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Tiny Monsters How to Get Elder Plant

Normal Version

Tiny Monsters Elder Plant Egg

Tiny Monsters Elder Plant Growth

Mythic version (Thanks to Michelle for the pictures)

Tiny Monsters Elder Plant Egg MythicTiny Monsters Mythic Plant Growth

Elder Plant Status

You can boost your chance by having Plant Pillar on your mountain. Visit this link to know more info about it.













Earn Rate

8 9 10 11 13 17 23/24 31/32 42/44 58/60

Food (x4)

90 190 280 370 460 550 640 730 820 MAX

Total Food needed

0 360 1120 2240 3720 5560 7760 10320 13240 16520

Habitat: Special (any legacy habitat) and Plant

How to obtain: 179/895 diamonds (not available in featured or monsters menu on the beginning, but you can buy it from monsterpedia. It will appear normally on monster market after you finish quest number8)

Selling Price: 800 Coins

Exp: 2660 XP

Breeding/Hatching Time: 22 hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 5 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 19 hours

Note: If you have legendary (any legacy forms), you can breed it with this monster to get another legendary. I have tested this method 😀

Note: Breeding this with another “basic” elder monster will result on legendary monster

Note: Elder elemental only act as a normal single element monster when bred with other ordinary monsters.

Breeding Formula (Suggested general formula is Plant hybrids + Plant Hybrids):
[0] Mountain + Tree
[0] Blossom + Mountain
[0] Flower + renewal
[0] Tempest Windstone
[0] Leave your formula on the comments

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453 Responses to “Tiny Monsters How to Get Elder Plant”

  1. Pulgita says:

    Yesss, got Elder Plant by using Mountain and Tree . . . I’ve tried this combination several times with no success. I thought I’d give it one more try and I’m very happy I did. =)

  2. Nyny says:

    Was trying for a Scorpio but got this one insteAd.
    Mythic Icefloe lv 10 + Mythic Freeze lv 10 = normal Elder Plant
    Still dont knw y i got this since the combo don’t have plant element.

  3. brobones says:

    Gloom and Starfire got me a mythical elder plant.

  4. PietjePuk1 says:

    Trying for Gratitude or Pumpkin, but I got my first Eldar 😀

    I used Love + Luck, getting a normal Eldar Plant to hatch, me happy!

  5. TM Again says:

    Somehow I got this with Mythic Flare and Mythic Spike. Wish I had gotten Elder Electric or even Elder Fire but ANOTHER Elder Plant YEH. LOL

  6. caitlin says:

    I got the right breeding time. Hopefully lvl 10 Pond and Mythic Lvl 10 Sporespark

  7. anyeta says:

    Yay! Finally got this one today with Bug lvl 10 and Primavera lvl 10 :) Good luck to all hatchers :)

  8. Becca says:

    Plant and electric friendship and unity- first time!

  9. Dragonslayer#14 says:

    Hey noob,
    Can you breed Elder Plant without buying the rune pillar.For some reason no matter what plant hybrids I use,I always get shadow.

  10. SPDRMAMMA/Sonjams1 says:

    Lv.10 Mythic bug & Lv.5 Merry

  11. ekildogbboon says:

    Noob can you place a elder in legendary or does it have to be the habitats required?

    • ekildogbboon says:

      Legendary habitats not legendary

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I dont’ understand what are you trying to ask.. However if you ask specific habitat for a specific monster, simply read the post on every monster (i have written allowed habitat on every monsters page).

  12. TM again says:

    Got it again finally. I was trying for puff using inferno n freeze

    So happy

  13. TM again says:

    Noob can you get an elder plant by breeding an elder plant and a plant.

    I have an elder plant but I had it before I got the saved space so now I need a new one. I’m mad. So I’m hoping I can get an elder plant this way.

  14. LaurenRebecca says:

    Got one with level 10 frozen flame and level 10 Ethereal boreal.

  15. chaszack (tiny id) says:

    Mythic Frost and Mythic Snowbluff just gave me 22 hr breeding time. I’m assuming it’s this 😀

  16. nichole says:

    I read the notes above but it doesn’t say if 2 elder plants will give you another. I think I accidentally sold a mythic. I’m not trying right now because of all the quests but I’ll want to later.

  17. Patricia (myliddleones Tiny ID) says:

    Trying for Joy, mythic bug + mythic tundra both level 10 gave me 3 Elder Plants in a row! (I’m on android) Unfortunately none of them were mythic which I still need. :-(

  18. Adam says:

    Finally after 2 months I have Elder Plant wooooooo hoooooo, it took forever. Got it with Treewood and sunstone.

  19. Dolphady99 says:

    Got a mythic first try using social breeding ( that’s how I got all of my elder elementals and my legendary) with a water friendship and a plant unity

  20. MorningGlory says:

    Strangely I got numerous different monsters with this combo

    Friendship Electric + Unity Fire

    I got different result each time I tried

    Hope you guys get one

  21. hayley says:

    Got this one twice with some weird xombo that you wouldnt think that would give you elder plant one combo was borel and frostember and the other combo sunstone and mountain

  22. TinyNice says:

    I got elder plant breeding Sun (10) with Merry (10)

  23. Patronas says:

    Was trying for a Luster, but got a mythic plant elder with Aurora lvl 8 and Flash lvl 10 instead.

  24. Brandon says:

    Just got lv10 luck and lv10 mountain

  25. ALF0525 says:

    Hey, noob: Can you get an elder plant by breeding 2 elder plants?

  26. ForLAmos says:

    Level 5 mountain and level 10 mythic tree

    noob good job on the site extremely helpful and well organized

  27. Bla says:

    Social den: Ice friendship + plant unity!

  28. Tiny Jake says:

    Mythic 22 hour in the social den using Plant (8) and Water (8). Fingers crossed for elder plant!!

