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Posted on Mar 18, 2014

Tiny Monsters Secret Garden Habitat


If you have done a mistake, then try to follow fix error section on the main page.

Secret Garden

Tiny Monsters Secret Garden Featured

Okay, please read this CAREFULLY

Don’t try anything funny or smart on this quest. DO EXACTLY AS WHAT I WRITE

Tiny Monsters Earth Herald Sample

[1] First you need to buy one of Heralds (Plant/Fire/Earth; priced 8600 Coins). After buying one, DON’T TRY TO BUY THE OTHER HERALD!!!!!

Tiny Monsters Secret Garden Warning
[2] The habitat (secret garden) will appear on the habitat shop (A new quest will appear and tell you to buy the habitat and place the other heralds), buy the habitat (700.000 Coins). IF YOU DON’T HAVE MONEY TO BUY THE SECRET GARDEN, DON’T TRY TO PLACE OTHER HERALDS BECAUSE THE HABITAT WILL DISAPPEAR!!!!!
[3] After buying the habitat, place other heralds (clearing other quest). Congrats, you have finished the quest and get the habitat.

Tips from KS

Although you can’t buy all 3 new habitats, if you don’t finish (press the hammer), you can buy multiple of the same one. If you have enough money. I bought 2 plant gardens. May not be in the best interest to do this for some players cause 1) you can’t sell the habitat so you’ll be stuck with multiples 2) they only hold 1 monster at the moment 3) pretty big habitats so they will take up space.

You can buy secret garden now for 60/300 diamonds each.

The price is based small/large version (it’s random)

Secret Garden (Earth)

Tiny Monsters Secret Garden Upgrade Earth

Secret Garden  (Fire)

Thanks to Shane for these pictures

TIny Monsters Secret Garden Fire

Secret Garden (Plant)

Thanks to Kryp2n8 and hugomejia69 for these pictures

Tiny Monsters Secret Garden Plant Element Completed

All secret gardens have same max coins or capacity

Price: 700.000 Coins
Build time: ?? hours

Upgrade Upgrade cost (Time) Capacity Max Coins
1st 900.000 Coins (29 hours) 3 2500
2nd 3.000.000 Coins (34 hours) 4 3500
Final 35 diamonds (34 hours) 5 5000

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65 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Secret Garden Habitat”

  1. Shane Stidham says:

    So does anyone kno what the new upgrade costs of the habitats since you can buy them now…
    Like they cost 60 diamonds. And then is it 900,000, then 3,000,000, then 35 diamonds for the final upgrade again. Cuz of so, it’s not worth 95 diamonds plus the cash in my opinion. Please help me out…

  2. KS says:

    WARNING The plant version of this is NOT worth it! You can just get a regular plant habitat and upgrade it to 5 capacity using far less diamonds! DO NOT BUY THE PLANT VERSION OF THIS HABITAT!

  3. LoveLane34/LoveLane29 (Tiny ID) says:

    Does anyone have the completed 5 monster special earth habitat?? I’ve only bought fire and plant because the coins generated by the habitat are more than reg fire or uber plant…if Earth special habitat “earns” more coins than the regular one I’d love to know so I can buy them b4 its too late. Thanks a bunch!!

  4. Noob, you can now update the secret gardens to hold 5 monsters, fire one I sped up w 31 diamonds, it now holds 5 monsters for 5,000 coins. Sorry, I forgot what the final upgrade cost, think it was diamonds not coins though. Hope this helps!!

  5. Barb says:

    It costs 60 diamonds to purchase extra Secret Garden habitats on my game. Does anyone know how much the upgrade costs? I couldnt find that info? Sorry if I missed it 🙂

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Huh couldn’t find the info?? the info is written on this page….

    • liv4christ (tinyID) says:

      Upgrades on the extra habitats cost the same

    • nozomi says:

      errrh same question form last year for surprise habitat also

      the difference between the one you got for coins and extra ones for diamonds is ONLY the buying prise
      so that means the look the capacity the upgrading prise& time& experience and ALL the other things are the SAME

      got it?

