Posted on Jun 11, 2013

Tiny Monsters New Social Feature Explanation

There are 4 main categories on social feature. They are


Tiny Monsters Friends feature explanation

This section has 2 sub-sections:

[0] Friends
You can see your friend list on this section. If you want to add somebody and know the id, simply tap the add button and type the id.

[0] Requests
you can see who have added you as their friend, however you need to approve them so they can become friend

You can hatch friendship monsters if you have 5 friends (which is very easy).


On this page you can change your profile picture. If you still don’t have tinyid, I believe you can make them on this section.


You can see who have visited your islands and gave you a gift, so you can re-gift to them 😀 (if you still have spare gift). You can GIVE 50 gift per day.

Tiny monsters already give gift or no

On the screenshot you can see that if a person have given you a gift, then there will a gift box icon appear beside the portrait (see apes’ account). If the person only visit your island then it will only show as a blank spot (maxumarhu). Thanks for both of you if you read this post XD.

Thanks to klaw for explanation below

[0] A glowing tree means that the other person has been gifted by someone (else) and they haven’t yet collected that gift. It doesn’t stop you from giving nor them receiving any more gifts.

[0] There no longer appears to be any time limitations on how many times per day you can collect your gifts.

[0] Maximum gifts to give out remains at 50. It would appear that the maximum gifts per day you can receive is 50 (I haven’t been able to check this as I never get that many lol).

[0] If you get to 50 incoming gifts per day, then you can’t collect any more. Anyone who tries to gift you when you have 50 gifts will be presented with a screen that says.

[0] “Can’t gift. This user has collected their maximum number of gifts for the day. If they collect any more their tree will begin to wither” Please try again later.”

[0] So no more wasted gifts, the game will tell you when you can’t gift the other person :)

[0] You can gift your neighbours every 18hrs.

[0] A red marker on the social button means you either have a new friend request, or it’s the start of a new day and your gift count for giving has been reset to zero.


You can invite your friends to get unity monsters. Visit this page for steps by step instructions.

===Social Breeding===

New feature on IOS version 2.3. You can breed your adult friendship/unity with your friends. THe results of breeding are:
[0] friendship + friendship (any element) will result on friendship
[0] Unity + unity (any element) will result on unity
[0] Friendship + Unity will result on any monsters with those elements (it’s also possible to get air, shadow, etc). You can use breeding result chart to check what you get.

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

Any comment that tells tiny id on this post will be deleted without exception. Go to friends page to tell your tiny id

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439 Responses to “Tiny Monsters New Social Feature Explanation”

  1. Brandon says:

    Please help I can’t erase my account on tiny monsters through the settings.

  2. klondyke1 says:

    I played Tiny Monsters for over a year, got a new phone and my game was lost. I have emailed tinyco and they can not find my game. I am having to start over and need to add people who gift daily. I will gift daily back. Please add me if you gift daily.

  3. emm2m8 says:

    Hey noob I have a question I hope u can answer. I tried buying diamonds today and an error message popped up. It says this app uses a billing version that is no longer supported. Check google play store for app updates which may resolve the issue. Do u have any idea what the heck this is? Its driving me nuts because there doesnt seem to be any updates n my tablet? I this it means to update the app but its not showing that the app needs to be update? So any suggestions or ideas let me know. Thanks

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don;t know how to fix it, but it seems others also get the exact same problem like you. Try to ask tinyco (send them email, you can find it on the fix error section).

  4. Karen says:

    I accidentally put in the wrong age in the social and now it has disabled me and I can’t breed or gift anybody, is there a way I can reverse this and enter the right age? Thanx for any help

  5. john says:

    I cant go to other people islands on tiny social

  6. elecfonta says:

    I’m playing this game for a while. I have level 98 in social and my experience bar doesn’t work. Is it a mistake from my game? Has anybody the same problem? Please help me soon. Thanks.

  7. Tasha says:

    How did I evolve my social monsters without asking people to download the app to help me out ?

  8. TinyMonstersIsBoss says:

    Noob, I had a tiny monsters game on a different device, and had lots of friends. But on my new device, I can’t access tiny social! I don’t know how you access it. Please help!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Try to follow fix error section, I am not sure what needs to be done if that still doesn’t work, but social feature is really glitchy, majority of palyers can;t use social feature too (including me).

  9. merkity says:

    Your notes talk about no limit on collecting gifts from your tree, which is currently not true in my case. I am on andriod.

    • Klaw says:

      It’s says “the maximum gifts per day you can receive is 50”.

      You will also be limited if you have 1000 food, so make sure you feed those monsters.

  10. Daisy says:

    I just went to play my game and a screen popped up from TinyCo that I had to update my game. I did without any issues but then I went to add new Social members and my Social button is gone. I only have the Market, Monsterpedia, and Options.

    Where did the Social button go?

  11. amy says:

    amy243 will always gift back

    • bruin1 says:

      I requested you. I would love to have someone who gives back so I can get rid of the dead wood.

  12. MommaPrachy says:

    Hey Noob What is going on with the social? I go into social and it is giving me messages “this friend had opt out of social” I’m confused. .

  13. rainzer says:

    Do you happen to know if there are any differences between the Android and iOS versions of the game?

    I noticed you separated the friends add for both types. Are Android users unable to add iOS users and vice versa? Do you also know if TinyCo can transfer accounts from an iOS device to an Android if you change your device in that way?

  14. Froteen says:

    I am having a difficult time going one of my social connections. The site is for Anjulie. I always get the following error:

    Plist Retina Texture Not Found plist: /storage/emulated/0/Android

    What can I do? Does anyone else have this problem? my level is 81 my social level is 49

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Go back to main page and follow fix error section

    • Anjulie says:

      Really is it still happening! I myself may need to contact tiny co, this may explain why I have had trouble gifting everyday! Thank you! Please contact me here again if you have any further problems! To all the others I have on my social please let me know if you face the same problem! Again Froteen thank you so much!

    • Anjulie says:

      Are you still playing? I get reading map error!

  15. Dale says:

    A big thank you to my generous gift friends.

    I have a few generous gifters who are able to gift 2 or 3 times within an hour and I would like to return the same. I have tried but have not been successful at gifting more than once in an 18 hr period. How are they able to do this?

  16. Roxie says:

    I can elvove all 3 unity monsters but only one kind of friendship monster. What do I need to do to be able to evolve all 3?

  17. jewls says:

    Hi can you PLEASE help I have not been playing that long ( came over from tiny castles) I gift 50 people but only get 3 or 4 back is there any thing I can do to improve that as my monsters are hungry. It is taking ages to level them up. Still trying to understand the game. :(

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Nothing you can do , all you can hope is leave your ID on friend page and ope someone will kind enough to add you.

    • Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

      A lot of players seem to accept the gifts, but don’t gift back. I would suggest you look at your “feed” when you go into your social network. It shows you who has visited your site today. The problem with the “feed” screen is that you have to go out to the main screen every time to gift the next one who visited you. If you go into the “friends” screen, you can just hit next, and get to the next person on the list, but that includes everyone you’ve friended, not just the ones who visit your islands on a regular basis. Every few months, I make a list of who visits and gifts me on a regular basis, and delete those that don’t. It keeps my friends down below the 50 max we can gift each day, but why gift someone who never returns the favor? I have reached the max of 98, as have a lot of the friends I still gift every day have too, but we still get coins, food, XP, and the occasional rare gems, so it’s worth my time continuing to go into the Social Network. At one point, I had 100 friends, but got a low percentage rate of getting gifts when I would max out at 50. Klaw posted a comment regarding the lack of response from a lot of players, so I took her advice, and started deleting those I gifted, but never gifted back. Over the last several months, I have found I have about 20-25 people who return gifts on a regular basis, so I try to limit my social network to them. Being able to gift 50 people a day is great, but the percentage of return gifts is very low. Keeping your list to those that gift you back on a regular basis saves you a lot of time when you go into your social network. I can’t believe someone has almost 1000 friends as a post above indicates. That is only taking up memory space on his device. I will try to add you using jewls as your TM name. Mkszippy

  18. Mary Kay Mkszippy says:

    Noob, I vaguely recall you addressing this before, but can’t find anything. I recently upgraded my device and had no problem with everything transferring from my old one to my new one, except for the Social Network. If I go in, and enter my old profile, it says it’s already in use, but I can’t figure out how to get my old profile transferred to my new game. Any suggestions besides filing a help ticket? I have never had a response to any help tickets I have filed.

