

          Yes, I got an Enigma trying for purple. Have not been able to get the purple egg despite hundreds of tried at this point. Really odd and rather frustrating :/. I will admit it’s been rather interesting seeing all the different monsters I have gotten breeding Boltleaf and Love!

  129. Susan says:

    I just got a Reg Blue Joy with Love + Luck, and immediately after that I got a Mythic Yellow Joy with the same pair. Mythic yellow is what I really needed too.

  130. Trina says:

    Dearest Nobb,

    How do I get a purple joy egg?
    I looked at the combos above and I dont have all those monsters.
    I have under Green – Bug, Plant, Blue joy, flower, yellow joy,
    Luck, tree & Mythic tree & Tundra monster.

    Can any off these greens make a purple joy???

    • Trina says:

      I may have it – I just got 14 hours.
      I used the combo as the preson below me
      Flower + bug and got 14 hours – fingers crossed :)

  131. lara says:

    Flower x bug first try and time is 11 h. I think this is the one….. (blue joy)

  132. NeneAnise says:

    OMG … Is that normal? I have my purple egg on level 7 ,waited 7 h to get new monster but that egg stayes as egg…there was a button that i can try again for 25 diamant to maybe get new species…
    Is that normal? I cant belive that…can that be that that egg stay as egg again by second try??? If yes is grrr cause was last 25 eggs..
    But did you had that too that the eggs stay as egg and you get a second zry?
    Cause my yellow egg stay egg without next try…

    Hope you understand what i mean with my question ,cause im from.germany and my english is not best…like you can see ^^

    Thanx for reading

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yeah, it’s normal. Visit adult form section to know what possible evolution of joy monster. it seems impossible to get same form if you used diamonds, e.g egg => egg (I never experience it)but it’s possible to get same form if you reset it 2 times e.g egg => jubilee=> egg. So use diamond only once to be safe.

  133. Jana says:

    Eeriewood and bug. first try…blue joy :)

  134. DanielD says:

    I literally just bred a level 5 shadow with a level 10 water monster and got this egg.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      it probably a glitch. Not recommended for anyone who read this but if you still want to try then it’s all up to you 😀

      • DanielD says:

        Hahaha i was so suprised. I was trying to get aquaveil. Hey, any advice on getting the winstone? I’ve tried just about everything on the page more than once /:

  135. Skeah says:

    Well… 14 hour breed time with Blossom and Love, first try. I can’t really see it being anything else.

  136. franc says:

    ok this is driving me crazy i have gotten both a legendary and an enigma (not complaining) before the purple joy. does anyone have any suggestions because i have been trying non stop

    • noobbgodlike says:

      just need to keep trying, hope they will increase the chance on Saturday.

      • franc says:

        yes that is what i thought as well but an increase in it would also mean an increase in all other limited monsters which we have soo many of. do you have any confirmed normal hybrid formula that can get you the eggs i have gotten too many shadows and airs. a legendary is always a surprise except when you dont need one too…

    • NeneAnise says:

      Got it with bug and tundra as i trried for an other monster…first try with this comb

  137. elijah parker says:

    It gives purple joy

  138. elijah parker says:

    Frozenflame + mountain

  139. jokemon says:

    I got a Yellow Joy expecting a Frostbeam when i bred Sun + Mythic Dimspike… i already have one so it was unecessary but thought the combo was surprising…

  140. Daisy says:

    I did a Sunstone and Brimstone and got a Blue Egg

  141. NeneAnise says:

    I have a question…
    I thought that when the joy monsters are at level 10 they change in a other monster but now my yellow joy is level 10 but stay a yellow egg..
    did i understand something wrong?
    hope you have answer for me!thanx

  142. Alekw0n says:

    Got all 3 joys in a row by breeding Fro
    zenflame and Frostember.

  143. Fanny says:

    cinder + frost = all colors !

  144. blithe says:

    My purple joy first turned it the giant blue egg, then I retry it, and I got Glee!

  145. melbel says:

    After weeks and weeks of trying for purple joy and countless trees, I got one using adult thunder and adult earthquake in my attempt for a mythic electric to complete a quest. So, I use every plant formula I can think of and every formula listed on this page, only to get it with 2 earth and electric hybrids? Seriously? I was unable to hatch a second silk to complete the spring cleaning quest. Maybe I should have bred water and shadow hybrids or air and fire hybrids together, instead of wasting my time with ice and plant hybrids. Apparently, we need to “think outside the box” and throw logic out the window…

  146. mz.lcp says:

    Oops! I meant…
    Lvl 10 Eeriewood + Lvl 10 Lushleaf = Yellow Joy (1st try)

  147. kristen says:

    Do you still get blue egg by breeding 2 purple eggs? Anyone try it recently? If so, mythic purple is pretty impossible to get.

  148. Rochelle says:

    I FINALLY GOT THE PURPLE JOY!!!! I used my, ,lvl 10 bug (left) and my lvl 6 tundra (right)

  149. Pelevida says:

    Cinder and Magma = Yellow Joy :-)

  150. misty says:

    just bred surge and flare and got 14 hour breed hoping for purple joy egg but ill be sooo mad if its electric. strike would be nice too

  151. Susan says:

    Silk + Embershade = Purple Joy

  152. Chary says:

    Gratitude + flower = yellow joy

  153. Chary says:

    Gratitude + blue joy egg= 13 hrs yellow joy egg

  154. kreatur84 says:

    how long is joy available?need giant purple egg and glee trying since theyre available

  155. blithe says:

    My level 7 purple joy doesn’t want to evolve, but I don’t want to feed it 1250 food x4 to get it to level 8. What level do they evolve at?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It’s actually one of adult forms, see adult joy page :D.

      • blithe says:

        That makes no sense, because it’s still says it’s a teen and it is not a mythic monster.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          do you mean by can’t evolve is really can’t evolve (maxed at level 7)?? if yes then restart your device, it had been fixed many devices in the past. Hope it helps.

        • blithe says:

          No, I think it is a glitch. Do you have to level it up to level 8 and then tuck it in? I think my purple joy will turn into a Jubilee monster because to get to level 8 I have to feed it 1250 food

  156. LCBJennifer says:

    I have Joy which is purple and I’m hatching another Joy which is Blue. I’m suspecting I might have another Joy again which is Blue in breeding cave right now so I’m gonna wait n see.

    • Lisa says:

      Finally, after so many trees.. I got all three joy eggs. Finally my purple. Using mythic tree and tundra. Omg. I’m so happy! Now I need the blossom.

  157. Chary says:

    Thundra + silk = yellow joy egg

  158. Pelevida says:

    Tree and Mountain both lev. 10 got a blue Joy :-) Breed the guys again and this time got 14 hours breeding time – hopinh for a purple eg 😉 ….. I’m on Android

  159. misty says:

    bred lvl 10 cinder and lvl 10 mythic magma and got yellow joy egg

  160. lllaalll says:

    lvl 10 thundra + lvl 10 flower yellow joy

  161. Katy says:

    Somehow got a Purple Joy when breeding Burst and Spitfire….
    No idea how that worked…

  162. lara says:

    I tried magma x cinder, I got a purple Joy.
    First try of breeding in a long long time.
    I leave the game for a while……

  163. britt says:

    I get a joy monster EVERY time i breed tundra and silk. All colors.

