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Tiny Monsters Scavenger Hunt Quest

Thanks to Ehlana for these info

Scavenger Hunt

The quest in can’t be finished because tiny social feature had been disabled by tinyco. However it will be available again later.

Tiny Monsters Scavenger Hunt Quest

Note: Even the quest says “hatch” Ehlana have reported that her quest is auto completed, so make sure the required monsters are out from hall of champions. If the quest is still not finished then breed them :D.

[1] Visit Phineas
Rewards: 250 XP and 2 diamonds

[2] Get your scavenger hunt group! Add 2 friends
Rewards: 250 XP and 1 diamond

[3] Hatch one monsters on Phineas’ mountain (Cinder, Goldstone)
Rewards: 250 XP and 150 Food

[4] Harvest yellow crop for Phineas (Golden Guavas)
Rewards: 250 XP and 1 diamond

[5] Hatch a hybrids that relates to Phineas’ #1 island! (Cinder and goldstone/ Frost)
Rewards: 250 XP and 250 Food

[6] Place something from Phineas’ second expansions on your Mountain. The items are Gardener’s Station (280.000 Coins), Well (1.080.000 Coins), and Nurse’s Post (280.000 Coins).
Rewards: 250 XP and 1 diamond

[7] Feed a monster from Phineas’ clue 8 times. (3rd expansions monsters: Luster, Zephyr, and Magma)
Rewards: 250 XP and 1 diamond

[8] Have a level 10 of one of the hedge monsters!
Those hedge monsters are Flare, Bolt, Shockwave.
Rewards: +250xp and +250 food.

[9] Discover the secret Diamond Decorations, then place it on your Mountain. (scavenger hunt trophy, can be bought for 8600 Coins on decorations)
Rewards: 250 XP and 1 diamond

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

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71 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Scavenger Hunt Quest”

  1. colorkoala says:

    Is this the quest that just got announced? It is called an egg hunt not a scavenger hunt on android though. The guests dont match though but the map is the same and the concept looks the same too, just different monsters

  2. Vicky says:

    I am having. A problem with my social page every time I try to gift my friends it lets me gift up to three people and says 3/50. Then it sat response error player map empty. Then after it resets I go back in and it say 0/50 can you help me please. Thanks

  3. Verna says:

    Last day is today to complete this quest.

  4. kamilovich says:

    Does the scavenger hunt trophy do anything? Or is it just a fun decoration?

  5. SSSPro says:

    #5 Completed when i got Frost because there were Ice heralds on his island. Soooooo…… It just has to do with something ON THE ISLAND!!!

  6. kris says:

    Ok, what is the diamond shape decoration for #10?

  7. Mike d says:

    I need help please. The quest where to feed 8 times. I fed my zephyr to level 10 from level 8. So that’s 8 times Ina row and have no food left. How do I complete it?

  8. Mater says:

    Fed my zephyr mythic to level 10 the quest feed it never cleared. I only have a couple of monsters not at level 10.

    Guess I have to hatch a new one to make it clear.

    Thankfully finally breeding my independence together got me the 3 I needed, now I have 6.

  9. Bboy399 says:

    I don’t get #5??? Relates to hybrids on phineas’s island?????

  10. TheRoyaals says:

    I have problem with #2 ???? Like.. What ? I have 135 friends !

  11. Talim says:

    I have a problem with quest #3. When i went to the island, Cinder and Goldstone was already hatched(i didnt do anything) and my quest is still not completed.any help?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hall of champions?

      • Valerie says:

        I have the same problem. We’re supposed to go to Phineas’ island and hatch one of the eggs, which I now know are Conder and Goldstone. When I got to Phineas’ island there were two baby Cinders, one baby Goldstone but no eggs to hatch. What do we do then?

  12. DucaMax says:

    for quest 7

    I feed my zephyr 12 times en my quest isn’t completed ????????

  13. N/A says:

    I added two friends yesterday and it never said that I completed the quest. What did I do wrong?

  14. Hougie says:

    Tiny social is up and running again

  15. melyujo says:

    Is there a certain level needed to be able to buy gardener’s station or nurses post?
    I’m level 18 and can only see the well in the shop. Other 2 i can’t find.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t know since I already at level 79 at this moment, but if you can’t see it then maybe you need to level up (or need to trigger the quest first in order to make them appear).

      • melyujo says:

        I’m playing 5 days now and i’m on the quest right now. Or could it be that android has some other things?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          possible cause:
          1. you’re on low level
          2. the quest is suspended by tinyco (they announce it on previous week).

          FOr now just level up more and wait for an update. If you want to know the exact answer then you can send support email to tinyco.

    • fishlike (Tiny ID - vivitu) says:

      Tiny Social is open up again…

      You only need to buy 1 out of those 3…

      Quest 7/9 has 3 monsters: Luster, Magma, Zephyr

    • wyrdtina says:

      Gardener’s station and nurse’s post are at lvl 25

    • Perrin says:

      I noticed when I was 22-23 ish that thos were available at 25-26ish… I am 26 now, and bought them, so..

  16. Corbin says:

    it’s still possible to solve the quests 2-9. So if you finished first quest go on and finish the rest

  17. fishlike (Tiny ID - vivitu) says:

    Scavenger Hunt (4/9): Clue #2: Harvest a yellow crop for Phineas!
    I grew Golden Guavas, and reward is +250xp and +1 diamond.

    Scavenger Hunt (5/9): Clue #3: Hatch a hybrid that relates to Phineas’ #1 island. Reward is +250xp and +250 food.
    This one gets auto completion, as I think only Cinder and Goldstone are on the 1st island…

    Scavenger Hunt (6/9): Clue #4: Place something from Phineas’ second expansion on your Mountain.
    2nd expansion should be the 3rd island, so I remember I saw Gardener’s Station.

    Scavenger Hunt (7/9): Clue #5: Feed a monster from Phineas’ clue 8 times.
    Go to my 3rd expansion (4th island) and examine the monsters. Make sure you have one and then feed it 8 times.
    There are Magma, Luster.
    Both of mine are at level 7, so I have to tuck them in in order to feed them. Luster takes 18 hrs. to sleep the 2nd time.

    Scavenger Hunt (8/9): Clue #6: Have a level 10 of one of the hedge monsters! Reward is +250xp and +250 food.
    Those hedge monsters are Flare, Bolt, Shockwave.
    This one got auto complete for me.

    Scavenger Hunt (9/9): Discover the secret Diamond Decoration, then place it on your Mountain!
    Final Clue: There is a hidden decoration on my island that looks like a diamond! Find it and place the same on your mountain to get some diamonds of your own!
    Reward is +250xp and +5 diamonds.

  18. Tiny says:

    Why does the reward on my game for the first quest is just only 2ds, im playing a large version i believe

  19. Corina says:

    Number eight is “Have a level 10 of one of the hedge monsters.” (Dont know what this means, but that’s what it says.) It auto-completed on mine, 250xp and 250 food.
    Number nine is “Discover the secret Diamond decoration, then place it on your mountain.” 250xp and 5 diamonds.

    • Corina says:

      Once you complete all of the other quests, a “scavenger hunt trophy” will appear in the decorations section. (It’s like the third or fourth object.) This is the one you need to complete number 9.

  20. Corina says:

    Number 3 auto-completed on mine as well.

  21. KIKI says:

    For quest #4 which crop is it? Is it banana? lol

  22. Cerumen says:

    For #7 I believe I saw a magma and luster on his 3rd island expansion. For sure magma!

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