Posted on Aug 2, 2013

Tiny Monsters How to Get Renewal Monster

1st appearance: 1 August 2013 -20 August 2013 (Summer 2013)

Normal Version (Thanks to Ehlana for these info and pictures)

Tiny Monsters Renewal Egg Normal

Tiny Monsters Renewal Growth Normal

Mythic version (Thanks to Minyu and Carole for pictures and info)

Tiny Monsters Renewal Egg Mythic

Tiny Monsters Renewal Growth Mythic

Renewal Status













Earn Rate

11 19 26/27 33/34 41/43 48/50 56/58 64/67 71/74 80/84

Food (x4)

45 95 140 185 230 275 320 365 410 MAX

Total Food needed

0 180 560 1120 1860 2780 3880 5160 6620 8260

Habitat: Plant and Fire

Buy Price: 225/1125 diamonds

Selling Price: 3375 Coins

Exp: 2160 EXP

Breeding/Hatching Time: 9 hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 5 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 20 hours

Breeding Formula:
[0] Hallow + Flower
[0] Burst + Mountain (1st try)
[0] Luck + Flower
[0] Flower + Bug
[0] Jubilee + Bellow
[0] Fire + Sporespark
[0] Joy + Solstice
[0] Please leave your formula on the comment

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364 Responses to “Tiny Monsters How to Get Renewal Monster”

  1. Caroline says:

    Do you know if this monster and renewal will be released this year? Usualy they do, but we are well past théier show time !??? I’m confused…

    Have à nice day!!

  2. Karen says:

    I got it by evolving the “enigma” about 3 times. Thought I was going to run out of diamonds!

  3. Jacob says:

    Hey Noob, do you know if the gonna bring back the renewal monster?
    It is one of the three limited monsters i still need to complete my monsterpedia?

  4. Robobum says:

    I wonder if they are planning to re-release this monster? Hmmm.. I hope so, along with Buzzy and Steadfast. (hopefully not all at once with a small window of opportunity like the Fourth of July monsters. Geeesh!) I didn’t start playing until late october 2013 and missed them. = (

  5. Alberto says:

    I also need the renewal monster. When will it be a avalable?

  6. nymphadora says:

    i was trying for elder fire breeding mythic tree, and mythic plant and got mythic Renewal… im so confused! i thought it was another mythic love monster!

  7. TinyMonster Lover says:

    Is Renewal a limited Monster? If so when do you get him?

  8. b29 says:

    Can I breed renewal,I dunt have renewal

  9. cs says:

    Hi…csn any1 help me…I try to breed renewel monster…still dont have it

  10. felixmeow says:

    I never did get a second renewal. :'( the only ones I did get, were mostly all flower and bug, w a few shadow in the mix. It’s cute and all but it has that terribly long, 18hr.wait, and an almost bottomless stomach! I never want to see these 3 monsters again! It’s too bad that my islands r crawling w them… I did however, finally get a frostember. I really wanted this mythic monster more than any other monster in the game. I’m so disappointed. is it possible to get one by hatching an enigma?

  11. Maggie Mon says:

    Can I still breeding a mythic version until this monster is gone?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      if you have 2 of it then you can 😀

      • Maggie Mon says:

        Thanks noob! I have two of it but still no luck. So I just thought it may same with gift monster that I can’t breed a mythic one after the event.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          huh?? you can get mythic gift if you have 2 gift.

        • Maggie Mon says:

          You said it cannot breed after its gone. You used adult and teen and it is always resulted to ice.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Thanks for reminding me about this, that line is wrong. I just tested it and I still can breed gift monsters. Really sorry TAT.

        • Maggie Mon says:

          But I tried to breed the mythic gift for many many times even the org is full and still no luck. Is it mean we just can breed the limited monster if we have two one but not mythic version?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          It’s possible (I got my mythic version of hallow by breed 2 normal hallow family outisde of their limited time). I am not sure about gift, but I believe it should be same as other limited monsters.

        • Maggie Mon says:

          Ok thx, I will keep trying.