  29. gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

    I was trying for special elder but i got this one instead,
    embershade+ sun
    I was trying for elder plant since it came out with no im happy

  30. MarinaKotik says:

    got it from social breeding den, water friendship + plant unity

    • MarinaKotik says:

      what a huge mistake =_= it happened to be pond not elder plant…. it was naive to be so excited about 22 hours breeding time 😀

      • Trixiedoodle says:

        I have gotten nothing but plant, tree, bug, and pond for the past year. In my experience, the more diamonds you buy, the less your chances of receiving a rare monster to order increase your chances purchasing more diamonds. I am no longer interested in playing this game.

  31. Perry says:

    I have been trying for this monster soooooo many times since the end of summer. I now have a 22 hour wait with the combo using Renewal and Mythic Tree, both adults. I believe I finally will have one. Good Luck, this one requires patience. :)

  32. Crystal says:

    Mythic Flower and boreal both lvl 10

  33. Patronas says:

    Got it with devotion lvl 8 and marine lvl 10.

    Noob, great job with the site! It’s been a savior in many occasions! :)

  34. Ursula says:

    If you breed a friendship with a unity monster you can get elder monsters. This has now happened to me twice

    • Jwin88 says:

      I used this and I got Elder Fire! Thank you! I have been trying to get that one forever!!!

    • Christian says:

      I have got elder earth from social breeding had negative thought and I was like it prob a shadow out it off for a day then put it in my egg area and it was a elder earth

  35. lilaura5 says:

    I got Elder Plant (was trying for Devotion) with Freeze and Icefloe. Either way works for me since I’ve been trying for the Elder monsters for ages lol

  36. adam says:

    Anyone have any combos they’ve used to get elder plant

  37. Necros says:

    I bred a Plant Unity and an Electric Friendship

  38. Brandon says:

    I’m just making sure this is right. Breed 2 elder monsters and get a legendary? Not sure if I read right or not.

  39. katsmygame says:

    Mythic merry + Boreal = mythic elder plant…. Go figure ???

  40. Jamie Thompson says:

    Okay, so when you breed, does it matter which one you choose first? So if I breed a fire and an earth, does it matter which one goes first? Do you have a higher chance of getting something else if you choose earth first instead of fire? I’m always wondering this. I’m a level 26, and wanted to know if that ever made a big difference in what monster I hatch.
    Thank you!

  41. shaRni0794 says:

    Mythic Mountain and Mythic Tree (in that order) both level 10 :) hope this helps someone!

    I also wanted to check (just to be sure )if I breed this monster with a elder earth, that I will get a legendary?? Is that correct?

  42. Edward says:

    I use Adult Electric Friendship and Adult Plant Unity

  43. adalines says:

    How did you unlock ability to get it I’ve been trying forever

  44. szanci says:

    Hi everybody i can breed whit my legendary monster8 whit enithing else. why?

  45. Alex says:

    I only just unlocked the ability to get elder plant and got it with friendship ice with unity earth first go 😀

  46. A.MAY says:

    I need help on this one…for the last 2 weeks I’ve been on the game non stop trying everything. I’ve been doing the social den and regular breeding den. It’s driving me crazy! I’m seriously getting tired of Shadow, Electric, and Unity

  47. Bttrflygrl says:

    Mythic flower n renewal- first try, so happy- i hope, seems right. I only have a fire elder so far.

  48. Stephanie13 says:

    I’ve gotten both Elder Plant and Elder Fire using the combination of Level 10 Luster and Level 7 Eeriewood. Still don’t know why or how.

  49. damoniamiles says:

    I keep getting elder fire, ice, earth, and enigmas but no elder plant

  50. Scooter331 says:

    Hi noob have you ever had a monster disappear from your game?, my mythic elder plant is gone what should I do pls thanks mate.

  51. basaro says:

    mythic income L7-L10 = 24,32,44,60

  52. Ashley7 says:

    Got this first try with Bug & Flower.

  53. Zephyr and Flurry. Trying to breed a Zephyr.

  54. knightcookie says:

    No it was a pond monster. Back to breeding…I don’t have a single elder yet :-(

    • Suzanne says:

      I got earth elder with snowbluff & mountain both level 10 in the above preset, hope this helps you get your first elder, I’m level 56 & only just got one, good luck

      • Suzanne, tiny ID vdstock says:

        Snowbluff left side, mountain on the right side, I sometimes think it makes a difference after switching the order round & finally get what I need

      • Christian says:

        I got legendary from that was hoping it was elder ice

  55. knightcookie says:

    Got a 22 hr wait with water friendship and plant unity in the social den! Hope it’s an elder plant! Fingers crossed, wish me luck! :)

  56. Hotdiggitydog says:

    Oooo just got the ice elder out of my den, then picked up the fire elder from my social den, bred for the dust monster for the next quest then bred the social den to try for the plant elder (i have regular and mythic earth elder) guess what, social den took my mythic money and shows a 22 hr hatch, dare I hope for a mythic plant elder?!?!?!?! If I have all three incubating at the same time, watch out world! Finger crossed!!!

    • Hotdiggitydog says:

      So, it does not appear to be an elder plant, I have no idea what it is, never seen this egg before. It look like a plant egg except, the little picture is a smooth gold with green vine, and the graphic in the hatchery is a gold/with greenish mottling and green vine. What could it be??? I was really hoping for elder plant but this is intriguing! I would share a pic with y’all if I knew how!

  57. tristan green says:

    Just got the mythic version on the 3x breedng boost using gift and frost random as was going for ice elder

  58. Draelan says:

    I just got 22 hour breeding time from Earth Unity and Ice Friendship… Doh! I just got my second Elder Plant breeding from my main Breeding Den, and was hoping to get an Elder Earth or Elder Ice from this one…

  59. NaN says:

    I got the elder plant through social breeding with water friendship & plant unity monsters. :-)

  60. Drew Lukow says:

    Can i breed elder plant without having him in my monster menu?

