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Tiny Monsters How to Get Unity Monster

Tiny Monsters Unity Egg

Tiny Monsters Unity baby to teen

(There is no mythic version at this moment)

How to get:
[0] Buy for 25/125 diamonds
[0] You need to refer one “fresh” friend (his/her phone never installed with tiny monsters)
[0] For Kindle Fire Users, you may need to contact tinyco to get it since I heard You can’t download the app directly.

[1] Send invitation to your friends through email (social menu and then choose invite)
[2] Let your friend read that email and follow instructions written on the mail (4 digit code)
[3] You will get success notification if your friend have done all things above.

Tiny Monsters referral accepted


I can’t get the reward for inviting my friend/ I can’t  get my friend to click the reward button etc.

Right now, tiny social feature (invite) is glitched. You can contact tinyco and tell them about the problem (read fix error section on the main page of this guide). Tell them your friend’s device UNIQUE number and yours to get the reward.












Food (x4)

1 5 15 20 22  25 30 90  95 MAX

Total Food needed

0 4 24 84 164 252 352 472 832 1212

To feed this monster you need social food the amount of food obtained depends on your social level and how many people who give you a gift.

Social Lvl S. Food/gift
15-19 15
20-24 16
25-29 17
30-34 18
35-39 19
40-44 20
45-49 21
50-54 22
55-59 23
60-64 24
65-69 25
70-74 26
75-79 27
80-84 28
85-89 29
90-94 30
95-99 31

Breeding time : 13 hours

1st tuck in time: 7 hours

2nd tuck in time: 17 hours 

XP: 3000

Sell Price: 2925 Coins

Breeding Formula  (Need to be on Adult Form): Unity + Unity (Element doesn’t affect the result; Breed Unity + friendship will result on regular hybrids monsters :D)

Adult Form

Thanks to Donna and “be-_-all” for these pictures

These forms are random, so you may need to raise more than 3 unity monsters.


Tiny Monsters Earth Unity


Tiny Monsters Unity Fire


Tiny Monsters Unity Plant

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

Friendship Page

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