        • Maggie Mon says:

          Hi noob, I hv some updates to you. I hv been tried many times and finally got a mythis renewal monster by breeding two of them. But for the gift monster, it just always an ice monster by breeding an adult one with teen one. May be we can’t breed the gift monster after the event?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          No, I just tried yesterday and it works. I used adult version though. Try to raise your teen to the adult version first.

  12. emeee says:

    Finally i got 1 at least..
    Mythic Fire + Love

  13. KittyKitty says:

    Fire lvl 10 on left, bug lvl 10 on right…got 3 renewal in a row…but still no mythic.

  14. studiodisabled says:

    Magma + plant

  15. Georgeanne Eilers says:

    After many different combos I finally got it with solarflare left sporespark right both level 10 on android. :-)

    • Georgeanne Eilers says:

      Now all I can get are regular ones. Need one more for quest, wish I could give these extras away.

  16. felixmeow says:

    If I breed an hr. B4 the quest deadline, do I still hav a chance for a renewal monster egg? Also, if I breed two renewals together, after the quest has ended, will I b able to get a third, or even a fourth? I don’t want to spend diamonds to clear my cave if I have 0% chance for success. I’ve really been trying hard for a second renewal to breed w my first, for a chance to get this beautiful mythic monster

  17. CaVel says:

    I tried & tried so many combinations, all i get are bug & flower, at times shadow or magma… its quite disappointing.

  18. Shadow says:

    Renewal + Bug = Renewal … if you have 1 renewal…

    • Lorelai40 (id: Lorelai40) says:

      Yeah, I got my Second one with your combo, tks, although I couldn t get a mythic one before the quest is expired… They are cute anyway.

  19. Tinylover says:

    Got it with lvl.10 flower and mountain :)

  20. Anthony says:

    I tried the burst + mountain and it gave me the air monster

  21. Firezone99 says:

    Going for Mystic Renewals but I do not think I got the time left.
    How much must I usually fill the Mystic Orb to get a Mystic?

  22. Kyle says:

    Bug lvl 10 and firework lvl 5

  23. Sakihsan says:

    Got it two times and one was mythic with flower and cinder.

  24. Sterno says:

    I got both of mine with blush bug and firework!!

  25. AH6584 says:

    Sick of this. When it first came, it took 32 tries and now all I get is the damn air monster. Not even a single mythic going on 18 tries.

  26. garrison says:

    got em with gratitude + flower first time

  27. Sapphhire says:

    FINALLY Got My 1st Renewal Monster And It’s A Mythic! Obtained It With A Mythic Flower And Mythic Plant (Not That It Matters At All) With My Globe Filled With A Hundred Thousand Coins (100,000)

  28. 3neeshy says:

    I got one with a bug monster and a plant monster. Yay :)

  29. HerpDerP says:

    I just got 2 in a row with wythic flower lv10 and boreal lv10…

    • Carmel says:

      Thanks, got mythic renewal first go with this combo.

    • Isy says:

      I also got my Renewal finally with this combo, after so many tries with other combos. Too bad the second try yielded an 18 hour breeding time. Wonder what it’ll be.

    • Isy says:

      Second try was a Shadow monster. And third try resulted in 5 hour breeding time. I so want another Renewal monster, preferably mythic.

  30. jokemon says:

    I got another by using Firework and Holly … although i wished it were mythic

  31. Suzanneq21 says:

    Renewal level 10 Plus renewal level 5 gave me renewal twice

  32. LilFizzie says:

    Mythic flower level 10 & Graveleaf level 10 gets me a renewal monster everytime. Have 1 mythic renewal working on second. This is the FIRST time I’ve actually gotten a mythic by breeding two of the same monsters-my game level is 73…. I still can’t get a mythic mountain or bug lol!

  33. Shawna says:

    I got it with solstice and joy

  34. Shadow says:

    Bug ( 10 ) + Mythic Flower ( 10 ) = Renewal … 1st try , tho i was trying for Legendary

  35. wyrdtina says:

    I got 2 in a row with pollen and boreal in that order

  36. Viaan says:

    Tried the burst(mine lv5) with level 10 mountain… just got a shadow monster but have no coins to buy habitat:(

  37. Grouch says:

    does breeding renewal with renewal make a renewal

  38. Debula says:

    I just finally got it with level 10 mythic fire and level 10 mythic flower. What is best way to try fir a 2nd one?
    Can I breed it with something for a better chance? I’m hoping to get a mythic this weekend but knowing my luck….

