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Tiny Monsters Iphone Breeding Wiki Silk Monsters

Normal Version

Mythic version (Thanks to Edoardo)


Silk Status













Earn Rate (Min)

6 7 10 15 22/23(M) 28/29(M) 35/36(M) 40/42(M) 43/45(M) 44/46(M)

Food (x4)

20 45 65 85 105 125 145 165 185

Habitat: Ice and Plant

How to obtain: Buy for 31 diamonds

Hatching Time: 6 hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 4 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 17 hours

XP: 2340

sell price: 600 Coins

Breeding formula:
[0] Tree+ Frost
[0] Plant + Snowbluff
[0] Plant + Ice
[0] Ice + Bug
[0] Ice + Tundra
[0] Flower + Ice
[0] Leave Comment if you know more formulas

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76 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Iphone Breeding Wiki Silk Monsters”

  1. Roslynd says:

    I got mine by breeding my ice Friendship with a friends plant Unity.

  2. pldt says:

    I breed ice and tree . And the breeding time is 8 hrs. I have no idea of what monster is that ???

  3. Pixie (tiny ID: Lyxnaria) says:

    Xp: 2340
    Sell price: 600

  4. Valerie says:

    Got silk with lvl 10 ice+ lvl 10 bug on the first try

  5. Roslynd says:

    Mythic tree and normal frost, both level 10, in that order. Got a mythic. First try. I got a 6hr hatching time so hopefully it’s Silk.

  6. wulfs says:

    Lvl 10 Tundra (L) + Lvl 10 Frost (R) on Android

  7. Mag man says:

    been trying for silk since the quest for spring cleaning asked for one. I started an army of Tundra’s with all the combinations that everyone listed here. Finally gave up and tried just non-mythics of PLANT and ICE (that order) just once. Sure enough I got my first silk.

  8. Toby says:

    Got mine from plant tundra

    • Bethany says:

      Yes, me too. After a ba-jillion (yes Ba-jillion) diamonds and attempts I finally got a Mythic Silk with Plant and Tundra. Probably could’ve just bought it from the market.

  9. Arguenot says:

    I bred 38 times..most tundra…every combo here and plenty not…
    Finally…level 10 Tundra with a teen level 5 plant. Between this and Blossom I will never ever buy another diamond.

  10. SomethingElseToo says:

    I was trying for silk, bred Level 10 Tree & Level 10 Frost. Got an 18 hour breed time. I don’t see any 18 hour monsters that make sense for that combo! :~þ

  11. nixie0013 says:

    Mythic Silk ( level 10 ) + Mythic Plant ( level 10 ) = 6 hour breed time… hoping it’s Silk 🙂

  12. Surfing says:

    I had a silk already and bred it with ice to get another to complete quest

  13. dummy says:

    hey, i have a more general question here…
    since it’s known to get the same monster when breeding two of the type (e.g. silk & silk = silk), is my chance on getting a second silk higher, if i breed with my first silk? (e.g. silk + ice)? or is this not increasing the probability at all?
    Would be cool to know!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      from my experience, the chance of 2nd monster is not different than 1st one.

      • dummy says:

        no, i meant, is it of use to include the first one in the breeding for the second one? (Since you can’t do that the first time… because… you don’t have one yet… 😀 )

      • Verna says:

        Silk and dilk you have better odds og getting another silk than if you start over .noob, I used to ahree with this but no more…lately everytime they have a quest (timed) for a simple monster the odds are horrible of getting one ! I used to be able to get silk all day with many proven combos .including the ones from matt faitchilds own breeding guide. But no more! 32 failed tries in a row ? Rediculious ! For a simple silk? Somethings definately changed at tiny co.

      • Verna says:

        Have you tried breeding a silk since spring quests started noob…you might change your mind.

    • Lorelai says:

      I have the same doubt (I have just one Mythic Silk already), but from my experience with other combos like that, I think it isn t useful as we would like to.

  14. Jennyrobbin says:

    🙁 I have been trying for two days and spent about $15 on diamonds and I have lost count of how many times I have gotten Tundra… Bummer I just want a silk to move on with my mission! Lol

  15. KelliAnn says:

    Mythic… 6,7,10,15,23,29,36,42,45,46

  16. Katy says:

    Mythic silk lvl 1 earn rate 6, lvl 2 earn rate 7.

  17. Dmmsrm says:

    Mythic silk lvl 6 earn rate 29/min

  18. Felion says:

    Mythic Silk lvl7, Earnrate, 36/min

  19. TinyTigress says:

    Lvl 10 plant and lvl 10 tundra

  20. azarus* says:

    Lvl8 tundra and lvl10 ice

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