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Tiny Monsters How to Obtain Duskfang, Dawnfang, Frozenflame, Wildfreeze, Frozenblaze and Iceflare Monsters

Note: Thanks to fantasy X for complete picture package :D 

Normal Version (Top to Bottom: Frozenblaze, Wildfreeze, Iceflare)

Normal Duskfang

Thanks to Sheila, Nelson and Julio for this picture


This monster is new frozenflame adult form, so the method is the same (evolve teen frozenflame to adult; remember that the adult form is random). It has electric elements, which is different than other frozenflame adult forms. Income is same as other adult forms.

Habitat: Electric

Tiny Monsters Normal Duskfang

Normal Dawnfang

Thanks to Michelle for the picture

Tiny Monsters Dawnfang Normal

Habitat: Fire and Ice

Simply evolve teen frozenflame to get this form (like other adult form). Since the element is same with other adult forms, I believe it will result if you breed it with them (except for duskfang)

Mythic Version (Top to Bottom: Iceflare, Wildfreeze, Frozenblaze)


Mythic Duskfang

(thanks to Julio for this pictures)


This monster is new frozenflame adult form, so the method is the same (evolve teen frozenflame to adult; remember that the adult form is random). It has electric elements, which is different than other frozenflame adult forms. Income is same as other adult forms.

Habitat: Electric

Tiny Monsters Duskfang Mythic

Mythic Dawnfang

Thanks to Michelle for the picture

Tiny Monsters Dawnfang Mythic

Habitat: Fire and Ice

Simply evolve teen frozenflame to get this form (like other adult form). Since the element is same with other adult forms, I believe it will result if you breed it with them (except for duskfang)

Frozenflame Status


D = Duskfang food
I= Iceflare food
Fr= Frozenblaze food
W= Wildfreeze food
Dw= Dawnfang












Earn Rate (Min)

12 13 19 30/31 43/45 56/58 69/72 80/84 85/89 87/91(M)

Food (x4)

20 45 65 85 105 125 145 325(D+I)
/365 (Fr)
/4800 (Dw)

Habitat: Ice and Fire

How to obtain: Buy for 375/1875 diamonds

Sell Price (frozenflame): 700 Coins

Sell Price (Frozenblaze): 16.200 Coins

Sell Price (Iceflare, Duskfang, Dawnfang): 16.800 Coins

Sell Price (Wildfreeze): 15.600 Coins

XP: 1740

Breeding/Hatching Time: 7 hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 4 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 18 hours

 Tips: If you’re having a hard time to get this one then obtain frostember first using the tips on frostember page. After that you can use Fire + Frostember/Frostember + Fire.

Tips: The adult form is random so just keep breed it over and over again to complete the monsterpedia.

Tips: if you breed 2 monsters from this family you’ll always get frozenflame :D (ex: iceflare + frozenflame), so no need to keep teen version.

Breeding formula:
[0] Cinder + Freeze
[0] Flare + Frost
[0] Frost + Magma
[0] Cinder + Ice
[0] Ice + Flower
[0]  Bug + Silk
[0] Ice + Bug
[0] Aurora + Fire
[0] Fire + Frostember (14 th tries); don’t worry all my 14 tries result on fire monster so it’s only 5 sec x 14 =70 seconds
[0] Bug + Silk
[0] Merry + Fire
[0] Grimfreeze (limited monster) + Fire
[0] Fire + Flashfreeze
[0] Leave Comment if you know more formulas

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide

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1,264 Responses to “Tiny Monsters How to Obtain Duskfang, Dawnfang, Frozenflame, Wildfreeze, Frozenblaze and Iceflare Monsters”

  1. Imabolt333 says:

    I got it on my THIRD TRY with mythic flower on the left and boreal on right, both lvl ten. Although I have 2 frozen flames, I thought it would be helpful, and I was trying out for elder enigma.

  2. Mr.$wagg says:

    I got mine with frost and bug but it took a ton of attempts

  3. olivia says:

    Cinder and tundra

  4. plzmakeme says:

    just to let every one know breed magma and tundra this will equal frozenflame

    • plzmakeme says:

      just to let every one know breed magma and tundra this will equal frozenflame oh and im lvl 16 so if your wondering if it doesnt work you’ll get flower or another magma or a cinder this is also another way to get dawn

  5. airbird3000 says:

    Does the duskfang still act the same as a normal frozenflame in breeding? Becouse i want to breed an elder fire

  6. Lawren says:

    I managed to get another frozenflame egg by accident with iceflare and star elder fire by accident when on an attempt for that fireworks monster. I needed it to finish the frozenflame quest.

  7. LuckyLC says:

    So aggravated. I once achieved a Frozenflame a couple months ago with Frostember but don’t remember which other monster. I’ve now been trying all kinds of combos listed above and can’t get any frozenflames. The original one I got is evolved to a mythic iceflare. I also can’t get the lighthorn for a bunch of other old quests. Loses the fun if you can’t ever progress! I get ice, fire, and shadow results for ice/fire breeding. Ugh. Over it.

  8. mscarllett says:

    Bred fire+frost ember and got a mythic starfire elder monster not he first try!

  9. DennizH says:

    Another combo is using frozenblaze(the fire element)and dawn fang which got me 3 frozen flame in a row.

  10. Daisy says:

    Noob, I am confused by all the monsters here. I have all 3 of the original forms and then I got the black one which is a Dawnfang. Why is that here under Frozenflame?

    And then when I when I put another Frozenflame in the dream room I got a Dawnfang and I opted to change forms and then I got the purple/blue one but after it evolved it is listed as a Frozenflame. Shouldnt it have its own name, or is it Dawnfang and they just dont have it right in the game?

    And lastly, do I have all options the Frozenflame can make now (not counting mythic)? I have a Frozenflame and 5 extra forms of the monster. I am sorry to be so confused. Thanks so much for all you do for us <3

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t pay attention about the naming, but I believe if you take a look at monster-pedia, the icon should be filled with name of dawnfang. Yes, you can have all frozenflame, there is no requirement to breed certain form, all adult form is random.

  11. Caitlin says:

    Also just got my elder ice with a Mythic Fire and Icefloe

  12. Caitlin says:

    Ummm I mated the Fire and Frostemeber and first time I got the dark silk moster….

  13. tcherspet says:

    I’ve been trying for a while with frostember and fire/ mythic fire. I guess I have no luck because I keep getting star elder fire. It takes forever with the darn 29 hour breed/ hatch time. Any suggestions?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Keep trying (try to change the formula too) because breeding is all about chance. This is the only advice I can give you :).

    • Bpop17 says:

      For the dark silk monster i breed fire lv.10 and frostember lv.5 but also got that pain in th but Dawn monster so i hope this help

  14. Bpop17 says:

    Dose frostember hav to be a lv.10

  15. Ava says:

    I got frozen flame with teen ice and teen magma! First try! Yay! :):):):):)

  16. Barbarab says:

    I bred mythic fire and mythic frost but time is over 13 hrs so not sure what it is or how to get frozenflame of any kind

  17. Kensi Wolfe says:

    If you breed two Frozenflame teenagers, you are GUARANTEED to get a Frozenflame baby.

    I got over 30 babies doing this, it seriously works.

  18. Loretta Doughty says:

    Thanks noobbgodlike. Your information helps a lot.

  19. Loretta Doughty says:

    Do you have to use frozenflame with an elrctric element to get Mythic Dawnfang or is it all random?

  20. Kit says:

    I got a frozen flame twice by breeding boreal and frostember and now I just keep breeding frozen flame evolved to try and get all the forms I have the dawn and dusk and the frozen blaze currently I’m evolving two frozen flames

  21. Loretta Doughty says:

    Thank you noobbgodlike for telling me that. I am having a real hard time getting mythic frozenflame and mythic lighthorn too. What is the right breeding combination? I have been getting 2 of all my monsters to get a mythic monster of each one. Maybe I should try another way to breed something else to get what I need.

  22. Loretta Doughty says:

    If I breed 2 dawnfang is it possible to get a mythic dawnfang?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      mythic dawnfang is from frozenflame, so if you have mythic frozenflame then you may get it, but remember that adult form still random even if you use 2 dawnfang.

  23. general mommy says:

    What is this mysterious gift that they are talking about in our quests? I didn’t get a star farm in our decorations. How do I get one?

  24. satirel says:

    hey that fire+frostember combo is so awesome! i have tried twice and got Valor and Mythic fire. gonna keep trying :)

  25. Eden says:

    I breed frostember and fire.. but it’s taking 1 day and 4 hrs.. what could it be?

  26. James says:

    I used fire + Frostember and got like a million fire monsters, a mythic dawn and a regular dawn, a frozenflame and a boreal. That’s definitely the best strategy for breeding fire ice hybrids

  27. TM again says:

    I have a question it’s basically the same as the person below mine about breeding a Mythic Dawn fang and a mythic Dust fang and getting a frozenflame. If they’re both mythic when I breed them will the baby turn out Mythic or is that random 2.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I am not sure, about the adult breeding, but form my experience 2 mythic teen frozenflame will give you mythic frozenflame. Just try it, if your formula doesn’t work then try my sugegstion.

      • TM again says:

        Thanks for the advice. I’ve used a lot of diamonds but I finally got all 5 of the regular adults and 2 of the mythic adults with 3 waiting to be adults. I decide I can wait a few hours to get the other 3.

        Again thanks for the advice…

  28. tinylion1961 says:

    Using my iPhone I breeded 2 dawn fangs and
    2 dusk fangs then filling the orb and got 2
    Mythic frozen flames! Question when they
    Evolve wlil they be mythic dawn fang or mythic
    Dusk fang?

  29. Abigail says:

    I got one using flower + frostember. Same flower monster I used to get my frostember…

  30. tinylion1961 says:

    If I breed 2 dawn fangs in the breeding den
    And fill my orb is it possible to get a mythic
    Dawn fang? What if I do the same with
    Duskfang will it result in a mythic
    dusk fang?

  31. Lindsey says:

    Hello! I managed to obtain a duskfang. I was wondering if it is normal for the duskfang to return to the habitat from where it originally came from after evolving it to its adult form because right now I have a duskfang in a fire habitat.

  32. Chung kiet says:

    Lvl 10 Fire+ lvl 10 Frost= Frozenflame

  33. Shelly Davis says:

    I have been breeding my monsters now for 2 months and haven’t got a frozenflame yet. But my boy friend breed together a lantern and a dawn monster and got one. I don’t have a lantern so I wish everyone good luck.

    • Kris says:

      Thank you! After 3 tries with Lantern and dawn, both level 8, I got a frozenflame. First 2 times, I got fire. Nice combo.

  34. ana says:

    I can’t get a frozenflame I’ve tried so many times

  35. cntrygurl says:

    I’ve Retried For DawnFang Over 40 Times This Is Getting So Frustrating!!!!!!! If I Don’t Have It This Time I Give Up.

    • Bullseye812 says:

      Me also, have re-tried over 30 times, cannot get Dawnfang, really starting to loose interest now , besides l have almost no diamonds and don’ want to buy them cause l have tried so many times already. :-(

    • Jennifer says:

      I hear ya! I’m in the same situation. Been trying for dawnfang for over three weeks, spent countless diamonds, to get the same evolutions again and again. I understand having a hard-to-get monster, but, sheesh, one should have a fair chance!

      • Bullseye812 says:

        Yeah, l don’t mind hard but this is insane! It seems the further you are in the game the less chance you have to evolve it! I am at level 90 – anyone else agree?

        • Torres says:

          I’m at level 89, just got dawnfang, duskhorn and dawnlegacy all on first try with the 3x last few days, so don’t give up, keep trying and good luck!

