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Tiny Monsters Miscellaneous Quest 1

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New Quest: Air Trials

You need to hatch not move them out from hall of champions.. so it may take time/diamonds 😀 to finish this quest.

[1] Have Snowbluff and Flare, and then breed them to get air monsters. Rewards: 60 XP and 20 Food
[2] Have Flower and Cinder, and then breed them to get air monsters. Rewards: 60 XP and 20 Food
[3] Have Frost and bug monsters, and breed them to get air monster. Rewards: 60 XP and 20 Food
[4] Breed any hybrids until you get air monster (my experience told me that flower + mountain is the best formula to do this :D). Rewards: 60 XP and 20 Food

The rewards is so inspiring, isn’t it? I believe the real rewards  are meant for low level player who struggled to get air monsters, Tinyco give them a hint to know what to breed

Aquarium Monsters

You only need to have, so if you already have it make sure they’re  out from hall of champions.

[1] Have Icefloe monster
[2] Have Surge monster
[3] Have Puff monster
[4] Have Aquaveil monster
[5] Have Shadefin monster
[6] Have Aquaray monster

Monster Circus

You only need to have, so if you already have it make sure they’re  out from hall of champions.

[1] What’s furry, warm and ferocious?  Fire monster! Have 3 fire monsters . Reward 500 xp and 1 diamond. (Just need 3 x 30 second to breed fire monsters)
[2] Build your circus! Have an earthquake monster. Reward 600 xp and 900 gold
[3] Build your circus! Have a strike monster. Reward 750 xp and 200 food
[4] Build your circus! Have a flare monster. Reward 1000 XP and 150 Food
[5] Complete your circus. Have a windstone monster. Reward 1500xp and 25 diamonds

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

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22 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Miscellaneous Quest 1”

  1. says:

    Can anyone tell me the “monsters on the 4th page” for Story Quest? I know Pollenand Windstone. What are the other two monsters?

  2. Gilbert says:

    Hey noob! First of all I wanna say thank you for this site, it’s really helpful. I’m playing for like a month and I am already in level 28 thanks to those tips you have here. Well here’s the question, do you know if there is a quest for the third mountain like the quest for the second one? I like to know before I buy it because I don’t want to lose that quest if there any. Thanks for your help.

  3. Basaro says:

    Air Trials quest just appeared in my game randomly. I’ve already done the Aquarium and Circus, but never got this quest before, and I’m on level 82.

    Of course I already have Air monsters and despise them (long breed time) 🙂

    But anyway… you can cruise through the first three parts just by hatching fire monsters (after pulling the required monsters out of HoC and having them on your habitats). No need to breed them either, just buy an egg for 50 coins.

    So there’s really no need to try for an air monster on the first 3 parts since…
    Part 4 does require hatching an air monster.

    Since I’m not in any rush to do this, will just let the quest finish whenever I get another air monster, which isn’t hard to do when breeding hybrids together. Of course right before this quest appeared I had just hatched another air, figures huh?

  4. wyrdtina says:

    I found that in the air trials quest at least the first one with snowbluff, you don’t actually need to breed them to get the air monster. You just need to have already hatched the air monster and one of the others first. I couldn’t get snowbluff for along time but I had the others and as soon as I hatched my snowbluff the quest compleated

  5. SSSPro says:

    what lvl is air trials

  6. markus says:

    what about the aquarium quests rewards? (parts 3, 4, 5 and 6)
    thank you for your answer

  7. says:

    On the circus quest, do I need to have everything out in their habitat? And do they need I be adult? Just hatched wind stone, but sold off one of my 3 fire

  8. faeriegirls says:

    hi noob,

    So i just finished all the air trials but did not need to actually breed an air monster – i only needed to have the first two monsters (in #1 Snowbluff & Flare) out of H of Champ. in a habitat and then as soon as i hatched ANY monster egg, finishing the quest. Finished the quests in a day but could be done much quicker if monster you hatch are quick hatching monsters like earth or fire. Hope this helps others. I didnt breed or hatch any Air monsters and my air monster was actually in H of Champ. not even in a habitat.

  9. mitchellpl says:

    Will these formulas that say they’re for iphone/pad work for android?

  10. mitchellpl says:

    I’m new here-how do i ask you (noobbgodlike) a question? And I’ve tried to post a comment,but can’t unless i do a reply to someone else’s comment.

  11. Billie says:

    i think is a permanent quest because i have it on my quest list for quite some time now but haven’t yet got to it since i am trying to finish becky’s and Phinea’s quests to get the elder momster

  12. Tiny says:

    Thanks. I am not done yet with the aquarium quest.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you’re welcome, I thought aquarium quest is already expired XD but it’s not that’s why I decide to put it back XD.

      • Verna says:

        Buy the way when do these qiests expire? Im stuck trying for lighthorn and legendary cant get past.brclys 3/23, also still have, aquarium, pheniues quest, legendary, and air quest, and mythics….

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I am not sure, some people quest are disappear but some not. But elder quest, Becky quest, etc (the quest that have connection with game story) should be permanent.

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