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Tiny Monsters How to Get Unity Monster

Tiny Monsters Unity Egg

Tiny Monsters Unity baby to teen

(There is no mythic version at this moment)

How to get:
[0] Buy for 25/125 diamonds
[0] You need to refer one “fresh” friend (his/her phone never installed with tiny monsters)
[0] For Kindle Fire Users, you may need to contact tinyco to get it since I heard You can’t download the app directly.

[1] Send invitation to your friends through email (social menu and then choose invite)
[2] Let your friend read that email and follow instructions written on the mail (4 digit code)
[3] You will get success notification if your friend have done all things above.

Tiny Monsters referral accepted


I can’t get the reward for inviting my friend/ I can’t  get my friend to click the reward button etc.

Right now, tiny social feature (invite) is glitched. You can contact tinyco and tell them about the problem (read fix error section on the main page of this guide). Tell them your friend’s device UNIQUE number and yours to get the reward.












Food (x4)

1 5 15 20 22  25 30 90  95 MAX

Total Food needed

0 4 24 84 164 252 352 472 832 1212

To feed this monster you need social food the amount of food obtained depends on your social level and how many people who give you a gift.

Social Lvl S. Food/gift
15-19 15
20-24 16
25-29 17
30-34 18
35-39 19
40-44 20
45-49 21
50-54 22
55-59 23
60-64 24
65-69 25
70-74 26
75-79 27
80-84 28
85-89 29
90-94 30
95-99 31

Breeding time : 13 hours

1st tuck in time: 7 hours

2nd tuck in time: 17 hours 

XP: 3000

Sell Price: 2925 Coins

Breeding Formula  (Need to be on Adult Form): Unity + Unity (Element doesn’t affect the result; Breed Unity + friendship will result on regular hybrids monsters :D)

Adult Form

Thanks to Donna and “be-_-all” for these pictures

These forms are random, so you may need to raise more than 3 unity monsters.


Tiny Monsters Earth Unity


Tiny Monsters Unity Fire


Tiny Monsters Unity Plant

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

Friendship Page

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360 Responses to “Tiny Monsters How to Get Unity Monster”

  1. Monsterchen says:

    I send you a gift every day!
    ID: 962099

  2. Tori says:

    I have 2 earth social monsters. It said that’s the only monster I can get for now can it be changed or should I start with a new monster and try again?

  3. ash says:

    What if i dont have anyone to refer to? Is there another way to evolve my unity monster?

  4. Daisy says:

    I have a level 10 unity monster but I am still required to refer friends or pay diamonds for my other two unity monsters. One is at level 7 and one is at level 4. From what I read I shouldn’t have to refer friends any longer or continue to pay diamonds. Have I misunderstood the postings? I am using IOS.

  5. Devlyns says:

    Does anyone know what the random 2 diamonds you get from the giving tree after someone has given you a gift? Well actually id there any way to make it less random? I have been watching my tree as the gifts come in, but I can’t see any direct link as to when you get the two diamonds. So does anybody know what sets it off or is it just completely random?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It’s completely random , but I heard that the higher your social level the better your chance to get the diamonds.

      • Devlyns says:

        Thanks for the info, I was hoping that I could depend on getting the 2 diamonds until diamond producers that I have read about are available to me. As my luck is pretty much non existent, and if it’s just based on that I probably won’t see another 2 diamonds until next December no matter what level I work up to.

  6. Aidan says:

    I have a kindle fire and I can’t evolve my unity monster. It says that I have 0 friends even though I have 30 friends.

  7. Jacob says:

    Where is the giving tree. I really want the unity monster!!!

  8. Franc says:

    Ok i have evolved 5 or 6 unity’s and they all turn to the earth form. Anyone have this issue?

  9. person says:

    I didn’t refer anyone but I still have this monster. Is there any explanation for this?

  10. Hecate1983 says:

    Just accidentally SOLD my ONLY Unity Monster egg! I am kicking myself! I dont have any other Unity Monsters…just Friendship Monsters. What can I do to get the Egg back? I still won’t be able to hatch it because I haven’t referred enough Friends, but I want it in case I ever save up enough Diamonds to Hatch it.

  11. Dennis says:

    Do we have to keep referring people inorder to evolve Unity Monster?

  12. Trixie says:

    I bought my first unity with diamonds. As I’ve been trying to evolve it I’m having to invite friends to evolve it to it’s next level now,which is no big deal. I just want to know if I’m going to have to do this with every unity I get or is it only with the first one?

  13. tinfu says:

    I am trying to get other unity monsters and it is not letting me. It says that I can only get fire until I get a higher standing. Any idea what I would need to do?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Device? Kindle can’t obtain the social monster. If it appears on IOS/android simply ignore it, you can get it.