  19. gregor19 says:

    Is ther a limit to the social level one can reach? I am at level 98 and don’t seem to be making progress toward level 99. Is anyone at a level higher than 98?

  20. rosebud63 says:

    Hi noob, I’m stuck on the tiny social. I’m hoping you can help, tinyco can’t. I’m on level 79. I have 974 friends. I cannot get into visit or gift any of my friends. The whole section just crashes every time I try Tinyco says I have too many friends. I can’t get in to delete any. Do you know any tricks to get in or have any advice??? Tinyco says I have to wait until they figure it out and its been months:((

    • noobbgodlike says:

      IF tinyco can’t then I can’t too…. THe problem is caused by lack of RAM, if you upgrade your device to higher end device, this will solve the problem.

      • rosebud63 says:

        Upgrade wow! I have a samsung galaxy 3 only 1 1/2 years old!! Thank you noob I really appreciate the info

        • noobbgodlike says:

          It’s still considered low tier device at this moment XD. I am also using Ipad 2 and always crashing everytime using social features, so I give up about social features :).

        • Julie says:

          Are you still having problems? I have the samsung 10.1 and I know on this model you can store extra data on memory cards. Can you do that on yours?

    • basaro says:

      Install Tiny Village and try to remove friends from there instead. All their apps share the same friend list.

  21. basaro says:

    I agree with Klaw about new social behavior. I’ve only been doing social for 4 days now, but I think the info is pretty much spot on, except for maybe the last part about the red marker on the social button. In my game it always has a number in it which always corresponds to the amount of friend requests I have. I don’t think I’ve seen it empty yet (to show a new day has started), but I’ve also had new friend requests every day too. Not a big deal, just thought I’d mention it.

    I’m currently getting about 20 gifts a day, so for me on social level 17, I get 300 (15*20) social snacks :)

    If you are still crashing a lot when trying to gift, you should try gifting lower level players (under game level 50 or 40?), I get a significant performance increase when I do this myself with zero or very few crashes. And my device is older than yours, I can’t even believe this actually works on mine, wish I had installed it last year when it was released! The rest of my game pretty much still runs like crap though 😉 :(

  22. ilana says:

    Anything to do to stop it from crashing so much during social visiting? It appears that at least it’s not just me having this problem.

  23. ADELE AHRVIDE says:


    • noobbgodlike says:

      About kindle problem, please ask tinyco about it because I don’t know why.

      • Klaw says:

        It could be a physical restriction of the kindle.

        iOS has game centre and android has one too, it looks like its possible to link them together according to this

        Which is probably why iOS players can visit android neighbours and vice versa.

        The kindle has amazon game circle which looks like its a standalone and requires different development.

        TinyCo also use their own game engine called griffin which is capable of ensuring the actual game play for iOS and android is the same backend code so their revs only have to write the one game whether its iOS or android. Whilst kindle is based on the same os as android, it has some of its own quirks and limitations.

  24. Laura says:

    I’m not seeing any new friends on the breeding screen even though I have added them & I know their monsters are the right levels. How do you see friends you add?

  25. Klaw says:

    Noob when you write the following , I am confused and wonder if it is misleading.

    >> Don’t waste your gift, you can still give a gift to players who already reached their maximum amount of gift but your gift won’t be counted. You can know this by see their tree, if the tree is glowing (sparkling blue light) then it means they already reach their maximum gift for that period of time. <<<

    I am a fairly recent player to tiny monsters, only joining because of the tiny castle promo.. Yet despite this I'd say it was fair to say I'm an active player. Now forgive me if I have this wrong, but everyday I gift 50 gifts to my 50 friends and because of this every single day my tree will always sparkle. One of my gripes is that despite all my gifting, I seldom get gifts back despite the fact that I gift the other person every day.

    Now it's dawned on me that some of those that I gift are active and they do seem to visit but they never leave a gift.. Presumably because my tree sparkles every day. Now I have tested with a friend who I know in real life and he can confirm that he can still leave me a gift… And I can confirm that I do receive this gift.

    The above statement that you make in this particular case is unfair because it encourages people who I gift everyday not to leave me a gift, simply because my tree sparkles. Surely a sparkly tree in this case is a sign of a good grifter and not a sign that you shouldn't leave them a gift :(

    If you try and gift someone who has a full tree, the game tells you and doesn't let you leave one.

    Have I misunderstood how it works, because it can guarantee that I do still get gifts despite my tree sparkling.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Ah, ok, will remove it. It’s the way this game worked on the past, I can’t use social feature anymore (always crash), so I don’t know about the change. Thanks for letting me know klaw :).

      • Klaw says:

        Yeah from comments in here, I notice that they may have changed some things recently, so the rules may not be the same as when they first introduced the tree.

        I really don’t understand what the timers are either as I don’t think I’ve encountered them yet. I notice also that my tree will sparkle when just one person has gifted me, it’s quite confusing lol.

        But I can say that at least on iOS, that if your friend has a full tree and received the maximum gifts for the day, then the game now tells you and it won’t let you leave a gift. I’ve seen this happen several times with my high level neighbours who are about level 70-80 and must have lots of friends who gift to them. I can’t recall the exact wording but it says something like, “your friends tree has reached its maximum gifts so you can’t gift them right now, please try again later”

        May be if I get some spare time I may look into the game files…. But I don’t imagine that being any time soon, as I need to put the game on my phone to get the files onto my pc…. Plus I’ve been pretty busy over the past week and not had time to do anything on the pc at all :(

    • sam says:

      I’ve been playing for 4 months now and am social lvl 59 and the rules are you can gift 50 times but you could receive only 5 gifts a day. You can gift the same person every 18 hours though unless yiuvreached the max. At least that was how it worked until 2 weeks ago when they either changed it or my game glitches and I can receive unlimited number of gifts.. Well at least the twenty or so active players on my friend list :) btw the game never ever crashed for me during social 😉

      • Klaw says:

        I’ve been trying the have a look into this and do some testing.

        I don’t know about past rules because I haven’t been playing long enough but these appear to be the rules now.

        A glowing tree means that the other person has been gifted by someone (else) and they haven’t yet collected that gift. It doesn’t stop you from giving nor them receiving any more gifts.

        There no longer appears to be any time limitations on how many times per day you can collect your gifts.

        Maximum gifts to give out remains at 50. It would appear that the maximum gifts per day you can receive is 50 (I haven’t been able to check this as I never get that many lol).

        If you get to 50 incoming gifts per day, then you can’t collect any more. Anyone who tries to gift you when you have 50 gifts will be presented with a screen that says.

        “Can’t gift. This user has collected their maximum number of gifts for the day. If they collect any more their tree will begin to wither” Please try again later.”

        So no more wasted gifts, the game will tell you when you can’t gift the other person :)

        You can gift your neighbours every 18hrs.

        A red marker on the social button means you either have a new friend request, or it’s the start of a new day and your gift count for giving has been reset to zero.

  26. krissy says:

    What level do you have to be on to get the social island

  27. tufenuph says:

    I am unable to gift or add friends. Game locks up and I cant even back out and save. Now today, my breeding den does not have a bar over the top. Issues day after day and no im not on kindle. Samsung tab 3. Disappointed big time player.

  28. michelle says:

    I cant seem to find how to make a tiny id. Please helpp

  29. Jamie Thompson says:

    What if you don’t have a friend who will dowload little monsters? How am I suppose to evolve my social unity monster, if I have no one to down load the game?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Then your only option is to bypass using diamonds.

      • Klaw says:

        Also be warned… Don’t think buying it with diamonds will help. That only allows you to feed the unity to level 7 and you still can’t breed with it.

        They next want another 2 friends, which is where I’m stuck at, cause I ain’t paying 250 diamonds.

  30. Andrea says:

    Hey Noob,
    I never receive any diamonds anymore from the gift tree, whether I wait for 5 or more gifts in one go or collect more quickly. Do you/others have the same?

  31. stschw says:

    Really, I don’t understand this giving receiving thing any more and I can’t find an accurate description. The inside Game help site is dated.

    I thought You can get a maximum of two gifts and the next are not accepted any more and you can only earn the tree 5 times a day.

    In fact I can only earn once a day and the game says its over for this day and all the friends who visit me after that moment can’t give me anymore.

    So my question.
    How many gifts (maximum) you can receive between earnings?
    How many time you can earn the tree? Does this depend to the number of gifts you already got?
    At which time the 24 hour day start?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Will update the social section after new year, still figuring it out.