  36. Brooke says:

    I have tried over and over for this monster and always ended up getting frostember or something and I accidentally did wingwitch and boreal and got 7 hours :D

  37. hayley says:

    No matter how many of the frozenflame teens I put in or how many times I put them back in I cant get the dawn version is there a reason or just bad luck?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Not sure, I believe it’s just a bad luck (happen to me too…), have retried about 10 times but still no dawn, finally giving up…. Will try it again later on the future.

      • hayley says:

        Thanks ive even tryed 3 different frozen flames without success maybe ill give up for now and try again later thanks

  38. Shane Stidham says:

    If I breed 2 Duskfang will I get Frozenflame or a Dusk/Dusk related monster??

      • Shane Stidham says:

        Really… well what bout like a Dusk and Dark Silk or somthin Dusk related. I jus need another Dusk. I want the Mythic Dusk

        • Gail says:

          I’ve bred like seven times my two Dyaks minsters trying for a mythic. Filled the orb twice. Haven’t gotten mythic yet. Didn’t want to breed under my tree and waste my mythic luck. This morning I bred ice and plant under my tree and got a mythic bayou, so I’m happy, but I think it’s difficult to get mythic dusk.

  39. Barb says:

    I am also disappointed. I have been retrying for way too long to get dawnfang. I give up and am not wasting anymore diamonds.

  40. Michelle says:

    I got a duskfang on first try 0.0

  41. LOL says:

    Please HELP me
    I used level 10 fire ( left ) and level 10 frostember ( right ) but can’t get anything except fire frostember and boreal
    Help and

  42. ilana says:

    What happens if you breed duskfang with one of the others frozen flames?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t know.. there are 2 different reports… some say you will get frozenflame and other said you will get different… I haven’t tried it because my breeding den always busy TAT.

  43. gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

    Got mythic dawnfang at 1st try… i had 3 frozenflames to evolve cause i thougt it would be hard like duskfang…but it was too easy i cant understand!
    Was it luck or dawnfang is easier to get than duskfang?

  44. LOL says:

    I used level 10 fire ( left ) and level 10 frostember ( right ) but can’t get anything except fire frostember and boreal


  45. klondyke1797 says:

    HELP!! I have retried for the new dawn form 6 to 7 times using 30 or 35 diamonds (I have lost track). Is it worth continuing to retry or should I just put a different frozen flame in there? I don’t know if I hatched this one before the new form was released or not….is it possible it will never be the dawn form???

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I can’t say anything, breeding is all about chance. It really depends on your luck. Your question is kinda like “will I win while playing roulette??”

    • KellieS2013 says:

      I am having the same trouble. Really starting to get old.

    • Viet says:

      Dude, it’s all about luck. I got duskfang on the 11th frozenflame, yes I don’t pay for retry. That was like a week and tons of food. In return, I got mythic dawnfang on the first day it was out. You will get som fast and some slow that’s the purpose of the game. Don’t lose hope and don’t use diamonds to retry lol unless you have few thousands diamonds. I have limited so I save them for diamond producers or upgrade my farm.

  46. LoveLane34/LoveLane29 (Tiny ID) says:

    This is just a spree form of the Frozenflame monster right? So if you have two can’t you just breed them together? Thx. Happy breeding and as always: HI NOOB!!! : )

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hi :), yeah you got it right (except for duskfang, it has different element).

      • hawaiianjerzee says:

        I’ve actually bred Duskfang with a teen Frozenflame and all the adult forms of Frozenflame and have always gotten Frozenflame as the outcome. Just thought I’d let you know. :)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          OK, thx. Some people reported different result though.. not sure what to say anymore… will try it by myself after getting this dawnhorn :).

  47. Nikkie - moosavvy says:

    Fire + Frostember got me a frozenflame just now!!
    1st try was a fire & 2nd was my frozenflame at last!!

    I saw 7hr breeding & used diamonds to finish it I got so excited lol
    hatched it right away too.. So happy! Its been a solid month of trying Fire + Boreal & Lantern + Frostember.

  48. mycodale says:

    Why does the dawnfang require so much more food than any of the other forms? Over 4000 at level 8.. That’s insane

  49. PointlessM says:

    Got it finally with Dawn (ice + fire) and Solstice (Fire) first try

  50. audrey (petrasic) says:

    Maybe that con help : i had several frozenflame a few months ago hatching
    - fire and frostember
    - boreal and frostember

  51. StormiiFaee says:

    Had lvl 10 Mythic Fire and lvl 10 Merry, after about 6 tries I got a Boreal from this formula.

  52. kinutattoo says:

    Yess ! After one year and a half trying hundreeds of times i finaly got it with lantern and frostember , lost count of the number of tries with this combo uff :D

  53. audrey (petrasic) says:

    No problem to get frozenflame, I’ve got two of them, but when I hatch them, the new teen frozenflame I get doesn’t turn into dawnfang, even after retrying several times, spending diamonds…
    Always obtain a regular frozenflame.
    Am I doing something wrong or is it a glitch ?

  54. Scooter331 says:

    Hi all just got 7hrs with lvl10 Grimfreeze and lvl5 Hallow mine are crossed shall let you all know ASAP would be nice to get my first Dusk monster , Hi Noob.

  55. Pamela says:

    I got a wildfreeze when at level 10 and my quest won’t complete. I can’t get frozenflame no matter how long I’ve been trying help!!! I have been trying for about 2 months. There shouldn’t be so many versions of the monster it makes it hard to get the one you want.

    • ElaiineVanPed says:

      I can only get Frostember, Boreal or Fire. I’m about to give up! Good luck – maybe we should change tactic!

  56. sam says:

    Has anyone gotten duskfang or dawnfang without retrying…..or do I have to spend the diamonds?

  57. Panda1806 says:

    Got it with Lantern (8) and Frostember (8) 13th try :D everyone before was Fire, so just took 30 sec waiting. i’m happy :)

  58. ElaiineVanPed says:

    Fire and frostember gives me either fire (5 second breed/hatch) or frostember (8 hour breed/hatch) – sorry I haven’t been counting but I would consider it has been more than 14 times :(

  59. TinyMonster Lover says:

    Why does my Frozenflame pic on the store look like the mythic version

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Huh?? Glitch? not sure. It looks normal on my game.

    • basaro says:

      Same on my game. This happened when they released dawnfang, the pile of dust which had replaced monster pic before has been removed, but now its a mythic pic instead of regular monster.
      Doesnt matter though, ignore it , just another of tinyco’s sloppiness and doesnt affect gameplay.

  60. lee1973 says:

    Aurora level 5 mythic fire level 10 first try

  61. Jamessasy says:

    Will 2 normal Icedlares bred together make mythic frozenflame ??

  62. basaro says:

    I got Dawnfang tonite after many retries. Cool looking monster, but very expensive to feed. Level 8 food is 4800!
    Listed as Duskfang in monsterpedia, and has the same description text as Duskfang too. TinyCo really needs some QE help, they are sloppy when releasing new stuff lately.
    My Dawn tree hasn’t changed size since evolving this new form yet.

  63. Rach says:

    Hi I’ve been trying for a frozenflame but having trouble. I’ve tried mythic fire with mythic tundra both lvl 10, mythic ice and mythic flower both lvl 10 and mythic fire lvl 10 with mythic frostember lvl 5 but keep getting bug, flower, frostember, dawn (had 5 already but after a few glitches I now have 3 ) and even a dark silk is there a better formula I could try with low level monsters?

  64. Michelle says:

    Hey Noob,
    Sent you two pictures of the new frozenflame and the mythic.
    Good luck your friend

  65. cloudyy says:

    I evolved my first frozenflame and it was duskfang. I have my other one evolving now. I got them both using social breeding the other day..but now when I try to breed social fire with ice it wont let me just like with regular breeding it says they are incompatible. Maybe it was a glitch before?

  66. jokemon says:

    This is probably a mistake on tinyco or maybe not but I noticed in the Monsterpedia that ‘Dawnfang’ is also under the name ‘Duskfang’…. but I guess until someone gets it we would know the actual name its under! fortunately I have a baby Frozenflame on hand because I had a hunch that when the Dawn monster was revealed that there was likely going to be another form of Frozenflame since we had Duskfang…. well probably get another form of adult Lighthorn too but only time will tell

  67. july says:

    Lantern and mystic frostember 2nd try 1st time was a mystic fire

  68. Mikev says:

    Boreal nd fire 3rd try. Made fire monsters on the first to so not long wait

  69. Bla says:

    Mythic Fire + frostember both level 10

  70. Aubrey says:

    1st one: Tundra and Fire
    2nd one: Silk and Cinder
    All lvl 10
    Both 1st try

  71. cloudyy says:

    Finally got 2 frozenflame using ice friendship with fire unity

  72. basaro says:

    Hi noob,
    I have all the rest of the food data for you…there are 3 different food values for Level 8-9 (two of the monsters are the same). I’ll repost all here for you.

    Food L8/L9:

    Might make a mess of your table, maybe separate rows would be better?

  73. Laura says:

    I got this one confused with lighthorn.
    But question is still the same, do I have to keep pay diamonds to evolve them & hoping to get a mythic, or will it be like Lighthorn? If I breed the 2 I’ll get a frozenflame??

  74. Beanie says:

    ok so, if i hatch magma and frost i have a chance of getting frostfang? not sure, im new to tiny monsters so i want to double check before i do anything dumb cx

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yes, you can, but remember that breeding is all about chance.

      • Beanie says:

        ok thanks! :D

      • Marcy says:

        If you breed any forms ice flare with a wildfreeze you get froze flame will these turn into Duskfang an dawn fang or do you have to breed with the formulas and I don’t understand the comments about feeding it to adult form to change I thought it changes at level seven evolution into one of the forms an you can retry but once that’s done it’s not going to change from wild freeze to duskfang or any other form … Very confusing with some of these comments

  75. Holly says:

    Hi I just got frozen flame first go with frost (left) and fire (right) both level 10

  76. Marissa says:

    I’m on the path to Frozenflame quest and it says hatch the ultra rare Frozenflame but I’m not sure how to get that or what it looks like. So how do I get it?

  77. Globo says:

    I have evolved my Frozen flame so many times, I’ve gotten everything except Duskfang . I might as well purchased the darn monster for as many diamonds I’ve spent trying to evolve frozenflame. So frustrating, guess I’ll try breeding and see if I can get it.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you can’t purchase it.

    • BlackX5M says:

      I’m in the same boat. Blown over 100 diamonds trying to get the thing, and it just doesn’t happen. Very frustrating.

      • Aimee says:

        I got the dawning monster, and my game immediately shut down. When i pulled it back up, it was back in the sleep chamber and I lost it! Worse yet, it was a mythic version. I tried getting it b back and wasted all of my diamonds trying. How frustrating.

  78. Belinda says:

    I had a mythic frozenflame teen monster and i can still see it in my book but not in the habitat. Wy i need it to make the quest!

  79. Caroline says:

    we breeded frozenflame by breeding FIRE and SNOWBLUFF, both in level 5. We hatched it MANY times.
    For limited monsters which have FIRE in the combinaison (ex: lantern monster): use FIRE and FROZENFLAME. This combinaison works for ALL SPECIAL MONSTERS with fire as an element

    Good Luck :)

  80. flea says:

    I was expecting a duskfang….

  81. Squishy242 says:

    cinder and freeze 1st try and its a mythic!

  82. flea says:

    I bred a frozenflame but thats all it is.nothing special happened.whats going on?

