Posted on Dec 14, 2012

Tiny Monsters Holly Monsters Breeding Guide

Limited Christmas Monsters

1st appearance: 13 December 2012 -23 January 2013

2nd appearance: 20 December 2013 -8 January 2014

Normal Version (Thanks to Yoyo for the picture)

Tiny Monsters Holly Monsters Normal Egg

Tiny Monsters Holly Monsters Growth Normal

Mythic Version (Thanks to Minyu and Vincent for the picture and income data)

Tiny Monsters Mythic Holly Egg

Tiny Monsters Mythic Holly Growth

Holly Monsters Status













Earn Rate (Min)

5 12 16 19 21/22(M) 22/23(M) 24/25(M) 27/28(M) 30/31(M) 38/39(M)

Food (x4)

20 45 65 85 105 125 145 165 185

Habitat: Ice and Plant

How to obtain: Buy for 199/995 diamonds

XP: 2550

Hatching Time: 14 hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 8 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 18 hours

Tips: Try to avoid hybrids + hybrids formula because you can get air monsters on the process which will make you wait 26 hours XD. But you could also get legendary from the process so it’s all up to you. I recommend to try solo + solo /hybrids to avoid the bird XD. Kind of ironic since this formula is what gives me holly monster on 1st try….

Breeding formula:
[0] Ice + Plant (already tried once and get silk/ tundra :( )
[0] Ice/Plant + Silk/Tundra (still recommended since you can get gift monster too on the process)
[0] Silk + Tundra (1st try)
[0] Mountain  + Gift
[0] Bug + Ice
[0] Gift + Plant
[0] Gift + Gratitude
[0] Flower + Silk
[0] Flower + Gift

2013 formula

[0] Gift + Autumn
[0] Blushbug + Tinsel
[0] Leave additional comment

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504 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Holly Monsters Breeding Guide”

  1. Aidan says:

    I got two of these trying to get boreal level 10 frostember and level 10 ice. I do not know how the plant got in there though……

  2. chaszack (tiny id) says:

    Gift (5) and Limited Flower (8)

  3. C says:

    Mythic bug level 10 and teen gift level 5

  4. Rilee says:

    I got Holly by breeding TEEN BUG+ADULT ICE (first try!!)

  5. julymarie123 says:

    Snowstorm n bug 14hrs 1st try hopefully its the holly monster

  6. Pulgita says:

    Yesss! Finally got Holly with teen Gift and adult Gratitude! =)

  7. Jerry_catch says:

    Hi noob,
    If I breed my two Holly monsters now, will they produce another Holly despite it being limited?

    Keep up the great work :)

  8. dale says:

    I just saw a Holly egg in someone’s nursery. Can you still breed it?

  9. basaro says:

    large price=995

  10. sophia says:

    i got a holly monster on first try. was going for elder ice. i bred
    adult autumn monster 9 level 8) with level 8 mythic gift monster

  11. Aaron Trout says:

    Mythic snowbluff and tumdra forst try both teen

  12. Mary K Leehan says:

    I got one using electric friendship and plant unity.

  13. Emzapo says:

    After countless combinations, I finally got holly with level 10 gift and level 8 autumn

  14. Ashy! says:

    I was trying for my second Merry and got a Holly instead, with mythic bug (5) + mythic gift (5)

    I also got a lot of tundra’s :/

  15. Jeff (Android Low Price =Apple High says:

    I got my third Holly with Ice Friendship + Plant Unity about 16 try. I continue this combo in hope to receive Elder Ice :) Good luck all

  16. I.D. RootSoda says:

    Flower + Ice got me Holly first try. :-) I was trying for Frostember but this is awesome.

  17. LoveLane34 (Tiny ID) says:

    Gift lvl 10 plus Autumn lvl 10 = 14 hrs HOLLY……2nd try 6hrs…..good luck!!!
    Happy New Year Noob and ALL the Tiny gamers!!!! : )

  18. Merry and Blushbug = Holly Tried many of the posted combos before this combo and nothing worked.

  19. audrey says:

    Jubilee + tinsel both Lvl 10

  20. Pesi727 says:

    Lvl 10 Silk + Lvl 10 Ice – Multiple tries, got Gift monster, finally got Holly this morning.

  21. iluxxx says:

    Finally got it: bug + gift!!

  22. Carina says:

    Any tips for a mythical Merry, Holly, Autumn or Snowstorm so I can complete that quest?? No luck so far

  23. Kendra says:

    Lvl 7 gift + lvl 10 plant = Holly
    First try

  24. Amendoa4ever(tinyID samtabby) says:

    I got a holly using adult silk and teen tinsel. But it was only 10hrs.guessing glitch. I’m happy though I’ve been trying all week.

  25. paman says:

    Was doing silk + tundra and getting the 14 hour breed time, but keep gettng shadow eggs wondering if there is a bugof some sort.

  26. Tiffany0660 says:

    This monster has been the most difficult for me to get by far. Tried all the formulas on your list Noob, as well as all the others listed below. Even Ice and Plant Friendship and Unity monsters. If someone has any ideas on a combo that worked for them PLEASE make a comment on this thread. Thank you so much in advance! Good luck to everyone – Thank you again Noob for this site…love it :) – Tiffany0660

  27. kencm2009 says:

    i try ice friendship with plant unity = holly 14hr ,maybe I got it.

  28. mashkin80 says:

    Renewal+Tinsel gave me 14 hours after many combos and Tundras

  29. Corina says:

    Just got this by breeding adult Gift and adult Elder Plant. :)

  30. Gail says:

    Mythic 14 hours with ice friendship and plant unity.

  31. FucDup says:

    Frendship ice and plant unity

    • KingHalo1337 says:

      I used this same formula but backwards got 14 hours must be Holly thank you because my breeding den wasnt giving me no justice so I tried the social den and wa~la (^v^)

  32. Darlene says:

    After many tries with other formulas silk and mythic tinsel gave me mythic holly. :)

  33. Snail56 says:

    Plant+ice 1st try

  34. Kezza says:

    elder plant + tinsel first go!

  35. Jesse Ro says:

    I bred silk and tundra and got a tinsel monster, first try! I would be happy but i already have a tinsel /:

  36. SabiKnauer says:

    i got my first holly whit teen gift + elder plant :) first try!

  37. Barb says:

    Silk + Renewal (first try after many many tundras and silks using autumn and tinsel)

  38. Irreverent says:

    Gift + Gratitude was successful for producing the Holly monster for me! Finally!!

    • Jeff (Android Low Price=Apple High) says:

      Thank you Irreverent. I just got 14 hours second try with your combo. It’s looking good. I use teen Gift + Gratitude Mythic Level 10. First try was Frost mythic. Only got 1 of this last year on my Ipod 4. Very proud if I alredy got it :)

      • Jeff (Android Low Price=Apple High) says:

        SNIFF SNIFF was Snowbluff this 14 hour waiting time and I got again 14 hours but mythic this time if Snowbluff again I sell it because alredy 2 mythic snowbluff. Good luck. Like last year seem this one I will get hard time to have :)

        • Jeff (Android Low Price=Apple High says:

          this third try is a very nice surprise a mythic Holly. Now try with a new formula. Good luck all

        • Irreverent says:

          Yeah, it’s hard to tell when there are other monsters with same breeding times & element combinations…what really bites is that we have to wait so long sometimes; I’m stingy with my diamonds :)

    • Jeff (Android Low Price=Apple High says:

      I try many differents combo all fail. Decide to make: Gift (teen) + Gratitude both not mythic. I got first try Holly this time. Good luck. Now try the newest one

  39. scott says:

    Noob. I got 14 hr using ice friendship with plant unity. Do you thanking will be holly?

