Posted on Oct 15, 2014

Tiny Monsters Haunted Holiday Quest Guide

Thanks to Draelan and Ehlana for this info

Haunted Holiday

Tiny Monsters Haunted Holiday Icon

[1] Place a decoration to start the Halloween celebrations!
Reward: 800 exp and 200 food
Note: Any decoration will do. I used the Frostbeam Egg decoration, since it costs 0 coins.

[2] Have a Haunted Space Habitat.
Reward: 250 exp and 50 coins

[3] Harvest 10 Treats for your monsters!
Reward: 360 exp and 1000 coins

[4] Feed 10 different monsters.
Reward: 200 exp and 150 food
Note: Despite what it says, it doesn’t have to be DIFFERENT monsters. I fed a level 1 monster 10 times and got credit for the quest.

[5] Collect from 10 habitats!
Reward: 800 exp and 200 food

[6] Hatch a Hero Monster!
Reward: 250 exp and 5 Diamonds

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10 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Haunted Holiday Quest Guide”

  1. luckluck702 says:

    I know this doesn’t pertain to this monster/quest buuuut there isn’t a page for it yet but I got a mythic darkburst first try

  2. tinywendy says:

    On level 3 what are the treats we are suppose to feed them just any food doesn’t. Work

  3. Co14co says:

    I can’t seem to complete step 2. I have (several) haunted mansions from last Halloween.
    I’d consider selling one (that is not fully upgraded) so I could buy a new haunted space but it looks like currently you can only have 1 haunted space. Does this mean I’d have to sell all of my haunted mansions just to start over? That would not be worth it.

  4. sunnydawnwatson says:

    I already have a Haunted Space Habitat and the program says I can’t have more than one and it wont go onto number 3. Is this a glitch or do you know anything about it?

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