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Tiny Monsters How to Get Wonder Monster

1st appearance: 3 April 2014 – 13 May 2014

Normal Version

Thanks to Koberto and Jessica

Tiny Monsters Wonder Egg

Tiny Monsters Wonder Normal Growth

Lvl 10 Colors

You can change its color for 2/10 diamonds (only at the moment after hibernation process).

Thanks to Ehlana, Ashley for these pictures

Blue Green Purple Red Yellow
 Tiny Monsters Blue Wonder Normal Tiny Monsters Wonder Green Normal  Tiny Monsters Purple Wonder Normal  Tiny Monsters Wonder Red Normal Tiny Monsters Yellow Wonder Normal

Mythic version

Thanks to Scorpiobabe, chaszack, Michelle, Ehlana, and Janiewoo for this picture

Tiny Monsters Mythic Wonder Egg

Tiny Monsters Wonder Monster Mythic Form

Lvl 10 Colors

You can change its color for 2/10 diamonds (only at the moment after hibernation process).

Blue Green Purple Red Yellow
Tiny Monsters Blue Wonder Mythic  Tiny Monsters Green Mythic Wonder tiny Monsters purple wonder Mythic Tiny Monsters Red Wonder Mythic Tiny Monsters Yellow Wonder Mythic

 Wonder Status













Earn Rate (Min)

21/22 22/23 24/25 27/28 34/35 44/46 60/62 82/86 111/116 80/84

Food (x4)

175 355 530 705 880 1055 1230 1405 1580 MAX

Total Food needed

0 700 2120 4240 7060 10580 14800 19720 25340 31660

Habitat: Plant

How to get: Buy for 132/663 diamonds

XP: 100

Sell Price: 3400 Coins (Lvl 1-9), 15.600 Coins (Lvl 10)

Breeding/Hatching time: 19 hours

1st hibernation (lvl 4 to 5): 18 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7 to 8): 20 hours

3rd hibernation (lvl 9 to 10): 22 hours


General Breeding formula

Any combination of Plant + Plant Hybrids / Plant hybrids + Plant hybrids.

Breeding Formula Tips

Single limited plant: Autumn, Blushbug, Clover, Evergreen, Glee, Joy, etc

Breed any limited monsters that have only plant as their element (Joy, Clover, Blushbug, etc), plant, and elder plant each other. However this time it may not works really good because there is Clover which have the exact same element as Wonder (soon there will be joy monster too..).

Breeding formula:
[0] Elder plant + plant
[0] Clover + Plant
[0] Bug/ Flower + Plant (good formula if you’re also trying to get flower)
[0] Leave your formula on the comment section

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide Main Page

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426 Responses to “Tiny Monsters How to Get Wonder Monster”

  1. Supanova says:

    Is wonder still available

  2. Jewellee says:

    Hello Noobbgodlike. I have a question that I could not find an answer for. The mythic chick is it just the 5 colours or can you level to 10 and get it multi colour as shown in picture?

  3. Raina says:

    Hello, I recieved this monster from the egg glitch included in tiny social (July 24 2015)

  4. Lair says:

    How do you get the wonder I’ve tried so many times and I still haven’t gotten one. It’s very frustrating.

  5. Catnafiddle says:

    Noon, I know someone asked the question, but I have tried 15 times to get my wonder to turn yellow. Would I be better off hatching a new one? I have all other colors in both regular and mythic. I just don’t know if I should give up? Thanks in advance for your help!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      My suggestion is to stop trying for a while. It’s really hard to get the last color of wonder (regardless what color). Hatch the new one and raise it while you raise other monsters, this way you won’t feel the urge using the diamonds.

      • Catnafiddle says:

        Thanks Noon! I’ll try that. For me it is 2 diamonds to try again, but it is driving me nuts! Thanks again for the site. I wouldn’t have most of my monsters without you! 🙂

        • Cynthia says:

          I have all the colrs except the yellow mythic. So I keeping working at it I will b lucky at some point I am sure.