  40. Gail says:

    Just got mythic 14 hours with 10 Autumn and 5 Gift. Yahoo!!!

  41. dew133 says:

    Level 10 Mythic Ice + Level 5 Snowbluff, first try!

  42. Anaval1892 says:

    Autumn + Tundra

  43. AshleyJean says:

    Is it just me or are the Christmas monsters way too easy to get? First try with Blushbug and Ice monster gave me Holly, every time I have bread ice and moutain I get gift, and Tinsel was got first try too! I even have the mythic versions, I know I’m not that lucky! I just wish the Owl was that easy, I’m afraid to try because I already have one but I want the mythic version, it’s just waiting 26 hours kills me! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE I PROMISE YOU WILL GET MERRY ITS EASY JUST USE STRAIGHT PLANT AND ICE! NO HYBRIDS,

    • SnoopyRN50 says:

      I wish I had your luck. I haven’t been able to get ONE single Christmas monster other than 1 Gift despite endless tries with the same breeding pairs that were successful for others. I’m frustrated, but not surprised, since I always have bad luck with limited monsters. I have the same bad luck with Tiny Castle.

    • Globo says:

      Don’t complain. That’s wonderful. What’s the owl?

  44. Eerie says:

    Lvl. 10 Mythic Plant & Lvl. 10 Mythic Ice. (Second try)

  45. gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

    Mythic autumn+ tensil both lvl 10, 2nd try. 1st try was tundra.

    • elocina says:

      Thanks for this combo. Got 14 hours first try.

      I do not get any Christmas Monsters last year, because I startet on March. One new monster per monstertime is imho enough. But three new monsters + two old limited it´s too much. Next year the new Players don´t have any chances I think. There will be perhaps 7 or 10 limited monsters on Christmas … not fair.

    • Julie says:

      I got a silk monster….trying again

  46. Jaymilove says:

    Breeding plant monster and tinsel monster and got 14 hours so I think I’m in luck. :)

  47. fuzziducky says:

    Mythic Ice+tundra got me gift then next day holly got re-released and mythic ice+tundra got me holly! Both first try

  48. awzium says:

    Jubilee and Mythic Ice Elder. Both level 10.

  49. Trish says:

    Gift and Tundra!!

  50. bbzm says:

    Used Silk + Tinsel and got 26 hours, didn’t think Air was possible with that combination but now I get to wait. :(

  51. g21hitman says:

    1st try with Mythic Autumn lvl 10 & Tinsel lvl 5

  52. Oldblackmagic says:

    Mythic ice and mythic plant. Both level ten. First try!

  53. pokemoner says:

    ice f and plant u first try

  54. Jordan says:

    Lvl 10 myth ice and lvl 10 myth plant first time 14 hour

  55. Amberbduuh says:

    Tinsel and mountain gave me holly!

  56. Amberbduuh says:

    Tinsel and mountain gave me holly

  57. Ithrow45 says:

    Mythic Plant Silk finally got it after 2 tundras!

  58. Zachbuscus says:

    I got the mythic version first try and I was clueless

  59. Gail says:

    Is holly going to be available this season, or is it never coming back?

  60. flam27 says:

    Flare and ice

  61. TM says:

    Am I seeing things or is mythic holly available again for a limited time?

  62. tonelow2trill says:

    I got holly from enigma 1st try. Read it and weap

  63. optimist says:

    Got a 2nd holly accidentally, but kept it. Now Im glad because I need mythic ice hybrids for a quest so I just leveled it up, loaded up the orb and (fingers crossed) everything should work out.

  64. HayMonster says:

    Is it still possible to breed a Holly? Just started playing the app this week and I have the quest to breed it and level it to 10?

  65. Coolgirl7 says:

    Okay, I was excited at first to get my first holly monster, but now he is getting kinda annoying.At first I tried a simple plant and I ice combo because I wanted a simple silk or tundra, I got another holly. Tried that combo again and got another. I tried switching around the combos to stuff like mountain and ice (which got me a frost and a holly >:( . Then I tried bug and ice and I got another one!!!!!! Cant someone get a simple silk or tundra!!!!!!

  66. LucyLou says:

    Try tundra and magma. I got Holly out of that 1st try (it was actually the very first time I even tried for Holly!)

  67. Larryn says:

    Bred tundra and silk monsters and got a 14 hour breeding time. I hope it’s a merry monster! I also have a legendary monster egg but don’t have the money for a habitat for it

  68. melissa says:

    Yea I finally got my holly monster I used ice and plant. I had used it in the past with no results along with 20 other combos but decided to give it a go since they increase d the odds and wooohoo it worked. I know have gift merry and holly. Good luck to you all.

  69. Emmay says:

    Ice+flower first try!

  70. Cakes says:

    I don’t remember seeing anyone else saying this but I got holly with PLANT and FREEZE

  71. Coolgirl7 says:

    Bug and ice first try!

  72. Kimi says:

    Bug + Tundra = Holly

    I haven’t seen anyone else mention this, so I’m posting it. It was on the first try, while I was trying to hatch a Merry. Good luck!

  73. Zazai says:

    bug & ice u get merry

    • LionaKitsune says:

      Gift n bug worked for me too, just now. Adult both but gift just fresh outta dream room as snowman evolution not full ten yet. Bug full ten tho ov course. Tried this convo before wit gift still yet to b unwrapped wit no luck.. Tried every combo listed.. So very glad I finally got Holly before it too late!

    • Shelby9497 says:

      I have tried silk and tundra sooo many times… Just tried it again a got 26 hour breed time? Anyone know what that is?

  74. Jade says:

    Trying to get Merry with Guft and Bug and I got 14 hrs. Must be Holly. It must be still available.

  75. LionaKitsune says:

    OmFFFg!! Just got mythic legendary trying for holly!!! Just trying silk n tundra (both level 10) over n over got tundra paid to finish got mythic ice paid to finish n suddenly got mythic again, sighed assuming another mythic ice (got about 999 ov em!) but time said 34h!! Couldn’t believe it. Srsly. I’ve had this game for what feels like forever n been trying for legendary since the beginning far before all these legacy monsters came in n confused n overwhelmed even the possibility (hard enough to get one now I sposed to get a bunch?!?) lol but yah I clearly WAYYY excited about this n just ~had~ to share hehe ^_^

  76. kassi says:

    Got it after several trials with silk and tundra and got a shadow in the process so worth it.

  77. T says:

    Merry and tundra finally worked for me.

  78. AmandaArt says:

    I got Holly with a basic teen plant and a basic teen Ice. Daisy and Sniffles I had $700 and 1 diamond in my orb for the cave :-)

  79. Jessica Kinslow says:

    I finally got holly with tundra (teen) and silk (teen), I can’t remember which side they were on. I’m on android.

  80. azngirl89 says:

    Finally got it i used level 10 bug and level 10 gift btw i play on android app :)

  81. Bat Hawk says:

    Just got a 14 hr breeding time with Web + Tundra, first time with that particular pairing. I think Holly’s my only option there! Finally. :)

  82. Michelle says:

    level 10 bug and level 10 ice. 2nd try. First time I got a Frozenflame.

  83. Kaitlyn says:

    I tried the combination silk and tundra but my silk monster is only a level 6 and my tundra monster is a leel 10. Does the silk monster have to be a level 10 also? Cause when i did this combination i got another tundra monster. Anything helps!

  84. ArtGirlLisa says:

    Flower+earthquake both lvl 10! 😀 wow!
    I wanted legend, but i got holly! first try ^^

  85. Lilie305 says:

    Has anyone noticed what their breeding time was (ei adult flower and max gift) when they got their merry? Just bred adult flower and max gift and breeding time is 5.5-6 hours, was curious if anyone noticed their’s.

