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Tiny Monsters How to Get Elder Plant

Normal Version

Tiny Monsters Elder Plant Egg

Tiny Monsters Elder Plant Growth

Mythic version (Thanks to Michelle for the pictures)

Tiny Monsters Elder Plant Egg MythicTiny Monsters Mythic Plant Growth

Elder Plant Status

You can boost your chance by having Plant Pillar on your mountain. Visit this link to know more info about it.













Earn Rate

8 9 10 11 13 17 23/24 31/32 42/44 58/60

Food (x4)

90 190 280 370 460 550 640 730 820 MAX

Total Food needed

0 360 1120 2240 3720 5560 7760 10320 13240 16520

Habitat: Special (any legacy habitat) and Plant

How to obtain: 179/895 diamonds (not available in featured or monsters menu on the beginning, but you can buy it from monsterpedia. It will appear normally on monster market after you finish quest number8)

Selling Price: 800 Coins

Exp: 2660 XP

Breeding/Hatching Time: 22 hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 5 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 19 hours

Note: If you have legendary (any legacy forms), you can breed it with this monster to get another legendary. I have tested this method :D

Note: Breeding this with another “basic” elder monster will result on legendary monster

Note: Elder elemental only act as a normal single element monster when bred with other ordinary monsters.

Breeding Formula (Suggested general formula is Plant hybrids + Plant Hybrids):
[0] Mountain + Tree
[0] Blossom + Mountain
[0] Flower + renewal
[0] Tempest Windstone
[0] Leave your formula on the comments

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

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438 Responses to “Tiny Monsters How to Get Elder Plant”

  1. ekildogbboon says:

    Noob can you place a elder in legendary or does it have to be the habitats required?

    • ekildogbboon says:

      Legendary habitats not legendary

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I dont’ understand what are you trying to ask.. However if you ask specific habitat for a specific monster, simply read the post on every monster (i have written allowed habitat on every monsters page).

  2. TM again says:

    Got it again finally. I was trying for puff using inferno n freeze

    So happy

  3. TM again says:

    Noob can you get an elder plant by breeding an elder plant and a plant.

    I have an elder plant but I had it before I got the saved space so now I need a new one. I’m mad. So I’m hoping I can get an elder plant this way.

  4. LaurenRebecca says:

    Got one with level 10 frozen flame and level 10 Ethereal boreal.

  5. chaszack (tiny id) says:

    Mythic Frost and Mythic Snowbluff just gave me 22 hr breeding time. I’m assuming it’s this :D

  6. nichole says:

    I read the notes above but it doesn’t say if 2 elder plants will give you another. I think I accidentally sold a mythic. I’m not trying right now because of all the quests but I’ll want to later.

  7. Patricia (myliddleones Tiny ID) says:

    Trying for Joy, mythic bug + mythic tundra both level 10 gave me 3 Elder Plants in a row! (I’m on android) Unfortunately none of them were mythic which I still need. :-(

  8. Adam says:

    Finally after 2 months I have Elder Plant wooooooo hoooooo, it took forever. Got it with Treewood and sunstone.

  9. Dolphady99 says:

    Got a mythic first try using social breeding ( that’s how I got all of my elder elementals and my legendary) with a water friendship and a plant unity

  10. MorningGlory says:

    Strangely I got numerous different monsters with this combo

    Friendship Electric + Unity Fire

    I got different result each time I tried

    Hope you guys get one

  11. hayley says:

    Got this one twice with some weird xombo that you wouldnt think that would give you elder plant one combo was borel and frostember and the other combo sunstone and mountain

  12. TinyNice says:

    I got elder plant breeding Sun (10) with Merry (10)

  13. Patronas says:

    Was trying for a Luster, but got a mythic plant elder with Aurora lvl 8 and Flash lvl 10 instead.

  14. Brandon says:

    Just got lv10 luck and lv10 mountain

  15. ALF0525 says:

    Hey, noob: Can you get an elder plant by breeding 2 elder plants?

  16. ForLAmos says:

    Level 5 mountain and level 10 mythic tree

    noob good job on the site extremely helpful and well organized

  17. Bla says:

    Social den: Ice friendship + plant unity!

  18. Tiny Jake says:

    Mythic 22 hour in the social den using Plant (8) and Water (8). Fingers crossed for elder plant!!