  61. lololady says:

    Bug and Flower!

  62. skooterray says:

    Mythic mountain and mythic tree gave me 26 hours…. during a time when chances of getting air are to be greatly reduced. (Trying for elder plant.)

  63. Sage63 says:

    After a couple of months of trying endless (to me) attempts, I’ve matched Brimstone
    and Sporespark (just for the heck of it), and have a 22-hr breed time…crossing
    my fingers and hoping for Elder Plant!!

  64. Brendan M. (TinyID: AlpacasRock) says:

    I just got 21hrs in the social breeding den using fire unity and electric friendship! What could it be???

  65. Ashy! says:

    Got one with wildfreeze (10) + grimfreeze (10)

  66. kim says:

    Bug (10) and flower (10)

  67. Lisa says:

    Just got 22 hr breed time using gift and flurry…was trying for snowstorm… Wha wha wha wha….

  68. Jeff (Android Low Price =Apple High says:

    Just Got Elder Plant using Ice Friendship + Plant Unity

  69. Hishaam says:

    got a legendary monster since forever like days after i started playing, finally got an elder earth with earth unity and water friendship, bred elder earth and shadow legacy, got a 34hour wait..another legendary..

    what will happen if i breed elder earth and fire or ice or plant monster? can i get the other elders from that? anyone knows?done it before?

    thanks in advance for the info :)

  70. Linda S says:

    Got one using mythic Merry (8) and Snowstorm (8)

  71. Jessica S. says:

    Bred Merry & Holly. Got a 22.59 hr wait but 22 diamonds to finish. Glitch for elder plant?

  72. georgena08 says:

    lv5 mythic aurora and lv10 flurry got a 22hr breeding time was trying to get my second snowstorm.

  73. Bla says:

    Steadfast level 10 + Gratitude level 7. I was trying for Harvest, but got 22 hours.

  74. TNITO1 says:

    I got my first elder plant by breeding ice friendship and earth unity so happy :-)

  75. Karissa says:

    Zephyr and Flurry. Trying for snowstorm but I got this instead.

  76. myliddleones(tiny id) says:

    Hi Noob. Do you think buying the rune really helps your chances to get this one? I keep breeding plant with ice,water or electric through the social den and so far 4 elder fire and 2 elder earth…besides normal hybrids. (I have the fire & earth runes, but they’re put away in inventory) What do you think? Should I buy the plant rune? Thank you!!

  77. scotter331 says:

    Hi all got mythic using friendship plant and friendship earth hope this helps gl hi Noobeer

  78. Sara says:

    I think I’ve got an elder plant 22hr breeding with blossom and mountain both level 10, fingers crossed. Though I was trying for harvest actually I think this will be a nice substitute. :-)

    • Sara says:

      Yep I got my second elder monster, which means I’ll be able to breed myself a legendary monster, about bloody time too been trying on and off for a legendary for will over a year now and no luck, lol. :)

  79. NewGirl says:

    I had bred tree+gratitude in hopes of getting this monster, unfortunately not. I got an air monster instead. :(

  80. NewGirl says:

    Noob, if you don’t have any Special monsters, (I don’t even have Legendary) can you still breed this monster.

  81. FischMonster says:

    I finally got my first elder monster! I got the elder plant monster using Blossom + Mountain breeding combo.

  82. MissLadyJo says:

    Oh my goodness… FINALLY! Elder Plant but from social breeding. I used my Ice Friendship lvl 8 + “mytrek” plant unity lvl 10. I hatch just now so I did it again and I got another 22 hours wait time (maybe 2nd one?!?!). Don’t know, don’t care just happy about the first one.

  83. KingHalo1337 says:

    Ive been reading everyones success in the social den so for at least a week I finally got Elder Plant with Unity Plant and Friendship Ice . Thank you all for your comments, thank you NGL for your site SO EXCITED. Elder Ice is the only one left so Ill be on his page.


  84. Jetson26 says:

    Trying to get this got legandary instead XD

  85. Hillbilly Hottie says:

    Just got Elder Plant in my Social Breeding den using Electric Friendship & Plant Unity!! So happy!!! Good luck to everyone!!

  86. Rach (tiny ID: psye) says:

    Just got one trying for Harvest, with mountain and gratitude.

  87. gee says:

    Silk and snowbluff both level 10:-)

  88. Corina says:

    O my gosh! I got Elder plant!!!! I accidentally breed it using friendship water and unity grass!!!! :)

  89. basaro says:

    Finally got one of these with the odd combo of Frostember+Ethereal Boreal on the 4th try. Also got a legendary right before this with the same combo. Other 2 tries resulted in light and fire.

    • basaro says:

      Hi noob,

      Looks like your food data is wrong, could they have increased the food rates recently?

      Here were the rates I got in my game:
      L1 – 90
      L2 – 190
      L3 – 280
      L4 – 370
      Only up to level 4 so far, I’ll post the rest as I complete them.

  90. Boon says:

    Got mine with Thunder and Earthquake

  91. Asna says:

    Got mine in social breeding den , with ice friendship and earth unity , feeling happy :)

  92. Paintpurple says:

    Got this with Lvl 10 graveleaf and Lvl 10 inferno. Was trying for the wingwitch monster but this is even better

    • m94sarah says:

      oh yes !! thx mythic graveleaf and mythic inferno both lv10 elder plant x) first try ! just have to get zephyr now x,x

  93. Salem369 says:

    Got an Elder Plant with Merry and Independence. I always thought fire and ice killed plants. Shows what I know. XD

  94. Crocsi5 says:

    I have been trying to get elder fire since it came out. I tried frost ember & boreal as suggested and ended up with elder plant (a mythic one) go figure, no plant element in those monsters. But happy coz I wanted a mythic.