  39. startwitch says:

    You have the picture of the mythic egg on this page but not the egg page

  40. (tinyid: rizzy18) says:

    After 15+ failed attempts i finally got it with level 10 mythic tree and level 10 mythic magma (while trying for the elder earth)

  41. Ammaar says:

    got renewal first try flower and bug

  42. dolphady14 says:

    Yay I finaly got it with a lv 10 flower (right) and lv 10bug (left) after days of 4 hour waits on failed attepts and fearing the quest had expired 😀

  43. Andy Miguel Jochum says:

    I mixed Bug and firework trying for a second bug, but I got a renewal monster:)

  44. Grouch says:

    Spent ages trying for this creature and when i finally get him the quest was finished!?

  45. LavenderOasis says:

    Lvl 10 Blushbug left and Lvl 10 Mythic Firework monster right, got 9 hr breed time on first try after trying for days with Bellow & Blushbug and Graveleaf & flower

  46. CattyBB says:

    Mythic burst & mythic mountain, both level 10, on my first try on iPod!

  47. Aaron says:

    Mythic cinder lv10 + mountain lv10…….was trying for elder earth though

  48. Grace (sugargerbil) says:

    Thanks noobb for the suggestion with burst and mountain. Got river first try and renewal on second try. Thanks!

  49. Shark says:

    I finally got the renewal monster after days of trying :). I breed mythic level 10 Fire monster and mythic level 10 Flower monster.

  50. areezaayat says:

    I already have a renewal monsters, but how can I get a mythic one?? Any suggestion is welcome,

  51. courtney says:

    I finally got the renewal with level 10 mythic flower & level 8 mythic mountain!!

  52. Marjo says:

    Love and firework!

  53. Lynda says:

    Mythic fire and Glee

  54. Mustaches says:

    Used holly and frozenblaze and I got the renewal on first try!

  55. mich says:

    i got it with just fire and plant, no joke. first try

  56. Nikki says:

    Tundra left magma right

  57. Lexi says:

    I was able To Get Renewal On First ShoT From Breeding Tundra And Spitfire. So Any Of You That Have Trouble, Might Wanna Try That.

  58. adrian says:

    Got 4 renewal with flower+mountain.

  59. Carmel says:

    First try with Mythic Flower and Mythic Mountain. Thanks to Sean for your tip. Thank you Noobbgodlike, I don’t know how people play this game without your wonderful website.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You’re welcome :D. Congrats for your renewal.

    • Dee says:

      Yay!!!!! Thank you!!!!

      I got my second renewal with this combo of
      Mythic flower and mythic mountain on the first try!!!

      The first time I got it with burst and mountain. But it would not take again after that. I have been trying different combos, trying not to get air over an over.

      This worked great. Now that I have 2 I can go for the mythics.

  60. robemm says:

    Blushbug left… Solstice right… Both normal… Both level 10… = renewal…..

  61. Torres says:

    For those who are trying for a second renewal, renewal left and mythic fire right, first try.

  62. Mcecuapr says:

    I just cannot get this monster. I haven’t updated since my iOS device is one of the unsafe ones but do I need to update to get this monster. I’ve tried all the combinations and still nothing.

  63. id : maka2 says:

    i got 9hrs by Mythic plant(10) + fire(10)
    happy but still i should make it to level 10 before monday

  64. id : maka2 says:

    i saw in tiny monsters page in fb “since there r players who r experiencing crashes , they r extending the renewal quest till Monday ” so friends keep breeding :)

  65. Airety says:

    I am a pretty new player. I am only a level 11 and have not even passed all the monster cleanse quests. But while trying to breed a frozen flame I got a renewal egg!! I got it with a level 5 tundra and level 5 magma on my first time breeding them! I hadn’t even been trying to get one! If you would like to see for yourself you can visit my mountain

  66. kwiwen says:

    Finally got one :) 4th try with Mythic Flower and Bug (both level 10)

  67. Shadow says:

    still no Renewal .. oh well

  68. Misterkitty1 says:

    I can’t remember now which monster I was trying to breed but was surprised and happy with what I got. I got a mythic renewal monster using sporespark and voltleaf.

