Posted on Oct 9, 2012

Tiny Monsters Iphone Breeding Guide Fire Monsters

Normal Version

Mythic Version












Earn Rate (Min)

11 22/23(M) 32/33(M) 43/45(M) 54/56(M) 63/66(M) 71/74(M) 77/80(M) 79/82(M) 81/85(M)

Food (x4)

 5  15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50

Habitat: Fire

How to obtain: Buy from the market for 50 Star Coins

Hatching Time: 5 second

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 5 minutes

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 11 hours

Breeding formula:

[0] Fire + Fire
[0] leave comment if you know other formulas 😀

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93 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Iphone Breeding Guide Fire Monsters”

  1. Bryjam03 says:

    Does the mythic orb need to be charged right up to get a mythic monster ?

  2. Ivy says:

    I got 2 mythic fires with adult dawnfang and adult fire it worked either way I got them right after another.

  3. Beware123 says:

    Just got Mythic Fire from Frostember (lvl 8) + Fire (lvl 10) with zero boost to my Mythic Luck. This seems to be my magical formula. I’ve gotten a second Frostember, Dawn, a second Boreal, and now a 29 hr counter which is probably a Star Elder Fire. Still trying to get Frozenflame, though.

  4. RaeRae D. says:

    Any two monsters with the fire element will give you fire. Even two lanterns can do so.

  5. wingwitch says:

    notice how on main page is picture at top of fire monster but it has like chest hair or beard whatever. am i only one who notice inside game when go buy fire monster is no beard and when play game no beard or chest hair whatever you call but in advertisements for game is chest hair. mystery………………………………………………………..

  6. ny ando says:

    I keep trying to breed but it says server error. What should I do?

  7. Brooke says:

    Usually when I need money I just keep breeding fire and fire and sell the eggs

  8. Ammaar says:

    after 17 tries of breeding fire and fire i finally got mythic fire i even boosted the mythic cave but when i bred plant and tree first time i got mythic plant no boost in cave was used

  9. Amn says:

    I breeded mythic fire and mythic fire together but got a normal fire? Whats up.

    • Michael King says:

      2 mythics bred doesnt make a mythic 100%. In fact, I dont think it changes the mythic chance at all. Just mix fire and fire constantly for a mythic, so you only have to wait 5 seconds an egg.

  10. S Dog says:

    I bred frostember. He was a fire monster plus the flash freeze monster (fire + ice)

  11. Tarasa says:

    I have a mythic cave and 2 fire monsters trying to get a mythic but every time i try i get a stupid regular one
    And ive filled up the orb quite a bit

    • neko3737 says:

      you don’t have to charge the Mythic Cave to get a Mythic Monster. I’ve gotten mythic monsters while only refilling the mythic cave once.

  12. Phillip says:

    You could breed a frozenflame and a fire.

  13. Tiny says:

    have anyone noticed that inspite the max
    earning rate of a lvl10 fire monster is 81/min, after several minutes or hours of waiting it only gives you 100 coins? thinking that it should give you more. it happens to me always everytime i get back to the app to earn coins from the monsters. i think it is a glitch. try for yourselves

    • wulfs says:

      It’s because the habitat has a storage limit of 100 coins, so you have to keep collecting from it every minute to get the max amount of coins. If you don’t want to have to check it every minute build a bigger habitat and only keep one monster in each habitat, then you’ll have more storage space which gives you more time between collections.

    • wulfs says:

      p.s. click on the habitat and then the question mark that says “info” to see the maximum storage amount for each one

  14. Mary says:

    How d you make a mythic fire Im freaking out

  15. jjuly says:

    how do i get the mythic fire monster ??

  16. Gongalla says:

    How Do i Get the fire monster i can’t breeding i have Got Legendary But i haven’t Got fire monster :(

  17. Heather says:

    I’m breeding a L10 Mythic Fire with a L10 Gift and I got a 13 hour breeding time, which I can’t find on any chart. Any ideas? There is no listing of a 13 hr breed time for Fire+Ice, so I don’t know what I’m getting.