  95. Chels123sea says:

    This is driving me insane I try all the combos people recommend and I just can’t get it I wonder if there’s a quest or something holding me back I have a quest which says hatch elder plant and fire I got the fire by accident by using my social earth and someone’s social ice but I’ve tried the same combo several times before changing but I just can’t get it could it be I need the plant rune because I have the earth and fire ones if anyone has helpful info please share.

    • firemjj says:

      I agree with you, I am also having a very hard time getting elder plant. I have tried every combination and have completed all quests and still no luck. I have plant pillar which is suppose to give me a better chance of getting elder plant too and still no luck. Frustrating :(

    • firemjj says:

      After six times of breeding the same monsters, bug and flower, I finally got elder plant. :)

  96. Silvia says:

    Bug , level 10 and flower level 10…4 times the same elder plant, but I was trying for elder fire.

    • Julie says:

      I have 2 elderfires by using level 5’s of brimstone and darkbolt……….good luck.

    • Alex says:

      I have 5 elder fires because of the fire rune plus breeding electric friendship monster with earth unity monster. If your still after elder fire I’d recommend using the social monsters.

  97. SMF3 says:

    Was actually trying for eclipse and got the elder plant – nice surprise! Used Level 10 pollen (left) and level 7 sonar (right). Now I just need earth since I now finally also got eclipse twice in a row w lvl 6 air and lvl 5 brimstone.

  98. Kyle says:

    Cinder lv 10 magma lv 8=elder plant

  99. Emeee says:

    Woaa finally!!! Thought it was impossible!!
    Solareflare + Luck !!!! 😀

  100. Froggy4Chaos says:

    Any else having trouble unlocking the elder plant rune?? Quest says to buy a scoop of food but they don’t have that option anymore for me (HTC FIRST). Any ideas or suggestions?

    • Prin says:

      Yes!!! I tried buying the scoop of coins and that didn’t work. I don’t know if there is a work around but if there is I would love to know.

      • noobbgodlike says:

        is the quest still available on your quest log?
        if yes, then contact tinyco using link on fix error section
        if no, then the quest is expired and you can’t do anything

        • Prin says:

          Thanks! I just sent over a support ticket. I hope they will fix it. It’s been in my quest section for weeks now. I don’t know why I didn’t think about sending a ticket but I did. Thanks again!

  101. Ania says:

    Darkbolt and Mythic Air. Both level 10. Was actually going for Eclipse but will gladly take this one 😉

  102. Debra Powell says:

    I don’t have a giving tree. I have a galaxy note 2

  103. Gma Of 10 says:

    Goldstone and earthquake got 22 hours.

  104. Jessica Mata says:

    I have a Samsung galaxy s 2 and I tried forever but finally I got it with electric friendship and fire unity so hopefully that helps someone else.

  105. Jmiller0349 says:

    seeme like mountain and tree are the magical combo for all the elder basic element monsters . Literally just bred a elder fire and elder earth back to back , while tring for the elder plant .

  106. Candi Mandi says:

    I GOT ONE!

  107. Chels123sea says:

    Sorry that message below is incorrect I need help from my friends or anyone I have an android Galaxy S4 I know people say it doesn’t matter the phone but humor me I’ve got 2 elder earth but this elder plant is impossible for me maybe I can return the favor in the future the Halloween monsters are coming up and hopefully they are the same as last year.

    • Chels123sea says:

      Sorry I didn’t mean that about the message below I thought I had posted an incorrect message I did try the one below but got air I’m going to try again unless I hear any other combo sorry ReaRea for the error on my message.

  108. Steve says:

    This is to all of my great friends I have an android Galaxy S4 I know everyone says it doesn’t matter the type of phone but humor me because this has really been impossible for me I can usually get the limited monsters pretty quickly I even got 2 elder earth but no luck with this elder plant I welcome any ideas and they will be greatly appreciated and hopefully I can return the favor hopefully the same Halloween monsters will be back this year they are my favorite.

  109. Steve says:

    I bred sonar and darkbolt got 26hrs and in social I bred electric and earth and got 26hrs so two entirely different sets of pairs I bred and got two air I have to wait on to finish breeding this has been by far the hardest one for me to get.

  110. ReaRea says:

    On Android, got one breeding Sonar + Darkbolt

  111. Candi Mandi says:

    If I breed an elder monster ( fire, plant, or earth) will that give me another elder monster (fire, plant, or earth)? Not just a regular elder monster?

  112. McDevilish says:

    Got it with Frostember/Boreal while trying for the Elder Fire.

  113. says:

    Is the Elder Plant the easiest to get out of the 3 available Elders? I have gotten 7 Elder plants and only recently got my first Elder Earth. I apologize to those having trouble getting Elder Plant. Elder Fire…that’s a polar opposite situation.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      no, I believe the chance is same for all 3 elders (not sure 100%). Maybe coincidence ??. And please do not leave your friend id on anywhere beside friend page. You can write (” your name” tiny id= )as your username and do not need to use facebook address as a name on this site (privacy), but it’s all up to you.

    • Candi Mandi says:

      So what did you breed to get your 7 elder plant!?

    • Steve says:

      Yeah please share the secret formula I’ve tried since it came out with nothing I got the elder earth,mystic buzzy,2 steadfast,and 2 eclipse but no elder plant your help might just save sanity.

    • Ali says:

      What combos did you use for elder plant please

  114. Julie says:

    Got it with Steadfast and Buzzy. First try. :)

  115. Steve says:

    I’ve attempted everything dozens of times the only thing I can see is wrong is I need to hatch a Flitter monster first if anyone has without doing it please let me know and I’ll just have to keep trying thanks to everyone who helps out.

  116. Candi Mandi says:

    Errrrr…. I can’t get it. IMA try the fire one for a lil bit…

  117. Adeemo87 says:

    I got one using a mythic sporespark level 10 and a mythic flower level 10 on my third try after getting the pillar. Hatched two mythic elder earth with the steadfast level 10 and mythic flower level 10

  118. saraunderc0ver says:

    I bred Burst and Frostember to try for a Spitfire, and got 22 hrs. This seems like the only possible thing it could be! I guess ill find out in 22 hrs.