  83. Brandon says:

    I FINALLY GOT IT!!!!! I wasn’t even really trying either. I had a lvl 5 Boreal and a lvl 5 Fire. I just put them together without a care in the world and out popped 7 hrs. :3

  84. Thischick24 says:

    I bred wildfreeze and fire and it said one day five hours what am I getting

  85. Globo says:

    Do I understand this correctly . You obtain Duskfang by feeding frozenflame to adult in hopes it turns into Duskfang?

  86. Roxymom says:

    Still no duskfang :-/ but I am at level 7 on the dusk quest and it wants me to buy/ upgrade my dusk habitat. I am confused as I never able to buy a dusk habitat. .??? What am I missing? I do have a dusk monster living on an electric.

  87. Wolfblood says:

    I have 2 regular wildfreezes or 3? Wtvr.(1 frozenblade (regular) 2 frozenblazes 1regular 1 mythic( I know right?!>U<) well /this is obviously just a THEORY of mine- i had my frozenflames in a fire then a ice habitat and they both evolved to frozenblade-i had my frozenflames in fire hab. Only and they evolved into wildfreeze-i had my 1 frozenflame in ONLY ice and it evolved into iceflare

  88. Wolfblood says:

    I got frozenflame so many times before frostember i thought frostember was the HARDER one to get ( i was kinda new T.T)

  89. Rosemary says:

    Hi Everyone, I have tried all of your ideas, but nothing has worked for me. I have tried so hard to get Frozenflame, but still nothing. Any other ideas? Please can anyone help me? Thank you

  90. Carnie says:

    Is it possible to get another frozen flame from frozenblaze + fire?

  91. ellenegeberg says:

    Got the Frozenflame in first try by breeding Origin (left) with Frost (right). Both monster were level 10. :-)

  92. Roslynd says:

    I don’t know if this is common knowledge and I’m just slow, but if you breed any of the Frozenflame adult forms together, you only get another Frozenflame. I’ve tried 10 times now with the same result. So unless my luck just sucks…. Thought I’d share this to save others unnecessary breedings!

  93. Jaymilove says:

    I have been trying to get this monster for about a week now and still no luck. I keep getting fire, frostember, or shadow monsters. Any suggestions?

  94. Scooter331 says:

    Should have come here first Noob no wonder I’m not getting Duskfang I’ve been faimly breeding thinking this was sure fire way to get him thanks for tip 2still having a blonde day by the look lol , still can’t get that new dark habitate ? I take it the same goes for the light horn can’t use shadowmere and Goldenhorn.

  95. LSPea says:

    Mythic light or light with sonar (both level 5). I got frozenflame 3 times in a row :)

  96. vampywolf says:

    Will the alternate version monsters be obtainable after the dusk quests ?

  97. Vonda Hudson says:

    I am having the hardest time breeding frozen flame, I have tried every combo with the monsters that I have. I’ve had easier times breeding the aquaveil and boreal…..any more combo suggestions. Plz help

  98. Denbell says:

    I used mythic fire and mythic frost member and got frozenflame first try. Have done it twice now

  99. Beth says:

    I read a comment on the Dusk page from emilio that I tried and it seems to have worked.

    I have been trying to get Duskfang for the last week with the same 2 Frozenflame monsters in the dream room over and over again (1 regular and 1 mythic, roughly 20 times each). I placed a beacon at each corner of the dream room tonight and the next time the mythic monster woke up it was a Duskfang. (There wasn’t room for the channeling sphere so it is on a different mountain).

    If you read the text on the beacon it tells you to create a perimeter with the beacons. I tried placing them around the dusk habitat for a few days with channeling sphere next to the habitat with no apparent response.

    I am interested in finding out if anybody else has the same response with the breeding room. I haven’t tried to breed the Dusk monster yet or evolve a legendary dusk, but I hope we are on the path now.

    Keep your fingers crossed for my second Duskfang and the Duskhorns!

    • Volcanogirl73 says:

      I a trying this now since I have been trying for over a week now with no luck on any of the dusk monsters. I’ll let you know if it works. So far, my first try did not result in any dusks. I have them around my breading den and my dream room.

  100. Brandon says:

    Hey everyone. How did you get your frozenflame? I keep getting frostember and fire. Also mythics of each one. Anyone have good combinations?

  101. Brandon says:

    I still can’t get frozenflame. I’ve tried many different combinations. I have received countless fire and mythic fire. A few Frostembers. One dark silk. But sadly no frozenflame.

  102. Neo_Mametchi says:

    I finally got a duskfang but it says its a frozenflame. Duskfang is in my monsterpedia but for some reason it says frozenflame when clicking on the monster.

  103. DaRokk says:

    Howvis it that everytime I make a comment on these boards it gets deleted ??? I’m having an issue I sent the company an emaik and all and I just keep getting automated responses my decirations section isn’t showing the dust beacon how to I initiate the fix for this???

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Your comment is not deleted but moderated. Simply wait for their reply. If you ask them nicely, they will reply you.

      • DaRokk says:

        Oh ok thanks… so do you know about that fix ???where do I go to initiate it ???

        • noobbgodlike says:

          …. I really confused now. You said, you have already sent them an email, now you ask me how to initiate the “fix error” section ?? BTW, fix error section located on the tiny monsters guide main page (where you can see list of monsters).

  104. figgis says:

    Hey noob,

    If I have two mythic frozenflames and breed them together will I get another mythic?

      • Darlene says:

        This is justt what I got on to ask you Noob…I have two mythic versions of the frozen flame and have bred them three times now to only recieve a regular egg. Breeding my other mythics ( of the same monster) together has always produced another mythic. I tried the fix errors but they are still just regular frozenflame baby/eggs.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Hmm I am not sure anymore then…

        • DarkShadowsAbove says:

          I had this problem, too. You have to use the same mythic versions. If you have a mythic Frozenblaze and a mythic Iceflare, it won’t work. You need two of Frozenblaze, Iceflare, or Wildfreeze. It’s really annoying and is probably a bug, but since it’s pretty easy to get two mythic Iceflare, just keep an extra one on hand.

  105. gzxwert says:

    Anyone else having difficulty getting a Duskfang? I have evolved 22 Frozenflame monsters and not a single Duskfang. Oh well, I’ll keep trying!

    • Intrinsicat says:

      I’m right there with you, I must’ve bred a dozen or so and even blew 25 diamonds retrying one. I had success getting all the glooms this way but so far nothing but the usual suspects.

    • Julie says:

      I have hatched 31 and not once even with retries was there an offer for duskfang…….

    • sam says:

      I tried 10 times already but no luck well if you haven’t gave up after a lot more tries than me well I guess I’ll try again….. And I can’t get dusk either… :(

      • TinyWho says:

        I am in the same boat. It used diamonds to retry and was given the exact same monster. Now I have this habitat with not dusk monster to put there.

    • R.D. says:

      I was having the same issue. Finally broke down and used diamonds to retry one. Got duskfang the first time I retried.

      • Julie says:

        What did you use to breed your frozenflames? I did alot of reties to the tune of about 700 diamonds and not one! I am responsible for the waste, but it is making me rethink my buying anymore diamonds. I feel like I allowed myself to get suckered right in! I totally blame myself for becoming so obsessed with wanting one. I hope you remember what you breeded………..I am very happy you got one.

    • Neo_Mametchi says:

      I’ve been to. I bought 3 extra large fire habitats & I’ve been just stocking up on them and evolving. Finally got a frozenblaze so all I need now is a duskfang.

    • Intrinsicat says:

      Ok after many many many many many many times resulting in the usual monsters, I finally got a dusk fang! So keep at it, I didn’t do anything different, just breeding my other fangs together and taking them to adult form. It just took about 15 or so attempts

  106. chall5891 says:

    can anyone tell me how I can get duskfang I have tried so many times and still cant get it?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Just keep trying, the forms is random.

      • Julie says:

        Hello Noobbgodlike, my question to you is this…..I have breed well over 39 frozenflames and the results were awful I used diamonds to retry and never ever once was I offered duskfang. I am using 2 teen frozen flames and the only offers I got in retries are the 3 listed! I have only been given 2 choices with each frozenflame and the 3rd retry diverts back to the retry for 5 diamonds and the first change I was offered… is repeating the same monsters. I used 45 diamond each on 12 frozenflames hoping to see if I woould get duskfang Should I just be trying for new frozenflames using the ever successful frostember with ice or fire. I actually used my
        elder ice or elder fire with frostember to get my first 4 frozenflames, 2 are
        mythic! Thank you. Kind regards Julie

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Parent doesn’t affect the result. I also use frozenflame + frozenflame to get the frozenflame that become duskfang (5 times retries).

        • Julie says:

          I think you became my lucky charm…… as soon as you replied I decided to try again and I did again the 5 tries and I got him. So thank you……

    • Julie says:

      Random………don’t waste diamonds after 2 retries with the frozenflame, it just repeats the first two offers……

      • Celina says:

        In every try I’ve made, I Thought it was my bad luck but again my LAST one I kept trying a retry and it comes up frozenblaze over and over.Looking back, you’re SO right. They all repeated and when I got the Duskfang, it was the second retry for that frozenflame! Plus I think it was the frozenflame I hatched AFTER the dust things appeared, that I finally got the Duskfang on the retry.

        Now it’s the MYTHIC OF ANY OF THE MONSTERS LISTED ON QUEST that I have found impossible – even with the boost.

  107. Phallon says:

    I tried L-10 Merry and L-9 Mythic Origin. It worked! I lost count of how many fire I got. Made my night!

  108. Katie says:

    I have 3 now from fire+frostember.. that combo gave me a darksilk too.

  109. BunnyMonster says:

    I got the Dusk easyly but can’t get the Dustfang even though I’m breeding Frozenflame babies like a rabbit (pun intended!)…

  110. Perry says:

    I was just wondering if the Duskfang monster is a limited monster. I hope that if you have the two Frozen Flame as a breeding pair will you be able to breed the Dustfang later. After breeding madly since the first Halloween monsters were introduced it would be nice to relax a bit. I am sure my monsters would appreciate a break as well! LOL

  111. basaro says:

    large price=1875
    food levels for L8-L9 have changed for all versions I presume, I only have data for 2 right now since I have all the forms already. After I get all my Legacys (should be by valentines I hope), I can go back and check the rest of the data for you.
    for now…Food
    DuskFang L8-L9=325,365
    Frozenblaze L8-L9=365,410

  112. glitchfinder says:

    I think you should remove the adult form is random. I found stuff that proves it wrong.

  113. Idk says:

    Omg. So meny wasted diamonds!!!!!!!!the dusk fang is slowly killing me. I have had all the others multiple times. Like 5 each. Even more of the frozenblaze!!!! Ugh…….lal what do I do?!? :(

  114. tallz0508 says:

    So I now have 5 frozenflame monsters and in every form plus spent over 200 diamonds trying for the duskfang form and cannot get it. Why am I spending god awful amounts of money with no results? It’s just frustrating

  115. Sarah says:

    Wow thought this one would be easy since I had a teen frozenflame and all I would need to do is evolve it. Well I have evolved and re-evolved it over 20 times and all I get is the wildefreeze or frozenblaze or iceflare versions. Guess I will skip this one.

    • peg says:

      Me too. Had frozenflame adults so making frozenflame baby was easy… on my 5th evolution and still no duskfang. Happily, the RE-evolutions are only 5 gold each…

  116. mcgee333 says:

    Finally, with mythic fire and mythic frostember. Got 2 origins in the process, one mythic, along with a lot of fires.

  117. Neo_Mametchi says:

    I keep breeding Wildfreeze x Iceflare but all the babies end up evolving into one of those. Is it possible for them to evolve into Duskfang or do I need to get a frozenflame egg from different hybrids?

