Posted on May 15, 2013

Tiny Monsters Mother Day Quest Guide

Mother Day Quest

Tiny Monsters Mother Day

[1] Have 2 Voltleaf Monsters! Let’s make them a Mother and Baby! (Auto completed as I had a level 10 voltleaf and a level 1 baby voltleaf in my mountain already (not in HoC))
Reward = 400 xp and 1000 coins.

[2] Place one of e Mother’s Garden decorations! 3 plants appeared in featured/decorations seconds when I got this quest – all cost 750 Coins. Bought 1 and quest completed.
Reward = 750 XP and 200 food.

[3] Harvest Becky’s Mom’s favourite foods; either Baby Bananas (small farms) or Egg-Plants (large farms)!  I harvested a single egg-plant to complete this quest.
Reward = 400 XP and 1000 coins.

[4] Place one of the Mother’s Garden Decorations!  Another 3 new plants appeared in featured/decorations when I got this quest – all cost 1200coins. Bought 1 and quest completed.
Reward = 750 XP and 200 food.

[5] Have 2 Shadefin (level 26 players and above) or 2 snowbluff ( level 26 below)  Monsters to unlock the Mother Plant! This quest auto-completed for me as I had a level 8 and level 5 Shadefin in my mountain already (not in HoC).
Reward = 800 XP and 200 food. (I also heard that you need to tap your quest box multiple time to get the reward, hmm what a glitch 🙁 )

[6] Place the Mother Plant to complete e Mother’s Garden!  The mothers plant appeared in featured/decorations when this quest appeared at a cost of 6600 Coins. I bought the plant to complete this quest.
Reward 950 XP and 10/50 diamonds.

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18 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Mother Day Quest Guide”

  1. David says:

    and i was so silly trying for shadefins didnt notice the quest expired. no shadefins for me. wonder will i get shadefins after the quest.

  2. kit says:

    Yes, my quest disappeared right as my Mystic frost monster hatched.

  3. Lorelai says:

    I am very disappointed. Just now that I ve finally got my 2nd Voltealf to complete the first round of Mothers Day Quest… the quest has simply DISAPPEARED. I don t believe it s expired, cause I ve read the limit date was May 30. If so, why TinyCo didn t put the Last Day Warning? I can t breed Flitter, can t breed Flamegust, only Voltealf, and then… its mission is gone! Snif.

  4. Bloodrose says:

    Just hatched my second shadefin, but my quest dissappeared. Anyone else have their Mother’s Day quest 5 dissappear? I’m bummed because I was so curious to see the mother plant.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      looks like the quest is already expired. My quest is disappeared too.

      • Bloodrose says:

        What?? Ah, shucks! X’s the number of unwanted trees I got trying for that other quest. I was so close to finally finishing a temporary quest. Never been that close before. Frustrated, frustrated….. Where was the “last chance” notice? I’m pretty sure there was not one given. Don’t you think that was not very nice of Tinyco? I mean, where’s the love?! I know you say just a game all the time to remind us, but that was “SO not Cool”!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          It’s not the first time they didn’t announce us about last day. I always thought the quest will end on monday or tuesday, so they already give us extra 2 days :D, so I have no problem about it. Although they should announced it to all players.

      • CJHeart says:

        I just got an 18 hr breed time. As soon as my Mother’s Day Quest Disappeared. Have been trying for 2nd Shadefin for the entire run of the quest none stop. Even spent 100 diamonds (without realizing I could have just purchased Shadefin for not much more) trying to cycle through hatching Aquaveils… and I bought both mother’s day diamond packs to help increase my odds… and still couldn’t get the Shadefin… but literally as soon as the quest expires. What the heck??

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I believe tinyco reduced the chance of obtaining required monsters when it appear on a quest. That’s why I saw many people struggling for required monster and then immediately got them once the quest is expired or over. Maybe it’s just coincidence though, I am not 100% sure (from my experience)

        • dartdogs says:

          I am one of the ones that had my 2nd Shadefin waiting to hatch and then the quest was gone… Still no Blossom, I had gotten over 10 Lucks before they ended that “limited” monster… These guys must be making money hand over fist… I’ve been dumb enough to spend real money before, but never again… If they can just hit a button and make things harder anytime they want to… It’s like video poker… How can you trust a machine telling you what you’ll get… There will never be a fair chance if they can adjust the odds whenever they like… I do enjoy this game, but it seems like this thing is becoming a money grab… Now they want me to invite friends to this game, no way… It has been said that when you FINALLY get some monster you were trying for, the satisfaction is high… But the frustration of knowing that tinyco can shut someone out from getting something is even higher… I’d be better purchasing a PS3 game for $50 AND be able to complete it… I will stress, I ENJOY this game, but come on now..?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          hmm, I have said this before but I will say it one more time.

          The game is supposed to make us relax and happy, if it does the opposite thing then it’s not the game anymore and we need to leave it. I also feel tinyco make breeding certain monster harder on specific time but I think it’s still on fair terms. For me, I will keep playing, why? because even if tiny monsters become harder, there are no other games outside that have same quality about this one. TIny monsters have about 120 monsters which is very good IMO, look other breeding games, many of them have really similar design (only color change, added horn, etc) but if you look at tiny monsters design, the design is really unique and distinguish one monster with other monsters (IMO it’s on the same level as pokemon).

          But if there is some games that more fun later and this game become too “unbearable” I will just leave it and make guide for that new game :D.

    • Came home today & hatched my 2nd shadefin & the quest is gone. Really bummed about it.

    • XandraX says:

      My quest also disappear … And Mother’s Day is only may 26th here I’m France 🙁

  5. Lalaith88 says:

    I am Level 53 and still got the quest with snowbluffs. now the game just doesn’t notice that i have 2 snowbluffs. what can i do?

  6. Jo says:

    Is the motherplant just for decoration or does it give you daily diamonds ???

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