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Tiny Monsters New Social Feature Explanation

There are 4 main categories on social feature. They are


Tiny Monsters Friends feature explanation

This section has 2 sub-sections:

[0] Friends
You can see your friend list on this section. If you want to add somebody and know the id, simply tap the add button and type the id.

[0] Requests
you can see who have added you as their friend, however you need to approve them so they can become friend

You can hatch friendship monsters if you have 5 friends (which is very easy).


On this page you can change your profile picture. If you still don’t have tinyid, I believe you can make them on this section.


You can see who have visited your islands and gave you a gift, so you can re-gift to them 😀 (if you still have spare gift). You can GIVE 50 gift per day.

Tiny monsters already give gift or no

On the screenshot you can see that if a person have given you a gift, then there will a gift box icon appear beside the portrait (see apes’ account). If the person only visit your island then it will only show as a blank spot (maxumarhu). Thanks for both of you if you read this post XD.

Thanks to klaw for explanation below

[0] A glowing tree means that the other person has been gifted by someone (else) and they haven’t yet collected that gift. It doesn’t stop you from giving nor them receiving any more gifts.

[0] There no longer appears to be any time limitations on how many times per day you can collect your gifts.

[0] Maximum gifts to give out remains at 50. It would appear that the maximum gifts per day you can receive is 50 (I haven’t been able to check this as I never get that many lol).

[0] If you get to 50 incoming gifts per day, then you can’t collect any more. Anyone who tries to gift you when you have 50 gifts will be presented with a screen that says.

[0] “Can’t gift. This user has collected their maximum number of gifts for the day. If they collect any more their tree will begin to wither” Please try again later.”

[0] So no more wasted gifts, the game will tell you when you can’t gift the other person :)

[0] You can gift your neighbours every 18hrs.

[0] A red marker on the social button means you either have a new friend request, or it’s the start of a new day and your gift count for giving has been reset to zero.


You can invite your friends to get unity monsters. Visit this page for steps by step instructions.

===Social Breeding===

New feature on IOS version 2.3. You can breed your adult friendship/unity with your friends. THe results of breeding are:
[0] friendship + friendship (any element) will result on friendship
[0] Unity + unity (any element) will result on unity
[0] Friendship + Unity will result on any monsters with those elements (it’s also possible to get air, shadow, etc). You can use breeding result chart to check what you get.

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

Any comment that tells tiny id on this post will be deleted without exception. Go to friends page to tell your tiny id

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