  118. ilana says:

    Argh I cannot get one. Half the time when I do frostember + fire I just get frostember! Not much luck with the other formulas either. I do have one frozenflame, but that’s not helpful right?

  119. MissLadyJo says:

    FINALLY!!! Mythic Merry 5 + Fire 10 2nd try (fire monster 1st try). I tried Fire/Frostember combo 39 times with no luck. Changed to this combo last night and got fire first then 7 hr breeding time.

  120. Jenn says:

    I’ve gotten a frozenflame egg every single time I breed my Iceflare and Wildfreeze, both lvl 10. I’m on 5 in a row.

    • BoilingOil says:

      That’s normal, Jenn. These two are both Adult forms of Frozenflame. If you put two adult forms of the same monster in the Den, they ALWAYS breed a new baby of the same form!

  121. Eric says:

    Well, this is a little strange. All the other frozenflame forms are fire/ice. Duskfang is electric. Which means I’ve now got an electric monster in a fire habitat. Haven’t tried moving him out and back in yet…

  122. Desma says:

    Uhhhhg..I keep getting Origin Monster instead of this one :(

    • Carnie says:

      Me too kinda getting frustrated when I wanted origin couldn’tget it to save my life and now I’m breeding the 5th one

  123. NickM. says:

    I got it with Wildfreeze and Wildfreeze. Who woulda thunk it?

    I also love how much bigger the Duskfang it when compared to the rest of the evolutions. It’s gotta be, like, 1.5 times their size. Perhaps more. :D

  124. Jess says:

    frozen blaze and fire first try!

  125. Perry says:

    Got this monster using Mythic Fire and Frozenblaze. Tried the same two and have a 9 hour wait. I will be so surprised if I am lucky enough to get Origin. Seems that all of the rest of the 9 hour combos with Fire or Fire/ice are Limited Monsters from past holidays. Arguing with myself about using crystals to speed my monster along. Will touch back in to let you know that I got! Noob, this site really rocks and you are always right on top of things. Thank you for all of your work!

  126. Andy Miguel Jochum says:

    Yes! I Got this one with firework and frozenblaze, finally. Now I hope for a duskfang :)

  127. Felidra says:

    Regular frostember and myst fire and got origin by 7th try.

    Hope I get Duskfang soon ;)

  128. Carnie says:

    So guess I just got dark silk trying for frozenflame with lvl 5 frostember + lvl 10 fire how the hell u get a electric from 2 fire is beyond me

    • cheez says:

      Dark silk is need 2 same element. U use fire and fire abaolutly u have chamce to get them. Remember u will get air, light and shadow too

  129. Spazz says:

    Hay Noobbgodlike, I have been trying to get a frozen flame for sometime I just tried one of the combos from above and got 14 hrs cocould this be from the dark dust?just a question.

  130. Andy Miguel Jochum says:

    Will I get a frozenflame when I breed duskfang with another frozenflame evolution like frozenblaze?

  131. ALF0525 says:

    Boreal + Ice. First try!

  132. bobking5 says:

    Am I the only one that thinks the normal and mythic versions should have been swapped?…

  133. basaro says:

    duskfang sellprice=16,800 (same as iceflare)
    also food amounts have increased for level 8-9. Not sure if it’s duskfang only or all forms (as TinyCo has increased some food levels lately). Also recently increased has been Gift monster, I haven’t sent you that update yet, but will today.
    Anyway new food levels for Duskfang…

  134. jayman says:

    I bred a mythic frozenblaze with a mythic wildfreeze but i got a normal frozenflame, is that supposed to happen? Arent you supposed to get a mythic egg from breeding two mythic adults of the same species?

  135. Ash says:

    I just evolved a dustfang. But mine is black and green. It’s not mythic. Is the orange version shown here mythic? Also I have mine in an ice habitat. I’m guessing it is able to stay there until I move it to electric. Similar to and enigma limited monster can be is special until you move it but cannot go back.
    Do you want me to email pic?

  136. Sheila says:

    I sent you the pic for the regular version of Duskfang

  137. KingHalo1337 says:

    Is Tinyco going to go with my ideal first Dark Silk…this guy…whos next….kind of exciting, cant wait to see whose dark side is going to come out next.

    looks like ill be getting the mythic version I only had 1,000 coins in the booster though.

    (^v^)Well good look to all(^v^)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Haha, I hope tinyco stop this dark form for a little while. I want to see next elder monsters.

      • NIN2TheVoid says:

        Same here. Still trying to get a mythic Elder Ice though, the only one I’m missing right now. Seems almost impossible to get a second Elder Ice to keep breeding for mythic. Every time it says 34 hrs it turns out to be a Legendary.

  138. Brenda says:

    The new Duskfang monster can only reside in an electric habitat unlike the Frozenblaze monsters which are both fire and electric monsters and can reside in either of those habitats. My original Frozenblaze monster resided in an ice habitat before it’s final spree into the Duskfang monster. Should I want to move it out of the ice habitat, the only habitat that will accept it are electric habitats and then can never be replaced in the ice habitat.

    Tiny ID luvglitz

  139. Gail says:

    So if I keep breeding my frozenflame adults together(I have many), I can get a dark one?

  140. HippyChicks says:

    Hey Noob,
    Just finished the quest and have photo of new monster DARKFANG monster. How do I send it?

  141. Bla says:

    Frostember level 10 + MythicFire level 10. 1st try!

  142. Kat says:

    I bred fire and my adult frozenflame and got 1 day 5 hours (mythic) but i have no idea what it could be, i’ve checked all the fire and ice hybrids and nothing has that long a breeding time, any ideas?

  143. noobiusmaximus says:

    Got mine with the explaned first try fire/frost member….great site have almost every monster ive went for.

  144. lysjuh01 says:

    finally got 7 hours with boreal and mythic fire.
    fingers crossed.

    I`m trying for frozenflame for a while now.

  145. Pegasus says:

    Frostember and Fire 1st try mythic 7 hr breeding….. fingers crossed…

  146. TinyMonster Lover says:

    Is Frostember and Fire a good combo? I want a Frozenflame SO bad and The only other combo I can do is Frost and Magma, Cinder and Ice, and Ice and Flower. What combo should I use?

  147. Alicia Tallent says:

    Level 10 fire and level 8 merry

  148. Cami23 says:

    I just got the mythic frozenflame! Holly level 10 + Boreal level 10. Wohoo :D

  149. Susieque411 says:

    Mythic Fire level 10 + Boreal level 10 , 1st try.

  150. Ashy! says:

    I got both of mine with frostember(10) + fire(10) after MANY tries, I also got a boreal this way too.

    It’s okay though most of them were fires, and if you have a mythic fire I suggest you use that. Best of luck!

  151. heather says:

    Level 10 frostember and level 10 merry = 7 hour breed time. Fingers crossed :)

  152. Leticia says:

    i was trying a solstice and get a frozenflame…!fire+frostember

  153. noah schiller says:

    I did ice+cinder and got 7 hours I will tell you if I got frozenflame

  154. sam says:

    I have tried the fire+frostember combo many times I get either fire or frostember or boreal….. I already have 4 of each of those ….

  155. nickride says:

    I bred 2 mythic wildfeeze together and got a mythic egg, but when I bred a myhic frozenblaze and a mythic wildfreeze I just got a regular egg. Stupid.

  156. Barb says:

    This may be a dumb question but gonna ask anyways lol. How do you get a mythic frozenflame? Do you breed 2 reg teens before they change? Or can you breed any of the other forms too to get mythic? Thanks Noobb.

  157. shawna says:


  158. laadybee says:

    tundra + frostember first try

  159. 2crowns says:

    Mythic is backwards than regular top is frozenblaze and bottom is declared.

  160. Garry says:

    I tried for awhile to get frozenflame, tried most of the recommended breeding combinations. Finally got it with frostember and hallow. Now I got about 5 frozenflames and about 10 hallows. Good luck people.

  161. basaro says:

    Hi noob,
    Looks like they have increased food amounts of this monster too?
    I just evolved a mythic frozenblaze and level 8 and 9 food were more than they used to be, according to your data.
    I have screens of this if you want but the numbers I got were 365 & 410 respectively. All the other food amounts were the same.

  162. Eemeee says:

    Boreal and fire!!!! Been playing for a year :D and finally! Now I only need one more (y)

  163. Leilani says:

    Inferno and freeze. Was trying for a Zephyr.

  164. kevonne says:

    Some one give me a definant formula I’ve tried almost everything !!!!

  165. MNCRFTplyr says:

    Frozenflame =

    Snowbluff (left, teen) + Bug (right, teen)

  166. Jinxed says:

    Frostember + Hallow got me Hallow instead of Frozenflame. :(

  167. otterguy12+ says:

    I got it with hallow and frostember.

    • Lynn says:

      It worked for me. Thanks! Frostember and Hallow…thinking maybe I should keep a hallow at teen for just such occasions.

  168. Gilbert says:

    He said that based on his experience if you have a frozenflame and put it in a ice habitat you should get a wildfreeze or a frozenblaze but if you put it in a fire habitat you should get a iceflare. All depends on what habitat you keep your monster most of the time.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      so who is “he”? The theory doesn’t work.

      • Gilbert says:

        The previous comment, Robert Zuluaga. I don’t know him. I just translate the comment for you because I speak Spanish too.

      • Glitchfinder says:

        My theory is that it depends on both the habitat the teen Frozenflame is in as well as the monsters in the habitats around the one the Frozenflame is in. To give you an example,(based on my personal experience) a Frozenflame in an Ice habitat. By popular theory the teen Frozenflame should evolve into an Iceflare, right? Well, that would be right except for the other monsters in and around the habitat. The other monster in the habitat the Frozenflame was in was a Frostember, and the monsters around the ice habitat were fire hybrids, so the Frozenflame in the example evolved into a Wildfreeze. This is based on a real Frozenflame I have, it’s name is Dryice. I’m trying to do more testing on this theory, the reason I’ve only been able to test with 2 Frozenflame so far is that my parents wont let me buy diamonds, and the Frozenflame is very rare. I hope to do more research on how the evolution of Frozenflame works, and get something other than a Wildfreeze. I hope to tell a legit, surefire way to control your Frozenflame’s adult form soon. I think I’ll have a guide to controlling your Frozenflame’s adult form at least by March 2014, it’s really hard to do stuff like this with all the events going on in Tiny Monsters. Hope this example helps you to understand the Frozenflame a bit better! If you’re trying to do these tests too, please add me on Tiny Social, I’m Sunspot4luv on Tiny Monsters Social. Also one tip on breeding the Frozenflame and other Fire/Ice hybrids, Fire Unity and Ice Friendship works fine.

  169. Robert Zuluaga says:

    Según lo que he experimentado es que si tienes un frozenflame en un hábitat de hielo, te puede evolucionar a un monstruo fuego en llamas, si lo tienes en un hábitat de fuego te puede evolucionar a un monstruo iceflare. Todo depende del hábitat en el que paso mayor parte del tiempo.

    Saludos desde Colombia :D

  170. Chantal says:

    I am on level 48 and still don’t have one!!!!!!!!! I have tried everything, now I am about giving up!!!!

  171. martijn says:

    I had it with fire and wild freeze 3 times i wanted a hallow

  172. Andy Miguel Jochum says:

    I got a frozenflame on my first try with this combination: Merry + Firework.

  173. HappilySkitzo says:

    Level 10 fire left, and level 10 mythic frostember right. Took 3 or 4 tries but finally got frozenflame!!