  18. Blair says:

    So I have like mythic monsters and I was wondering if it a good idea to sell the normal versions…

  19. Angie says:

    Trying to get my 3 mythics for the weekend. Am I wasting my time breeding 2 fires over and over again? I’ve gotten one mythic but can’t seem to get another one

  20. Rhea says:

    I’ve bred two mythic fires. I contacted tinyco, they never got back to me? Anyone know if there is a glitch with this monster???? I’m unable to feed it… I’ve deleted. Tried an tried again. Same thing. Any suggestions? I use iPhone to play the game.

  21. Zazou8888 says:

    Pfff it’s more than 5 times I’m breading fire+fire and never get a mythic… I already have two others so it’s not like I can’t make them but it’s just the most simple I can’t get… Strange really.

  22. Carm says:

    I got 2 mythic fires in a row by breeding frozenflame and fire wheb i had a little in the orb.

  23. Luci T says:

    Teen frostember -> fire

  24. Ella says:

    I got a lot of mythic fire monsters without filling the orbit.
    The orbit was completely empty.
    1st try: fire&fire = mythic fire
    2nd: the same combi= mythic fire
    3rd: the same= normal fire
    the next 2 monsters = mythic again…

  25. Gilcol says:

    My large fire habitat says that it can only hold two, it only gives 100 coins and it has a picture of a small habitat on the stats thing and I spent 40000 on it it so I’m fridgefreezered off what shall I do?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Try to turn off your ipad and turn it on back (close tiny monster app first). This have solved my problem on the past, not sure if this gonna work this time.

    • montue says:

      did it finish building? because that’s what happened to me but it wasn’t finished

    • monster lover says:

      If it has a line over it and you just bought it or upgraded your small than it is still a small fire but if you still see this after you upgraded it then get off for a while and whatever glitch you had will clear i itself up. I had the same problem with my mythic hallow monster that looked like a regular so I got off it for a day and it cleared itself up. Tiny monsters seems to get a lot of glitches in it.

  26. Bobby says:

    Breed fire with fire and get a mithic cave. TaDa! It only cost a little amount of coins and on the mithic weekend I got 9 mithic each time tried. Oh yeah! That’s right! The mithic fire monster is kind of pinkishy.

  27. Courtney says:

    I got mythic fire by breeding level 10 fire and teen frozen flame. (:

  28. dennis says:


  29. jason says:

    I did magma and cinder

  30. Slowpoke says:

    Aha!!! I’m100%bankrupt, nd i don’t have enough food to feed the monsters! What do I do?

  31. Jaws9876 says:

    I got it using a fire and frostenber on the first try

  32. Adam Naish says:

    Level 5 frostember and lvl 10 mythic fire 1st try

  33. Me says:

    OMG have full monsterpedia except for freakin’ fire 😛 plz help so frustrated 😀

  34. Cole says:

    try frozenflame + fire I just got mythic frozenflame try it couple times gotta be adult

  35. JM says:

    For the mythic fire the coins are as follows

    lvl 1: 11/min
    lvl 2: 23/min
    lvl 3: 33/min
    lvl 4: 45/min
    lvl 5: 56/min
    lvl 6: 66/min
    lvl 7: 74/min
    lvl 8: 80/min
    lvl 9: 82/min
    lvl 10: 85/min

  36. CHRISTIAN2K12 says:

    Thanks Tiny Monster Fan :) I Will Try Flower And Fire 😉

  37. Rem says:

    Water and flare. I was trying to get shockwave, but I didn’t expect that…

  38. Tiny Monster Fan says:

    for the mythic one, the easiest is fire+flower
    on 2nd try
    the fire is adult and flower is either teen or adult
    for the 1st try , best thing to do is sell the common egg
    Thank You!

    • BRG says:

      Fire and Flower w/ Mythic boost..gave me mythic flower..o_O. Fire+Fire is impossible to breed (why do people keep saying that?) Any other suggestions for mythic fire?

  39. TreeKeeper14 says:

    You can also get fire from ice + fire but that can also give ice.

  40. oceaness says:

    First hibernation = 5 minutes
    Second hibernation = 11 hours

    These times are for the mythic version, however I believe they are exactly the same as standard except they earn slightly more coin per minute.

    At level 7 they earn 74/min.

  41. Ratgirl34 says:

    My sister says she got a fire when she bred her fire and magma the first time. Might be a good idea to test this a few times before adding it to you list though. As I didn’t get it myself.

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