Posted on Nov 10, 2012

Tiny Monsters Iphone Breeding Formulas Lushleaf Monsters

Note: Thanks to Tony for this page 😀

Normal Picture

Mythic Version (Thanks to Nico for the picture)


Lushleaf Status













Earn Rate (Min)

15 16 17 20/21(M) 25/26(M) 32/33(M) 44/46(M) 61/64(M) 83/87(M) 113/118(M)

Food (x4)

470 945 1415 1885 2355 2825 3295 3765 4235

Habitat:Light and Plant

How to obtain: Buy for 161 diamonds

Breeding/Hatching Time: 7 hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 5 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 13hours

Breeding formula:
[0] Light + Plant
[0] Sporespark +Voltleaf
[0] Leave Comment if you know more formulas

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide

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68 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Iphone Breeding Formulas Lushleaf Monsters”

  1. nightcookie (tiny Id knightcookie) says:

    I Got a mythic and regular lushleaf first try with mythic plant and light. I’ve been trying for sunspike. 😛

  2. Leslie says:

    Eeriewood + Soar…

  3. Brandon says:

    Lvl 5 light Lvl 10 plant

  4. FischMonster says:

    Eeriewood + Light. First try 🙂

  5. joho says:

    Eriewood + light gave me this monster 23 times in a row. Obviously not trying for this monster, but might as well post a sure thing.

  6. kadopotato says:

    Teen steadfast and teen light

  7. jj says:

    Level 9 elder plant level light

  8. sErgInhO24 says:

    Jubilee Level 10 + Lightwing Level 5 = Lushleaf (First try).

  9. Nina says:

    is it just me or am I the only one who can’t see lushleaf?

  10. Barb says:

    Teen Light + Level 10 Blossom gave me a Lushleaf first attempt

  11. Bloodrose says:

    Just leveled mine up to adult, finally. Really cool animation!

    • wellwishes says:

      Thanks for the heads up on animation, I’ll defin level this one next.. curious now…

      Just got a Mythic using mythic Sun 10 anxd eeriewood 8

  12. Kasara says:

    Level 5 eeriewood + level 6 light

  13. Laura says:

    Anyone got any suggestions for mythic Lushleaf? Other than 2 level 10 normal Lushleaf – they take so much food to feed up to that level and no matter how many times I fill my globe over I keep getting normal Lushleaf with Light and Mythic Plant.
    Any help would be appreciated. 🙂

  14. jokemon says:

    I got a Lushleaf last week but forgot to report it… i believe I used my Mythic Light + Holly

  15. LCBJennifer says:

    Got it via light lvl 5 and plant lvl 10. Waitin for it to hatch.

  16. Gma Of 10 says:

    On iPhone. Jubilee level 10 left, Light level 10 right. Got 7 hours first try. I think it must be lush leaf.

  17. kuggas says:

    using light level 6 on left plant level 10 on right second try
    gt i t

  18. JRussell says:

    Light in the left and Plant on the right earned me Lushleaf, trying for Sunspike next.

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