  174. GodOfawesomness says:

    I hope I get ice flare evolving my frozen flame
    To adult

  175. GodOfawesomness says:

    Fire 10 boreal 5

  176. Jason Reimers says:

    I finally got the frozen flame by using a level 10 snowbluff and a level 5 strike

  177. Andy Miguel Jochum says:

    I got this one FINALLY with Merry + Firework

  178. hellohannah16437 says:

    I think I got one using flower 10 and frost 10 its 26 hours is that the one? I think it may even be an engima! And the flower is mythic and whatever it is its definitly mythic cause I got the mythic messige. Ether way I’m exited!

  179. InDarknesS says:

    Cinder(5) + frostember(5)

  180. Kat says:

    Whoohoo finally have all three regular Frozenflames! Trying for mythic :) and I’ve only had this game for 2 months!

  181. godofawesomness says:

    I tried the frostember fire thing but its taking 8 hours what does that mean?

  182. godofawesomness says:

    tundra and fire

  183. Christi says:

    Level 10 tundra and level 10 bug first try!

  184. Bob112 says:

    Hey noob what is your tiny id

  185. Stone Jenkins says:

    Silk and inferno I got one

  186. Kat says:

    Can someone please tell me their most common breeding form for frozenflame? I am tired of getting boreal and frostember all the time….

  187. mjk says:

    Woooohooooo got 2 legendary last monday and today hatched a frozenflame! Mondays r my lucky days apparently?! used mythic fire and mythic frostember several times wooooohoooooo

  188. csagosto 67 says:

    Teen Frosember & teen Tundra

  189. vampywolf says:

    How do I get frozenflame to evolve into each of it’s adult forms

  190. Zarria says:

    Mythic frozenflame with a level ten flower and level ten mountain. Orb was only filled once!

    • Zarria says:

      Scratch that, got legendary and frozenflame combos mixed up. I used a level ten frostember and level 5 inferno monster. |D

  191. MemLaVa says:

    Got mythic Frozenflame using lvl 8 Frozenblaze and lvl 10 Burst

  192. nathasha keys says:

    I got it with a mythic bug and a tundra both lvl. 5 1st try

  193. kadopotato says:

    9 tries fire and frostember. 6 of which were mythic… (only putting minimum in the orb each time it emptied!)

  194. Matthew says:

    fire frostember 20 trie for me

  195. carlos says:

    How to get wildfreeze?

  196. pldt says:

    What is the result when I brews frozen flame+mythic fire=?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Visit breeding result chart to know your breeding result possibilities. Don’t leave your id on unproper section. Leave them on friend page section. I have removed them.

  197. Manish (I'd : maka2 ) says:

    Hai noob tiny co is playing with me
    Long before for retrying to get another form had to pay 5 DIMONDS later 125 DIMONDS and now 25 DIMONDS

  198. medusa-x5-452 says:

    hey noob, so is it just coincidence that all of mine seem to evolve into frozenblaze?? I’m curious if one is more common than the rest? do I spend the hard earned diamonds to re-evolve, or just keep them & breed more? I’m not having trouble getting frozenflame, just wanted to be sure about if their evolution is random or some forms easier than others? thanks as always! -medusa

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I believe it’s coincidence.

    • ThunderCo says:

      Hey Medusa, it is def frustrating but also just part of the fun! I have two Frozenblaze and one Wildfreeze, once even going so far as to pay to re-evolve because I was really going for the Iceflare (would NOT advise, as it re-evolved into the same thing that it was, so I just basically wasted diamonds). I wondered if it was linked to amounts of time on habitats –like with Lighthorn? Either way,I just got another frozenflame and so we shall see what this turns into… :smile:

  199. mike says:

    Does breeding Frozenblaze, Wildfreeze, Iceflare with eachother always result in a frozenflame?

  200. Trainer says:

    I got it three times but I’m going for the mythic version

  201. Shadow says:

    Silk ( 10 ) + Bug ( 10 ) = Frozenflame , 1st try

    • medusa-x5-452 says:

      Yes, i got 3 in a row w/ this combo on an android (during the last push for 2 mythic)! now if can just get the evolution to go as I desire & get more than all frozenblaze, life would be grand!! thanks as always for a great site.

  202. Douglas Man says:

    Strange, when i checked the:
    · iceflare sell price was 16800 coins
    · wildfreeze sell price was 15600 coins

    Why do you think this???

  203. trista says:

    Lvl 10 flower and lvl 10 frost got 7 hr breed time so pretty sure frozenflame

  204. Julie C says:

    It’s about time! I have been trying for many months. Bug and ice gave it to me twice in a row. The third time i got 6 hours. Android. Weeeeee.

  205. DDadsge says:

    I got one with a boreal and a fire monster, 4th try, all others were fire monsters, so it didnt take long :)

  206. Xenoeclipse says:

    Am I just really unlucky because I have only got wildfreeze

  207. Shadow says:

    Iceflare + Mythic Fire … First try

  208. Ravin says:

    Iceflare + Frostember

  209. I Love Cats says:

    First try with bug and mountain both levle ten I’m so happy I tryed other ways but they doesn’t work it’s BUG and MOUNTAIN .

  210. Monsterfan says:

    Blackice (lvl 5) and fire (lvl 10) got me two in a row on the first try! :)

  211. Madeawkung says:

    i got second frozenflame from frostember 5 with fire 10 and it’s a mythic!

  212. dark says:

    I got my by snowbluff and cinder took a while but got 1 and then 2 and Ihve 4 all together and 1 mythic but it turned into the ice form

  213. smile24/7 says:

    I finally got frozenflame frostember and fire thank you for the tips. :)

  214. bob17th says:

    Spark+Firework 1st try

  215. rookieman says:

    Just hatched frozenflame first try with cinder-ice!

  216. Madeaw says:

    finally i got frozenflame after several try from tundra lv 10 + bug lv 10 (this combine gave me boreal and legendary too, lucky!)

    • bla bla bla says:

      I have those, gonna try them next. Wouldnt recommend ice and flower, i keep getting tundras that way for some reason.

  217. Samuel says:

    Finally got it! Boreal + Flamegust.

  218. smile24/7 says:

    Bug and silk is on there twice :)

  219. rookieman says:

    Noobgodlike, what is you’re tiny social name?

  220. rookieman says:

    Hey pixie, where is you’re frozenflame? P.S. I sent you a friend request on tiny monsters.

  221. sarah says:

    Got it first time with frostember and mythic fire but not mythic

  222. Pixie (Tiny ID: Lyxnaria) says:

    I got another Frozenflame with mythic Independence and mythic Gift(yeti). I wouldn’t really recommend this combo though, because it can give you so many different monsters (which is why I was using it!)

  223. ZombieFreak911 says:

    Level 10 Fire and Level 8 Frostember.

    Got me 3 Frozenflame in a row, trying for a firework…

  224. Douglas Man says:

    Frost and magma baby! :P

  225. Gma Of 10 says:

    Flurry Lv 5 and mythic inferno Lv 10. Was trying for my 2nd Independence but got 2 frozen flames in a row.

  226. marc says:

    Memorial + fire

  227. Barb says:

    Tried frostember and mythic boreal and got legendary

  228. Tiffany0660 says:

    Ice (L) + Mythical Flare = Frozenflame (Currently 2x-5x increased odds of getting a rare monster)
    Frist try = Boreal
    Second Try = Boreal
    Third Try = Frozenflame
    Fourth Try = Will update when hatched – 8 hours (Boreal or Frostember)
    ***Used Diamonds to speed up some times, worth the few bucks***

    • Tiffany0660 says:

      Fourth Try = Frostember
      Fifth = Mythical Frostember
      Sixth = Flashfreeze
      Seventh = Fire
      Eighth = Flashfreeze
      Just to give you an idea of what you could get.

  229. smile24/7 says:

    I can’t get frozen flame magma and frost I have tried like 12 times I need help, :(

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Breeding is all about chance even if you’re using the right formula :D. Try to switch into other formula since some formula works differently on different people (doesn’t depends on your device). And remember frozenflame is rare monster so it’s hard to get him.

    • geezescryst says:

      Frostember and boreal. I got one fist try.

  230. ookami_amaterasu says:

    Isn’t it ” top to bottom – frozenblaze, wildfreeze iceflare” not the other way around?

  231. nitroryan77 says:

    This will be easier to breed after Firework monster leaves. I am trying to breed a Frozenflame by the Frostember/Fire method. I keep getting Fire monsters. But it doesn’t end there. I have bred 3 Firework monsters and not 1 Frozenflame. I am not saying the Fireworks are bad… but i really want a Frozenflame.

  232. Vic says:

    Boreal and cinder got it on first try

  233. Dallas Reilly says:

    I tryed Merry and the valentine one blish bug or something like that

  234. Morgan says:

    Bug x Freeze – FrozenFlame

  235. miladnasimi says:

    all of my frozenflame evolved to iceflare
    for other form I must retry evolving for 25diamonds?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      no, it’s just coincidence. Just keep trying, don’t spend diamonds just be patient.

    • Roslynd says:

      If its any consolation, my first one evolved to Frozenblaze. It’s totally random, but sometimes it seems like ome of us get stuck on a randomizer. :)

      • penguinelover says:

        I got a frozenflame and when I tucked him in to be an adult when I woke him up it said something about his evolution and that I could retry for 25 djmonds and when I looked at him he looks the same as frozenflame but it says he is a wildfreeze I dont get it can anyone explaine to me what happened? Why didn’t he stay a frozenflame?

  236. Luis says:

    Boreal(adult) + Fire(adult) First try with these

  237. Dee says:

    Just got a frozenflame from level 10 Frostmember on the left and Level 10 Firework on the right. Took about 8 tries, but only got fire before I got the 7 hour egg.

  238. Tobske says:

    Do I get The same Monster when I breed 2 frozenflame Monsters? I am trying Tod breed one Moore because oft the New quest.

  239. chris says:

    How come the mythic version of iceflare I got was placed in a ice habitat when on here it shows fire as the primary stat??

  240. Matthew says:

    I got a frozenflame first try with flare + spark! I was actually trying for an air monster!

  241. crazibreeder says:

    Finally all forms noob…:) just cant get one mythic and I have 2 ice flare to blaze and one freeze

  242. He he he says:

    I got a frozenflame using Boreal (L) and Fire (R)!

  243. Verna says:

    Finally got my frozenblaze!!wahoo…1st try with wildfreeze/m.iceflare….finally I have all the forms…now for mythic! Horray!

  244. Roslynd says:

    I think I just got one with mythic Fire and Frostember. First couple were Fires….I think there were two Fires. Then a 7-hr hatching time so I hope it’s Frozenflame! Don’t have one yet.

  245. Sukebanhq says:

    I got one with ice monster + bug. Wasn’t trying for one but got it first try.

  246. tuffgirl says:

    I got two today using Fire and Boreal trying to get Firework.

  247. frozenflame wolf says:

    For all the kindle users in the loading screen what monster is running with the fire monster?

  248. Lynda says:

    Flamegust + Memorial

  249. man917 says:

    I got 7hr wait with mythic bug Lvl0 10 and silk lvl 10. Is it frozenflame??

  250. Surfing says:

    I still don’t get it. Should I keep my mythic frozenflame? If I grow him to adult and he changes into what…another mythic in this family? I already have mythic ice flare and frozen blaze. Odd that you should keep some monsters as teen.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      it’s all up to you. I suggest you to keep teen version since it will guarantee you to get mythic frozenflame, you can also use the adult forms but I heard you may get other monsters beside frozenflame. So, it’s all up to you.

  251. Deedee says:

    Cinder and Frost. 1st try

  252. joshyface says:

    so i tried the Frost x Magma combo and it says breeding time is 1 day 2 hours. when i checked the breeding guide all of the monsters with that breeding time had an air element, which i dont think is really possible with this combo. what should i expect to get?