  119. Staryskye234 says:

    My electric friendship monster with some one else rock unity monster (absolutely no plant combination at all but i did buy the food pouch so i could get the plant pillar)

  120. Linda S says:

    Tried flicker+grimbolt from the recipe list and got another flicker. Tried mountain+flower (both mythic 8) and got an elder plant!

  121. Cass26 says:

    I just got an elder plant with boreal and frostember, which has no plant element. This is weird, right?

  122. Elena says:

    Got 5!!! Elder Plants with my Electric Friendship and other’s Earth Unity monsters, all within 3 weeks. Was experimenting if I could get other elders from it :) So, if you have tried all the mentioned combinations and still did not get it, be persistent, just use this combination all the time, do not switch to others, and you will eventually get it!

  123. TinyStarrable (Tiny ID: Libbster3000) says:

    I just got one with dimspike and solarflare.

  124. cbrockhaus says:

    I used plant unity monster and water friendship monster to get this

  125. arika no hana says:

    I get elder plant with renewal + steadfast both 10
    and I got friendship eletric today meow. *.*

  126. Gail says:

    Just got my third one. Trying for elder fire with lvl 10 frostember and lvl 10 boreal. Weird combination for this. No plant element in it. I’m not even going to try for the elder fire anymore.

  127. McDevilish says:

    Just got this with Mythic Bug/Water. Seems like an odd combination, but since this is the only one at 22hrs…

  128. Wei_o_wei says:

    After tens of tries,I finally get one by Blossom(lv 10) + mythic Tree(lv 10)!

  129. Steve says:

    I’m at level 74 and have 114 of the monsters I can’t get the elder or elder plant no matter what I try I got some hope when I seen a lot of people having luck with the renewal and steadfast but I’ve just got my second air so there goes that I just seen someone with my same phone finally have some luck if this don’t work I just don’t know anyway thanks to everyone that posts ideas I never would have got as far as I jave without the people that use this site too.

  130. goofyspouse says:

    While breeding fire hybrids trying to get an Elder Fire, I managed to get an Elder Earth. What is so strange is that neither “parent” had any Earth in them.

    Level 10 Frostmember X Level 10 Boreal = Elder Earth

    That is just wrong…

    • noobbgodlike says:

      earth hybrids is suggested not a must.

    • Verna says:

      It’s not “wrong if you think in teens of elements.. Elemental elemdnts means.. How the earth was formed? Think in terms of that… Elemental earth…ice, fire, water molton rock…. Get it… Just like elder plant was created with earth, water, light, or fire, how did the first plant become formed? ??

  131. HippyChicks says:

    got 22 hours, using renewal 10 (L), & Buzzy 8 (R) on Samsung Galaxy :-)

    • Steve says:

      You may have saved my sanity I’ve got the same phone and have tried everything fingers crossed after I wait on my air to finish in a day from my last try.

  132. Aimee says:

    Trying to get an Elder Earth, I ended up with a Elder Plant by using Mythic Cinder & regular Voltleaf. Just a side note, I got an Elder Earth by using Steadfast & Mythic Mountain.

  133. KatyMcD (TinyID) says:

    I got both of my Elder Plant with Steadfast and Mountain, both were mythic and level 10 but I don’t think that matters.
    And it was consecutive attempts with that combination that got them both.

  134. Tobye says:

    Been trying for weeks; no elder anything. Finally tried Dimspike and Solarflare. A couple of monsters I already have and then Elder Plant. Next an Elder. Yea!

  135. Trish says:

    Level 10 Steadfast and level 10 Tree, in that order. Got 22 hours. Hoping its an elder plant. Was trying for elder earth.

  136. Chelsea says:

    I was trying for shadefin and got elder plant twice in a row first combining darkscale with freeze and the second time combining darkscale with river. Pretty strange combinations to get the elder plant so I thought in would share!

  137. Danabfly says:

    I bred my earth unity monster with another player’s plant unity monster and was surprised by an Elder Plant ! :)

  138. awzium says:

    burst (10) and lighthorn (7). wanted a shadefin.

  139. skimaid says:

    Mythic Flower monster and Flash Monster gave me an Elder Plant. I was so surprised!

  140. Deb says:

    I’ve gotten 2 elder plants using renewal + steadfast. Also got an enigma with that formula, which surprised me since I didn’t realize it was still able to be bred. I only tried the formula 5 times, so pretty good outcomes. The other 2 attempts were both light, so not a lot of time wasted.

    • Chay says:

      I used this one and after about 5 tries I got it. I only had 5 hour results so didn’t waste much time. Thanks!! This really help. Finally victory!!

    • gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

      Seems like a good combo..1st try got me 21 h beeding time…enigma :-)
      Ill try again next…thanks a lot

    • pounce44 says:

      Got it on the second try with this formula too. I used level 10 Renewal on left and level 10 Steadfast on right the first time, and I got mythic Tree. But I used level 5 Steadfast on the right the second time and it worked.

    • capecodmom says:

      I tried this combination and it worked on the 2nd try Renewal level 10 then Steadfast level 10. Thanks for sharing your breeding tip.

    • Bre (Tiny ID:BrelovesMatt says:

      I’m pretty sure this just worked for me to and its mythic!Level 10 renewal +level 10 steadfast first try =)

    • MimiMonster says:

      I’ve tried this combo 4 times with mythic renewal and mythic steadfast but ended up with 3 elder earth and a shadow.

  141. Christy (id= tinkerfly1) says:

    I just got Elder plant with brimstone level 8 & mythic soar level 5! What???? Its crazy but true. Neither monster has a plant element in them. So I guess plant hybrids are unnecessary for this monster.