  69. Sean(SRW55) says:

    Mythic mountain and mythic flower both lvl 10

  70. geoffy says:

    I got it with a tree and frostember…go figure lol

  71. Kirsten says:

    I got two renewal monsters using firework and love. One on the iPad and one on the iPhone.

  72. Tried every combo listed many times and used 142 diamonds but Finally got it with bug and mythic fire both level 10

  73. Pinki40 says:

    I have tried all the combo’s but all I am getting is “Your monsters are not feeling the love” or something like that. I have a iPhone. Please tell me what to do?

  74. whammytammy says:

    Blue joy and solstice first try with this combo

  75. Ankhsss says:

    Burst lvl 10 + mountain lvl 10 first try, i tried many other combos they didnt worked

  76. Irina says:

    Mystic Plant + Mystic Fire 1st try on iPhone
    I’m really pleased and surprised, it never happened before that I get a limited monster first try. Good luck to everybody!

  77. Xenoeclipse says:

    Cinder and bug first try

  78. Heather says:

    I got this with Solstice and Flower. Wondering if anyone knows what time the quest expires?? I have the monster in its second hibernation, wondering if I need to speed it up to get the reward.

  79. Mikkel says:

    Ugh I just noticed its the last day. So mad. Is it really the last day? And did you get him yet?

  80. Brooke says:

    Got it with glee and solstice on my second try!

  81. Cassie bull says:

    Got it on first try with mythic fire and sporespark

  82. Bre (Tiny ID:BrelovesMatt says:

    After 12 tries I finally got this one with lvl10 flower and lvl10 bug!

  83. Donald Tartaglia says:

    Got two renewal monsters wasn’t even trying for the second one!

  84. Serge says:

    Glee+Soltice, both lvl 10, 1st try

  85. Paksenarion says:

    Glee and solstice both lvl 10. 9 hour breeding time

  86. Dawn10011 says:

    Solstice and glee worked for me after many combos. Actually it didn’t work the first time but I tried it again and bam renewal!! Then I said to myself let me try my luck again with the same combo and again it worked. So now I hoping I can get a mythic. By breeding the 2 and filling the orb. It’s very rare that I am successful with these limited quests. I usually try right to the end breeding and breeding until the quest expires and I always have to wind up by the stupid monster . I was just about to purchase renewal and give up. I’m glad I tried again. Good luck guys and for the people that haven’t been able to breed him I know what your feeling because I’m usually right there with you.

  87. Jessie says:

    I got Renewal with mythic mountain and mythic flower on the first try, after several failed tries with other combinations. On Android.

  88. Michelle says:

    I have tried all the formulas and all I keep getting is the flower no matter what I breed. I’m on an iPhone and this monster is driving me crazy trying to get it!

  89. Kat says:

    I’ve tried everything, no luck yet on iPhone 5. Getting slightly annoyed now, especially with the Elder monsters being so hard to get as well. I just want a break :(

  90. michelle says:

    level 10 burst and level 8 mountain 1st try

  91. Dee682 says:

    Finally!!! Plant and Fire, first try…on iPhone ( I tried other formulas and got nothing but Flowers and Bugs)

  92. Bloodrose7 tiny id says:

    Flower on the left and joy on th right and I’m on iPad.

  93. Kpar says:

    Mythic fire & mythic plant= renewal first try w/ this combo after trying several other combinations of previous limited creatures. Got it doing breed for the prophesies series.

  94. I’d like to tell TinyCo how I feel about these limited monsters being hard to obtain!!! I am actually p- off this time!!! I think they are greedy and they suck. After all the crap with the crashing they have BIG ONES!!!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I believe what you need is just a patience.

      • Jenger says:

        You do have to admit that for some low level monsters 20-40 tries is a little crazy! My kids have given up on this game and moved on.
        I thought I would keep it going and find that on several of their games I am trying your theory and sticking to one formula, but not getting very good results. I am about to give up.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          no, it’s not crazy :D. I also get that problem but I just move on to the next monsters :D. But that’s different if you have collect all monsters except that one :D.

