Posted on May 14, 2014

Tiny Monsters Marine Limited Memorial Monster

Most Memorable Monster in 2013

23 May 2013 -20 June 2013

14 May 2014 - 4 May 2014

Normal Version (Thanks to Laura for these info and pictures)

Tiny Monsters Marine Egg

Tiny Monsters Marine Growth

Mythic version (Thanks to Vladimir for egg picture and Ehlana for Growth picture)

Tiny Monsters Marine Egg Mythic

Tiny Monsters Marine Growth Mythic

Marine Status   













Earn Rate 

3 7 9 11 12 13 14 16 17 22/23

Food (x4)

40 85 125 165 205 245 285 325 365 MAX

Total Food needed

0 160 500 1000 1660 2480 3460 4600 5900 7360

Habitat: Water and Ice

How to obtain: Buy for 225/1125 diamonds

Selling Price: 900 Gold

Exp: 3220 XP

Breeding/Hatching Time: 12 hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 5 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 20 hours

Breeding Formula:
[0] Ice + Water
[0] Water + Gift (1st try, finally after switching formula for 10 days :D)
[0] Icefloe + gift (2nd marine, on rare weekend)
[0] Freeze + Icefloe
[0] Freeze/Icefloe + Ice/Water
[0] Ice + Seacliff
[0] Gift + Icefloe
[0] Frost + Puff
[0] Water + Silk
[0] Frozenblaze + Water
[0] Flashfreeze + Water
[0] Leave your formula on the comments

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

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367 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Marine Limited Memorial Monster”

  1. Christine says:

    Thank You

  2. Tinylion1961 says:

    Using my iPhone I finally got marine with
    Elder ice and mythic water = marine
    So happy been trying many times with
    regular mythic ice and mythic water with
    Poor results changed to Elder ice and
    Bam I got it! Thanks again Noob for
    All the work u do it really helps!

  3. Nexxeses says:

    I finally got my Memorial with a Dawnfang and Devotion. Just keep trying. Don’t give up!

  4. jess says:

    Water level 7 + silk level 5 1st try 12 hour breeding time after switching formula

  5. Barbarab says:

    I c my one post didnt even make it on here but turns out its a mythic icefloe ugghh and i did actually find the chart on here which is nice and just like the one of tiny castle but i still dk what a lot of monsters r

  6. Barbarab says:

    Does a mythic take longer to breed? I did water and tundra and said it was mythic but is taking over 18 hrs??? So if not a mythic marine does anyone have any ideas? I have the memorial and have a valor n nursery so just need the marine now so hope it is and would b sweet for it to b a mythic marine, got fingers crossed

    • noobbgodlike says:

      no, the mythic take same time as the normal version. Go back to main page and search for a section called breeding result chart.

      • Barbarab says:

        So this chart is gonna tell me what the teen water and mythic adult tundra is? I thought it gave u a particular monater and what to breed to get it not other way around so would take me hrs to find and figure it out

        • Gail says:

          Once you know how many hours your gg will take you can go to the result chart and match the hours with the elements you used to figure out what you will be getting. It’s easy.

  7. Gail says:

    Mythic Water 10 and Elder Ice 10 just gave me 12 hours. Marine.

  8. anyeta says:

    teen water + teen boreal, first try :)

  9. Jmcg86 says:

    Finally got Marine with Mythic Ice and Water both level 10, took me about 20 or so tries.

  10. andiduck1 says:

    I got this with mythic water lvl 10 and mythic ice lvl 10. Hope this helps those still trying…….

  11. nickride says:

    Devotion (10) + Mythic Wildfreeze (10)

  12. David Rowel says:

    I got this on from a Snowbluff & Bayou

  13. Stschw says:

    Finnaly got it with burst and elder ice trying to get marine or valor

  14. Erika says:

    I just tried water and gift and got 25 hours. Any thoughts???