      • tinfu says:

        I have an android. It was the same for me on my iPhone with friendship monster until I used the diamonds to be able evolve unity. Once I did that then I was able to get the other forms of friendship.

  14. basaro says:


    I have all the social food gift info, not sure where you want to post it, maybe on the Tiny Social Feature Info page, and then you could create links to it from this Unity page and Friendship page?

    The pattern is that you get 1 more social snack every 5 levels…

    I only have info starting at Level 15.

    L15-19 15
    L20-24 16
    L25-29 17
    L30-34 18
    L35-39 19
    L40-44 20
    L45-49 21
    L50-54 22
    L55-59 23
    L60-64 24
    L65-69 25
    L70-74 26
    L75-79 27
    L80-84 28
    L85-89 29
    L90-94 30
    L95-98 31

    I am currently on L97, but doubt this will change when I hit L98. If it does, I’ll re-post to correct it later. :)

  15. Lyn says:

    I have all unity and friendship monsters. Is there a reason to continue to feed them to level ten? I am having plenty of food gifted me so I cando it with enough time. There is nothing more to do with them anyway. but I see no point?

  16. basaro says:

    hi noob,

    looks like unity food has been recently cut in half, I finally gave up with tinyco support after 2 months of zero help and just paid diamonds to evolve my unity monsters.

    anyway, food for levels 1-7 have changed…level 8 and 9 still the same
    L1-L7 = 1,5,15,20,22,25,30

  17. Punisher says:

    Can I get socialnon kindle fire?

  18. smile24/7 says:

    So I never sent anything to a friend but I still could hatch this, is this a glitch or something??

  19. Jfalco2001 says:

    Are there mystic versions of theses monster or friendship monsters?

  20. basaro says:

    It appears Unity egg is free without having to refer anyone now. After I installed the new version and did a couple of the quests to restore the giving tree, both Unity and Friendship eggs were under the tree and ready to hatch. All my “Have X many friends” quests auto-completed though since I already had 80 friends from Tiny Village. I have not referred anyone yet.

    Unity 1st tuck in only needs 1 referred friend now, looks like it has been changed since inception.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Heh, really?? I trust you basaro (since you have helped me so much), but I still need more confirmation from others :).

      • basaro says:


        There are 2 confirmations in these comments, one from marcelo12 from way back in august (bottom of the page), and just today from smile24/7.

        Also I will send you a screenshot of the Unity “Evolve to teen” screen. It shows I have not invited anyone (0/1), and since I have the Unity monster ready to evolve, I obviously got it without any invites. :)

      • Rachael Moyer says:

        As of 4/9/2014 You still need 1 person to accept invite to evolve Unity from level 4 to level 5.

        Now for my question. I had a friend accept my social invite via Facebook. I am still stuck at 0/1 invites accepted. Is this a glitch and if so, how do i go about contacting someone to get this fixed?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          You can get this fixed by telling them your friend UDID number and your UDID number (The number and the link provided on fix error section; which located on the tiny monsters breeding guide main page).

  21. Dmmsrm says:

    Hey Noob, I just want to be clear with what you wrote regarding diamonds and Unity monster: you are saying that once you evolve your first unity to one of its adult forms, the rest of your unity monsters will NOT need diamonds to evolve as long as I’m using version 2.4, correct?? I don’t have 75 diamonds every time I want to evolve a Unity monster :)

    Thank you!!

  22. Mr.3b2dy says:


    I had my Unity monster upgraded to Earth Unity twice, but unfortunately I deleted all of them by mistake and know I don’t have any Unity monsters !! But I do have two adult Friendships monsters and two babys Friendships monsters. My question is how may I regenerate Unity monsters while I don’t have neither baby, teen or adult unity monster ?! Could you please help me with that ?!


  23. Max says:

    Hi, plz help I am at social level 2 and i have 147 diamonds. I can’t hatch my Unity or Friendship monster, it says I don’t have enough “Social Space”. Could you give me a tip so I can get enough and hatch my monsters?????

  24. Max says:

    I recycled my unity monster 😛 and I need to get it back, how???

  25. Brandon says:

    Trying so hard to get fire unity. Why must you elude me?

  26. adison says:

    Can you get a unity and friendship monster on a kindle fire?

  27. jgttime says:

    How do you get people to be friends with? I am adding people and gifting them through the random feature. Do I wait for people to do the same or can I solicit for friends?

  28. TM says:

    In the monsterpedia, it has a place for mythic friendship and unity adult form monsters. Anyone ever get one?

