Posted on May 14, 2014

Tiny Monsters Marine Limited Memorial Monster

Most Memorable Monster in 2013

23 May 2013 -20 June 2013

14 May 2014 – 4 May 2014

Normal Version (Thanks to Laura for these info and pictures)

Tiny Monsters Marine Egg

Tiny Monsters Marine Growth

Mythic version (Thanks to Vladimir for egg picture and Ehlana for Growth picture)

Tiny Monsters Marine Egg Mythic

Tiny Monsters Marine Growth Mythic

Marine Status   













Earn Rate 

3 7 9 11 12 13 14 16 17 22/23

Food (x4)

40 85 125 165 205 245 285 325 365 MAX

Total Food needed

0 160 500 1000 1660 2480 3460 4600 5900 7360

Habitat: Water and Ice

How to obtain: Buy for 225/1125 diamonds

Selling Price: 900 Gold

Exp: 3220 XP

Breeding/Hatching Time: 12 hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 5 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 20 hours

Breeding Formula:
[0] Ice + Water
[0] Water + Gift (1st try, finally after switching formula for 10 days :D)
[0] Icefloe + gift (2nd marine, on rare weekend)
[0] Freeze + Icefloe
[0] Freeze/Icefloe + Ice/Water
[0] Ice + Seacliff
[0] Gift + Icefloe
[0] Frost + Puff
[0] Water + Silk
[0] Frozenblaze + Water
[0] Flashfreeze + Water
[0] Leave your formula on the comments

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367 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Marine Limited Memorial Monster”

  1. Christine says:

    Thank You

  2. Tinylion1961 says:

    Using my iPhone I finally got marine with
    Elder ice and mythic water = marine
    So happy been trying many times with
    regular mythic ice and mythic water with
    Poor results changed to Elder ice and
    Bam I got it! Thanks again Noob for
    All the work u do it really helps!

  3. Nexxeses says:

    I finally got my Memorial with a Dawnfang and Devotion. Just keep trying. Don’t give up!

  4. jess says:

    Water level 7 + silk level 5 1st try 12 hour breeding time after switching formula

  5. Barbarab says:

    I c my one post didnt even make it on here but turns out its a mythic icefloe ugghh and i did actually find the chart on here which is nice and just like the one of tiny castle but i still dk what a lot of monsters r

  6. Barbarab says:

    Does a mythic take longer to breed? I did water and tundra and said it was mythic but is taking over 18 hrs??? So if not a mythic marine does anyone have any ideas? I have the memorial and have a valor n nursery so just need the marine now so hope it is and would b sweet for it to b a mythic marine, got fingers crossed

    • noobbgodlike says:

      no, the mythic take same time as the normal version. Go back to main page and search for a section called breeding result chart.

      • Barbarab says:

        So this chart is gonna tell me what the teen water and mythic adult tundra is? I thought it gave u a particular monater and what to breed to get it not other way around so would take me hrs to find and figure it out

        • Gail says:

          Once you know how many hours your gg will take you can go to the result chart and match the hours with the elements you used to figure out what you will be getting. It’s easy.

  7. Gail says:

    Mythic Water 10 and Elder Ice 10 just gave me 12 hours. Marine.

  8. anyeta says:

    teen water + teen boreal, first try :)

  9. Jmcg86 says:

    Finally got Marine with Mythic Ice and Water both level 10, took me about 20 or so tries.

  10. andiduck1 says:

    I got this with mythic water lvl 10 and mythic ice lvl 10. Hope this helps those still trying…….

  11. nickride says:

    Devotion (10) + Mythic Wildfreeze (10)

  12. David Rowel says:

    I got this on from a Snowbluff & Bayou

  13. Stschw says:

    Finnaly got it with burst and elder ice trying to get marine or valor

  14. Erika says:

    I just tried water and gift and got 25 hours. Any thoughts???

  15. Damian says:

    I’ve got no limited monsters and been trying combos that have been suggested but after 30 attempts still no marine monster this is a monster I lost from last time and want it before these all go any hints with no limited monsters to help please

  16. James says:

    When I touch my large ice habitat why does it give me an option to upgrade it for 2 million 700,000? I have no idea how much it collects or how many monsters it holds. Does anybody know what it is

  17. julymarie123 says:

    I got it 1st try with devotion and iceflow finally after trying for days :)

    • jewls says:

      Thank you so much, after many failed attempts this combo worked for me first try, I now have all 3 Memorial creatures a first for me. :)

  18. nophlaps says:

    Water and flashfreeze = 12 hrs :-)

  19. twylaluna says:

    i have tired ice floe + gift – icefloe+devotion. Water + icefloe. Ice+ water all i get is mystic shadow. Mystic river now memorial witch i all ready have one of so any one no a good combo lol i have no clue wear to go next

    • julymarie123 says:

      Try switching iceflow n devotion around I did tht and got it 1st try and ty cuz ur the only one tht iv seen tht has posted tht combo so yay now I got the memoral and this one tyvm:)

  20. Heather Ann August says:

    I’m sorry. I JUST don’t believe ALL these ppl get these rare monsters first try. I’ve made 11 icefloe and 3 or 4 freeze monsters…And wasted diamonds…With these combinations. Ice and water first try?…Not so much

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It’s all about chance, it’s really possible. Let’s take my example, I got elder star fire on 2 nd try but after that I haven’t got it again (after 20 tries….)

    • stschw says:

      Normally you should get it with 20-40 tries. Sometimes you get it with first try. Sometimes you can’t get it at all.

      I can’t get a second Marine for a mystic one and I didn’t got the independent monster yet. The problem is the ultra long breeding time (20 or 25 hrs).