  253. Verna says:

    Any tips on frozenblaze ive got them all even mythics except him

  254. Amn says:

    I breeded Fire and Wildfreeze and got a 5 hour time. Does anyone know what I’ve got?

  255. Evan says:

    Magma and ice first try

  256. Athena says:

    cinder plus flurry worked for me.

  257. Er says:

    Boreal + fire = a bunch of Frozenflame!!! I’ve been trying for Solstice but got 6 Frozenflame and a boreal today. No Frostember.

  258. ramsay says:

    Boreal and mythic fire

  259. alicia321 says:

    Does breeding formula vary by device? If so anyone using a kindle. PLEASE HELP!!! Because i have been trying for frozen flame for about six months and still no luck!!

  260. Quad samurai says:

    Is there any chance that you can get a mythical Frozenflame by breeding two frozenflames?

  261. Lisa Birmingham says:

    I was trying for Puff and twice have bred Frozenflame with Inferno and Freeze

    • lmhajh says:

      FYI: Got zephyr and vapor with inferno level 10 + freeze level 5.
      Finally, after i lost count of how many times i tried fire + frostember and the reverse, i got a second frozen flame by using fire + wild freeze, both level 10. Note this took several times to get it but it helped that i had nearly 5k diamonds to use (only didn’t just under 500 between this and getting blossom, memorial, and marine)

  262. Quad samurai says:

    I just got a second Frozenflam from level 10 fire on left and level 10 Wildfreeze in breeding it is just like using Fire and Frostember random but worth it.

  263. Edward says:

    I use wildfreeze and sleet

  264. aj says:

    Used magma lvl 5 and ice lvl 10 first try

  265. Nikki Prince says:

    Shadow plus ice worked for me.

  266. gigifst says:

    Got it : frostember + mithic fire many tries…
    Id like another one and i have one adult and now this one…if i bread them 2 do i get another frozenflame?
    Can somebody help me please?

  267. nesylla says:

    After months of trying and countless combinations, I got a 7hr breed time with Cinder and Boreal. Fingers crossed.

  268. bluefox101 says:

    Finally!!!! I got frozenflame!!! Took at least 15 tries but got it with fire and boreal!

  269. TNITO1 says:

    !OMG I got frozen flame with fire level 10 and frostember level 5

  270. mw347 says:

    As of right now I have two frozenflame I have the regular and the mystic version I just got the mystic version the combo I used is fire and frostember 2nd try today and boom 7hr hatch

  271. Hougie says:

    Mythic frozenflame can be obtained with diamonds (not sure on the amount) at social level 50

  272. TinyAddict says:

    Does anyone know if breeding a Frozenflame with a Frozenblaze will result in another Frozenflame?

  273. ninfa says:

    I have a frozenflame already but does anyone knw an easy way to get another maybe using the one I have cuz it took me months to get the one I have now. Pls help thanks

  274. tiger24 says:

    I breaded a boreal with earthquake it said 8 hours what did I get help me out guys !

  275. Gogita says:

    I got it on first try with FIRE (10) + FROST (10)
    Iam so happy

  276. Jmweb says:

    Bug lvl 10 and snowbluff lvl 8 First try

  277. Daniel says:

    That first tip about breeding frostember with fire works perfectly, unsuccessful tries results in fire, which is only a 17sec wait… I got frozenflame so quick I don’t even remember how many tries it took

    • undeadwife7 says:

      I keep getting frostember again :( I even bought the stuff to up my chances of rare monsters by 50%

      • yrv says:

        same here, i tried fire+frostember plus every single combo listed, result being a bunch of frostembers and monsters i already had… starting to give up on this

  278. Surfing says:

    Stupid me…I have managed to get everyone listed including all mythics and never bothered to keep an original frozenflame and some other monsters say use frozenflame. Can I use one of the incarnations instead or does it have to be frozenflame? Anyone know? Does that also mean you should not keep feeding frozenflame or it will change when it reaches adulthood?

  279. Doug Dimple says:

    Can you tell me hiw to get frozen flame have level 10 flare and level 10 frost

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t understand what are you trying to say… ?? if you’re asking about how to get frozenflame then try the formula on the post above and switch formula after 3-4 tries.

  280. Arguenot says:

    Level 10 Bug on left with level 10 Mythic Tundra on Right on Android…must have tried 100+ times with every combo…yeah!
    Question: To breed more is it best to use Frozenflame? If so, teen version or adult and breed with who?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      if you only have only one then there is no best since the chance is still same like when you get 1st one. Just try other formula on the post above, after you get 2nd frozenflame, you can breed them together.

    • I'm me666 says:

      I got mine from boreal+frosttimber

  281. Caligirl says:

    Got the frozenflame monster with level 10 flurry and level 10 fire.

  282. Some dude says:

    So Frozenflame looks exactly like Wildfreeze. That’s rather anticlimactic. I’ll keep breeding them together and hopefully I’ll get some mystics and the other three incarnations.

  283. goober826 says:

    Suprizinly, I got one by a magma and a fire! Two months breeding, wasted when I could just easily breed those two! I had them exactly then and now….. COME ON!!! Like I tried many times, I give up and make my own formula, and I get a frozen flame with magma and fire first try….

  284. austinmonster says:

    i have been trying for frozenLame for a while now and i saw the 5X for rare monsters i thought i could get it and spent 500k on making my egg a mystic.

    is there any chance that one forlma works better then the other for geting forzenflame?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      every device have different “best” formula. Just keep trying :D don’t try for mythic immediately, have 2 same monsters first then try for mythic.

      • austinmonster says:

        i know but i got mystic magma monster from my formula so all and all not to bad becus i was trying for a 2ed one so one more marked off my list :D

    • LM says:

      I don’t even put money in and still get mythic monsters. I just got a mythic shadow and did not have any money in there.

  285. Ya says:

    Bug + tundra gave me a frozenflame

  286. Gma Of 10 says:

    Flurry and cinder first try. Was trying for legendary cause I had given up on frozen flame. :-)

  287. TM says:

    I’m loving the increased chance of breeding rare monsters! Finally after 2+ months, I was able to breed my 2nd Frozen Flame! I got Frozen Blaze with my first. Anyone know if I breed that one with my new Frozen Flame (before turning adult form, will I get it every time?

  288. princess says:

    can me u plz tell how can i get ultra rare frozenflame??

    • noobbgodlike says:

      try the formula above one more time (3 times on each formula before switching to another). TInyco increase the chance breeding rare monster on this week (one of them is frozenflame)

  289. Bosoxgal says:

    I finally got one! Level 10 Frost + Level 10 Mythic Fire = Frozenflame.

  290. lodog says:

    i did frostember + fire = frozenflame

  291. Bosoxgal says:

    I’ve been trying for about two months to get Frozenflame and can’t get it. I’ve tried the hints on my iPad and iPhone and just can’t get it. Anymore suggestions?

    • goober826 says:

      Same here! I spent two months, and I got one on my first time by a magma and a fire…. GOOD LUCK!!

  292. Toby says:

    Might want to add Mythic fire and teen flashfreeze thats how I got mine

  293. Tiny says:

    noob to the best of your knowledge is there any way or trick to get the specific adult form of a frozenflame monster, i know you would say it’s random so i’m hoping to get a different answer from you :D

    • noobbgodlike says:

      lol, it’s random TAT, but here are the tips from me, try to hibernate it on different day and don’t try it consecutively. Example: if you just got iceflare, then don’t hibernate frozenflame again immediately wait for a few days and then hibernate new forzenflame. From my experience if you just got ice flare, you tend to get another iceflare if you hibernate it again immediately. This is how I complete all ulti forms monsters (hollow, forzenflame, etc). Hope it helps :D

  294. Rachael says:

    How about fire and tundra

  295. ChickenFried says:

    First try with mythic frost and mythic flower = 7 hour breeding time!

  296. Rafael the real Mexican says:

    I look at y’all guys comments… I say in my head hate u all… (Cuz all I get from farming frozen flame is frost ember and it take 8 hours I got it like 20 times!!!!) then I go back and I see me frost ember is done… So I get my Lvl 10 m fire and my Lvl 5 frost ember …. 7 hours….. Heheh

  297. LOGOD says:


  298. Lexie says:

    Still trying to get frozenflame, am now breeding flare and frost haven’t got frozenflame yet :( I will keep trying though :)

  299. hp says:

    Cinder and thundra…1st try :)

    2nd try works again ;)

  300. lucy says:

    thanks. I finally got frozenframe. with bug and silk. after months and months of trying.

  301. erica says:

    Yesss!!! Finally got it. I got it by breeding the mystic frostember monster and the mythic fire.

  302. Pixie says:

    Got it with lvl 10 frost/lvl 10 mythic flower. About time!

  303. Wyatt sopher says:

    Is it possible to make your teen frozenflame evolve into the iceflare evolution without it randomly happening. thank you for your help

  304. Lexie says:

    GRRRRRR!!!!!! I got a stupid tundra egg!!! I forgot that frozenflame is 7 hours breeding time not 6 hours. >:( Damn it!

    • Blkicex says:

      Just keep trying it took me months to get my first one. Till finally I tried for three days straight breeding Frostember and mythic fire. Then I ended up with a mythic Frostember and bred that one with my mythic fire. After 20 or so fires and three frostmember including mythic one I got my first one. Hope this helps. Once you get two you can breed them easily.

  305. Lexie says:

    YES!!! Bug and ice monster = frozenflame!!! xD 6 hours breeding time so I’m guessing I got frozenflame xXx finally!!! Soooo happy been trying for AGES, no jokes. So, so, sooo happy

    • Cherri says:

      Did u get ur monster. I got my 2nd one the other day. My first became Ice Flare as an adult. My 2nd is just a teen. I need another den cuz i have 7 monsters needing to grow.

  306. Cami23 says:

    Mythic frostember + mythic fire

  307. Michelle says:

    I think I’ve finally got it after 2 weeks I uses my mythic fire and tundra and got a 7 hour breeding time.

  308. MisterModular says:

    Wow, after endless trials of various combinations, I finally got a Frozenflame egg!! Nothing seemed to work with the other combos I’ve read and I was just about to throw in the towel… I managed to get it using Boreal & Mythic Flower monsters both at level 10.

  309. nixie0013 says:

    Finally! After what seems like an eternity…
    Frostember (level 10) + Mythic Fire (level 10) = 7 hour breed time… :-)

  310. Lexie says:

    Still breeding the fire and frostember, I keep getting more and more frostember eggS grrrr!!! Does it work with a mythic frostember monster instead of a normal one?

  311. MisterModular says:

    Grrrr…. Still trying to hatch a Frozenflame. I just tried Cinder & Frostmember. Big mistake….. 34 hour breed time…. If I hadn’t gotten Legendary, I’d be thrilled but I already have 5…. Grrr….

    • Tiny says:

      share some luck.. been trying for a legendary for days, still keep getting mythic air grrr

      • Cynthia says:

        I have been trying for months to get the legendary, all the way back to when there were just 50 monsters. Not one, not even close. I bought my habitats so I would be ready, but just keep trying.

        • MisterModular says:

          Honestly, obtaining Legendary is purely at random it seems. I’ve gotten Legendary eggs from the random combos. Once you’ve managed to hatch one, the chances of getting another one seems to increase.

      • MisterModular says:

        I find that I normally get them using random combos and usually get them more when limited monsters are being sought.

        • goober826 says:

          Try a magma+fire it worked on my first time and ur so lucky u got bunch of lengenary s!!