      • stschw says:

        What I found is following:

        You can get five gifts.
        You can earn the tree up to five times, if there is only one friend who gifted you. I you get five gifts since the last earn, you can only get one earn.
        After the last earn, your friends can’t gift you any more.

        This is bad news for me, since the day brake is while I’m working. So I can only earn once a day with only a very, very small chance to get diamonds.

        The new rules makes it unattractive to me.

        • Cynthia says:

          Gifting amounts increase I think as you level up. You get more food per gift as your leveling, you still only get 5 per day and when you get the notice that you have recieved all for that day it is acummilation of all 5 gifts, not just one. I get over 100 food each day and my social level is something like 27 I think. So keep working at it t is slow but keeps growing the monsters and there are only seven to grow for now.

    • colorkoala says:

      The 24 hour day starts at the time your game says, i think it is 6am gmt. Greenwich mean time. Depending on your location and the daylight savings time, the hours will change. Greenwich mean time is not affected by daylight savings so you would have to calculate the time for your time zone. My understanding is that the gmt time zone includes London’s time during the correct seasons

  32. Dale says:

    I am trying to gift friends on my list but their gift tree is missing. In fact, the a mountain is cover by clouds. Why?
    Also is the gift given based on the giver or receiver level?
    What are XPs and what are the gifts we are receiving & their benefits?

    • Cynthia says:

      They do not have the mountain yet, I have several I have added that have not started their social mountain yet.

  33. origami says:

    I installed Tony Monstern and there is no social button. I’m level i thougt there must be the button. Without it i can’t have an ID an so i don’t geht the social Island.

  34. Tiny Kylie says:

    Why does my giving tree give me gifts? When I collect it gives me a couple social snacks and xp but also a little gift box pops up and says +2 . Where is that going? And what does it benefit?

    • Stschw says:

      I’m not sure, but it is possible, that this is the number, you can earn the tree per day?!

      • Stschw says:

        Thanks to the unlimited gift receiving I’m pretty sure, that the number after the gift box indicates the number of gifts you received from others since the last earn.

        • Klaw says:

          I’d agee that the above comment is correct. It’s the count of number of people who have left you a gift since you last collected from the tree.

  35. wayne says:

    Ok so what is the red dot on my social network

  36. Vicky (Bella58) says:

    Ok so I did the new update and it said we could collect 5 times. Which means we lost 30 times a day to collect every 30 minutes. That seems to be very cheap to me take that much away from us . seeing how it takes forever to get the ones we did before the update. My new problem is this I can only collect once so I am loosing out on my gifts. So it took me four months to get my game back after the last update. Is that going to happin again.

    • Stschw says:

      I have similar problems. I can only collect 1-3 times and I can’t give to the most friends who visit me (and vice versa)

    • Sara says:

      Same here I think I’ve worked it out that I can harvest twice a day and that’s it. Could it have something to do with what level you are? I’m level 42 currently.

  37. awzium says:

    Android users check for updates and see if your social breeding works, mines been offline for over 2 months!

    • SidTay says:

      Mine no longer shows the status bar or the count down to when you can receive another heart. Android user.

      • awzium says:

        Yeah, after reading comments to similar effect, I do believe this is the new layout / style for social breeding.

        Previously, I was unable to breed or send friend requests. Now I have the new layout and I am able to do everything else originally disabled.

        IT was a shame to lose out on so many snacks, but a functioning system is much better than none.

  38. senna says:

    Hey noobbgodlike, I don’t even have the social option. There isn’t a button or anything. Do I need to do anything special to get it or is it just screwy?

  39. Kipperman says:

    Hey noob, my social breeding den has stopped breeding. There is no controls to move or sell…. Have you heard of this? Does the social breeding den have an expiry time? Any thoughts on what to do?

  40. SomethingElseToo says:

    When I’m doing the social breeding thing, does the other person get something for me using their monster?

  41. awzium says:


    As an update to our last conversation about social breeding update, I got this email today:

    Tam-Anh, Oct 30 15:27 (PDT):
    Hi ****** *****,
    Thank you very much for reporting this to us! The following issues will be resolved in our next update:
    – Referrals not registering
    – Download link in email referrals not working
    – SMS referrals not working
    – Missing “Breed” button in the Social Breeding Den
    – Crashing in 2.3 update
    We apologize for the troubles and thank you for your patience. We hope to have this update available for you to download soon. There is currently no ETA for when it will be available, but we are working hard to make sure we’ve resolved all the bugs before we submit it to Apple and Android for review. Once we submit it, there is also no guarantee for how long it will take to be approved.
    Due to these factors, it is extremely hard for us to provide an estimate on when the update will be ready. Please stay tuned to our Facebook fan page to get the latest information on when this update is live. Thank you!


  42. Richard says:

    Hey noob,when i try to get the game, it goes to traveling to island, and it stays on that page while never going to my island or monsters. I cant play the game anymore. Do you know how tjo fix this?

  43. Shamrock7191 says:

    What level does it open up at

  44. SnuggleElf says:

    Hi :)

    Does anyone know what the current Maximum Level is for Tiny Social? Is it level 98, like the current Maximum Tiny Monsters level?

    Thanks! :-)

  45. katewoman says:

    Help! I did the restore game incorrectly and I lost my level 17 game progress. I was wondering if there is any way I could recover my game using my tiny social ID?

  46. tm87 says:

    Im using an android phone. I was able to breed the social monsters twice and then i stopped playing for a while and now i cant use the breeding den on the social island. Everything else is fine. Is there a problem?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yeah, many people encountered this problem too. Just follow fix error section.

    • Awzium says:

      I encountered this too, and after following the fix error section got an email response saying that (ironically) due to changes on apple devices, the social breeding has run into issues. They are working through them.

      Why do android users suffer because of Apple’s decisions?

      • noobbgodlike says:

        apple’s decision?? what’s the connection?

        • Awzium says:

          Below is the email correspondence I have received from them:

          ****** *****, Sep 19 23:03 (PDT):
          Social breeding has stopped for the app “Tiny Monsters”. This is a bug / glitch, can you please resolve this issue?
          Also, I cannot send any invites to add friends and complete quests related to social breeding. It says that action could not be completed due to a technical glitch. I have tried all my friends phone numbers.

          And the reply

          Tam-Anh, Sep 20 15:57 (PDT):
          Hi ****** *****,
          Thank you very much for reporting this to us! We have fixed this issue, and it will be available in the next update. We apologize for the troubles and appreciate your patience!
          There is currently no ETA for the update as we are working hard to make sure we’ve resolved all the bugs before we submit it to Apple for review. Once we submit it, there is also no guarantee for how long Apple will take to approve it. Due to these factors, it is extremely hard for us to provide an estimate on when the update will be ready. I apologize for the troubles and frustration in the meantime! Please stay tuned to our Facebook fan page to get the latest information on when this update is live.


        • noobbgodlike says:

          yeah, I know apple holds the app for the review, but there is no connection between apple and android. If the patch is done they can release it on android first.For your info, Social breeding available on the android first. so we can conclude it like this, the patch go up on android then in about 2 weeks it will show up on the app store. Unless they decide to hold android version for apple version, and that’s not apple’s fault since tinyco who decide to wait releasing them at the same time frame.

        • Awzium says:

          I understand what you are saying, but it is Apple’s decision on whether or not to have the update released.

          If they really are separate, why wouldn’t the android update be released now? Tam-Anh said that the update is ready for Android. If Apple choose to not approve the new update then its decision would only affect Apple users.

          If they are the one and the same update, then Apple is preventing Android users from having a working version because they have not approved something.

          TLDR – Apple need to decide whether they like the new update, which is preventing Android users from using social breeding. The update is ready (at least for Android users) and yet, we are still waiting.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Apple don’t prevent it from being released, it’s pure tinyco decision. If tinyco want to release it they can simply release it, I can’t blame apple decision for extensive review. Take example this morning, a popular game called dead trigger 2 released, on android there is one scam app named as dead trigger 2 (this kinda of thing rarely happen on apple store, thanks to extensive review).

          Anyway let’s just stop the debate about who’s wrong. We can’t do anything anyway :D. So if apple is guilty what can we do? Kill Tim cook ? And I doubt the patch is really ready. Maybe it’s just tiny co words to calm down users complaint.

  47. Tobye says:

    (peanut1972) I’ve noticed that if my game crashes within about 30 secs after gifting someone , if I go back to the person I just gifted, my gift did not register and I regift. Sorry if this has been posted before, but if not I hope this provides some useful info.