    • Bobbiel says:

      I agree. I have never gotten anything first try

    • AkumaC4 says:

      I never get these on 1st try like I keep seeing others say, in fact I tried every single combination constantly to get Primevera and never got it before its limited time was pulled, this one looks like it’s going to be another “you’ll never get it” monster.

      • Damian says:

        I no how u feel I’m playing it on iPhone and iPad and got two primevera on the pad and one on phone and same with enigmas but can’t get any on phone threy bring so many monsters out with same element combos and a list of so many different breeding ways that it don’t work half the time for u felt like throwing my phone a few times cuz of this game but keeps coming back hope u get an enigma soon to get primevera

      • anyeta says:

        Hi, I got primavera today… so keep trying. I think the “luck” really depends on the money you spend on the game. I bought some diamonds and then got star elder, primavera, memorial and three valors in row and also dawn and no other nomal monster in between. so maybe if you really want some monster try buying sth. Good luck!

    • Trixieshakewell says:

      I got valor and memorial both first try , one after the other! :) :) that’s definitely not a regular occurrence but it does happen! now I’m going for marine and hoping for the best. Sometimes it takes 4 tries and sometimes I give up on a limited monster because I have never ever spent diamonds on getting one. I get about 95% of the limited monsters without having to use diamonds.

  21. monman says:

    Got it with elder ice and water

  22. luna8521 says:

    Ice & water first try.

  23. Beanie says:

    Icefloe + Ice first try!!!

  24. Mike says:

    Water and gift first try thx noob

  25. chaszack (tiny id) says:

    First try! Mythic Ice and Mythic Water = normal Marine!

  26. Emilio says:

    m water and m gift, n marine first try. thanks for the combo :)

  27. Dew says:

    Adult River + Adult Tinsel = Marine [1st Try]
    Thanks a lot for the below comments

  28. Kay says:

    After 4 icefloes. Elder ice plus mythic water equals 12 hours. Fingers crossed.

  29. ForLAmos says:

    Level 8 water with level 8 mythical ice first try

  30. Verasa says:

    River and tinsel 1st try
    Before was attempt with water + flurry and icefloe as a result

  31. TinyMonster Lover says:

    Got one with the top ten selected monsters for 2013 that came back until 2/4. :) going for Wingwitch, Autumn, Joy, Blossom, and Firework.

  32. Whatsthehaps says:

    Woohoo! After trying relentlessly to get Memorial, I finally got Enigma using Level 10 Bug and Flower and when I did the evolution I get Marine… AWESOME…….

  33. Eerie says:

    Lvl. 10 Mythic Water & Lvl. 10 Mythic Flurry.

  34. Darlene says:

    Mythic River and Mythic Tinsel worked with the first try, after failing with other suggested formulas. Although I am back to failing for a second Marine :) I know, I know… patience, giggles.

  35. toast418 says:

    Hmmm. I just tried a Freeze (level10) with a teen Gift.
    Trying for Marine but got 10 hours and can’t figure out what it is.

    Nothing seems to fit. None of Ice, Freeze, Icefloe, Gift, Tinsel or Elder Ice match.
    what could this be?

    • Keri says:

      I think it is a Tinsel, mine did the same thing. The reduced breeding time must still be on

      • Keri says:

        But only for some?

      • toast418 says:

        Yep- it was indeed Tinsel.

        This time I got 9 hours.
        so is that too high for reduced time Marine?
        Probably Gift?

        • toast418 says:

          I’m guessing:
          10 -> 15 Tinsel
          9 -> 13 Gift
          8-> 12 Marine

          I still need an Icefloe and Elder Ice so I’m going to keep trying this.
          But Marine is my main goal at the moment.

          Reduced time Elder Ice would be nice too I guess.

    • Debstoy54 says:

      Yeah that happened to me and I spent the 10 diamonds to see what it was. It was a tinsel. So I did ice flow and water and got the 12 hour marine. Yay. Good luck to you.

  36. Me says:

    Water + Frozenblaze first go

  37. Susieque411 says:

    Freeze +Icefloe, 1st try!

  38. Jesse Ro says:

    YES! Finally got it with water and spark first try!

    • ravengirl says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your combo!!! I would never have thought of this one but I tried it and it worked! I’m so excited! I struggled the entire time when this guy came out last may and managed to get one on the last day but now I have another (last day again lol) so I can breed a mythic!

  39. basaro says:

    Bayou+Giftbox 1st try!
    Way easier than during the memorial day period when I only got one at the end when they increased breeding chances.

  40. Jay and bob tiny( ID jayandbob and smovies) says:

    Just got marine with snow bluff and mythic water

  41. levi says:

    I got one from the enigma

  42. drakken27 says:

    Didn’t even want one and got it from an enigma monster

  43. G$$$ says:

    What time of the year does the marine come out?

  44. max says:

    why the hell do I have to wait a full year for this monster to return!?! it is not fair that I keeped trying and always got STUPID freeze WHY A YEAR WHY… ive got an idea maby sometime this summer they can realese all of the limited monsters for a short time then it can be more fair.

  45. TinyStarrable says:

    Got it with freeze and ice!!!

  46. Möbius55 says:

    After SEVERAL failed attempts I finally got it with gift and water. Cuttin it close!

  47. Rachel says:

    I’m soooo happy!!! If finally got it with Water and Icefloe. I used the last of my diamonds to speed up the process of a Snowbluff to open up my breeding den saying what the heck last day to try. And then I actually got it!?!? I’m still in shock!!

  48. Scott says:

    Got two with Icefloe and Freeze. Both level 10

  49. Ace12755 says:

    FINALLY? Got 12 hours with Memorial & water. Hope this is it. Sick of 25 hrs and freeze. Thanks to those who suggested memorial n water. Good luck to all!