  164. Chary says:

    Embershade + voltleaf = 11 hours BLUE joy egg

  165. kuggas says:

    gt purple joy with left mythic flashfreeze level 10
    right tundra level 8

  166. Tobias says:

    Got blue with flower and cinder try for air

  167. gondolawondola says:

    Ummm I bred iceflare and burst to try for a spitfire but got mythic blue joy.
    Weird. … android

  168. Vasco says:

    Any sugestion for getting yellow? Love+holly, love+luck, mountain+love, mountain+holly do not work for me at all.

    • Lisa says:

      I got the yellow with mountain & tree, took 3 times. I can’t seem to get blue or purple. I got the enigma, it turned into a luck monster. My yellow egg turned into jubilee.

      • Vasco says:

        Ty I am trying that comobo and at least I got a mythic air, still no sign of yellow but I will keep On trying

  169. obdent2yah says:

    Two yellow teens=one beautiful Blue!:)
    Come on, baby, mama needs a Purple!

  170. Vinny says:

    Can you still get purple joy eggs even though the event is over?? That’s the only color I need.

  171. Mikaela says:

    . “i got a blue but I have no idea which monsters i used because I was just breeding random ones

  172. Son of Thranduil says:

    When do the eggs hatch into a monster? Mine is already fed to level 10, and it still hasn’t hatched.

  173. franc says:

    can anyone confirm a pant plant hybrid formula im tired of getting shadows and i actually got a legendary without even trying. i already had 2 so this was not very helpful.

  174. johnny says:

    Just fyi – flower and silk also nets yellow egg. I still haven’t gotten a purple from this combo.

  175. TinyAddict says:

    Finally got a blue egg using Pond + Bolt! Yay no more Voltleafs… Or would that be Voltleaves? Lol

  176. Ally says:

    Since all egg combos result in blue Joy, how can we get mythic purple or yellow Joy without using up all of our coins in the mystic cave while trying random monster combos?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm, kinda hard to answer… this time you really need depend on your luck

    • Sarah says:

      This is exactly why I thought it must be some kind of glitch, or at least until after they disappear, maybe it will change? I can’t be bothered so I just moved back to other quests lol

  177. jokemon says:

    Grr i got another blue Joy by using Gift + Cinder unusually

  178. ali says:

    I have been trying forever not only for all the joy and enigma monsters, but I still can’t get luck! All different combos, multiple times. Then suddenly I get MYTHIC PURPLE! Weird…still need the others and really want luuck. Any advice welcome.

  179. sarah says:

    Managed to get blue and yellow, but was having trouble with purple so I gave up. I then was trying for a puff by breeding a lvl 6 bayou and lvl 10 pollen and got a purple joy :)

  180. Wyatt sopher says:

    Boreal+Frostember=Purple and Wildfreeze+Frostember=Yellow

  181. LCBJennifer says:

    I find Joy (Purple) very funny because it opens its mouth when I fed it. It opened its mouth with sharp teeth as if it cracks itself. Check it out if anyone have it. I dunno about Yellow and Blue. Try it if you have either one of those Joys or all of it.

    • courtana says:

      Hey, it’s not just purple, i have blue and purple they both do it. Also still trying for yellow, luck, and enigma, wish me luck. 😛

  182. Jonathan says:

    I was going for a Frozenflame and bread a frost (left) magma (right) and got a yellow Joy the first time. XD

  183. Emzapo says:

    I got yellow joy with a level 8 bug and level 7 tundra

  184. Tina says:

    I really need some help with the Purple Joy,got blue and yellow with Luck+Love,but purple i can’t get.I’m trying for almost a week now i think, but no matter what I try i get either shadow or air…zzzZZZZ it’s so frustrating!!!boohoo!!!:/
    any magic formula out there?!? lol

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you already know the answer, NO :D. Keep trying, you still have time (about a week I believe)

      • Tina says:

        I’m still trying…still trying lol,just wish it was a magic forumla,now more than ever since i got shadow again :S uhhhhh!!
        hope you’re right about the one week period they will still be around.Thanks :)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          relax :D, they usually announce about increased chance to get limited monster before they took it out from the market 😀

        • FishBone says:

          Dont choose two hybrids. If you have luck you should use that as luck cannot make shadow.
          (Had the same problem)

      • Wyatt sopher says:

        Boreal+ Frostember

        • Tina says:

          thank you.tried this formula and got 4 shadows in a row and got to a total of 19 since i started to breed for purple joy lol 😀 this shadow must love me :)

  185. SkyTheWolf says:

    Interesting…… I try to get enimiga silk and bug and I got a purple joy the 2nd joy now…. I nneed you blue!!!!!

    • david says:

      I get tonnes of blue. And finally i get purple using bug with tundra. 14hrs shouldnt be wrong this time. The problem now is how to get mythic as all colors egg give blue.

    • obdent2yah says:

      Using your formula, (Silk + Bug, both Level 10 Mythic) created a yellow egg. I was hoping to duplicate your results. I now have 2 yellow and 1 blue joy and really want to finish the quest!
      Also, has anyone heard anything about TC creating a larger plant habitat? I was hoping, since they created the Giving habitat for the gift monsters.

    • Ocladyt says:

      Breed a yellow and yellow or purple and yellow…. They all breed blue

  186. Auri says:

    I have lots of egg monsters, yellow, blue and purple. Two of them are lvl 10 but they didn’t evolve in something different and I don’t know why. May somebody tell me what I have to do ?

  187. Jay and bob says:

    Earthquake and frost got yellow joy . Did not expect that .

  188. Bttrflygrl says:

    Finally! Got yellow n blue with mountain and holly

  189. Angela says:

    Think I finally got a blue with yellow and purple!! Got 11 hours anyway…..

  190. James says:

    How do I get a mythic purple – I can’t just fill the mythic cave because most attempts I get purple end up wig something like air

  191. Susan says:

    Eeriewood + Sunspike = Yellow Joy, 13 hrs. The guide above showed purple or blue with breeding those monsters. It is random. Too bad. I have lots of yellow joys.

  192. Vicci Rowlands says:

    Sun level 6 and Embershade level 5 gave me a purple egg which transformed into the Glee monster :)
    I was trying for an Enigma but I’ll happily take the Glee!

  193. Felicia says:

    Just got a Blue joy with Lv. 8 Mythic Tundra and Lv. 8 Mythic Flashfreeze. Was tring for Enigma. :(

  194. Roxas says:

    Would it be possible to get a purple joy monster by breeding a yellow joy and a blue joy?

    • Carol says:

      No. You’ll get another blue. I got a purple with sporespark + gratitude. good luck!

    • Transberry says:

      One of my blues evolved to jubilee breed it with a plain blue egg teen level, got another purple egg.