        • Jello says:

          I’m considered very patient by people. Contrasting Dragonvale with this game is a joke! I decided to spend 20$ on diamonds because I wanted to get the indpentant eagle monster. TM’s indep. monster took me over 45 tries! Both DV and TM had their special monsters on this occasion. I ended up loathing TinyMonsters for leeching me of all my gemcash. What DV has that TM doesn’t is the ability to gain gems as well as buy them. Naturally I get the dragons I want and if I’m about to miss out, buy gems. Go figure TM. It really comes across as though you want to suck my pocket dry. I don’t usually like to whine since it is nice your game is free. However, knowing how marketing works, you probably enjoy getting the cash from really desperate people gambling for badly designed monsters and don’t care about gaming etiquette. I look at the renewal monster and hate it’s design. Don’t want to waste money on it. I do your quest and what’s the last thing I need to do? Buy a renewal monster. All roads lead to your wallet in this game.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          If you think dragonvale is better then go dragonvale. It’s just a game and I and this site are not connected with tinyco in any way, so there is no use complain in here, better post your comment on their facebook. Maybe they will re-consider it :D.

    • I tend to agree and patience doesnt always work. Ive missed several monsters becaused the quest ended even though I’m constantly breeding monsters. And I even bought the pouch of
      diamonds which is supossed to increase increase your odds

  95. joei says:

    Finally got it with lvl 10 Flower (l) & lvl 10 Blushbug (r)

    • Connie (tiny ID: cd1524) says:

      After countless combinations got renewal with flower + blush bug both lvl 10 on android. Yay!

  96. Liz says:

    Flower and mythic fire. Took a few goes though

  97. Johnny (TinyID: arkangel21 says:

    Flower+Bug, 2nd try, first was Legendary

  98. sarah says:

    Got it with fire and plant first time after 5 tries with blossom and cinder. :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  99. Julie C says:

    I got mine with silk and mythic fire, on android. Weeee.

  100. AlyWhit says:

    Bug and Solstice! It worked twice in a row. Now I can leave one a cute little baby. =)

  101. mitchellpl says:

    I tried Luck and Flower from the list above and got a Legendary!!

  102. Dan says:

    FINALLY received it with flower (10) on the left and glee (10) on the right. Flower and bug were bogus for me (tried ten or twelve times)…If I got another air or shadow from bug and flower, I was gonna pull each of my arm hairs out!!!

  103. Pcjenkins says:

    Got on firework and independence on first try or by accident

  104. emma says:

    Mythic bug and mythic fire, 9 hours! Fingers crossed for renewal

  105. Deb says:

    Got Renewal on the fifth try using a lvl 10 flower and lvl 10 bug

    • Shark says:

      See ive been using those 2 monsters but it doesnt work cant try any other formulas cz i dont have monsters for the other formulas

  106. Dee says:

    Bust and mountain first time. But, every time after that.

    Happy breeding!

    P.s. My monsters are all 10’s.

  107. Shark says:

    Has anyone got a renewal monster from plant and bug. I’ve tried so many times but I keep getting air. Plz help.

  108. Elfylio says:

    Got it with glee and solstice

  109. markus (ID: TINYKUSS) says:

    after many and many unlucky tries with 10 M.flower and 10M.bug, i changed yesterday to simply breed 10 M. plant + 10 and i got it at the first try! oufff!

  110. Kendra says:

    Flower+fireworks first try :)

  111. (tinyid: rizzy18 says:

    Have been soo unlucky with this monster. Even after 10+ tries i keep getting the air monster or something else.
    Im on android and need tips on which combo is most effective

  112. Dano says:

    lvl 10 mountain and lvl 10 flower. Breeding time 9 hours, so it can’t be anything else 😛

  113. Julie says:

    Mountain and Cinder. Both level 10. On android

  114. david says:

    Bellow with jubilee. First try.

  115. Bloodrose (Bloodrose7) says:

    Whoop, whoop! I never get limited monsters until way later and after frustration has set in and some hair has been pulled out! I hope everyone else is so lucky!