  6. Billie says:

    hi noob! i just wanted to let you know that in my game the price for the special habitats is 300 diamonds. I am guessing that as with everything else there is a cheap version, which in this case is the 60 diamonds and an expensive one , the 300 diamonds.

    hope this helps …

  7. BjLCWAdmin says:

    Last night I received the message ” Own ALL three Secret Gardens ” and I thought, Great, Good move.

    I went to get the Fire and Plant ( I have Earth from the first time they were offered) only to find my habitats read as 39/40 meaning I could only get 1 instead of 2.

    Very disjointedly I got the Fire version. This meant that I only have 2, not ALL 3 as the message offered.

    I thought maybe an error and they will correct it a little later. That was about 14 hours ago and although I keep checking I am still reading 40/40.

    Does Noob have any info for us. If they are not going to correct this then I would like to know how many others have been duped in the same way? If there are many then maybe each one sending in a support ticket may get a result.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You need to sell on of your habitat to free up your quota. Max habitats allowed at this moment are 40.

      • BjLCWAdmin says:

        Why would anyone want to move 4 or even 5 levem 10 monsters that are earning into the hall of champions and sell their habitat to replace it with a habitat that will only hold 4 when fully evolved? They would also lose the earning power for a couple of days during the upgrading. Complete madness. The one that dreamed that up is in my opinion has a number of screws loose.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Because the habitat only take 2×2 size, smaller than fully upgraded normal habitat.

        • Sheila Quinn says:

          I thought it meant you could get all three as well, but it only let me get one. I got fire and really wanted plant also so I sold one of my plant habitats to get special plant. I’m glad I did because specialist very pretty and it is nice to have a variety.

        • nozomi says:

          if you think like that then why are you upset that you cant get all the secret garden?
          if you think normal habitats are better you can just ignore the seasonal habitats and fill all your islands with normal habitats, no one is forcing you to buy them.

          it is normal that the a game sets a upper limit,and tinyco is kind enough to lift it when new habitats are coming. what kind of habitat and how many of each to buy is completely depending on you.
          i decided to leave spaces for decorations and the result is for most of the habitats i can only have one and i have never reached maximum. yes the earning rate is lower, but im not complaining, its my choice and i have time to wait for it, the game is not closing tomorrow.

          btw noob isnt the second year anniversary around this month? but tinyco didnt do anything special

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Yeah, it’s around this month. Not sure.. let’s just hope they have something on Thursday.

  8. Roxie says:

    So very cool. I chose plant but today I was able to buy the other two for 60 diamonds each. Now I have all three. Yeah!

    • Sheila Quinn says:

      I chose the earth but today when you should be able to get the other two it only let me get one. I got fire but still need plant.

      • Roxie says:

        Do you have 40 habits? If you do then sell one and you should be able to purchase the last one. I was able to get my missing two on the first day.

  9. Judith facey says:

    I still can’t get the special garden either. This quest is difficult.

  10. eric (erick469) says:

    I’m still confused about theses secret gardens because the one you have pictured as earth is the same one my daughter has on her iPad and It’s a plant habitat. Its still in the second stage with the fence but It’s a plant habitat and she has her blushbug in it.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, I can’t say anything .. But it’s earth on my game (and others too), try to contact tinyco.

      • eric (erick469) says:

        Sorry. You as usual are correct noob. After taking another look at it, it is not the same. I sent you a pic of it with the blushbug in it and after I sent it I noticed it doesn’t have the branches in it. I should know better than to doubt the great and powerful noob.Lol.

  11. Jessy says:

    Just curious but for the first herald can you us any of the other elementsy, like sky or mountain, and get a different secret habitat?

  12. ForLAmos says:

    do you need a pic for the middle stage of the plant habitat?