  50. Anaru says:

    Final day. I guess this is my last chance :(
    Lets try . . . . Freeze and icefloe. Fingers crossed

    • Anaru says:

      Ha, tiny co are playing with me! 1 hr breeding, ok I can afford that diamond, then 6 hour, ooooh ok I guess I can afford that too . . . .

  51. Arguenot says:

    Unreal. After about a bazillion worthless waters, freezes etc again went back to a
    Level 10 Mythic Water on left. Level 10 Mythic Ice on right
    On Android
    After all these attempts even after success for some reason I am still irked
    The futility of it was a grind 25 hours over and over just too blatant a diamond grab

  52. Lisa says:

    Freeze and icefloe worked for me on iPad Yay!

  53. Matt says:

    YES!! Keeping it simple – Water + Ice = Mythic Marine! On iPhone

  54. Leeta says:

    Finally got 12 hr breeding time
    Water lvl 10 (L) memorial lvl 5 (R)

  55. Anaru says:

    *sigh* I’ve tried for nothing except for the memorial and marine monsters. Breeding den in continuous use. More than 100 diamonds used to sneak a few hours where I could. This is stupid. 4 weeks out of my life. Thanks for nothing tiny co.

  56. bluvelvet says:

    Just got a 12 hour breed time with level 10 water (left) and level 10 Merry (right). Can’t see it being anything else but marine. Maybe this will help someone else. I’m on android by the way.

    • Watz says:

      After weeks of trying (already had Memorial from last year, so concentrated on Marine) this combo finally gave me a 12 hr breed time – hope it’s not something else through a glitch. Thanks for inspiring me to get Merry out of my Hall and give it a try!

  57. jokemon says:

    Yay all luck was finally on my side on this one after many different attempts! … i finally get Marine and as a mythic by using mythic Spitfire and mythic Freeze.

  58. Tmulsc12 says:

    Yea!!! I thought I’d have to wait a year to get it but at last Freeze & Ice finally did it!

  59. Tobenits says:

    This one is becoming a pain. Ever since this one came out, I have been trying for it. Tried numerous combinations. Keep on getting 18-26 hours. I’ve had numerous freezes and icefloes! If I use 2 hybrids, I keep on getting Air or Shadow! Ever since the supposed boost, I kept on getting ice (luckily it’s only 1 hour). Makes me wonder if this boost worked backwards for me. Sorry. Just had to rant!

  60. Deminio says:

    Finally got it with myth ice & myth water all level10.

  61. TM says:

    Omg omg omg omg!!!!!!!!! After weeks and weeks of nothing but freeze and iceflow I got it! I can’t believe how happy I am! I used mythic freeze and ice flow (only took numerous tries with that combo and I GOT IT! Now for memorial….gah!

  62. Breeder says:

    SO CUTE! :-)

  63. Emily says:

    Mythic ice on the left and pond on the right

  64. Kristalyn says:

    Finally… Mythic water + Iceflare

  65. camus0001 says:

    Icefloe and gift give me 34 breeding hours but I need marine rather than legendary :(

  66. ravengirl says:

    Water level 10 left and Gift (normal box version) right iPad

  67. Rendarphil says:

    Just now got 12hr breeding time with Iceflow and Ice. Nothing like being down to the wire!

  68. SteamPunk says:

    Mythic ice (10) left and normal seacliff (10) right S3. Only one that worked, first try!!! Yay!!!!

  69. max says:

    If you ask me memorial and marine are expiring way to quickly I mean just look at luck, joys, and blossom they had 2 months of time to try and hatch them

  70. Surfing says:

    Figures…I give up trying for marine and get it while I try for elder! Ice floe and mythic freeze!

    • Debula says:

      Well it does figure LOL congrats! I wish I had scrolled down enough to see this. I just got done with ANOTHER 25 hr breed and thought surely I will get it with my next attemot …nope. Tried mythic ice and sea cliff and failed again. Argghhhh so frustrated with this game.

  71. Rachel B says:

    Finally got it with River and Gift. Yay!

  72. eeemeee says:

    Slik and mythic Iceflow !!! Finally 😀

  73. Jaaack says:

    FINALLY iceflow and gift gave me a 12 hour breeding time on android, 2nd try after getting an ice

  74. draconimicon says:

    Anyone got any suggestions on the most popular pair to use, I’ve tried everything I can think of and still nothing

  75. C says:

    Finally got a 12 hour breed time with Icefloe and Freeze. After so many 18, 25, 28 hour breed times finally.

  76. TM says:

    Gah!! Yet another 25 hr breeding time. I swear I’m gonna pull my hair out! Has anyone actually gone through and hatched all the freezes and iceflows they’ve gotten? I’m wondering how many I’ve gotten but I sell them instead of hatching and placing them in a habitat. I think I’m going to start though so I can check my monsterpedia for how many I get from now until the end. I’ve placed 5 according to my pedia now but I get those two pretty much every time I breed and I’ve tried everyday since it started. Haven’t even tried for memorial cuz I want marine so bad. I wish the phrase “it’s only a game” would make me feel better. I may stop saying that when my children get upset while playing a game!

    • Debula says:

      I’m having the same luck :( I just sped up a 25 hr breed (mythic water & mythic ice) and tried a different combo (water and flasfreeze) and got ANOTHER 25 hr breed. I give up. :/

    • lisa says:

      I used teen bayou and pollen and got puff 3rd try then I used grown frost teen puff and got it on like the 5 the try and I kept doing it because I was. Trying to get other things like Zephyr and now I have 3 marine. For memorial I used sunstone teen and ice grown and got it like the 6 the time got aurora a lot.

