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Tiny Monsters Guide How to Obtain Joy Monsters

1st appearance: 21 March 2013 – 30 April 2013 (EASTER)
2nd appearance: 10 April 2014 – ????

(Thanks to Nathan for the pictures and info)

Tiny Monsters Joy Growth normal and mythic fix


Important Fact

[0] Breed 2 Glee Monsters will result on purple eggs (14 hours)
[0] Breed 2 Jubilee Monsters will result on blue eggs (11 hours)
[0] Breed Jubilee + Glee will result on blue eggs (11 hours)
[0] Yellow egg can only obtained via normal breeding or breed 2 yellow joy

Mythic Version

The color of the egg is same with the normal version.

Joy Status









Earn Rate (Min)

7 16 22/23 26/27 28/29 31/32 33/34


Food (x4) 150 350 500 750 1100  1250 1550
Total Food needed 0 600 2000 4000 7000  11400 16400


Food (x4) 20 55 90 150 250  350 500
Total Food needed 0 80 300 660 1260  2260  3660


Food (x4) 50 75 100 250 500 950 1250
Total Food needed 0 200 500 900 1900 3900 7700

Habitat: Plant

How to obtain:
[0] Purple Joy 275/1375 diamonds
[0] Blue Joy 325/1625 diamonds
[0] Yellow Joy 225/1125 diamonds

Selling Price: 4875 Coins

Exp: 2400

Breeding/Hatching Time
[0] Purple Joy  (14 hours)
[0] Blue Joy (11 hours)
[0] Yellow Joy (13 hours)

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 7 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl.7): 7 hours. Visit this link to see its evolution.

General Breeding formula:
[0] Plant + Plant Hybrids
[0] Plant hybrids + Plant hybrids
[0] Social Breeding also works
[0] Breed Blushbug, Love, Gratitude, Holly and Luck with each other

From my experience it’s easier to get limited monsters by using limited monsters too (example: Clover + Blushbug, etc; Elder plant also works). I believe the color is random, but still I will put color result next to breeding formula if he/she tells me the color of his egg :D.

Recommended Formula:
[0] Luck + Blushbug
[0] Flower + Mountain (beware of air monster :D)
[0] Love + Holly
[0] Love + Luck (Yellow, Purple)
[0] Mountain + Luck (Yellow)
[0] Bayou + Love (Yellow)
[0] Embershade + Voltleaf (Yellow)
[0] Love + Blushbug (Yellow)
[0] Flower + Bayou
[0] Holly + Luck (Yellow) 1st try
[0] Bug + Frost (Yellow)
[0] Gloom + Wildfreeze
[0] Voltleaf + Love (Purple)
[0] Flower + Silk (YellowPurple)
[0] Bug + Tundra (Purple)
[0] Mountain + Tree (Purple, Yellow, Blue)
[0] Eeriewood + Sunspike (Purple, Blue)
[0] Pond + Bolt (all colors)
[0] Bug + Graveleaf (all colors) 1st try I got purple
[0] Holly + Flower (yellow and purple)
[0] Tree + Bayou (Blue)
[0] Bayou + Dimspike (Yellow and Blue)
[0] Luck + Sunspike (Blue)
[0] Gratitude + Love (Blue)
[0] Pond + Sunspike (Blue)
[0] Holly + Sunspike (Blue)
[0] Bug + Love (Blue)
[0] Lushleaf + Brimstone (Yellow)
[0] Please leave your formula

Adult Form Informations

Enigma Page

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

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1,188 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Guide How to Obtain Joy Monsters”

  1. lynnmit says:

    I’ve used bug and tundra several times trying to get a purple egg, but instead i’ve gotten multiple blue &yellow eggs along with light, shadow, and once a legendary!! I assumed the 13 hour time I got again was another yellow, but it was primavera! I put them together again and just got 37hour breeding time!!

  2. Laura D. says:

    If I have two Glee monsters will I be able to hatch a purple egg when the available period for the Joy monster is over? Still haven’t managed to hatch one.

  3. Raila Maar says:

    I am so frustrated. … i have gotten at least 4 yellow 4 wonder 8 shadow 6 air unknown other 1 legendary one elder fire and still no blue or purple and I have tried every combo listed and more… i have no idea what else to do. This is making me insane

    • Raila Maar says:

      Fiiiiiiiiiiiiially with another try using volt leaf and love I got 11 hours. Wooooooot

  4. Typhon000 says:

    Bug+Tundra gave me blue. I think forms are random.

  5. Dee says:

    Was breeding a frost and tundra for an elder ice. Got yellow joy instead.

  6. g21hitman says:

    Just got a blue joy egg with Mythic bug lvl 10
    and Graveleaf lvl 10. It took several trys.

  7. amanda says:

    I have been trying to breed the dawn monster using frostember and wildfreeze and have received all three joy eggs. The yellow (two or three times) and one blue and one purple. No dawn yet, though.

  8. NVitality says:

    Got purple joy with Love (10) & Gratitude (10). Two successful times but they were a week apart so keep trying if you still need them! 🙂

  9. TinyNice says:

    So… What happens if you breed two hoppy monsters?
    I didn’t see any info for that. Just curious.

  10. g21hitman says:

    FINALLY. .purple joy egg after like 25 trys with Mythic bug lvl 10
    and Mythic tundra lvl 10.

  11. Typhon000 says:

    Yellow Joy w/ Luck+Love

  12. Leslie says:

    If you use 2 blue eggs and breed them with the mythic meter full can you acquire a mythic blue egg? It worked just fine with the white eggs but I haven’t been able to get a mythic blue for the mythic versions of glee and jubilee. 🙂

    • g21hitman says:

      Yeah I’m pretty sure if the blue eggs are teens you will
      eventually get a Mythic.

      • Stschw says:

        i’m not so sure. I just gave up after a full week with full orb. I never had such a hard time in the past (15 tries with no success)

  13. FucDup says:

    I know it’s kinda late in the game but I got all three variations by using the social breeding den combo doesn’t matter

  14. SxCghost says:

    I got yellow joy by breeding Frozenflame and frostember.

  15. nightcookie (tiny Id knightcookie) says:

    does anyone know if the purple egg will turn into hoppy yet?

  16. g21hitman says:

    Blue joy egg with Tree & Mountain both lvl 10 and both mythic.
    1st try blue, 2nd try yellow,3rd try yellow.
    My dad got purple today with same combo of tree and mountain.
    Good luck guys

  17. Joamercedes says:

    So frustrated! I just can’t seem to get that elusive purple egg!!! I wanna cry!!!

  18. Brandy says:

    I am very confused…….I have hatched many yellow eggs and all of them are adult joy eggs! I saw Julie’s question to you about this and I read about the eggs, I however am confused as I either am missing the point or I am not reading the correct info. So could you just please say if the yellow egg transform into something else or not! Also I find the orange chick bloody hard to get……….but I will not give up…..I have even the mythics colored chicks except the orange!

  19. Flora says:

    I got Yellow Joy using Yellow Joy and Hoppy!?? I thought that Yellow and Blue were always resulting in BLUEJoy!?

    • arizona2017 says:

      Yeah but hoppy is different than adult blue joy… for instance – i got my adult blue joy from purple egg…

  20. Hecate1983 says:

    Got one Yellow Joy from breeding Electric Friendship Monster and Fire Unity Monster in Social Breeding Den. Got another Yellow Joy from Electric Friendship and Plant Unity.

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