    • Bent says:

      Tobye, it happens that way to me as well. Every time it crashes, it seems to lose the last thing I did or gift I sent someone. I have gotten in the habit of running through my friend list and getting my 50 gifts out in a row, as the game seems to stay stable. BTW, my daughter and I are HEDB, and we appreciate your consistent gift giving! Cheers!

    • Jeff (Android High Price) says:

      Your very lucky for only 1 gifted after a crash, for me it’s around, (8 to 12) last gifted I have to gift again, so if I have 38 gifted I will go down around 26. If I start new food production and collect all habitat cash and go directly in social and gift and encounrer a crash I have to start again all my food production and collect all $ of habitat again and have gifted 26 only and was 38 before crash. But my device is very powerfull and I play very fast. So smile :) it’s worst for other people :) nice day :)

    • Martina Yahya says:

      I resolved crashes after gifting by delete people which dont seem to play in friendlist. Atm around only 60 people in list it hasn’t crashed again.

  48. ZoeBug23 says:

    please help me, i have tiny co. on my kindle fire and i cant figure out how to add friends. there is no button anywhere. :(

  49. Chelsea says:

    I tried contacting tinyco about this with no response, so can anyone tell me why when I level my friendship and unity monsters up a message pops up saying I can only breed one form but an expert can breed multiple? How do I become an expert? I am at level 57 for social points. Please any advice! Thanks!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t know the answers sorry.

    • Intrinsicat says:

      I have this happening too I’ve sort of given up on the social breeding as a result. If you figure it out let me know…. Very annoying especially when all the quests are asking for all of them.

    • Casey says:

      I have this message too. I was wondering if we had to be a certain level or finish a certain quest. (Like regular elder- still can’t get that guy! Haha)

  50. awzium says:

    Noob – My social breeding has stopped. I successfully bred half a dozen monsters, but then the option to breed was taken away.

    There is a maximum of 8 monsters (according to the info section under the giving tree) and so I have sold all but three (which I am currently levelling). Still, there is no option for breeding.

    Any ideas? Is anyone else in this predicament?

  51. Em says:

    Sorry I’m dense today and can’t find thus answer. Previous poster indicated that when sending invite via email there is no link for friend to click to get points for unity. The response was ‘read fix error section above’. I can’t find that section, searching for ‘fix error’ didn’t help. I found a reference to open a tinyco ticket for a diff problem – I’d that the only avenue?

    The email is sent but where the link should be is just words. I inspected an older email (when it wasn’t broken) and it appears to be concatenated from several values (assume to avoid counterfeit duplication).

    I also tried inviting via Facebook and it didn’t have any type of mess sage.

    When it did work I was on earlier version of TM and a different Android device with older OS. So don’t know which piece is the culprit.

    I had gmail and yahoo on my tablet so deleted yahoo in case the extra step of selecting mail client mattered (it didn’t). In the sent copy the link isn’t correct so I can rule out the recipient mail being a factor.

    I bought a new android phone (not refurbished), created a new Google acct for it so 100% new to tinyco, sent email invite, and the problem was identical.

    Sorry for the length but wanted to be detailed to see who else has problem and look for any common denominator.

  52. Dee says:

    Alright, I am going to liken this social breading thing to driving a car with your parking break on. (Not my truck, no, that baby will not move an inch with the break on. Other, smaller, not well made vehicles I have heard about or seen my friends drive.)
    So, not getting anywhere and if we push any harder , smoke will start forming and that pleasent burnt rubber smell will permeate the cab. I have been playing forever and I have one adult dragon. If the goal is to make you feel like you are going through adolescents with them, I am growing zits rt now.

    And…, I totally get I am beating a dead horse with this gifting thing. But, it would be really helpful to get ride of the stupid presents if they would send me to island that actually playing the soical part of the game. Not people that don’t even have the 5th island. That is a total waste of time and my very thin paciants.

    I’m with you Noobb. Getting over the soical thing fast and in a slow painful hurry.

    (Sorry, just gripping again. I can’t talk to normal ppl about it. They look at you like your crazy and then I stop half way through the sentance and totally see their point. Just kind if walk away.)

    I hate this game.

  53. Jellybean1 says:

    Does anyone know if level 10 social monsters can be moved into the Hall of Champions?

  54. Jillarooni says:

    I disagree with the idea that giving gifts is wasted unless the person has not reached their maximum gifts for two reasons: you earn social experience for each gift you give (helping you to level up and earn social food more quickly), and as other comments indicate, many people gift from their feed page, so the more feed pages you appear on the better. For both reasons it is beneficial to give all 50 gifts each day, even if you do not find fifty people who have not reached their max (tree not glowing).

    • Bloodrose says:

      I think that you’ve misunderstood. You should gift all 50 everyday, but if you visit and see that your friend’s tree is glowing, it means that your friend has their max gifts and your gift will not be stored for them to use later. So, essentially that gift you gifted to your friend with the glowing tree , for all intents and purposes, has been wasted. Rather, you should give your gifts to friends who have not reached their max, those with trees that are not glowing. If all your friends are doing this, you personally will get more gifts.

      • Jillarooni says:

        I do understand that and I agree in tiny monster utopia it should work that way. However, you either need to have a lot of friends, which seems to slow the game down and make it crash, or you have to visit friends many times a day to see if it is a good time to give. I already spend more time than I should playing this game and it is just not practical. I try to make sure I regift those who give to me, and then give the rest of the fifty away.

        • Bloodrose says:

          Yep, that’s basically what I do. I do have more than enough friends that I can move on if their tree is glowing. But I got to admit when pressed for time, I gift from my friends list and press the next button on the bottom right to move to the next person on my list. Seems to move faster that way with a lot less crashing. Then the next time I will move down my friends list and begin gifting in the middle so that I am rotating my list a little. The crashing thing is a pain! Closing my aps helps, but it still occurs. However, I think it is time to cleanup my friends because I have a number of them who are not playing and, like you said, it slows it down.

          Good luck with your game! :)

  55. Andrea says:

    Hey Noob,

    Have you or anyone else had a mythic social monster? I have all social monsters but seem go be unable to get a mythic one. Just bad luck or something that can only happen later? Thanks

  56. Lisamoo24 says:

    Is there anyway to increase the amount if social snacks you can get or is just luck? Thanks

  57. Emily says:

    I’d like to know if any one is as unlucky as I am. I have evolved three unity monsters to adults. They all specialized into Plant. Also, two friendship monsters became ice. Even though TinyCo makes it easier to collect social snack, it still takes time. All five social monsters of mine only turned into two species. Is that any right? I’m so upset. :(

  58. Dee says:

    So, I was gifting ppl tonight. I gifted this one person and sparks started flaring up in different parts of their tree. Now, Im not saying I was quietly praying for the whole tree to spark and set ablaze for my deep, Deep, satisfaction and pleasure. But , it cought my attention for a momment.

    Is this the same as the tree is glowing and needs to be collected?
    Or do we have the most fun hacker ever? Lol

    (Could you imagine opening your game and someone set your tree in fire?!? 😀
    A little bit of dark humor goes a long way at 4 am. )

  59. scorpiobabe says:

    I play on iPhone and after the recent update my game became virtually unplayable. I was struggling to do anything.
    Then by accident I seem to have cured it!
    Everything has been running like a dream for the last 2 or 3 weeks: no freezing, no crashing.
    What did I do?
    Reduced my friend list!
    I had been randomly visiting, feeding and adding people and had over 200 people on my list!
    As far as feeding went, only a percentage actually returned the favour.
    So I reduced my list from 200+ to 50.
    And ‘hey presto’ no more crashing. :)
    I continue to monitor reciprocation rates adding and deleting ‘friends’ accordingly, but keep the total number under 50 (because that’s the max gifts I can give in a day) and continue to enjoy crash free gaming :)
    Hope this helps x

    • Gayle says:

      I have close to 800 friends. I only gift from the feed page. It seems to crash when I try to visit android higher version players. I have no problems with the number. But I only gift people that gift me and I only gift and add their friends.

    • Dee says:

      I have the same problem. My “friend” list was out of control. The social part was throwing me out of he game every 2 islands. I reduce my friend list all the time. I don’t see the need for it. I gift off my feed list and randomly give to other ppl. I am pretty sure you can have a gifting back and forth with put being friends. I always keep higher players we other they gift or not. Normally they don’t. It is strategic. I want to use there monsters.