  77. Mellissa says:

    Finally!! With memorial level 10′ right and mythic water level 7

  78. ot says:

    Just got another one with water and fladhfreeze i was trying for Shockwave

  79. ot says:

    I finally got it with mythic water and mythic ice i gave up trying but gave it a a try with the increase and its mythic noob i did it lol

  80. Nikki Prince says:

    Yes! Got it with Ice and Seacliff :)

  81. max says:

    I cant get marine and now their is a so called “higher chances of breeding” and the breeding still gets you a f@#$king freeze … sorry for the bad language hey ever herd of the creepypasta rainbow factory just trying to change the subject to a more positive note.

  82. natla says:

    There is no way for me to get this one or memorial or blossom. I’m soooo frustrated. Why is it so hard for some of us and soo easy for others. Not fair!!!

  83. Tracy says:

    Marine from mythic ice (lvl 10) + freeze (lvl 7)

  84. TM says:

    They’ve ‘doubled’ the odds of breeding the rare monsters so maybe now I have .5% chance. I’m beyond words for the frustration I feel. Wouldn’t be as bad if they’d quit with the massive breeding/hatching time. Everytime I get another Freeze, I think “that’s it, no more!” But I keep trying, again and again, day after day. Guess I’ll be a loser instead of a quitter. Congrats to all that were successful and thank you for taking the time to share your formula. All I can do is try. C’mon losers, they have to let us win sooner or later! Hopefully it’ll be before they go away.

    • Jeffcl1 says:

      I am in the same boat!

      • Sandy says:

        Me too, tons of all the others and just got another 25 hours. I give up!

        • Arguenot says:

          Row row row that same pickin boat…..think this site is fubarred….Social down…monster breeding from h*ll….. water water water and then maybe a freeze for a diff…..ugh

    • Darlene says:

      I am in the same boat TM. I cannot hatch the Marine no matter wharlt formula I use or get past the long hatch times. I wish I could delete them without waiting!

  85. Surfing says:

    Well that’s officially it for me. No marine or memorial after chronic trying. Every combo failed posted or suggested. I’m going to use what’s left of extra breeding chance for anything else!

    • Lynn says:

      I did frost and mythic earth. First 2 were snowbluff then I got mythic earth then I get memorial! Trying for marine now

    • Britt says:

      I used M water and M earth and did not boost my mythic luck it took about 4 times and I got memorial then I repeated it and in the same amount of try’s I got a second memorial. Hope this helps.

  86. delta9snow says:

    Ok so after couple Weeks of patience (thank u 4 reminding me noob!) I finally got Marine. Now mind you I really tried every possible formula starting with the obvious and moving up 2 the hybrids. Each pair was bred @least 3 times then I would switch sidestry each 3 more times. I went back to start and soon of a fun if I didn’t suceedright awaoy with Ice/Water 1st try! Funny how that works. I never have up t spent a single diamond (spent all those deal!) Thanks again 4 the reminder…patience really is a virtue. With Memorial,it was just as hard, so I got a lil creative here and used frozenblaze and magma.I read each were individually successful with other mates so I combined those 2. Whew!

  87. Corina says:

    Well, I haven’t gotten a marine monster yet, but if you want to know EVERY combo on how to get an Icefloe, I’m your girl! 😉 Any tips on getting them without using any light-type monsters? (Even though I’m level 53, I only got a light monster last week, so I haven’t had the chance to breed him yet.)

  88. Bosoxgal says:

    Finally got it after so many tries. Freeze on the right and Lightswell on the left.

  89. wellwishes says:

    These quests are like the Ice Capades from hell..nothing normal even works on my device >:[ Anyways so finally..

    Memorial 10 + mythic teen Icefloe lvl 5 – same order

    I’ve done this same combo several times with reg icefloe lvl 10 but it didn’t work until i switched to teen mythic. Coincidence? IDK
    Keep trying, be creative w/formulas sometimes. Just tryin to help:)
    kindle hd

    • TM says:

      I agree! The only good thing I got was legendary, once. Everything else has been freeze, ice flow, air, and water (for some reason). I haven’t even tried for anything but marine since it came out. I can’t put into words the pure frustration of all 25+ hr breeding and then hatching time. Ice capades from hell suites my feelings! Ugh! I want to give up but I just can’t, not until it’s unbreedable (or simply unbearable lol).

    • Sam says:

      I am so sick of trying for this monster, I have gotten tons of monsters I don’t need, have tried tons of combos to no avail. what am I to do?????? Don’t know what to try next and am sick of the 25 hours waiting period.

      • Sam says:

        well just tried iceflow and puff and got yet another 25 hours breeding. I think I’m giving up!

      • Arguenot says:

        Dante could have added these quests to his circles
        Frustrated…no doubt…will keep trying…but grinding teeth and sooooo sick of icefloes and water monsters
        To go from the absurd Memirial quest to this one….

  90. Tiny says:

    Gosh finally! Icefloe left + mythic ice right… After so many tries using vice-versa of that formula got a 12hr….

    • TM says:

      I keep getting freeze with this formula numerous times. Maybe I’ll try vice versa even though you didn’t have any luck. Lol. Congrats to you though!

    • AloraBriel says:

      Omg! Finally after weeks of trying and countless pond, icefloe, and other crap finally got it with this formula. Had tried ice and icefloe many times with no luck but switched it up and got a mythic 12hr! Thank you!

    • BIG says:

      Year! Thank you sooo much. It worked exactly with that Formular after so many tries….

  91. Crocsi5 says:

    Finally after what seems a million tries, 12hrs with ice and iceflo. On iPad both level 10. Keep on persisting you can get it.

  92. Dee says:

    Ice flow and freeze on first try. Working on second.

    • Surfing says:

      Every single time I try two hybrids I get air….every time! I keep kicking myself for doing it but so many have gotten it with this combo. Darn my luck.