      Have 3 purples and a couple blues, but finally got luck

  195. blithe says:

    Just breed a purple joy egg with level 5 cinder and level 5 ice

  196. marcelo12 says:

    Got 2 joys blue and yellow with pond+silk

  197. Dawna says:

    Will it always be an egg? I have mine at a 10, just wondering

  198. kreatur84 says:

    tried for enigma and used level 10 bug and level 10 flower and got 14 hours. hope for purple egg.then ive got all.
    when joy event is over and i havent feed the eggs, can they transform after the event is over?

  199. TrikoCoral says:

    I got a Blue Joy with Love and Luck, so looks like that combo can give you any of them.

  200. Eddy says:

    Ok tried mountain + tree for joy eggs first try is 13 hours hope its the yellow joy egg

  201. Eddy says:

    Hey I noticed a ref. In the recomended formulas Of a graveleaf monster ? I dont have it and cant find it anywhere else. Is this a typo or is it like a retired monster? Just trying all my options to get yellow and purple eggs, have the blue one by luck of course and a tiny bit of skill(patience). Well got to get back at

  202. Tiny says:

    When is the the time they will provide us another breeding den? Grrrr! It will benefit them also on the other end

  203. gypsyclily says:

    Bred bug and holly and got a 13 hour time….hoping for a yellow egg!!

  204. Carol says:

    I tried all the recommended combos for the purple to no avail. Breeding sporespark + gratitude and have a 14-hr breeding time. Hope it’s a purple!

    • Lisa says:

      I fell your frustration. When I couldn’t get a shadow, light, air, I have bred many trying for the purple and yellow eggs. I just tried luck and sun spike, 26 hour breeding, here we go again the wait begins again. URGGGGG. ALL YOU CAN DO IA LAUGH AND HOPE!

      • Carol says:

        I’m with you on that one! I bred another legendary while trying for a joy and we all know that takes forever to breed and hatch. Didn’t want to sell the poor thing after all that time in the breeding den though! And if I don’t complete the quests in time, sure not going to lose sleep over it!! 😀

    • kuggas says:

      gt blue joy using ur formula thx

  205. KIKI says:

    I finally completed the egg hunt quest. I GOT 2 OF MY 50 DIAMONDS…. I LOVE THE FEELING OF ACHIEVEMENT (although its all based out of luck). Anyways I am trying to get another purple joy coz its so damn cute before the countdown is over, however I got a stupid AIR, which I have grown to hate coz that is 26 hours to breeed :(

    My question is can I obtain this little baby purple joy after the countdown. THANKS :)

  206. Katie B says:

    Luck+Sunspike gave me purple

  207. Ehlana says:

    Anyone manage to get the purple mythic for the purple egg entry in monsterpedia (so not yellow or adult egg mythic which are also purple – damn confusing I know!!!!)

    I have bred two purples repeatedly and only got more blue eggs (normal and mythic)!

    So if anyone has successfully bred a baby mythic purple joy please share your winning combos here!!!

    • Rochelle says:

      What did you breed to get your purple’s? I’ve breed so many different combos trying to get that last egg I lost track of what I’ve used. So if you remember your successful combos will you please share that information. Thank you.

  208. beautiful.cha0s says:

    Need help! Tried all the combos but can’t get yellow! Keep getting tree, mountain, plant and air. I got purple and blue really easy but no yellow. Any suggestions please?

  209. Wha2do says:

    I’m curious about an earlier question & response on the adult Yellow eggs. It asked why their adult Yellow Joys hadn’t evolved. The response was to try restarting the game… I have several adult Yellows and from the guide, they did as stated; stayed as Yellow adults. From reading, the only evolution for Yellows is the mythic Yellow becomes a Purple egg right? Also somewhere I’d read someone mentioning a Bunny and a ? but never came across anything more on it or how they got them. So think I have all (except mythic versions of each: Adult Yellow, Giant Blue, Jubilee and Glee. Am I missing any? Thanks for all the great info!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      not restart the game but your device :D. It had solved many same problems, and I know about this from users that accidentally able to hibernate their egg once he/she restart the device.
      You ahve all normal joy forms, congrats 😀

      • Wha2do says:

        Thanks – was thinking possibly I was missing my Yellow eggs from evolving like the blues & purples. I guess now to keep working on the mythics… Hope all have as much luck as I did!

  210. tuc says:

    Mountain and luck = 14 hour

  211. Jay and bob says:

    Bug and tundra just got me purple joy.

  212. Hmq30 says:

    Everyone should try lvl 10 Mountain & lvl 10 Holly. I’ve used this combo at least a dozen times, and have hatched Enigma, Luck, and all three (blue, yellow & purple) joys. The only dud has been 1 Snowbluff.

    • Drot says:

      I just tried it… got 26 hours. :(

    • temptrezz63 says:

      thank you! I finally got the elusive yellow joy with this combo on my first try..

    • Brittany says:

      Thank you!!! Just tried this (mythic mountain + holly) and got yellow joy first try, 14 hour (purple joy?) on my second attempt. Already had 2 blue joys, happy to have all 3 eggs now.

  213. july says:

    i tryed breedind Eeriewood + Sunspike to get the purple egg and got a 21 hour breed time and its gonna be a mystic one but i cant figure out what its gonna be can anyone tell me ?>

  214. Rendarphil says:

    Have been breeding Mountain + Luck and just got 14 hr. mythic egg. Hope it’s Purple Joy. Will spend diamonds in a few hours to speed up since we’re running out of time.

  215. Android Big Diamonds says:

    My successes so far (all monsters from plant habitat)

    Embershade + Voltleaf = blue

    Pollen + Tree = Blue

    Sunspike + Holly = purple (twice)

  216. sitamae says:

    A tree and a bug makes me 11 hour breeding time… A joy ?

  217. Ya says:

    Gratitude +love gave me a yellow egg

  218. Er says:

    Can mythic blue be bred from eggs? Ive filled up the ball and kept breeding two eggs for a mythic one but failed for many times.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      fill the mythic orbs and you should be able to get it.

      • Carol says:

        I spent over a million coins filling up my mythic orb trying to get a mythic joy; only bred a large family ofnormal yellows and blues. Then got a GD mythic earth. What a waste of coins!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          huh??really? This is the first time I heard this kind of problem, if you get plant monster then it’s still possible, but earth. It’s more likely a glitch.

  219. dwaxman1 says:

    I only need purple egg and I am having no luck..question I have do the two monsters fir example bug and tundra, do they both need to be a plant habitats?
    Need help..I have lots of yellow and blue but no pure other then mythic yellow

    • noobbgodlike says:

      purple egg is random so I can;t really help you on this problem except for say “keep trying”.

    • Jen says:

      No only 1 of the monsters needs to have plant eleiment in it. I got purple with luck and embershade and with bug and sunspike. The purple egg was the hardest for me to get as well. They are all just random luck i feel like.

    • my3sonsnj says:

      I keep getting shadow from tundra + bug breeding which has a very long breed & hatch, wasting a lot of time. Looks like no purple for me!