    • Bat Hawk says:

      Breeding time for Holly is 14 hrs, (and Merry is 9, but I think that was a typo?). You’ve got a Silk or a Tundra on your hands, they’re both 6.

  86. DWat says:

    I got a Holly with a mythic Fire and a mythic Flower…

  87. Cerumen says:

    Mythic Plant and Gift (mean Snowman)

  88. AML276 says:

    I believe the habitat the monster is in makes a difference so rather than specifying (L) and (R) because we shuold all always list left first, we should start stating the habitat the monster was in.

    I FINALLY just got Holly from Frost (Ice) + Flower (Fire)

    noobbgodlike: When you list the habitats at the top of each hybrid page can you please list the Primary habitat first?

  89. garrison says:

    plant merry

  90. tkburris says:

    mountain and gift…. FINALLY!!!

  91. Ian says:

    Just got a 14 hr egg using adult (10) plant and adult (10) ice after using the combination about 10 times and continually getting a tundra or silk monster. Hopeful it’s holly!

  92. libbyg says:

    Silk + frozenflame and a 14 hour breeding time- reckon it could be a holly at last? 😀

  93. Sophie-Lou..Xx says:

    millions of tries with all formulas on here so tried level 10 gift with level 5 sporespark and guess what… Finally got my holly monster yay :-)

  94. cloudyy2 says:

    Just got my Second one using lvl 10 bug lvl 10 gift

  95. garrison says:

    why are there two gift and plants

  96. budders says:

    gift + bug first try with this combo.

  97. Tiny Expert says:

    I just keep gettin a gift! any suggestions?

  98. Spook says:

    I got mythic with Sunspike level 10 and mythic ice level 10 + orb half full.

  99. -Z3N0MS- says:

    I Breeded Ice and Silk and Got Gift 13 h breeding and Second time i Got 14 hours breeding when i Tried to Get gift again, But i am not sure It’s Holly.

  100. Stevenvb says:

    Just got 14h breeding time must be holly, on first try flower+tundra.

    • -Z3N0MS- says:

      I Used Lvl 10 Ice + Lvl 5 Silk and Tundra. But Lvl 10 Ice + Lvl 5 Silk Is The Best Combo To Get Holly And Gift.

  101. jokemon says:

    Yeah to be honest I cant remember which combo I used to finally get the Holly monster I want to say it was Gift w/either Mountain or Tree but gosh it took forever!

    The irony is it took so long to finally get and then I was pretty much able to evolve iit into adult in no time!

    With seasonal limited time monsters Ive noticed its really just trial and error and luck..

    (I started just in October) but Hallow and Grimbolt were relatively easy for me to get.. then I gave up trying for a Gratitude since it was taking up so much time. Then I got Gift on my first or second try (like the day or 2 after Thanksgiving) making it the easiest for me. Holly just took me forever. And then I had to get creativd to get the Merry monster but that took me a while as well.

    • -Z3N0MS- says:

      If u Wan’t Holly So Try This Ice + Silk In Second Try, If u Wan’t Merry so use Fire or Ice + Frostember or Wildfreeze, It’s Very Easy.

      • noobbgodlike says:

        it’s not easy like that, some device need to have an unique formula XD. I have been trying fire/ice + frostember/frozenflame for about 1 week and nothing. Now it’s time to try hybrids + hybrids.

  102. Tyler says:

    FINALLY!! Got it with adult Gift & teen Mythic Tundra….first try with that combo Good luck

  103. luke says:

    Flower and silk

    First time was hoping for a mythic plant

  104. tkburris says:

    why does it look like a tie dyed Gremlin?! lol

  105. Matt says:

    How can I get another holly I got one but now it is tundras all over again anything I can do to get it easier

  106. Any says:

    14 hours I don’t know if it is a holly or electric :tundra and bug hope all of you got it

  107. shaneadair says:

    FINALLY!! :) After 10000 (it seemed) Tundras I went back to basics with a teen mythic Ice and an adult mythic Plant and got the Holly!! Now on to my next quest!! Best holiday wishes to you and may you get your Merry and your Holly and your Gift!! :)

  108. Akasha says:

    I’ve been trying to get a cinder forever. All get is magmas. Wish there was a way to trade monster with someone

    • nozomi says:

      if there is then the lucky ones who get 2 rare monsters will be extremly rich since they can breed as many as they want=A=

      • noobbgodlike says:

        yeah, very true On the first time I though trading was a good idea but after thinking about it, the game will be killed very fast if the game have tat feature 😀

        • nozomi says:

          maybe they can create some wish system like you wish for a particular monster and your friends can help you to increase the chance to get it^U^

        • noobbgodlike says:

          LOL, still system like that can be easily exploited by having a community like this site :D. The game is different from Pokemon, in Pokemon we still need to train battle with other friends, this kind of game (breeding collectible) doesn’t have any purpose other than collecting the monster :D. Maybe in future when we can battle our monster or something like that we can trade our monsters :D. Merry X mas for you and thanks for all your help before :D.

        • nozomi says:

          something like mythic cave wont result that bad cuz it will never reach 100% chance 0.0
          actually i doubt if mythic cave really work cuz on my phone an empty orb usually works better than having some money in it =.=

        • noobbgodlike says:

          LOL, Mythic cave do increase the chance to get the mythic but it sometimes mess up your breeding result (ex: if you’re using cinder + fire, normally I get magma but if my mythic orb is full the formula results on fire… since fire mythic have very high chance to be obtained).

        • nozomi says:

          but when i try for gift with empty orb i got mythic tundra and mythic flurry= =but after i filled it i didnt even get mythic ice=A=

        • noobbgodlike says:

          LOL, maybe it’s different from person to person XD

    • luke says:

      This is a hit comment

      Why are u talking about cinder while this is the holly monster page

  109. Julie says:

    This monster looks a bit cracked out. Just sayin.

  110. Paul Lopez says:

    Adult flower + max level gift = 14 hours, should be a holly!

  111. Zuly says:

    Ice/ flower- AT first trie and get 3 mores AT first trie

  112. luke says:

    Flower and silk

    First time breeding for me

  113. JRussell says:

    Got it straight away with ice and plant and its a mythic too!

  114. Bloodrose says:

    Finally got it with ice and bug. I was taking a break and was trying for the merry monster. So, I am happy :)

    • shaneadair says:

      Ice/Bug resulted in a Merry monster for me – so that’s cool. Now to try againnfor that elusive jolly Holly! :)

  115. Esher says:

    Tried every suggestion, but finally got with:

    Frost (left) and Flower (right)

  116. Sarah Z says:

    Gift and Gratitude gave me a 14 hour breeding time! I really hope it is a Holly, I need to start working at the new Limited Monsters!

    • shaznic08 says:

      I too used this formula and have just finished breeding and its a holly!! I had tried many other combo’s but this finally gave me the monster. Good Luck

  117. Chantel says:

    I got two both times I used silk and gift :-)

  118. Jenna says:

    just got it (fingers crossed) with Gift + Plant… took forever!!

  119. Teresa says:

    FINALLY! Lvl 7 Mythic Gift+ lvl 10 Tree got me 14 hour breeding time.

  120. Jade says:

    1st try —– Ice & Bug got me my second Holly. I was trying for Merry and Holly at the same time since I have the Mythic Holly but not the regular.

  121. Teri says:

    I got both my holly by breedibg mythic mountain and gift x

  122. kris says:

    got it first try with mythic ice + silk – was trying for gift but got holly. Got gift next try with mythic ice + tundra :)

  123. cloudyy2 says:

    Got it with gift + bug now to get the Merry monster.