      • Dee says:

        I have only been successful with it once. My best advise it see if there is an upgrade for your devise. I have had this problem before, in feb, and ended with a sevire hatred for this game and how greedy and difficult it has become. Stop using your diamonds, I believe they make your chances worse so you will spend more. Pick one combo and go for it. I know this sounds really negative and the ppl on this sight are fantastic! But, this game is ridiculous. Once I pretty much stopped playing and did the new down load, it got better. I wish you the best!

  93. Bttrflygrl says:

    Mythic water + mythic holly gave me marine, 1st try. What a relief after spending endless days to finally get memorial.

  94. Kat says:

    Got marine on my first try with teen water and teen icefloe.

  95. Arslan says:

    After getting like a million freeze monsters i got Marine. Burst lvl 10 and Silk level 10 12 hours! Yay!

    • Arslan says:

      And it was first try after trying so many different combos from comments! Good luck to those who r still waiting to get marine! I can feel the pain. Have patience happy breeding!!

  96. KK says:

    icefloe (10), and freeze (5) = 12 hour Marine :)

  97. Delilah Segura says:

    How do you know if you have the small or the large version?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      look at the monster price. if it’s more expensive than listed on this site then you got big version.

      • Dysis-Melissa says:

        Can I add u to my list of friends for tiny monsters? If yes, can I have ur Id? And do u know how can I add a pic in here, I’ve been trying but no luck

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I have posted my id on tiny social IOS friend page, you can add my id (mim2) and see others id on that page. What do you mean by pic?? do you mean pic on the comments?? you can’t, but for pic on your identifier avatar, go to and use your same email.

  98. kyriane says:

    Hi, I had no luck with the combos here, lots of air and water monsters. But finally got Marine with Puff and Mythic Ice. So happy!

  99. Lindsey says:

    Freeze 10 on the left and Lightswell 5 on the right.

  100. Verna says:

    Ice/icefloe- first try!!!

  101. Donald Tartaglia says:

    Ice + Icefloe first try got me a marine, second one was River + Frost

  102. Lucy says:

    Finally….Marine. Left…Ice, right…Water both level 10….on IPad. Still trying for Flitter, Memorial, and of course Elder. At this rate it doesn’t look too good.

    • TM says:

      I tried your combo and was happy to atleast got something other than freeze (flamegust) the first time. Second try is yet another 25 hr breeding time (stupid freeze!). Hopefully 3rd time will be a charm! I’ll let you know, tomorrow. Lol

  103. Novella says:

    I bred River and Gift and got Marine. I hope this helps others.

  104. deltabra says:

    FINALLY!!! After 72 tries i got it with merry lefy and mythic water right. Actually got 2 with this combo

  105. ann says:

    Finally…Water(level 10) + dimspike (level 5) on android = marine. First try with this combo.

  106. rick says:

    finally got it with icefloe + ice

  107. Diego says:

    I breed Icefloe with mythic ice and got 12hrs the 2nd time., Good thing was that the 1st time i got ice which is only 1 hour wait. But still waiting to see now

  108. Game master says:

    Tried all combo’s ,kept getting freeze (3),spitfire (1) mythic,ice flow(7),+ice flow mythic(1),finally tried Frozenblaze + water= another freeze.Then switched them around and got it with Mythic Water+Frozenblaze=Marine 12 hours…..yesssss…both were Lv 10…..on the I-Pad.Good Luck All .Hope this helps…

  109. georgena says:

    finally after numerous 25hr breeding time. mythic ice on left and mythic icefloe on right got me a mythic 12 hr breeding time. hope it’s marine looked at being chart and it’s the only one with those elements so fingers crossed. on android if that helps anyone.

  110. Melissa says:

    Finally!!! :) Mythic silk + Mythic water gave me mythic pond. Then mythic silk + water gave me marine finally! :) All level 10

    • charisse says:

      Yay!!! Finally after numerous formulas I got a 12 hour breeding time from my 2nd attempt with Mythic Water (5) + Silk (10, in ice habitat). Not sure if any of that makes a difference.

    • Rhonni says:

      After days and days and diamonds upon diamonds (cause of the many many 25+ hour monsters) this combo finally gave me a Marine. Thank you!

  111. Pixie says:

    Exp: 3220.

  112. Arguenot says:

    Silk and Water and then Freeze and Water gave me a Pond 22 hours and now another water probably at 25 hours…. my luck on these quests pfffft….
    But I am getting the loooong breeding times even without 2 hybrids

    Besides….a Monster representing a Marine should not be a chubby looking clown!

  113. Larelle says:

    Marine first try with Dimspike and Shadefin. Thank you Court thing

  114. flying Dutchman says:

    I hate getting breeding time that’s more than a day! >:-@

  115. Pixie says:

    Frozenblaze and Water, first try for that combo and I got 12 hours! I figured if I didn’t get Marine, I had at least a small chance of a another rare monster!

    • Keith says:

      This one worked for me first time – Android Phone

      Water(10) + FrozenBlaze(8) -> Marine!

      Both Non-Mythic

      I’ve been trying for this one nonstop since day one….

  116. Goku says:

    Hai noob and everyone please wright in which device u got monster like android , iPod , iPad , iPhone and please do it for all monsters
    Tanks for the coorporation.

  117. laocas01 says:

    Teen Freeze and teen Icefloe first try

  118. Candi Mandi says:

    I’m starting not to like this game anymore! Not giving me any breaks I can’t get marine or my second memorial for this year even though I got one last year. Can’t finish these stupid quests. Noob, my friend, what is up!? Been a faithful player for like a year now. And you would think bein at an upper level wld give you an advantage. But, NOOOOOOOO! I think someone at tiny co cursed me. Help me noob!! Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      LOL, keep trying I just got it by breeding gift + water 😀 Maybe you you can get it using the exact same formula 😀

      • Candi Mandi says:

        I tried that one, but ok I will try again.