  312. Someboddy that is awesome says:

    wow just got it by trying a lvl 6 frostember and lvl 10 fire on the 5th try :)

    • Someboddy that is awesome says:

      i tried my formula again and again and it still works so people try it it works :)

  313. Lexie says:

    Yeah, it’s a boreal egg but ah well. I don’t have a boreal so that’s good lol! I’m trying it again but it’s 8 hours again Damn it!!!

  314. Lexie says:

    I tried breeding the fire and frostember and on my second go I got mythic fire egg. I did it again but it’s not a fire monster because it’s taking about 8 hours to breed, I think I’ve got frozenflame xD yay!!! I’m gonna check tomorrow to see if I have a frozenflame egg. I hope I have, I’ve been trying to get frozenflame for AGES!!!

  315. Wyatt sopher says:

    I’ve bred all of these combinations and it gave me frostember every time how would I get it if I already have one but want another to see if I get the other evolution. Please help me!!!

  316. Tiny says:

    Got my second one with tundra + bug

  317. PlebHead. says:

    I got my Frozenflame earlier this morning, I used a level 10 Boreal & level 5 frostember & got it first time aha; I hope in some way this may help :)

    • goober826 says:

      I got mine in the morning too… It was funny because I just needed it and I only needed to pay one dimond to make it hatch faster but then it didn’t take any dimonds after I hatched it….

  318. Henk says:

    Wow i have a lot of weird luck ok so i wanted to get the purple egg so i did flower+silk and then i got engima when breeding time was over i tried it again and i also have frozenflame now both monsters i really wanted but now i just need to get purple egg

  319. dana says:

    I tried a million times, but I only get the iceflare version :(

  320. adge says:

    First try lvl 10 fire on left and lvl 5 frostember on right

  321. minetruly says:

    Adult Bug + Adult Silk are my lucky pair! First time breeding, got a Legendary… Second time breeding, got a Plant… third time, got a six-hour wait time (Tundra or Silk, ugh), but then, magically, my Cave kicked out of Breeding mode, after only like 5 minutes! Some sort of lucky glitch!!! So I put the same pair back in… but on opposite sides, with Bug on the left… and got a 7 hour breeding time!!!

    BTW, I hear that Frostember + Frozenflame is a great combo for Enigma and Joy eggs. Glad I’ll be getting my Frozenflame before Easter!!!!

    • minetruly says:

      Also, both the Silk and Bug were the FIRST monsters of their kind born on my mountain… wondering if this has any impact?

  322. Gator says:

    I use lv 5 boreal and lv10 ice got it then used lv 10 mythic fire on left and lv5 boreal on3rd try I feel awesome

  323. sarina says:

    Silk plus bug

  324. nicco says:

    was tryin 4 a mythic fire coz of the quest for the eggs. got a 7hr hatching time. been tryin to breed a frozenflame for the past few weeks luckily got it when im not aiming for it.. just sharin.. =D

  325. kat says:

    i got the frozenflame by using fire + mythic frostember on the first try.

  326. Relus of Leo says:

    Worked all night last night to get frozenflame with the frostmember/fire match with no luck. Woke up this morning and tried bug/tundra (lv 10s). I was going for a joy or enigma egg but got a 7 hr breed time. I’m pretty sure it’s a frozenflame.

  327. George Greenfield says:

    Will boreal+frostember work? HELP

  328. Tiny says:

    i tried several times, luckily my gf was able to bred frozenflame in one try! hihihi! very lucky indeed!

  329. DOT says:

    Boreal-Fire 1st try

  330. Luke says:

    Got a seven hour breed time by breeding Mythic Fire (level 10) and Boreal (level 5)!

  331. Pineygrrl says:

    Thank u for the tips, guys. I bred Fire left, Frostember right, on 8th try I now have a 7 hr breeding time. Ysy!

  332. Thomas says:

    Fire + Frostember results in 90% Fire & 10% Frostember :-(

  333. Josh says:

    I think fire and boreal got me frozenflame. Can’t tell though I just put them in the breeding den.

  334. Ziggy says:

    Level 8 Frost and level 10 bug – first try cx woo! (After quest was complete)

  335. Ellie says:

    I have a question. Do u have to have 3 Frozen Frames to get the 3 different types of it??

  336. Rhianna says:

    Finally! Fire and mythic frostmember. It took me more like 100 times to get it though :l

  337. umbertijs says:

    burst + ice :o :)

  338. delta9snow says:

    Hi. I have a question. When we had the frozenflame quests, which I just had appear on my android a couple weeks ago, I noticed on the Facebook page the quest went to a level where you had to hatch or have all three varieties of frozenflame. My quests did not. They ended with hatching a frozenflame. I don’t recall how many quests were involved but I do remember the other quest had two or three more than mine. Anyone else experience this? Is it b/c I have android? I’ve never had this happen before. Thanx.

  339. shibbywick says:

    the frostember and mythic fire combo x 14??? i finally got it though!!

  340. Theycallmejohn says:

    YES!! I finally got one.. i tried lv10 mythic fire and lv5 mythic frostember, mythic fire with regular frostember, regular fire with mythic frostember… I decided to just give up and use the regular ones because they make less money and BAM! a frozenflame hatchtime! I just now got it and i HAD to use diamonds to make sure it wasnt a cruel trick XD right after that i tried to breed air for the quest and I GOT IT! WOOHOO on a roll now!
    (PS im only level 21)

  341. Christy says:

    I have bred fire and frostember around 75 times with about every 6th or 7th time resulting in a frostember ugh!!!

    • Christy says:

      I have tried both ways fire left and right with frostember on opposite side. I have 3 different fire monsters ( one mythic) and 2 frostembers I kept ( one mythic) and I have bred all of them over and over I’m about to give up and just pay with diamonds for it!

      • Twizzle says:

        You need to have fire left and frostember right.
        fire = fire
        frostember = fire/ice

        with fire left:
        fire – fire = fire
        fire – ice = frozenflame

        if you have frostember left, you will create:

        fire – fire = fire
        ice – fire = frostember

        • Smosh says:

          Thanks dude it s true if you have fire left and frostember right you got a frozenflame thanksssssasassa :)

        • Tiny says:

          yes because the secret to this, the major element of the frozenflame is fire and the minor is ice, so putting the fire monster on the left which is pure fire and any hybrid ice monster on the right with ice is the MAJOR element makes it to breed a frozenflame. :)

  342. BlkiceX says:

    Yes!!! Finally!!! I got one. Ok I decided to try frostember and mythic fire non stop till I got one. After a bunch of fires and one frostember, I hatched a mythic Frostember. So then I leveled it up to 5 and started breeding it with mythic fire. This formula works but you have to try nonstop. So final formula that worked for me Mythic Frostember (5) and mythic Fire (10). Now onto shockwave.

  343. cmosk06 says:

    So, I have been trying for frozenflame for weeks – I had one that evolved into wildfreeze…but still need an adult frozenflame. After countless formula attempts and spent diamonds, I damn-near gave up!

    The formula above which says frostember x fire took 14 times but eventually, she/he got a frozenflame is a GREAT approach!

    It took me more like 25 times, but the main outcome is fire which is only 5 sec wait time. After about 15 tries I evolved my frostember to level 10 (which had been at level 8) and I kept trying to mate it with level 10 fire.

    Only once did I get an egg other than fire – it was a frostember egg, so I kept trying and getting more fires, but eventually I got a 7 hour breeding time so Im thinking I finally got it!!!

    After weeks of trying, all i had to do was sit down for 5 minutes and repeat frostember x fire over and over again until 7 hour breeding time was obtained!

    THANK YOU who ever left that tip!!!

  344. chlodoh9 says:

    after about a million trys with all combo’s i finally got it with boreal and frostember first try

  345. Jacky says:

    Can I get some help i have tried all formulas to get a seconed frozenflame but all that I got is frostember help meeee.

  346. aslesha says:

    for me, the frozenflame has been an easy monster to hatch. but i just can’t seem to be able to get the iceflare variant. all I get are the frozenblaze and the wildfreeze variants. do the number of fire habitats and snow habitats affect the frozenflame’s adult evolution?on android.

  347. Matt says:

    I keep getting a frost ember and fire

  348. FreedomX20A85 says:

    if you breed left a magma and right a silk high change for a frozenflame

  349. Lorelai says:

    Just a comment about those Surprise Packs for sale: I decided to spend a bit more real money and bought the Bronze Pack, eager to get my Boreal Monster (finally). After hatching the orange gift box, and fed it, and tucked it, there finally came… A mere CINDER monster! I am still shocked. So much money, and time and hopes lost… I think TinyCo should show us, gamers, a little more consideration.

  350. Hmq30 says:

    Got it on 14th try frostember/fire just like you said! Thanks! (First 13 were fire monsters, a third of those were mythic)

  351. Mark says:

    Tried fire w/ frostember way too many times on fail. Used Level 10 Mythic Fire (l) and Level 10 Flashfreeze (r).

    First try frozen flame.

  352. Laz says:

    Hey, I got frozenflame by breeding fire and frostember, both level 10.
    I got six fires first, five seconds each, then frozenflame on th seventh try.
    If you guys are having trouble breeding frozenflame, give this combo a try!

    • Amelia says:

      I have tried that combo atleast 20 times I always get fire or frostmember. Have tried other combos as well got a lot of frost members , magma, fire, bug and finally a boreal(I’m happy about that) but u can’t seem to get a frozenflame :(

      • Amelia says:

        I have been breeding my boreal with fire got a lot of fires but finally got something that’s 7 hours hopefully it’s my frozenflame!

  353. tmon says:

    what the difference between frozenflame and frzeonblaze…

  354. jcanel says:

    Mythic flare & boreal

  355. Mia Marajuana says:

    FINALLY!!! (First Spot) Mythic Frostember (Lv 5)- (Second Spot) Mythic Fire (Lv 10)= Got Me My Frozenflame Hooray….

    PS…and (2) Boreals in the process..WEE!!! ♥

  356. Ninnin says:

    On 5th try with fire and frostember got 8 hour hatch time

  357. Sphynx says:

    This guide has been super helpful! Thanks a lot! Took me forever, but I think I finally got a Frozenflame egg. It’s still incubating, but its 7 hours until the egg is ready, so hopefully it’ll be right. Used fire and frostember, and it took probably like 15 tries. Got a bunch of other frostember eggs and one boreal! So I’m happy about it.

  358. wispurr says:

    First try with:
    mythic Frost + mythic flower (both lvl 10)

    I was trying for ledgendary but this was a nice surprise!

  359. Rachel says:

    Mythic fire + gift. Worked twice in a row.

  360. Feras says:

    Should the monsters be (lvl10) to breed them

  361. Ronny says:

    frostember + mythic fire…first try

  362. Luke says:

    If you put the frozenflame in a fire habitat, will it have more chance in chancing into frozenblaze or is it totally random?

  363. Mei Wern says:

    I’m dying to get more frozenflame monsters but luck hasn’t been on my side lately :-( However, I got a boreal monster instead! But you don’t any info about it though..

  364. Me says:

    Frostember and flashfreeze, second try

  365. Feras says:

    I’m in (Lvl19) but when should the showdow and the light monster will open

  366. tiny player says:

    Just bred bug and frostember and got 18 hour time but i dont see that time in the breeding guide

  367. devinn says:

    wasnt the retry on Dream Room 25 diamonds per retry? back then i wasted 100 diamonds retrying to get an Iceflare; I just keep gettin fronblaze & wildfreeze over & over. Now im trying to complete the 3 forms of Frozenflame, but now the Dream Room is now saying 125 diamonds per retry on my ipad. This is rediculous amount of diamonds without the guarantee. I left a comment/post on the TinyMonster facebook page.