      Last night I got a legendary with the social breeding. So that is cool!

      This part

  60. Barb says:

    I am confused? On Android I am gifting from “feed” section,
    to make sure I am gifting back the people who gift me. The gift
    Icon does not disappear after I gift them? I was curious and
    visited some that had no gift by their name and was able to gift them?
    Also I would like to know if I should always continue (after gifting everyone
    in the “feed” section) and finish gifting to the max of 50? Or do you
    wait to gift more from the “feed” section till you reach 50???
    I hope this is understandable :)

  61. Hazzard5000 says:

    Hi all

    For some reason my social breeding den has stopped working!!??!! The only option it gives is info but not breed???

    On iPhone 4S.

    Is anyone else having same problem?? Any thoughts Noob??


  62. Dee says:

    Hey everyone! So I am having the same problems with the crashing. I have iPhone 4S and when I gift it hangs up really badly and I can get to about 3 islands before it thows be out.

    I have a couple of awesome ppl that are so loyal. I feed ppl 2 a day. Gift trees? Which ever is less creepy. My theory is if I give, others will give and I can feed the stupid dragon. I have about 6 or 7 ppl that are so awesome and seem to have the same theory. I would totally thank them on here, but don’t want to give out names.

    I have almost 100 friends and anyone gifting is better then none, for sure! It’s just a low % and makes things slower. I have been wondering if it is my screen name. I did t think about it when I signed up and I have had the same once since I was 15. Which was a minute ago…. I wonder if it is reading poorly.

    There is a little bit of a flaw in the system. It would be way easier if I could select the ppl I wanted to gift and then hit a button to do it all at once. I don’t need to travel to someone else’s island Every time. It’s just a thought!

    Btw Noobb, you and I are friends. Scared?!Lol jk TCA

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yeah, we’re friends but I can’t gift anyone since my social feature is glitched (crash everytime I visit anyone).

      • Dee says:

        I figured that half of the ppl that visite this site are your friend. I didn’t think you would gift anyone. That would be way to much. It wasn’t a back handed comment. I was just kidding with you again. But, i can see it being read that way. Sorry for the confusion!!! :)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I always regift people who in my feed list (with gift box :D), but right now my social feature is messed up (can’t visit other’s island).

  63. Stschw says:

    When I visit “friend”, somtimes the tree of giving is glowing. Does anybody know, what the is for?

  64. Intrinsicat says:

    I am wondering why one friend on social seems to be able to gift me repeatedly … In the past five minutes I’ve received four gifts from them. Yes a gift box was colored in each time followed by just a visit with a blank gift box. I feel badly I can’t reciprocate to that extent. Is it an error or am I missing something?

    I take it there is no way to directly communicate with these people with PMs…

    • noobbgodlike says:

      probably a glitch.

    • Dee says:

      If it is an empty box the second time they visit, you are not being gifted multiple times. If a friend visits and gifts you, a green gift appears. If they visit again after that, by accident, you are not re-gifted. It just shows that they stopped by again.

  65. gramms151 says:

    Does anyone on the iPhone 4S have any tips for keeping the social/feed portion mainly to run? I’ve tried the one posted on the main page of clicking the home page button and counting to 15 and have tried varying the time. Doing this on a good session will allow me to visit the page to see who visited. All apps are closed. I’ve contacted tiny co so they are aware. It’s a rare session that I can collect all my coins and diamonds even on the main page before crashing. I’m surprised people are still visiting/gifting me since I’ve not neen able to gift back ever since the update. Any tips greatly appreciated till this is resolved.

    • Hazzard5000 says:

      I am having the same problem on my 4s. The solution posted seems to help me some times but not all.

      As for feeding friends I have great trouble if I try to feed friends who have fed me if I work down the feed list – constant crashing. What I found is that if you scroll down towards the bottom of your friends page (I found that if you start too high up the list it crashes as usual) and start feeding all friends with a tree. Keep using the next button to move on. When you get to the last friend on your list it scrolls throught back to the top. Just continue feeding untill you have used your 50. I start at a different position each time so that a majority of friends get fed over a period of days.

      I preferred to feed friends that had fed me first before feeding anyone else but at the moment at least I am able to feed and am receiving plenty in return.

      What I have also been doing is trying to add lots of new friends. If I am able to feed a friend on the feed list instead of going back home I press next which takes me on a random visit. If I come to a new friend I add them and feed. Crashes can occur during this process but at least the friend is added then above solution continues feeding them.

      Hope this helps


      • gramms151 says:

        Thanks for the info. Great help! Takes time but better than constant crashes till fixed. I will add you as a friend. As you can see my ID above for the phone and also gramms151a for my iPad. Thanks again.

      • Dee says:

        I also feed from my fed list. Are you sure that the “next” button in this section feeds your fed list? Or does it just shoot you to random ppl? I have done it once, used the next button, and went somewhere random. I like adding new ppl too! I just want to make sure my loyal buddies get fed no matter what.

  66. evie63 says:

    I find very useful info here, thanku but I’m at a loss as to why people continuely ask questions that have already been answered above. All they need to do is read the damn thing.

  67. Stschw says:

    Can’t breed ice & fire. Is this combination incompatible?

  68. jokemon says:

    Just checking there isnt any other way to get more social snacks right? The only way is from friends gifting you (5 per 8 hours)?

    Im just finding it annoyingly tedious to wait for social snack counts to be high enough to feed… and even when you have so many friends and you gift 50 per day, its annoying that only 7 consistently gift back when you gift them… ugh! I mean im finally close to getting my Friendship monster to LV 8 (figured out that it has to be adult to breed another reason social seems to be taking forever) but im calculating that unless i actually get 10 visits per day then its going to take me another 2 days or so just to get my Friendship fed and then another day for it to evolve. ..i cant play this game 24 hours nor does the rest of the world so i dont ever expect to get the maximized opportunity of collecting 3 times from the giving tree.. if im lucky im able to collect twice but it is typically only once a day i get to collect since not enough ‘friends’ gift back per day…

    I expect it to get somewhat more fun when i can finally breed with other people, but until then im finding tiy social very tedious!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I believe it’s because many players still getting error on their device so they can’t gift back to you. On my device, I can’t chech the feed section…. and everytime I visit friends for more than 5 second the game will crashed…

    • jokemon says:

      Well its interesting because i do notice it is slow loading some pages… and it should make sense but ive noticed players that are higher leveled than you (actual level not the social level) definitly take longer to load/slow the game down but of coarse because they have more memory on their game so to view it must take longer. Those with similar level and below tend to load more smoothly for the obvious reason they have equal or less memory as yours..

      Mine crashes sometimes havnt really noticed any consistency to it. Sometimes when im on social for a while but usually its been fine.

      Well i dont have to complain much longer finally getting my Friendship evolved but still takes a day… hopefully they can get the kinks out of social for all those who are still having problems with it.

  69. Donittamouse says:

    I breed my ICE F.S monster with plant … And it result me a 4 Hour Its light and again 5 Hour …
    Is it normal.
    Do somebody have the Same result???
    Thank you

  70. mitchellpl says:

    Ok Noob, just to clarify… when I visit friend and tap gift icon over their giving tree, I’m gifting them correct? The only way to tell if friend gifted you is by checking the feed page and seeing a gift icon next to friend’s name, correct?
    Also, home come some friends I visit don’t have a giving tree island?

  71. tibyid2 says:

    I just noticed a letter/mailbox in the hatching station. Is that new? What is it for?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t know, since it’s android only at this moment.

      • Marc says:

        Noob, what’s your tinyID? I want to add you, and visit your Islands.

      • scott barnett says:

        Im a droid player…theres an inventory in the update..also the letter/envelope is a contact point for tinyco to tell you things..ex. if you won a contest…a mm d last unless you refer people on the unity, all other unities will cost diamonds to raise..first tuck in 250 ans to spree 375…thats if your on the high pay scale of monsters..the low scale is 50 and 75 diamonds…referrals are like a coupon…1 = 125 or 25 diamonds depending on which pay scale your on..once you refer 3 people though all unities will be free from that point on…feel free to double check this..sadly to say its accurate

      • Crocsi5 says:

        Mailbox is also on iOS now, not sure what its for or how it works. Also in this area are over 3,000 diamonds. Can’t access them though. Interested in your thoughts noob.

      • SSSPro says:

        It says inbox btw iPhone4s is safe

  72. shandra says:

    Just curious: why don’t I the social feature on my game? I play on a kindle fire and have been for quite a while. Any advice on how to fix this? Thanks.