      • Sandy says:

        I’m sick of getting 25 hour breeding time. Keep getting all those monsters that take so long to breed. Just did water ans ice and got another 25 hours. Disgusted!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          That’s also what happen before I got it

        • TM says:

          Don’t feel bad, you’re def not alone. All I’ve bred is numerous freeze’s and a couple air. It’s very frustrating and I’ve wasted far too much real money (diamonds) to keep getting the same thing which gets sold anyway. I’m still trying but no more diamonds am I buying!

    • Sublimer333 says:

      Lol, I feel the same way now. I was a faithful player for over a year and it seemed like they ran out of stuff to have us do, now they give us these ridiculous quests, have us breed monsters that we already have, and my luck has completely changed when trying to get limited monsters, even though I’m a higher level player. I moved to Tiny Castle which takes my time, a d I get on tiny monsters once in a while to try and get these memorial monsters. I almost feel like not playing at all and hopefully they will make a part 2 ? I dunno, but I share your frustrations!

      • Arguenot says:

        Hey there…. I agree…just wanted to mention Tiny Village. I started playing that. Multi level…breed dinos…get minions… I mean villagers…and different types of resources. Various things going on so I do not feel stalled or bored.
        Great Social feature…that works. Gifts and tips that do not come from your resources…..
        Anyway…back to Monster quest purgatory

  119. AngE0522 says:

    Mythic Water + Silk. First attempt at Marine and I got it! Yay! Took a break from Memorial and read some of the tips on here. So glad I did.

    • Lane says:

      Thanks for the breed tip, got it on first try w this combo (on my tablet,) my phone however gave me a Mythic Icefloe & Mythic Freeze….which is cool b/c I didn’t have either b4, what’s strange is on my tablet both my Mythic Water & Silk were lvl 5, on my phone (the one that didn’t give me Marine) both were at lvl 10…..I’m gonna try and get new monsters and only level them up too 5 to see if that changes the outcome, I’ve heard level of the monster doesn’t matter, but for me at least level plays a huge roll in whether or not I get the monster I’m trying for. I read u were having a hard time getting Memorial, I literally just got 3 using Sunshine lvl 5 & Mythic Ice lvl 10. Good luck & thanks again for the combo!!! :-)

      • Lane says:

        OOPS….MYTHIC WATER WAS LVL 6!!!!!! Anyway, after breeding a new Mythic Water and Silk Monster, I leveled them up on my phone to lvl 6 (H2O) & lvl 5 (Silk) and presto…..Marine…after level 10 on each repeatedly failed on delivering it, I think level has a huge impact on breeding combos OR I’m just having the luckiest night EVER and I need to drive to Vegas
        A.S.A.P. Anyway good luck Monster lovers…..& Hi Noob! Hope everyone else is having a night like mine……though I have gone thru about 900 diamonds, but what the heck-lol :-)

    • Ehlana says:

      Finally my first normal marine on the iPad with water and mythic silk

  120. Madison says:

    I finally got a marine with a gift and a water! Yay! I had to try only two times to get it!

    • TM says:

      Ugh, 20 hr breeding time for me. Better than 25 though lol. Congrats, glad some people are getting them! :-)

  121. Hyciera says:

    Weird thing happened, breeding water and gift monster I get 20 hours breeding time.
    If i remember correctly the only monster with 20 hours is seacliff but it’s a water-earth hybrid.
    Am I missing something or is this probably a bug?

  122. DivA-AnnA says:

    Your Water and Gift combo got me a Mythic Freeze. Not what I was trying for, but still a pretty good outcome.

  123. Daniel says:

    I just got a 12h breeding time with water and gift… 1st try after an annoyingly large number of freeze and icefloe monsters

  124. Surfing says:

    I gave up on memorial to try marine and can’t stop getting 18 hour breed time…..too long to try again. Ice floe and water has not worked for me even though multiple users say no problem with this combo…….I think I will try silk and water next. Silk always brings me luck.

    • Cherr1019 says:

      I tried the icefloe n water n I keep getting 25 hours. It doesn’t work for me either. If mine EVA works ill let u know my combo. Good luck

    • Daniel says:

      If you have gift try breeding it with water, I got a 12h breeding time with that combo on the 1st try

  125. TM says:

    I swear every breed I try, gets me about 26 hrs. Grrrrrr. So tired of 24-26 hr breeding and then hatching to sell cuz I have everything they’re giving me cuz I have it all! Oh well. Try, Terry again

  126. Sean says:

    Lvl 10 mythic snowbluff & lvl 10 mythic water! Finally after countless freeze, icefloe & water monsters. AMERICA!!!

  127. Sam says:

    Finally after weeks of trying got the Memorial monster, now to try for this one. I tried freeze and water and got 25 hours, yuck, what a waste of time. I guess it’s a water. Hope it stays out longer so I can keep trying.

  128. gigifst says:

    Ice water 2 nd or 3 rd try :-)

  129. Autumn says:

    Water+Ice, first try, first attempt

  130. Goku says:

    Hai noob in the above mentioned formulas one is ice + gift
    How it is possible

  131. Deedee says:

    Water and silk, first try. Finally after many different combos!!

  132. kassi says:

    I got it with mythic frostember and icefloe

  133. hayley says:

    Frostbeam plus water

  134. Gnun says:

    Yeah! Finally got this one with river on the left and ice! I’m so happy… Can I still hope for memorial?

  135. jeff says:

    Lvl 10 Ice and Lvl 10 water. Got it on 2nd try.