  368. Deminio says:

    Bug + frost gave me froze flame twice!!!!!!

  369. tmon says:

    black ice left lvl 5 + mythic fire lvl 10 right~~

  370. monchang80 says:

    I have been trying to breed this monster for the past week, and i’ve been trying the fire/frostember combination nonstop, and all i’ve been getting is another fire, or frostember monster. i’ve gone well over the 14 tries. :(

  371. Tecon says:

    hi everybody.. i just want to ask someone if you know…if i’d breed my frozenblaze and iceflare monsters, will i get another frozenflame? or this kombo isn’t working for these three monsters..?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yeah, You will get baby frozenflame, that’s what I did to complete all frozenflame adult forms.

      • Tecon says:

        thanks for answer, still trying for valentine monsters, after date of their expiration, i am gonna do this with better feeling that i will get frozenflame on the first time… :-D

  372. jacque says:

    I already had frozenblaze but you have to breed again so I bred fire and frostember 7 times then switched it around and got frozenblaze first try. Now it just has to hatch and quest complete. Im still trying to get becky and phineus quest done. No more quest please till i finish b/p first. Atleast this one was easy.

  373. WGDBatman says:

    VICTORY IS MINE!!!!!!! Finally after literally over 100 breeding combinations, switching left and right, moving between habitats and so many diamonds I could have bought one (1865 on android big diamonds version), but alas I never had the amount at one time, Grimfreeze and Mythic Fire birthed this little marvel.

  374. IGORs says:

    how do I get a second frozenflame? no combination does not work …

  375. indigo6ix says:

    ice flare 10 + wildfreeze 10 = frozenblaze :D (1st try)

  376. ot says:

    noob i followed your lead fire and frostember and i didnt count how many fire i got but i think 7-8 so i tried for a second one and i got that the second try thanks and ilove the site

  377. Deminio says:

    I got my first une with bug and frost. Then as adult he became iceflow. Now I need a second one. Any suggestions? Maybe iceflow + fire/ice?

    • Lulu says:

      I’m in the same boat I have ice flare and need another one but I don’t remember what I used to get it the first time.. I have been trying for so long that it could be anything. And I saw someone posted a comment I think on the strike page if you use strike to breed strike it makes it harder to get not easier.

      Tho reason would have it if you use the monster you have a 50% chance of getting that monster… Soooooo yea. I’m stuck too…

  378. Amber says:

    Hi I’m new at this game, I’ve been playin tiny castle. What is the difference between reg and mythis????

  379. Brian says:

    I used lvl 19 fire on left and lvl 10

  380. Staci says:

    Flower lev 10 left, frost lev 6 right…1st try :)

  381. shane says:

    I hate this monster. I’ve tried every combo possible, multiple times and still NOTHING! Ridiculous!

  382. iceflare says:

    Noobb you should update the formulas. Like adding Merry+Mythic Fire it works after a couple of tries

  383. minu says:

    I was trying for Dimspike with Embershade and Ice. Gave me Frozenflame on the 2nd try :)

  384. Jen says:

    Are all variations available on android? I have only succeeded in getting wildfreeze, and I really want iceflare.

  385. Briana says:

    I bred fire and snowbluff:) I got it the first try!

  386. ορφέας says:

    Cinder lv5 and ice lv8 first try !!!

  387. Emily says:

    mythic income: lvl8-84, lvl9-89
    Sorry~ did not notice you need the information earlier.

  388. Blair says:

    I have a wildfreeze and I am trying for more frozen flames. Are the other adult evolutions more rare?

  389. luke says:

    frostember and fire gave me a mythic 4th try

    everything before that is fire

    was trying for merry

  390. Tomas says:

    Merry plus fire mythic I almost cried when I got it I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  391. ShadowyNight101 says:

    I used a holly and fire trying to get a Merry.. Then got a mythic frozenflame, something ive wanted for weeks.

  392. Celine says:

    I hv managed to breed the frozenflame using Ice and frostember at first try. Tried the above combos, none of them worked for me.

    • CloudGamer says:

      Fire x Frostember has given me the most Frozenflames, actually had to sell a few normals after I got all the normal variations and was just needing a mythic Iceflare.

      Then I got all of my Merrys, Hollys and Gifts using only various Frozenflame combos, i.e. Mythic Frozenblaze x Iceflare, Wildfreeze x Frozenblaze, etc…

  393. StikZ13 says:

    Fire and frost

  394. StikZ13 says:

    Fire and frost works.

  395. itmriiduhh says:

    Finally after months of trying and getting it I gave up and was trying to get a Merry monster. I finally get a frozenflame :) with a Cinder (Lvl 10) (left) and Ice (lvl 10) (right) on the first try. Then I grew it to a teen (lvl 5) and breed it with a mythic fire (lvl 10) and got 2 more!!!. :) 3 frozenflames in less then 48 hours.

  396. Izzy 4713 says:

    Im trying to get a frozen flame but when I try to breed fire and ice they say it is incompatible or something and its really annoying me! can u help me!?

    • Noah Richard says:

      Well that’s because you can’t breed fire and ice directly you have to use hybrids to get it. I would try and get frostember first because it is easy, then breed it with fire monster and you will get frozenflame fairly quickly B-)

  397. Nikki says:

    Finally figured it out bc of everyone’s advice. 27 try’s with Fire(10) and Frostember(10). Through this I got three mythic eggs. My recommendation is do not refill ur mythic cave so u can push along for frozename. Only took less than 15 minuets to get it bc breeding time is so quick for Fire. Stick with it and u can get a frozenflame too!

  398. Traci says:

    I have tried every combo on here multiple times and still cant get this monster. Im at level 36 now…. I think the makers of this game just refuse to let me have this monster, by brother hasnt been playing as long as i have and hes gotten it like 3 times!! Uhg, i give up :(

  399. Jo says:

    Frostember lvl 10 and Mythic fire lvl5 . First lot’ s of fire, frostembers, but noW i got one!

  400. chertichego says:

    guys, tell me pls, i don’t understand. to get all adult versions do i need to retry hibernation for diamonds or i just need to breed till i’m lucky to get all?
    keep getting Wildfreezes

  401. frozen says:

    lvl 5 flower (L) & lvl 5 mythic ice(R)

  402. Nikki says:

    I’ve tried for frozenflame ever since it first came out. Long before air, shadow or light. Still no luck. I’m using IOS (IPod). Any suggestions? Please keep posting what works for u. Thanks!

  403. AML276 says:

    Just got my second one with teen frostbeam (ice) + adult fire while trying for merry. Android big diamonds version

  404. michelle says:

    level 10 bug and level 10 ice. first try

  405. Gambit says:

    In the matter of the frozenflame, it said it would be transformed in to eighter a fire, an ice, or a mix. So than why r that all 3 still a mix thay r not just fire or ice all 3 are a mix. It said it would be 1 or the other or a mix

  406. Rattler says:

    Finally got a 2nd just bred mythic fire 10 and adult gift 8 trying to get a merry. Still a good outcome

  407. nekobrenna says:

    Lol, I just bred a gift + frostember trying for merry and got my first frozen blaze egg… by accident XD

    • AML276 says:

      Thank you. This did it for me as well

      • Nikki says:

        What level were they? Are u sure about the order? I just did Gift (10)+ Frostember (6) with no luck…

        • AML276 says:

          Level shouldn’t matter as much as i think habitat sometimes makes a difference and I have a teen and adult gift but I think it was adult gift (in ice habitat of course) + teen frostember (also in ice) with the ‘gift’ being that the fire element dominated the frostember. Also this is with android big diamonds version.

  408. iris says:

    bug n silk finally!!!!!!!!!!!! it literally took me months to get a frozenflame…thank you for the formula!!!! btw fire+frostember doesnt work for me..i stopped counting a long time ago of how many fire n frostember i had bred…

  409. pilar says:

    Hi, I’ve just got an iceflare /mythic/ on android after latest update. It’s my first frozenflame as well. Used combo: Fire+Frostember, both lvl 10. Still hoping for a merry one.

  410. Lynx says:

    Hi. Just to say I have frozenblaze on android & it says i can get all forms since the last update.
    But I can’t access my monsterpedia & it says 105 monsters, but I don’t have that many monsters in my market & I’m level 50.
    Guess you win some , you lose some….
    Happy new year.

    • carla says:

      We can now get the different forms :-) just means breeding them again to get them.i tried it out with hallow and got the others

  411. Lulu says:

    Is there a more popular version of the 3.. And doesn’t matter which adult you end up with? My 1st evolution was wildfreeze but I have yet to officially wake him up yet because I was actually hoping for iceflare and was thinking of retrying for it.

    But I guess what I am really asking is if it matters which adult evolution you one more popular than the others or is is basically personal preference/aesthetic ?

  412. Abbiiee says:

    December 26, 2012 at 15:07 I tried for so long and for the first time without trying i got it with fire +gift monster super happy

  413. Rizky says:

    adult fire & teen tundra 2nd try

  414. Ianrwillis2001 says:

    Is it possible to breed an adult form (ie, wildfreeze, frozenblaze or iceflare) with frozenflame to get a frozenflame egg, or is it like legendary, when the final evolution stops you breeding with it?

  415. Lulu says:

    MERRY level 10 + mythic FIRE level 10 (first try with that combo!)

    I’ve been trying for frozenflame for MONTHS! I’ve got everything else that’s “rare” this one was harder to get than legendary.. Which I got a mythic legendary before I got my 1st frozen flame! I’m sooooo excited!

    MERRY Christmas to me! Pun intended! ;)ill let cha know which form it turns into..

  416. Lollipop says:

    Flower & tundra worked on first try

  417. Mike says:

    can anyone please tell if we have only one adult form for frozenflame in android or more??

  418. Kin eroded says:

    Fire + Silk (3rd try)

  419. Ashley Markis says:

    I think I know a way to determine what the adult form of any monster is before you evolve it, like for the legendary monster, the lighthorn monster or for the frozen flame monster. You would have to examine the name that they are given randomly by the game. For example, my first frozen flame had the name Glacier. I never changed its name and I placed it in a fire habitat and it grew up to be an ice flare. My first lengendary monster was named Gizmo and it became an electric legendary monster. Well, you all know where I’m going with this. But good luck to everyone trying to breed one! And happy holidays!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm makes sense, will look about it later.

    • Lulu says:

      Well I have a mythic legendary that I’m about to level to adult here in the next day or so and I just got frozenflame today… My legendary’s name is Cuddly and the frozenflame is crystal. So you can put in input on what you think those 2 names indicate… I haven’t leveled em up to adult yet sooo your guess is as good as mine but ill be the guiniee pig if it helps.. I’ll keep u posted.

      I think you are onto something tho…

      • Lulu says:

        Frozenflame name: Crystal : evolved to wildfreeze (non mythic)

        Legendary(mythic) name:Cuddly: is hibernating…. So we shall test your theory here soon-ish.

    • ivan thrive says:

      She’s on to something. I have 6 gift monsters. 2 named slippery, 3 named freezey, and 1 named winter. Both slipperies became the abominable snow Man,. One freezey became frosttyy the snow man and I havnt tried winter or evolved the other freezeys but so far she Seems to be correct.

  420. SteamPunk says:

    I cannot breed a frozenflame at all I have tried all combos, I’m on android anyone have any ideas??? Frostember and fire isn’t working I’ve done it 20 times :(

    • VegasCarrie says:

      I am having the same problem. Any suggestions for Android users? Frostember and Fire just isn’t working. I’ve gotten dozens of Fire and multiple Frostembers.