  29. JoLlA_89 says:

    Got unity by using friendship ice and unity earth

  30. Daniel Tsan says:

    I invited someone and they downloaded it, but where do you put the code that I emailed her? And when they opened the link, there wasn’t a window with the snow monster. Just the app download window. I am on ios7 by the way. Thank you for your help.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I really sorry since I don’t know. Invite mechanism is different from the previous version and I can’t try it.

      • Samantha says:

        I opened the game after download and followed the tutorial. After you hatch egg, make farm and feed monster, a pop up box appears and asks for age and then referral code from email or FB post.

    • sam says:

      Yup like Samantha said after the tutorial you get a box to enter your age and then a box to enter the code.

    • Tiny monster says:

      You have to go to the menu and press I’ve got a code then your friend has to type in the code that was sent then you should get the message hopefully this works for you dude/dudette

      • theeagle1968 says:

        So, my daughter sent the e-mail, the person got the e-mail, but there was no link, just a play now button (with the code). Plus there is nothing in the e-mail to click on to notify that it worked. Is there anywhere that has up to date, step by step instructions? Since you download the game once, and it is then toast.

  31. ericftw says:

    Finally managed to get all three. Working on all the friendship forms now.

  32. Naomi says:

    Hey noob, im so sorry of this question is redundant but im a bit confused, if i get a second unity monster do i have to again refer freinds??

  33. Ahzrion says:

    Are there mythic versions of friendship/unity monsters?

  34. Azza says:

    I’ve put two ice unity monsters and I’ve got a 17 hours breeding time, I’ve looked to see what monster it could be but I had no luck can someone help please and merry Christmas

  35. Ashley says:

    I referred my sister by facebook. She downloaded and played and now its asking her for a code. Neither of us received a code. Where can she find this code so i can have this they referral accepted?

  36. Viet says:

    This guide is outdated from step 3. I just referred my sister after patch 2.4 but I couldn’t find” collect my reward” link from her email. I decided to open the game and did a few first tutorials from the new TM and it then asked me the 6 digit referral code stated in the EMAIL in the beginning. I keyed the code in and tap ” verify ” and it said my sister was referred by ” my ID here ” . I opened my own TM and received the notification that the referral being successful. Now I can evolve my level 4 unity after 5 months.

  37. Sunny1212 says:

    I have two unity monsters, and I paid like 200 diamonds to get the first one to its adult form. Do I have to pay another 200 something diamonds AGAIN after paying the first time?

  38. shadow11 says:

    I bred ice friendship and earth unity and got a unity monster so you can get unities with friendship + unity, but im guessing its just uncommon

  39. Dreyrave says:

    I have a problem! I tried to Have the last one unity monster because i have all others without unity pant and i can’t get it ! I breed like 14 times for have it and always get a fire momster ! Please help me. What can i do?

  40. Tammy says:

    I am on “The Unity Monster” (4/6) asking me to refer one friend. Can I get through this buy paying diamonds? I dont have any friends to refer and my island will only let me have 3 on it? Anyone have any ideas?

  41. dave says:

    Hey noob how can I buy 1 (I sold mine by accedent)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I believe no and I don’t know how to restore it back….

    • Glitchfinder says:

      I thought you couldn’t sell your first friendship/unity. Oh well, you encountered a glitch typical in games like Tiny Monsters. Contact Tiny co, they’ll probably find a way to get back your unity monster.

    • swippley says:

      Out of frustration. I am one of the folks who cannot evolve unity. I sold mine on purpose. Figured I didn’t need it. First time I bred on the social island I got unity. So have no fear you will get it back.

  42. Eldon7589 says:

    I must have gotten really lucky as I have gotten all three unity monsters first try and all three friendship monsters on the first try with no doubles at all.

  43. KDK says:

    Seven plant unity monsters in a row aaarrrrggghhh where are you earth and fire!
    I give up on this social bonus.

  44. Daisy says:

    Noob, i need help please. I am trying to refer a friend so I can breed Unity. I came here and followed your instructions but I cant get it to work. I sent the email to her from in the game, she clicked link and installed game. She tried to find Step 2 for her to collect her reward and that was no where to be found. How do I proceed? I am very frustrated :(

  45. caffiend1 says:

    Hi noob i cant breed my ice friendship with fire unity is this normal?

  46. cutler121 (TinyID: rcutler) says:

    It looks like they have changed the amount of social food needed to evolve the social monsters. My level 5 unity monster was only requiring 22 food and now level 6 only needs 25. That will help get the last unity type I am missing. With the huge amount of required food before it was taking forever.

  47. Roy van Peer says:

    I referd a new friend but he pressed the the link to collect the reward but nothing happend so I can’t envolve my unity monster.
    What can I do.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Social feature is buggy right now, what you encounter is same as many people’s problem. Contact tinyco (using the link on fix error section that located on the main page).