    • Hi!!!! Tinkerfly1…..we’re “social friends” on both my tablet and phone, I just saw ur tiny ID and had to say hello! Thx for all the gifts and sorry the past cpl says I’ve been m.i.a. I was outta state, so nice to get a chance to say “hello” – congrats on the Elder Plant :-)

  142. Marc says:

    I got an elder plant from the combo level 5 steadfast and level 10 Memorial.
    Tried steadfast with level 10 mythic Buzzy and again 22 hours breedingtime …..


  143. After weeks of trying Mythic Blossom + Mountain, I bought a scoop of food and got the rune decoration – then my next Blossom+Mountain pair got a 22 hour breed time … I hope I finally got my elder plant…!!!

  144. Candi Mandi says:

    Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr……………. Help. Any suggestion will do.

  145. Lisa says:

    Got it with 10 buzzy and 9 earthquake!!

  146. jokemon says:

    I believe i just got lucky getting a mythic Elder Plant by using the 2 different hybrid method by using Frostbeam + Strike.

  147. Suzanneq21 says:

    Level 10 pollen and renewal. Tried a few times, I have an android

  148. Elena says:

    I had 3 Elder Plants within 2 weeks when I bred my Ice Friendship with someone else’s Unity Plant and Unity Earth. Every time it took me about 5-6 attempts to get each of them, although after the first one I tried for an Elder Earth. So this combination definitely works, just be patient and keep trying.

  149. kismethbh says:

    Don’t know how but I got a legendary plant breeding spitfire and brimstone.

  150. Megacheck (tiny ID phantome) says:

    Hi all,
    I have Elder plant and Elder Earth.
    Breeding them gave me Legendary egg.

    Did anyone get another Elder m onster from that combo?

    Are there any other known shortcuts to get another Elder when already having these two?


  151. Annette says:

    Mythic Flower and Mythic Bug. Both level 10. My second one.

  152. KatyMcD (TinyID) says:

    I got mine with steadfast and mountain, came as a real surprise as I hadn’t managed to get it for a while, so it was on the back-burner while I concentrated on mythic steadfast, so yay!

  153. Zoochefmike says:

    I have friendship else and unity plant it gave me 22 hours what could it be I am hope elder plant but I am not sure any help would be great thanks in advance

  154. Gail says:

    Strange, 22 hour time. I bred level 8 flash freeze with level 10 spark trying for a mythic bunny. Got a mythic 22 hours. Must be elder plant. Elements don’t match anything.

  155. whammytammy says:

    Trying to get elder earth but got elder plant excited about that. Mountain and blossom. Now will keep trying for elder earth

  156. awzium says:

    Just got 22 hours from Mythic Steadfast (8) and Renewal (10). I’ll report back tomorrow when it moves to nursery.

  157. Hi tiny lovers!!! I mixed earthquake (from suggestions) with tree from suggestions and got 22 hours. I know pond and tailwind are 22 also so since after meticulously breeding buzzy xbuzxy til I got my mythic, ill report back after it goes to the nursery. Thank you for the help. 😉 I really appreciate it

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I know, you have checked breeding result chart but check it one more time and read “how to read the chart”. You will understand that why you can’t get pond using that combination :D.

    • DivA-AnnA says:

      Yeah, I got 22hrs with Sporespark and Voltleaf. I think Elder Plant is the only monster that makes sense with this breeding time and these 2 monsters. I wish I had known about this result since I was aiming for another Buzzy.:(

  158. FucDup says:

    Got mine with mythic snowbluff and regular goldstone both level 5 so stoked!

  159. Jennifer says:

    Silk + Earthquake= Elder Plant. I was trying for something else but got this prize instead!

  160. shawn says:

    I’ve been trying to make either a light or a legendary monster by using earthquake and frost and have gotten two elder plant monsters thank you just wanted to share

  161. carl says:

    I was trying to get the mythic buzzy using the buzzy I have and voltleaf. Ended up with an elder plant instead. Not a bad consolation prize :)

  162. Kate says:

    Luck (level 10) and Bolt (level 6)

  163. 3derydr says:

    Just bred ice friendship to grass unity and got a 22 hour breeding time. Can you get elder plant with those two?

  164. purrfectminx says:

    Finally after many tries and combinations and getting Shadow I got Elder Plant with Flower and Tree….soooo excited!

  165. Shelly says:

    Solarflare + blossom got this one for me ( momonsters) on iPad

  166. Billie says:

    Hello ,

    It seems that you don’t need two plant hybrids to get elder plant …

    i got it with blossom and thunder!!!!

  167. Candi Mandi says:

    This one is gonna be hard isn’t it?! Noob have u got it yet?

    • Candi Mandi says:

      I can’t get him….

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Yeah, it’s hard. I have one but it’s from buying it at the market ( on my device the price only 179 diamonds).

        • Candi Mandi says:

          That’s cheating noob! Lol.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          LOL. I bought since I want to make the page for all of readers XD. SO you all can see it quickly :D.

        • Candi Mandi says:

          It’s 895 on mine……. No way am I buying. Why are some more than others? That’s so stupid! It’s the same game.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          There are 2 version small and large (it’s random you can choose it on the app store). I have no idea why they do this, but from what I have observed, the small version tends to be old/veteran players who have played tiny monsters at the beginning of the time when it got released.

        • Candi Mandi says:

          I’ve been playn since june or july of last year……. So ur theory may be wrong……

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I’ve been played since April XD. Maybe April players get small version ?? not sure :D.

        • Candi Mandi says:

          All this time I thought we had the same version…. But we don’t. I’m so upset. Noob, I think I’m going to cry! Lmao

        • Ehlana (tinyid=Flutee) says:

          I used to have the small version on my iPhone 3G and when upgraded to the iPhone 5 it became the large version – can’t tell you how peeved I was!!!!

          I have been playing for about as long as you Noob dear!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          About that problem, I heard that if you switch back to your old phone it will become old version again XD. SO finish the quest on large version buy monsters on small version XD.