  124. agave_sin02 says:

    I try with gift monster+ tundra. But can’t, because they aren’t feeling in love.
    So I breed gift on left+ silk lvl10 on right.. and get 14 breeding time.. is that holly monster?

  125. Dee says:

    Any productive recipes for iOS??

  126. Rizky says:

    adult mythic silk and teen tundra
    i got a two holly monster

  127. wayne says:

    Well I got the holly monster by using gift+ pollen

  128. jj says:

    Tried dozens of times gave up and bred 2 other monsters when I went back to trying it worked on second try with teen silk and teen tundra (mythic). But like I said it took about 2 dozen tries

  129. J says:

    I got one with a gift on the left and tundra on the right. It was my first time too!

  130. Ed says:

    FINALLY! :-) On android I got two back to back yesterday. 1st was L-7 Mythic gift, R-10 Gratitude: 2nd was L-7 Gift, R-10 Mythic Gratitude. I hope this helps out, Good luck!!!

  131. sara says:

    I got it with gift and ice on the first try!

  132. jojo14 says:

    Again finaly i got a 14 hour breed by using level 5 voltleaf and level 10 ice. I thought it was a spark but it turned out to be a holly monster!how unexpected! Tks to one of your users who wrote on your website! I got it on the first try! Ice and bug and ice and plant did not work though

    • Bloodrose says:

      I was hoping this would work for me, since nothing else has. But, I got another 6 hour breed time – silk or tundra. Too bad for me that it did not work, because it is a mythic.

    • Luna says:

      Thanks for the post. Finally got Holly using Voltleaf (level 10,although I don’t think it matters) and Ice.

  133. Youngy says:

    I used lvl 10 flower and level 8 frost to get holly, got it first go and I’m trying again as we speak to see if its a consistent worker

  134. jp says:

    Gift and Gratitude 4 times, no Holly….

    • Tere says:

      Keep trying I have been trying for 4 days with all the suggestions and on the second try with mystic gift and gratitude I got a mystic holly

  135. Phong says:

    I got my first one by left lv10 normal Silk + right lv10 Mythic Ice. However, I keep getting Ice/Tundra/Silk/Gift in next few attempts. In 2-3 days, I have tried all formulas: Gift + Plant, Plant + Ice, etc but keep getting Tundra and Silk. So I end up CLEAR all my data RAM (close all the app) on my phone. Then I finally got 14 hours breeding time with left lv10 normal Silk + lv7 normal Gift right. It is still in breeding den, but I believe that I will get HOLLY :))

  136. jms says:

    gift and silk gave me 14 hours wait time

  137. CC says:

    Gift (7) + Gratitude (8/10) first try

  138. Joey says:

    Ice & tundra! when i was about to give up, finally gave me a holly!

  139. Sarah says:

    Ice and Silk.

    Both adults, mythic ice.

  140. Mike says:

    Finally after countless ice monsters, bunches of tundra and silk, one mythic silk, and 3 gift monsters, a mythic adult ice + mythic adult plant = 14 hour wait time.

  141. agentell143 says:

    Did anyone actually get Holly from Ice+Tundra cause I need that cause I already have 2 gifts and I don’t want to Waste my time

  142. Leop says:

    /!\ New Formula /!\

    Gift level 7 with Gratitude level 10 (R/L)

    Holly at the first try. 😉

  143. Duftfunk says:

    Tundra+silk second try

  144. GNun says:

    I got holly with gift and plant, thank you ^_^

  145. DanielleMCM says:

    tried all the combos and finally got holly with gratitude+Gift

  146. Nijo says:

    I just got frozenflame with Bug and Mythic Ice

  147. Jo says:

    Snowbluff level 10 + plant level 10 gaven me a holly monster.

    • Faith says:

      Omg, TANK YOU!!! after a week of trying, nearly giving up while getting a million silks, ices and tundras I finally got 14 hr breeding time!!!
      Snowbluf (lvl 10 on the left) + plant (lvl 10 on the right)

  148. Stacey says:

    Mythic Ice teen + tundra got a 14hr breeding time fingers crossed

  149. Vicki says:

    Got this monster with Gift on the left and Plant on the right! Thanks everyone!

  150. HerpDerp says:

    Second try with gift/plant and I got holly…
    Thanx all… :)

  151. Carmen Fowlkes says:

    First try silk and ice

  152. gnomezy says:

    Finally got this with iceflare (Lvl 8) + plant (Lvl 10).

  153. Vatan says:

    I got holly first try with Plant lvl10 and tundra lvl6.

  154. Billie says:

    Hello to everyone! I am an android user although i don’t know if that really makes any differnce but i am terribly unlucky with breedings. It took me ages to make the gratitude and gift monster and now i have trouble breeding this one. Every match has given me a tundra or a silk and the silk/tundra breeding an air..this goes on for more than 20 breedings…any enlighted advice would be much appreciated. thank you !!! :-)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I think you’re just unlucky, keep trying bro 😀

      • Billie says:

        I finally managed to get Holly !!! Yeah!!!
        With a Plant L.10 and a Snowbluff L.10

        I guess my luck changed because i think i am going for a second Holly monster in a row this time with a Plant L.10 and a Frostember L.10.

        I think the game is trying to compensate for the trouble it has given me so far !

    • Mike says:

      I would suggest use the trick “to turn off Wi-Fi and remove the app from recent items ” as soon as you check the time. hope it works for you.
      good luck

    • optimist says:

      I was having the same prb. I used the “breeding cancel” trick listed here and finally with a Mountain x Gift I have a 14 hr breed time. Fingers crossed.

      • optimist says:

        Nope, combo above got another snowbluff. Have a 14 hr breed time now with Ice x Bug. We will see tomorrow morning…

    • Shannon says:

      You know I have felt the exact same way. Like as if the android has it’s own breeding patterns! I never got the gratitude(soo soo :( bummed). It wasn’t from lack of trying, I honestly mixed every possible plant/earth combo I had. I have gotten the oddest results from breeding. I finally got the gift by breeding tundra and bug?!?! I’ve gotten a ton of tundra, silk, shadow & air monsters from my gift & holly attempts. I also tried for a light monster by breeding earthquake and frost and got a mythic snowbluff….so I follow breeding advice to get ideas but pretty much just wing it and TRY to enjoy whatever happens. I do get a lil frustrated (mostly b/c air takes so long and I just won’t blow diamonds to hurry processes.) By the time I get what I want, I truly treasure it b/c it is NEVER easy for me!!! Also, I keep my mythic crystal as full as possible so when I get something I already have, I can increase my chances of a mythic version. I have quite a few now!!! I hope this helps at least by reassuring you that you are not alone! Good Luck!

      • Georgeanne Eilers says:

        Look through the posts for android users I have been able to get mine with the same ones. Only thing is it has to be exact. Like if it says lvl 10 it means lvl 10. I thought adult was ok. So anyone posting your android please list level, what side, would be great help. And remember to say your using android. Thanks.

    • Mike says:

      I got it with mythic ice, and mythic plant, both adult. Good luck!

    • Luna says:

      I must be as unlucky, I have gotten 20+ tundras, silks and 1/2 dozen shadows. I play on a Kindle Fire.

  155. Isa says:

    I think Ice + Plant is the greatest combo. You need to try a lot, but if you fail you won’t need to wait for so long. I got lots of Silks on the process, but I finally got Holly.
    Merry Christmas! 😀

  156. Oris0987 says:

    Mythic bug(10) + mythic ice(10) = holly

  157. Cerumen says:

    Got a Couple Dozen tundras and silks with ice and plant combos. Finally got it on iPhone with Gift and Bug, on iPad with mythic tree and mythic ice. Good luck keep trying!