    • Catnafiddle says:

      Still trying, 5 more and no luck, Grrrr!

    • Cynthia says:

      I have been having the same problem, I finally got the yellow and now the last one indeed is the mythic yellow. I did give up and use a different egg so I will see if it works but it took about 15 attempts to get another mythic egg. I tried to get another mythic egg incase I needed it but failed after several attempts so I have moved on and I just hope I can get the one I have to go to yellow.

  6. Lyn says:

    I have only one wonder, a green chicken. I tried to get more wonder but failed by end of offer. Is there any way I can breed another wonder using my green wonder guy with one of the spree?

    • Lyn says:

      I tried it and I guess the answer is no. 🙁
      I will have to wait until next year when they get offered again I hope!!

  7. Deminio says:

    My third wonder was blu , wich I already had so I pay 10 gems . I got green wich I also had. Payed 10 gems again and what I take? Blue again. Is that possible? It’s not fair .

  8. julymarie123 says:

    I have all but the red n purpple even tho it has ended can I still breed the ones I have together to get the red or purpple one ?

  9. stschw says:

    Has any one els the same problem?

    I got four colors without any problem, but then… I can’t get this stupid purple one. I retried already more then 15 times (150 diamonds!) but no luck. Got all other colors at least 3 times.

    • Gigi says:

      I got purple twice, now tried yellow three times, waiting result

    • tufenuph says:

      I still haven’t been able to get one! Disappointed 🙁

    • melbel says:

      After counless tries, I still can’t get yellow. You are not alone.

      • melbel says:

        Still no yellow! This is ridiculous! I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a glitch with the kindle versions or something. Anyone out there get a yellow on a kindle? I have had the other colors at a pretty even rate, but not a single yellow in at least twenty tries. I know…it’s all chance. Still. Statistically speaking, it really seems like there should have been at least be one yellow by now.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          no, statistically speaking 70 % chance can mean 30 consecutive loss at the beginning and then 70 consecutive win (it’s too extreme though). Just keep trying and hope you get it soon.

        • Silverwind says:

          I must have spent 100 diamonds trying to get yellow!! Still no luck!!

    • Cj says:

      I cannot get purple either, after several retries on several different new eggs.

  10. Misty Lake says:

    Is anyone else having this problem where u get a quest named “A wonder-ful mystery” (6/6)Try to evolve your Wonder Monster!” after u already evolved 5 Wonder eggs and already completed the quest for a 5 colors? Makes no sense unless a new Wonder egg form is coming out …like that Mysterious monster quest that no one seems to know how to do.

  11. Steve Paredez says:

    Pose one of flower new froms and the first plant monster

  12. basaro says:

    got a bunch of data for ya 🙂

    Sell Price = 3,400 (baby,teen,adult) 15,600 (L10 only)
    Couple typos in your food info…L3=530 and L4=705
    This monster shares almost all the exact same data and behavior as Legendary.
    3rd hibernation is 22 hrs

    You are missing the Level 10 column 🙂

    Also some errant data in your income…L3=24, L4=27, L10=80

    Mythic Income L1-L10 – yup all 10 are different 🙂

  13. O_o says:

    This little guy is tough to get for me… I’ve been breeding then using a stopwatch to count to 18 minutes for a plant monster. I’m using a plant and mythic plant both level 10. Is it possible to use this combo to get it? Or am I just very unlucky? -_-

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Breeding is all about chance, keep trying.

    • basaro says:

      Breeding two of same monsters always gives the same. Plant+Plant will always be a Plant. Use a different combo, read the page above or read these comments for combo ideas.

      • Anjulie says:

        I got the wonder egg with mythic plant and plant. Another gamer Tonya breed 2 thunders and got wonder! It really is about luck and maybe timing!

  14. colorkoala says:

    I have determined that i have a green and purple in hibernation. I cant get them out. If i get one and try to get the other it glitches and kicks me out. It appears as though my green is the glitch, but i know one was a normal evolution and one was a retry from blue. Maybe the retry glitched it.

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