  13. nozomi says:

    TUT the wooden gate is gone in the third stage…..i kind of liked it QwQ
    btw i just realised this is the first habitat being 3X3 through out all the stages (looks 4X4 though). tinyco’s nicer now if you dont think about all the food needed fot their quests, well i’m not doing them anyway so i’m not complaining OUO just kind of scared when i saw the food count in your quest list

    uhh why is my btw always longer than the main subject?

  14. Angi824 says:

    Unfortunately I made a big mistake … I read your statement after placing all the heralds … now it is no longer possible to finish the quests, isn’t it?


  15. lowland monster hunter says:

    I lost my garden because of the Herald thing…. Now my secret garden in gone and I can’t buy another one.

    Can I fix this or am I screwed?
    Please help!

  16. eric (erick469) says:

    My secret garden plant is different than your pic also. I sent you an email with a pic of mine.

    • eric (erick469) says:

      I have a friends who’s plant secret garden does look like yours. Must be different forms if each element.

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Hmm, do you mean plant element have 2 different forms too?? what for? it’s pointless….

        • eric (erick469) says:

          Yes, I’ve seen 2 versions if the plant one. I have one version on my android phone and my daughters iPad has the version like you have pictured. I have another friend who plays on an iPhone that has a fire one that looks like the pic you have. Maybe different depending on android or ios. I’ll try to resent my pic, it didn’t send yesterday.

  17. Kryp2n8 says:

    Hi Noob, why is my Secret Plant Habitat look different from the pic above. Maybe that is earth secret habitat. I’ll email you my secret plant habitat

    • Kryp2n8 says:

      Forgot to include:
      Final upgrade cost = 3,000,000 (34hrs)
      Capacity = 4
      Max coins = 3500

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I got your picture :), thanks. I am pretty sure that my habitat is plant element, maybe because my garden still on upgrading process?? Will see once it’s complete.

      • Kryp2n8 says:

        Weird. My secret plant habitat does not look like that while in upgrading process, it’s the first time i saw that kind of habitat, but i like your habitat than mine.

        • Kryp2n8 says:

          And looks like your 2nd and 3rd stage was inverse. 🙂

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Grrr, have no idea what happen… What about your second stage, is it look like one of the above?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          No, your habitat is more plant like :). I just gonna wait until mine has finished the upgrading process.

        • Kryp2n8 says:

          No, my 2nd and 3rd stage look different from yours, only the 1st is the same.

          Yes, mine look more like plant habitat because of many leaves and flowers, yours has more branch and a wooden door that’s why i thought it was earth habitat 🙂 so there might be two different form of each secret garden. 😀

          I’ve seen fire secret garden from my friend’s island, i like it the most. 🙂

        • noobbgodlike says:

          arghghgghghghh, my mistake… it’s really earth. Grr, was I drunk that time???? I clearly want plant element TAT. Will Change the picture soon…. Thanks for the final form of plant habitat.

        • Kryp2n8 says:

          Haha! So that clear up the confusion 😀

          I like the secret earth 2nd stage, the one without the wooden door than its final stage. 🙂

        • Kryp2n8 says:

          Oh, i thought you made a mistake in the order of the stages, so the one without door is really the final form. 😀 i like your habitat that mine. 🙂

        • noobbgodlike says:

          hehe, It’s my mistake. I really want plant… have no idea why I end up with earth … probably I have sleepplaying disorders XD.

        • Jackson says:

          Love this whole post! Made me laugh big time! Thank you for that. Been there, done that! The next morning is like “oh yeah, that’s right!” Love it! Now don’t feel alone. Lol!
          By the way, I picked the Fire Secret Garden, and live it. Hope they do more if these types. I love how u can see them change right from the gitgo. Nice work on the graphics.

  18. Jessica says:

    I can’t get the secret garden iv done everything it says and still not showing help please??

  19. liv4christ (tinyID) says:

    Hey, Noob! Do you think there will be a chance to get more garden habitats?

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