    I got it with Glee(10) on the left and Bug(10) on the right and I’m on iPad. Yea, so happy! 😉

  116. qwiggy says:

    Blushbug & flower did it for me… tablet.

  117. Benamaru says:

    Pollen and bug got it for me..1st try

  118. Maggie Mon says:

    I’m trying to breed elder earth for using Blossom and Cinder but getting 9 hours breeding. It should be Renewal.

  119. sweettink says:

    Plant + mystic fire 1st try

  120. emeee says:

    First try Pollen and Boreal – elder earth (happy surprise )
    Haha and second try Bug and Solstice – Legendary :) (even happier)

    And i was trying for Renewal 😛

  121. Dee McDaniel says:

    Bug and solstice

  122. jokemon says:

    Yay i got one with Mythic Plant + Sun

  123. Itsmriiduhh says:

    Got it on 2nd try with Mythic Fire + Mythic Bug both lvl 10

  124. MimiMonster says:

    Got 9 hours with blossom and mythic firework. Hope it’s renewal. Everything else that might match is limited so I guess I wait 9 hours.

  125. Rene says:

    Bellow/Hallow & Blushbug, both level 10, first try.

  126. Pam says:

    PolleN and Boreal

  127. TM says:

    Bug and solstice 3rd try

  128. May says:

    Tree + fire both level 10 , I get renewal monster after three tries.

  129. georgena08 says:

    mythic plant lv10 and fire lv10 got it twice in a row android.

  130. Kiara says:

    First try with fire and plant! Oh yeah!

  131. Silencek says:

    Joy + Solstice
    first try

  132. AH6584 says:

    FINALLY after 32 tries of Bug and Flower I get it!

  133. kaja says:

    first try with glee + mythic flower

  134. Skytalon says:

    Mountain + flower First time, both adult, I was trying for legendary but unexpectedly got this instead!

  135. Asna says:

    I used mythic flower & burst and got renewal monster ! Feeling happy :)

  136. Kat says:

    Solstice + Glee, first try. Tried combo again trying for a mythic, but got a Flower, so 1st try was luck!

  137. Ali says:

    Spitfire level 10 and tree level 10 first time and I got the renewal monster

  138. Cerumen says:

    Hallow and Mythic Love! I was able to get Renewal in between crashes and server errors – keep trying…

  139. SR says:

    Fireworks + Blue Joy Egg (both level 10)

  140. Melnia says:

    I got this with Mountain and Magma, I was going for Earth Elder

  141. Nick Cage says:

    Blushbug and Firework first try

  142. my3sonsnj says:

    First want to thank all that contribute to this site and noob for maintaining it! Just a suggestion…when posting breeding formulas, it would be helpful to know the platform because I have found that the formulas need to be reversed for android vs apple.

  143. Maggi says:

    Does it not clear the quest if you get a mythic version?

  144. Crazygirl48 says:

    Blushbug 10 on left, mythic Solstice 5 on right on the first try?

  145. JustSal says:

    Mythic plant on left
    Mythic fire on right

    First try

    Thanks for this site and all the work you put into it.

    • Misty_Lake says:

      I decided to try this simple combo after numerous failures with other combos listed here and Viola! 9hrs. Hoping its Renewal.

    • colten says:

      Before i looked at this site, i had a breeding time of 9 hours when i bred mythic leaf lvl 10 on the left and mythic fore lvl 10 on the right. In the market under featured, the Renewal monsters breeding time isnt posted in its description like all other monsters’ hatching time is. Does anyone know why that is?

  146. Najmulseher says:

    Flower + Solstice both lvl 10… Got it on 2nd try

    • medusa-x5-452 says:

      unfortunately on my android, this gave equation me nothing but 3 bugs & another flower…

      however, i think I finally may’ve gotten lucky…
      I bred blossom + mythic flower = resulting in a 9 hour breeding time!
      wahoo! and it’s going to be mythic, no less!

  147. chris says:

    Got him using mythic fire on left and mythic sporespark on right… first try with this combo.. 2nd try gave me a 4 hour breed time.