  48. Ko1953 says:

    Hi there is fire unity as I have it also earth unity just waiting for a plant now

  49. Barb says:

    My game must be large version since it would cost me 125 diamonds to evolve my first unity(sitting at level 4 right now)? Does this mean the next evolve would be 250 diamonds? I have read the info but am confused? I have a high social status and am maxed out on social snacks. I have all friendship monsters leveled up(over and over). No friends that want to join etc. It seems a bit steep for the price of unity. The post says if I pay for the first one then I have to pay for the rest?

    • Barb says:

      Also does anyone know at what level of social gifting is considered a Master social level? What happens if you reach that ? I am hoping I get unity monsters without having to refer friends?

      • noobbgodlike says:

        There is no such thing as the master level. Even if you reach level 99 you won’t be able to get unity without referring fresh friends (unless they patch it on future).

    • noobbgodlike says:

      only 125 😀 and yeah you need to pay diamonds for 2nd unity… That’s why I don’t try to evolve my unity since it cost too much food and diamonds. Maybe they will change the method on future ?? who knows?

    • Chels123sea says:

      It costs me 250 diamonds to finish evolving my unity monster I invited everyone I knew most people I knew already played it and the few new people I got their referrals never worked so if I ever intend on getting all of them I’m going to have to pay which I find unfair I feel they are selling themselves short thinking there are that many people out there not playing the game that everyone playing will know so many people to invite they should cut us a break I can accept to get it to start with but to evolve it too is a little much they need to cut us dedicated players a break.

      • cutler121 (TinyID: rcutler) says:

        I finally went out and bought a new ipad so I could refer a “new” friend and get the final unity level. It also gave me a chance to try out the retinal display. Fortunately Apple has the nice return policy so I returned the ipad when I realized there wasn’t really any difference between the retinal display and the older ipad. At least I got the extra referral though :-)

  50. Prof says:

    I’m so ennoyed I referred a friend but my unity monster still won’t evolve I’ve referred two friends now and for one of my friends I took them through it step by step how its stated above please help me noob

  51. Ze31 says:

    If I pay the diamonds to evolve my Unity to the adult form, will I have to pay again when I try to evolve the next one? Or once I pay it, I will be able to evolve all my Unities? Thanks! :)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      bad news… yes TAT.

      • Ashley says:

        I think this is ridiculous and it’s even worse that every time I evolve my unity monsters I get Plant Unity…. I have 3 plants and 1 fire… Errr…. I can’t get earth…. I think we should be able to pay diamonds to change the evolution, since I spend so many diamonds evolving it I should at least get a chance to change its outcome!

        I’m the unluckiest person ever…. My friendship monsters are all electric, I have 5 electrics and can’t get the other forms! I’m cursed when it comes to social breeding !

        • noobbgodlike says:

          My suggestion is not to try to evolve unity for this time being (I don’t do it) since it takes simply too many diamonds to evolve and we can’t use diamonds to change it. I believe they will change the mechanism in the near future.

  52. Hyciera says:

    Hi everybody,
    I was looking at my socialpedia and noticed empty spaces for mythics buy only for their final forms.
    Since max habitat capacity is 8 monsters I was wondering if those really exist?

  53. Nismah says:

    There’s something wrong with my game…I can’t invite any friends by facebook, SMS, or E-mail to evolve my Unity Monster!!?

    Could someone help me, plz?

  54. franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

    i got one with my ice friendship and someone’s earth unity. guess you dont need 2 unities to get one

  55. Azza says:

    Need one more friend and I can get the adult form!!!!

  56. BarSel says:

    Has anyone actually seen a fire unity monster? All I have seen is earth and a plant. Seem strange that so many have these and not fire. Is fire rare? Btw, great website.

    • kitlock says:

      on my side ive seen 3 on my friends list but 0 plant (came to see what the plant even looked like XD)

    • Keri says:

      I have one, it was the first one I evolved. ID bluebeez

    • ID Hougie says:

      I have all 6 social monsters. The fire unity was the last one I got but, it was also the only one that took multiple tries. I ended up get 2 earths and 2 plants before getting the fire.

    • Donlen says:

      All I keep getting is fire, I still have two on the mountain but sold three others, have yet to get an earth or plant.

  57. Kevin says:

    So I breed a lot of friendship monsters. I have one adult friendship and 6 or 7 young ones. I only have one unity monster (young). Referral aren’t working out. I breed my adult again expect another friendship baby. Nope! It put a dark egg in my regular breeding den. So I just breed the friendship again. Boom! Mystical boost kicked in. Well…26 hours left to see what happens. Anyone else seeing this? I guess once you have so many on that little mountain it starts breeding regular eggs. That’s cool. It’s like having two regular breeding dens now.