  158. Imatinymonster says:

    Gift lvl teen + teen tundra = holly

  159. Joe says:

    Silk and Gift first try

  160. Amber says:

    Silk+tundra=mythic Holly first try! After trying about 20 other combos. Thanks!

  161. Sara says:

    Son got a holly by trying for a tundra with bug and frost

  162. rainbowfae says:

    Tried lots of things but just got my 14hrs with plant + frost! !!

    I’d got it in my head, briefly, that it was 13hrs I was hoping for so convinced myself it wasn’t it so that when I checked I wouldn’t be disappointed, needless to say quite excited to see it IS 14hrs I want and that 13 was gift, which took me so long I can’t believe I forgot

    • Lulu says:

      Well I don’t want to burst your happy bubbly but I wanted to add an err of caution to your excited ness. I hope that you true.y got the Holly monster it took me for-ever!

      But when using a earth hybrid you run the possibility of getting a snowbluff which also has a 14 hr breed time. I did this exact same thing I got sooooooo excited and the used diamonds to send it to be hatched and it was snowbluff… I was sooooomad Andi never used earth hybrids after that. I got mine yesterday with gift 7+ mythic plant ( in that order)

      Again I hope you got it! Good luck!

  163. slo says:

    four regular and 1 mystic gifts, 4 tundras, 3 ice, 2 plant, and 3 silks later and still no luck

    getting. very frustrated

  164. magnum says:

    Flower and silk gave Holly as well

  165. magnum says:

    Holly with gift and teen mountain first try

  166. dannie says:


  167. Chary says:

    Plant monster + mythic ice monster = holly monster (first try)

    • Tess says:

      I have both of those. I’ve tried it and got tundra/silk. :( but I did get the gift so I’ll try one of those combos.

  168. Ri says:

    After several failed attempts I got a holly monster with a lvl10 mythic plant & lvl 10 snow bluff. Sooooo excited!

  169. leeanna says:

    I got holly monster with silk and tundra (3rd try) I got air and legendary the first 2!

  170. drax says:

    Gift + Gratitude = Holly

  171. Mister Modular says:

    Alright. I just bred a regular Ice + regular Silk both at level 10. And received a mythic egg with a hatch time of 14 hours. Hopefully…. I’m hoping, it’s a Holly monster….

  172. Vicki says:

    I got the Holly monster bredding the Gift monster with the Plant monster! :-)

  173. somesay says:

    Frozenflame + Plant = Holly Monster ! First try !

  174. Hana says:

    Got it using mythic plant + mythic ice in that order

  175. ashley says:

    Gift monster + mythical plant monster :)

    • Lulu says:

      My 1st breeding attempt of today since I tried tundra and silk n got shadow..long wait! And after I don’t know how many attempts at every combo…. I GOT IT! Woot woot
      And just in time!

      I used this same combo… Gift 7 left + mythic Plant 10 right!

      Seemed plant was the way to go today! From the list of comments of how people attained it that I read a lot used plant in the formula..sooooooo happy!

  176. jacob says:

    I got it with gift level 7 and mythic silk level 5 first try nailed it.

  177. ninfa says:

    Tried all breed i cant get this sucker pls help!!!!

    • jacob says:

      I got it first try with gift level 7 and mythic silk level 5……… I tried 5 or 6 times with gift level 7 and regular silk level 5 and kept getting silk and tundra then I used the mythic version got it first try

    • Brooke says:

      Try gift and mountain me and my friend got him with that combination

    • Me says:

      I breeded an adult plant monster with a mythic adult ice monster and got it first try, I might have just been lucky but it’s worth a shot

  178. Spooky says:

    Got it with ice + tundra 1st try on iPad and 4th on iPhone using that combo I have picked up 3 on one and 4 on the other

  179. Lulu says:

    Ok quick question and didn’t know where exactly to post it… So importing here cause I’m hoping to get some responses from older players who may be say… At level 40 and will be able to help.

    Is it me or are there not enough habitats to hold the amount of monsters that are possible to get in the game? Now it may be just the way each person has things set up ie. how many fire habitats you have verses the amount of plant. As of now without adding the limited monsters u have the possibility of having 150 monsters total ( that is if you have both mythic and normal version of each) it’s something like 65 hybrids 9 of the 1 element monsters and legendary…and even without mythics that about 83 monsters needing a home…Not counting limited edition monsters either. I am at level 35 in the game (almost done) but t this point it seems pretty improbable to be able to have each monster without deleting some mythics limiteds or something….I have crunched numbers trying to figure this out and yes I understand ‘its just a game’ but still.

    Am I wrong assuming this? Do they give way more habitats in the next 5 levels?since I am not to 40 I can’t be certain but I’m slowly running outta space and was just kinda curious if anyone else has thought about this yet?…..or those of you who are at the max level have any insight you can share ??

    Thanks for anyone who can help me rationalize this and figure it out… I appreciate the help! Happy holidays!

    Ps still no holly monster for me…frownie face!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I believe the habitat is enough but I really can’t post since I haven;t got all the level 40 we can build 28 habitats. I believe they will allow us to build more habitat on the next update (with expansion island of course XD)

    • Timildeepson says:

      You can get a “Hall of Heroes” which is basically a storage space for level 10 monsters. You can move them there, but you can’t breed them from there. I’ve been putting my mythical in there off safe keeping, lol. As for the holiday monsters, I generally have had poor luck. It seems I get them only after WEEKS of frustrating amounts of breeding. I finally got 2 Gifts in a row after 3 long weeks (Ice + Silk). The very next one I did was ice&plant and got a Holly. Five breeding later, I’m still getting Tundra’s 😛 Good luck

      • Lulu says:

        Smacks hand to forehead! I totally forgot about the hall of heroes!!! That must be the solution to the not enough habitats to keep every monster. I keep forgetting all about it! When I first goths thing I was still trying together enough money to buy stuff now that I’m running out of space II feel like an idiot for not thinking of putting all my level 10 mythical I’m not using to get the holly into there!

        Thanks soooo much for the reminder of the hall of heroes! I was getting kinda worried!

      • Georgeanne Eilers says:

        I guess that android users can’t get the hall yet. We are hoping to get with the next upgrade. :-(

    • Gman73 says:

      It is also worth thinking about your mix of habitats. Go for more of those habitats that can hold 4 monsters (large earth, large water, large electric) and less of those that only hold 2 monsters (shadow & light). Money is not so much of an issue when you have been playing a while although I still like the large earth that collect 7500 coins and hold 4 monsters (I have 5 of these habitats and 5 large ice). I also upgraded my hall of champions so I have 30 slots there.

  180. LC says:

    Used ice and tundra and it worked for me. Just waiting for it to hatch.

  181. Mike says:

    After trying so many combinations and getting so many, good for nothing, silk and tundra’s, I also stepped into Noobb’s boat with all my courage and tried silk + tundra. Finally got Holly monster, “Inner Piece”.

  182. Nae says:

    I used Silk + Tundra…got it on the first try :)

  183. Rachel says:

    Finally! I have Gift and Holly on both my ipod touch and my GS3 😀 it has taken so long.

  184. WGDBatman says:

    Holly Monster!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! I have tried every suggested combo and some off the rocker ones, I’ve hatched and sold countless Tundra and Silk monsters. I even (stupidly) spent over 200 diamonds speed breeding… this monster is my Bane.