  148. Carrie5260 says:

    I just got a 9 hr breeding time using Blushbug + Fireworks monster … I’m hoping I’ve bred a Renewal monster. i haven’t had much luck with the limited babies lately. This time I decided to try a couple of “single element” monsters – I figure at least the possible combinations will be limited. Good luck everyone !

  149. livesintheboonies says:

    Lvl 10 Luck + lvl 10 Bug – 9hrs hatch time, here’s to hoping. :-)

  150. Deminio says:

    It was the easier monster to get. First try with luck and flower both level 10

  151. erica says:

    I got it with bug n plant. I believe this is the fastest combo since the fail attemps will be only 4hrs. It did take me a while but ithink this is the best combo. Going for mythic now

  152. ranex says:

    Mountain+flower=renewal monster…

  153. Abigail says:

    I think I have it I bred solstice + blossom

    • tiny id (itrtggdh) says:

      Thank you very much, just got it because of your suggestion. I gave up on the elder earth for the renewal. It took me 2 days, spent all my diamonds, but I got it. Kind of on the first try. Well technically the first 1 wasn’t the renewal, I lost it when I left the game, but the 2nd time worked. Back to trying to hatch a elder earth

  154. Mark says:

    Voltleaf and flare.

  155. Aeon says:

    Got Mythic Renewal first try with Luck and Solstice (in that order)

  156. franc (tiny id: franc13) says:


    • noobbgodlike says:

      please don’t post something like this again, why?

      1. they don’t work on all devices.
      2. even if they do work, this will make tinyco patch the game harder on the future, and it will make honest players getting more trouble.

  157. Ryan Sconce says:

    I got 1 witha level 5 flower and a level 5 bug =)

  158. crazibreeder says:

    Bayou n flare 1st try trying for elder earth now.

  159. Megan says:

    I just bred flower to bug and got the renewal. Problem is when I went back in a few minutes later, my breeding den was empty. I tiredtried breeding again, same pair, and I’m stuck waiting on the shadow monster. Anyone else have this problem?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Make sure your internet connection is stable.

      • Megan says:

        It is. I’m on an android phone, and left the game-I didn’t get kicked out or lose connection. The game just cleared my breeding den and that was it. I contacted the game support but that didn’t help last time-they pretty much just insulted me last time so I’m not holding out much hope there.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          yeah, I know. But still unstable connection doesn’t need to kick you out from the game. Your data just didn’t get sent to tinyco server.

  160. Barb says:

    Mythic flower+Soltice=9hrs (both level10)
    Hope its a Renewal :) tried other combos

  161. Madeaw says:

    i got renewal after try for several time and combination such as fire + plant / flower + bug / bug + fire but noting until use flower lv 9 with fire lv 10 and got it yeahhhhhh

  162. Dawna says:

    Luck and flower have given me enigma twice in a row.. Not complaining but was wanting the new limited

  163. ang says:

    Lushleaf/ solarflare (Android) elder earth= tree/ mountain got mythic of both :-) also

  164. chris says:

    Jest breed mythic fire on left mythic sporespark on right.. got 9 hour breed time. Fingers crossed.. I dont see any others with same elements with 9 hour spawn so. Besides blushbug.. but hes not available now right??

  165. Steve says:

    Solstice and jubilee 1st try on my Android.

  166. Hitomi23 says:

    what’s the best combo on iPhone???

  167. Aaron says:

    Glee + fire (M) first try 9 hrs

  168. Ellen says:

    Thank you for the Flower(lvl 10) + Solstice (lvl 10) combo on iPhone5. It did take about 5 tries, but the nice thing about this formula is that if you do not get your 9 hour breeding time you will get the 4 hours for the bug or flower. This way you don’t have an extremely long wait to try to breed again.

  169. Burncapricorn says:

    I breeded a level 10 tree monster and a level ten fire monster and got a mythic renewal monster! 😛

  170. Sarah says:

    Flower and solstice first try, got 2 in a row.