  58. JenShouldBeStudying says:

    I have evolved two Unity monsters and both were earth. Both friendship dragons were electric. Each time i got a message telling me only one version of the 3 adult forms was available to me until i become a master social breeder. Exact same thing happened to my friend. Is this a glitch or some weird quest? Seems unlikely we would both breed two sets of twins each!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t know the message doesn’t show up on my game, try to contact tinyco using the link on follow fix error section ( Main page)

    • finfeature says:

      I have the exact same problem, has anyone solved it yet.? I am level 80 social, level 81 in the game. How much experience do I need to hatch a different monster. Could it be because I don’t have a mythic elder monster yet? I keep getting Elder from social breeding, and having to sell them ( that really makes me want to cry, considering how hard it get the first one)

      • noobbgodlike says:

        No, there is no connection between mythic elder with social monsters multi forms. Maybe it’s a bug, try to follow fix error section on the main page and let’s see what tiny co said.

  59. Merari Montiel says:

    I have send 3 emails to 3 different phones but when they open the email I sent them there is no link for them to download the game. I have tried so hard but icant make unity monster adult. Whats wrong with the email. Where is the link ?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      IF they can’t find the link, follow fix error section on the main page.

      • sarah says:

        This happened to me as well, its a glitch that will be fixed in the next update.
        When I emailed they asked me to send them my tinyid and my friends and they then credited my account with the referral.

    • 02linz says:

      it happended to me and i realised it was because i had two emails accounts and i was sending the mails to my friends through the wrong one (the one which was not the mail account). I began to use the other one and the problem desappeared

      Hope it is usefull

  60. tiny id (itrtggdh) says:

    Hey Noob, for some reason It’s not allowing me to evolve my unity monster. I’ve sent it to 2 different friends but it don’t let them download it. What am I doing wrong

  61. Zeddycare92 says:

    Hey, I have been trying to get the invitation via E-mail to work, but it jeeps saying i have to configure my mail settings. Which i already have done and when i click update, on the profile settings page for ny e-mail, it says my mail is already linke to the tinyco id. How should i fix this i really want to evolve my unity monster. Thank you in advance.

  62. Kim says:

    so, I referred a third friend to evolve my unity monster to an adult. I received the notice that the referral was excepted. might be stupid question, but do I now need to feed the unity monster to a level 8 to evolve him to an adult? he’s at level 5. I assumed that once you referred the third friend you could automatically evolve to an adult without having to feed him to level 8 as well. but, I’m not getting an evolve button. Thanks!! just confusing…

  63. gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

    Hey Noobb iv a problem…my social breeding den stop working…i cant open ot to beed when i clic on it only shows the info item…what can i do? Thanks

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Follow fix error section on the main page.

      • Susan says:

        Do you get tired of everyone asking you about glitches and errors? Yes, but don’t any of these people read previous messages to you? I am not that good at these games and I get confused,:) probably due to being 60 years old and losing my marbles, I think, but I have been reading right down the list and I would advise everyone to do this, before asking the same questions over and over. I have to read them all to find what I am looking for, so I don’t have to ask you. I could get more game playing in if they would. Sorry for seeming insensitive to their problems but my battery on my Nexus7 is going down as I read unnecessary questions. Maybe you should just not show this. I may lose some friends!!!!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Tired, yes. But this is my job as a blogger and owner of this site :D. Some people may not read it so yeah I just tell them to read it :D. Relax, friends those worth having won’t leave you because something like this :D.

  64. faeriegirls says:

    having problems evolving unity bc of issue w the link; have talked to support about it wondering if others having issues too and if so contact support theyve been good.

  65. Jocselyn says:


    I hope this can help other players.

    Greetz Jocselyn

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I am sorry since I have to delete your comment.. I know it can be done, but I am afraid that if tinyco knows it they will more heavy patch the game (maybe delete all the id who have used it). I don’t want to take that risk.

  66. marcelo12 says:

    Unity is now free my brothers hatched it

    • RayneZerati says:

      Do you think this has to do with the no link emails?

      • marcelo12 says:

        you don´t need to do anything you can hatch for free

        • Lisa Birmingham says:

          Mine still ask for referrals or diamonds. I have one waiting for 2nd evolution and 2 waiting for 1st evolution and they all need referral or diamonds even though I already have one adult fire unity. I could not get the referrals to work so I paid ths high price to evolve it hoping it would be free for the others.

  67. Harry says:

    Any idea on how or when we will be getting mythic versions for unity or friendship?

  68. carla says:

    I think it wrong you have pay diamonds again to get more unity monsters if you did it first it true :-( huge let down as wanted them dll.all my friends already play the game that will so cant ref er anyone.