      • Ehlana (tinyid=Flutee) says:

        Lol if only hon!!! Old phone is long gone to the big apple store in the sky 😉

  168. Jeff (Android High Price) says:

    Was Trying for Buzzy with regular Voltleaf (Level 10) left and Mythic teen Sporespark right and got 22 hours regular Elder Plant. I see you don’t have this formula up there, you can add it, this formula is very interesting you can have both Buzzy and Elder Plant. IT’s my second Elder Plant, got my first with Social Bredding using left Electric Friendship and right Earth Unity. Nice days Guys.

    • my3sonsnj (android) says:

      Just tried this one too and got … drum roll please … another awesome air that is going to tie up my breeding den for 26 hours. Oh well, setting my farms on the longest harvest times means I don’t need to play the game for a day 😉

  169. BunnyMonster says:

    Eeriewood and Renewal – 22 hours!

  170. CoCo (ID: ThunderCo) says:

    Tried several combinations listed, all without much luck… I finally tried Pollen (5) + Mythic Renewal (7) and had SUCCESS!!

  171. Candi Mandi says:

    This one looks so cool. I love the mythic, purple my Fav color!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Then try to get one 😀

      • Candi Mandi says:

        Well, duh! Lol. Of coarse I am. I want all of them. Missed my chance for the darn renewal monster cuz all the stupid crashing from the update crap. So now that’s one ill have to wait for next year. U less somehow I get an enigma and it gives it to me….

  172. Scott says:

    Got it w/ mountain and tree

  173. Gail says:

    Are plant and earth elders considered hybrids? Wondering about the quest portion that asks for two hybrids. Just got Elder Plant with Lvl 10 mythic tree and Lvl5 Luck.

  174. Jeff (JeffCity) Android High Price says:

    I just got Elder Plant with my third try with my social Breedind Den using my Electric Friendship left with Earth Unity at right. It takes lots of time to find what is this 22h egg I never see before. With this element was Thinking my First Tailwind but check APPLE TINY MONSTERS GUIDE APP EGG LIST with only regular and Mythic Pond and Tailwind. Very nice surprise for my Prophecies part 2 (10/13). So much quest so much occupy is it the same for long term player like noobbgodlike. Many weeks with 25 monsters left for having all, I got 1 they create one new. Very fun game but is it possible to have all LOL. NICE DAY GUYS

    • my3sonsnj (android) says:

      I’ve gotten 2 air and 2 shadow from this combo on an Asus Transformer. Frustrating…and I refuse to use diamonds to speed up hatching.

    • I just wanted to say “Hi” because so rarely do you see the names of people on ur social friend list…..I have like 411 ‘friends’ so it’s just kinda neat when you see a ‘friends’ post. I know this has entirely nothing to do w the Elder Plant monster so I’ll say try Jeffs combo again, because that’s what combo that got me my Elder Plant monster….I love the social breeding den, especially when you get a long breed time! (Thank goodness that’s where I breeded my Elder monster too!!) Anyway, keep ur head up ‘my3sons’ – I’ve been there, and it sucks….but you’ll eventually get what ur after, then it’s like Christmas!!! Thx Noob for all you do, giving us this forum to vent, ask questions, get answers and share our joy when we finally get the elusive ones… always, u rock!!! XD

      • ****** OOPS!!!! I was trying to find my Elder Plant post and got confused…Jeffs formula gave me my Elder monster on my social island, I got my Elder Plant using my regular breeding den using the combo Mythic Love & Luck, both lvl 10********* GOOD LUCK THOUGH!!!!!, you’ll get it soon! :-)

  175. Luna says:

    I just hatched the Elder Earth so am just now trying for this one. But i must say, i will not be happy until i get this monster’s mythic version. It is beautiful! Of course it is purple!

  176. rhk8925 says:

    Bayou lvl 5 eeriewood level 6

  177. tely2000 says:

    Luck and Love worked for me.

  178. BunnyMonster says:

    I used Blossom and Mountain (trying to get Steadfast) and I got 22 hours mythic. Hurray for me! (or could it be something else?)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It seems you get elder plant. To check breeding result go to breeding result chart.

    • Misty_Lake says:

      Same here…still no luck with Steadfast though :(

      • I feel ya!!! Steadfast (at least for me is as elusive as “Santa Clause,” I’ve tried EVERY combo 3 times….sooo many trees, mountains, some shadows….it’s gettin real up in here!!!! And about that supposid “boost” – HAH!!!! I bought a Buzzy to “ensure” I’d get the boost….here I am X amount of days later and no Steadfast…..just wanted you to know ur not alone!! Good luck, hope u get it soon…and the mythics too!! :-)

  179. cheeko111 says:

    Mythic Blossom + Mythic Luck (iPad)

  180. Miri says:

    Pollen + Renewal = Elder Plant 1st Try (Android)

  181. Morgan (Tiny Id - MorganWolf09) says:

    Flower lv10 and Renewal lv 10, 4th time around.

  182. Susan says:

    Used level 8 Adult Electric Friendship monster and level 8 Adult Fire Unity monster

  183. Brumcruzr says:

    I tried a lot of the different different suggestions that were mentioned but this morning on my first attempt of this one I got my Plant elder!!!!
    I did Windstone 10 on left and Tempest 10 on right!
    now I have to find out what it will grow up to be!

    • J9hnny says:

      If you have 22 hours of breeding time, it’s an Elder Plant. It’s the only possible result of an Air/Earth combination to take 22 hours to breed. Congratulations!

  184. Kys (ID : TinyKys) says:

    Try to Buzzy, win a Elder Plant, with Flitter Left and Bolt Right, both lvl10.

  185. kassi says:

    I got the very cool looking egg with pond and lushleaf. Wait for the egg b4 getting excited though cuz pond also has 22 hr. Time.