    • jp says:


    • kaja says:

      i had the same problem. billion tundras,silk,ice and plant. then ive tried left tundra lvl10 + right silk lvl10..worked first try… im android user if it helps

      • WGDBatman says:

        I’m android as well… I tried every combo every side… BUT, I FINALLY got it with Gift and Gratitude! Big thanks to “drax”… got it first try, thought it was a fluke tried it again and wouldn’t you know? Another friggin Holly… WOOOOT

  185. hajj says:

    Finaly i got it with gift+mythic thundra

  186. Leop says:

    Mythic Holly with Level 10 Flower (left) and Level 7 Gift (right) and 496K coins just added in the jar. 😉

    After something likes 30 tries. D

  187. Sarah Z says:

    Just bred Level 5 Mythic Mountain with Level 7 Gift Monster, with a 14 hour breeding time! I’m crossing my fingers for a Holly!

  188. juice says:

    Wow! Hybird + hybrid gave me Holly 1st try lol

  189. WickaWicka says:

    I tried silk+ice and got it on the first try… :)

  190. Hot Head says:

    I got a Holly first try with lv.10 flower (left) and a lv. 5 gift (right)

    Hope it works for you guys :)

  191. gerri says:

    After like 15 tries with I don’t know how many combos I finally got a 14 hour breed time with bug and ice

  192. Lulu says:

    I tried gift and gratitude — it was suggested by someone on here– and I got a 14hr breed tim! I got really excited so i used some diamonds to speed it up and send it to “incubate” then when it went to the hatching den it turned out to be a friggin SNOWBLUFF!!!! I got all excited for nothing!

    ****Just as a WARNING for those breeding with a plant/earth hybrid that when u see a 14hr breed time don’t get too excited it could be a snowbluff like mine.. Don’t waste the diamonds.***

  193. Lynx says:

    Still trying for gift:(
    ANDROID L10 silk left L10 tundra right….. neither mythic…… doesn’t work other way round but this gives me holly…… did ghe cheat otherway round & turnd off internet quick & ended task, otherwise it gave me air, this stops breed & you get to try again. Must turn off internet quick though….Hope this helps andoid users.

  194. Barb says:

    Tried forever to get the gratitude but failed…
    got Holly and Gift (back to back) by breeding Ice +Silk for both.
    YEAH ! :)

  195. Carolyn says:

    Bug 10 + Ice 10.

  196. Sarah says:

    Just Bred my Mythic Gift! Was super happy already, tried my first bred Gift on left with mythic plant right, boom 14 hours 😀
    /already tried plant + ice about 8 times as well as gift + plant 2 times.

  197. Whatsthehaps says:

    Wrong thread but if you have 2 regular gifts but not a mythic yet if you keep breeding the 2 is it possible to eventually get a mythic?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yeah, don’t forget to fill the orbs

      • Rachel says:

        Filled orb helps but you don’t ‘need’ it for mythic. I was doing the ‘breed 5/10/50/100 times’ quests with the fire monsters cause it goes so fast with them and I didn’t bother with the orb cause it would have been a waste but I got so many mythics. I also got mythic tundra and mountain with an empty orb. Very cool 😀 Love this game.

  198. tinycrazy says:

    The older this monster..the crazier its look.. 😀

    • noobbgodlike says:

      LOL, frustrated maybe …

      • Lulu says:

        I’m going to say it looks more constipated as it gets older.

        • Matt says:

          It looks terrible I was thinking of leaving it as baby

        • Lulu says:

          Hahaha!! Yea… Some monsters are like that… Just too ugly to level up! And some are so cute that you don’t wanna level em up. But man… I’ve been trying for a long time to get this Lil guy with no luck…and I have to get it since its part of the level up your gift monster quest but I wish I didn’t have to get it.. Not the best looking monster on here….

  199. jokemon says:

    Im envious of those who got it on the first try, ive tried the combo of Ice/Plant many times kept getting Tundra or Silk, tried Silk/Tundra and well it got me a Shadow but i really wasnt trying to get Shadow yet! (Now I have to save up because the damn Shadow habitat costs so much.. Plus it takes up a day in breeding and another for hatching.. im either gonna sell it or just let it stay in the nursery until i can get its habitat w/o being broke) … now Ive been doing Gift/Plant but it also keeps giving me Silk or Tundra…. ill have to take a risk and try a hybrid w/either Ice, Planf , or Gift but this is getting annoying that I cant just get the Holly monster

    • Lulu says:

      I’m having the same issue! I had the hardest time getting gift !! It took me from its inception until this past Saturday! That’s a long time for 1 monster. If I see another tundra or silk egg I’m going to toss my holiday cookies!! I can’t seem to catch a break. So I hear ya! Now that I’m trying for holly I am getting a bunch of gift monsters too.. Blah!

      But I tried plant/ice, silk/tundra, gift/ice, multiple times.. Working down the list above… To no avail. Not one of these holiday monsters has been easy to get! So much for the giving season!

      I’m just hoping ill get it before its gone cause that’s part of the gift level up quest.. What if u never get it? Can ur gift never evolve? And if so YIKES!

  200. Bri79 says:

    I got mine with Ice+Plant first try. Gift and Holly in one day… Must be my lucky day!!

  201. SMashy says:

    Gift+plant. Worked first try.

    • SMashy says:

      Btw is it just me or dose this monster kinda creep you out? I feel like you would find this thing creepen outside your bedroom window w/ Santa Clause.

  202. Gabe says:

    For mine 1st try by breeding flower and ice

  203. Gabe says:

    I got mine by breeding a flower monster and ice monster on the 1st try

  204. Lucy says:

    FINALLY……Gift and Tree, I got a 14 hour breeding time and it’s a mythic. I gave up spending money on the mythic orb so it was either empty or close to empty… for me!

  205. Dee says:

    On my Android Tab I got two, both with Ice lvl 10 on Left + Tundra lvl 10 on right.

  206. shalla666 says:

    I’ve bred mythic Tundra and regular silk and finally got a 14 hour. I’ve looked at the egg chart, but am soooooo nervous I have to ask …. is it a Holly for sure or am I just reading it wrong?

  207. Chad Moore says:

    Gift (7) + silk (10)

  208. juliria says:

    I got it with ice+silk first try even if I was trying to get a gift not a holly :p

  209. DunceCapGenius says:

    Ya have gift + plant listed on there twice.

  210. Rich says:

    Got it with gift lvl 7 & plant lvl 10- first try

  211. Bloodrose says:

    I have gotten 4 mythic silk monsters trying for holly. Just got another 6 hour mythic – obviously not holly again. It’s interesting because It is way more mythics than I got with the recent increased chance of getting mythic monsters. I am not even boosting the orb very much. Hope my luck is with me when I finally do get holly!

  212. silvia says:

    Two Holly monsters in a row, and still looking for gift.

    • Lulu says:

      What formula did u use!? I can’t get this one I just get gift or tundra or silk! I think I have the opposite problem. But then again it took weeks to just get the gift monster…

      My gift formula was ice and mythic frost

  213. Diana says:

    I got it with gift + tree monster… but after 5 tries.

  214. Bella says:

    Got it with gift + tundra

  215. heather says:

    Got it on first try with gift on left and regular adult plant on right…yay

  216. Smajli says:

    Finally! 😀
    I got my Holly with Silk and Ice! ;’D

  217. creeper69 says:

    got one yesterday after breeding my 2nd Gift monster. December limited monsters are definitely easier to breed than Halloween monsters in my case at least hehe :)

    • Jadelinia says:

      I agree. Got Holly 3 times consecutive , have 1 Gift and trying so hard to get another Gift but end up with Hollies super easy. I had a bloody hard time trying to get at least one Halloween monster which I only got near end of availability – same with Gratitude monster lol. So you are not alone. :)

      • Lulu says:

        I can’t get holly! What were your formulas? Took me til this past Saturday to get gift and gratitude now I can’t get gift… Any helpful hints?

  218. Amber says:

    Ice and silk on the 3rd try. Both level 10.