  73. oyo95 says:

    yesterday I received 10 xp for every gift I sent today I received only 2 xp per gift
    is this happening to everyone or only me? if this is happening to everyone will it be permanent?

  74. ice723 says:

    Level 70 I am now getting 30 social snacks the past 3 times( I wanted to make sure before I posted)

    • ryan92084 says:

      I will confirm this. at 70 changes to 30 from 28. assuming the old numbers hold true then you get an increase at 10,20,40, and 70.

      with the xp for gifting being slashed by 80% it will be a while until I can test 80 and beyond. level 73 currently

  75. Candi Mandi says:

    So, do you know when we should be able to breed these monsters? I see all these other comments about ppl breeding and iOS users can’t! Well I think it’s just iOS! Ii feel like the game is getting dull. I. Out of monsters to breed and I’m kinda at a stand still. Just farming and collecting coins along w this social stuff. Love the game just don’t feel like it’s as fun as it once was! I know you don’t know it all you just seem to know more than others….. Lol

    • noobbgodlike says:

      LOL, I hope the update come on IOS this week.

    • Eric says:

      I’ll say, though, for once Android gets something first. It does get kinda old being second fiddle all the time…

      As far as the Social Levels go, is the only effect that you get more snacks per harvest as you go up? I just hit level 63 this morning, and was hoping something else might change at some point. (Like being able to give more gifts or more frequently or whatnot.)

  76. Candi Mandi says:

    I hit level 57 on the social level and my experience points stopped going up? Do you know why? Is there another glitch in the system?

  77. kamilovich says:

    When I try to invite friends through email to hatch my unity monster the email sends, but then there is no link to tiny monsters in the message. The words are there where it should be a link, but nothing to click. Any idea what gives?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Visit unity page. There are instructions with screenshots on that page.

      • kamilovich says:

        Right, no, I understand what I’m supposed to do. But when I send the email there /is/ no download button for the person to click. So the person I want to invite can’t download the game through the link.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          if you don’t get like what I have instructed on the unity page, then it’s time to contact tinyco so they can fix the problem.

        • mitchellpl says:

          I have the same problem. I’m on android and every invite I’ve sent out, the person receives it, but they have been unable to click on the link and install game. Very frustrating-have had nothing but problems since this tiny social crap

        • michelle says:

          I contacted tinyco about this because I am having the same issue. They informed me that it will be fixed with the next update

  78. Jennifer says:

    Can I delete my Tiny ID?

  79. Ehlana (tinyid=Flutee) says:

    At level 57 and the Giving Tree timer has now changed to 8 hours from 12!!!!! This means you can collect gifts three times in every 24 if you time it correctly.

    I love the social snacks going up to 28 at least my unity will see adulthood this year 😀

    I have noticed however, that I cannot gift some of my friends any longer as it says they are on a different update version namely = George3011 and Zaphod383. I have no updates to install on my iOS devices so I assume this is an android or ninja update et have not/I have not received! Anyone else have this issue?

    • Ehlana (tinyid=Flutee) says:

      The exact message I get is:

      Thus user is playing a different version of the game! Unable to visit until user updates to the latest version.

      If you are on an iOS device, make us you kill the game and restart it to get the ninja update of extra snacks and shorter giving tree timers (you shouldn’t need to but can’t think of any oer reason why some are now on a different version of the game, and the message implies they need to update and not me)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yeah, it’s pretty normal :D. It’s because android has more advanced version than IOS.

  80. ice723 says:

    Just breed my unity monster is with someone else socially if anyone is looking to breed I’m ice723

  81. oztrich says:

    When I send an email Invite to hatch the Unity monster, there is nothing “clickable” in the email, so they cannot open TM from the email. We’re both on Android and I’ve tried one gmail and one other email address. Do they just install from Market and then send the IDs to TinyCo for credit? Sounds like a pain to get credit to hatch this monster…
    BTW, thanx for all your work on keeping these pages updated. TinyCo should pay you!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Thanks you. You can look the instructions on the unity monster page, I have created the guide about it with a screenshot :D.

    • kamilovich says:

      I’m having the same problem. The email doesn’t have a link for my friend (husband actually) to click on to download the game. I’m not sure if there’s any other way to do it.

  82. akinerb says:

    It seems not many people are accepting my friend request because I am not receiving gifts. Does the tinyid receive a pop up friend request when you add from their page?

  83. ID - Mudx01 says:

    Noob, what is the procedure to invite friends via SMS?

  84. Corbin says:

    collected 28 social snacks in Level 60. mysterious is, that I’ve collected only 14 snacks this morning in level 60

    Strange things happened in TinyMonsters 😀

  85. Jay and bob tiny( ID jayandbob and smovie) says:

    Today when I keep trying to gift the game closes saying player is empty .

  86. Candi Mandi says:

    I’m tryin to refer someone. I put their name in and that’s it. It won’t let me go any farther. What do I do next?

  87. Candi Mandi says:

    Ok, I think I have a good question…. I see that more than five ppl gift me a day, but it says you can only receive five a day. When I collect from the tree I always get 14 food. Is that correct? We can give 50 and receive 5. Is that like that for everyone? Or does it depend on ur level? This whole new social thing makes me mad, cuz I just don’t get it. I need a little explanation. Help please.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      nope, it’s exactly like what you said :D. I hope tinyco will think some other ways about this, 14 food every 12 hours are just to small TAT.

      • Candi Mandi says:

        They should giv us a lil farm just for them!

        • Candi Mandi says:

          Maybe we can form a tiny monster pose and email the crap out of them til they change it….. I mean I kinda like the whole social unity friendship thing but there not a lot we can do with it. They need to make it more fun with more options.

  88. oyo95 says:

    today I can only vist 43 friend (including phineas 😀 ) from my 56
    can any one help?

  89. tinyme123 says:

    I don’t know if anyone else had had the same thing, but a brand new structure has appeared on my social island – looks a tiny bit like our breeding den perhaps? No idea what it is, and you can’t select it or anything. Anyone know what it might be?

  90. Erica says:

    Ok sorry if I’m sounding dumb but where is this whole tiny social thing? I don’t see it under Jurassic story or tiny castle. I know about Game Center because that’s how you foud new yesterday, is that how you add tiny social friends or what I’m totally confused. Thanks in advance.

  91. Sublimer333 says:

    Ok, I am not sure if you have a social page where people can leave their TnyId’s…if so I can not find it. I can gift 50 a day, I have 126 friends, 20 of which have the social tree. I gift everyone I can and my friendship level goes up. I guess my two questions are: Where is the social page? And How do I get food in return?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      1st answer go back to main page and search for friend page
      2nd answer You get food by taking gift from your tree ( can only be done every 12 hours)

  92. Corbin says:

    not sure if I’m the first, but I think I’ve noticed two circumstances about social levels and snacks

    social levels:
    seems that you need to give as much gifts as your level you’re in, to reach the next level

    social snacks:
    seems that on every tenth level your income of snacks raises with 2 snacks when you clear your gift-tree. that’s what for sure:
    level 30-39: 12 snacks
    level 40-49: 14 snacks

  93. Ehlana (tinyid=Flutee) says:

    Noob dear,

    Can you update the guide today you can receive 5 gifts per 12 hours (not per day).

    I recommend holding back say 10 gifts and give them out after the first gift tree timer so your tree gets filled to 5 gifts again!

  94. Bloodrose says:

    You have probably already answered this sometime ago, but what are the bear shaped cookie with the umbrella and the green character that I see on other people’s bluffs when I visit them?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      bear shaped cookie ?? Hmm never heard of it, probably one of limited decorations. Check decorations menu to see whether it’s available or not. if not then it’s limited like I have said before :D.

  95. NightVenture says:

    Hey there,
    The social feature was down again today, as I’m sure everyone’s noticed. Now it seems to be back up but my TinyID has disappeared? Anyone know anything about this?

  96. Bloodrose says:

    It’s back up , but SUPER glitchy! In fact, it tells me that I need to set up my account just like you CloudGamer. Everything is lost. We’re you able to get it all back? Perhaps if I come back it will be back again so I won’t have to go to TinyCo?

  97. Avistew says:

    Until today, I could only gift a maximum of 25 gifts per day. Today, it changed to 50. Is it an update, or is it when you reach a specific level? I’m 27 regular level which I have been for a bit, but I just turned 40 social level, and my Union monster just turned level 4.