  220. krid says:

    I have all these joy eggs that are topped out at level 9!! What gives?!

  221. ashley says:

    I have two yellow and cant.get.a.purple trying bug and tundra like 20 times help!!!

  222. KIKI says:


  223. nozomi says:

    the biggest difference(i think)between baby and teen is teen can open the crack like that in habitat↓↓↓↓↓
    ∈ → ∑

  224. Estelle says:

    Is there a 4th color that isn’t mentioned other than enigma? My book that tells me what monsters I have has an additional empty spot for joy and ive had all three colors and the quest is asking for the spree form?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      see the adult form page to know about it.

    • gramms151 says:

      What you have to do to complete the quest is have a blue egg that is evolved into an adult blue egg. May take several evolution choices and lots of diamonds to achieve. So you will end up with an adult yellow egg and an adult blue egg also. The other two is whatever you have chosen as the adult form. Total of four Joy eggs. Then your monsterpedia will show all four egg slots filled in. Hope this helps.

  225. nozomi says:

    there’s bayou-dimspike and flower-silk twice…..

  226. july says:

    iv gotten 3 blue eggs and a mystic blue one now . does anyone have any suggestions on how to get a purple or yellow egg on the kindle fire ??

  227. cheeko111 says:

    Glee (10) + Glee (10) = 11 hours (blue egg)

  228. Jay and bob says:

    Evolved 3 blue eggs into glee . Does blue joy evolve into anything else ?

  229. Deminio says:

    I got also a blu egg with gubilee and glee

  230. Coati says:

    I bred yellow ans purple eggs and I get a blue one !

  231. sarah73 says:

    I just got a mythic egg using tundra (left, lvl10) and bug ( right, lvl 7) with a hatching time of 13 hrs. I’m pretty sure its a yellow joy egg but I’m not positive. Do the mythic joy eggs look any different than the regular ones? (Playing on my android)

  232. Stacey says:

    After getting 29 blue eggs I finally managed to get a purple using tundra and bug after 2 tries.

  233. Donittamouse says:

    Boreal + Flitter Grave me yellow Joy. But I can’t get the others colors, Need help I’m on android.

  234. Yuri Krauskopf says:

    I keep getting the yellow egg and the only good things that’s good for is getting me more coins, and I keep getting it with a lvl 5 magma and a lvl 5 frost… Plz help me with the easiest way to get the blue egg… I really want the rabbit one what ever that ones name is… Again plz help meh…

    • noobbgodlike says:

      if you’re really kep t getting yellow then use those yellow on breeding process, it will resulted on blue eggs 😀 Hope you haven’t sold the egg.

  235. christi says:

    Mythic tundra & mythic bug just gave me 11 hours so I’m guessing a blue egg… I was going for a purple egg :/

  236. Karissa says:

    I evolved 2 yellow eggs to adult and they stayed yellow eggs but when I evolved my blue egg into an adult I got jubilee…. Are the yellow eggs suppose to evolve into a different monster?

  237. Vasco says:

    I already have blue and purple joy, as well as all the adult forms possibles, however I can’t get yellow joy! For me the most common joy, which I keep breeding, is blue. If you want to get all adult forms you don’t need to spent any diamonds, just keep evolving your Joys to adult form and, for my experience, there is more or less the same chance for every adult form.

    • my3sonsnj says:

      Got a yellow from breeding jubilee + mythic blue joy but I also keep getting yellow or blue from mountain + tree. Anyone find a good formula for purple? I still don’t have that one!

  238. kaja says:

    love + luck did it for me… after bunch of trees, shadows, airs and so on, i’ve got 2 blue eggs in a row… then came another round of trees and then yellow egg.
    my point is dont give up on combination easily..
    also got 2 purple in a row with bug + flower

  239. Alif says:

    Has anyone found the hidden eggs full of diamond?? I have left no stone or flower unturned.. But no luck..

    • Kristen says:

      The diamonds are the reward for finishing the quest line.

    • Brian says:

      It is not really an egg full of diamonds it is just a quest. You get the 50 diamonds once you complete the quest the last one is getting your first adult joy monster

  240. Akao says:

    Just tried with Adult Blue and Jubilee – got 11hr breed time – so must be blue.

  241. Antony says:

    Just done mountain and tree and didn’t get a joy egg what’s the best way ( any coulor)

  242. gnomezy says:

    As other suggested, glee + yellow joy, both Lvl 10, result in 11 hr breeding time. Think it’s blue joy.

  243. Brian says:

    Unsure what is up. I had a purple egg and tucked it in for 7 hours to go to adult, when it was done it changed to a blue egg with more flowers on it then the normal blue egg. I was unsure at first what was up but it definately showed the two different eggs when it was finished.

    Also, my first and original blue egg changed to a Glee monster once it finished evolving to an adult. But, the egg that changed from purple to blue is now level 10 and still an egg.

    Any ideas?

  244. Kim says:

    I have a question, I notice that you use mountain and tree to get joy I got a blue then purple using mythic tree and mythic mountain. Does it change the out come if you put the breeding pair in a diferant order (ie. tree on the left mountain on the right rather than the other way around)? Also does the levels of the breeding pair make a differance ?

  245. Dee says:

    Bred mythic Jubilee + Glee (forms of Joy) and got blue Joy.

    Do you need pics of either of these Noob?

  246. Dawn says:

    Enigma with using pond plus bolt

  247. zoe says:

    finally got all of them :) used tundra + bug for purple , silk + flower for yellow , nd glee + adult yellow for blue :) now I’ve got like 7 plant hybrid monsters :) ( blushbug , normal & mythic plant , & now these guys ! :) ) happy easter everyone ! good luck :)

  248. Foxport says:

    2 yellows and 3 purples. Still getting lucks like crazy. Cant seem to land the elusive Blue. If anyone has found a real good combo let me know. Got all of mine with lushleaf and luck.

  249. KIKI says:

    I have been trying for 5 long straight days to get yellow and purple joy monster. Most of these combos that were mentioned here did not work for me. I keep getting luck, air, and other plant hybrids.

    HELP! :(

  250. snowlp says:

    So this should be big news. Just bred an adult joy (purple) with teen blue egg joy and got 11hrs.

  251. Elian says:

    Flower (lvl 10) and Silk (lvl 10) also give Yellow egg

  252. Akao says: Question: Best way to get a purple??

    Statement: By the way u write 1 in info and all others write different stuff en commments here…

    2.nd question: Breeding eggs with each other will result in plant or eggs? If same color u get same color?

  253. Grimma says:

    Four times in a row: I bred two purple eggs and the result was a blue egg! I’m trying to get another purple egg, unsuccessfully.

  254. Caroline says:

    I just bred my two yellow adult eggs and have 11 hour breeding time so im guessing from this you can breed two same colour eggs to get a different colour egg!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It seems they just ninja update the game since it doesn’t work like this before. From other people comment I think it always produces blue when you’re using 2 eggs with same color.