  171. David says:

    Luck + flower (first try)

  172. desi says:

    Used simply fire and plant and appeared a 9 hour breeding time

  173. BirdsFlyHigh says:

    ( Hallow level 10 + mythic luck level 10 )

    First try 😀

  174. m94sarah says:

    mythic bug and mythic flower 2nd try get mythic renewal x) still trying for an elder earth x,x

  175. Cortney says:

    Blush bug+ flower first try

  176. Ahmad says:

    Can I get this monster before completing the quest ?????

  177. stephanie says:

    Bug And Flower First Try Then Got Another One Social Breeding With Ice Friendship And Earth Unity

  178. An says:

    Solstice and blushbug first try

  179. ZombieFreak911 says:

    Do you need to complete the quests to be able to breed this monster?

  180. Barb says:

    Tried Luck+Mythic flower and got 18hrs.
    (trying for Renewal on Android : BRED21). Was excited cause
    I thought it might be Elder Earth….waaaaa its a
    Shadow :(

  181. gigifst says:

    Luck + flower 1st try
    3rd try got me another one

  182. Camikazee says:

    Blushbug + Firework

  183. Tamara says:

    Lvl 10 plant, + lvl 10 solstice = renewal monster 1st try :-) good luck gamers….. :-)

  184. Tinalynth says:

    fire + bug

  185. Anso82 says:

    Blushbug(lvl 10) + Firework(lvl 10)

  186. Anso82 says:

    Blushbug 10 + Firework 10 3rd try

  187. Gnun says:

    Hi! Bred it with mountain and flower :)

  188. muddpaws says:

    Flower and Silk monster, both at level 10.

  189. tinytka says:

    Flower (lvl 10)+ Bug (lvl 10) first try

  190. James says:

    I got the mythic Renewal Monster but can’t find your email to send you a pick of it

  191. Ehlana (tinyid=Flutee) says:

    Mythic flower and mythic bug = renewal first try!

    Then used the level 10 renewal with mythic flower and got 1st Elder Earth (iPhone/iPad) and 2nd Elder (iPad) – go figure!!!!!! Extremely happy!

    And now off to chase down that mythic Renewal

  192. lethka says:

    Fire + spore spark

    Sells 3375
    2160 exp

  193. kjatbeach says:

    Cinder + Tundra

  194. Deidre says:

    Got mine on 3rd try with Mountain and Blossom.

  195. ravengirl says:

    mythic Joy level 10 and mythic Solstice level 5

  196. july says:

    i got it with tundra and cinder 1st try

  197. nickb95 says:

    I was trying to hatch an elder earth and I got the renewal monster without completing the quest lol
    Earthquake lv 10 + mythic tree lv10
    Hope this helps anyone trying to hatch the renewal monster

    Nick b

  198. Franny says:

    Mythic bug and frostember.

  199. Lol says:

    Everything with fire and plant gives renewal at first try

    • noobbgodlike says:

      not my case… TAT

    • Mommy3g says:

      Mine either. I did flower and bug and now I’m stuck with an air monster, with a 26 hour hatch time. I think I might have had it on my first try this morning, but the game crashed and I had to get to work. I had hoped it wasn’t lost, but when I went in on my lunch, the breeding den was empty. :(

    • Yvette says:

      Not in my case. Tried Jubilee + Solstice got mythic bug first time. Tried the reverse got renewal . Yeah! I am on the iPad and have version 2 of the game, you know where everything costs lots of diamonds.

  200. Lol says:

    Fire and plant frist try

  201. Melissa says:

    I got one with Fire and Plant both level 10 trying to complete no 6 of elemental quest. I was surprised by the 9 hr breeding time. I didn’t even see there was a new monster. Happy accident!

  202. Holly says:

    solstice and glee 1st try:-) good luck everyone!

  203. tiger24 says:

    Luck&flower 1rst try

  204. Congrats to you guys !!!! I’m working on earth elder and now this one. Overload with quests and shadows. !!! Very happy for those who got what they need:)

  205. Yvonne says:

    I used Luck Lvl 10 and Mythic Flower Lvl 10. Got my Renewal.

  206. Akfabulous says:

    Level 10 flower level 10 bug first try

    Samsung tablet

  207. April says:

    Boom! Mountain + Burst 1st try!!!!

  208. Aj says:

    Solstice + Blossom got 9 hours breeding time

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