Posted on Jan 2, 2014

Tiny Monsters New Year Side Quest

Thanks to Kinghalo 1337 for these info

Tiny Monster New Year Side Quest Icon

[1] Hatch Origin
Rewards: 50 XP and 10 diamonds

[2] Harvest yellow fruits 3 times (I did bananas 3 times)
Rewards: 50 XP and 150 Food

[3] Have Teen Origin
Rewards: 50 XP and 100 Coins

[4] Earn 100,000 coins (took me about 10 minutes)
Rewards: 50 XP and 50 Food

[5] Hatch fire hybrid (hatch Flower or Bug its only 4 hours)
Rewards: 50 XP and 100 coins

[6] Have level 10 Origin
Rewards: 50 XP 10 diamonds

Holiday Breeding Boost !

Tiny Monsters Holiday Breeding Boost

3x chances on ALL Christmas Monsters! Buy a Bag of Diamonds to unlock the Magic Candy Cane!

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide Main Page

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9 Responses to “Tiny Monsters New Year Side Quest”

  1. agsss says:

    Hi, i have breeded 4 origin monsters, but anytime i try to place them in a habbitant, the game turns off. Anyone can help with that or had simillar?

  2. Force says:

    Noob, do I have to remove a large farm and replace it with a small farm? Otherwise I think i’m stuck and the second one.. (Because of the fact i have max. Large farms) Sorry for my bad english and thank you for this site!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No need. All fruits those needed for quest can be farm from small/large farms. Read the quest description carefully and then choose the fruit. Like quest number 2, simply choose the fruit that yellow (I don’t list it on the post above because I don’t have the small farm anymore and don’t know which one that have yellow color).

  3. Reva says:

    so how do you hatch Origin? I’ve tried lots of fire monster combos. Do you have to have the candy cane to get it? also can’t get the little Evergreen guy. I got all the other Christmas monsters just breeding…. puzzled here

  4. horrified2 says:

    Teen origin quest reward: 50 xp 100 coins

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