  255. rob says:

    Tundra and Bug 14hrs finally purple joy! Happy Easter!

  256. sarah73 says:

    After over fifty different tries and combinations I finally got the yellow egg using the mountain and tree combination! Both monsters were level ten and I got it while playing on my android. I haven’t been able to get it on my Google tablet yet though. Thank you for all the help!

  257. Er says:

    It seems that yellow and purple eggs can only be bred from hybrids, since any combos of eggs result ONLY in blue egg!

  258. gnomezy says:

    It’s now very difficult to get any joy eggs? I’ve been trying to get more eggs these 3-4 days but none of the suggested formula works. Even the same formula which bred joy eggs last week now would result in only shadow.

  259. Barb says:

    Thanks but sadly I don’t have a Graveleaf (on my android) to use :( :( :(
    Just like to say thanks again for the awesome job you do
    On this site :)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you’re welcome, try other formula then. Switch the formula every 2-3 times.

    • Kaerid says:

      I got all colors from bug + flower after getting nothing at all from mixing limited monsters but mostly including blushbug which I think was the problem.

      Unfortunately, the breed two colors no longer works – I’ve gotten nothing but blue breeding different colors together now. Even breeding two teen purples results in blue so I can’t figure a good way to try for mythic yellow – breeding adult yellow + teen yellow has resulted in two blues so far.

  260. Barb says:

    Ugh!!! Am on android and have tried everything to get a purple
    Egg!!!! It was easy on my ipod. HELP????

    • chris says:

      I got purple by using love and iceflare on 1st try maybebit might work for you. Good luck I’m now trying fir blue

  261. tristendo says:

    Got yellow and blue, both with Flower + Silk. Everything EXCEPT purple! Also just got *another* Air monster (same combo), so now I have to wait 26 hours before trying again. Air monster is the bane of my existence!

  262. CT says:

    Just bred a Adult blue joy and an Adult yellow joy and got another joy. (Both are level 8.)

  263. Dominic says:

    Just got a purple!!!! Bug + Tundra both level 10

  264. Monica says:

    I was really getting frustrated trying to breed a blue joy after something like 5 yellows and 2 purples, so I tried a yellow joy (L) with a purple joy (R) and have gotten blue every time. I’m theorizing that breeding two colors of joy monsters will give you the third color, but I haven’t tested all of the variations yet to be certain.

  265. july says:

    I fed my blue 10 n it didnt change into anything
    and iv gotten 3 blue eggs but cant get the other ones CAN ANYONE HELP ME? ???????

  266. david says:

    I tried yellow with blue after i get my first blue, it gave me blue for 3 time. So i triws for mythic yellow by using 2 yellow and end up 11 hours. So another blue.

  267. Ann says:

    gess I wont get joy tryed not one did not get luck :( no formula works for me

  268. Carrie5260 says:

    Wow … still no Luck and just one yellow Joy egg. I’m getting Trees, Shadow monsters, and (grrr) Air. I’ve used about 200 diamonds to speed up hatching times … not to mention the “lucky” scoop of diamonds I purchased to increase my luck by unlocking four leaf clovers. It’s all soooo frustrating !!

  269. Rachel says:

    Just got purple egg with flower and silk 2nd try

  270. Rhianna says:

    Flower and bug gave me purple joy.

  271. Estelle says:

    Bug and luck = purple. I got blue with 2 yellow eggs

  272. Luis71 says:

    I just bred yellow joy egg lv 8 with joy blue egg also lv8 and didn’t get a plant… I got a blue egg!! I will try this again and report back but it looks like after level 8 breeding different eggs doesn’t give you plant anymore but joy eggs… Hope this helps.

    • Luis71 says:

      I’ve tried it again and gave me a tree… Then tried Juville and blue egg, both lv8 and got a blue egg… Hope this helps.

  273. Ashley says:

    Bred bug and tundra to try for purple but Its 11 hour time?? 3rd try and the only one I need is purple!!! Not looking promising

  274. Lulu says:

    Bred 2 purple eggs 1 mythic gave me blue egg!! (11hrs hatch/breed time) woot!!

    Using iOS

  275. Chris Stewart says:

    Only need a purple egg and roon android does anyone have a good or lock pair

  276. jp says:

    Been Breeding All My Specials (Luck, Gratitude, Love, Holly, Merry) And All My Mythic Plant Hybrids (Flower, Mountain, Tree, Silk, Sunspike, ThaT Little Firebug)… Still 0/3 On The Eggs…. Ugh..

  277. Debbie says:

    I did a purple joy + yellow joy = mystic blue.

    • James says:

      Me too – thanks. I have been trying to get blue to complete the collection for a few days but this succeeded where all the hybrid x hybrid suggestions didn’t work

  278. Dmmsrm says:

    Gratitude and luck gave a blue egg

  279. Er says:

    I’ve bred two purple JOY (both teen) and get 11 h! It’s a blue one, not purple.

  280. Surfing says:

    I have used mythic flower 10 and silk10 and recd enigma, many yellow and blue, a legendary, mythic plant, mythic light, mythic luck…..unbelievable combo for me……still no purple which I cant get.

  281. Angela says:

    I loaded up my mythic cave and bred two purple joy, the result was a blue mythic!

  282. Jay and bob says:

    Yellow joy with blue joy gave me blue egg

  283. frozenflame wolf says:

    How do you make a purple
    Joy monster on kindle fire

  284. Estelle says:

    This may have been answered but does each egg result in a different evolution or can any color take any of the three forms?

  285. Dominic says:

    Tree+bug & pollen+tree got me yellow joy.
    Tundra+bug & pollen+flower got me blue joy.
    Looking for a good combo for purple cause I have no limited monsters.
    Been trying for luck. But no luck yet lol

  286. Sebana says:

    Got blue with two yellow eggs

  287. trueroyalty says:

    Just got a 34hr breed time with L10 Love and L10 Bug when trying for a blue joy. Yay, Legendary!

    I just wanted to say thank you for this site, and everyone who has left their bits of help- I would not have any of the limited monsters, or half of the regular ones without all of you.

    Now to get that illusive final joy…

  288. july says:

    iv tryed everything to get the luck monster and cant get it and i cant get the yellow or purple egg and iv tryd everything im on a kindle fire and im on level 38 can anyone help ??

    • TxPhantom says:

      Believe it or not I actually bought the three leaf clover decoration “for luck” out of frustration and placed it next to breeding den. Used one of the formulas in the comments. Sorry I don’t remember which, but both were level 10 and plant/fire hybrid with earth/ice hybrid (e.g.bug lv10 and frost lv10). Hope it helps.

      Great site Noob thank you all for your help and making it more interesting.

  289. Saymae says:

    I breed the Yellow egg and purple egg and it gave me the blue egg twice

  290. Viper says:

    Anyone got a good purple egg combo?
    Date: 3/29/2013

    • Chris says:

      I used a lvl 10 flower on the left and a lvl 10 bug on the right

    • Amber says:

      Luck and mountain several times got me a purple egg. The good thing about this combo was that all the” fails” weren’t too terribly long. I think longest was a 5 hour hatch.