  186. max says:

    when will they stop being lazy and fix the bugs on tiny monsters I haven’t played since the begining of this month

    • noobbgodlike says:

      ?? it’s not matter of lazy…. I think many players are already able to play again, not sure what cause your problems. Try to follow fix error section on the main page.

      • Enigma34 says:

        I think for the older devices at least, nothing has changed.
        The only time I can get into the game for a few minutes at a time is with WiFi off, and then I have to use up all the fast Internet on my data plan (500MB). After that, the connection becomes really slow, and THAT allows me to play a little. But that is really very complicated and annoying.
        None of the other tips and tricks work with my iPhone 3 GS.

      • Suzanneq21 says:

        I had to send a bug report… Food you try that?

  187. tinytka says:

    Ice Frienship + Plant Unity (2d try)

  188. Dee says:

    I used love + renewal. I have a 21 hr breeding time. Any ideas on what that is? Is that the elder earth?

    I have avoided air thus far. Which is a major plus. But, can’t think of anything that has that long of a breeding time.

    Thank you!

  189. franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

    got a 22 hour with my water friendship and someone’s plant unity. just wanted to let you know that the second breeding den also works for elders

    • BunnyMonster says:

      Wish I could try that but my social breeding hasn’t worked for a couple of weeks…

    • J9hnny says:

      The social breeding den is no different than the breeding den itself. The reason why we can’t hatch any monster with social breeding is because the Friendship and Unity monster provides us with only 6 of 10 possible elements, including Special.

    • J9hnny says:

      Oh, and the given combination may turn out to be Pond! Both are 22 hours. Always finish breeding, before posting a formula!

  190. gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

    Flower+renewal 18h beeding time…another shadow!!!!????

    • gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

      Im sick of damn shadows….:-(

      • Cat says:

        How about an Elder monster that takes 48 hours? I can’t even use it because I only have one habitat for 2 that I already have… If only it would be the mythic version… :(

        • TM says:

          I’m sure that sucks for you but trust me, you’re lucky you can complain about having too many. I have none and have been trying over and over and over :-( Too bad we can give away monsters we have no use for, especially to those just starting. I’d rather give to someone who needs it rather than sell them.

        • TM says:

          *can’t give away

        • gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

          Yup your right that sucks…but id like to have one and iv none…
          And i know thats 22 h for elder plant, im just posting the result of the formulas i used going for elder plant…:-)

      • J9hnny says:

        Remember, Elder Plant’s breeding time is 22 hours, not 18! 18 hours is for Elder Earth. (:

      • Can I agree and pout? I didn’t get the renewal !!! Still no elder and I’m afraid I won’t get this cutie either !!! I’m ticked they made renewal like a lottery !!! Ugh I want to cry:(

  191. Tracy Hinson says:

    Yes, I’m so excited. I finally got my very first 48 hour breeding time. I’ve been playing for well over 1 year and just now git it. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I got it with flower and renewal trying fir elder plant.

  192. J9hnny says:

    I may have missinterpreted the post, but it states breeding Plant Hybrids are a requirement for hatching Elder Plant. I bred adult Air/Earth Hybrids, Tempest and Windstone, aaand… There you go.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yeah, I post safe general formula. Maybe it’s possible to get it from other hybrids.

      • J9hnny says:

        Haha, yeaaa… It’s possible! But it may be wise to remove or rewrite such observation, informing it isn’t a requirement for breeding Elder Plant. You know, not to mislead persistent breeders into insisting on Plant Hybrids, when other formulas can be attempted! (:

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I believe that elder plant actually can be generated from other combination of 2 hybrids. The reason I write plant hybrids is because of the prophecies quest kinda like hinted that plant hybrids have slightly better chance.

        • J9hnny says:

          Yep, and the same goes for Elder Earth! It’s just to prevent future missunderstandings… You never know! Better safe, than sorry. Haha, but I appreciate the attention! (:

        • noobbgodlike says:

          :D. I have changed it into ” suggested general formula :D”

        • J9hnny says:

          Aaand problem solved, haha… Thank you, man! (:
          Oh, and for the sake of the topic, the formula Tempest and Windstone’s given me an Elder Plant, and now an Elder Earth, both in a row. Tested and approooved!

      • sandri milligan says:

        What do you mean by safe noobbgodlike? If you are limiting the options you give us you are decreasing our chances of getting the monster and increasing the agony for us loyal fans noobbgodlike. We LIVE to take chances lol

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Like I said the game hinted we to use plant hybrids (inside the quest). THat’s why I suggested to use plant hybrids, but you can still use other hybrids if you want :D.

  193. Saboroso says:

    I try for this and get 2 Legendary back to back, so frustrating and waste of time. I already have mythic Legacys so this would only be good if it were many months ago, now I don’t need those.
    Why is it so hard? Legendary is worse than air now.
    I will try again with a different formula.

  194. Lt says:

    So far both elder plant formulas have given me regular elder eggs (48hours). Eerie wood+ mythic renewal and flower + mythic renewal

  195. Tiny says:

    i told you noob Elder Plant will be a cool new one, and let’s wait for Elder Ice lol

  196. JasmineChin says:

    Eeriewood + mythic Renewal give me elder plant yess!!

  197. Ammaar says:

    is this monster limited or not

  198. Nunya says:

    Love + Renewal, on third try. First=elder earth, second=flower, third=elder plant.

  199. Stschw says:

    Is this monster limited? And the elder earth not?

  200. Xenoeclipse says:

    I hope they continue with these things so that we have elder fire ice electric water air shadow and light

  201. aris says:

    Mythic Tree & Mythic Renewal got Mythic Plant Elder!!!

  202. verma says:

    Where are the 2 quests for elder plant?

  203. Dee says:

    This formula again. :( If only you could block breeding air over and over if you already have it, both mythical and regular. O, well!

    Happy breeding Everyone!!!!!

  204. Josie says:

    Flower + Renewal, both L10

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