  69. (tinyid: rizzy18) says:

    I have tried to refer 2 other people but every time i send the email the link in the email doesnt work. Anyone know why?

  70. dartdogs2 says:

    I just got a 2nd plant unity monster… Talk about discouraging… It took forever to build up the social snacks… My question is, do I need to keep the 2nd one for any reason .. I have all my social spots taken up, with another unity egg that can’t hatch, due to lack of room… If it’s useless, I’ll sell it and move my new egg down… I’ve noticed on other farms that I visit, nobody has 3 different breeds… If they have 3 hatched, they have a duplicate… This island could take forever…

  71. Quad samurai says:

    Not sure if anyone has asked this but once you evolve the first Unity monster and invited all those people will you have to invite friends again on each unity?

  72. TNITO1 says:

    Awwww man it sucks that you have to refer 3 more friends to get adult unity form. I’m sad :..(

  73. marcelo12 says:

    noob its not friendship its unity. you writed´These forms are random, so you may need to raise more than 3 friendship monsters.` plz correct this error

  74. ZombieFreak911 says:

    Hey if you get another unity via social breeding, do you need to refer more friends to evolve it?

  75. Christy (Tinkerfly1) says:

    Hey noob, is there anyway you could start a petition for us to send to tinyco like you did when they updated tiny castle? It seemed they replied very quickly once you sent it to them. Some of us don’t use Facebook and are greatful for websites like yours to help us out. Everyone I know already plays TM. So I have no “fresh” people to invite. Also are they ever going to give us more habitats??? And more space? I think we all should get together again and send tinyco another petition. Thanks for all you do noob!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      There is no use to create the post. Tiny Castle problem can be solved quickly because it relates on their server (they only need to change the data), but for tiny monsters, the problem is on the user’s device and then they need to submit new update to app store which take a lot of time to be reviewed.

  76. Sookie85 says:

    Ice Friendship + Earth Unity gave me a Unity :-)

  77. goober826 says:

    What do u mean go back into the email?? Who’s email? Does it email me or does my friend have to open up there’s again and collect it for me?

  78. chris says:

    I might have missed it.. I now have adult electric friendship and adult fire unity. For each one. It told me that only one form is available and that social breeding masters can obtain all forms. Can someone tell me how you obtain the other forms then?? If I can only get those now.

  79. LegacyPeanut says:

    What are the steps to getting the unity monster via Facebook cause I am confused? Please help

  80. TylerDurden1026 says:

    Does anyone have an Earth or Fire Unity Dragon? If so please share your Tiny Co ID, My friends and I all have the Plant Dragon.

  81. gen says:

    i can’t seed a email for the unity monster how seed the email

  82. Shadow says:

    The BABY – TEEN tuck in costs 1 more friend referred , is the TEEN – ADULT tuck in free or do you need to refer some more for that too ?

  83. JasmineChin says:

    Anyone got a fire unity monster? Can u leave ur Id here? I have water friendship and I would like to add u for social breeding hehe, no fire unity found in my fren list =(

  84. Shadow says:

    i breed my electric friendship and a plan unity and got a unity monster so the friendship + unity = normal hybrids is kinda wrong. ..

  85. franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

    is the only way to get a unity to breed a unity with a unity? is there no way of breeding friendship monsters to get it?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yup, it seems like that. Why not use your unity ??

      • franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

        still need to refer someone lol. and i thought about using all the references i could get to evolve it. guess i have no choice and must be social like the feature says -___- second question once you level a unity monster to adult do you need to refer new people to evolve your second one?

    • JasmineChin says:

      U can get a new unity egg from breeding friendship and unity monster if lucky, I get it before, but dun forget u still need to refer a fren to hatch the egg, if this is your first unity monster

  86. Deminio says:

    I just breed a friendship with a unite monster and I got a mythic egg 8 hours breeding. I didn’t knew that there were mythic ones . Any ideas?

  87. Fire911fight says:

    Out of curiosity could I ask if I can get any email addeys so I can get referal bonuses? I desperately want to evolve my unity monster but all fb and current e-mail invites have gone unanswered. I guess I need active players to help me out! This is not a phishing request but a request from a currently steimied player!


  88. Looray says:

    iOS update for Social Breeding has just been released.

  89. Looray says:


    To leave any comments on this information, please click on this link

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Whoaa, that’s a lot I have removed your words since it’s same as the on one the link (sorry). I agree about your opinion so everyone who thought that the unity’s evolution is a mess should go to this link and leave some comments/advice/ feedback.

      But from what I heard you don’t need to use your diamonds/ refer your friend for your second unity. Am I mistaken?

