Posted on Oct 4, 2013

Tiny Monsters Lunar Eclipse Side Quest Guide


Make sure all your required monsters are out from the hall of champions
[X] You may need to re-purchase some decorations
[X] if you have done everything and the quest is still not cleared then follow ” fix error section”

A quest for Lunar Eclipse.

Tiny Monsters Eclipse Featured

[0] Hatch an eclipse monsters
Rewards: 250 XP and 10 diamonds

[1] Place a Shadow or Air Decoration!
I bought the shadow herald decoration for 86,000coins
Reward: 200 XP and 150 Food

[2] Embrace the color of Shadow; Harvest a Purple crop!
I harvested and egg-plant cause it’s purple
Reward: 360 XP and 1000 Coins

[3] Hatch a Shadow Hybrid or an Air Hybrid!
This auto-completed for me so I guess as long as you have a shadow or air hybrid in your habitat you will be fine (i.e. no need to actually hatch one to get completion)
Reward: 300 XP and 200 Food

[4] Earn some funds! Collect from 3 Habitats!
Collected from 3 habitats to complete this – what else :D
Reward: 300 XP and 200 Food

[5] Have a Level 10 Air Monster and Level 10 Shadow Monster!
Just remember to have the two monsters in a habitat and not in your Hall of Champions
Reward: 800 XP and 200 Food

[Bonus] The Eclipse Social: Spread the word of the upcoming Eclipse!
Visit 10 friends!
Reward: 100snacks, 300xp

[6] Place a Binocular Station!
Buy a Binocular Station from decorations for 43,200coins
Reward: 250 XP and 10 Diamonds

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide

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19 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Lunar Eclipse Side Quest Guide”

  1. Pelevida says:

    What is a Binocular station? Can’t find anything in the decoration shop with that name???

  2. OdessaMaee says:

    I’m confused,how/where do you harvest a purple crop?

  3. Manish (I'd : maka2 ) says:

    Hai noob for quest no 5 should we have base element air and shadow at level 10 or hybrids of those
    I have level 10 aquavil and independence but still it did not complete
    Any suggestions

  4. Teri says:

    independence and embershade. first shot

  5. godofawesomness says:

    I haven’t unlocked shadow yet grrrrrrrrrr so cant get it awwwwww

  6. Christina says:

    For part 1 I used the Air Tree which only costs 20,160.
    The hatching ones auto completed for me as well.

  7. Rizky Pangasih says:

    Is there still no recomended formula to breed eclipse? Or just breeding air and shadow monster?

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