  136. Ellen says:

    Trying to get Bayou but ended up with another Marine! This time the combo was different….. Mythic Water (lvl 10) + Silk (lvl 10) = Marine I was hoping for a mythic, but I am only 30% filled on boost and if it matters iPhone5

  137. Steve says:

    Got it with freeze and water on first attempt

    • Trina says:

      Got 18 hours using this combo :( dont think its the one I need hopefuly something I dont have anyway.

  138. whammytammy says:

    Got it using ice and mythic water second try. So simple but tried other combos first and kept getting long wait times now trying for other memorial monster.

  139. Jade says:

    Can you breed a marine with either water or ice and get a marine?

    • Ehlana says:

      I have bred my mythic marine with water, ice, icefloe and I get mostly freeze or water – still no normal marine. The only good thing is that the marine + icefloe did give me my first enigma on my iPhone – finally!!!!

      • elo says:

        I got the mystic Marine too with ICE lv 10 and water lv 10.yeah! After icefloe was this the second try. Memorial lv 5 and water lv 10 gaves me my First river, i tried for normal Marine. :-)

  140. kaja says:

    this is anoying. i could make a penguin farm easily.. every combo gave me freeze and its 25h wait! im frustrated

    • Rhonni says:

      ditto…frosts and freezes………sigh

    • SilenceK says:

      Me too…….lets keep trying

    • Transberry says:

      Vapor and gift, mythic version. Just got memorial yesterday with gift and earth. Both snowman version of gift.

      Last year memorial was impossible, but I got 3 independence easily, they however do not give me mythic if breed together

      Now back trying for blossom and mythic light for Becky quest.

    • TM says:

      Air, freeze, and now ice flow. I’m seriously getting fed up with the over 24 hr breeding and additional over 24 hr hatching. I haven’t bred anything but those in a week because I’ve been trying for the Marine. Wouldn’t get so irritated if it wasn’t more than 2 days just to sell it. And after the first 3 days of nothing but freeze and air, I refuse to waste diamonds speeding things up. Think I’ll go back to trying for Spitfire.

  141. optimist says:

    Memorial,(10…Earth hab) + water (10)…..First try.
    Note, Memorial was a virgin. No idea if that has an impact.

    • TM says:

      Ha, never thought of them as virgins. Doubt it makes a difference but thanks for the smile. Needed one of those more than a Marine. Well, almost :-)

  142. Tinymo says:

    Snowbluff and icfloe both normal gave me two marines in a row iOS

  143. Brad B says:

    Got it with lvl 10 Vapor and lvl 10 gift on Android

  144. haruki says:

    weird. I gt it with spark and grimstone

  145. ren says:

    Icefloe lv 5 left + water lv 10 right
    FIRST TRY 12 Hours on Android

  146. Heather says:

    Ice and water first try on ios

  147. Svein says:

    Just got 12 hours breeding time with snowbluff + earth. Was trying for memorial but do you guyes think ive have a marine on the way?

  148. ann says:

    Ice flow + freeze got me 21 hr’s. Can only be enigma…finally! Will keep trying for marine.

    • obdent2yah says:

      This formula gave me Ice monster. At least I won’t have to wait long to try again… 1 hour.

  149. chris says:

    I just got marine with icefloe and frost first try…..yay!!!!!!!! Thanks to everyones info on here it helps me a lot.

  150. Fenris Lupa says:

    Mythic water (6) and mythic ice (10)

    Got 2 in a row….first one regular, the second mythic

    Hope this helps those that tried some of the other combos on here with no luck

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    • Surfing says:

      Geez another freeze with this combo! 25 hours to wait. Just my luck!

    • Dr-Hobbes says:

      I have got 6 freezes using this combo and still no marine! :(

      • Oma2five says:

        Glad you wrote, I know what to NOT USE!

        Horrible getting repeats with long waits but many of any is my luck. Glad I did get ones I want,after two… not so much.

        Frost, freeze, light,shadow,AIR but:


        LOVE THIS GAME, but I should be doing other things.. :)


  151. Melissa says:

    Hey Noob, any guesses on how long Marine will be around? I really want it and wonder when/if I shOuld just give up and buy it.

  152. love says:

    Icefloe + Freeze (First Try)

  153. Ellen says:

    Iceflow (lvl 5) + Frost (lvl 10) = Marine on very first try! Thank you ALL for the tips as this is my first time to this site. I was also able to get Memorial (thanks to this site)! Memorial did take a bit longer, but I was finally successful!

  154. Mikkel says:

    Ok I will keep trying thank u for your help! :)

  155. delta9snow says:

    I must be cursed. Every formula above I have tried getting either air, water, or freeze. I don’t get ones with 5 or even 10 hrs breed time, I get 25-26 hrs!! B/t breeding & hatching,that’s 50 hrs! My nursery is full and I have exhausted enough diamonds trying. I guess my hurry is b/c I lost out on mother’s day quest b/c my blossom didn’t hatch in time & I didn’t realize they pulled it until too late (& I’m a mom:( ). Now that memorial day has passed, I feel they’ll pull the memorial quest. So NOOB, do you think b/c I’m a level 75, it makes it harder for me to get these “special” monsters? How about you? How’s you’re luck? I’m on Android- dk if that make difference….Well..Happy Breeding to all!!!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      no, level doesn’t affect the result. I haven’t got marine myself :D, the key is just be patient. I got luck monster after 3 weeks of trying, so just keep trying (and pray XD). Don’t worry about the quest since the monster will still be here.

    • Nelson says:

      I am at level 83 & having the same problem as you. all I get is 25 & 26 hrs. Air & Freeze. And I don’t buy diamonds, so you know my breeding has come to a halt.