      • Michelle says:

        Noob, you are most definitely mistaken. TM said this to begin with but have since rescinded it. If you made 3 referrals total then you need not spend any diamonds on the new unity monsters that you hatch. However, if you bought your 1st unity with diamonds and skipped the referrals then you will need to continue paying diamonds for each unity that you get at the rate of 50/250 to evolve to teen and 75/375 to spree to adult. This is because the system looks for a total of 3 referrals and each referral costs you 125 damonds each. 2 referrals or 250 diamonds to evolve to teen and 3 total referrals or 375 diamonds to spree into its adult form. Since there are no retry options this will become increasingly expensive to obtain all the forms if unity. This is the reason for the complaint.

      • Looray says:

        Ok Noob – I just wanted to make people aware of the problems so they were less likely to ignore the link.

        I hope you don’t mind Michelle, but I’d like to add to your post too, because you missed out the 25/125 diamonds you will also need to hatch every Unity you get, if you don’t get any referrals.

        After our initial Facebook thread and discussion we negotiated a reduction in the number of referrals needed from 6 down to 4 and diamond costs as an alternative to finding these 3 referrals.

        We were also assured that these charges would only apply to the original Unity monster for everybody – whether they used referrals or diamonds to level up their original Unity.

        Now they are charging players triple the cost they promised to level up their original Unity monster.

        Also players who paid for their original Unity in diamonds will now be charged this diamond cost for every Unity they level up until they make their 3 referrals.

        Stinky stuff :/

  90. chris says:

    Could anyone help. I breed a electric friendship with a fire unity and I ended up with a egg with a 34 hours breed time and the egg hatching time is 34 hours and the egg looks like a legendary egg.. is this a legendary monster some how or is this what the social monsters eggs look like??

  91. Pixie (tiny ID: Lyxnaria) says:

    Xp: 3000
    Sell price: 2925

  92. Azza says:

    Can you only have one of each of the monsters on the giving tree as I would like to have all the possible monsters and can’t do that if you can only have one. And can you breed them as that rock on their island looks like a cave. I’m just wondering

  93. shadoew says:

    Hi, do you know how to refer a friend? I have been sending repeat emails vis the game but there is no link to click on in the email received! All it says is “click here to down load” but no link is there!

  94. Tobenits says:

    Question regarding breeding Unity and Friendship monsters. Can you ONLY get a Unity through a Unity-Unity breed and a Friendship through a Friendship-Friendship breed? Or is it possible to get both via Friendship-Unity breeding?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      it’s possible (from other’s comment), but for 100% then use same monsters.

      • Tobenits says:

        The reason I asked was because I was thinking it may bypass referrals. From what I read in other posts, the only one that need referrals is the first one. If by luck, for those people who don’t have anyone to refer, they are able to obtain a Unity by breeding their Friendship with a friend’s Unity, they may be able to evolve the 2nd Unity to adult without the need of referring others.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Hmm, I think you still need to refer friends if you get 2nd unity from breeding unity and friendship. Not sure though.

        • yellown says:

          I bought my unity using diamonds and still not one referral to clear the quest… And another one to evolve it to teen…

          I did try to refer, followed all necessary steps, but without success :-(

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Your best bet is to contact tinyco (assuming you have done all steps above correctly).

        • Looray says:

          Unfortunately not. It is what was promised, but TinyCo have gone back on that. Follow my link above for details.

          You will need referrals or you will incur the diamond charges for each and every Unity you try to evolve.

          I’ll let Noob know of any changes to this if they come – We’ve been told TinyCo are discussing the issues raised by our Facebook post and you can see what they’re saying by following link too.

  95. Sandra says:

    Can’t evolve unity to teen as need 2 new friends ,,, no one wants to play and can’t use diamonds as need 250 of them :(. Really really :(

    • Tobenits says:

      They dont need to play. Just have them follow the sequence up to referral verification, and then they could delete the game. As long as you get the pop-up that your referral was accepted, you are good to go.

  96. Quad samurai says:

    Hi in need of inviting 2 new friends to evolve my unity please help I am level 68 and 63 social level please looking to get the next step please if others want to join I send gifts every day I can do 50 people a day and not sure but once past level 60 social you can collect every 8 hours from the tree.

  97. Minnalove says:

    I’m on a Kindle Fire. I thought I would just spend the diamonds to buy a Unity but can’t find it for sale in the monsters sale listing. Anybody know what I should do to find it?

  98. Lorie Lu Lu says:

    I’m trying to “gift” other people on my friend list & I keep getting that they haven’t update their game. Anyone know what is going on?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Probably because you’re playing on android and they are playing on IOS.

    • TMbreeder says:

      I am getting the same message but I am playing on an iPad. I had been guessing it was Android users that had not updated their games. Now I don’t know. There has been no update available recently for the iPad.