  291. TECon says:

    i want ask you for advice.. if i breed two joy monsters can i get a yellow joy monster?

  292. Maru Pengwen says:

    I have an orange joy egg that takes 21 hours to hatch. What is this one?

  293. Blair says:

    Gratitude and Luck got me a yellow joy!(: The names are ironic. I like it!:D

  294. Laura says:

    I evolved my teen Joy to adult & am confused as to why it didn’t change to glee???

  295. TM says:

    I got regular purple with Luck and Love. I just got mythic purple (only know this because it said I got a mythic egg ) with mythic luck and embershade. Still trying for Enigma!

  296. Kra'am says:

    Why do i get blue joy when i breed 2 yellow joys? Its twice already. One mythic and one regular.

    • APLLFAN says:

      I don’t know why that happens to you but thank you so much for that information because I have been trying to get blue or purple for so long its been driving me crazy! Now at least I am getting a blue one I hope…its a 11hrs hatching time so it should be blue. Yes! What are you trying to get?

  297. ot says:

    I leveled up my mythic yellow egg to level. 10 and it turned into the purple egg I still have an egg

  298. Keith says:

    I bred Glee (evolved form of Joy Monster) and Joy (evolved form) and it gave me an 11 hour breed time. I’m assuming this is the Blue Egg. Both my Glee and Joy were evolved from purple eggs originally. If you haven’t seen these evolved forms yet, they work like the Hallows and Legacy monsters – you can put them back to sleep for 25 diamonds if you want to try to evolve a different forms.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm, so if you breed the adult form you can get random color.

      • ravengirl says:

        Yes you can. I just breed two level 10 Joy (one yellow one purple) both were evolved from yellow and also got 11hours breed time which should be a blue Joy

    • BOBALINA says:

      I got the same result: Adult Joy (level 10) (evolved from yellow egg) + Adult Glee (level 10) (evolved from purple egg) = 11 hours (mythic to boot), which I am assuming (and greatly hoping!) is a blue Joy egg. (Playing on an iPad.)

  299. Bobalina says:

    Mythic mountain (10) + mythic tundra (10) = 13 hr yellow joy (iPad). This is in the hatchery.
    Volt leaf (10) + luck (10) = 14 hour purple joy (iPad). This evolved into a glee monster. :0)
    My first yellow joy (can’t remember the combo I used to get it with) evolved into an the adult joy egg but didn’t register in my monsterpedia :0(
    Blue joy continues to be elusive …….

    • KIKI says:

      I hope your combo is right with yellow and purple coz I need both.

      BTW i got blue with silk and holly :)

    • Ehlana says:

      Yellow only evolves into adult yellow so check the yellow egg status in monsterpedia. Blue and Purple eggs evolve into the 3 forms of joy – adult egg, glee and/or jubilee

      • noobbgodlike says:

        are you sure that blue and purple can transforms into both jubilee and glee. Based on my experience my purple can only become glee monster (retry for 3 times, maybe it’s just my luck but I just want to confirm this problem)

        • Ehlana says:

          I only have blue eggs Noob and I have got all 3 forms of adult joy with blue eggs. Working on the mythic versions now (iPhone and iPad).

          My Robles is purple eggs!!!! I have two level 6 purples and breeding them only gives me blue (iPad) and I can’t seem to produce a mythic purple for love nor money!

          Also no luck in getting enigma!

      • yaya81 says:

        Thought it was just me had 3 yellow eggs a blue and a purple my yellow all evolved to just eggs and didn’t give me an option to evolve again and is still called joy at level 10. my blue joy turned to jubilee rabbit. Working in purple now. Guess I’ll need mite blue and purple eggs.

        • Bobalina says:

          In my monsterpedia there are spaces for the yellow, purple & blue eggs, glee, jubilee, and joy (only 1 adult regular egg on that page). Even though my yellow Joy evolved and remained a Joy, it didn’t register in the slot for the evolved Joy to Joy. When your yellow eggs evolved into adult Joy did they show in your monsterpedia in the evolved Joy slot? Or, is that slot only filled by a purple or blue Joy evolving and remaining a Joy? Thanks!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          see explanation on adult joy page, you should understand once you read and see the screenshot on that page (about yellow joy)

    • Bobalina says:

      I didn’t even realize that page was up. Thank you for directing me to it – Just like the rest of the site, it has great information. Thank you for all you do! Happy Easter! =:0)

  300. Mikkel says:

    What did u do to get joy?

  301. Narusrung says:

    Bug and tree got 14 hour its purple

  302. Lorelai says:

    Christ! I can t stand those yellow eggs anymore. No matters which combos I try, when I get an egg monster (besides all the plants, trees, shadows and airs ones) I always get… YELLOW egg. I got 8 ones. I really need to have a refresh on my hopes and get a blue or purple egg.
    Talking true: this TinyCo “randomization” system isn t fair.

    • KIKI says:

      you are not alone :)

    • APLLFAN says:

      breed two of the yellow eggs together and see what happens! It gave me a blue one.

    • Amanda says:

      I just started playing not too long ago and the only ‘special’ I have is Luck. Just made it up to electric level, so tell me about it LOL. I got blue and yellow joy on the first day of the challenge and after all this time no purple. Tried all the available combos forward and backward multiple times, still no purple ‘joy’ (pun intended) I spent 20 bucks on diamonds too…

      The only bonus for me…I got 4 air monsters out of it when I hadn’t even unlocked them yet. Oh well… I give.

  303. Jessica says:

    2nd. Hibernation is 7 hours also :)

  304. Olivia says:

    Im on the step 4 of egg day . As I read the description.

    ” Definitely a Plant Hybrid, probably with Fire. Something with leafy egg. with a general short hatch time, like, say 5 hours.”

    I see that you post “Tree”. What about “BUG” has leafy egg, Plant hybrid with Fire but breeding time only 4hr.

    Step 4 reward is 750 exp , and 100 Food.

  305. Olivia says:

    Lushleaf + Sunstone = purple egg

    • Olivia says:

      2nd try on sunstone + lushleaf = 13 hr breeding time.
      Could be yellow egg or Goldstone… Let wait and see

  306. Dee says:

    Just a quick question: The last step of the challenge is to have an “adult spree form” of the Joy Monster. From the phrasing it sounds like it is looking for just one form, but you have listed we need to have all five forms. As I continue to evolve my eggs, should I also continue to breed some more to make sure I get all 5 for the completion of the quest? (Although I would like to get all 5 anyway) :)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm, after thinking for a while I can only suggest you to wait. But I doubt if it’s new monster since the monsterpedia have completed all adult forms of joy.

      • Dee says:

        After I evolved my (Blue – Non Mythic) Joy into adult form (It was the Giant Egg form), it gave me the 50 diamond result of the “spree form” quest. Maybe it means you only need to evolve just one to an adult?