  219. jp says:

    Plant and ice 3 times, Tundra… Mythic Plant and ice 4 times, Tundra… Silk and Ice 3 Times, Tundra… Plant and Gift 2 times, Tundra… Arrgh…

  220. Irisberg says:

    got 14hrs with gift and tundra!!! first try! 😀

  221. david says:

    Gift with plant. Get holly on first try. 2nd get tundra 3rd try get 14 hours breeding.

  222. Chantel says:

    Silk level 10 on left gift level 7 on right…..first try! :-)

  223. jacque says:

    Yeah! I got with silk(l) and ice (r). Only took one try.

  224. balibeli says:

    After trying plant and ice about 5 times, got one first try with level 7 Gift on the left and lvl 10 mountain on the right!!

  225. Katy says:

    I got it with a lvl. 7 gift on the left and a lvl. 10 tundra on the right.

  226. wicked1z says:

    I belive I got holly first time by breeding plant(10) + mythic ice (10). It has a 14 hour time so I assume it is going to be a holly.

  227. Jade says:

    1st try of Plant and Gift after several unsuccesful tries of ice & plant/ tundra/ silk.
    Now trying to get a second one. I.tried the gift & plant combo 3 more times unsuccessfully. I probably will try a new combo next time.

  228. Tommy1Tone says:

    I tried many of the popular combos but no luck. I got so many silk monsters I wanted to puke. I finally got my holly with Gift + Gratitude. It’s sleeping in my dream room right now . . . let’s see what happens at lvl 10.

    • Lulu says:

      My gift + gratitude ended up being a SNOWBLUFF! Talk about getting really excited for no reason! Same hatch/breeding time… Bummer!

  229. rachel says:

    Got it first try with tundra and silk.

  230. Icepaws says:

    teen ice+ adult mythic Thundra 1st try

  231. maac says:

    i gotta mytic holly by breeding mytic bug and teen ice…
    enjoy breeding

  232. Toutlemonde says:

    Gift and plant 2nd try.

  233. james says:

    mythic plant and mythic gift gave me holly at once

  234. Paul Lopez says:

    Mythic Mountain teen + Max level gift first try.

  235. Jennifireray says:

    Pretty sure I just used ice and silk.. Although it may have been flurry and silk

  236. Cat says:

    I got two holly monsters in a row using a plant and gift monster.

  237. Kristen says:

    Gift + Plant gave me holly

  238. Susan says:

    Got it on first try with Plant and Mythic Ice. I wish M. bolt was as easy.

  239. juice says:

    U guys should state what device u r on! So other ppl reading would kno which bred to use

    • noobbgodlike says:

      device doesn’t affect the breeding result. Device only affect availability of some monster, items, and building.

      • juice says:

        N the owners of tinyco told u dat? Right,,,well iv used breeding dat ppl say used on dere iphone n noting happens den I use a bred from sum1 dey said dey did it on android n it works…if sum monsters r not on android dere could b a possibilitiy dat breeds r diff as well..

  240. Dubb says:

    Got mine with Mythic Snowbluff and Tundra on first try and tried again, with another 14 hr time.

  241. misti says:

    Well the first time It came up I was still trying to breed for gift and got Holly monster with level 10 ice and level 8 silk. Then did tundra and silk and got 26 hour breed time. So in 2 days I will have my first air monster. :) but still trying to get gift monster.

  242. AutomaticCrazy says:

    i got using mythic ice and tundra second try

  243. iris says:

    got a 14 hour breeding time with ice and silk..guess it s a holly!=)

  244. Megan says:

    Mythic Plant and Silk, first try!

  245. Michelle says:

    I got a holly by breeding gift and tundra.

  246. Erica says:

    Flashfreeze and flower first time.. Was tryna get light monster..

  247. Bttrflygrl says:

    Got mythic 2nd attempt. Ice level 10 and teen mythic plant= mythic holly!
    Unbelievable because sometimes i try every combo n never get the limited monsters :}

  248. sweety says:

    bug10 + frost6 = holly mosnter in the first try with 13hrs breeding time.

  249. Tina says:

    I got a mythic Holly breeding Plant(10) and Silk(10),first try 😛 yaaaaay :)

  250. noobgodlike says:

    Tundra left. Ice right. I got it first try.

  251. monster madness says:

    Got it first try breeding plant left and ice right. Both adults.

  252. lynxiee says:

    I got one with Bug + Frost
    1st try

  253. Zaine says:

    I got holly twice in 4 attempts with plant and silk same order both level 10

  254. michai says:

    Ice + plant first try was kinda scared i was gonna get a tundra or silk

  255. vilnolin says:

    got it first try with level 10 plant and level 10 ice.

  256. Rattler says:

    Ice and silk

  257. deathmetallover says:

    i got it using ice+flower on first try.

  258. Crazymetalbitch says:

    I got it using plant and silk on my first try yay lol sucks it takes so long I want my diamonds now lol

  259. Jadelinia says:

    Gift + Tundra on the first try. Both lvl 10s

    • Jadelinia says:

      Oops correction Gift lvl 7. Now I’m rethinking if it was Tundra + Gift ….. Sorry I think I was going to do gift and tundra but choose to switch sides last night – either way those two were used

      • Vicki says:

        With Tundra and Gift, I got Mythic Ice :-(

      • Jadelinia says:

        Gift + Tundra twice in a row = two Holly monsters twice in a row

        • Jadelinia says:

          I tried upping the mythic boost with Gift + Tundra and resulted in Mythic Holly. So far the count is now 3 Hollies in a consecutive row (2 reg and 1 mythic). All I keep trying to do now is at least get a Mythic Gift but end up with Hollies lol

  260. Sofia says:

    Mythic Tundra (7) + Mythic Ice (10)

    Got it when trying to breed Gift Monster and I got like “Woohooo I got the Gift Monster” (hadn’t really got a thought that it could be Holly Monster). Anyhow I’m glad I got Holly, gonna go breeding for Gift next :)

  261. Raelara says:

    I bred plant on the left & ice on the right & got Mythic Holly on my second try.

  262. MrsZombie says:

    Not sure if anyones said this but it seems if the increased breeding chance that was meant to have been applied for Gift has actually been applied to Holly instead.

    Android – first try with Level 10 Tundra left and Level 10 Silk right.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      no, you’re just lucky XD. I still struggle with Holly monster.

      • Phong says:

        I got my first Holly by breeding left lv10 Silk normal and right lv10 Mythic Ice. However, I try to get 2nd Holly by this formula, does not work, keep getting Ice, Tundra, GIFT. I just feel lucky for first try. I am going to try another safe formula…

      • Carrie5260 says:

        Me too … I’ve got four Gift monsters hopping around but just one Holly. But I’m going to keep trying until I get one more, lol !

    • Jadelinia says:

      I think you might be right. I did Gift + Tundra again right after getting first Holly and got another Holly right after

  263. geo says:

    i got it with lv 10 myth plant (left) + lv 7 gift (right) first try !!! 😀

  264. Tiny Expert says:

    Yayyah! I got A gift and holly, Gift, left silk and right 1ce,holly, left ice right silk

    • charisse says:

      Thanks!! Just tried what you said and got a 14 hour breed time :D; it’s gotta be Holly!!!!