  99. Tobenits says:

    Level 6 Unity need 50 food per feeding.

  100. Sar says:

    After you evolve your unity monster into one of its 3 (currently) forms does a new white unity egg appear?

  101. Johnny (TinyID: arkangel21) says:

    Doubt with Unity Monster quest 5/6. I need did it to evolve my Unity monster or it evolves inmediatly when I finish it?

  102. Id : maka2 says:

    Hai noob it’s right it takes 25 DIMONDS to skip one friend and 50 for two in small version
    Similarly multiply by 5
    That is 125 for one friend and 250 for two
    ( 25*5=125. &. 50*5=250. )

  103. Sookie85 says:

    When can I buy the Unity Monster for 25 Diamonds? It always says I have to buy it for 125 diamonds…(Android)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      On the post above there are 3 prices, right? you just happen to be unlucky playing large version. It’s random, and you can’t do anything about it.

      • Sookie85 says:

        Ah, okay thanks, Noob.

      • Hi ! It was 125 diamonds large version. Hi arkangel! I have one more feeding and unity naps. You visit often so … Noob maybe one of the android users can kindly post a more detailed explanation for us iOS users as to the whole new social breed concept. Things like is it by invite? And does it have to be level 7?

        Thank you as always ,
        Everyone’s islands are awesome!!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          The new breeding concept is simple,
          adult unity/friendship have element. So you choose one of your unity/friendship and one of your friend. You can get any hybrids (from mix of elements), friendship, or unity. 😀

  104. razvan says:

    The 2nd tuck in time is 17 hours :)

  105. Firax says:

    what if i invited my friend by facebook? how can he refer it to me after he became lvl 7?!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t know since I have never done it 😀

    • DudS says:

      Using Facebook:
      1- Your friend clicks on the link and gets redirected to another page (using the browser appears to be more guaranteed)
      2- He/She chooses the store (App, Play or Amazon) to download the game from.
      3- After instalation, he/she must come back to the page where he selected the store, scroll itall the way down and click “Collect my reward”
      There, your friend is reffered!

      The reason why I said that using the browser is more guaranteed is because clicking on the link for the second time, using the facebook app, directs you to the game, not to the “Collect reward” page.

      Hope this helps

  106. Teal says:

    Hey….not sure why the curve on devices…should be uniform….just my opinion…alas, guess I won’t be taking my social aspect or evolving any further…have no one left to refer….soarely disappointed. :(

  107. Camille Quale says:

    I keep getting referral not accepted. No idea why. New device, new email, and both devices are android.

  108. Evan tinyID (ejmpro12) says:

    Noob ill send you pics when mine evolves

  109. Elevith says:

    I just got completed 4th level with my Unity Monster and it’s ready to tuck in and evolve to the teen form, but l need to reffer 2 new friends or I can buy it for 50 diamonds.

  110. hi hi says:

    How do I get to send the email? On kindle fire.

  111. Cassie bull says:

    I think I know how but u have to have the social icon and I do not have that on my game

  112. Cassie bull says:

    Anybody know how to send this to a friend to do what is said ? Cause I’m clueless lol prob when someone tellse ill be like oh yeah duh but right now my mind is blank

  113. Id : maka2 says:

    To evolve it into teen it ask me 250 DIMONDS

  114. Shadow says:

    The problem with me is that in my country Tiny Monsters can’t be downloaded from Google Play or anyhow … :( i don’t know how i have it … so there goes the referral … :(

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You can solve this kind of problem by contacting tinyco and telling your friend’s and yours IMEI/UDID number.

      • Shadow says:

        Can you please explain that a bit better cause i had a problem with this and i thought there was no solution

        • noobbgodlike says:

          1st step Go back to the main page and read fix error section. You will learn how to identify your IMEI number (android device) or UDID number (IOS device)
          2nd step Contact tinyco (using link on fix error section), tell them about your problem. Tell your device UDID/IMEI number and then your friend UDID/IMEI.

          if you still don’t understand feel free to ask, but please explain which part that you don’t understand.

        • Shadow says:

          thank you for the advice , Noobb , it worked , i just need to refer again like that for the teen version 😀

          ps . the previous empty comment was a mistake

  115. Ashley says:

    Errr! This is taking forever to feed! Thank God I can skip the referral! I do not know anyone else that will play! All my friends already play, getting one friend was nearly impossible! I actually had to start a new game on my boyfriends iPhone lol! Now I’m out of “fresh devices”! I wish we could get more food, I’ve leveled up friendship to teen so once unity is at teen will they be breadable?

  116. man917 says:

    noob you are an amazing player to get the adult forms of these monsters

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