        Also, I now have a bonus quest:
        “Evolve all 3 adult spree forms of the Joy Monster”. Reward: +950 xp AND +50 (more) diamonds. Yay! I am not sure if this means all three colors or “forms”. Seems their terminology is confusingly interchangeable. :)

        • Dee says:

          I will have all three colors (one a mythic) evolved into adults by morning. I will let you know if I get the reward for the bonus quest!

          (That way we, or someone else who gets it sooner, can determine if the three colors is simply what is needed rather than the different forms it can evolve into)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          yeah, thank you very much. Waiting for your report :D.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          ah ok, thanks for the info I will add it on the guide 😀

        • Dee says:

          All three colors of “Joy” have been evolved to adult but this did not satisfy the bonus quest of “All three adult spree forms of the Joy Monster”.

          Am continuing to evolve a few more that I have. Looks like bonus is looking for more than three adult Blue, Yellow and Purple Joys. Looks like it needs to be three different forms of the monster.

  307. Laura says:

    Just bred Purple Joy with Blue Joy and got a time of 11hours. I wanted the new Glee or Jubilee monsters, but it’s more likely to be another Blue Joy. Thought I’d let you know in case the result of breeding different colours isn’t always plant. Will keep you posted.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Thanks for the info.

      • Valerie says:

        I evolved one of each Joy color to adult:
        yellow = a large Joy;
        purple = jubilee or glee. I chose Jubilee.
        Blue = jubilee or glee; I chose Glee.
        Since the three Joy eggs did not clear the quest, I figured maybe it didn’t count the large yellow Joy. So I took another blue Joy and evolved it – the first choice was a large blue Joy; I paid extra diamonds just to see if I was going to be given a different choice, but it gave me Jubilee; I paid more diamonds to see my next choice – it was a large blue Joy. So I accepted it and the quest cleared. I got my diamonds!

  308. faeriegirls says:

    am i correct in my understanding of Joy monster; that all 5 forms are avaiable from any colour egg? So therefore i could hatch all Adult forms from only yellow eggs? Ive hatched 3 yellow eggs so far but no blue or purple eggs. Also yellow eggs are much “cheaper” to evolve yet all 3 colours have same amount of earnings. G

    Thanls for posting this info! Now i dont feel i have to drive myself crazy trying to hatch a blue or putpleceggc

  309. krystle says:

    Got all 3 with mixing dimspike and shadowmare… Boom boom boom just like that!

  310. Genell51 says:

    I got the purple and then I got the yellow but it took 21 hrs must be a glitch. Now is ready for habitat and I had room for it on the plant habitat but said I had to get a special habitat. So ow I am developing a special like legendary lives on. Is this weird or what?

  311. Matthew says:

    I bred holly +plant 1’st try I play on IOS

  312. Candy Mandi says:

    Omg noob! I got my yellow egg to level 10 and it’s still just a egg! What’s up w that?

  313. CelticWoman says:

    I bred level 7 mythic yellow joy with level 7 mythic purple joy, as I was trying for mythic plant . . . To complete quest 3/5 of the new egg quest. It breed a mythic blue joy . . . not a plant, but an actual joy of a different color.

  314. KE says:

    Brimstone+Luck=blue/purple (2 for 2 so far)

  315. jokemon says:

    It should seem ironic that so many here seem to need blue joy when thats the only joy ive been able to breed! Its also ironic that it took me so long to breed Luck then after my first one bred at least 3 more like a Pandoras box of Luck broke free and thats all i was able to breed… hopefully i can get the purple and/or yellow joy before time runs out… dunno how long after Easter they will be around or if they plan on taking them down immediately after…

  316. Mike d says:

    So I tucked in my level 8 joy and its adult form is just a big egg? Is it different at level 10 or was all that to have 3 giant different color eggs that do nothing!

  317. merryfuuck says:

    more than 10 times trying to breed this joy monster, but never get the joy egg. please give an acurate formula

    • georgena says:

      try flower and bug worked for me several times. also my mythic yellow joy turned into a purple level 10 egg I have all the adult forms of the joy monsters. still trying for the enigma.

    • Dee says:

      “Merry”…I will try to be polite and respectful for Noob (as this is his domain), because you can’t seem to do so yourself. Noob takes great pains to update this extremely vast network of information and he does it quicker than any other person on the web.

      Here’s a (seemingly obvious) tip…There is no “accurate formula”. Some will work and some won’t. It can be luck of the draw or some formulas will work more than others. Sometimes you get a monster on the first try; sometimes you never get it at all after thirty tries.

      You know what you really have to do? TRY for Yourself. Play the game, yourself. Don’t demand the work from someone else who is already putting in way too much work to help all of us out. Go back to your game and give the myriad of formulas, that your fellow players have graciously posted, a shot and see what happens…Just like the rest of us do.

      Best of luck.

      • noobbgodlike says:

        yup, nice advice. I am also getting trouble breeding joy myself (only have purple egg), so I can only suggest you to keep trying. I think we still have a time for about 2 weeks so don’t give up 😀

  318. missgg says:

    Does anyone have a formula for the yellow joy egg for android. I didn’t get a love monster and have tried all of the above formulas. Please help. :-)

  319. haruki says:

    bug and love gives u purple egg too.. bah. need one more blue egg

  320. Paula says:

    Holly x gratitude = blue egg

    It took me a couple tries but i finally got a blue egg!

  321. Alisha says:

    I got the blue one with love + luck. And then 2 yellows both with bug + love monster

  322. T1max1 says:

    2nd hibernation (lvl.7): 7hours, have lvl 10 no change just smaler print on the egg

  323. Kyrstye says:

    I bread a Purple Joy with Plant and Holly. Trying for Yellow and Blue now :)

  324. Luis71 says:

    You can tuck then after lv 7 now, I’ve got a purple and a blue evolving to level 8. I think is 7 hrs each, will report what comes out…

  325. yaya81 says:

    My yellow egg is now an adult at level 8, 28/ min earning was hoping it would evolve but nothing yet

  326. zoe says:

    adult form is avaible peoples :) !!

  327. Maja says:

    The yellow Joy can be tugged in for the 2. time now..

  328. Stacie says:

    500 to feed them at level 7! Yay! We can level them up now!

  329. Ele says:

    There is a new quest EGG DAY!

  330. Luna says:

    Bayou and Dimspike gave me blue.

  331. Barb says:

    Is there any point in keeping more than one of each
    Of the joys? I noticed that you cannot store them.

  332. david says:

    Tried many combo and still only 2 yellow. Just now try gratitude with tree but end up with another legendary making it the 4th.

    • Sydney says:

      I got all of them, including 3 yellows, with Merry+Frozenflame.

    • Wha2do says:

      Seems each have combinations that work better than others. The one that worked well for me in getting Blue Joy was Holly (lvl 10) and Sunspike (lvl 10). It resulted in an Air, Blue Joy, and was happily surprised, another Blue Joy on three tries with that combination. Hopefully you have these two to try (I know it’s frustrating to see a combination but don’t have the monsters)! I used Mountain (lvl 10) and Tree (lvl 10) to get both the Purple and Yellow Joys. Good luck!