  19. gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

    I was trying for special elder but i got this one instead,
    embershade+ sun
    I was trying for elder plant since it came out with no im happy

  20. MarinaKotik says:

    got it from social breeding den, water friendship + plant unity

    • MarinaKotik says:

      what a huge mistake =_= it happened to be pond not elder plant…. it was naive to be so excited about 22 hours breeding time :D

      • Trixiedoodle says:

        I have gotten nothing but plant, tree, bug, and pond for the past year. In my experience, the more diamonds you buy, the less your chances of receiving a rare monster to order increase your chances purchasing more diamonds. I am no longer interested in playing this game.

  21. Perry says:

    I have been trying for this monster soooooo many times since the end of summer. I now have a 22 hour wait with the combo using Renewal and Mythic Tree, both adults. I believe I finally will have one. Good Luck, this one requires patience. :)

  22. Crystal says:

    Mythic Flower and boreal both lvl 10

  23. Patronas says:

    Got it with devotion lvl 8 and marine lvl 10.

    Noob, great job with the site! It’s been a savior in many occasions! :)

  24. Ursula says:

    If you breed a friendship with a unity monster you can get elder monsters. This has now happened to me twice

    • Jwin88 says:

      I used this and I got Elder Fire! Thank you! I have been trying to get that one forever!!!

    • Christian says:

      I have got elder earth from social breeding had negative thought and I was like it prob a shadow out it off for a day then put it in my egg area and it was a elder earth

  25. lilaura5 says:

    I got Elder Plant (was trying for Devotion) with Freeze and Icefloe. Either way works for me since I’ve been trying for the Elder monsters for ages lol

  26. adam says:

    Anyone have any combos they’ve used to get elder plant

  27. Necros says:

    I bred a Plant Unity and an Electric Friendship

  28. Brandon says:

    I’m just making sure this is right. Breed 2 elder monsters and get a legendary? Not sure if I read right or not.

  29. katsmygame says:

    Mythic merry + Boreal = mythic elder plant…. Go figure ???

  30. Jamie Thompson says:

    Okay, so when you breed, does it matter which one you choose first? So if I breed a fire and an earth, does it matter which one goes first? Do you have a higher chance of getting something else if you choose earth first instead of fire? I’m always wondering this. I’m a level 26, and wanted to know if that ever made a big difference in what monster I hatch.
    Thank you!

  31. shaRni0794 says:

    Mythic Mountain and Mythic Tree (in that order) both level 10 :) hope this helps someone!

    I also wanted to check (just to be sure )if I breed this monster with a elder earth, that I will get a legendary?? Is that correct?

  32. Edward says:

    I use Adult Electric Friendship and Adult Plant Unity

  33. adalines says:

    How did you unlock ability to get it I’ve been trying forever

  34. szanci says:

    Hi everybody i can breed whit my legendary monster8 whit enithing else. why?

  35. Alex says:

    I only just unlocked the ability to get elder plant and got it with friendship ice with unity earth first go :D

  36. A.MAY says:

    I need help on this one…for the last 2 weeks I’ve been on the game non stop trying everything. I’ve been doing the social den and regular breeding den. It’s driving me crazy! I’m seriously getting tired of Shadow, Electric, and Unity

  37. Bttrflygrl says:

    Mythic flower n renewal- first try, so happy- i hope, seems right. I only have a fire elder so far.

  38. Stephanie13 says:

    I’ve gotten both Elder Plant and Elder Fire using the combination of Level 10 Luster and Level 7 Eeriewood. Still don’t know why or how.

  39. damoniamiles says:

    I keep getting elder fire, ice, earth, and enigmas but no elder plant

  40. Scooter331 says:

    Hi noob have you ever had a monster disappear from your game?, my mythic elder plant is gone what should I do pls thanks mate.

  41. basaro says:

    mythic income L7-L10 = 24,32,44,60

  42. Ashley7 says:

    Got this first try with Bug & Flower.

  43. Zephyr and Flurry. Trying to breed a Zephyr.

  44. knightcookie says:

    No it was a pond monster. Back to breeding…I don’t have a single elder yet :-(

    • Suzanne says:

      I got earth elder with snowbluff & mountain both level 10 in the above preset, hope this helps you get your first elder, I’m level 56 & only just got one, good luck

      • Suzanne, tiny ID vdstock says:

        Snowbluff left side, mountain on the right side, I sometimes think it makes a difference after switching the order round & finally get what I need

      • Christian says:

        I got legendary from that was hoping it was elder ice

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