    • kassi says:

      If you breed icefloe or freeze with the single element ice monster you can eliminate the possibility of getting air and water monster. If your lucky, a failed attempt will only leave you waiting an hour for an ice monster you might still get freeze again but at least it will raise the odds a little in your favor.

    • charisse says:

      I found myself having a harder time the higher my level too. What I did to get the Memorial was hatch a new Ice monster and bred him at level five with a new level five Magma and voila first try! Am now trying the same method with Marine. I found when my animals were lower level I got more variety.

  156. Dan D. says:

    First try with IceFlo and Bayou.

  157. Jess says:

    Got marine with Mythic ice and Water. First try!!

    • Sandy says:

      Thank you for the suggestion! After 7 failed attempts I just tried Mythic Ice + Mythic Teen Water and got a 12 hour Mythic ???????. Hoping it’s a Mythic Marine!

  158. Mike d says:

    I get 12 hours!!! Yay. I haven’t even visited this page yet but now I’m pretty sure I have marine. Ice and river. I just hit level 70. I have all the monsters;) besides a bunch of limited ones wish enigma was easier to breed;( any good formulas ? Anyway I have all the adult epics and regular versions of monsters. So I mainly try to brew for enigma sun and embershade most times. But I now have to keep trying my combo for the memorial monster before its gone!

  159. TinyAddict says:

    Icefloe + Mythic Freeze 1st try! Yay! Now back to Memorial…

  160. tinymonster&villageman says:

    iceflow & water first try thanks x

  161. HippyChicks says:

    I think I finally got this with level 10 Iceflow & level 10 Mystic Frost 12 hour on android. Will let you know in 12 :-)

  162. lxsid says:

    I finally got one with level 10 wildfreeze and water.

  163. jose says:

    Got marine monster with ice+icefloe,trying for mythic now!!

  164. cheez says:

    Icefloe + spark 1st try really work

  165. dwaxman1 says:

    Ice and Iceflow got it for me…

  166. JMCK says:

    Lvl 10 Icefloe + Lvl 10 mythic Water

  167. TM says:

    Gah, try for memorial and get air. Try for marine and get flurry. I’m tried of these long breeding and hatching times! They’ll be gone by the time my hatching is finished. :-( I really want the memorial monsters. Need the tiny monster gods to shine down on me!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I have question for you, “They’ll be gone by the time hatching is finished”, when they’re gonna disappear?? Tinyco usually gives us about one month time, or you have seen it somewhere? The monster just come out for about 3days, so I think it’s prety normal if you still don’t get it. I got luck after 3 week of trying 😀 Just keep trying.

      • TM says:

        I thought I saw somewhere that it was the “Memorial Day week”. Maybe I misunderstood? If it’s a month, then I have no fear :-) Just the annoyance I can’t try more than once a day since I keep getting 26 hr breeding times :-(

        • noobbgodlike says:

          What I said is based on precious experience, so I can’t guarantee it will be same. But tinyco always announce when they’re gonna pull the monsters out from the market.

  168. hugo says:

    Ice and seacliff 1st try :)

  169. Ben says:

    Sell price is 900 coins. because I breeded it and looked at the sell price. no trick.

  170. Jorge says:

    Icefloe lvl8 + freeze lvl8 first try

  171. Mikkel says:

    Ugh I am just going to keep trying ice and water but I always get water and I cant use the other combinations bc I don’t have the other monsters. I have some of them but not ice floe

    • noobbgodlike says:

      huh?? It’s impossible to get water from water + ice combination (at least from my experience).

      • chris says:

        I have been usingwater and ice and I got two water and one mythic water…going to try ice floe and freeze

      • Mikkel says:

        So do u think I should get ice floe and make him a teen??? And how long is the marine monster going to be here?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I can’t say what you should use since every device have different best formula. All I can say is keep trying until you get it, try each formula listed at least 3 times before changing formula. Limited monster usually stays about 1 months and there will be an announcement if they’re gonna disappear.

  172. Laura says:

    Ice and Icefloe (2nd try Android, 4th try iOS), Mythic Gift(box) and Mythic Icefloe (1st try iOS), Mythic Water and Mythic Freeze (2nd try Android).i have 4 of these beasties now (2 in each game). Well happy :)

  173. Pam says:

    Got mythic marine with frost and puff.

    • Angela says:

      I think this just worked for me!! 12 hour breeding with Frost and Puff (both lvl 10)
      Thanks for sharing the combo

  174. Frank says:

    I put ice and water, it gave me freeze, maybe try one more time, I know it is hard to get

  175. cheez says:

    Frostbeam + puff = 11 breeding time! Isn’t it?

  176. Pelevida says:

    Freeze + Icefloe 2nd try :-)

  177. erica says:

    Got it first try with icefloe n water. :)

  178. Lynx73 says:

    I have just got my second….. I got both with level ten Iceflow & mythic Ice. Good luck everyone.

  179. carla says:

    River and snowbluff 1st try :-)

  180. Ashley says:

    Just got thi lil guy on my iPad! I used regular Adult ice monster and then Teen Seacliff!

    • Ashley says:

      I have 5 of this lil guy all using sea cliff and ice, I really want memorial but he must be harder to get, anyone have any hints?

      • Carrie5260 says:

        I’m glad you mentioned that you play on the IPad. I use an IPad as well and I often wonder if different combinations work on different devices. With the luck your having using Seacliff + Ice, I know what I’ll be trying as soon as my cave is free. Thanks for posting.

  181. Annette says:

    Level 10 Seacliff and Level 10 mythic ice. iOS. This can result in either Marine or Memorial. I got marine first try.

    • Annette says:

      My second time using this combo, I got an 18 hour breed time. I’m assuming it’s icefloe.

  182. Kaerid says:

    Got 2 marine from ice + seacliff (was hoping to have chance at both memorial and marine from this combo)

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