  98. Candi Mandi says:

    How exactly do I feed other ppl? Idk if I’m doing it right!

  99. Comunist says:

    just noticed that I can spend 50 gifts for friends. does anybody know more about that change?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yup, I also noticed it XD. I think they should increase the food we got not the amount of gift we can gift XD.

      • Bloodrose says:

        I noticed that too! But I couldn’t gift anyone because I guess I needed to wait more time? But I’m certain that enough time had past. Then I got a message saying they were experiencing difficulties again. So, I’ve spent my time decorating for the fourth. I hope we don’t have as long a wait as last time.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          yup, the social feature is down again.

        • Your island looks very patriotic!!! I have been back just to enjoy the Independence Day theme!!

          2 thumbs up here in NY

        • Bloodrose says:

          Oh, thank you, Tiny! I have not been able to get on my social since prior to fooling around with decorating. You must have had a window inside the social that I did not have. Hope it’s back up soon and I will make sure to gift you first because of your nice compliment!

          Much Aloha from Hawaii

  100. CloudGamer says:

    HELP! My Social finally started working again, but when I clicked on it EVERYTHING is GONE! All my friends lists, etc. and it justs says to create an ID! I tried to put my TinyID in (FemmeNoire) but it says that name is already taken (because it’s me duh!) What do I do? I’m scared to create another ID because I don’t want to lose my current one forever and have everything reset to zero since I had over 130 friends and my social monsters at level 3!
    Has this happened to anyone before?

  101. Mrsvh says:

    Does anyone know if there is a set time the gifting resets or if it is just 24 hours since you gave your first (or last?) gift?

  102. Emily says:

    I’ve seen some people’s social tree glows blue. Any idea why?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Maybe their monsters have become adult?? not sure.

    • Emily says:

      I think I figured it out. I saw myself’s glows when it’s ready for collecting social snacks. In the past, I only paid attention to the heart and rush to tap on it so I didn’t notice. I guess this glow can be really useful to tell your friends that they may gift you later and make the gifting more efficient (I meant, only the first five gifts in 12 hours counts). How do you think?

  103. Corbin says:

    can anybody tell me how to get more and more social snacks to be able to feed the unity and friendship monsters?

    Tiny ID: comunist
    Tiny ID: chocominza

  104. Candi Mandi says:

    Noob, I still don’t understand the refer a friend quest. I have no one to even refer too. No one I know has a device or even wld play this game! Please tell me what to do cuz I’m lost. And now I have this darn quest I can’t clear.

  105. Alfredo says:

    I have this on ipad but it keeps saying that ya are having issues with tiny social. Is it available for ipad yet? When will or how do I fix it?

  106. Deb says:

    On the Feed page, are we supposed to delete (x) entries on the list after we’ve added and or visited them? That doesn’t remove them from our friend list or delete their gifts does it?

  107. Emily says:

    Hi Godlike, after I tap on my own tree two times, it shows the gifts that I received from friends. Before the social was down, I had 3 or 4 gifts. However, after the social came back, it became zero. Do you know what happen? Is it supposed to be? Have you posted how this works somewhere that I may miss? For the social, I am still at very low level and don’t know what to expect. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks!

  108. Lorelai says:

    Noobb, is the Social feature already working for you? Mine is still disabled, I can t do anything else but wait. I visited TinyCo Facebook page and there they said it was just for the past weekend. But as my Social still doesn t work, I d like to know if it is a general problem. (I play on my Iphone).

    • noobbgodlike says:

      it’s still buggy on my device :D. I believe they just started to fix it today since I believe they don’t work on weekend 😀

      • bindi6 says:

        Do they not work on Mondays? Your post is dated Tuesday and it’s 6:45 in the evening EDT and it’s still not working. It’s not your fault, but it seems any updates such as this one that could cause problems should not go to the public until the beginning of the week because this type of update with TinyCo always has glitches. Also, I love the social aspect of any game, but of the TinyCo games I play, the games with Tiny Social crash the most.

    • Crystal says:

      have the same, doesnt work about 3 days :(

    • tinkerfly1 says:

      Mine just started working like an hour ago!!! Yeah!

  109. Volpe says:

    Is collecting from the giving tree the only way to get social snacks???

      • Mammami says:

        What am i doing wrong? I have added a bunch of friends via the visit random player. When i go to visit the i can’t see their tree, theres a big cloud were the tree is supposed to be. I can se theor lvl is high enough to have the tree (lvl6) and obviously they have an id wich should meen they are activ players?

        Am i doing anything wrong? I have only four friends that i can gift? Out of all of the added once?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          About losing friends, it’s common bug on android device, so I think it’s same for IOS version?

        • Emily says:

          I am not sure but I thought that was because tiny social is not supported on their platform yet. You don’t need to be at high level to play social but do need to update the game to the newest version. I think the best way to make and gift friends so far is through the list that Godlike collected for everyone.

  110. marcelo12 says:

    Anyone have a social adult?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I doubt it XD, the social food cost is insane and it can’t be bought by diamonds or anything XD. Maybe some android players have gotten them.

      • Cherr1019 says:

        Nope. Its hard for android too. I’m on lvl 6. I ve been working at it since it started.

      • Cherr1019 says:

        Hey Noob. On the new quest it says

        1. Visit n gift phineas I did that
        2. It says add two friends. I just got home and I had more then two request so I added them. But it didn’t give me part 3. Do I need to find two names and go to them to request to be my friends or do I just need to add 2 people who request me to be their friend

        • Ehlana (tinyid=Flutee) says:

          Hi Cherr,

          I found that I had to add friends myself. Accepting requests did not work. I assumed it was because the feature is soooo buggy but I think now it’s deliberate I.e. you have to add new friends (not new to Tiny just new to you). Feel free to add me once the social feature is re-enabled after the weekend

        • alrightythen says:

          The social area is down for me and as for u getting the friends request that isn’t was it is referring to. U have to invite in Ur social area. Basically u have to invite a new player to the game.

  111. Keith says:

    Does anyone have any idea what’s going on with the Tiny Social feature in Tiny Monsters? My wife has it on her Android phone, but it’s not available to me (same phone platform). She says it just showed up on here phone one day with a regular update. I tried activating the feature through Tiny Zoo, but that didn’t seem to work either. The new feature seems to be very buggy, so I’m wondering if she’s part of some random pilot test group. She can send me an invite, but it seems to want me to fully re-install TM which I don’t particularly want to do. Thoughts?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      contact tinyco?? all devices except the one from amazon should have the feature available now (As far as I know amazon doesn’t create the phone, so I believe your device is ordinary android device).

    • Kelly says:

      You need an entirely new ID. :(

    • Ehlana (tinyid=Flutee) says:

      Contact TinyCo. If you have same platform as your wife then it should work and Tiny may just need to fix something related to your David/tinyid

  112. Verna says:

    Noob.Just to clarify a few things on gifting preferred friends, and mountains with no trees….And reset times! 1..gifting preferred friends can actually be done every 18 they can recieve,every 18 even though we can only send gifts every 24 hrs.. So as long as you havent sent all 25 gifts out yet you may gift them again! 2. If you have another tiny co. game like tiny village, you may get lots of friends with NO MOUNTAINS, much less a tree, as the friends list are combined together! This has cause multiple problems on mine ,because I began with 139 friends, before I added anyone..some play both, some don’t.As I understand it, friends list with over 80 friends is what caused the servers to mess up originally! This is an inheirent problem, and tiny co.should have never combined lists…ie..scrolling thru 139 peeps to find the ones you want to gift is unreasonable and extreemly time consuming! So ive had to deleate some friends from tiny village…3…My timer resets @ 2am and im in Ca. @50 miles from tiny co…so I’ve noticed it was@2am when I first started gifting so it’s actually 24 hours from when you began. Even though my notuce still says my gifting resets at 6 a.m. I hope this helps..thanks.. Question : I dont see the amount of social food required per feeding?for unity or friendship! Im lvl 5 an d now its 45 snacks per feeding.How much for lvl 6,7,8,ect and how ling to adult if f ed every time.? Thanks again..

  113. steffi1981 says:

    I hope anyone has a tip for me.

    I have already added some friends, an got more than 5 presents from other friends. My problem is that I can`t see the Gift Tree, he is still behind the cloud.

    What can I do?

  114. Ali says:

    Does any one know what’s up with that elder habitat? It’s been 2 long months of nothing … Guess I try my luck at a mythic for ONLY 1 diamond @hatingthisgamerightnow

    • noobbgodlike says:

      common bugs, contact tinyco.