      • Wha2do says:

        And just to clarify the first part of my comment…I may be wrong or it’s just chance, but some suggested combinations worked well for me while not for others and vice versa! Best can say is try about 3-4 times, maybe change order, move on to another, and then try again.

  333. AmbieAddiction says:

    After breeding many unneeded monsters I finalyy got a joy:) Breeding Lvl 10 Luck&Lvl 10 Love got me a blue egg:) GO ME! Now for an enigma egg!

  334. Shannon says:

    Just got 2nd purple with bug and love, first one with voltleaf and love.

  335. jrad says:

    I got a purple joy with Luck+Mountain.

  336. snowlp says:

    Lvl 10 mythic flower + lvl 10 mythic bug also = 11hrs

  337. kelita says:

    First try bayou (lv 8) + love (lv 5)… 13 hours breedeng time and its also mytic :-):-):-)

  338. nozomi says:

    mythic tree LV10+mountain LV5=yellow again=.=

  339. Mommab says:

    Blue joy with luck and blushbug. Now I I only need a yellow

  340. Verna says:

    Tree/mountain gave me blue joy,yellowjoy,shadow then luck, holly/voltleaf, yellow joy,now 14 hrs breed time?

  341. Irma says:

    got purple joy with flower and bug

  342. Harry Ralton says:

    I got a big difference , I breed frostember(lft)luck(right) but it didn’t work
    However if I swapped it around it would get me yellow joy luckily when i was in Lvl 18And bought a legendary habitat ( before joy)

  343. Thandimanillon says:

    I got 2 blue joy monsters in a row using level 8 pollen (right) and level 10 mythic flower (left).

  344. Mobius says:

    got the yellow AND blue AND a luck monster with Gratitude and Holly. three in a row! Hoping for the purple!

  345. Rendarphil says:

    Got Blue Joy with Luck + Mountain

  346. yaya81 says:

    So I don’t know what happened a bred mountain and bug it took 2 min gave me an egg to put in nursery and it we a yellow Easter egg??? Is it a glitch or something

    • noobbgodlike says:

      maybe you use diamonds without notice?? if not then yeah maybe it’s a glitch

      • yaya81 says:

        Yea I think it was a glitch because I have the fans about it diamonds have them tucked in now waiting to see adult form its 7 hours on my yellow eggexcited to see what it’ll evolve to

  347. Mcecuapr says:

    Blue egg with Level 10 mythic Love on left and level 10 luck on right.

  348. Ronnie says:

    I did Holly and Silk . Got the Blue Joy.

  349. Susan says:

    I am on android and have a yellow joy and a purple mythic joy. Now, for the life of me, I can not get another. I need blue to have just one of each. I have spent a lot of money on diamonds and it is gone in a couple of hours. I have gotten Air after Air after Air. 26 hrs. over and over and over. I just got done waiting 26 he’s. Now I got another 26. I am nearly ready to quit. :( Can anyone tell me any good pairs to use? I want to scream….again.

  350. Kirsten says:

    I got a yellow egg using love (level 5) and silk (level 10), on both my iPad and iPhone.

  351. Bloodrose says:

    Thanks to Brooke for your bug and snow bluff suggestion. I got a yellow and a purple with that combo back to back.

  352. Kristie says:

    Tree and love … lots of trees, mountains, and plants. But also 2 blue, 1 yellow, and luck! Tried everything for luck.

  353. person says:

    I bred flare and flash and I got 11hours! I haven’t unlocked light yet, so I know I got the blue egg right? if so, how was I able to breed it without plant hybrids?

  354. Paul López says:

    Anyone tried combining 2 of different color?

  355. Paul López says:

    Adult gratitude and teen love= blue egg
    Adult luck + love= yellow egg
    One more to go good luck :)

  356. zoe says:

    silk & bug = purple joy ; silk & flower = yellow joy still no blue joy :( … good luck :)

  357. snowlp says:

    Lvl 10 Mythic bug + lvl 10 mythic flower = 14hrs!!!!

    My first egg.

    • georgena says:

      mythic bug lv 5 and flower lv 10 got my purple joy. yeah I now have will three joy monsters. now on to the enigma monster.

  358. denni says:


    love + luck has gotten me:

    2 purple
    2 yellow
    1 blue
    1 mythic purple

    BEWARE: you will get a lot of 5hr (trees) and twice i’ve gotten stuck with 26hrs (air)

    • devinn says:

      thanks i tired your combo and got 21hr so i reckon its an enigma :) sucks though too many monsters so very little habitats to fit them, i’ve sold some regular versions and kept the mythic version of them.

  359. whammytammy says:

    Blue blush and love.
    Purple luck and blush
    Enigma bug and frost
    Yellow bayou and love hope still breeding know in13 h.

    Will need to try to get mythics of all!!!!!! But happy at least got all normal versions

  360. Randy says:

    I got 2 yellow & 2 blue from Luck & Love

  361. sweet chk says:

    I got 3 yellows and 2 purples with gratitude and love — no blue though :(

  362. Hyciera says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’m getting crazy trying to hatch the purple egg, tested every combo, but something weird just happened. I breed sun and embershade I get a 9h breeding time but it asks for 13 diamonds to complete. Did this happen to anyone?

  363. gaspar says:

    I got blue with flower(10) and lushleaf(5) ^^

  364. Lisa says:

    Luck + Love = Blue Joy this time, got yellow joy the first time.

    • CloudGamer says:

      Me too, I bred Love & Luck and got the blue Joy on my first try when I was going for Enigma and this time I reversed it (Love on left) and got 13 hours… I did get 3 Air monsters before this, though. I hate those Airs and Vapors (been trying for Puff for months!) grrr.

  365. begginer says:

    Yelow joy + blue joy = plant
    :( I was hoping for any joy good thing only 15 minute breeding time

  366. Finfeature says:

    I bred luck and love, trying for yellow. I got Luck??. Did it again and got 13 hours. Hope its yellow.

  367. DesertRoze says:

    Luck and bug got me purple joy on first try :)

  368. Gualtiero says:

    Sunspike lv. 10 + love lv.10 = yellow joy first try

  369. HerpDerp says:

    Hi all!
    I got the joy monster by breeding
    gratitude with love first try.
    And I got the luck monster with
    Gratitude and love on second try!
    Third wasn’t I charm since I got
    air monster…
    Thnx for all the help!

  370. Christina says:

    Sun+black ice= blue joy. I got it the first time too.t

  371. david says:

    I just try yellow joy with love. Give me 12 hours. Should be another egg.

  372. Surfing says:

    Tried every combo, especially love and luck over and over and still no purple. In the process I have bred mythic plant, mythic luck, endless yellow and blue joy and even a legendary! The purple has been impossible for me :(

    • Surfing says:

      Ahhhh…another yellow egg with luck and holly! I guess I’ll try mythic flower and silk again…at least last time it gave me legendary. Anyone get all 3 mythic joy eggs?