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Tiny Monsters Guide How to Obtain Joy Monsters

1st appearance: 21 March 2013 – 30 April 2013 (EASTER)
2nd appearance: 10 April 2014 – ????

(Thanks to Nathan for the pictures and info)

Tiny Monsters Joy Growth normal and mythic fix


Important Fact

[0] Breed 2 Glee Monsters will result on purple eggs (14 hours)
[0] Breed 2 Jubilee Monsters will result on blue eggs (11 hours)
[0] Breed Jubilee + Glee will result on blue eggs (11 hours)
[0] Yellow egg can only obtained via normal breeding or breed 2 yellow joy

Mythic Version

The color of the egg is same with the normal version.

Joy Status









Earn Rate (Min)

7 16 22/23 26/27 28/29 31/32 33/34


Food (x4) 150 350 500 750 1100  1250 1550
Total Food needed 0 600 2000 4000 7000  11400 16400


Food (x4) 20 55 90 150 250  350 500
Total Food needed 0 80 300 660 1260  2260  3660


Food (x4) 50 75 100 250 500 950 1250
Total Food needed 0 200 500 900 1900 3900 7700

Habitat: Plant

How to obtain:
[0] Purple Joy 275/1375 diamonds
[0] Blue Joy 325/1625 diamonds
[0] Yellow Joy 225/1125 diamonds

Selling Price: 4875 Coins

Exp: 2400

Breeding/Hatching Time
[0] Purple Joy  (14 hours)
[0] Blue Joy (11 hours)
[0] Yellow Joy (13 hours)

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 7 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl.7): 7 hours. Visit this link to see its evolution.

General Breeding formula:
[0] Plant + Plant Hybrids
[0] Plant hybrids + Plant hybrids
[0] Social Breeding also works
[0] Breed Blushbug, Love, Gratitude, Holly and Luck with each other

From my experience it’s easier to get limited monsters by using limited monsters too (example: Clover + Blushbug, etc; Elder plant also works). I believe the color is random, but still I will put color result next to breeding formula if he/she tells me the color of his egg :D.

Recommended Formula:
[0] Luck + Blushbug
[0] Flower + Mountain (beware of air monster :D)
[0] Love + Holly
[0] Love + Luck (Yellow, Purple)
[0] Mountain + Luck (Yellow)
[0] Bayou + Love (Yellow)
[0] Embershade + Voltleaf (Yellow)
[0] Love + Blushbug (Yellow)
[0] Flower + Bayou
[0] Holly + Luck (Yellow) 1st try
[0] Bug + Frost (Yellow)
[0] Gloom + Wildfreeze
[0] Voltleaf + Love (Purple)
[0] Flower + Silk (YellowPurple)
[0] Bug + Tundra (Purple)
[0] Mountain + Tree (Purple, Yellow, Blue)
[0] Eeriewood + Sunspike (Purple, Blue)
[0] Pond + Bolt (all colors)
[0] Bug + Graveleaf (all colors) 1st try I got purple
[0] Holly + Flower (yellow and purple)
[0] Tree + Bayou (Blue)
[0] Bayou + Dimspike (Yellow and Blue)
[0] Luck + Sunspike (Blue)
[0] Gratitude + Love (Blue)
[0] Pond + Sunspike (Blue)
[0] Holly + Sunspike (Blue)
[0] Bug + Love (Blue)
[0] Lushleaf + Brimstone (Yellow)
[0] Please leave your formula

Adult Form Informations

Enigma Page

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

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1,188 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Guide How to Obtain Joy Monsters”

  1. Tinytoe3 says:

    2 crazy things here.
    #1 I was going for a Legendary, using a Cinder, an Earth and Fire monster and a Bolt, an Air and Electric monster. So how the heck did I end up with a Plant monster?
    #2 I would think this game would follow the actual seasons we are currently in, but apparently I am wrong. I started playing in the beginning of October and was hoping for fall and Halloween monsters and got a Valentine monster instead. This is an Easter monster, and it’s an egg that won’t hatch!?
    Love it, but sometimes this game is crazy!

  2. jjjjjeeeee says:

    What happens if you breed two yellow joys??

  3. Frank Maess says:

    Didn’t realize Joy was available for 2015, was trying for Elder Plant, and using Glee + Hippy, I ended up getting a Purple Joy. Tried the same combo again, same egg, even when switching sides. Hopefully anybody who needs one could get them this way. Forgot to mention, both monsters were level 8.

  4. Elyksir says:

    Hi noob. My game by evolving blue eggs gave me from now only giant blue egg and hoppy.
    Can i still get jubilee and glee by breeding two joy blue eggs.? Which level do they have to be.?
    ( i also have 1 giant yellow lvl 10 and 1 little lvl 1)

    Thank you to help me again.

  5. FeismomHi 223 says:

    What are theossible outcomes of breeding two blue adult ? Both level 10?

  6. crazibreeder says:

    New formula sucess rate is just great..every color joy back to back joy eggs….#seriously… blue purple n yellow earthquake and surge been trying for another dusk just completed collection just missing hoppy… great formula must try…

  7. Cinci says:

    After ONE month of trying-trying-trying, at least 20 yellow eggs (and two mythics, both with social breeding) and 4 purple ones (no mythic)… well, I finally got my BLUE one with a Glee and a Giant Blue Egg.
    Well, it’s 11 hours, so I think is this… hope I can breed the giant blue one and the normal one to obtain more “limited” joy, does someone know if they’re still breedable even after the end of the limited period?

  8. Lawren says:

    I just got a purple joy egg with teen luck and adult bug on first try. I only need the blue egg to complete my joy collection.

  9. CP says:

    I got my yellow joy and purple joy from breeding union monsters water friendship + earth

  10. Dm818 says:

    Flower + bug is a GREAT formula. So far got all three types from breeding the same two monsters. Here’s hoping I’ll get that adult purple egg soon!

  11. monica says:

    I just got a blue egg by breeding a purple egg (level 5) and a yellow egg (level 10)!!!!

  12. rachel says:

    Adult mountain and teen Snowbluff has given me tons of yellow and purple joy eggs, only one blue though

  13. Meg tiny id- omnom485! says:

    Adult Wild freeze and adult boreal every time for me! Tree and mountain 2 ( this is 4 yellow)

  14. Loree says:

    Hi Noob -In Monsterpedia, I have the Yellow Egg, the Blue Egg, the Purple Egg, and the Enigma (Yellow Egg), but I do not have the “Joy” that comes before the Blue Egg and after Jubilee – Even though my Yellow Egg’s Adult Form is the Joy Yellow Egg. Is there another result that I am missing or was this from last year?

  15. Hayley says:

    Flower and bug got yellow and I think purple too just waiting for it to come out of the breeding den

  16. lisa m says:

    Does anyone have the dark blue colored one or is it just the light blue and was there a dark blue or is it just them confusing me.

  17. Roxie says:

    Glee and Hoppy gets a purple egg. Jubilee and Hoppy gets a yellow egg. Dont know about Hoppy and Hoppy asI only have 1 Hoppy.

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