  15. Damian says:

    I’ve got no limited monsters and been trying combos that have been suggested but after 30 attempts still no marine monster this is a monster I lost from last time and want it before these all go any hints with no limited monsters to help please

  16. James says:

    When I touch my large ice habitat why does it give me an option to upgrade it for 2 million 700,000? I have no idea how much it collects or how many monsters it holds. Does anybody know what it is

  17. julymarie123 says:

    I got it 1st try with devotion and iceflow finally after trying for days :)

    • jewls says:

      Thank you so much, after many failed attempts this combo worked for me first try, I now have all 3 Memorial creatures a first for me. :)

  18. nophlaps says:

    Water and flashfreeze = 12 hrs :-)

  19. twylaluna says:

    i have tired ice floe + gift – icefloe+devotion. Water + icefloe. Ice+ water all i get is mystic shadow. Mystic river now memorial witch i all ready have one of so any one no a good combo lol i have no clue wear to go next

    • julymarie123 says:

      Try switching iceflow n devotion around I did tht and got it 1st try and ty cuz ur the only one tht iv seen tht has posted tht combo so yay now I got the memoral and this one tyvm:)

  20. Heather Ann August says:

    I’m sorry. I JUST don’t believe ALL these ppl get these rare monsters first try. I’ve made 11 icefloe and 3 or 4 freeze monsters…And wasted diamonds…With these combinations. Ice and water first try?…Not so much

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It’s all about chance, it’s really possible. Let’s take my example, I got elder star fire on 2 nd try but after that I haven’t got it again (after 20 tries….)

    • stschw says:

      Normally you should get it with 20-40 tries. Sometimes you get it with first try. Sometimes you can’t get it at all.

      I can’t get a second Marine for a mystic one and I didn’t got the independent monster yet. The problem is the ultra long breeding time (20 or 25 hrs).

    • Bobbiel says:

      I agree. I have never gotten anything first try

    • AkumaC4 says:

      I never get these on 1st try like I keep seeing others say, in fact I tried every single combination constantly to get Primevera and never got it before its limited time was pulled, this one looks like it’s going to be another “you’ll never get it” monster.

      • Damian says:

        I no how u feel I’m playing it on iPhone and iPad and got two primevera on the pad and one on phone and same with enigmas but can’t get any on phone threy bring so many monsters out with same element combos and a list of so many different breeding ways that it don’t work half the time for u felt like throwing my phone a few times cuz of this game but keeps coming back hope u get an enigma soon to get primevera

      • anyeta says:

        Hi, I got primavera today… so keep trying. I think the “luck” really depends on the money you spend on the game. I bought some diamonds and then got star elder, primavera, memorial and three valors in row and also dawn and no other nomal monster in between. so maybe if you really want some monster try buying sth. Good luck!

    • Trixieshakewell says:

      I got valor and memorial both first try , one after the other! :) :) that’s definitely not a regular occurrence but it does happen! now I’m going for marine and hoping for the best. Sometimes it takes 4 tries and sometimes I give up on a limited monster because I have never ever spent diamonds on getting one. I get about 95% of the limited monsters without having to use diamonds.

  21. monman says:

    Got it with elder ice and water

  22. luna8521 says:

    Ice & water first try.

  23. Beanie says:

    Icefloe + Ice first try!!!

  24. Mike says:

    Water and gift first try thx noob

  25. chaszack (tiny id) says:

    First try! Mythic Ice and Mythic Water = normal Marine!

  26. Emilio says:

    m water and m gift, n marine first try. thanks for the combo :)

  27. Dew says:

    Adult River + Adult Tinsel = Marine [1st Try]
    Thanks a lot for the below comments

  28. Kay says:

    After 4 icefloes. Elder ice plus mythic water equals 12 hours. Fingers crossed.

  29. ForLAmos says:

    Level 8 water with level 8 mythical ice first try

  30. Verasa says:

    River and tinsel 1st try
    Before was attempt with water + flurry and icefloe as a result

  31. TinyMonster Lover says:

    Got one with the top ten selected monsters for 2013 that came back until 2/4. :) going for Wingwitch, Autumn, Joy, Blossom, and Firework.

  32. Whatsthehaps says:

    Woohoo! After trying relentlessly to get Memorial, I finally got Enigma using Level 10 Bug and Flower and when I did the evolution I get Marine… AWESOME…….

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