    • Ehlana (tinyid=Flutee) says:

      If you raise a call with TinyCo telling them how many weeks you’ve missed out on, they will refund you. Of course that does not mean they will sort the problem out any quicker – guess it’s not a high priority to them!!

  115. Trinidad says:

    Just wanted to say hi and thanks! This page (and tiny castle) has been a huge help. I love it! I do have a question. How can I get friends that have the giving tree so I may gift them? Also I would love to receive gifts too but all of the random friends I have, hasn’t visited me yet.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I am pretty sure every id that listed above has giving tree so feel free to add them :D. I am pretty sure if you give all 25 gifts that you allowed everyday, some of them will return you.

      • Trinidad says:

        Thanks noob! You rock! I will add as many as I can! Like I said I love your page! I have received so much help from you and everyone. Keep up the good work! I added you. :)

        my id is LadyTee1 please feel to add me. 😉

  116. Ehlana says:

    Wasn’t sure where to post this I.e here or social so posting in both – feel free to activate the post in the correct page only Noob dear 😀

    So we can gift a maximum of 25 per day/24 hours. This timer resets every day at 06:00 GMT (uk time – remember to allow for summer time when the clock go forward an hour – we are in summer time now)

    We can only collect 5 gifts maximum from the GIFT TREE and this resets every 12 hours

    In short, we should be able to collect from our gift trees twice a day! BRILLIANT!

    However, this only works IF all your friends don’t gift you in one 12 hour period as it appears the other gifts are lost in the ether somewhere!!!

    So my point is this, we should all send half of our gifts in the first 12 hours, then once our Gift tree resets send the second half. If we all do this we have more chance of two collections from the tree per 24 hour period!

    Alternatively, we can all petition TinyCo to count the extra gifts we receive so we don’t lose out!!

    Any thoughts?!?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      nice tips, I will put it on the post above later :D. I think disappeared gift is ok :D, this encourages you to visit your friends frequently. Imagine if you have 2000 gifts on your queue, you will become ” ah still have 2000 gift, no need to gift anyone :D”, I tink tinyco, implement this to make players more active and to check their game frequently.

      I think tinyco should make the friend interface better by:
      [0] have priority friend section ( imagine if you have 100 friends … you must remember their names and scroll to search them..)
      [0] tell us whether we have given gift or not on friend page (like on the feed section).

      • Ehlana (tinyid=Flutee) says:


        Here’s another problem. I have more than 25 gifts received (looking at feed tab) and I know I can’t gift everyone back and I feel bad to miss people out :(

        Perhaps TinyCo could let us know if some is already on 25 gifts received for that day to help us prioritise? Worries me that some players will end up with 100 gifts a day they can’t reciprocate and others none or not enough

        • Hello noob and ehlana !
          EXCELLENT discussion about the daily gift issue. You are raising a very valid point. I do have prefer players that I visit at 18 hours regularly and thank you for explaining why the influx of players with less islands and such. I second a way to not neglect anyone any day

          Bloodrose: BEAUTIFUL!!!

  117. Cynthia says:

    Okay so I do not understand this whole gifting thing : how does it work? Do both monsters need to be hatched to work. I understand if a gift box appear s above tree you have been gifted, but how does one send the gift to another and when do you know you have a gift to give?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you can give gift 25 per days (resets eat 6 GMT)
      you can get 5 gifts from others every 12 hours.
      I am not sure about hatched monsters, but if that’t the problem then you can get friendship very easy (1 friend). To sned gift, choose visit, and tap the tree look at the right top corner you can see how many numbers you can give gifts.

  118. courtney says:

    Does anyone know when the social feature will be up on the kindle fire?

  119. Mary says:

    Can you only gift someone with the tree?
    If so.. Why do they offer up people for friends that don’t have the tree?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yup, They need to have a tree. So far, I never see anyone without tree, but if you want to make sure that the people that you visit have tree, go to friend page and add them.

  120. Mary says:

    Me too – Grammymon

  121. Hazzard5000 says:

    Hi Tiny Monster Addicts like myself!!!!

    Quick question for you….

    I have a quest that has appeared Called “the unity monster (1/6)”

    It says” examine the hatching area of the unity monster and collect from the giving tree ”

    I have added friends to social part of game and given gifts. I have received gifts from some of them. I can see this in the feed section of the social tab. But nothing has appeared for me to collect off my giving tree???

    Am I missing something obvious??!!??

    Many thanks in advance

    On iPhone. :-)

  122. Vasco says:

    Hi, how many monsters do you have? I am lvl 73 and have 89 monsters and about 20 of them are also mythic. I saw other players island with similar levels to mine and they seem to have many more monsters than me, specially the rare ones like legendary monsters, boreal and others.

  123. KIKI says:

    I must be doing something wrong. Coz I followed the instruction here.. First when my referral click on the download via e-mail, it takes him to the apple store to download it. Second I ask him to go back to the email and click on the instruction number 2 and click on “collect my rewards” and it took him to the game and did not give me anything.

    What is going on? What am I doing wrong?

  124. Rendarphil says:

    I posted this on another page but thought his might be a better place.
    I’m confused on how to “invite friends” to complete the quest. The FB message just posts to my wall. When I try to use SMS method, nothing happens. Is it supposed to access my address book or something?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm, I suggest you to use email and follow the instructions above. I don;t know about facebook, really sorry :D.

    • Laura says:

      It seems there are still a few problems with the SMS and Facebook referrals. A glitch in the links or something. It works fine via email. :)

  125. chinh says:

    i already play tiny monster, but i didnt make a TinyID. how to make a tinyid ?

  126. Laura says:

    The 3 conditions to correctly refer a friend are:
    1) they must use a device on the same platform as you so iOS-iOS , Android – Android (but not Kindle Android yet).
    2) they must never have had Tiny Monsters downloaded on their device before – so watch out for secondhand devices.
    3) when your referral first opens their game they must not do it directly from the download. They must go back to the original Tiny Monsters link you sent them, click on it, then click on the Collect Rewards link at the bottom of the following page.

    If they have already opened the game directly from the download the referral will not be acceptable. They can salvage this by force closing their game, then re-opening it as in point 3).
    If this doesn’t work they’re to send in a support ticket to TinyCo with their tinyID and their referral’s UDID number – or TinyID if they have played up to level 6 to get one. (I think this is where the confusion about level 6 stems from.

  127. Volpe says:

    Noob what’s ur id name?

  128. Maxumarhu says:

    This is fun , I visited your island and Now I’m going to be part of this page !
    By the way I did gave you a gift ! :)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hi XD. I will return the gift as soon as I can. I am really busy today, maybe I will start to gift all people who have given gift to me tomorrow XD. Thanks.

  129. Tiny1214 says:

    Thank you very much noob for helping me understand the gift tree box blank and not. I really appreciate your help. Thank you friend. We all will add you I’m sure. Lol :) take care friend


  130. Sodiacer says:

    add me^^ ID : sodiacers

  131. Jaycat802 says:

    Need a friend? Me too! lol My ID is Jaycat802 =)

  132. manu says:

    If you want to add me? My tinyID is samamafl4.

  133. Machteld says:

    Mine is mrg76

  134. TinyStarrable says:

    Mine is Libbster3000

  135. Manaal says:

    Noob i tried all the steps to hatch my unity n friendship white monster invited afriend he reched level 6 but nothing happened what sd i do help

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Not sure, maybe he has play tiny monsters before. Make sure he use the link you sent him earlier.

    • Manaal says:

      Please help noob

    • Arjaree says:

      In order to invite friends to hatch the unity dragon you open your game, click the social tab, click invite, and send invites via sms, email, or facebook. In order for the referrals to register your referral should open the link that you send them (the link is highlighted in blue and says tiny monsters). After they click it a window will open it has 2 steps. The first step is to choose which app store you want to download tm from and the second step is at the bottom, it says “collect my reward.” First step download tiny monsters. After the game finishes installing on the device go back to the step 2 and click on “collect my reward” this causes the game to open automatically and your referral will get a message that says “successfully referred by your tinyid.” I hope this helps! :-)

  136. X says:

    If you want add me :)

  137. Staceys1990 says:

    Here’s my tinyID: StaceyS1990
    Feel free to add me
    I’m on daily, level 44 with a gift tree.

  138. Rubie says:

    If you are looking to add another friend …. my ID is black2424


  139. noobbgodlike says:

    same like friendship, breed it with unity.

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