    • maac says:

      i got mytic version of holly monster in first try…
      with hybrid bug in left side and teen ice in right side…
      enjoy breeding guys…

  265. Mietas says:

    Ice + silk for the first time. Lucky me after so many tries with this bloody gift 😉

  266. Charlie says:

    Whilst breeding Ice & Silk, I was trying for a second Gift Monster (I wanted to develop one and keep one as a teen in its box form). I also needed a Mythic so i could use them to keep breeding until Ye Olde Law of Averages gave me my much needed Mythic version, whilst trying I got a Holly Monster which was a bonus!
    I not sure why I did this but I did, but after getting several Gift Monster eggs (I only bothered hatching a couple, the rest I sold as soon as the eggs where ready) I continued breeding the Ice~silk instead of switching to Gift~Gift to (hopefully) get my Mythic gift and up popped another Holly! I bred the first up to level 10 and got the 50 diamonds on offer in the quests to use to speed a few breedings up. Again while still using ice~silk for some reason I got my Mythic Gift, followed by another 2 gifts and then after my diamonds ran out I got another Holly. That was a few hours back, it wasn’t until I went to collect the coins and plant some more food I noticed the Holly egg colours and whilst checking the egg chart it would appear I have somehow fluked myself a Mythic Holly!!!!
    If it is, this will have been the smoothest limited monster I have collected to date! Whilst I do not recommend my bizarre breeding methods (I should have switched to Gift~Gift and Holly ~Holly as soon as I had the second of each monster) it has certainly made up for my nightmare trying to hatch a Gratitude (Thanksgiving) Monster. I only managed to get my first (and only) one a few days back!!
    So if you are in need of both Gift and Holly monsters why not try the Ice Monster ~ Silk Monster, after all you may just hit pay dirt as I did!
    Thanks for reading and good luck breeding these and any other limited monsters you need.

    Noob, as always, your site excelled in the information and picture department! Thank you for working so hard to keep me informed as I play a game I started playing for my step son, he has his own game now as this one is mine, mine, mine mmmwwwah ha ha haaaa!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You’re welcome and congrats for your Holly monster.

    • Carrie5260 says:

      I think Ice/Silk is the way to go too. That’s how I got my only Holly (a mythic). But, while i have four Gift monsters hopping around my habitat, none of them are mythic. So, while I try for my next Holly, I’ll hope for a mythic Gift. Thanks for your comment Charlie, I was getting frustrated and was going to switch formulas. :)

  267. Liss says:

    I’ve been trying for gift since it came out with NO luck… Got this one the very first try with silk on the left and ice on the right. :)

  268. Catja_F says:

    adult tundra + adult ice worked for me. Good Luck

  269. michelle says:

    I have android and used plant left and tundra on the right and got holly first time.

  270. Rachel says:

    Mythic ice + silk

  271. david says:

    Breeding gratitude and mystic ice. Get 14 hours. Hopefully is holly. But if it was gratitude im would be happy as well.

  272. Edward says:

    Try teen gift and adult plant

  273. Ashley Markis says:

    On my quest to level up my gift monster, it said that I have to have a level ten holly monster first….. It really sucks, cuz right now I just got a legendary monster so I have to wait 34 hours before using my breeding den agian because I ran out of diamonds….:((

  274. Kirsten says:

    I got a holly monster by breeding level 10 ice and level 10 tree.

  275. Special says:

    Think I got it mythic ice level 10 bred with mythic mountain level 10 said 13hrs and 59mns hope I get it.Already got gift and gratitude! :)

  276. Smajli says:

    Just a tips, if you have’nt (sorry for my bad english…. o.o) the Gift monster yet, try Ice + Thundra/Silk! 😉

  277. Chad says:

    Level 10 plant right, level 10 ice left

  278. Nanette says:

    I got the Holly Monster first try with Flitter (mystic Lv 8, although I don’t think that mystic was relevant) AND
    Gift (Lv 7) 14h breeding. Shocked! Yay!

  279. pakitovo says:

    I did it with Mythic Ice + Graveleaf 1st try!

    • Rene says:

      Graveleaf?! Talk about a shot in the dark! Congrats! Wish us Android users had the option for our Hallow Monsters to evolve to those other 3 forms. :(

  280. Sapphira says:

    I was trying for a gift but ended up with a mythic holly! Just waiting for it to hatch now. Used lvl 10 ice on left, lvl 10 silk on right. I’ll take a screen shot of it once it hatches :)

  281. Sezuel says:

    Lvl 10 Ice + lvl 5 tundra first try

  282. Marissa says:

    Do we kno how long this monster is here for, if its limited or not? I’m unable to get into my game, won’t open at all on iPad and so far I’ve gotten all limited monsters. Have sent 2 email to support no reply.

  283. SabreUno says:

    I might get one becuz i tried silk and tundra for ice, but i got 14h breeding time, so i think it’s holly 😛 i put my mythic cave a little more full in hope its a mythic version, if so ill send you the pictures.

  284. Sammie90 says:

    Mythic ice + mythic plant (both level 10) got holly monster. First try. :)

  285. WrFtW says:

    Also my holly monster is a mystic ATM it’s an egg idk if u need pics or not if you do not sure how to do that xD kinda new to using the website for the game

  286. jhsnowbunny says:

    Got it first try. Mythic lvl 10 Ice and lvl 10 Silk = 14hrs
    Much easier than the gratitude monster.

  287. Ang says:

    Mountain and gift got me a 14 hr time.

  288. WrFtW says:

    I recommend plant and silk I got it 4th try if I failed I always got plant which had a low breeding time

  289. Rene says:

    Oh, that is not a cute monster when it’s an adult! What’s wrong with it?!

  290. Chrissy says:

    i got the Holly monster by breeding silk + plant :)

  291. John says:

    I got one with a level 7 gift and a level 10 plant on the second try and my girlfriend used the same formula and got it on the third try

  292. Tyler S. says:

    I first tried lvl 10 mythic Ice, with a lvl 10 Tundra on the right and got a mythic tundra. On my second attempt I reversed those two (lvl 10 tundra left lvl 10 mythic Ice right) and got a 14 hour breeding time. Gotta be Holly. Best formula to use, shortest wait times

  293. jeff says:

    I got one with a level 8 mountain and a level 7 gift on my first try

  294. Brandi says:

    I just breed gift left and mythic plant right. I got a 14 breed time. :)

  295. Brandy says:

    I used a mythic plant and snowbluff and got a 14 hr breeding time. Hopefully I got it. I’ll let you all know. :)

  296. Ashlee says:

    I got it on my first try with plant(lvl 10) on left and aurora(lvl 5) on right!

  297. Merlasia says:

    Just breed plant and mythic ice both level 10 got 14 hrs breeding time! Fingers crossed its a Holly monster! :-) Already got gift from Ice mythic and silk :-)

  298. heygirl says:

    I was trying to get gift by using ice + tundra I got 14 hours breeding time
    is it a holly monster????!!!!!

  299. tinycollector says:

    Got 14 hours… Now Idk which it’ll b lol

  300. chertichego says:

    just got 14h breeding from ice and bug

  301. Mia says:

    I bred plant and silk once and got plant, bred plant and silk again and got 14 hours! YAY!

  302. yoyo says:



    time up 1. 8 2. 18

  303. Tim says:

    I was able to attempt to evolve my gift monster only to get a message saying it wasn’t ready to come out of its box. Used teen gift and ice got holly monster first try.

  304. Mike says:

    plant + ice hybrid is good combination, if you don’t want gift monster by mistake, I am gonna try that because i already have Gift monster.
    (both have 14h breeding )

  305. Lucky says:

    I got a breeding time of 14 hours on my first try with mythic Plant + mythic Ice, so I guess I got lucky on this one.

  306. Zaine says:

    Noob I’ll send you a pic when it hatches

  307. Zaine says:

    I got Mythic Holly with Plant and Silk same order both level 10 on the second attempt.

  308. Thea says:

    I’ve bred plant and silk and got a hibernation time of 14 hours

  309. Luis says:

    I recommend try ice and plant continuously for a while before trying hybrids to get breeding of 6 hours which is better than 26 hours for air.

  310. gaspar says:

    i’ve breed silk and tundra, and i got 26h. so i will get air :(

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