Posted on Oct 6, 2012

Tiny Monsters Iphone Breeding Guide Cinder Monsters

Normal Version

Mythic Version

Cinder Status


LVL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Earn Rate (Min) 13 22/23(M) 31/32(M) 39/40(M) 48/50(M) 57/59(M) 66/69(M) 75/78(M) 83/87(M) 94/98(M)
Food (x4) 45 95 140 185 230 275 320 365  410

Habitat: Earth and Fire

How to obtain: Buy for 25 diamonds

Sell Price: 1300 Coins

Experience: 2850

Hatching Time: 13 hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 7 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 24 hours

Breeding formula:
[0] Frost + Bug
[0] Earth + Magma
[0] Fire + Earth
[0] Adult earth+ bug
[0] Flower + Frost
[0] Leave Comment if you know more formulas

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide

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124 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Iphone Breeding Guide Cinder Monsters”

  1. Dbreeder says:

    I breed mythic earth with mythic teen frozenflame and it says 13 hours but I’m not sure if it’s mythic. If you breed 2 mythic monsters and get a mythic monster does it tell you? I really want to know.

    • Wardides says:

      It will always tell you if you get a mythic monster. Unfortunately only way to guarantee a mythic is to breed 2 mythics OF THE SAME SPECIES (e.g Fire, Earth etc) Mythic Earth and mythic frozenflame has same chance for a mythic as normal earth and normal frozenflame

  2. Pikachu Style says:

    Mountain and Flower.

  3. ih8byotches says:

    Tree + Magma also makes Cinder

  4. Bryjam03 says:

    Fire & Magma
    Both level 10

  5. lisamonster says:

    Cinder and Bug 😀 😀

  6. Midb says:

    Didn’t realise cinder was meant to be rare. Had one since I started playing by breeding earth and fire…! However, was just trying to get cinder or magma for 5th Island Easter egg hunt and got mythic cinder on first attempt by using fire and elder earth.

  7. Lawren says:

    Teen fire and earth gave me a cinder on second try. This is the first rare monster I got.

  8. Devinske says:

    I mixed level 10 Fire with level 10 Frost attempting to get Frozenflame. Instead I got this, waiting to see if mythic or not.

  9. scar14 says:

    I got a mythic cinder first try with 1200 in mithic boost lvl10 Earth & lvl10 Magma 🙂

  10. LSPea says:

    Frost n Fire both adults got me cinder
    Gift n fire got me a Magna!

  11. I.D. RootSoda says:

    Fire Level 10 + Magma Level 5 got me Cinder first try. 😀

  12. Mythic says:

    I’ve been trying hard for cinder but all i ever get is magma, tried just about every combination suggested . . . just bad luck i guess 😉

    • iceFreezoe says:

      I know! Same here: I try all the combos I can but always get Magma. 🙁 On my Android file though I can’t get Magma. Noob, I know you said that device doesn’t affect outcome but. . . very weird.

  13. ID Sapphire89&JadePR924 says:

    Mythic earth lvl10 + inferno lvl5

    🙁 was trying for a windstone and ended up with mythic cinder…its ok didnt nave one but really wanted windstone

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